As we are all evolving in consciousness, both personally and collectively,
so too is the EMF Balancing body of work.
There are now six additional EMF modalities designed to further support the New Human on the New Earth.

All of these modalities stand alone, but also complement, strengthen and amplify each other through
the Universal Calibration Lattice® (an evolving extension of your consciousness)
and the 36 sacred templates of light.
They are listed in no particular order or hierarchy.

Here is the resonance of each…

The Lattice Evolves! 8 Gates Master Activation Series. the Great Evolution is on!!
You are evolving and new gateways of expanded consciousness are opening within your Universal Calibration Lattice®, strengthening the connection between your personal, collective, and universal consciousness in the most elegant and coherent ways possible.

Three sets of 8 Gates within your Lattice are activated and opened during these three separate activations. These 24 Gates open the pathways to a balanced, empowered, new understanding and expression of your personal, collective, and universal consciousness, enabling fuller integration into the multidimensional experience of who you are beyond 3D.

You are invited to open your Gateways to more fully express yourself as a universal being.  Who will you be and what will you choose to do when the 8 Gates of these sessions are activated within your Lattice?  The answer is … within you.

Activation 1:    Universal Ancestry (First set of 8 Gates)
As we activate the first 8 Gates of Universal Ancestry, we connect the energies of our birth family in this lifetime with the energies of our cultural ancestry, our ancestry of Earth, and our ancestry of the universe. These new connections enable us to increase the amount of information flow and expression of who we are as unique and united Universal Beings. This session assists us to ensure the useful elements from all ancestral-related dimensions are available to us in our everyday lives. This assists in shedding any pre-existing beliefs, so we have full access to and support from our ancestral resources.

Activation 2:    Universal DNA & Evolutionary Consciousness (Second set of 8 Gates)
Your DNA is more than genetic codes, it is records of information that shapes your reality. The 8 Gates activated in this session bring to light your deepest beliefs encoded in your DNA, and provide the opportunity for you to write and activate new codes of your choice! In alignment with your individual, collective, and universal expressions of consciousness, you become deeply aware of who you authentically are, and who you authentically choose to be. Your extraordinary life is multidimensional through the perspective of your Universal DNA.

Activation 3: Universal Hearts of Gold  Go Bold!! (Third set of 8 Gates)
The 8 gates activated in this session are an invitation to embrace your life completely and wholeheartedly, with great courage and wisdom. The activation for Universal Hearts of Gold Go Bold! is filled with the frequency of knowing that when you do your part the Universe does the Universe’s part, as you are peacefully co-creating at your highest level. Wholeheartedness gives birth to courage and wisdom, foundational attributes for living multidimensionally day to day and cocreating at this level. You also are ready to be you … wise, wholehearted, multidimensional you.

EMF Express:
Built on the powerful and elegant pillars of the EMF Balancing Technique®, the EMF Express energy is here to help us infuse with our multidimensional intelligence. Each of the 13 activations begins with the question “What enlightened or evolutionary state of being (emotion) do you choose to express in your daily life?” Each activation engages the physical body with your emotion/state of choice, amplifying deep coherence and activating codes of light and energy. The activations can be done separately or strung together for a session.

#1 Express Inspiration – Crown Center
#2 Express Intuition and Intellect – Rings of Energy around the head
#3 Express Wisdom – Heart of the Inner Eye
#4 Express Communication – Back of neck and throat
#5 Express Infinite Love – Heart and High Heart Centers
#6 Express Sense of Self – Heart of the Solar Plexus
#7 Express Empowerment – Hips
#8 Express Adaptability – Knees, calves, & feet
#9 Express Balance & Healing – Whole Body
#10 Express Giving & Receiving – Hands
#11 Express Remedy – Honor, Clear, Balance, Heal
#12 Express Quantum Activation – Core Energy
#13 Express Phoenix Postures  – Heart Centered Presence & Wild Wisdom

Tuning the Templates of New Balance:
The 36 templates are octahedrons of light and energy, and like our fingerprints, each octahedron is filled with codes/symbols unique to you. Each octahedron receives and transmits energy, creating balance and coherence as you open new channels within your own being for clearer communication with your innate intelligence. The templates resonate with the new frequencies of the master number 44 that is appropriate for humanity at this time.

In the Tuning the Templates of a New Balance energy session, the focus is to access more of your Innate Intelligence in daily life by activating your unique symbol/codes of light within your sacred templates/DNA. Your Innate Intelligence will guide you to access the new frequencies/information appropriate for you. There is an alignment within your being as you merge the triad of your innate, universal and evolutionary (human) intelligence. As you tune your Templates of New Balance the ever-ascending energy within your Lattice (energy field) responds to the guidance of your Innate Intelligence. You are in good hands – yours!!

Template # 1                      My awakened Mind Tuned to My Heart Centered Intelligence
Template # 2                      Tuning My Innate Senses of Self-Support and Self-Direction.
Templates # 3 and 4         “As Above So Below” Radiating my Tuned Core Energies.
Template # 5                      My Energetic Potential Innately Tuned to the 44
Template # 6                      My Innate Intelligence Tuned to Infinite Love.
Templates # 7 and 8          My Innate Intelligence Tuned to Infinite Compassion.
Templates # 9 and 10        My Innate Intelligence Tuned to Infinite Presence.
Template # 11                     My Innate Intelligence Tuned to Infinite Wisdom.
Template # 12                     I AM a Universal Human Tuned in My Innate Intelligence.
Templates # 13 to 20         I AM Innate Intelligence as a Mother/Father Archetype.
Templates # 21 to 31          I AM the Universal Beloved in Innate Intelligence.
Templates # 32 to 36         I AM the Transforming Evolutionary in Innate Intelligence.

This session offers energy alignments to assist you to manifest the changes and the intentions you choose as an evolutionary being. We begin with a Statement of Focused Intent (SOFI) of your choice. This sets the resonance for the session, which focuses and amplifies your ability to manifest your intent.  With focus and clarity you will transform the energy of your intention into the energy of conscious creation. From a quantum perspective through the lens of your lattice, you will see clearly how you are using your energy. This viewpoint enables you to shift your energy from actions that no longer serve you into the actions you prefer to empower. As you become more aware of your Lattice it assists you to infuse the energy of your intention and your actions throughout your Lattice and throughout your entire being. At the end of the session you are radiating energy from a place of very deep stillness from the core of your being amplifying a quantum state of grace. Your energy responds to the resonance of the Reflections session according to your inner wisdom. Each Reflections alignment is designed to expand the intelligent coherence of your heart in the manifestation of your intention. It is a great tool of cocreative support for you and your chosen path of purpose. Yes… you are managing your own personal energy!

The Benefits of a Reflections session are:

Clarity in mastering the direction of your energy to create clear intention.
Focus and insight in knowing how to manifest your intention.
Inspired motivation as you consider and choose the actions to empower your intention.
Knowing when to be still and when to take action.
Deeper wisdom as you learn to consciously draw from your history and your experience(s).
Personal evolution as you choose attributes of mastery to express/practice in your daily life as you give life to, and support your intention.

Heart of the Universal Human:
For each of us our heart is the centre of our universe. This activation of the Heart of the Universal Human initiates new levels of light and energy within the heart, high heart, crown, 3rd eye and the solar plexus of the Universal Human. Balancing intuition and intellect, you may express more of your heart centered intelligence, presence and wisdom as a wise whole-hearted human! This activation also increases the radiating of the light and energy already developed within the centres of your heart, high heart and crown. There is a new bandwidth of emotions and wisdom within the Heart of the Universal Human. It is time for a quantum leap in the energy of infinite love and infinite intelligence within your being.

Universal Mind Fusion:
This session amplifies and activates the new dynamics of the relationship and interface between your personal Universal Calibration Lattice® and the Universal Field. This activation and alignment will support your connection to the new frequencies/universal field in a state of deep coherence. This session will infuse the new frequencies through all of your energy centres and your Universal Calibration Lattice® will respond according to your innate wisdom.

The focus of this session is in co-creating new ways to express who you are now in a higher resonance of understanding, and riding the universal waves of energy in balance and joy. You are becoming more of who you are as a multidimensional being, you are ready to know and express your new ways of being, thinking and doing… and be fully present on the planet. Let us tune to the new frequencies that are within you AND all around you!

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