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This live chanelling was streamed live for the emotional tools for our time
September 27, 2020


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The information that you’ve had today is core information about the magnificence of the Human Being [speaking of the information given in the streamed meeting]. Consciousness that is advanced allows you to see things that you did not see before. This is different, dear ones. It’s different because that’s not what you were really taught. Take a look at what you were taught: Your intellectual awareness is information-based and not consciousness-based. In other words, you were all taught that the more you learn about things, the better off you will be. This, of course, is the reason for school. But where was the profound information that consciousness is the key to self-awareness, and health, long life, and personal relationships?

Your linear life is like a house with many rooms. Each room has what you need for survival: Love, spiritual and non-spiritual awareness, your basic beliefs of how things work, and your perception of what is real or not. However, is it possible that there is something well-hidden in the room of your reality, where all of those ideas and emotions you call awareness are stored? Welcome to a concept that starts to go beyond the 4D world that you all grew up with.

The planet is going through a major shift as I give this message. Years ago, I told you that this shift will bring uncertainty to some, and distress to many. I told you that you cannot take what you call Human Nature and have it start to shift without these kinds of things occurring.

If you feel the core of your reality start to move into that which is different from what it was, the first reaction of many is to fear it! The reason is that most of humanity is invested in “wanting things to stay the same.” This even goes to those watching a program like this, calling themselves Lightworkers or healers. This is because the energy of the healing processes themselves start to change. The reactions to all this create much uncertainty.

The uncertainty that so many of you feel, again, leads to more uncertainty, anxiety, and worry. How many of you continue to awaken in those magic hours that your teacher, Shamir, told you about today [referring to the meeting]? So when you are awakened at three in the morning, when Spirit often will invite you to meditate … instead, do you now awaken and say, “What is it that I should worry about?” Dear ones, we know you so well because that seems to be one of the first reactions that so many of you will wish to change, allowing new loving energies to arrive in your life. Do not automatically give fear the upper hand.

The changes for you may be subtle, but you feel them. Many of these changes are not things that you can linearize or put your finger on, as they say. Maybe these things are simply changing energy and you’re picking it up? Indeed, that’s what’s happening on this planet at the moment, dear ones. You’re feeling that which is different – something that you haven’t experienced before, and the feeling is not a path that you’ve walked before.

So, there are several ways of treating this change and that has been discussed this day in the teaching. Indeed, we have spoken about this before, but now, it is more enhanced than ever.
The first reaction is often fear, and many will go to the worst possible scenario and then actually develop it. Did you hear that? A Human Being has the ability to take an idea and build any “house” they want. It can be a fear-house or a lighthouse. Humans like to extrapolate everything. They take what is before them and develop it into a conclusion, based only on what they have seen before. Fear begets more fear.

Then there are those who will, instead, look at this and recognize that it was foretold. They will actually admire it, and they will say, “This is the energy of what the ancients spoke of. This is what Kryon spoke of. This is what so many of my teachers have spoken of. I’ve felt this in my bones. I’ve felt this in my persona. We are starting to see a changing Earth.”

There are those who will actually go a step further and celebrate this strange new energy and say, “I know that it is difficult, but here it comes: Here comes opportunity. Let me see it all so I can know which way to turn.”

Again, I will say the things I’ve said before: If dark, horrible things seem to be crawling out of the cracks of this planet, and you’re seeing them for the first time, remember, they were always there. Now it’s time to see them and decide if you wish to have them continue or not.
If this is the case with you, remember that this is an indication that light is starting to increase, metaphorically, on this planet. Whereas in an older time, these things would simply stay covered up and stay as they were, now they are starting to show.


What’s going on in your house, and your room of reality? Are things starting to show up that you perceive as ugly or worrisome? Did you ever think it might be on purpose, so you can take a look at what has always been there? That multidimensional broom is always there, dear ones. It’s the broom of a higher consciousness that always asks you if it should be used to sweep out old things or not. It would help sweep away all of these things that we have spoken of that are inappropriate for your magnificence, including worrying about the future; including the anxiety that you may feel when you awaken early. There is something hiding in your room, and the broom can expose it. You see, it’s something hiding that is a major gift from Spirit. Your broom is a metaphor for your ability to sweep away the old ideas and expose this secret.

I would like to tell you about something you didn’t expect. Again, you tend to linearize everything. You might say, “Okay, how much work is it going to take in order to sweep these things up or change my life?” Many of you love to make lists, don’t you? You tend to linearize action items in your life because that’s what you were taught in school. But there is another energy hiding here. There is a secret. It’s one of the best secrets I could give you.

Almost all of you believe that you are pushing that “Life-ball” up a hill in order to get to that place where you want to be. Even a spiritual place will take more work, you believe. This is a linear metaphor that says, whatever happens is an effort and will be difficult. Question: What if that’s actually not the way it works in this new energy?

What if I told you that, on the other side of that ball that you’re pushing uphill, there are hands that are grasping it and starting to pull it up with you? Are you getting this?


Spiritually, Humans have always had free choice. You can do whatever it is you wish with your lives without any judgment. We have told you this for years. Love is this way. We are in love with you, and we let you be. In addition, we give you signs and hints, but not with intervention that would force you to do anything. Free choice is that way. It’s a loving hands-off.

Here is the secret. There is a new energy starting here that is profound, and that you need to know about: When you get into a certain realm, a certain energy of compassion and willingness to see a grander truth; when you start that path, dear ones, your consciousness changes. Consciousness is energy, and when energy shifts, things happen.

Even though you have free will, your consciousness starts to give messages to the other side of the veil of “permission to help.” It’s almost as if a light goes on in your soul and starts to shine very brightly in a multidimensional way. Imagine something with me: You start to change the way you perceive things, and your awareness begins lighting up. Suddenly, all those guides, helpers, angels (whatever you wish to call them) are alerted.

“Look! Look at what she/he is doing. Look at the light. Look at this! Now we can help, because this magnificent Human has made the choice to change. Wow! This soul has made the choice to look. The light of this consciousness has given permission for intervention.”

Once you’ve made the choice to look, your perception is altered as well: Is God bigger than you were told? Are you bigger than you were told? Are there processes starting to appear that might change your sense of reality? Are there processes that you are intuitively aware of that may even be multidimensional? Is it possible that you are being guided and that you may not have to push that ball as much? For some, that seems counterintuitive. For them, a higher level of awareness can only be created by pushing the ball harder. Welcome to the secret. It’s NOT that way.

The way you perceive this message is like a light switch. Do you believe it? If so, know this: When you start to activate these new ideas of your new consciousness, you get help – lots of help. Lightworker, there is enhanced light when you start to understand that you are an amazing lighthouse. You might even say, when you start understanding this, that it spreads your Soul-Light in a logarithmic way. It amplifies itself in a way that is not linear, and you can see results in that help in your daily life, almost instantly. Love is that way.

When I first came to this planet, I gave you a basic “Kryon metaphor.” I told you that when you’re in a dark room and you light a match, interesting things happen. The first is that everyone can see just a little better – everyone. Most of them may not even know the match-bearer, or where the light is coming from, but by having just a little light, everyone benefits.

It’s a metaphor that means that what you do for yourself often is grander than you think, and not just for you. Is it too grand to say that all of the souls of humanity might know when you light that match? Remember, consciousness has a very large multidimensional footprint. It is not linear.

Some of you are receiving a large awareness right now of this secret and are saying: “I want to hear these things again. I want to start practicing some of these ideas.” If that is you, then you’ve just thrown the switch of intent. For over thirty years, we gave you information about the power of pure intent as an axiom to enhance your life.

That Life-ball that you are pushing uphill in order to get rid of the fears and the anxiety … is starting to be pulled uphill as you push it. Do you feel it? This is the hidden secret. Free-will includes the freedom to now grasp consciousness as an actionable energy that can change your entire reality. Are you able to start compassionate action in your thinking to everyone, including those you don’t want anything to do with? Can you love a soul, no matter what? Can you float around your own home, or are you weighed down with fear and challenge and so much more?

Love changes all. It’s more than just a hand pulling that ball, which is helping you, dear ones. It is your Old Soul destiny. Indeed, when you start to examine that which you never examined before, you are not traveling an unknown path at all. Instead, you’re on a beautiful path that you have felt belongs to you. You are correct.

All of these things we give you because we now can. However, most of all, this message is given to you because you “decided to look,” and to be with us here today.

This will not be the only time that we present this information in channel, for this is the core information that we came to give you, if you would make it as a civilization past the precession of the equinoxes. You did!

You are bigger than you think – more magnificent than you think. We know your name.

And so it is.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Merlin I Am Series, March 2021

“Reset of Consciousness”

I Am that I Am, Adamus of St. Germain.
Hm. A lot of energy, a lot of things shifting and changing, as we came into this Shoud, as the music played (referring to this music). It wasn’t my St. Germain music, but it’ll do for today, because it let the energies really ride on something. A lot going on.

This Shoud is going to be a little bit different than most, because what we’re going to talk about today is so important to all of you.
Let’s take another good deep breath, as we get into Shoud 6 of Merlin I Am.
First things first, welcome everybody. Welcome from all around this great planet Earth. Welcome to this gathering we do once a month of Shaumbra, a gathering that allows us to bring our energies together. We don’t need to meet in person. I know sometimes that you like to meet in person, but we don’t need to. We can do it like this. We do it on a regular basis in dream state, and we do it like this over your Internet.

So, welcome everybody. Oh, yes, indeed I do love the live personal gatherings. We just had one here as Cauldre and Linda talked about. It was good to be back in my true role as Adamus, walking amongst you, going back and forth, up and down the aisles, asking a lot of questions to each and every one of you. I enjoyed that, and I do deeply miss that from our Shouds. And I can only pick on Linda to a certain extent in this, but, yes, welcome.
Here we are in Kona at Villa Ahmyo. Beautiful day. Birds chirping as the music was playing. You couldn’t hear it, but the birds were just rattling away as they were getting ready for this gathering.
A couple of things on today’s schedule. We’ll get the small stuff out of the way first.

So, the question came up in our last discussion where I talked about what did I look like as St. Germain in my last lifetime. The question came up with many of you. First of all, had I not had any lifetimes as a woman? Yes, I had. Not a lot. Many more of them the male lifetimes. Not for any particular reason, but, you know, you find when you get comfortable in a certain kind of a clothing, you get used to it, and that’s why so many people come back lifetime after lifetime in the same family, in the same lineage, oftentimes even in the same country and sometimes even the same city, lifetime after lifetime. So, it wasn’t anything to do other than I was just comfortable in the male body. I never was quite as comfortable in the feminine physical body, but I have to say that my balance of masculine and feminine has always been quite good.
But for those of you still rattling about masculine and feminine and men and women, let’s go beyond that. It’s really not about that at all. Let’s go far beyond that. It’s not about the divine feminine or the whatever masculine. We’re integrated. We’re one. You’ve got masculine and feminine. They’ve married together. You are uni-self at this point. Let’s not rattle a lot of noise about masculine and feminine and equality and everything else. You are equal in yourself, no matter what. Equal in everything within you.

 Celestial Trends – July and August 2021 Overview 

Celestial Trends – July 2021
July is universally a THREE month, which brings us changes that shift us into new directions that are aligned with your revised sense of purpose. This shift provides the gateway into a new dimension, while others are not be ready as they still want to live in old concepts rather than to make the shift into a new awareness as the Golden Age begins to emerge.

Celestial Trends – August 2021
August brings in the universal FOUR month, giving us the new tasks and projects to plan, organize and schedule our efforts for our new purpose. July’s events pushed us into directions that call into play our talents and give us the long to-do list that has us running during the month. With the shift of ideas into plans, the movement from July into August will quicken the pace and push us off the bench as we have a lot to do and a lot that needs to be accomplished. August 1st brings Sun to shine the light onto Mercury’s information. This information requires Saturn’s transparency and accountability allowing us to move forward with our true purpose. Without the commitment of transparency and accountability, situations and events circle back around to prompt us to make choices aligned with right-action.

Lot’s more information readily available at 

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