Welcome to the Points of Power Instant Insight Cards

Insight: noun To gain an accurate and deep understanding of something.

Although similarities may exist, the Points of Power Cards are not part of any system or old energy paradigm. They have been expressly designed for those on the spiritual awakening path of change and transition into the New Energy.

Whilst the selected messages may not always seem to be totally relevant and specific to one’s particular question, issue or situation… they invariably are, or will be in the near future. Indeed, the spontaneity of the powerful inner self knows its own order, and the message from ‘yourself to yourself’ is ever to the purpose.

You don’t always need to ask a specific question however, and often the very best thing you can do is to simply ask “What is it I should know right now”, and then go ahead and select a card – BUT IDEALLY ONLY ONE. Although it’s tempting, selecting multiple cards can quickly lead to muddle and confusion rather than Insight.


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