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This live chanelling was given in McCloud, California – next to Mt. Shasta
June 29, 2019

“Wo and The Music”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Occasionally, we’ll give you a story, a parable, an allegory. It’s exactly what we wish to do now and when we do it, we always use the same character and the name is Wo. Wo is not a man or a woman. Wo is a Wo-man and, although genderless, your language does not easily allow for a genderless person in a story, so we will call Wo a “he” for this tale.

I want to tell you about this man and what happened to him. We start by examining who he is. Wo is a man who lives in a small town. It wasn’t as small as the one you’re in (McCloud, CA), but it had at least four stoplights. [Laughter] It was a small town and it bordered a forest.

Wo didn’t feel that he needed to be part of a religion. In fact, early on, he had decided that he didn’t like church – not really. He felt the love and he knew of the integrity of so many of those who would attend church, but it just wasn’t for him. What was for him was nature. Wo was connected spiritually to the Earth and, when others went out to worship on Sunday, Wo would go for a walk in the forest. Early on, Wo realized the sacredness of the valleys and the lakes and the streams, the animals and the trees, and this was part of his scenario of worship. He felt that he could feel the land talking to him when he went out. So, this is Wo, and now the stage is set to tell you what happened in this story.

Many of you have had vivid dreams or, perhaps, borderline visions, and this is what happened to Wo. One night, when Wo was sleeping deeply, he had something that could only be called a vision. It was so real! It was beyond real in Wo’s experience. I wish to tell you as best I can what he experienced, but everything I tell you won’t even be half of it. You would have to be Wo to really feel it.

Wo heard the music. Dear ones, what Wo heard and experienced is undefinable. He heard music that was so perfect and so beautiful that it was beyond anything he had ever experienced as a Human on Earth. There was nothing to compare it to. The pictures he saw in his mind and the sonorities he heard were perfect and beautiful.

Now, you might ask, “What kind of music was it?” However, it was not definable. It was not classical or popular. It had no classification. It just was, and it contained all of the instruments that he had ever known about, played perfectly and in a sequence that created melodies that were heroic and romantic, all at the same time. He couldn’t believe it. It was almost as though Wo were in black and white and, suddenly, he was hearing in color.

Wo basked in this amazing vision. He couldn’t even imagine such a thing in real life, but there it was, and he was hearing it. Wo quickly realized that he wasn’t actually hearing it, but rather, he was feeling it in every single cell. It was the most beautiful music ever – undefinable, yet perfect – and then he woke up. He realized that his pillow was wet. He had been weeping, as the vision was so beautiful. He had visited a place in his vision that was sacred, and he had no idea why it had happened.

Now, Wo believed that there were signs from Spirit of things to help him in his life. He had experienced this in the past in the woods, where he would go and have intuitive ideas. Wo thought to himself, “Perhaps this is a sign that I might study some music or be part of something musical? Perhaps this is, indeed, the instruction? However, I’ve never really had an interest in the performance of music or anything.”

So, Wo went out and discovered, synchronistically, that there was a town tryout for a choir. He thought, “This is it! I’m supposed to join something; I’m supposed to be part of a choir.” So, Wo went to the tryout. He was disappointed. They told him, in all love and compassion: “Wo, we cannot take you into this choir for three reasons. Number one, you can’t carry a tune. Number two, you have no idea of what pitch is. And number three, your voice sounds like nails on a blackboard.” The choir wasn’t it.

Wo didn’t know which way to turn, yet somehow, someway, he realized, perhaps this wasn’t a call to action in the way he thought. And then it happened yet again! The vision repeated. He had asked for this. He had said, “Dear Spirit, that was an amazing experience and I don’t know why or what it was about, but please give it to me again.” And he got it. He got it in the same way, only this time, it lasted even a bit longer. This time he felt like he was inside it. It would be as if a person was standing inside a performing orchestra or an experience equivalent to actually being inside a guitar while it was being played. You could feel the strings vibrate with you in such perfection that you would weep with joy in what you were hearing and experiencing. A musician would say it was locked in, and perfect. Wo stayed in that vision and he swooned in this experience. This was the most amazing experience he had ever had, ever! Then he woke up. He said, “Spirit, this has to mean something. This has to mean something! You can’t take me to a place where I can hear this and enjoy it without it meaning something.”

Wo took walks into the forest, the woods, and the meadows, and he looked for some answers there. This was always a place where he would have good intuition and he was right. Because his intuition to go into the woods at this point in time brought him into a clearing, a meadow that was beautiful. The sun was shining, the grass was extra green, and there, sitting in the tree-less meadow, was a beautiful woman. Sitting all around her were young students and the students were beautiful, too.

Wo could tell that this woman was aged, yet beautiful, and she was teaching something. Her students all looked fresh, almost like they all came out of the same school all the same age. Wo was quiet for a moment and he realized something: He could clearly hear her. No matter how far away he was when he came upon this scene, he could hear her very clearly. It was almost as if the wind was carrying her voice right to his ears.

Wo came a little closer and there was no reaction from her. The woman didn’t stop teaching and the students didn’t look around. So, Wo sat down for a moment and he listened to her teach. Then she said something that triggered a reaction in him. She said the words, “You were born magnificent.” This is not anything that Wo had ever considered or heard before in his life. Humans don’t normally consider themselves magnificent. Humans, even in their best behavior – in their highest integrity – believe they’re adequate, but never magnificent. It’s not a common description that he had heard before from humanity. Her voice was amazing. He could sit and listen to it for a very long time. Then she turned to him and said, “Wo, why don’t you come closer?” He was astonished.

Wo was startled to find that she knew his name! Perhaps she had been in town before and knew of Wo? Wo was known for his woodworking craft and he was good at it. He had a nice job; he was happy and sufficient. Maybe they had his name someplace and she had seen it? “I’m sure that was it,” Wo pondered. But he was curious. He moved closer.

Wo moved close and sat in front of her, and she spoke directly to him: “Wo, would you like to ask a question?”

Wo replied, “Yes, I would.”

Then she told him, “Alright, but you have to understand the rules – and here they are. You can ask one question, but I get to ask one back. That’s how it will go.”

Wo asked his question: “Who are you?”

“I am a sage,” she said. “I’m a wisdom keeper. I am one who would tell you the truth from any question you would ask. That’s who I am. Wo, it’s my turn to ask you a question.”

Wo straightened up and he was ready. He thought he was ready, but the question she asked, he did not expect.

She looked at him and said, “Wo, have you heard the music?”

This almost knocked him over. Wo immediately blurted out,
“How did you know about the music?”

“Wo, that’s another question,” she smiled as she replied. “Now I get to ask you still another.”

“No. Please answer!” Wo was stammering. “How did you know about the music?”

“Wo, every Human has the music,” she replied.

Wo thought for a moment. Wow, that means that every single Human could have that astonishing vision and, perhaps, could experience what he had experienced.

“What a revelation. That’s amazing,” he said.

“Wo, are you ready for my question back?”

“Yes.” Wo was ready.

“Wo, what is your statement?” she asked

This took him by surprise. In question form, she was asking for a statement. What is my statement? Sages are known for being patient and she was. A great amount of time passed between her question and, finally, his answer. Wo’s mind ran through scenarios of integrity, of really what, perhaps, his statement might be. He queried himself: “What is my statement at this particular moment in front of a sage who seems to know information about me that even I didn’t know?” He knew he sat in front of someone old and wise and she was giving him a chance to speak his truth, and there was a great deal of time allowed to answer.

The students said nothing. They never did. They were simply quiet, sitting at her feet. Finally, he got it – the idea of what she might have been asking for, and then he knew.

Wo stood up and he said, “My statement, dear Sage, is this: I want more.”

She smiled and said, “And so it will be! Please come back and I’ll teach you more.”

Wo went home and was elated that, through synchronicity and intuition, he had actually met somebody who could teach him. The teaching was: “Wo, you are magnificent. You were born magnificent.” These things rang with truth to his ears and, that night, the music happened again!

This time, he could see other things than the music. He saw those who were around him in this vision, as if the music was happening while he was at work or in the street. Then, he saw the reaction of other Human Beings and they stopped, cold. They stopped everything and froze, but they didn’t turn toward the music, as if they weren’t really hearing it. But somehow, they reacted. They stopped. There it was again: The splendor of music that was somehow romantic and heroic and made his mind soar with pride and compassion. Again, he wept. This was beautiful beyond belief! This experience defined everything that he ever could ask for in the way of beauty and truth. Think of yourself, dear ones, in a position where, suddenly, you were presented with an otherworldly sound that was so perfect and beautiful that you reacted to it, but you couldn’t identify it. Yet, it was so beautiful that all you wanted to do was sustain it and have more and more and more. Then it ended.

Wo went back. He went back to the Sage. There she was, teaching yet again, and he walked in and again was invited to sit before her. She started telling him more and more things. They were new and wonderful truths.

So, Wo was slowly taught a little more and a little more and finally he asked the question, yet again: “Sage, please tell me more about the music.”

And she said these words to him: “Wo, most Humans don’t understand. They’re like an onion that needs to be peeled. The things that peel away are the things they were taught that are not exactly correct. As they peel those things away, they reveal core truths within their own consciousness. They peel away inaccurate things that they were told by others. They peel away old habits. They peel away fears until, finally, they come to a place where they get to the core Human Being with no fear. Then they get to discover something: The Human Being is the music.

“Wo, what is your statement?”

And Wo said, “I want more, I want more!”

And this is how it went with Wo. He came back to the town and he continued to live and work in his village. He realized that he was the music. How could that be? Wo started hearing those musical sonorities and those heroic melodies playing in places that were outside of his dreams and visions. In fact, he could hear it so subtly it made him smile, because every time he heard it, he felt magnificent!

Soon, Wo understood that he really did stand inside the guitar. He really did stand inside the performing orchestra and he was the music. It was a heroic music of truth that he was broadcasting everywhere he went. Some would hear it, and some would not, but all stopped and felt something. Many realized that Wo had, indeed, changed greatly. There was a magnificence in him and, wherever he walked, they knew that there was something sacred, beautiful, and compassionate in this man. He was different. Soon, some were sitting at his feet and listening, for Wo had started teaching: What does it mean to know and love the planet? What does it mean to understand being magnificent? What does it mean to become one-with-everything? What does it mean to find out the Creator is bigger than you were told? What does it mean to know you are here on purpose?

Wo went back to the field for one more meeting with the Sage. He wanted one more, just one more meeting. He did the trek to the meadow, and over the hill into the field that used to be only grass where she did her teaching … but she was gone.

Instead of a field of grass, there was a huge ancient tree, and around the tree were beautiful flowers. Wo smiled and sat down. He realized what had happened. Even the Sage had been a vision, and the students were the flowers. Gaia had been teaching him! What he did next, I want you to remember, for it shows his maturity.

Wo marched right into the field where he always sat, and he sat right in front of the tree. He stated to the tree, “I want more.” He could hear the rustling of the leaves and the wind as though it answered him, and Wo sat there for hours being taught more by Gaia. We leave Wo here.

Dear ones, do I really have to tell you what this means? Each of you is magnificent and has that onion to peel. As you peel away the inappropriate things, the fears of life start to diminish and release. Previous perceptions that are not correct show themselves, and integrity and compassion start to emerge. Then you start understanding who you are more and more. You begin to see the light of your own heroic life, and how magnificent you are in the eyes of the Creator. You understand that magnificence is the image of love of the Creator that you carry with you.

You begin to understand that the best dreams and visions come not from Angels, but from deep within yourself. Some of you, in this audience sitting here, have actually had these experiences. The story is about self-awareness and victory over a false reality that would have you believing that you are nothing, and that you are victims of this Earth. The peelings of the onion are the dark, old parts, that are not commensurate with your magnificence!

This is the story for today. It’s more than a story, dear ones; it is the internal music that can change your life.

And so it is.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Passion Series, July 2019

“Practical Magic”

I’m going to introduce a new thing we do in some of our Shouds together, a new little segment. I’m going to call it “Practical Magic for the Modern Merlin” (audience approves). Yeah.

We talk a lot. I talk a lot. We’re going to start getting into it, actually doing it. So, we don’t have any drumroll music. Let’s just pret- … (audience slaps hands on legs to create a “drumroll”) Oh, there we go – brrdruummmm! Maybe you could do a little video thing before our next session – oh, you’ve got two months, Cauldre’s telling me – Practical Magic for the Modern Merlin (Adamus pulls out a wand and audience responds “Ah!” and “Ooh!”). Yes.

So. This is, by the way, this is a wand, a magic wand, and you can buy one now before midnight for just $595 (laughter), free shipping, and it’s magical and it’s total distraction. It’s a nice stage prop for me and it looks so good (Adamus poses). That’s the time for your shot.

Total distraction. It’s just a piece of wood. It’s pretty, it’s nice, but this little piece of wood is a distraction so that you’re looking over here and you’re not really, well, you’re letting things come in. You’re looking over here. Every one of you should probably have one (Adamus chuckles) but recognize it’s a total distraction.

It’s time to really allow energy to work for you, and in order to do so I feel it’s important for you, the human, to have a trigger. You think about it sometimes – you’ve heard me say the words, “Energy is serving you” – you think about it, but now I want you to start doing it, coming up with first a trigger.

A trigger is either like a body gesture – (snap!) – like that, something unique though, not something just everybody does. Something that you can really – (pulls on his ears) people will think you’re weird if you go around doing that (some chuckles) – something that is unique to you, meaningful to you. You have to do it consciously. You have to really stop for a moment and do the thing. And, again, all the time you can have your magic wand over here, but it’s just a piece of beautiful wood.

An energy trigger is when you say, “Energy, I command you to serve me. I command you to serve me.” That’s it, or “Energy serve me,” if you don’t like the word “command.” That’s what it’s all about.

Energy is always here and it’s always serving you. That is true. It’s not like it hasn’t been here, but what happens is typically, in a tight situation, the human’s energy center, their energy sphincter tightens up (some chuckles and someone says “No wonder”).

You’re in a tough situation and what happens? You squeeze in. You restrict the flow of energy at a time when you should be open to energy. Suddenly, you’re – what’s a good example – you’re walking along the floor. You’re out of your body, as you are most of the time, you slip and fall. And as you’re taking that tumble, you know, it’s like slow motion – some of you have been there, like slow motion – and you’re like, “Ohhhh, shiiitt!” (more chuckles) And what happens is your energy sphincter tightens up and … I’m getting all this from you today, Sart (laughter). You bring in that toilet headband. It’s like a faucet. Suddenly, you turn the faucet nearly off. You restrict the flow of energy at the very time you should be opening it up. That’s the way of the Merlin.

Merlin, no matter what situation Merlin is confronted with, Merlin stops for a moment, does their (snap!) trigger, whatever that happens to be – it could be a word; it could be a body gesture – even if it’s right at the moment of imminent danger or high stress or a situation you feel might be insurmountable, that’s when you stop and you do (snap!) the trigger and you open to the energy, rather than close to the energy.

This is very, very important also to understand: There is no agenda in it. When you do the trigger, it’s not about saying, “Here’s what I want for the outcome.” The outcome of whatever happens is going to be perfect and it always is. Maybe not in what the old human thought it should be, but it is going to be perfect. But when you’re restricting the flow almost down to just a drip, drip, drip of energy, you’re not going to get the full benefit of the magic, of the experience, and of the unfolding that comes with it.

Think back into your life, situations that have come along that might have been physical, might have been financial or emotional. In those situations, you generally bring in your energy, close it down, or you close yourself to that energy. You turn down the faucet. You restrict the natural flow of energy, and that’s what’s really the problem. It’s not the situation that you’re in. Magical things happen. You could be right within a second of a car accident, hitting somebody, and what you’ve been doing is closing down, like “Oh, crap!” That’s the time to open up, and that’s when the magic happens, because then it can serve you.

Basically, what you’ve been doing is saying to the energy, “I don’t want anymore! No energy.” Or your mind has been saying, “Here’s the outcome I want” and the energy ain’t going that way. In this case, it’s like open up and allow the energy to serve you in that moment.

It doesn’t have to be only at times of impending disaster or conflict or anything else. As a matter of fact, this is something you should consciously do 10, 20 times a day until you get so familiar with it. It’s like Allowing. You’re opening up.

The only thing that’s been between you and the real magic has been the limitation or the restriction of energy. That’s it. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong or that you’re not worthy or you’re not magical. This is just a stick, but it’s a great distraction. It’s not because of that. It’s because in difficult cases you restrict the energy and you bring it right to there (pointing at someone’s head), rather than being in your energy. You stop yourself.

Triggers …

EDITH: “Right to there” is where?

ADAMUS: Right to there is I Am. That’s it. You don’t even have to think about it, it’s just “Me, I Am,” instead of just thinking about it, instead of closing down.

So, a trigger could be a physical gesture that you make, but something unique, like it could be clicking of the fingers. It could be – be creative. Come up with something that’s not just common with everybody. Or a word. Not a word that’s currently in use. Make up a word. I do it all the time. I love it. I make up all sorts of words, you know, why not? Because if the word is currently in usage, there’s an energy associated with it and it takes away the full expression. Come up with a word, and “shazam” ain’t the word, because everybody uses shazam. Come up with a word that – and you don’t have to – just, again, feel into it. It’ll come to you, whether it’s a word or like a trigger mechanism with hitting your knee or something like that. Something that reminds you it’s time to open, not to close. That is Magic 101.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever use it on another person. It’s you and your energy. Never have an agenda or what you think should be the outcome. We’ll only do that at graduate, graduate level.

Right now, it’s this simple: You open, rather than close. You allow, rather than restrict.

At all times remember energy is your friend. It’s there to serve you and it’s your energy. You’ve spent eons of time playing the opposite game, but the natural fact is energy is yours and it is your friend. It’s never wanted to harm you or never wanted to hurt you, never wanted to appear to be separate. But that’s a game you played, and it went along. Now open up to energy.

Come up with a word. Come up with a body motion, a trigger that is yours, but never, ever use it on another person.

It’s not that I’m going to come after you, but that same energy, whether you use it in love and compassion or whether you use it in hatred and anger against somebody, that’s where you start getting into trouble. That’s where you’ve gotten in trouble in the past. That’s why you’ve closed down and held back. That’s why I say stop trying to save the planet, because that’s out of compassion and the planet is going to mess with you.

Use it as your energy without even trying to have a desired outcome, and then watch the magic happen. The moment you desire an outcome, the moment that you’re setting an agenda, you are limiting energy by its very nature. And then you’re going to go mental. When you simply allow it to be and allow whatever comes with your energy – it’s not God’s energy, it’s not the planet’s energy, it’s not anybody’s energy. The moment you allow your energy to be, you’re going to discover what true magic really is. You’re going to discover then how you can be in the midst of the chaos of the world and it simply doesn’t affect you.

I’m being asked by several here watching in online, “Should we share it with others?” I wouldn’t. Why? What are you trying to out-trigger each other? “My word, my body action is better than yours.” Not that it’s a big secret, but it’s yours. Stop playing the game. Stop having to go out on social media – and some of you are already doing it – and say, “Oh, here’s what I just came up with” or “I knew this five years ago.” And it’s like no you didn’t. No, you didn’t. Geez!

So, your own trigger. It’s yours. It’s personal. A body motion, a word, something, and start getting used to it. Whether you’re in the middle of a tough situation, whether you’re just driving down the street, that word, that action, that trigger will have a conscious effect. You’ll start remembering, “That’s right. I open to energy, I don’t close to it.”

You’re in a bad situation, you went to the grocery store and suddenly you’re at the checkout line and you realize, “Oh, stupid me, I forgot my wallet today.” That’s the time – (snap!) – trigger. Now, if you expect your wallet to appear, you’re doing it wrong. But follow the magic that happens from that moment. If you are expecting, “Oh, I have to do my ‘shazam’ thing because I forgot my wallet and then it’s suddenly going to be there,” you’ve just failed, because you’re not allowing the energy to serve you. You have a desired outcome that’s often limited by the human agenda and that blocks out the magic. Watch what happens if you just do your trigger and – knowing that you’re in an embarrassing situation, there are 20 people in line looking at you with great disgust and you’re fumbling around trying to find your wallet – let that be the entry point for real magic to happen. It is amazing!

Suddenly, you get sick. Suddenly, you come down with a bad flu. Come back to your trigger, and not to try to make yourself healthy. Not to try to say, “I need to get over this flu, because I have an important meeting tomorrow.” Not at all. Open to the energies, rather than restrict the energies, and watch the magic that happens.

It’s so simple, so beautiful. It’s so Magic 101. It’s amazing, and this (the wand) is just a prop. This is just a distraction. So, if a bunch of you go out and get this – I’m going to even ask Cauldre to post online where he got this – it’s just a distraction. Humans need to see that sometimes. They can’t possibly imagine that you by yourself can really be the magician. But give you a little piece of wood to hold in your hand and suddenly you’re God (some chuckles).

So, whether you do it now, whether you do it later, your trigger. And you’re going to start to realize too how much you’ve been closing down, you’ve been restricting at times when you should have been opening up.

You just get a notice from the government they’re going to audit your taxes – shhuppt! – you close down. You don’t want to be seen, you don’t want to deal with it. The last thing in the world is that you want more energy, even though you’re saying, “God, I need money. I need something. Help me.” No, you close down. Watch what happens now. Use your trigger, the trigger that says, “I open to my energy.” Not the government’s energy, not to ‘the authorities are going to come and haul you off’ or anything like that, but to your own. This is where the real magic begins.

And again, never, ever use it on another person, ever. You got in too much trouble for that in the past, caused too many heartaches along the way. It is for you only, without agenda. Does that make sense? You’re not using it to save the world, because what’s going to happen, here you are opening to more energy and suddenly you’re out of compassion for the rest of the world. Oh, boy, you’re going to feel the effects of it. It is for you only. Okay, I think we’re pretty clear on that.

Let’s take a good deep breath. Good deep breath with that.

Come up with a trigger, a word, a unique word – a word that’s unique to you, a unique word – body movement, whatever it is that reminds you, “I open to my energy,” and then let the magic begin. No agenda. No figuring it out. Just open up. That’s it. Open the valve rather than close it.

Okay. I know there’ll be questions on this, but for right now just figure your own trigger and start using it. Start feeling into it 10, 20 times a day, just to get used to it, to realize, “Oh, this is my mechanism for opening the energies.”

Excerpt from ‘The Group’ channelled by Steve Rother

The full channel can be viewed on the website under ‘Beacons of Light’ – July 2019

“Timeline Merge”

We want to talk about the timeline merge which is coming up. Humanity has been experiencing the illusion of time in a linear fashion. Yes, it’s very simple. Everything on your side of the veil is finite, it has a beginning and an end. Yet everything on our side of the veil is infinite. Now the two don’t match very well and it is rather difficult to understand the whole concept. But understand this, as you have been working with time in a linear fashion you create what is called a timeline.

There are other timelines that exist right next to yours. Multiple dimensions also create similar situations of timelines that run in all sorts of directions. They all don’t go in the same direction, for some of them cross each other from time to time. This happened rarely on Earth until recently. When a timeline crosses, it leaves permanent imprints in the collective of both timelines. Many of the stories repeated in your cultures are the result of two or more timeline crossings. This particular one is coming up later this year in November, but it is difficult to name the specific date that this will take place. It is not a direct timeline-cross, instead more of a gradual merge that will remain together far longer than a direct 90=degree cross. The merge will be at its peak on November 23, 2019, so we encourage you to celebrate this date as your heart connections draw the time lines closer.

The Group

 Celestial Trends – 2019 Overview plus Septenber Overview 

2019 Overview
2019 is universally a THREE year, emphasizing creativity, self-expression and thinking outside the box. This unique energy has tall requirements right after the popping of the champagne corks, as THREE is a number of action.

The numerology of November 2018 as a FOUR month and December 2019 as a FIVE month is the same as January and February 2019, only bringing the FOUR and FIVE energy into the New Year of 2019. Our energy and action-oriented approach to the year has to be revved up to keep up with the new get-up-and-go demands of the year.

2019 is similar to other THREE years, such as 2010, 2001, 1992, 1983, 1974, 1965 and beyond. The difference of this year is that the Uranus winds of change bring in issues of value, with responsibility, accountability and transparency as the foundation. The theme for 2019 will be set by Saturn and Pluto in close proximity all year long, which requires the discipline to do the right thing regardless of the other options blowing around. Also with Jupiter in Sagittarius, our actions have to be aligned with our philosophy and our goals. If our actions speak, then the truth will be visible even without words. This will be challenging for some that like to say one thing and do another, but the transparency and accountability factors will become very visible.

The THREE gives us the option and opportunity to bring our goals into action and with creative ideas and open space, those with plans and discipline begin to shine as accomplishments emerge. Having a sense of purpose, passion and desire to make a difference becomes the road less traveled until the alignment of philosophy and action opens the doors of opportunity.

September Overview
Moving into September, and important shift occurs.  September is a universal THREE month, the same focus as the universal THREE year of 2019. September provides the circumstances, situations and events that are used as our review process. September brings forward the review process as a way to look back over the year and tie up any loose ends. We will see the major aspects connecting to Neptune’s spiritual blueprints and the adjustments that are being made from the choices, decisions and events of the year.
With the numerology of this THREE month being the same as the THREE year, September is always the host of major reviews. Each week in September becomes the review of the quarters (three months sections – Jan – March, April – June, July – September), and the last week of September brings our revisions to the current time as we walk out of September, cross the threshold of the New Moon on September 28th at 5 Libra and move into the month of October. 
For each aspect connecting to Neptune, the adjustments of our spiritual blueprints reveal the shifts in our journey veering us into our right direction. Through choices aligned with right action, the stepping stones in September are also the ones that are calling to our heart. Mid-month the Full Moon highlights two other aspects on the same day that bring the high tide of events onto our shore to ensure we hear the call. The Virgo/Pisces balance is key for the month, as Virgo brings in the logical information that correlates to the intuitive prods that we are receiving.

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