A parable is defined as a short story that uses familiar events to illustrate a point. Such stories are often used by teachers as a vehicle to deliver a message or lesson – usually a profound one.

While the point of any given parable is at times immediately obvious, invariably there are the hidden layers – the deeper meanings awaiting further discovery. The following New Energy classic from the channelled Kryon writings is no exception, although in this wonderful little gem the metaphors are also explained along the way. There is still plenty of room, however, for our own insights. It is used with express permission from the author Lee Carroll.ornamental divider

So, you are now ready for the quantum leap. You are now ready to leave behind all that you have known and cross the bridge into the New and unknown. You are all poised for the great adventure, it’s all systems go. Your bags are all meticulously packed and you have everything you need or could possibly ever need, and more. If anyone was ever ready to hit the road, it’s you.

But hold on a minute, how do you really know what you’ll need to take? After all, you are venturing into the New and unknown, and maybe it’s a whole new ball game over there. Maybe you’ve packed all the wrong things and they will all be obsolete. Maybe you don’t need to take anything at all.

Let’s find out…

The Parable of Wo and the Suitcase

We bring you a parable. And within this parable indeed there will be fun, but there will be teaching as well. This is why we ask for this message to be transcribed. For within parables there are always meanings within the meanings, and there are deeper meanings even than the ears will hear or the eyes will see. Within this parable we are going to again introduce the character we have used in the past. The character is called Wo. Now, Wo is not a man or a woman. We’re going to call Wo a he in the parable, but you see, Wo is really a “wo-man.”


We find Wo standing before us with many suitcases. He’s ready for the millennium shift, and he is ready to cross that bridge from the old energy to the new. Wo is considered to be an enlightened Human Being on an ascension path. That is to say, the attribute in Wo’s life that is ascending is his “vibratory intent.” So, Wo considers himself a Lightworker, and he’s packed his bags, ready to move over that bridge. Wo’s intent is to become a Human Being who is going to change his life. He’s going to move into a new energy and become something different than he is now. Wo is in transformation and rejuvenation, and he knows this. He is “under renovation,” and he feels it!

Ah, but there’s one more step, you see. He has his bags packed, and he’s ready to go, but Wo must visit an angel before he moves over the bridge of intent into this new energy he desires. It’s a beautiful angel that he’s going to meet, and to make the parable more fun, we shall tell you that he’s going to meet the “Packing Angel.” This is the angel who is going to inspect Wo’s bags!

Now, Wo is intelligent. He is a spiritual Human Being, and he feels prepared to travel. He has packed many things in his bags that he knows he is going to need to move into this new, uncharted area in his life. And so he greets the great Packing Angel who’s going to give him advice as to what to expect, and what he should take with him or NOT take with him. Wo feels absolutely certain that he has done everything properly and correctly, and he feels that his bags have been “spiritually assembled” very well. He has reasons for everything he is bringing. He is ready!

Wo greets the Packing Angel with a wonderful hug in love.

“Nice to see you,” Wo tells the great Packing Angel.

“And you, too,” says the angel. “You have been expected.”

“I am ready to go, and this is the last stop before I move into an ascension status. My intent is beginning to take me on a new path.” Wo swells up with expectation. “Please inspect my belongings.”

The Suitcase of Clothes – Preparedness

“Let’s look at the first bag, Wo,” the angel says with a smile.

Wo opened the first bag, and out spilled clothing – not just some, but a lot! There was clothing for all types of weather, and in no certain order. The great angel didn’t say anything to Wo about the fact that nothing matched.

“Wo, what is all of this clothing?” Asked the great Packing Angel.

“I wish to be very prepared,” said Wo, “and I’m moving into areas where even Spirit has admitted that no one knows what is going to happen. I don’t know what the weather will be, so I brought everything I might need. Being prepared is a virtue.” Wo smiled, but was horrified moments later as the Packing Angel began to take out all of the clothes and gently place them on the floor.

“I don’t think you’re going to need any of these things, Wo,” said the Packing Angel, as he went on to teach. “Blessed is the Human Being who understands that as they walk into the new energy, even though they do not know what to expect, they have an entourage around them that does. Blessed is the Human Being who trusts and loves his entourage! The only thing that the Human Being will need are the clothes, literally, on his back.” And that is a metaphor to say that the Human is complete as they are. Honoring the uncertainty is the metaphor.” The angel continued: “Blessed is the Human Being who understands that the uncertainty will be taken care of as they walk the path – that the preparation they have done before is not necessary now. They don’t have to bring the clothing for the changes, because metaphorically, all of the changes will be recognized and solved as they are presented.”

This angel was delivering a profound message to Wo, dear ones. Understand that this Human Being, the one who sits and hears or reads right now with pure intent to move into the new energy, doesn’t have to worry about preparing for the unknown. Remember what I have told you? There is an entourage around you. You are never alone! Dear ones, stand tall. You don’t need all that baggage. Preparation may be a virtue of the old energy. Knowledge and peace of the unknown and the ability to deal with it are the virtues of the new.

The Suitcase of Books – Spiritual Reference

The angel opened the next bag. It was the heaviest of them all, and in it were books. He looked at Wo and again questioned him.

“Wo, what are you going to do with all of these books?”

“Well, now, beautiful Packing Angel, these are my spiritual books. I’m going to need to refer to them on my spiritual path. If you’ll notice, every single one of them has to do with God. I’m going to need to keep these books because they are filled with spiritual information. They make me feel good, and I couldn’t possibly remember all the contents, so I’m going to need to take them and refer to them in my new spiritual life.” The angel looked at the books, turned to Wo, and smiled – then back to the books. Again, Wo was surprised when the angel began unloading the books, placing them on the floor with the clothes.

“You’re not going to need these either,” he said. Wo was disappointed and confused. The angel explained.

“Wo, take the highest spiritual book in this suitcase, and let’s take a look at it.” Wo reached down and found what he considered the highest spiritual book and held it out with reverence.

“This is it,” said Wo to the angel. The angel recognized it.

“Wo, it’s obsolete! Let me ask you this: Would you bring a scientific notebook with you that was 150 years old, or a textbook that was more than 2,000 years old that had to do with science?”

“Of course not,” exclaimed Wo. “Because we keep making new discoveries about how things work.”

“Exactly,” said the angel. “Spiritually, the Earth is changing grandly and greatly. What you could not do yesterday, you can do today. What was the spiritual paradigm for yesterday is not the spiritual paradigm for tomorrow. What you were told as a shaman about spiritual energy that worked yesterday is not going to work tomorrow, because the energy is shifting and being refined. You are standing in the shift, and you must go with the flow of new empowerment. Wo, you’ll be writing your own book as you go, and it’s the only one you will need.”

“With all due respect, Mr. Packing Angel,” (Wo was getting ready to make a point), “what happened to the phrase the same yesterday, today, and forever? Isn’t that a phrase about the consistency of God? How is that obsolete?”

“Indeed, it is about God,” answered the angel. “But it tells you about the attributes of God, not about the Human’s relationship to God. All your books are instruction sets written by Humans about how to communicate, draw closer, and move through life dealing with God. God is always the same. Family is always the same. The Human is the one who is changing, and the books are about the Human’s relationship to God. Therefore, the book is obsolete.”

Wo understood. Of course! Why hadn’t he observed that before? He was a complete piece of divinity. He had all of the messages and teachings inside. If he needed information, the entourage and his Higher Self would have them instantly. In addition, Wo was very aware that things were changing greatly in a spiritual way. After all, that was why he was standing there. Indeed, his relationship with God was very different!

“I don’t need these books!” Wo exclaimed. “What was wrong with me? I’m so thankful you’re here, dear Packing Angel. Thank you for revealing this to me. Can I go now?”

“Not quite yet,” said the angel with a wink. “What is this hiding down here next? It appears to be a map.” The angel drew out a long tube of parchment from under the books he was unloading.

The Map – Direction

“Naturally I must have a map to know where I’m going! This map was given to me by a spiritual leader, so that qualifies for its inclusion in this spiritual suitcase. It was given to me by a shaman of the highest order.” This seemed logical. Certainly the angel would grant him a map to go into a new land…especially a spiritual one.

“We shall see,” remarked the angel. “Let’s look at this map, Wo.”

Wo took the map from the angel with a flourish. He was proud of this acquisition, and he felt that he was on solid ground in his request to bring it along. He unfurled it and laid it on the floor in all its grandness for the angel and him to see. The map was completely and totally blank! The angel smiled. Wo was in shock.

“Ah, yes, I think I know this shaman,” mused the angel. “He is indeed a wise one. Put the map away, Wo. You won’t be needing it.” Wo didn’t understand.

“Why would a shaman give me a blank map when he knew I was going into seemingly uncharted territory?” Wo asked. “A territory where only a shaman would be able to guide me.”

Let us stop the story for a moment…

I think some of you here listening and reading already know the answer to this profound question. The teaching is as follows, dear ones. The map is a metaphor of your path. Visualize your path for me. As we have said before, you see it stretch in front of you in a straight, narrow line, seemingly into infinity. And as we have informed you before, your path is not the mystery that you think it is. Your path does not stretch into infinity – it is a loop, a circle. We have spoken to you about the synchronistic events on your path being a circle. Many pieces of the other family members are also walking their paths in pure intent, in concentric circles both above and below you. Some are inside your circle, and some are beyond it – all circles turning in different directions. This is the complexity of co-creation and synchronicity. We have talked to you about the path being an enclosed one. We’ve talked about the honor and the love that goes into this. You see, this spiritual path is far shorter than you think, and you keep covering the same ground. That’s why it begins to feel comfortable and familiar to those wise in enlightenment. The path is not a mystery, and the map is not necessary. For you keep moving over the same spiritual ground, but it’s a ground that is only obvious to those vibrating high. That’s where the peace comes from, don’t you understand? Familiarity says, I’ve been here before. I’ve done this before, and it feels familiar and good and I know what to do.

In Wo’s own words, he said, “Why would a shaman give me a blank map when he knew I was going into seemingly uncharted territory? A territory where only a shaman would be able to guide me?” The new shaman with the perfect internal map is Wo! He is right. Only a shaman can guide him, and he has been anointed and ordained by his pure intent to move into his perfect spiritual self. Wo is now his own advisor. He is his own map.

The Suitcase of Tools – Fear

“What is this very heavy and oddly shaped suitcase, Wo?” The angel was lifting the case to open it. “What’s in here?”

“Well, Mr. Angel, those are my tools.” Wo was beginning to feel a bit sheepish about almost everything he had brought, but he had to go through the whole set of bags with the angel, and he knew it. It was turning out to be some kind of customs inspection to a brand new land.

“Your tools?” Inquired the angel.

“Yes,” Wo said, timidly. Out of the bag that the angel had opened clanked a huge shovel.

“Wo, what are your going to use this shovel for?” The angel waited while Wo composed himself and tried to explain.

“Well…” Wo knew he was in trouble on this one, but he cleared his throat and continued. “I, uh – I know about the Earth changes coming up, and I want to be able to dig myself out.” He looked at the angel as a child would who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He continued. “There’s a big Earth change coming up next week [speaking of the then 8/11/99 eclipse]. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but people say that the Earth is going to shake, and I need to be prepared with my shovel and other tools. Now, can you blame a guy for that? These are spiritual happenings on the Earth, and so I need my shovel!” Wo knew that his discussion wasn’t being well received, but the angel simply nodded at Wo and unloaded the shovel and remaining heavy tools – ones that would have been good for digging out of a burial. Wo didn’t say anything. He knew the angel was right. It had to do with fear, and that is NOT an attribute of the ascending Human Being.


Let’s stop the story again for a moment…

Discussion about the eclipse window and what it meant [this channelling was given a week before the event]. Dear ones, let’s talk about what’s going to happen next week, and let’s celebrate this window! The window begins on 8-11-1999. What do you know about the numerology of the window? Let us speak about what you may not have thought of. What is the energy of Kryon? What is the number that was given to you ten years ago? It’s good news, this energy about completion, about love, and a message for all humanity. The energy that has been identified to you as a “master number of Kryon is 11.” It also responds and relates to what your 11:11 was for. That was the time when you were asked as Humans if it was now appropriate on Earth to allow for an evolution of your Human DNA – something that had not changed for eons. If you think about your new promise, it has the master number 11 all through it. That is why my number corresponds to your 11:11 permission.

Now, I want you to take a close look at something. The beginning window starts with an eclipse on 8-11-1999, seen in a different part of the world than this [not America, where the channelling is being done]. This eclipse has a marvelous energy within it, which also begins a window of alignment of the planets. Let’s look at the window’s alignment numerologically. The sun is in an 11-year cycle. Did you know that? Ask your scientists. It is an 11-year cycle that has to do with radiance and luminance, and it is at its height in brilliance right now. The energy is at its peak only every 11 years. That’s the first 11.

It’s going to happen on the 11th day of this month. That’s the second 11. Now, we challenge you to add the numerology of the date fully, and remember that when you add these things, never add a master number together. Add 1-9-9-9 + (11) + 8, and when you reduce these to their common number (from 47), it is an 11! There are three 11’s aligning in a row, and you ought to be celebrating! No shovels should be out now! Instead, it’s time for celebration!

It’s time for a new energy to be delivered to the planet. The last time this took place was when the comet Hale-Bopp came by. The computed numerology of the date of its nearest approach to Earth came to a sacred 7, yet there were many who feared, trembled, and headed for the hills. It is the same here. Wo does not need that shovel, and neither do you! Celebrate the astronomy! Celebrate the alignments – even the ones with fearful prophecy attached to them! Not all is what it seems.

As to the energy that is to be delivered on 8-11-99? It will be the beginning of a delivery of feminine energy, which the planet needs desperately now to balance those here, and to energize those children whose very nature includes the attributes of Human spiritual evolution – attributes you gave permission for on the 11:11.


The Suitcase of Gifts – Agenda

“What’s in the next suitcase?” The Packing Angel was now on a roll, so to speak. Wo needed a break from the obvious soft beating he was receiving at having all his objects rejected. This case was different, however, and he felt it would be okay. What was in this case showed his love for others, at least that’s what he thought.

“This suitcase is an honored one.” Wo felt justified. “It is gifts for my friends – those I will meet who will become my friends in this NOW time frame that you keep speaking of. I am therefore preparing to GIVE to others.” Wo felt good, but not for long.

“Wo,” the Packing Angel spoke slowly. “Do you think if you give them gifts they’ll treat you better?” Wo felt the hammer of guilt coming.

“Well, yes,” said Wo. “It has always worked that way. I mean, uh . . .” Wo was losing this argument, too, and knew it. “It’s kind of protocol to give gifts. It’s a sign of respect, and people treat you better if you do.”I think we’d better abandon the gifts here,” said the angel as they added to the increasing pile on the floor. Wo watched as the pile grew larger, and the angel grew increasingly amused.

Dear ones, the gifts that were in Wo’s suitcase have to do with agenda. You have lived all of your lives in a way where you expect Humans to react in a certain way. Sometimes the culture bias gets in the way of spiritual purpose, yet you cling to it just the same. If you give this, they’ll do that. This is agenda. Blessed is the ascended Human Being who understands that the highest gift that they could carry into any situation is honesty, integrity, and holding their spiritual light! There is no gift higher than that from one Human Being to another. Without agendas – without gifts that are physical – the enlightened Human gives the highest gift of all, which is unconditional love. Wo does not need the suitcase of trinkets, for where he goes, he stands tall. He has blessed divinity – a spark of God that has an immense light in it. That is his gift, and he doesn’t need to carry it in a bag.

The Small Technical Suitcase – Security

The angel was getting to the last cases, and Wo was glad. The Packing Angel picked up a very small case and inquired, “Wo, this next suitcase is very small and has something technical in it. What is this?”

“Well, sir, that’s my telephone.” All was quiet while the angel looked intensely at Wo, and Wo looked back. A full minute must have passed, and then the angel couldn’t withhold his mirth. How he loved this Human before him!

“Wo, why do you need a telephone?” Asked the very loving and gentle angel. Wo knew that again this explanation was going to sound odd, but he launched into it anyway.

“You know that sometimes there is trouble on the road. You have said yourself, angel, that in the spiritual realm, all things are not going to be wonderful. I’m going to have challenge. Isn’t that right?” Wo sat back, happy to have the angel answering for a change.

“Yes, you are, Wo,” briefly answered the angel. There was an awkward pause.

“Well, during times of need, I need my phone to call people and get help! Would you deny me the potential of getting help when I need it?” The angel gently lifted the small package and placed it with the clothing, books, map, tools, and gifts. Wo knew he was saying good-bye to his false security.

“Wo, it’s time to leave the telephone out of your baggage,” said the angel as he faced Wo seriously and gave him the reasons. “Blessed is the Human Being on the path to ascension,” the angel continued. “For he knows that he is NEVER ALONE!” The angel paused to see if Wo was really getting it this time. “The Human who vibrates in a high manner has the security of an army – a legion of angels called family. This family is better than a phone, for it’s always in reach, never in a dead spot, never needs a number to contact, and is awake even when the Human is not. More than that, they are family. That means they love YOU, Wo!”

Wo was starting to feel good about this experience. He had learned much from this Packing Angel, and he knew there was more to come. The angel turned to one more suitcase. It sat alone among the discarded baggage and personal items that Wo was about to leave behind. He wondered if this one would survive.

The Suitcase of Vitamins – Health

“What is in this suitcase that rattles when I pick it up?” Asked the angel.

“Dear Packing Angel, these are my vitamins and herbs. I need them to stay healthy and balanced on my trip into the new energy. I feel fragile sometimes, and since you know all about me, you know that I am sensitive to certain substances and foods. So, I need these herbs and vitamins to sustain me and keep me strong on this trip.”

Wo felt that he had represented himself well on this matter, and felt nervous that the angel would again take these, too. He felt he needed them. There was a pause.

“Are you going to take my vitamins and herbs?” Wo looked at the angel with his hurt puppy expression.

“No, Wo, I’m not going to throw them out,” replied the angel. “But YOU will, eventually. As you walk the walk and realize your potential as an ascended Human, you will slowly understand that your DNA is being changed. Your immune system is being altered and bolstered up with energy from the stars. Messages and instruction sets will be delivered to your cells from the very crystalline structure of the Earth, and you will absolutely know that these supplements, although valuable to you now, will drop away as you gain your well-being. No Earthly energy or attribute will be able to wear you down. No substance or food will affect you in the same way. Rather than becoming more sensitive with enlightenment, you will instead have a bolstering of your system so that nothing will be able to penetrate the light you carry. Slowly you will be able to drop any seeming dependence on the chemistry you travel with. Instead, you will find new supplements, new energies and facilitations, and new ways of gaining the nutrition that your body needs. Don’t be surprised when you find that your NEW body and biology needs new balance. No, Wo. You can keep your vitamins and herbs, but there will come a day when your body will no longer desire them. Then you will know of what I speak.”

This was a victory for Wo. Not only did he get to keep something (finally), but it was also the last suitcase. He was happy, and he was ready to move through the door into a new world – one where life was more in the NOW – a life where he could carry his light, and mean something to Earth and the humanity around him. He was very excited.

“Dear angel, thank you for all your help,” Wo declared as he shut the case.

“We are not finished, Wo,” said the angel as he opened the case again.

“What do you mean?” Asked Wo, nervously. The angel reached his hand down and moved it around a bit. Wo knew what he was doing.

“There is something hiding down here, Wo.” The angel brought up a black zippered compartment that had been cleverly hiding in the lining of the vitamin and herb suitcase.

The Secret Compartment – Drama

Wo shook. He cast his eyes downward. He didn’t want to be standing there, and he didn’t want what was in the zippered compartment revealed or unzipped. The angel respected this, and simply stood there with the small, unopened bag in his large hand. He waited for Wo to speak.

“Please don’t,” said Wo in a pleading manner.

“I won’t open it,” said the angel, “because I love you, Wo, and would never willingly make you uncomfortable . . . but you can’t take this with you either, and you know it.”

Now, dear ones, what do you think was in this small black package? We stop the story again to develop this metaphor fully for you. The answer is the answer you are going to give to me in your mind as I ask you, the listener, and you, the reader this question: Who is it that you won’t speak to again in your life? Who is it, dear ascension candidate, who you will not forgive in this lifetime? Who is it who you have drama with, who cannot gain your love again? Who has betrayed you? Who is blacklisted in your Human mind?

That is the energy in the black bag that the angel holds. It’s ugly. It does not fare well with a higher vibration. It does not mix with the pure intent of an individual who is about to start a new path of higher vibration, and it cannot remain a secret.

Does this fit you? If it does, let me give you what is in another secret compartment called the Divine Human soul. It is the power and strength to get beyond the drama that is being held in the darkest corners of your mind. It is LIGHT that can shine upon any situation. It is the essence of forgiveness, of maturity, and of wisdom. It personifies the anointing of the new Human. It’s the realization that you are a piece of God, and the family around you has done its part also as pieces of God. Whatever they did, whoever they are, and wherever they are (even in death), they are now seen as equal players in a grand play that you both helped to create. Can you see the overview? Can you see how it has taken TWO to create the energy that you hold in the black bag? Can you forgive and love them? You can! That’s the miracle of the new Human-evolved consciousness that is yours for the asking. That is the power of the ascended Human Being!

“Please take the bag,” said Wo with tears in his eyes. “Put it with the others on the floor where it belongs.”

“What bag?” Asked the delighted angel. “It disappeared a moment ago with your intent for forgiveness and with the wisdom that you carry, my beloved Human. Congratulations on your understanding. Congratulations on your graduation. Congratulations, Wo, on vibrating to a higher level.”

Wo said good-bye to the angel and hugged him again. With one small bag, he disappeared through the door that is the metaphor for the Human Being’s desire to cross into a land where nothing is the same as it used to be – a land with promise and love, and also a land of great spiritual challenge. Wo joined a land of Lightworkers who hold the energy of a new Earth in its genesis configuration.

Wo felt light, peaceful, and very loved as he moved out of sight.


Dear ones, this parable is about YOU. What is your perception of vibrating higher and carrying an ascension energy? Is it something you do between lunch and errands? If so, you don’t understand what it is. This is not something you do. It is something you live.

What is before you is the most profound and altering spiritual energy of any in all Human history. What is before you is your ability to change the very essence of your existence – to live longer lives, have a more peaceful and joyful fulfillment, and the power to change the very Earth under your feet. In the process, you get to learn, learn, and learn. And also in the process, you get to be loved without measure, and begin to feel the family – as it is one step closer to you spiritually than ever before. These are NOT the end times. This is, instead, a new beginning.

There is a family that is beside your chair.

And in that family is the Kryon, whose existence for eons now has been to love and inform you . . . never asking . . . no agenda . . . never demanding. I remain as your friend and family. I remain in love watching you do something no one expected – changing the Universe itself. I remain on Earth until it is over. And that, my dear family, will be a far time from now.

We leave with the same love we came with, and, indeed, we will be back. Let the listener and the reader alike know that this day they are dearly loved!

Let the new Earth begin with those who are awakening to their power – those who hear and read these words. You.

In Love,


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