Healing, it seems, has more than one simple definition. Webster’s dictionary very succinctly defines healing as… 1: to make sound or whole <heal a wound> 1b: to restore to health. 2: to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome. MEND <the troubles had not been forgotten, but they had been healed> 2b: to patch up (a breach or division) <heal a breach between friends> 3: to restore to original purity or integrity – to return to a sound state.

A Course in Miracles emphasizes that healing can never really be for ourselves alone, for in reality we are not alone and separate. Its primary premise is that all healing is release from the past, and that our very function in this world is healing.It also contains some rather potent counsel for healers… No one can ask another to be healed. But he can let himself be healed, and thus offer the other what he has received. Who can bestow upon another what he does not have? And who can share what he denies himself?

As far as New Energy teachings go on the subject, the Kryon material contains a wealth of practical and up-to-the-minute information. It certainly unmasks all the old-energy healing myths and mysteries and reveals what all true healing really is – FACILITATION FOR SELF-BALANCE. The mechanics of healing, Kryon says, are that all healers are “neutralizers.”

The following excerpt from Kryon Book VI – Partnering with God, explains six different methods of healing.


Energy healing is that kind of healing where one does not touch the other.  The energies are co-mingled in a way that cooperates with the one on the table.  There is so much potential here!  For if the one on the table is vibrating at a high level and knows about these things and has given permission to heal, the facilitator who does the energy work on this one will be granted wonderful miracles.  And the one on the table will become healed through this energy work where no one touches anyone else!  Think about it.  This is the New Age gift – top of the line – number one!  Now this isn’t going to work as well on those with lower vibratory rates.  That is why those of you who are involved in this energy healing are seeing and documenting the fact that it (energy healing) is not for everyone.  For the ones on the table who are enlightened and have an idea about permission and choice are having the best results.  The ones who are not, and are of lower vibration, often go away without the healing.  “So what can we offer them, these ones of lower vibration?”  you might ask.  That is the next step.  You call it hands-on.

Now this is healing that requires the individual healer to touch the target for the healing, when the patient is of lower vibration (than the healer).  Touching will actually make the bond, instead of the energy making the bond between the two that are vibrating at equal levels, you see.  And so “hands-on” is a wonderful, wonderful tool.  It works, and it can get through a mire of a vibrational shift so that the one at higher vibration can deal with the one of a lower vibration through this process.  The ones on the table can describe choice and permission (verbalized) and the concept will be accepted.  They can be healed, and indeed it happens daily.  We have told you this before:  There are so many of you enlightened in the work of massage who are discovering that you are healing people!  That’s “hands-on.”  We refer to the one who came to my partner and said, “I’m worried that I’m going to lose my business because the ones I’m massaging are being healed – and they are not coming back!”  It didn’t happen that way, for the masseuse became the healer!  Many came who would not otherwise have done so.  Oh, dear ones, there are those here who know exactly what I’m talking about.  Hands-on is a great healing tool!

Now let us talk about attributes that are used by the healer.  We will talk about substances and materials involved in the facilitation, and the first ones we will speak of are live essences.  We have spoken about these substances to you for years.  Do you think for a minute it was only an accident and not synchronicity that some of your major diseases within your lifetime were cured by live essence?  We speak now about tuberculosis, and we speak now about polio.  You see, there is life force still in the things that used to be alive!  And if you will understand what we are saying, you will know that life force is powerful and can be a wonderful facilitating aspect of healing substances.  The life force of an imprint does not easily change if the form remains intact.  Those of you who are in herbology know of what I speak, for these are live essences.  Those of you in aroma essence know of what I speak, for many of these are live essence.

Let us go to the other side of the issue and go into your mainstream science.  There are those who are testing the actual changing of the genes of the body, using special manufactured genes and injecting them into the body, almost as a live soldier with different attributes than you now have, in order to fight disease from the source.  This is also honored!  Don’t throw it away just because an “unenlightened” medical profession came up with it first.  Spirit is honoring the entire planet with discovery – and it can take place anywhere there is INTENT!. Think about it.  Live essence – honor your science, for we have said before that science is spiritual.  Physics IS consciousness, and those involved in the smallest parts of matter and the study of physics at the quantum level know exactly what I’m talking about. They are discovering that the reality of what they’re looking at can change depending on what they’re thinking!  Did you know that?

Look for new live-essence medicines.  Pay special attention to those that are obtained from very old energies – seemingly with the life force from a different age – obtained from the time capsules of Earth.  You will soon know what I mean.

The next one down the chain would be magnetic healing.  Magnetic healing is honored.  It is wonderful.  It addresses the magnetic human being.  It addresses the magnetics of the DNA and it is valid.  It’s is being used with a greater impact now than at any time on the planet.  Let me ask you a question, however.  We have told you that the human body seeks balance and occasionally it needs facilitation to help it with this. Enter magnetics. Those familiar with magnetic healing will apply the magnets in the right biological areas.  Through intuition and the sacredness of the gifts of new knowledge, they will know where to put them.  That’s how it works, you know.  YOU are going to write the books on this, since they’re not written yet.  They will come right out of your channeled higher selves, to be used by all.

Now does it make sense to you that once that perfect balance is achieved, the magnets would stay?  The answer is NO.  External magnetics, like the live essence, like the hands-on, like the energy work, is a temporary method of balance for the individual.  When the individuals have choice to balance, why then would they carry the magnetic array with them all the time?  Why then would they decide to sleep upon it all the time?  The body will balance itself and heal.  Why continue to apply the external force after the healing?  It’s almost like they are saying to the body, “I don’t think you’re going to balance; therefore, I’m going to continue giving you the stimulus – forever.”

We’re here to say, dear ones, that there is actual biological danger in any of these healing methods when you continue using them on a constant basis while ignoring the biology’s natural ability to balance.  There are some who are using magnetic arrays that continue to feel wonderful when the magnetics are around.  It’s a body trick!  For cells will feel different when they are being enhanced (stimulated).  They’re being tickled and massaged, as it were, and their reaction is felt as ‘special’.  That does not necessarily mean that things are well and good in the balance department.  Many of your dangerous mind-enhancing drugs can do the same thing; they can make you feel “wonderful.”  It just means that you “feel” something.  Balance the body and remove the stimulus when finished!  When it needs to be balanced again, bring out the balancing stimulus.  Do not use it constantly as an every day event.  Magnetically, the danger is this:  The instruction sets will actually become different.  Many can be erased!  This goes far beyond balance.  It can be dangerous to your health!  Believe it!

Using chemistry and chemicals is a low energy method of healing.  Yet it is still honored by Spirit, for the science of the chemistry within your body is valid and will work for some of you who need it, although it may seem to be a low-energy concept.  This is simply because there is nothing else that you have discovered yet in the higher echelons of healing that will take the place of it.  Or if there is, the one to be healed might not respond to it due to a lower vibratory rate.  So do not think because it is of the low echelon that it is not for you.  If it works, dear one, and it keeps you alive on this planet, that is what’s important.  Try to move up to the other methods, however, when appropriate.  The drawback of the chemistry is that the body is fine-tuned, and when you insert chemistry into it to make a change, it will definitely react, but you cannot pinpoint and control exactly what it will do.  Sometimes there are side effects and actual unbalancing attributes to the chemistry, and that is simply part of the properties of a low-energy cure.

It will not shock you then that number six, the lowest one, is what we call invasive surgery.  Dear ones, it may be the lowest, but again we say to you that currently it represents some of your finest science.  There are those of you who, when all else is exhausted, go to this science and are cured.  It can absolutely be appropriate for you.  Healers, those of you who deal with energy work, would love to see those healed who vibrate with you – who understand and give their body choice and permission.  But there are those who never will.  So you move down the scale and you help them define the healing that will work for them, and sometimes it lands at number six, invasive surgery.  If it’s the only thing that will keep them alive on the planet, consider it as sacred as the energy work!  Then work with them during their recovery, and use your wonderful energy work to speed the healing from the surgery.

So, therefore, all have their places.  It is sacred and so it is blessed, because it is indeed a product of your science.  Do you understand how this works?  The marriage of the highest in New Age energy work and that of the surgery knife is all part of what we are asking you to understand.  Tolerance for everything is needed.  You might be surprised by what you discover.  It might shock you to know of the meditation and prayer and other kinds of ‘energy work’ that go on in the minds of those holding the surgery knives in this age.  There is more here than meets the eye, and it absolutely can work together.  This is your new challenge.

So we have given you six different methods, and comments about these methods, but we have yet to broach the one that is the most sacred, and that’s the one that only requires the body.  Yes, it’s possible.  WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE GIFT OF SELF-HEALING.  There are those in this room who are acquainted with self-healing, who are healers in energy and who are beginning to understand the concept but this is difficult to teach.  That is why the facilitators are necessary.  The ones who can heal themselves are the ones who vibrate at a high level, the ones who understand that consciousness can change physics.

Love is The Promise
Of The Universe
~ Kryon

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