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“Who You Are”

This live channelling was given in Longmont, Colorado
January 14, 2018

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Again my partner steps aside and what follows is new information. The message is going to be combined with information I’ve been giving you for more than two decades, but there is now a completion of the next phase of knowledge.

The year 2018 in Tibetan numerology is a master number. It adds up to eleven, and the meaning of this number is illumination. So it’s like an invitation to allow this year to be the one where the light is turned on in so many minds about what is truly happening for the planet. Today, I give you very esoteric but profound information that speaks about you and who you are. It speaks of a new paradigm of Human Being.

The study this weekend has been both scientific and esoteric. Those who have been in this audience have received something that most do not – a combination of energies. It’s a combination of science and what you call spirituality, which then blurs this whole study in a way where some have to ask, “What really is the difference between them?” So I’ll say it again: If you believe that God or a creative source created the planet, then that creative source logically has to be the master physicist. Everything you’re looking at and studying is the creation from an intelligent outside source and, therefore, your science is the study of what this creative source did.

You have to start understanding that there is more than just an overlap between science and spirituality. It is actually the same study. It’s a sign of the times that, within your reality, even the most scientific Humans are often saying, “We see some kind of an intelligence in the Universe that has affected all of us. We don’t understand how it works and we don’t know why, but it has to be there because of the logic of what we are actually observing.” This statement refers to the older idea that randomness and chance created everything, yet this is now being seen as impossible. It also gives new urgency to the question, “Who are you, really?”

Eventually, even the most closed minded of those who study science will have to come around to a conclusion that things are not as they thought or were told. The very study of Human evolution will come into question. The prevailing ideas of how you got here, and how long it took, are wrong. It is now, post-2012, that there will start to be very clear indications of another story completely.

Even with that, your educational textbooks continue to give you a mythology of a lineage of Human development. This will have to change, and I’ll tell you why, dear ones. It’s because if it does not, there will be a rebellion within the young people who are looking around and seeing a different truth. This will eventually force a rewrite of a history that is currently biased in old thinking and old ideas. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

The Creation Story Revisited

I want to talk about the rest of the story. What follows is completely and totally esoteric, with only occasional punctuations of science. But it is logical. I wish to tell a story I’ve told before, but now will be enhanced. It’s a story of creation. It’s one of the greatest love stories that you could have on the planet, and it speaks of those in another part of the galaxy who have a spiritual evolution millions of years greater than yours – millions. What do you think that might look like? If consciousness is evolving within Humans, and since consciousness has been shown to effect physical things, is it too much of a stretch to imagine that your consciousness might be able to eventually control some physics?

The ones who “seeded you” can control many parts of physics with their consciousness. It’s not technology, but a spiritually evolved, loving consciousness. They came to this planet 200,000 years ago and changed you. We call them the seed planters, and you call them the Pleiadians. To many, they even are called angels, since when they are seen, it is “out of this world” to you. Is this ridiculous to you? Let me ask you: Did you ever have masters on this planet who seemed to control physics and reality? The answer is “most of them”. Think about it. What if mastery of your spiritual-self creates the ability to alter systems you haven’t discovered yet? You have seen it and reported it in your ancient scriptures!

What these seed planters did is to change your consciousness through biological advancement. They literally changed the magnetic patterns that exist inside the very DNA of the modern Human. From a spiritual aspect, you received the ability to discern God inside, and to sense or discern the potential of a benevolent creator. You received the ability and free choice to know the difference between dark and light, right and wrong, and feel the love of God. This was on purpose, as designed by the creative source, and was not an accident or an experiment. You are here on purpose, dear ones. This is a test of energy for your civilization.

But it doesn’t stop there because there is a timeframe involved. It’s a timeframe that we have not discussed fully before, but it still relates to the perception of the stars that you observe. The stars move slowly in a very consistent pattern that corresponds with your planet’s slow wobble as it goes around your Sun. The wobble of your planet, as you have measured it, is 26,000 years long from start to finish. The timeframe [duration] of this test of humanity’s free choice of light and dark consciousness is two cycles of the 26,000-year wobble. Listen. Many have thought it was one cycle. However, it was two.

Humans Have Been Here a Very Long Time

For those who are already lost in this discussion, we review the discoveries and ideas from the ancients, which say there is a great deal of history before your history. You have your own ideas of how long you have been here, and it doesn’t go much past 9,000 years. However, there is now evidence that there were some civilizations before yours who even knew about astronomy! We even gave you a channelling while in Turkey about this very subject. The prevailing ideas of this theory had you with five civilizations on the earth – all within one cycle of the 26,000-year wobble. Many believe that moving into 2012 has you beginning the sixth cycle [Dec 21, 2012, was the centering of the wobble]. In addition, the Mayan calendar “long count” is almost exactly one-fifth of the 26,000-year cycle – indicating it was the calendar for YOUR civilization.

However, now we tell you that the real timeframe of this entire Human test of energy (light and dark) was two cycles – 52,000 years, not one cycle of 26,000 years. That means that Humans like you, thinking like you, and evolved exactly like you, have been here for 52,000 years. So, do you really think Humans have had history on your planet for more than 50,000 years? What are you taught in school? Stand by for a revelation.

What a coincidence! [Kryon being funny] The oldest confirmed civilization that you have measured through DNA and archeological evidence, is indeed approximately 52,000 years old! It’s in Australia. Here is the proof that Humans like you have actually been around that long. Why 52,000 years? Because there were approximately 10 civilizations of humanity, not five. We say approximately because they melded into each other, but were still distinctly separate. So, if this is true, what do you now think about the teaching you got in school about the length of the development of civilization. Will you go with the books or with the new evidence?

These first five cycles didn’t have the numbers (amount of Humans) that would give you that which is measurable now as a “civilization”, but, dear ones, these groups still destroyed themselves or were in a place that destroyed them. In smaller numbers, in tribes, this was very possible. You can still war until there are only a few left, no matter how few you are. You can still have dark Human nature, over and over. Take a look at your own known history. This is exactly what you did as well.

The weather cycles also contributed to this, for when you start to understand that there are actually cycles involved in your current weather shift, you will also see that they relate to the wobble. Isn’t it interesting that you have one right now and it’s the beginning of a new wobble cycle?

What is your Akash really filled with? How many years have you worked this puzzle, old soul? Well, I’ve just told you! Some of you go back 52,000 years. When you then start looking at the timeline of Lemuria that we have given you, it also starts to make sense. [The history of Lemuria was given during the conference.] Lemuria goes back 50,000 years. We gave this information to you more than a decade ago.

Archeologists are not going to find much from the past five civilizations [26,000 years]. In fact, it’s even difficult to find things that are over 14,000 years [before the Indus Valley group]. Nature does a good job of covering almost everything that Humans do.

Within those first smaller civilizations, there were a few structures, but they weren’t big. Some of those civilizations had no structures at all, and just like the history of the indigenous of Australia, they moved with the seasons and the food. They never stayed in one place for long, and farming wasn’t yet evolved. Even with the few, however,  there were enough of them to disagree with who should share resources. Sound familiar? There were enough of them to be afraid of each other, since they met others they didn’t know as they travelled. They couldn’t “see” each other well, since they didn’t share much past their own groups. There were enough of them to go to war with one another. There were enough of them to wound each other and let infections, disease and plague wipe out the few who were left.

The Profundity of the DNA Shift

Now, the next revelation is this something we have discussed before, but the Twist Master needs to hear it again. He is here in the audience and his Lemurian name is Yaw’ee. [This is referring to Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, DNA researcher, who was in the live audience.].

Yes, your Human DNA was changed. We have channelled this since my partner accepted me [Kryon] 28 years ago. We told you that when the Pleiadians’ seeds were planted on this beautiful earth [the ones who gave you the knowledge of light and dark], it was done by altering your DNA. It directly gave you a portion of the DNA that the Pleiadians had in them. The biggest thing they gave you was a pair of chromosomes which have been hiding for a long time.

I’ll tell you about them in a moment. But this pair of chromosomes allows for a specific memory of wisdom – intuition, and an evolved ability to pull yourself out of what you call current “Human nature”. It gives you the ability to completely think way beyond war. Dear ones, this has always been a test of free choice, without interference from any outside source, to see if you could discover it. You have.

Now you sit in a time, right at the end of the 10th civilization and the beginning of the 11th, and you have figured it out. The energy is changing on the earth for you! There is more ability for you to advance in light right now than there ever has been before. There is now an ability for you to (ready?) become multidimensional.

The Next Step – Becoming Multidimensionally Aware

For the past few years, I have been channelling about this. In fact, it’s the subject of the last publication of Kryon [Kryon Book 14]. What is it like for a Human Being to step out of linearity and become multidimensional? What would it look like? It affects your consciousness. The consciousness we are talking about is the evolving thinking and awareness of a multidimensional Human. It is a consciousness that is higher; one of empathy, compassion, caring, gentleness, benevolence and greater wisdom. It’s a consciousness where you “remember” what makes things work that you’ve never known in 10 civilizations! From the stars, it’s an understanding that war does not work! Appreciation of the beauty of life and humanism is the core. It creates a driving, prime directive within every new child born on the planet – Honor life! And, dear ones, it comes from something that happened in your DNA.

Today you studied something remarkable, scientific, beautiful and controversial. You studied in depth what happened when a chromosome pair [labeled number two] suddenly changed 200,000 years ago. Somehow you lost chromosome pair 24, and also somehow there was a morphing of another pair, and pair number two received some startling changes. You ended up with 23 pairs, unlike any mammal supposedly below you in the evolutionary chain. Suddenly there was huge “missing link” in what you are currently told about Human evolution, and this has remained a puzzle since then.

What actually happened is that your DNA changed radically. It changed to reflect the parent seed planter, the Pleiadian.

Those listening to this who are very spiritual and have strict doctrines [created by Humans] will roll their eyes and say, “I knew it. That New-Age channel says that we came from ETs!”

Dear ones, that’s not what I’m telling you. Instead, I’m telling you that those so-called ETs, those Pleiadians, knew God inside. They knew about the creative source far better than you do, and they know everything that has to do with the other side of the veil because they were living it. This is what the evolution of consciousness is all about. It brings you into an alignment with what is hidden on the other side of the veil. It reveals the connection, finally, to the outside – the creative source. God inside has been the premise of the Kryon message for 28 years. Is it really too much of a stretch for you to think that others in the galaxy knew the “one God” that you know on Earth?

DNA – The Missing 24th Pair of Chromosomes

Back to your DNA – you observe that you have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and you are beginning to study amazing, big, biological changes from the past – the fusion of some of your DNA and the enhancements that occurred during that. Well, you missed something. It’s obscure, but there is something else.

Science revealed a potential some years ago. Experiments showed that your DNA might actually be a bit multidimensional. What they report is that the presence of DNA in a quantum field changes the spin of electrons in that field. When DNA is then removed, the changes that occurred due to the DNA remain. Follow the logic. If the presence of DNA changed atomic structure in a multidimensional field, it therefore could have a multidimensional component.*

Let me introduce you to something that we have stated one time before: You still have 24 pairs of chromosomes. They were moved around, combined, and the new 24th pair is multidimensional. This invisible pair (not in 3D) has been unused for 10 civilizations, and now it’s starting to awaken due to the shift. It is also being affected by the radiation that is new in your magnetic field, being slowly created by a new area in space that your solar system is beginning to go through.**

Do you understand this premise? You still have 24 pairs, but one of them is not seeable, just like gravity is not visible or the magnetic field itself. This very special 24th pair is fully multidimensional and that is why your DNA can actually affect the spin of an electron in a quantum field.

So, what does it mean to you? It means that you have the ability to pull yourself out of linear thinking, out of that which always led you right into war and dysfunction! Are you getting this? You never were wise enough to understand really who you were. This is now changing.

Those who realize this and begin awakening to this new idea are the old souls who have been here for thousands of lifetimes and who experienced the horror of war and have been waiting for this very thing. These are the ones who understand the confluence of synchronicity is not chance. It’s planned. They also are learning that coherence of a more positive Human consciousness is starting to occur worldwide. It’s the coherence of a connection to the other side of the veil. It’s a connection that you didn’t expect and that will eventually affect everything that is part of your reality from your politics to your corporations. It’s a coherence that will cause trouble, since there are many who wish to keep the old energy as it was.

Dear ones, as odd and eye-rolling as all this sounds, you will see it actually happening. As this 24thpair starts to light up, someday you might even meet those who put it there. Again, I ask: Is it simply too bizarre for your mind to imagine that others are here with you in your vast galaxy, who are far older and more advanced, and who found the beauty of God? Think about it.

This is the love story. The earth is not a simulation as some high thinkers have defined it, but rather it may look like it since what happened on it is completely artificial. In other words, life was created and developed much too fast on Earth to be by chance. That was by design. The Human Being who was changed here 200,000 years ago was by design. There was no randomness in the development of this beautiful, designed system you live in called Gaia. You are in a profound test of dark and light, as we have been saying for a long time.

It’s the end of the channel, but it’s the beginning of something remarkable. As this information I have given begins to manifest itself, humanity will start to realize that they are in total control of what happens next. There will be new hope for this planet that’s based on some things that science is just barely starting to see – not admitting yet, but starting to see.

You are in a time when new information can fly around the planet in seconds. These new and unexpected things that are seen through new discoveries will never be able to be kept secret in this new paradigm. Listen, no matter what the paradigms or protocols of the old were, you can’t have something be seen and presented to tens of millions that “smiles and says hello” and then have a small group of leaders or educators tell you it didn’t happen. Do you understand this metaphor? You can’t hide or deny light any more. Too many are watching.

This will be the frustration that is coming in so many areas. There will be great conflict between what you see and what you have been told. Old souls, all of you listening here in this room, this is the free choice of the age. Get ready for it. Indeed, the teacher Gregg is correct [scientist Gregg Braden, who presented in the seminar] – this will eventually define who you are and your place in the Universe, and especially your galaxy

I know who you are, dear angelic being with God inside. I know who you are. Time for you to see it, too.

And so it is.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Transhuman Series, February 2017

Human Life is Hard

If you imagine that most humans have a harder life than not; that doesn’t mean they’re not happy some of the time, because they can be. I’m not saying bad life, I’m saying hard life, and hard life meaning things like the body – one of the bigger issues – and its pains and its everything else and then it dies. And the mind, the complexity of the mind. Somebody said that it’s hard because people don’t let themselves be more simple, and that’s exactly right. The mind makes it very complex. Complexity leads to challenges, difficulties and also the belief that you have to work hard to get something. A lot of you have that consciousness that you have to work hard at things, and you’ve extrapolated that. You’ve applied it from your childhood, working hard in school, your early career – “I have to work hard in this job” – and now you’ve applied that to your spiritual journey – “I have to work hard, because otherwise, well, then I’m not making any progress.”

So, human life is hard, and your answers are so good on this. It’s hard because of relationships. It’s hard because of expectations. It’s hard because you have to go to work every day for a job, which you don’t necessarily like. It’s not creatively fulfilling. You’re going through rote or repetitive motions day after day. You’re putting up with a boss who you don’t necessarily respect. I’m not talking everybody, but there’s too many that life just gets hard.

Now, it’s not necessarily a good statement about humanity. And, as I said last month, it was never designed that this human experience be hard. It was not designed to hurt, but it’s become that way. And it’s not necessarily going to change for quite a while. It’s not going to get out of that pattern of being hard.

What happens instead is that the human wakes up in the morning and they start off maybe in the state of five, neutral, you know, not hard, not easy. They’re just waking up. But you watch as the first hours of the day progress and it goes quickly to six to seven. Then it kind of levels off a little bit and then later in the day it goes to about eight, nine at points, and then in the evening it settles down a little bit. It comes back and kind of settles in at about a seven and a half.

The typical life of a human on the planet, and it’s hard because of the physical. It’s hard because of jobs and because of family. A day is not really fun. It’s not exciting. How many people wake up in the morning and say, “It’s a brand new day to be on this planet.” Very few. Very, very few.

So they try to medicate it or intoxicate it or deny it. As I’ve talked about many times, they medicate their anxiety. And their anxiety is just saying, “Something is not right. Something, damn, is not right.” And if they let that anxiety really come in, it would move them off the dime, move them off of that routine that’s got them so into the hard life. But they don’t. They medicate it or they drown it in alcohol or drugs or something like that – it’s kind of a form of denial on its own – or they just hypnotize themselves into “Keep on going. Keep on going.”

The planet has got in a very funny place, very mental, as I talk about often. Very unsensual, very unfeeling, really trapped in the mind. And I’m going to bring this into a conclusion in a bit, but it’s a hard existence, and it shouldn’t be.

Now let’s talk about you (Adamus chuckles). You have a consciousness, a knowingness. You know that there’s more out there or there’s more in here, I guess would be a better way of saying it. You know there’s so much more, but yet you’re still in that hard life; yet you’re still subscribing to ‘spirituality has to be forms of human denial.’ You have to be hard on your mind, on your body and everything else. You’re still in these patterns the human consciousness is in. Maybe you’re not at an eight in terms of hard. Maybe you’ve brought it down to about a 6.7 or something, but it’s still hard, and it shouldn’t be at all.

One could argue and say, “Well, yeah, but as long as you have to deal with traffic and as long as you have to deal with other people and family members and all the rest of this, how do you get out of it? How do you go beyond it?” And that’s where I come back to the statement: None of that matters, actually. None of it matters. Not the journey, the other people, the family, none of it matters. Not in a way of just being laissez faire, not giving a damn. It just doesn’t matter at all. None of it.

So that’s when you take a deep breath and you stop working so hard at it, at everything in your life – at jobs and at relationships. I’ll tell you one thing about relationships is that if you work at it really hard, it’s going to hurt even more. And some are going to get very upset that I make this statement – “Ohh! You have to work at relationships and you have to …” No, actually, that’s a bunch of crap, and if you have a partner that insists that it’s hard and you have to work at it, you probably don’t have the right one.

Relationships shouldn’t be difficult. They should be sensual. They should be alive. They should be free. They should be loving. And if it’s hard, you’re just falling into that old pattern, that old subscription. Why? Why?

Well, partly because you think you don’t know any better. You think that’s the way you do it. You work your way through it. You work out the problem. No. Stop that. You think that abundance or jobs or any of that has to be hard, you’ve got to work at it. Stop that right now.

Now, while I say that, there’s a part of you that’s like, “Oh, I knew that. Adamus, he’s taken the words right out of my mouth. I knew that.” But the other part of you, of your mind, is jumping in there and saying, “Oh, but it’s all going to fall apart. I’m going to lose control of everything. You’ve got to care.” Care, is care just another word for working really hard and getting nowhere? “You’ve got to really care about things. You’ve got to work at your job.” No, you don’t. That is such old thinking, ingrained thinking. You don’t.

So when we talk here and I say, “Let’s stop making life so hard,” the mind jumps in, one side of it, and the mind says, “Oh, yeah, but what are we going to do? We’re not going to eat.” Stop that now. Let that real knowingness … you know, being cofounders of the planet – that’s a good title for your business card: Cofounder. Planetary Cofounder (a few chuckles).

When I say life was never designed to be hard, you know it. It’s like, “Damn right.” It was designed to be a hell of a journey, sensual, real, very – there’s not a human word for it, maybe I’ll make up a word – deep colorful, meaningful, fun and it doesn’t matter, kind of all combined into one word. It wasn’t meant to be like this and it wasn’t meant to be so stuck. Somebody mentioned stuck before. Humans are stuck. Absolutely. Stuck in the mud, stuck in old patterns.

Now, if you choose, let’s start a movement here, first within yourself and then going out: It doesn’t have to be hard. None of it. Other humans will justify why their life is hard. They’ve got a bad spouse, bad parents, whatever their problems are. Let’s just stop all that right now.

Life’s Beauty and Design

I want you to stay here. I want you to love waking up in the morning. I want you to love what life has to offer. I want you to love design and beauty. I want you to really love design and beauty. But it’s difficult right now when life is so hard. It’s difficult taking a moment to love the beauty of this planet.

It’s difficult to let yourself appreciate something like art or music. It’s just too hard. Too hard. But let’s stop that now. Let’s have the first generation in probably a couple million years that actually isn’t on the hard side of life. It’s on the five and down side of the hardness and maybe going some point to almost none.

It doesn’t have to be hard. I look at the struggles that you are going through – a lot of them self-inflicted, self-imposed, a lot of them – but self-accepted, meaning you’ve never stopped to question it. Never stopped to question. It’s not supposed to be hard. Not at all.

You’ll know you’re coming out of that old mindset; you’ll know that you’re being a transhuman, being divine and human at the same time; you’ll know you’re coming to your senses – literally, coming to your senses – when you can really appreciate beauty. Really appreciate beauty, design. It’s what you really came here for – to create it and then to appreciate it.

Whereas Tobias said, “It doesn’t matter,” in other words, get off the small stuff. Stop working so hard at making life more painful or making life harder. None of it matters, because it really doesn’t. And whereas Tobias was trying to get you to understand it doesn’t matter, stop this painful, hard road to spirituality, because it’s not going to get you there. You get there by allowing. That’s it. By taking a deep breath and allowing. That’s it.

Now, I know you’re going to say, “But my mind is so programmed into all of these patterns, into all the hardship, into having to do certain things. I don’t know how to break out. I don’t know how to get off that merry-go-round that’s been going around and around and around ad nauseum to the point of absolute sheer boredom. I don’t know how to get off.” That’s yet one more way of the mind and mass consciousness and everything else, one more way of it saying, “I’m not going to do it.”

That’s when you, the I Am, steps forward and says, “I’m off. I Am Here in the easy life. I Am.” The mind’s going to jump in and say, “Oh, you’re just making this up,” and you say, “That’s right, mind, because I am the creator. I can make up anything I want and therefore it is.”

The mind’s going to jump in and say, “Oh! You’re just fooling yourself, and once again you’re going to hit the wall – Failure! Failure! – because you’re a loser.” That’s when you say, “I Am Here. I Am Here as a creator being. I Am Here in my easy life. I don’t give a damn about the rest of it. I Am Here.”

Now, one could argue that you’re simply fooling yourself, and perhaps you are, but the reality is once you allow that, not work on it mentally, once you allow it – “I Am Here in the easy life” – it doesn’t matter if you’re just kidding yourself or not, but the energies start responding accordingly.

The universe is stupid. It’s not going to do a psychoanalysis of you. It’s not going to put a lie detector on your body, “Well, was he kidding or not? Was this real?” Doesn’t matter. The universe is really stupid – or simple, I guess you’d say – and it’s going to respond accordingly.

It’s that simple. And if you make it any more difficult, if you start your intellectual crap and if you start the makyo [BS] of the mind and start analyzing and dissecting and questioning – questioning in particular – then you defeat yourself and you’re right back on that merry-go-round. Actually, you’ve never really gotten off. But if you, as the creator, say, “I Am Here in the Master’s easy life,” then it is so. It is, I guess you could say, Energy Physics 101. It has to be. And it’s not being delivered from the universe. I mean, the energy comes from somewhere, but it’s not the gods having favor upon you. It is you simply allowing. That’s it. That’s it.

Anything more complex, those of you who get on your social media – I’m not sure if I like social media or not – but those of you who get on social media and start trying to analyze it and dissect it and argue about it and slamming other people for it, you’ve lost. You’re back in hard – hard times. Those of you who simply say, as the creator, “I Am Here in the easy life” then it will be so.

Excerpt from ‘The Group’ channelled by Steve Rother

The full channel can be viewed on the website under ‘Beacons of Light’ – January 2018

Electro Magnetism of the Head and Heart

That is the new way in the fifth dimension, to be able to communicate in different ways not only from the head but also from the heart. Understand that the head is electrical in nature and the heart is magnetic although both part of the same wave. It is magnetic if you measure in one direction, but electrical if measured in an orthogonal direction. As the feminine is rising on planet Earth you are raising the use of the heart energy, blending it with your thoughts in a whole new way.  These things are taking place as they are aligning right now. Toward the end of next year, you will see some major changes and opportunities for each of you to step into power in a new way.  Much of this has to do with the rising feminine energy coming into a balance of true power. Yes, you will see many women moving into positions of power in government. You are going to see many of the feminine energy even in masculine form finding a whole new expression.

Keep up the great work. Know that you are never alone, and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard to be. Enjoy this journey dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you like this, for you can finally hear me now. We tell you three simple reminders: treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.

The Group

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