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So then, let’s begin with what I am not…

About Allen Stacker
Unlike most personal profiles, this is overtly written in the ‘first person’. Indeed, why would I make it look as if this was written by somebody else when it wasn’t? After all, it’s not a biography of a so-called dead person.



First, a message from Allen
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I am not a channel*, medium** or psychic***. I don’t channel non-physical entities (including Angels and Ascended Masters or the Lords of Light) and I don’t make predictions – personal or otherwise.

*Certain channeled material (and especially that featured on this site) is indeed outstanding, at least for the most part, and is a valuable resource for all awakening Humans. However, so much channeled material is little more than a load of fluffy placations and platitudes about light, love and the garden path. At best it’s but a gross misinterpretation and distortion of information from a pure source and at worst a muddling discourse from some lowlife in the lower latitudes of the astral plane, and channeled through a rhapsodized ego. When it comes to channeled information (or for that matter ANY spiritual/metaphysical information), there is one primal rule – always use discernment… always remember to run everything through your own individual truth filters. Some is highly informative, helpful and timely… even invaluable, and some is nothing but spiritual BS. Contrary to what many on the spiritual path believe, a being is NOT super-wise and all-knowing simply because they’re not in a physical body.

**A medium is someone who allegedly contacts the dead. But unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘the dead’. We are all as ‘dead’ right now as we’ll ever be… not quite as awake or alive perhaps, but certainly just as dead.

***Contrary to popular belief, there is no direct correlation between (genuine) psychic abilities and a high level of spiritual awareness. The highest level of spiritual awareness on this planet does not belong to psychics or channels, but to First Wave New Energy Lightworkers – the oldest souls on the planet (oldest in wisdom, knowledge and experience after countless lifetimes), the forerunners of the ascension process and the first into the New Energy.

I am not a motivational speaker. I don’t engage in zealous ranting and raving or ephemeral hyperbole that lead only to frustration and confusion… and even despair. People don’t need motivational hype and vainglorious rhetoric from self-absorbed and unenlightened egomaniacs. They need metaphysical understanding… or more precisely, New Energy metaphysical understanding.

I am not a healer. I can’t be because there is no such thing. Contrary to all old-energy persuasions, healers do not ‘heal’, they ‘balance’. All true healing is facilitation for self-balance and, consequently, self-empowerment.

I am not an evangelist. I don’t preach spurious and deceptive belief systems to sleeping humans and I don’t call anyone to follow or support synthetic dogma… fabricated pretence insidiously engineered to oppress and control the family of humanity (through fear) and to justify centuries of war and unspeakable atrocity – including mass murder and horrific torture. ALL religious indoctrination, without exception, runs dead contrary to world peace, personal sovereignty and true freedom… and needless to say spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It is simply not possible for humans to achieve true sovereignty and freedom while praying to an outside God and following the rules of an institution – especially a religious one. As Lemuel K. Washburn so rightly said: “No creed can be stretched to the size of truth; no church can be made as large as man. History shows that there is nothing so easy to enslave and nothing so hard to emancipate as ignorance, hence it becomes the double enemy of civilization. By its servility it is the prey of tyranny, and by its credulity it is the foe of enlightenment”.

I am not a spiritual dictator or guru (old energy theoretician) and I’m not the leader or ruler of any organization. I don’t lead anyone anywhere but back to their True Core Being. The fact is… to place anyone or anything higher than ourselves – guru, swami, angel, master (ascended or unascended), mahatma, father confessor, religion, creed, doctrine, church, temple or whatever, is to create infidelity with our Spirit or Higher Self. Awakening Souls and Sovereign Beings don’t need old energy rules and rituals and they don’t need to be organized or saved.

I am not a “New Age” torchbearer. I don’t teach anything that is not real, and much of what is termed “New Age” spirituality is definitely not real. We are most certainly in a profound and unparalleled New Energy Age, but it has very little to do with tantras, rituals, potions, chants, bewitchment, cherubs, Zen or zircons… all the old energy spiritual nebulae and metafiction that permeates New Age shops, magazines, books and expos. Exchanging litanies for mantras, crosses for crystals or mortal sin for magic spells is only ever trading one distraction for another. It’s still duality, and duality is illusion.

I am not a Life Coach. I can understand a swimming coach, a football coach, a drama coach or a basketball coach, but a “LIFE” coach… oh dear! How anyone could even begin to assume the title of “LIFE” coach (and after just a short accredited* home study course in many cases) is nothing short of… well, amazing. But then the old energy world of duality is often amazing.

*”Accredited” always begs the question… Who accredited the person that gave the first accredit? Were they self-accredited? While a system of accreditation is justified in certain areas (the aviation and health care industries for example where human health and safety could be at risk), it is all too often used to give credibility and tenability to activities that are essentially untenable.

I am not a Success Coach… which is really just another name for the all-encompassing Life Coach. Contrary to all the vacuous bluster of the human potential movement and duality’s misguided and misleading ‘success unlimited’ fraternity, there is no such thing as a failure. Humans are God manifest on this earth, and how can God be a failure? I’d love to be a fly on the wall when all these success coaches eventually get to go through the awakening process. It could be rather interesting to see how they then define success and failure… when their whole world as they know it disintegrates.

I am not a spiritual franchisee or licensee. I don’t teach second-hand spirituality under the safety umbrella of an organizing agency. If it’s not first-hand experience then it’s not true knowledge, it’s just philosophy. And we can no more give and teach what we don’t truly know, than we can come back from a place we’ve never been. As the French Enlightenment writer François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) said… When he who hears does not know what he who speaks means, and when he who speaks does not know what he himself means, that is philosophy. Likewise, I am not a conformist… and especially when it comes to all those unenlightened old energy duality-based rules, rituals, controls (mechanisms that are often instilled in us as ‘good habits’), codes, institutions, power structures etc – all those subtle and insidious forms of human bondage that the mass consciousness not only endures, but due to incessant programming, even bizarrely insists upon.

I am not a connoisseur or advocate of any individual spiritual practice… traditional, revolutionary or state-of-the-art. In the New Energy, every moment is a spiritual practice.

I am not a psychologist… a licensed expert who assesses intelligence and administers intelligence tests (which are ultimately meaningless and have nothing to do with one’s level of awareness); who evaluates people’s thinking, reasoning, memory, learning and socialization capacity (all of which go completely haywire during the spiritual awakening process); and who studies, diagnoses and treats (with various concoctions of theories and therapies) the human ‘mind’… while never being quite sure what or where this ‘mind’ is. The soul/spirit never comes into the equation, and as for past lives… well, that’s all a bit hush-hush in academic circles. As the novelist and visionary thinker D.H. Lawrence once said… Always this same morbid interest in other people and their doings, their privacies, their dirty linen. Always this subtle criticism and analysis of other people’s motives. If you cut a thing up, of course it will smell. Hence, nothing raises such an infernal stink as human psychology. In the most important science of all, the art of daily life, we are complete ignoramuses. We have psychology instead.

I am not a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist or a psychoanalyst… for the same reasons that I’m not a psychologist. I am also not a hypnotist. Although holding a diploma in the clinical/therapeutic side of hypnosis, I no longer have any interest in hypnotizing people and leading them into trance. My interest is now the very opposite – leading people out of trance, out of a very long and very deep trance. I realized a long time ago that most people didn’t need to be hypnotized anyway, because they already were – just as I was. Indeed, until we’ve begun the true awakening journey, we are all deeply hypnotized and in turn very much controlled by our various belief systems… by our church and religious beliefs (even when we ‘believe’ that we don’t have any of those mad beliefs), by the constant mass media meditations from governments and business, and there’s even the hypnotic effect of our own parents and family that goes back over many lifetimes.

I am not a PhD and I don’t call myself a “Master”. We have enough philosophical doctors for one planet, and especially in the spiritual arena where PhD has somehow become confused with EnT (enlightenment), and more than enough self-appointed* spiritual masters.

*Because it’s not possible to intellectualize your way to spiritual awakening or to get a degree in enlightenment from an institution, being a master must, by definition, be self appointed. Unfortunately, however, all too many of those “self-obsessed without being self-aware” old energy would-be messiahs use the ‘spiritual master’ tag for their own self-aggrandizement, to impress and recruit others – their very own ‘pay through the nose’ adorers and followers. Run a mile if you ever hear someone declaring themselves to be a spiritual master. True masters never do.

I am not ‘all-knowing’. I do not have all the answers and I don’t know anyone on, or off, the planet who does. Although I must admit I’ve met my share of ‘spiritual space cadets’ (you know, the ones who tend to delight in the ‘dark side’; who are absolutely convinced they’re on a mission from God to exterminate Old Harry, free humanity, reveal the truth and save the cosmos; who have pictures of the Ashtar Command and the Intergalactic Confederation all over their house; who truly believe they played a major part in destroying the lost civilization of Atlantis; who always have a list of past lives that reads like the who’s who of world history – Da Vinci, Caesar, The Queen of Sheba, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Casanova, Antoinette and Alfred The Great…. but who never have a list that mentions paupers, plunderers, lepers, slaves, whores, mass murderers or cretins) who seriously think they do*. Oh well, now what’s that great old saying… ‘The less you know, the more you think you know, because you don’t know you don’t know.’ Touché.

All spiritual space cadets of the omniscient variety should keep the following in mind… ‘There are things you know you know, things you know you don’t know, and things you don’t know you don’t know – the unknown unknowns. The number of things you know about spirituality/metaphysics that you can put in the first category is far smaller than the second, and both combined are probably a great deal smaller than the third. All those who think otherwise don’t know anywhere near as much as they think they do.’

*It’s interesting to me how ANYONE, human or channeled entity, could even begin to assume that they have all the answers, when Seth – the author of some of the very finest and most comprehensive spiritual/metaphysical material ever given to us humans (which is always available through the many published ‘Seth’ books as well as the Yale University Library archives), has said there is much that even he doesn’t know.

So what am I then? What’s left after all that?

While I’ve been called many things and worn many labels over the years – an entrepreneur and a soldier of fortune as well as a businessman, a muscleman, an ironman, a barman, a frogman, a shaman… and on the odd occasion even a gentleman – I am now first and foremost a teacher (while still every bit the passionate student), facilitator, counsellor and guide for those humans on the grandest and most sacred path of all, the spiritual awakening path of change and transition into the New Energy. I am far from alone in this new and seminal work as there are specialist New Energy teachers all over the planet now coming forth. These emerging teachers are indisputably the new and true spiritual leaders and the most powerful and credible guides*. They always (indeed can only) teach from a place that is of the highest level of awareness, the greatest truth and the greatest light… a place where the intriguing and coveted state of enlightenment is the norm and integrity is the status quo. And unlike duality’s mélange of pedants and quasi-gurus, they teach from the only source of true knowledge – direct personal experience.

*The most powerful and credible guides are not what so many in the metaphysical arena think they are – spirit guides or celestial angels, but instead the real flesh and blood humans who have walked the path.

On a secondary level, I have Diplomas in Counselling and other clinical therapies*, enough course and workshop certificates and licenses to decorate a house, and even a few of those ego-swelling ‘master’ titles. I am a professional member of several associations and societies in the therapeutic field. I am the author of two metaphysical books -“Your Three Primary Points of Power to Freedom”, and “Primary Wisdom”… both now out of print and superseded by this website which reflects the New Energies at the minute.

*All of which included long labyrinthine mind-numbing studies in the Theories of Psychology (yes, the title is correct, it’s all ‘theory’), Psychopharmacology, Psychopathology, Mediation and Conciliation, Conflict Management, Motivation and Emotion (which I remember was very unemotional), Theories on Memory (which I can’t remember much about), Human Sexuality (theory only of course) etc, etc, etc… all sorts of academic wonders.

I also have a rather colourful history in the “physical” arena having been, in my younger days*, a personal fitness trainer and health club manager, weight loss and muscular development consultant, top competition bodybuilder and a Mr Australia title winner. And in the midst of all this physical to-do, there were extensive studies in classical organ music! For several years I was the assistant organist at Australia’s largest parish church and have also had the pleasure of playing one of the largest and finest concert pipe organs in the world in the Sydney Town Hall – 5 keyboards (manuals) plus one for the feet, 126 stops together with numerous manual and intramanual couplers and stop combination pistons, and 9000 pipes ranging in length from a few centimetres to almost 20 metres… and with all the stops out, a sound that gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘awesome.’

*In top form at age twenty four.
Ah, if only we never aged… and could have the wisdom without the wrinkles.

“How can you be a sage if you’re pretty?
You can’t get your wizard papers without wrinkles.”
~ Bill Veeck

“When I can look Life in the eyes, grown calm and very coldly wise,
Life will have given me the Truth, and taken in exchange – my youth.”
~ Sara Teasdale

All that may be so, but as Leonardo da Vinci reminds us…
“Man’s external form, marvellously constructed, is not much as compared
with the divine soul that dwells inside that structure.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci


Grand Concert Organ, Sydney Town Hall, Australia

This King of Instruments is of international significance and is generally considered
to be the largest and finest nineteenth century concert organ in the world.
Although indeed very beautiful when played softly,
there is ever enough thundering power at hand
to drown a symphony orchestra… and if you’re not careful,
to also shatter a few of the town hall’s precious stained glass windows.

“There’s nothing as soothing to the soul, than the tones of an organ of old.
What wondrous tool of metal and wood, God now need not be misunderstood.”
~ Anonymous

“To my eyes and ears the organ will ever be the King of Instruments.”
~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“In the deepest mysteries of music are the inspirations, the pathways,
and the healing which lead to Oneness and Unity.”
~ Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock. Sound Therapy 

In the years between the physical (where we have all our attention on the body) and the metaphysical (where we switch our attention to the very spirit of life which grants attention), there were several heady adventures in the world of business that were at times very fortunate and at other times most unfortunate. I have been the very proud owner of several flourishing ventures, including one of Sydney’s most attractive and popular nightclubs*, and also the very humble owner of more than one disastrous ‘act of God’ (big crash). In between the flourishing and the disastrous (which included a mercurial partnership in a real estate agency) there was also the odd job appointment… work as a film and TV extra (low-paid face in the background), a 12 month stint as a ‘hard-hat’ diver** working the murky depths of Sydney Harbour, and even a stretch of intensive training to become a professional wrestler… which I eventually abandoned along with the real estate venture as it quickly became obvious that I don’t have much talent at all when it comes to either faking it or talking BS.

And to accompany all this there was the ever so reliable stream of god-awful mishaps… divorce(s), dislocated shoulder(s), lumbar disc herniation(s), polymyalgia rheumatica, torn meniscus (knee), viral pericarditis, shingles (the worst example of shingles that my specialist had ever seen – and the most painful thing I have ever experienced, at least in this lifetime), hernia repair, atrial fibrillation, emphysema, you name it… even Cancer (see the Cancer page for a full rundown). And on the fiscal front, there was always just enough monetary melodramas to keep my poor old duality-based ego firmly rooted in confusion. All in all an interesting period… all the age-old illusions of good-bad, win-lose, greater-lesser, right-wrong, us-them, more-less, success-failure etc, etc in full swing.

*The bar section of the nightclub.
How we ever managed to cram 300 bodies into this space
will forever remain a mystery.
It will also forever remain a mystery how I managed
to survive 10 years of full-on nightly parties.

** ‘Hard-hat’ or ‘deep-sea’ diver.
Pretty heavy going, and nowhere near as easy or as much fun as SCUBA diving
(which filled many of my weekends as a teenager),
but ideal for prolonged & heavy underwater construction & survey work…
if you’re not claustrophobic and don’t mind working at times in water
so dark & murky that you have to feel your way around.

A (very) old photo of me
showing off my triple tank ‘Cousteau style’ aqualung.
The acronym ‘SCUBA’ didn’t exist back in my early teens.

However… and it’s a big HOWEVER, no amount of training, schooling, expertise or experience in ANY area (including the spiritual/personal growth area) prepared me for what was to come along in the early to mid 1990’s – the great Pluto Initiation*, the mother of all personal transformation and change. In effect, this immense transformation is a prolonged death process where our old self and our world dies in order to give birth to the New. And to say that it was confusing, difficult, frightening, heart-rending and extremely intense – and nothing at all like New Age/duality-based spirituality would have us believe – would be the understatement of all time. It was like being stuck on the world’s most horrendous thrill ride with no operator there to stop it or even slow it down. Unlike a 3 minute thrill ride however, this ‘ride of all lifetimes’, this absolute horror story to end all horror stories, went on without respite for several years. Not even Dante’s allegorical Inferno could match this. The singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt must have had me in mind when she wrote…“Religion is for people who are afraid of going to Hell; Spirituality is for people who have been there.”

*The unique and rare (and in my case double whammy) configuration of Pluto – the planet of death and transformation, and Uranus – the planet of radical and unavoidable change.

As I now understand it this was the death, indeed the ever so slow and ever so painful death of the old duality self and the birth of the True Divine Self… the quantum leap/awakening from the old energy world of duality to the New Energy world of Oneness.

This really brings us back to the beginning and what I am – a teacher/facilitator/guide for those on the path of change and transition into the New Energy. And although there’s some truly excellent material now available on the New Energy (see the New Energy Resources page), it is virtually impossible for ANYONE anchored in duality – including all those of spiritual celebrity status – to teach this quantum process. The teacher simply must be in the New Energy and must have walked the path. Old energy duality-based spiritual guidance (and all too often spiritual misguidance), regardless of any amount of fame and acclaim, is of little use to those on the grandest, most challenging and most sacred path of all. Indeed, in the New Energy there is no more timeworn spiritual palaver, no more clichéd quotations, no more unqualified authorship, no more ego-driven hierarchies or agenda-filled organizations, no more quasi-masters, benighted gurus, duplicitous priests, despotic leaders or self-elected messiahs – the blind misleading the blind, and no longer any place to hide and luxuriate for those who are the least evolved… those who appear to be spiritually wise (and even believe themselves to be spiritually wise in some cases), but by New Energy standards are decidedly otherwise. It’s all very different now – very, very different. At long last we are moving out of duality’s age-old illusion and spiritual subterfuge, and becoming True and REAL.

And what does becoming REAL really mean?

Being real is being wide-open and honest.
It’s speaking our truth, walking our talk and living our love.
No secrets, no ulterior motives and no spiritual ego.

When we are real we emanate clean, undistorted energy.
We can be trusted.
No pretending, no mind games and no deception.

In times of great crisis – fire, flood, earthquake or any
sudden disaster, we instinctively become very real for each other.
We are spontaneously co-operative, perceptive, supportive,

loving, empathetic and compassionate.
We are at our greatest and most noble – impromptu.

During such times there is no separation – there is no us and them.
There’s no pretence, duplicity, hypocrisy, illusion or delusion.
No duality.
It’s but humanity in unity,
beyond colour, creed, custom, race and gender – and agenda.

In the New Energy, we are not real just in times of crisis,
and we don’t turn it on just when it’s convenient.
We just live there all the time.

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