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This live channelling was given in Berkely Springs, West Virginia
April 15, 2018

“Evolution – Future Scenarios”

Greetings, dear ones, I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This will be a different kind of channelling. It is not a standard message, but instead it is the presentations of three future potentials that you may indeed see. This meeting is being put on and hosted by what is called a “futurist”. A futurist is one who dedicates his/her time in trying to predict coming systems in government, economics and potential inventions that might change a culture’s future. This then allows humanity to prepare for things in a benevolent way when it happens. That is a futurist. So in honor of the futurist, I would like to paint a picture of three things that you might expect in your future.

One of the questions presented earlier today in the seminar was about electronics and machines and about the future of what you call “artificial intelligence”. Where is it going? Is there danger to Human Beings because of it? Is humanity to go into a dark hole of its own creation because it made machines that turned against it? Is it going to do the kinds of things your science fiction movies have presented?

Here is the answer: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” What that means is that your future is not predictable from anything you’ve experienced in the past. The evolution of circuitry, of artificial intelligence, of technology itself for the last 50 years will not apply to the next 50. The logic of the past presses on you to predict the future, but you can’t. All of your fear of future artificial intelligence is based on your expectation that you will create machines that will have the same dysfunctional consciousness of fear, greed, hate and war called Human nature. It’s really funny to consider that you are actually afraid you won’t be able to control yourselves, and you will create a “thinking machine” that will have the very same broken consciousness you have. Systemic consciousness change is coming.

You simply can’t predict a future where the only thing to compare it to is a past that you are moving away from. Example: Please give me the evolutionary ideas on the next generational advance for a better ice box. [Silence] Oh, you don’t have them anymore? What happened? The answer is electricity. That would be a systemic change. When you have a huge systemic paradigm shift, do you think it would affect a prediction path you might try to predict? The answer is yes. So consciousness change would be a “spoiler”, if you wish to say that, for the futurist’s ability to predict the future.

Let me give you three future scenarios in a timeline that is not identified by years, but by a numeric order – one, two and three. So what this means is that there is no timeline for these potentials, but they indeed represent an evolutionary growth from one to the next.

Next, I want to tell you that everything I’m presenting has actually happened, but you haven’t seen it yet. “Kryon, how is that possible? Are you talking about Earth?”  Indeed, I am not speaking about the earth. Remember, Old soul, you’re not just an old soul, you’re an extremely old soul. We gave a message some time ago that was titled, “How old are you?” It places your soul on other planets like the earth, going through shifts like the one you have now, only at different times way in the past.

Many of you are awakening to this attribute right now and are remembering what’s coming and having feelings that you might have experienced it before. This esoteric remembrance is starting to temper your fear, which is often caused by what you see happening with humanity today. Change is sometimes fearful. But you are becoming more comfortable because at some level you remember where it might go. You have participated in “The Shift” before.

The future is completely dependent upon free choice. That’s you, now, here on Earth. How fast the change happens is up to you and how fast consciousness moves is the same. You have free choice to stay in the dark or go into the light. You have free choice for slow or fast change. So if I said it would take 50 years or 100 years, I would be wrong. Faster or slower depends totally upon you and the Humans on this planet. There will be some surprises, and the surprises in technology will be surprises because nobody ever considered them due to what you haven’t seen yet. Your expectations are all tempered by your past, and now they can’t be.

Scenario Number One

Scenario one is not necessarily in the distant future, but it would be considered the first step of what is to come. The focus for the future of electronics is going to be Human health. Electronics is going to turn more inward into the individual’s Human’s ability to use technology for healing. Right now, electronic evolvement does not turn inward. It has always evolved outward. It has allowed you to speak to the world all at once and create networks that all can use at once. This is an outward evolution. But now I’m going to speak of electronics that will be turned inward and interface with a person’s consciousness – an inward evolution. I give you the first scenario. It involves inventions that have not yet occurred and processes that are not yet understood.

The cancer patient reports to the hospital, lies down, and prepares. But the preparation is not for surgery. Instead, there’s something else that’s going to happen. A very tiny, small injection of something is going into her body – something that today, you wouldn’t expect to work. “Oh, I know,” thinks a reader. “It’s evolved micro-robotics.” It isn’t. It’s going to be biology, with parts no bigger than a cell you can barely discern.

We are speaking now of the evolvement of what you call stem cells. What if you could take a piece of your systemic cellular structure, one that belongs to your own system, which has a consciousness of you and the benevolence of you, and give it instructions to go to a diseased part of you and rejuvenate it? This is a part of your own system that would never hurt you, which is not artificial, but which is “instructable”. The electronics involved will be part of the ability to give instructions and will help imbue your consciousness into the injected cell group to tell it what you want it to do. You are guiding this group of cells through the bloodstream on its way to destroying the tumor, but not in the way you are trying to do now within your medicine. Instead, the tumor is about to be “reprogrammed”. Did you know that all disease has a program? Well, perhaps that’s something you should work on. [Kyron smile] Disease actually has a “disease consciousness” and works with purpose. But it’s not smart, and often doesn’t understand that it’s killing its host, but only sees growth as the end goal.

This cell group we are discussing is not a form of robotics. It’s not artificial intelligence. It’s you, inserting your own consciousness into your own body in a miraculous way through inventions that are not here yet. It’s part biology, part machine, and part electronics. You will be using it all together in a benevolent scenario that gathers a specific energy around the tumor using a process you don’t know about yet. The tumor reacts almost instantly, because it gets reprogrammed. Remember, it’s alive, and it is not appropriate in your body. It begins to die right away. It is reprogrammed at a systemic, biological level.

What is it that can destroy disease this way? What you are viewing in this experience is the first wave of understanding of how your personal consciousness can be imbued into special cells that have been harvested from you for this purpose and actually given intent-based instructions. The tumor doesn’t fight. It has no choice but to start immediately dying because it has been reprogrammed to “know” it is inappropriate. Is this possible? Is this even feasible? Oh yes! I’ve just given you a reality that will happen. Consciousness is no longer an elusive concept. It will be measured as energy and used appropriately as energy.

Scenario Number Two

What I have just given you is actually archaic compared to the second one. The cancer patient reports to a building and the building may have a sign that says:

The V Group – Complete and Total Healing!
One-stop Shopping for Disease Elimination

There will be competition within this process, since it is far more available to be created without medical procedures at all. For this reason, it improves and improves. The cancer patient goes into the building. This time, there is no injection.

What you are going to experience now is the evolution of what you call virtual reality. However, you can no longer call it virtual, since the seemingly artificial reality of it blurs into your own reality. Today, you have the beginning of it. You put on a pair of goggles and you can look around and experience an extremely realistic program. You can look around your area with 360-degree sight and see beautiful nature and experience places you can never go. Amazing as you might think this is, dear ones, that’s a toy compared to what I’m going to show you next.

The cancer patient goes into the building and ends up in a large room with a very special apparatus. I won’t describe the apparatus, for it may give away part of the process. Don’t worry, it’s coming. It will be invented. It’s in the minds and the Akash of those who will do it.

As the apparatus is engaged, in a short time the patient is in another place with another reality. It’s one that allows her to stand and walk and be normal, yet she is not really doing any of those things. So real is it that she can interface with others in this seeming simulation. She is not interfacing with a program, but with other intelligences that seem to be Human, because they actually are. The other Humans are in another part of the building, also interfacing with her through the apparatus. This event of hers requires almost the entire building and many other people. She is not alone. Nothing is artificial about the exchange, but everything is artificial that she sees and touches. Indeed, she knows this, but soon she won’t remember it.

In this “other reality”, she walks into a healing center. It’s so real that she can feel the breeze in the park where she is and smell the grass. She walks into the building and uses the elevator, just as she would in her home town to visit her family doctor. The receptionist takes her name and interfaces with her and she even discusses her family a bit. No exchange is artificial. No intelligence is artificial, but everything she experiences otherwise is through the evolution of electronics that work with her consciousness.

The patient lies down on a couch and above her head is a large video-type screen. As the nurses move around her with objects having wires, her cancerous tumor comes into view on the screen. She is comfortable and in a position of muscular neutrality, as if she were about to take a nap, but she is wide awake and ultra-ready for a confrontation. There is nothing threatening around her at all, but it’s so real she can touch and feel everything she sees. The screen above her continues to show the tumor, but she isn’t apprehensive, for she knows what’s coming. She is preparing for battle.

She is handed some kind of portable controller, where she is able to move a certain way and somehow affect the tumor and its surroundings. It would seem as though she is actually touching her own tumor using the controller, and each time she does, it responds and quickly tries to move away. The nurses warn her not to go too fast, and then they help guide her on what to do and how to move, then they cheer when she does it correctly. Also around her in the room she begins to hear some kind of songs or melodies that are familiar, and with the controller in her hands, she begins to interface with what is on the screen. She slowly sees that she is actually erasing the tumor on the screen. It objects and wiggles and slowly begins to shrink before her eyes. The staff is working with her and giving her more advice. “Watch the colors!” they tell her. “Move you controller with the colors! It’s telling you what makes it uncomfortable!” The tumor is almost screaming and moving wildly. She continues to manipulate the controller. The songs and melodies continue, and she slowly realizes that she is singing along with them and smiling the whole time.

Dear ones, this woman is healing her own tumor! It is so real. She is in another world, an artificial world, but at the same time she is not really there at all. However, her body is seeing and feeling things so real that her blood pressure is reacting, her consciousness is reacting, she is sweating and her actual chemistry believes she is in this healing building working hard to outwit disease. In this amazing and extremely real virtual world, she start seeing her tumor being destroyed by her own hands, her own desire to be rid of it, and her own intention and hard work.

The tumor and the patient seem to be in heated battle and she is allowed to rest. She eats a virtual meal and feels it go down into her stomach, then she returns to the couch to continue the battle. This time the tumor seems to sense her coming and turns colors and moves without even being “touched”. The woman is singing again. There is joy as she slowly, bit by bit, erases the tumor from her body. She feels the fatigue of the battle and the joy of victory as it shrinks and becomes smaller and smaller and disappears. No more motion, no more color changes.

The virtual experience lasts a full day. It is so real that she has several meals during that time and her body is actually nourished. Finally, she gets up to leave, but she is not done. Now she reports to another room for tests. The doctors interface with her and begin the standard tests they always have done. There’s a needle prick and the drawing of blood – all as usual, all virtual. Then the staff returns with the results. She sees the chemistry and the charts and even the waste material where the tumor was, as its remains are being washed away by her system. The doctor smiles and tells her, “Congratulations! It’s really gone,” and there is a feeling of joy, elation and celebration.

When it’s time for her to come back to the real world, they bring her back slowly. She didn’t put on a pair of goggles, dear ones. I’m not going to tell you what she did, but it was complete, immersive, and it surrounded her. There was nothing like it – a virtual world almost as real as if you had stepped into another dimension. [Kryon smile]

When she is fully returned, nobody gives her a “real” test to find out how it worked, because everyone already knows: Complete healing. Her body and her system and her mind cognized the experience as though it were completely and totally real in every way. With the assistance from virtual patterning, which was actually hooked to her consciousness and “knew her”, she walked away without cancer. That’s the power of future electronics and technology. That’s technology turning “inward”. It’s a future that recognizes what consciousness can do and how powerful the mind is. That’s scenario two.

Scenario Number Three

There are always questions about the multidimensional Human Being. “Kryon, is it possible we can ever discover our own multidimensionality and, without any electronics or machines of any kind, change our chemistry in a process that is known, understood and intuitive?” Yes, dear ones. Yes.

The reason I am so certain of this is because this is your blueprint. This is what the whole design of DNA is for. This is the evolution I have spoken of. I’m not going to be able to tell you how long it may take, since the evolution time clock is controlled by the free-will consciousness of humanity. But let me introduce something in your body that actually is designed to do this kind of thing, but which is dysfunctional at the moment. It’s something that you know about and have accepted “as is” in all its dysfunctional state. You don’t even realize it’s broken. You have never seen it any other way.

What we are speaking of is what you have called your “innate”. How does it feel to be the highest evolved creature on the planet, with an intellect where you can examine your own existence, ask why you’re here, feel the love of the creator, and even say the words, “I am that I am,” yet have a part of your own body that is smarter than you are?

Kinesiology (muscle testing) has been used by practitioners and medicine for decades and decades in order to find answers to very simple questions regarding your body that your consciousness should actually know! Here is a statement of truth, and a difficult one for Humans to hear: Dear Human Being, your mind and consciousness, as amazing as you feel it might be, is currently completely separated from your chemistry, and that was never the design.

Let me ask you, logically, does it make sense to you that your biological blueprint would have created a “stupid”, disconnected system? “Stupid” because it is counterintuitive to the entire “survival” instinct of every mammal on the planet! The answer is no. It’s not logical and it doesn’t help you survive at all. In fact, it’s so dysfunctional that disease can attach itself to you and you won’t know it for weeks until it really gets going. Then you go to the doctor and get the news.

Right now, this innate “smarter body” has to be accessed completely and totally separately through processes that are archaic. Indeed, it can give you signals if you ask, but it won’t tell you anything that’s happening in real time since there is no “bridge” of elegant connection to your mind that allows it. That missing bridge is what evolution will begin to build.

Innate, the smart body within the multidimensional Human Being, is going to evolve and begin to use that 24th pair of chromosomes that you think you don’t have. We have given you the information in the past that you can only see 23 chromosome pairs with your modern equipment. The 24th is still there, but multidimensional. It is not yet understood, seen or recognized. There are actual hints that can be deciphered that would tell a biologist that “something is unbalanced and should be more complete,” but the pair is basically invisible in 3D.

This multidimensional, 24th pair is the one the Pleiadians manipulated when they moved around your old linear set of chromosomes within your DNA to a set of apparently 23. This is what gave you the ability to have knowledge of the creator, God inside, the choice of high and low consciousness, and the ability to create elegant music, art, poetry and painting. It’s your Adam and Eve story.

Dear ones, when consciousness starts to increase on this planet and you start to measure and use quantum things, number 24 will reveal itself within the double helix. Then you will have a revelation: “There’s more than we thought!” That’s when quantum patterning will begin to show itself, and chemistry and physics will be put together and studied in ways they always should have been.

“Kryon, what will be the result of this evolution?” The first thing that you’ll start seeing are Human Beings born with a special consciousness where they can “sense” things within their own body and they will become their own healers due to it. They will know all about their blood chemistry without a test. They will know when any disease tries to attach to them, instantly the moment it happens, instead of waiting for something to grow inside them and create pain. They’ll be their own medical intuitives. People will see the first stages of this and they’ll say, “This is unbelievable. It’s not right. It’s abnormal. These people are odd and unusual.” They will be isolated and tested, because they are evolved. Welcome to Earth, where advanced Humans are often hidden away and feared.

That’s what you do, don’t you? That’s what you’ve done to the autistics in your culture. It’s because you don’t see it coming, do you? You don’t see the savants in the future, do you? You only see an unusual set of children that have odd communication and who are difficult in an old energy. Since you don’t really expect this evolution, you treat these things as sub-standard or difficult. These new autistics just yell, “I’m a nonlinear thinker! Find a way to communicate with me that is not linear!” Yet you are not ready to study what that might mean. These circumstances are actually starting to show themselves in so many ways. Look at what these special Humans can do that you can’t, and that will give you a hint of who they are. This evolution is coming. That multidimensional piece of your DNA that you can’t even see yet is going to bring your consciousness in line with your innate.

Let me finish with this: What is your innate attached to that is also a mystery that you cannot easily access? I speak again of what is called the Akashic Record of the Human Being. This is the record of all the energy, activity and history of your soul on the earth. Dear one, evolution within the new Human Being is going to connect you to your Akash.

What do you know about the Akash in the old energy? It’s something that often bothers you because it only remembers negative attributes about your past lives. Akashic issues are the things that even today you work with to try and suppress. They are subtle and not part of the subconscious mind. They are often revealed by past-life readers or others who can “read” your Akash to the extent they are allowed. But this is all changing.

There will be a meld with the innate and your Akash that gives you full access to the wisdom of the past and full access to dismiss all negative things. This will be one of the most significant evolutionary steps of humanity, this marriage of the Akash, the innate and higher consciousness. That will truly reveal the multidimensional Human Being. When it takes place, you will then look at the facts and the history and realize that you are not from here at all, but that your DNA is from the stars. You’ll begin to understand it all because it’s all part of a scenario of connection, of a coherence with your brothers and sisters spread all across the skies. That is the future.

“How soon, Kryon?” Not soon enough, but you’ll get there. Every single Human, using their free choice, will come back and come back and come back. Each time there will be improvement for a world that has great promise. This is different from before, dear ones, where you never evolved your consciousness and continued the dysfunction of war and other processes that never changed from century to century.

In the far, far distant future, there will come a time, dear ones, when it is your job to seed another civilization in some other far away place. This will give birth to compassionate action in other parts of this galaxy. Someday, you will work together to create another planet that has your stamp, your DNA, and you will introduce them to the creative source, just as it was given to you.

Are you getting this? Are you really understanding how important you are at this juncture of time? There are so many mysteries, you might say. But they will eventually all be revealed, and you’ll be here for that. Don’t fear these things, because they come from you, by design. That is the message for today.

And so it is.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Wing Series, July 2018


That makes you a victim, “I’m guilty because I did something bad to another person. I’m guilty because I’m not a nice person. I’m guilty because I’m still carrying around things that I did a long time ago – my secrets,” whether they’re dirty secrets, whether they’re just deeply submerged secrets. And guilt will make you a victim more than other people, more than anything on the outside. As we’re opening the wings right now and we’re about to take off, really to emerge, if you’ve got that sticky stuff on your wings, you’re not going to fly very well. You’ll tumble a lot. It’s time to take a look at feelings of guilt that are within.

Now, they’re funny because they’re there, you know they’re there, you actually know what they are, but the mind plays a game. The mind plays a huge game and, first of all, it will deny being a victim, until you finally realize that your own guilt is the biggest sense of victimness that you’ll ever have. Your own guilt – far greater than being a victim to a bad family or a bad relationship or job or whatever.

You hang on to that guilt. You hang on to it out of shame. You hang on to it as the biggest form of self-testing that you have. You won’t let it go because you’re feeling too guilty. You’re feeling that you did something so incredibly terrible, you can’t let it go. How could you let it go? How could you just – snap! – make it go away? There’s something inside you that says, “That wouldn’t be right to just release myself from that. I have to carry that around in order to remind myself not to be a bad human anymore.” So you have this guilt that turns you into your own victim. Usually, one thinks of the victim as being something outside of them. But actually, the biggest victim, the biggest cause of being a victim is yourself, your guilt.

It presents an interesting dilemma here. What do you do with it? How do you handle guilt? I can tell you right now and most of you know you can’t fight guilt. It will win. It knows where your vulnerable spots are. What do you do with it?

You can’t go into embodied Realization with being a victim. You’ve gotten over the outside victim stuff, but what about that inside victim? What about the guilt?

As I’m talking here, feel into the energies of the room, of all of us here together. There are amazing flashbacks. You just feel the energy just zooming all around, as each and every one of you looks into your own guilt. And it’s funny, the mind has a way of hiding it. You know it’s there. You know it’s there, but you can’t say the word. Easiest word, but it’s hard to say.

That’s what guilt does, and, you know, we’re not going to process the guilt. I really actually don’t have any patience for it. We’re just going to get rid of it. But that brings up guilt (Adamus chuckles) about guilt.

A Question

So, before we go any further with that, I do want to ask an interesting question. Around, again, with the microphone, Linda. So if guilt was a thing, like a being of some type, and you had a really big house (some chuckles as he looks at Alaya); you had a really big house with a lot of room in it – basement, attic, all the rest of that – a nice big house, where would the guilt live? Linda on the microphone, lights up please. Where would the guilt live? A room in the house.

JANE: In the basement.

ADAMUS: In the basement. Why?

JANE: Because it’s not needed.

ADAMUS: Not needed. Yeah. But it’s still there in the basement, even though the door is closed and it’s way down below.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Do you have much feelings of guilt?

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Are they in the basement right now?


ADAMUS: Where are they?

JANE: They’re right here.

ADAMUS: Yeah. How about in the living room?

JANE: In the bedroom.

ADAMUS: In the bedroom, okay (a few chuckles). Living room and bedroom.

JANE: They’re close.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

JANE: Very close.

ADAMUS: Yeah. I say living room because you actually bring them into your life. That’s actually better than storing them in the basement, you know, because then in the basement they’re there, but you forget they’re there, but yet you can feel that energy seeping up.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: So they’re in the living room, bedroom. That’s no way to live.


ADAMUS: No! And, you know, I’ve got to ask, what do you really have to feel guilty about?

(she pauses)

I’m not expecting an answer, by the way (some laughter). There was that tense moment, “Thank God!” (Adamus chuckles) No. I ask it rhetorically. What do you really have to feel guilty about? Who is creating that guilt?

JANE: I am.

ADAMUS: Yeah, the human.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: The Master doesn’t give a shit.


ADAMUS: Neither does God or the I Am or any of that. The human likes to think they all really care. They don’t care! They don’t care. So you’ve judged something in your life and that turned into guilt and now you carry that guilt around.

Stopping the Game

I’d like all of you to feel into this. Where does your guilt live? If this is a big house, for some of you it’s going to be more in the basement, kind of tucked away down there. You haven’t gotten rid of it. You know, half the stuff – no, eighty percent of the stuff in your basement – throw out. You’re never going to use it again, but you keep guilt down there just as a reminder, just because you’re not willing to let go of it.

For a lot of you, it’s in the attic, upstairs; kind of what you’d call the superconscious versus the subconscious. You have it up there in the superconscious and that’s, I would say, it’s the most problematic when it’s there, because you don’t, you know, you don’t think of your attic much, you know, up above. But it’s there blocking. You know, the superconscious, the opening up, it’s kind of blocking things. You put it up there and you kind of forget about it, but it’s inhibiting where you’re going to go to.

For a lot of you, your guilt is in the bedroom. Sexual guilt is the strongest guilt of all. The sexual guilt is actually stronger than a guilt that one would have with hurting another person, even murdering another person. Sexual guilt is the strongest of all. And whether it’s a guilt about whether you think you’re just a big old pervert, whether you have manipulated others, it could even be in a past lifetime. Sexual witchcraft is the most effective of all. You bring a little sex into witchcraft and it’s powerful stuff, and some of you have played with that in past lives. But when it’s in the bedroom it’s really sticky, really nasty stuff.

For a lot of you, it’s in the living room. It’s there. You parked guilt in the living room and you’re not really letting yourself live. You’re constantly dancing around the guilt that’s in your living room, the place to live.

For some of you, like Paul, in the kitchen. How you bring energy in, how you nurture and nourish yourself. And then it shows up in your body, if your guilt is in your kitchen.

Some of you have it in closets. Not so much in the bathroom. Not a lot of guilt in the bathroom, oddly enough. Yeah. I guess you have other ways of getting rid of stuff.

But take a look. Where’s that guilt? Where is it residing?

And now, the next part is, we’re not going to try to understand, we’re not going to try to psychoanalyze guilt. It is time for you to recognize it’s a big frickin’ game that you’re playing. That’s it. You’re playing your own victim game. Victim to victim, human to victim. It cannot go on. Period. You can’t go in and try to remedy guilt, because it just makes guilt bigger. You’re actually energizing it. But once you recognize it’s a big game, it’s a big way of testing yourself and a big way of holding yourself back and you just get rid of guilt, you will be free to emerge, to fly, to soar.

But you’re going to try to hold on to it. You’re going to try to do a lot of makyo. You heard it all here today. There was makyo. There was distraction. There was not answering the questions. There was a lot of stuff, and you’re going to try doing that. You’re going to try figuring it out in your mind, “What am I guilty about?” And I guarantee, every one of you has issues of guilt. Self-victimness. It’s just time to stop playing the game. That’s the question that needs to be answered, “Am I ready to stop playing the game of being my own victim? Am I ready to stop the self-testing?”

Guilt is a weird thing. Guilt is pretty much uniquely human, at least it started here. You go into other realms, other beings, and they don’t have the issues of guilt. Humans have really perfected guilt.

Guilt starts out first as a judgment, the human mind judging “Is that right or wrong?” Then it turns it into guilt, which is not mental anymore. It’s emotional and it gets into your veins, literally into your veins, but into the veins of your life, into the veins of the energy flow and everything else. And from that guilt, it’ll drain you. It’ll drain you.

And guilt also brings rise to drama. A lot of you, if you look at your life, always having to have some drama occurring. There’s a direct relationship between guilt and drama, because once you start feeling guilty, it cuts off a very natural life flow kind of an energy. Then you’ve got to have drama to bring that energy up again, and then you get guilty about the drama and it’s a self-perpetuating issue.

The point in all this is we’ve talked in the past, particularly in the Sexual Energy School, about being a victim or being an abuser on the outside world. But now it’s taking a look at how you’re playing the victim game with yourself, with guilt.

It’s time to acknowledge, if you’re ready, that it’s time to stop playing the game. No more guilt. No more guilt, and part of you is going to insist on holding on to it, “I was a bad person. I need to feel guilty.” No more. That’s it. Done. Wipe the slate clean, and that’s where the issues will come up, “Can I really just wipe the slate clean?” And then the guilt is going to speak out and say, “No, no. You can’t. You can’t get over it that easy. It’s going to take a long time. We have to work at it. We have to deal with it and process it, inner child it and all the rest of that.” It’s like, no. Stop playing the game.

Excerpt from ‘The Group’ channelled by Steve Rother

The full channel can be viewed on the website under ‘Beacons of Light’ – June 2018

  “M Theory & the Orthogonal Matrix”

That is the challenge. Even though raising vibration would be a good thing, many times it causes people to lose their balance. This often creates a level of frustration that finally explodes because the light cannot be grounded. They are very excited, dear ones, because they are starting to be able to move between the larger dimensions. We’re going to simply call that the third realm of dimensionality, because it doesn’t yet have a concept in your physics. The closest that humans have come to understanding this is what is called the M-Theory. What is happening is they have this ability to shift 90 degrees and shift dimensions, or bubbles if you will. When humans learn to do that, they’ll not only be able to master the illusion of time that they’ll also be able to shift dimensions and travel great distances in an instant. This is the way that many of the visitors to planet Earth, even some of the parental races, have traveled to Earth. They have been able to do things with your planet and to be able to even come physically to your planet for short periods of time.

It’s not that they travel light years. That is not doable in that way. They are able to shift dimensions by taking a 90 degree turn through the orthogonal matrix. That is a fascinating process, so even though Earth is substantially ahead of Solara as far as what you would call technical evolution. They have found a key and they found something that they are starting to work with collectively. We watch with anticipation because for the first time their motivation has been one piece working together as one in order to contact this little blue ball floating in space. They have no clue exactly what it is but they know there is life here. They are only hoping that it’s similar to them and it is. That is a fascinating point because for the first time it may be possible for schoolhouse Earth to open its doors and to be of great use in its final days.

The Group

 Celestial Trends – September 2018 Overview 

September is universally an ELEVEN/TWO month, which brings us to a point of review of all that the year has presented. ELEVEN is the higher pathway of the TWO, bringing the ELEVEN awareness of the spiritual perspective into our life, as if we are flying high as the Eagle. With this Eagle vision, we see life from a higher perspective and see all situations from this vision. The TWO is the interaction as if the mouse on the ground. The requirement of the ELEVEN is to have this Eagle vision while being the mouse on the ground. This presents the highest perspective of all situations and people to have the heart of understanding and awareness while relating to others as the mouse on the ground, knowing they are choosing to only see situations from this perspective. Dealing with others and situations create an important choice for us as well, relating to others but bringing the Eagle perspective into our everyday life. This gives us the ability to make a difference, to communicate with an understanding heart, to bring a higher perspective into conversations to expand awareness of a larger reality and a greater purpose. September provides the review of situations that expands this perspective to see those situations we became entrenched as a mouse on the ground rather than living in the reality of the ELEVEN. It means to detach from the outcomes, but be very emotionally present as the mouse on the ground. September sees Mars in it’s forward motion (turning direct on August 27th) and when combined with Saturn moving forward on September 6th, we are given the responsibility to make the choices of “right action”. These options become important as September brings us to review the events of the year. With Sun and Mercury being balanced with Neptune’s spiritual blueprints, we will make important decisions and come to some critical realizations. Sun connects with Mercury on September 20th at 28 Virgo, prompting these “right action” choices to defining and determining the pathway forward.

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