The Spiral Sweep exercise is a small, but important, part of the information contained in the complete EMF Balancing Technique® system.  Using this preparatory exercise helps to prepare the energy body for the greater charge we are now capable of holding and using in everyday life.  As many of us are realizing, the sacred event we have been searching for is right in front of us – our very own lives.  The exercise can be read slowly if you choose, but once you are familiar with it, you may go as fast as you like.  You can even just visualize the energy patterns while reciting the numbers one through twelve.  

 1 – Golden Skeleton

Feel, sense, think, or imagine, golden energy spinning around your feet in a clockwise motion.  Allow this energy to permeate the soles of your feet.  The mineral composition of your bones makes the skeleton a good conductor of this refined energy.  Now bone by bone, direct this golden energy through your skeletal system.  Direct the energy through the bones in your toes, all the bones in your feet, your ankles, up to your knees, your kneecaps, and through the bones in your thighs.  Direct this energy through your hip bones, down to your coccyx or tailbone, up the sacrum, now up through your spine.  Bathe each of the vertebrae with this golden energy.  Direct the energy to flow through the bones in the shoulders and shoulder blades, down the breastbone and around the ribs.  Direct the golden energy down through the bones in your arms to your wrists and to all the little bones in your hands and fingers.  Now direct your attention and the energy up to the bones in your neck, around your jaw, through your teeth and your entire skull.  You have just bathed your entire skeletal system with golden energy.  Allow the feeling, or the sensation, or the image of radiating a golden glow throughout the bones in your body.  Breathe deeply and relax.

2 – Golden Brain

Place your attention within your sacred brain and give the intent for your brain to absorb this energy.  Begin with the cortex, the gray matter covering the top of the brain.  Directly beneath the gray matter is the white matter, the largest portion of the brain.  Allow the white matter of your brain to absorb this golden energy like a sponge.  Your consciousness will balance the “feel” of this golden energy through both sides of your brain.  One of the functions of the white matter is to assist with all extrasensory perceptions.

Focus your attention between your eyebrows, a little higher, and about an inch into your brain.  Here you will locate the pituitary; a small pear shaped gland.  Direct the golden energy to completely surround this little gland, and then give the intent for this energy to be completely absorbed.  As you channel the energy through this gland, give the intent to activate the hormonal changes in your body that are appropriate for you as you take your next evolutionary step.  The pituitary is the first point of contact energetically connected to the pineal gland.

Now place your attention in the center of your brain.  This area is sometimes referred to as the sacred chamber.  Here you will find the pineal gland.  It is a small, kidney bean shaped gland.  Direct the energy to surround your pineal gland, and then give the intent for this gland to absorb all the golden energy it can.  You will also find in this area of the brain the hypothalamus and thalamus.  Your thalamus is a fan shaped organ composed of gray matter marbled with white matter.  The two sections of your thalamus are located in the two hemispheres of your brain.  The thalamus is responsible for the power of visualization you are using right now.  Visualize or imagine a golden butterfly as your thalamus radiates a golden glow!  Give the intent to intensify the expression of your sacred nature.

Bring your attention to the back of your head; place your focus within the base of your brain.  Here you find an egg shaped organ called the pons.  Imagine this egg shaped organ, your pons, to be completely glowing gold.  Finally, and with strong intent, direct this golden energy all the way down your spinal cord.  You have just energized your brain.  Breathe deep and relax.

3 – The Endocrine System

Refocus your attention, and now you will begin to guide the golden energy downward, through your endocrine system.  First, focus the golden energy within your parathyroid and thyroid gland in your lower throat area.  Give the intent for the golden energy to be completely absorbed and infused into these glands.

Above your heart centre, beneath the breastbone, is the thymus gland.  The energy center associated with your thymus gland is called the high heart centre.  This gland and the energy of this area are an important point of origin for the radiating of the golden energy within our physical body.  The intensification of the energy radiating from the high heart centre is one of the keys to the powerful expression of our electrical spiritual nature.  As we increase our ability to express this electrical energy, we can then accelerate the healing process when the body has gone out of balance.  It is in our best interest that we stimulate this area.  Direct the golden energy to circle your thymus and be completely absorbed.  Intensify your intention and as the thymus fills with golden energy it will reach a point of fullness and then radiate that golden energy throughout the cells of the entire heart area.  Visualize your entire heart area radiating a golden glow!

Place your attention on the heart muscle.  The heart is not part of the endocrine system.  However, the pericardium, a sac that surrounds the heart may fill with a few precious drops of hormonal fluid.  This fluid will contribute to the increased radiating of the heart energy.  Give the intent to fill the heart with the golden energy of evolution and love.

To the left of the navel is the pancreas and as we stimulate this organ with golden energy, give the intent to strengthen your ability to continue to digest and assimilate the energetic changes that are taking place within your entire being.

Now place your attention in the lower back on the adrenal glands. The adrenals sit atop the kidneys.  Use the golden light and give the intent to completely regenerate the adrenal glands.

A little further down, bring your attention to the sexual glands, the ovaries or testes, and hold the golden energy within this part of your body.  Enlightenment is for every cell of your body including those cells beneath the waist.

Direct the energy down through your hips, thighs, calves, and soles of your feet.  The physical body has now been energized.  Breathe deeply and relax.

4 – Energy around the Feet

The energy now swirls around your feet and creates a strong grounding effect.  Strengthen the grounding effect with the understanding of how important it is to have a deep relationship with the energy of the earth.  This sacred grounding contributes to our ability to hold the higher energies that are now available to us.  The vibrational frequency of the energy changes and it begins to gently rise up through the energy field as a concentrated golden ray of light and energy.  We will direct this golden ray through each of the energy vortexes associated with the glandular system.  The change in the energy can sometimes be noted as a change in temperature or a tingling sensation as you begin to direct the energy up through the energy vortex of the feet, through the energy of the legs, to the base of the spine.

5 – Foundation Centre

Place your attention at the base of your spine and feel, sense, think about, or imagine a glowing sphere of red, vital energy.  As the golden ray gently enters this sphere, a beautiful pattern like a golden starburst begins to form and radiates in all directions.  Give the intent to bless, strengthen, and balance the energy centre at the base of your spine.  As you do this you create the sacred foundations within your being that are needed as you continue to integrate the energy of your divine nature.  The ray of golden light rises to the next energy centre, the sexual /creative centre.

6 – Sexual/Creative Centre

As the ray of golden energy rises upward towards the sexual/creative centre, focus you attention within your orange sphere of creativity.  The golden light radiates throughout this orange sphere once again in a starburst pattern.  Give the intent to be mindful of how you express your sexual energy.  Your sexual energy is part of your vital force and can be directed to facilitate your evolution.  This area is also your seat of creativity.  Encourage the flow of energy from here to enhance your co-creative efforts in life.  Give the intent to bless, strengthen and balance this center.  Breathe.

7 – Solar Plexus Centre

Now the golden ray of energy moves upward.  Direct the golden energy to enter the yellow sphere of the solar plexus.  As the golden energy resonates within this area you may feel, sense, think about, or imagine a pattern that looks like a sunflower.  Remember that the solar plexus is also known as the seat of the subconscious, and all the facets of the sparkling sunflower image are a reminder of all the facets of you.

Breathe deeply, and give yourself permission to be!

8 – Heart Centre and High Heart

Now direct your attention and the golden ray of energy higher, into the beautiful emerald green of the heart centre.

Sense the energy bursting into a beautiful kaleidoscope of gold and green energy, pulsing into complex patterns.  Each one of us holds an original piece of the Creator in our heart, and together we create the One.  Place your attention above the heart in the area of the thymus, this area we refer to as the high heart area.  Here you will find a concentration of the golden light; give the intent for this golden light to intensify.  You may feel the warmth and fullness of your heart as the unique light pattern of your heart energy unfolds.  As you feel or sense the balance within your heart, first nurture yourself with this love and then radiate the love outwards.

9 – Throat Centre

As the energy of love continues to radiate outward, direct the golden ray upward and into the blue of your throat centre.  This centre is a special gateway, it is the place where the “as above, so below” energy merges and translates into usable power.  This is the centre for the expression of your piece of the truth.  Remember the power of the spoken word.  Strive to speak words of truth only, in even the smallest of matters.  Allow the energy to polish how you express yourself to the world.

You may turn your head slowly from side to side as you work the energy through your throat area.  You are almost finished with this exercise, take a deep breath and refocus your attention.

10 – Third Eye

Now concentrate and direct the ray of golden energy up through to the centre of your brain.  From the pineal within the centre of the brain to the pituitary near the centre of the forehead is the area we call the third eye.  Here the energy is indigo in color.  As the golden ray gently pierces and radiates through this majestic indigo centre, the light patterns resemble a multi-faceted jewel.  Give the intent to deepen your wisdom and increase your understanding.  You may contemplate what does it mean to “think with your heart, and to feel with your mind.”  This area is also associated with telepathy, the 6th sense we are now developing at an accelerated pace.

11 – Crown Centre

Refocus and increase your attention as you direct the golden light up through your crown centre.  As the golden energy gently swirls around the top of your head your unique pattern of light, a halo, forms.  This is an energy pattern of union.  The golden energy of your human nature merges with the purity of your divine nature.

12 – Hold and Release

Now, breathe deeply in through your nose and hold your breath for a moment, let the energy build.  With strong intent breathe out through your mouth and you as you breathe out, visualize a fountain of colorful energy rising up out of your head and spiraling down, around, and throughout your entire being.  This movement strengthens your lattice and deepens your connection with the energy of the earth.  Take a few moments to enjoy.  You may even feel a sense of being home.  Namaste, dear friend.

This completes the exercise.

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