Energy Field Balancing across the room or across the world

“We begin this time together, conscious of meeting in a place
where the limits of time and space are suspended…”

Distance sessions are simply a method of energy balancing at any long distance, or at least what we humans perceive to be a long distance. Quantum Physics has long proven that both time and space are actually illusions – albeit from our limited perception, very persistent ones. In reality, it’s ALL HERE and it’s ALL NOW.

That being so, and while acknowledging the fact that distance sessions do not replace face to face mutual honoring, they are nonetheless a very real, effective and viable form of balancing/facilitation work. They are of inestimable value to anyone who does not have ready access to a professional practitioner, or is disabled or bedridden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I arrange with you to receive a distance session?
A.  By phone: +61 (0)414 283 410 or Email: debbie1111@iprimus.com.au

Once you phone or email me with your Intent for a session and give me your city or place of residence, I will then contact you back to arrange a mutually suitable date and time in which I will perform the session.  This date and time will be your local time.

Click HERE for a world clock for easy reference:

Q. How long is a distance session?
A. Approximately 1 hour.

Q. What type of procedures or modalities do you use for distance sessions?
A.  Exactly the same as I use in my one-to-one sessions – either the EMF Balancing Technique, which is one of the foremost New Energy ‘procedural’ modalities, or my own personal Intuitive/Instinctive work.

Q. What is the real purpose of the EMF work?
A. The primary purpose of the EMF work is not to ‘fix’ or ‘heal’ anything, but to gracefully empower the individual by connecting them to their wholeness through their own Universal Calibration Lattice or UCL. This enables the emerging New Human to cocreate the most enlightened life they can in the New Earth. This strengthening of the connection to their UCL will provide peace, stability, insight, understanding and a whole new perception of a greater reality. Masters in Practice we are… learning how to gracefully navigate these new gifts of the New Energy and to embody them in our reality by living a multidimensional existence in a 3D world.

Q. I’ve read where all EMF sessions are not the same, that there’s actually several different phases that build on each other. Where can I find a list of these EMF phases and what they do?
A. They are all on this website. Click HERE to go to my page About EMF.

Q. What is the main reason that people choose to have a Distance Session with you?
A. Actually, there are many reasons. Firstly, even local people are now choosing to have a distance session over an in-person session simply because it’s far more convenient for them. For some people it’s because something just doesn’t feel right. For others it can be relationships or other burdens, perceived obstacles or feelings of being stuck. There are others however that openly recognize their ongoing role and responsibility in their own balancing process and are ready for the next evolutionary step of creating the most enlightened life they can.

Q. Do you ever have spontaneous healings in your work?
A. Yes at times these healings do occur, but the pitfall here is to use this as the only yardstick of having what we perceive to be a successful session. The subleties of a healing/balancing session can be easily missed if we are solely focused on a projected linear outcome. The healing process of making ourselves whole is unique to each of us. Sometimes it’s very subtle and at other times more obvious, but both are equally important and indeed very profound. We are now moving away from the old energy concept of handing our power over to another for a healing, to the New Energy concept of empowerment – of integrating spirit and biology, of strengthening our connection to our creator/source, and living a more empowered and enlightened life as a sovereign being.

In these new and unparalled times of human evolution, our old and outdated concept of ‘healing’ or ‘being healed’ by another needs remodeling. Indeed, the new model of healing is about something immeasurably grander – about letting go of everything that isn’t us and becoming who we really are. And who we really are is far grander than we’ve been led to believe. Perhaps it’s time we thought about replacing the word ‘healing’ with the word ’empowerment’.

Q. Do you perform the Distance Session ‘remotely’ or do we talk by phone?
A.  I will ask you to let me know beforehand if you have a preference of either receiving the session remotely lying in a comfortable relaxed state or by phone connection where I will guide you through the session. Please be assured that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to receive the session. Once your Intent has been given, the session will be received by you regardless of which type of session you choose.

Q. If I choose the ‘remote’ session do you perform the distance session in the same way as if I were physically present in the room with you?
A. Yes.  Energetically, you ARE in the room with me during the session.

Q. If I choose the ‘phone’ session how does this work?
A. I do ask that you initiate the phone call to me at the designated time. I will supply you with a phone number for the call. Viber is also an option.  I will then guide you through the session while you are relaxing comfortably and undisturbed.

Q. Do I need to do anything special before, during or after the time of the session?
A. Besides giving the all important INTENT to receive the session, no.  However you may choose to journal any insights, perceptions or intuitions that occur during or after the session.

Q. Because of the difference in international time zones, can I be in bed asleep or at work at the time you are doing the remote session?
A.  It is preferable that you receive the session whilst in a quiet receptive state. However this is not a necessity. The balancing process will still occur although you may not be aware of it (at the time).

Q. Do you contact me after the session?
A. Yes, for ‘remote’ sessions I contact you by email after the session has been completed to give you some verbal Intents for your personal use to help strengthen the energetic alignments that have occurred during the session. If we do a ‘phone’ session, it is usually not necessary to contact you again once the session is completed.

Q. If I want to have several sessions with you, how long apart should they be?
A. A maximum of two sessions per day. However you may wish to wait a few days, or any time frame that feels right to you, to allow for your own unique recalibration (balancing and strengthening) process.

Q. Is there any scientific evidence that Distance Healing and Balancing works?
A. Yes there is. Over the past thirty years or so there have been hundreds of well-designed and statistically significant studies – including rigidly designed double-blind experiments – conducted to validate distance healing. The following from Dr Larry Dossey’s work, Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-body to a New Era of Healing (Harper San Francisco, 1999), sums this up succinctly…

”Many studies reveal that healing can be achieved at a distance by directing loving and compassionate thoughts, intentions and prayers [obviously not religious prayers in the form of supplication, but “well-wishes”] to others, who may even be unaware these efforts are being extended to them. These findings reveal the ability of some part or our mind or consciousness to escape its confinement to the brain and body and to act anywhere, regardless of distance. The medical implications of this are profound.

“Evidence suggests that the mind, like light, does not need to be helped along by anything else. It is genuinely present everywhere in space and time. Since it is ALREADY everywhere, it has no need to ‘go’ or be ‘sent’ and therefore needs no sender or carrier.

“As we explore [nonlocal medicine], let’s bear in mind how profoundly ignorant we are about the nature of consciousness.”

Q. How long have you been doing Distance Sessions?
A. I’ve been doing distance work for over 12 years now.

Q. What is the cost of a session and how do I pay?
A. The cost of my Distance Sessions is AUD$100.

There are two options for payment.

Payment can be made through Paypal. After receiving your email request for a session, I will email you a direct Paypal link where a credit card transaction can be completed using a secure server. You do NOT have to have a Paypal Account yourself to use this option.
If you are in Australia I can supply my BSB and Account details for easy transfer of funds.

Email me: debbie1111@iprimus.com.au
Phone +61 (0)414 283 410


“I’d only planned to do one phase in EMF but within 5 minutes of our first session,
I knew I was experiencing something quite remarkable. So much so,
that I actually did a weekly phase with Debbie until we’d completed all 13!

It’s been life changing and every day I am aware of my core energy
and feel deeply connected within and without, which is like feeling divinity within each cell of my body.
I cannot recommend Debbie or EMF more and in fact, I have recommended it to everyone I know
as I feel this is something so special and needs to be shared and experienced.
I do feel like a New Human and I’m so thankful to Debbie for being such an amazing person and facilitator.
Thank you!”
Lee – Australia

“I was about to go half way round the world to a new job for which I had real doubts
about my adequacy. I should have been excited about this new adventure

as it seemed like the opportunity and dream job of a lifetime. But I was petrified.
I sought a Distance Session with Debbie prior to leaving to see if this would ease my anxiety.

The problem was that I was so mentally tangled up and so busy trying to get organized
for departure that I completely forgot about the session when the time came.

I was going through paperwork when all of a sudden my anxiety just dropped away.
Very simply, very noticeably and like a cloud just lifted and the sun came out.
Then in a split second I remembered! Oh my god, the session! And then… wonderment!
I was still somewhat apprehensive when I boarded the plane, but certainly the high level of tension in my body that I had been enduring for several weeks had gone completely.
I have no doubts that it was down to Debbie’s work in that session!”
Michele – New Zealand

“Hi Debbie,
Whatever you did last night has blown me away at how I feel. I have been in total
exhaustion this past week due to a healing from someone (else) overseas.
I thought I was dying at times. I don’t know what they did but you certainly spun it around
and boy am I grateful I found you. Today was unbelievable, so much energy which just made me happy again. I feel alive.
Thank you so much.”

Tony – Queensland, Australia



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