The Points of Power website has been expressly designed as a teaching and support vehicle for the
ever increasing number of people on the grandest, most challenging and most sacred path of all,
the spiritual awakening path of unprecedented change and transition into the New Energy.
In this respect it is rightfully and justifiably significant… relatively small
(though with more than enough New Energy resources to light the way and smooth the path)
and intentionally unadorned, simple and user-friendly,
and with nothing to join, no membership demands, no pecuniary agendas,
no creeds or doctrines to follow, no vast organization or hierarchy,
nobody to worship or fawn upon and nobody inviting you
to abandon your power of choice and discernment.

To the contrary, you are invited to embrace the attribute of discernment as never before…
to now run everything thoroughly through your own individual truth filters,
to take only what resonates at the deepest level
and to trust only what is in some way mirrored in your own experience.

We have shared the Points of Power body of work over the past 18 years
with heartfelt compassion and tears in our eyes.

We’ve remained ever aware of that spark of Divinity in every visiting Soul,
and we’ve been ever mindful not to allow duality’s hypnotic distractions
and yesterday’s spirituality to rock us to sleep.

From your many emails and our personal sessions we know that the work has changed lives,
and on more than a few occasions, has in fact saved lives.

“Blessed are those with cracks in their broken heart because that is how the light gets in.”

# Site Updated October 17, 2019 #

“When you want Wisdom and Insight as badly as you want to breathe,
it is then you shall have it.”
~ Socrates (469 – 399BC) – teacher to Plato & Aristotle

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What’s New on The Points of Power Website
NB. New additions & updates never negate or diminish existing material.
As with all True and Authentic New Energy teachings,
the Points of Power work is ever ‘New’ and will be for generations to come.


An uncommon treatise

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New Energy Resources
An excerpt from Solara’s latest Surf (Energy) Report September 2019 – “True Decisions”
Plus Solara’s full Surf Report for the year 2019 – “Turning The Tide”

 NEW The Human Akash – A Kryon book by Monika Muranyi

Debbie’s Distance Sessions

Facilitating Peace, Balance, Stability, Clarity, Insight and Healing Across the World

 Given a special mention in the Kryon Book – ‘The Human Akash’ by Monika Muranyi, the Kryon archivist

(Page also now includes even more quantum evidence why distance healing / balancing works).

Additional EMF Modalities
The EMF Balancing Body of Work is ever evolving (Updated October 2019)

NEW The New Wisdom
157 articles on everything from the very illogical ‘Big Bang’ premise right through to Past Lives (which are really not ‘past’),
the Law of Attraction (which is not mental gymnastics), the Humanizing of God and the Curing of ‘incurable’ disease.
The very latest articles…

“More About The Humanizing of God”
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who is also a judgmental dysfunctional father with harsh rules and dire punishment)
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UPDATED Miscellanea
‘Photo Scrapbook’

Question of the Moment
Who, What, Where, When, How, Why… or Why Not?

There has been more interest in the following Q & A than most others,
so by request we repeat it here from time to time…

Q. Who, and what, am I to believe about Christ?

 Was he just one person called Jesus Christ like all the Christians believe,
(or Yeshua ben Joseph as metaphysicians call him),
or was he actually more than just the one person as the highly esteemed Seth teachings say he was.
I’m not really religious but I’m hoping you can sort out the inconsistency here.
I’d love to know what your personal feelings are on this.
A. Seth is not the only channeled entity to say that Christ was not just one person.
Adamus from the Crimson Circle has also said that Yeshua is a collective energy or composite.
Seth has said that the Christ entity was too great to be contained in any one man,
or for that matter in any one time, so the man you think of as Christ was not crucified.
The crucifixion of Christ was a psychic, but not a physical event.
Christ was a myth, as Seth says, who did not exist in the terms that Christians believe.
As far as my personal feelings on this go, I have to say that I
totally agree with the Seth teachings. Although I’ve quoted Yeshua ben Joseph, as if a single entity
a few times throughout the website, I agree with Seth when he says that Christ was actually composed of three individuals
 whose history blended: John the Baptist, St. Paul, and a man known as Christ (which was a common name back then).
They were all males according to Seth, because at that time
of our development, we would not have accepted a female counterpart.
None of these were, in the ‘facts’ of history, physically crucified. There was also, in ‘fact’, no resurrection or ascension.
If you’re interested in getting more details about the Christ story you’ll find some interesting reading
in the books – The Seth Material, Seth Speaks and The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.

There was also some interesting information on Christ recorded directly from Seth by students during Jane Robert’s classes…

“Now, Christ is an entity who appears time and time again within your physical system,
but he has been recognized on only two occasions.
Once in Atlantis, and once in the Christ story as it has come down to you in all of its distortions.
He appears and reappears therefore, sometimes making himself known and sometimes not.
He was not one personality, as I have told you, but a highly developed entity, sometimes appearing as a fragment of himself.

“Christ, as you understand him historically to be, spoke in parables and symbols.
Men often took him literally, but his message was that the spirit of God was within each person –
in terms of the symbolism, each person being a child of the father who dwelled in heaven.
But heaven meant an inner reality for Christ, not an exterior one.

“Christ’s message was that each man is good inherently, and is an individualized portion of the divine –
and yet a civilization based upon that precept has never been attempted.
The vast social structures of Christianity were instead based upon man’s “sinful” nature –
not the organizations and structures that might allow him to become good,
or to obtain the goodness that Christ quite clearly perceived man already possessed.”

And I don’t think you’re likely to hear all that in church any time soon.

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question ~ Decouvertes

Quote of the Moment
A QUOTATION at the right MOMENT is like bread to the famished. ~ The Talmud

“The goal in life is to discover that you’ve always been where you were supposed to be”
~ Aldous Huxley

Channeled pick of the Moment
As we’ve always said…
Certain channeled material is highly informative, helpful
and timely, even invaluable, and some is nothing but spiritual BS.
Here is our pick from the former.

So what is abundance? I will tell you: It’s “immediate sustenance”.
It means that the NOW may always be taken care of.
It means that you never have to think about anything but NOW.
I’m not speaking about your ability to pay the rent in a week.
I’m talking about NOW. Are you feeling loved right NOW?
Do you understand what’s taking place NOW?
Speaking of the rent, can you disengage from the worry
about what will be the NOW in a week?
The better you grasp the actual interdimensional energy
of this concept, the more abundance will flow.

~ Kryon.

Wit of the Moment
Seriousness can keep us firmly shut-down and frozen in fear and dread.
It denotes a lack of trust and keeps us forever in our own way –
the very last place we want to be. ~ Allen

Love’s a lot like a bullet in that the exit usually causes the most damage.

What’s In & What’s Out
As humanity slowly awakens from the long sleep of duality, much of what was ‘in’
slowly but very surely becomes ‘out’… and in this case for good

Out: God as ‘Him’
In: God / Goddess / All-That-Is

Health Tip of the Moment

Because we are all different, not only chemically, but energetically,
it’s not wise to make diet issues generic for all humanity.
However, as Human consciousness changes,
we will all nevertheless need more and more health-oriented products,
more organic, non GMO live essence type foods etc
that respond to the new vibrational level of our body.

If you think wellness is expensive, try illness.
~ Unknown

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself,
art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight,
wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied”
~ Herophilus

Allen’s Reminder of the Moment
Although there’s hints, help, advice, guidance, counsel and admonishments
for the awakening journey right throughout the website, especially on the Insight Cards,
they are so important that they really can’t be stated too often.
So here’s a further little reminder

Now in the New Energy
always allow for the wild card.
Expect the unexpected and don’t apply
yesterday’s old energy ways or rules to anything.
The old energy paradigm of
scarcity, suffering, karma, drama,
struggle, worry, fear and control
holds no office in the New.

The simplest and shortest ethical precept
is to be served by others as little as possible,
and to serve others as much as possible.
~ Tolstoy

So true, and right now more so than ever.
But the big question is…
Just who is going to do all the serving now that the planet
has moved to a higher vibration and a New Energy?
Who is going to serve a far more spiritually aware and discerning humanity –
all the millions who are now awakening from the age-old illusion of duality?

Indeed, things have changed – momentously and unprecedentedly.
The Earth’s eon-old fundamental resonance of 7.8Hz*
has now risen to 11Hz plus – and is still rising.

*The Shumann resonance – a measurement of the standing wave
within the current between the surface of the Earth and the
inner edge of the ionosphere 55 kilometres up.

Global weather patterns along with all forms of ‘natural disasters’ – the
planet’s own internal weather, are now becoming more and more
unpredictable and untimely than ever before in recorded history.

More and more cosmologists are now beginning to question
their pet ‘absolute’ – that the universe erupted into existence
from one single creative event, their incontestable ‘big bang’.

They are now sheepishly discovering, among other things,
that even when allowing for the paradox of time,
the universe is considerably younger than its oldest stars
and objects very far away are younger than our own planet,
which doesn’t support their theory of a singular creative ‘bang’.
( And doesn’t support the church at all whose very foundations
are built on one creation ).

NASA scientists are now discovering that the Earth’s magnetic field is inconstant,
and is actually weaker now than it was last century.
Is this because the magnetic field has somehow been realigned
to/for a changing human consciousness?*

*From the New Energy Kryon Writings:
“Magnetic fields are very significant to human biology and DNA,
and directly affect spiritual consciousness… and the farther that the magnetic field
is aligned from the axis of the planetary spin [and thus weaker], the more enlightened is the life form.”

More and more traditional psychologists and psychiatrists
as well as counselors, therapists and ‘healers’
are now at a loss with their clients and patients.
Medical doctors are now having such a large number
of unusual and undetermined symptoms* reported by their patients
that they’re beginning to ask Lightworkers for their website addresses.

*The spiritual awakening or ‘ascension’ symptoms…
erratic emotions, memory lapses, inexplicable fatigue, dizziness, intense bodily aches and pains,
heart palpitations / rapid irregular heartbeat, mental confusion, anxiety, depression, insecurity, despair etc etc.

More and more people are now asking questions
that their church and religious leaders just can’t, or won’t answer.

Why are there no women in the church hierarchy*?
If a woman can head a parliamentary government and lead a whole country,
why couldn’t they lead a church?

Didn’t the original and unedited Holy Bible say somewhere (Luke 17:21)
that the Kingdom of God is Within You?
And didn’t the original Bible also say that You Are The Temple of God,
and that The Spirit of God Dwelleth in You (1. Corinthians 3:16)?

How is it that humans can always go directly to God in prayer,
but need a priest as a go-between for confession?
Do you think Jesus might get a little upset if he knew
just how many hundreds of billions of dollars, or more**
that ‘his’ churches hold collectively in property, art, treasures and cash…
while millions of humans around the world are starving to death?
Didn’t Jesus say first and foremost… “Love one another?”
*Obviously because of the Vatican’s time-honoured and escalating misogynistic attitude towards women.
It has now even included a provision in its revised decree that has made the
‘attempted ordination’ of women one of the gravest crimes in ecclesiastical law,
on a par believe it or not… with the sex abuse of children!!!

Clearly the Church still views women as ungodly, unclean, unequal, unworthy and totally unacceptable.
And of course it must continue to do so. After all…
something radical needs to camouflage the church’s age-old fear of women and the Divine Feminine.
Meanwhile… have women the world over ever been so insulted?

**Actually a fortune so great it defies rational assessment
and far surpasses those of today’s global corporations.
So great in fact that the estimated three billion dollars thus far paid out (in the US alone)
to victims of horrific sexual, physical and emotional abuse, rape and torture
– primarily but not exclusively by Roman Catholic priests, nuns and Brothers –
(and all too often with the church being fully aware of the unspeakable wrongdoing
and thus directly complicit in the actions) doesn’t even make a dent.

More and more people are now seeing right through all the
hyped-up motivational speaker’s ballyhoo*.
In fact they’re seeing right through the whole duality-based $elf-help industry. 

*Boisterous orgies of self-congratulation.

More and more people are now becoming very disillusioned with their gurus* –
the flashy New Age kind and the eastern avatar alike.

*Old energy specialists who don’t understand or even know about the New…
and don’t really want to know because they know it means their redundancy.

 All over the world, parents, educators and childcare workers
(and celebrities too it seems) are observing
new and unusual attributes, abilities and behavior in children*…
behavior that is often very difficult to understand and to deal with
and that is all too often misdiagnosed as ADD and ADHD.

*The Indigo and Crystal Children

CEOs of global corporations are now taking the unprecedented step
of seeing themselves as ‘guardians of the organizational soul’…
and a virtuous soul at that.
The words “virtue”, “balance”, “transparency”, “accountability”,
“environment” and even “spiritual” now pepper their ancestral patter.
On the other hand, all those with a covert history of “integrity issues”
are now undergoing some very, very heavy pruning.
In effect, everything built upon duality’s illusion – upon the quicksand of avarice,
corruption, selfishness, manipulation and the fear of scarcity, is now falling apart.
The old energy bubble of illusion is bursting under the New Energy Light of truth.

Millions of people right around the world are seeing
the numbers 11:11* mysteriously appearing on digital clocks.
And many are more than a little apprehensive.
They are not sure what it means, where to turn to, or who to trust.

*11:11 – The bridge or transitional zone between the old energy world of duality
and the New Energy world of Oneness.
A wake-up/reminder call of the highest order…
confirmation that one’s spiritual/awakening journey is right on track.

Millions of people are wondering what is happening to them with all the
sudden turmoil in their lives… wondering why everything is beginning to fall apart,
why they are losing people and things so near and dear to them… wondering
why they are feeling so strange, so anxious and so often depressed…
wondering what comes next in their life.

Even those on traditional spiritual paths are now finding themselves
in a thick fog of doubt, uncertainty and confusion… “Why does nothing work
like it used to anymore? After all these years on the path and all the books, courses,
seminars, workshops, sessions, you name it, why is my life now more difficult than ever?
Why do people who are not even on a spiritual path seem to have
better lives, more fun and more money than I do?
Why am I feeling so very tired, forgetful and dispirited,
and why am I always struggling just to make ends meet?
Where’s all that unlimited power and eternal bliss that I was promised?
Where’s all the joy and abundance?
I just can’t believe that I’ve done all this work on myself
for all these years to end up HERE.”

Hopefully, this website along with the handful of others we recommend
will shed some light on what’s happening now –
personally, globally and universally.

One thing is certain:
It’s BIG, and more REAL than any of us can imagine.

No, it’s most definitely not the end of the world – Hollywood’s Armageddon… as all of those
misguided, fear mongering old energy doomsday conspirators would have us believe,
but indeed the birth of a New one.
And a whole New Awakened Humanity to go along with it.

Again, welcome to the Points of Power website
The New Energy Experience.

For the next little while, put down the heavy weights –
all the worries you carry for the future and the anchors you lug from the past.
For the next little while, be safe and free in the NOW… and the NEW.

There are many Billions of Pages on the World Wide Web –
far more than there are humans on the planet or even stars in some galaxies.
Yet somehow you’ve arrived here.
Accident, chance, coincidence… or True Synchronicity/Providence?



The student sighed heavily. “God knows, I’ve tried all those personal power and success unlimited seminars,
I’ve done every spiritual practice and metaphysical course there is to do
and I must have read every self-help book worth reading.
I’ve done the past life thing, the heal your life thing, the love and forgive yourself thing, the follow the guru thing,
the angel and spirit guide thing, the meditation and affirmation thing, the New Age and New Thought thing,
the law of attraction thing, the chant and mantra thing, the soul’s purpose thing and the ultimate truth thing.
I tell you, I’ve done absolutely everything… even the whole born-again Christian thing.
And now I… well, I just don’t know any more. Actually, things are now worse than ever.
There’s really got to be something altogether wrong or missing in ALL of that stuff,
or maybe I’m just different… or hopeless.”
The teacher smiled. “You sound very much like somebody I used to know.
Indeed, you’ll be a great teacher one day, but of a very different kind –
a teacher of the New Energy, the New World where none of that old stuff works anymore.”
The student paused. “Okay, so what works now?”


We are in the midst of the most profound and life changing spiritual energy in all human history, quite possibly in all of creation… at least as we understand ‘all of creation’. Absolutely nothing is the same now as it used to be, and nothing works like it used to work. Most of the “sacred” and time-honoured metaphysical books and spiritual teachings/practices together with much of what is termed New Age and New Thought spirituality/philosophy, as well as all duality-based personal growth type courses and programs no matter how seemingly wonderful and incontrovertible, are now invalid and obsolete. As appropriate as they (may) have been in the past, they do not apply, or work now, for anyone on the true awakening path of change and transition into the New Energy.

And ALL the religious institutions (with each one fervidly believing that God smiles only on them the chosen ones, and have the rest of us branded as hapless sinners by default… born wretched, wicked and worthless no less, and apparently doomed and cursed forever) that have doggedly, ignorantly and falsely promoted separation between God and Humans, and have long decreed that they alone retain the master key to divinity, are now coming to a reckoning, and will no longer hold any reins in this New Spiritual Energy. All those perpetrating untruth, hypocrisy, pretence and fear along with the incessant and appalling abuse of position and trust – all those pompously and ever so righteously professing one thing (which they pretend to know but know they don’t) while doing the dead opposite, are now being held accountable. Indeed, the party’s over for all the religions and religious ideologies that have their origins in nescience – in gross misinterpretation, misunderstanding, misconception and unawareness… and any number of hidden agendas, and their subsistence in man’s desideratum for overpower and control… 

This is a TOTALLY NEW and UNPRECEDENTED spiritual paradigm –
a BRAND-NEW spiritual journey and a WHOLE NEW incredible adventure.
And there are no maps or signposts – none!
There is, however, highly qualified and empathetic guidance along the way
from the forerunners who have lived the experience – The Teachers of The New Energy.
And there is no other on this planet –
guru, swami, leader, mystic, priest, channel, sage or master
who holds their wisdom, knowledge and experience.

The poet and humanist Walt Whitman epitomized the New Spiritual Paradigm
in the preface to his venerated work Leaves of Grass… written 150 years ago!

‘Re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book,
and dismiss whatever insults your own soul…
It is also not consistent with the reality of the soul to admit that there is anything
in the known universe more divine than men and women.
The master knows that he is unspeakably great and that all are unspeakably great.
There will soon be no more priests… They may wait awhile, perhaps a generation or two,
dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place.
A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man,
and every man shall be his own priest.’
~ Walt Whitman, from the preface to Leaves of Grass – 1855

Or in Points of Power words…
No Idols, no leader, no following, no mediator,
no superior, no master, no guru, no dogma,
know you.

Following are a few short but pertinent questions. If you find yourself thinking “God, this is me all over,” then you are indeed in transition. You are on the (often very difficult) path of inner spiritual awakening – awakening to a New You and a New Greater Reality. We are here to help. You are not alone.

Are your tried and true spiritual practices now becoming totally frustrating?

Are your trusted and treasured old books (the ones with the author’s all-wise smiling face on the cover) no longer giving you the answers?

Are you finding that nothing works like it used to anymore… including all those sure-fire manifestation techniques, rituals and “secrets”?

After all the years of ‘inner’ work, are you beginning to wonder why your ‘outer’ world hasn’t changed… or is now even worse?

Have you prayed, affirmed, intended and visualized till your head hurts, all to no avail?

Are you beginning to wonder if the much hyped ‘Law of Attraction’ is just another New Age fairy-tale?

Are you now feeling more disconnected, confused and insecure than ever before?

Do you wake up most mornings feeling strangely unsettled, anxious and apprehensive… and often stay that way for the rest of the day?

Do you look in the mirror and no longer know who in the world you are looking at?

Do you often feel like a fish out of water (or a lost soul) and don’t know where you really belong or what you’re supposed to be doing… or even want to do anyway?

Are you at a complete loss trying to figure out your ‘life purpose’ or ‘soul purpose’… that big ‘something’ that you’re supposed to be and do, that you’re told God put you here for?

Do you feel quite useless, and feel as if you have no purpose or direction at all?

Do many of the things that used to be so important to you no longer really matter… but now you’re not sure what really does matter?

Are the words of your esteemed coach or guru no longer ringing true (out of alignment with your own direct experience)?

Have you gone to a counselor or some sort of spiritual worker and come away feeling that they didn’t really understand you… and couldn’t quite see where you were coming from?

Are you having more and more difficulty socializing and relating to others (especially when they’re into gossip), and at times just want to run and scream?

Do some places, situations, jobs, people and activities, or even just the thought of them,  make you feel sick?

Do you find yourself suddenly and unexpectedly losing regard for those who you previously admired or idolized?

Do you find every fiber of your being screaming in protest at the advice of well-meaning friends… and family?

Are you sick to death of hearing ‘spiritual’ people – especially well-known (and inevitably old-energy) speakers and authors – spouting on about how much they’ve achieved and how so incredibly blessed they are and how they are just forever bursting with gratitude… while you’re being battered and challenged beyond anything you could ever have imagined?

Do you find all bureaucracies and officialdom utterly intolerable?

Are your meditations now hitting the wall?

Are your infallible old tools and security systems no longer working?

Are issues suddenly in your face like never before?

Are the most illustrious of the seminars, courses and workshops beginning to feel like BS?… In fact, is just about everything beginning to feel like BS?

Do you feel that you are now somehow different, and have left your old self behind… or it has died?

Are you feeling great sadness, or crying for no apparent reason?

Does your life seem to be totally out of control, or put on hold, while you wander about in a hopeless daze absolutely convinced that you are going crazy… or even developing some sort of mental illness?

Are you having all sorts of unexpected dramas with health, relationships or finances… or all three at once?

Are you experiencing unusual and intense bodily aches, pains and swellings and general flu-like symptoms?

Are you experiencing loss of passion, memory lapses, prolonged bouts of hopelessness, powerlessness and extreme exhaustion, a high pitched ringing in the ears and difficulty in focusing?

Is the endless game of trying to find yourself, and to make sense of it all, now more difficult than ever?

Do you often feel like you just can’t go on anymore… not for one more second?

Has everything become so overwhelming that you just want to die… or simply disappear and go out of existence?

Ah, the horrors of change and transition, yes indeed. But do remember, you are not alone in this. There are many of us who have experienced all of the above, and worse, many times over. We do know exactly what it’s like and just how difficult and confusing it can be.

You have our love, our empathy, our understanding and our support.

‘True’ spiritual awakening – transitioning from the old energy
and the eon-old duality self to the New Energy and the New Divine Self –
is no small and easy task…
and VERY different to what ALL duality-based books and teachings*
portray spirituality and personal/spiritual growth to be.
*Regardless of the author’s fame or how time-honored and ‘sacred’ the teachings.

It is altogether, and unquestionably, the biggest and most shattering
change that any human has EVER gone through – BAR NONE!
At best it’s highly disconcerting, uncomfortable and confusing,
and at worst nothing short of horrific.

With the right knowledge and tools however,
along with solid, reliable and experienced guidance,
this most significant and most sacred journey EVER
can at least be tolerable, and at times… yes, even thrilling.

While the timing and the difficulty of the passage
will be different for each person, the end result will be the same…
awesome and profound, and quite beyond imagination.

There would be no better words to encapsulate this mother
of all transformation than those from the pen of Richard Bach…
“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls a butterfly.”

The Points of Power website and the teaching material it contains do not require validation or endorsement – from anyone. However, for first time visitors to the site and especially those who are on the grandest and most sacred journey of all, perhaps a few unsolicited testimonials (chosen from hundreds) are appropriate…

“We have watched your site for some time now and love your approach.” Steve Rother –

“The site looks great! I especially like the music in the intro. Well done!”  Lee Carroll –

“I have finally added a link to your site and am grateful for your understanding of 11:11. And thank you for anchoring Oneness in Sydney… It’s felt and much appreciated.” Solara –   

“I was very impressed with the content, quality and energy of your site, and I found myself saying “YES” as I read your excellent materials. You are truly doing a service for Spirit in the New Energy.” Geoffrey

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website. At last, reassurance that I’m not alone and confirmation of my intuitions about the transition process which is obviously underway in me. Your writing is so clear and vigorous and refreshing, every word with full meaning and power.” Pauline

“Kryon said years ago the most powerful exercise is to simply ask Spirit what do I most need to know right now. I wasn’t conscious of the question today, as it is part of my life now. But today I found you, and I am so grateful.”Carolyn

“Allen, I’ve just come across your website and am absolutely over the moon. Thank God, at last someone who knows what’s going on! As far as it can be “known”! Martie

“I can relate to 90% of what’s on your web-site, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m glad you are in front of me. I mean I am glad you faced the fire of hell before I have. I put it like the first Everest climber….. He never knew where he was, and never knew when he would reach the top, if indeed he ever would. Thankfully, you are the first man on Everest, and can map out for the second climbers. Thank you Allen.” David

“My God! How fantastic to come across your website in my moments of sheer desperation (yet again!). For years I have wanted a site like yours to exist. Thank you so much dear one for being in your power and lighting this bright light for us battered but brave lightworkers to see.” Heather

When I am at war with myself and questioning my own sanity I continue to rely greatly on your website and your words. Truly this journey would seem impossible without human guides. Channels are not enough. Thank you again for all you do.” Kelli

It is the supreme art of the teacher
to awaken joy in knowledge. ~

And what is word knowledge
but a shadow of wordless knowledge? ~ Gibran

The only source of knowledge is experience. ~ Einstein

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