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This live channelling was given in Sacramento, California
March 25, 2018

“Fake News”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The shift is occurring on this planet and is changing paradigms that you won’t expect. All aspects of your culture will eventually be affected. The questions some of you have asked are, “What can I do next? What is it that would have the most results?” The answer is what we all have been telling you: Expect change. Expect benevolent change and develop the intuition to work with it.

So let’s talk about an old paradigm that is prevalent and must change, and will change. I’m going to call it – are you ready? – fake news. [Laughter in the audience] This one is a bit different and it has many levels. Let’s speak about one in 3D, and then let’s go beyond that and talk about the esoteric ones. We speak about the news that you are given, that you believe and trust, that is completely and totally fake. Here you sit today, March 25. What is the big news? “You’re going be hit with an amazing geomagnetic storm from the sun. It’s an amazing coronal event and the hole produced is astonishing, and it will come slamming into this planet with all of its force, disrupting all communications and potentially knocking out satellites. It might even affect your health!” So, how do you like it so far? [Nothing had happened this day.] It was all over the news!

At the end of this channel, why don’t you try to find out what happened? Why the fuss? It’s so interesting that the news is so dramatic that it goes viral and, then, when the projected event doesn’t happen. there is no news at all about why. What happened?

Another event will come along and be presented in all its drama in the same way, and it won’t unfold in any dramatic way either. How many times have you been told the end of the earth is coming? When it does not, there is no one responsible for the fake news that got everyone fearful, is there?

Let me tell you what happened today, for it’s an example of the rest of what I wish to discuss. What happened today is, indeed, a sun anomaly, but something that has been seen before. It’s very large indeed, this coronal hole, with streams that go past the earth in spectacular ways that have been seen before. If you went to the office of the astronomer and you said to him or her, “What happened today?”, they would say, “It’s what’s happened before. The magnetic grid of this planet absorbed it and it wasn’t really that dangerous based on what we have seen before.” But why, you might ask, was this reported as a fearful event? They will say, “We made a mistake. We told the news about the storm and they are not astronomers or physicists. They’re reporters of drama.” So that is what this planet received, dear ones – fake news. If you want to do the research about what happened this weekend, you’ll find it was very normal and that it has happened before. It didn’t even move the instruments much that astronomers use for measuring these events.

So this is the example we wish to look at right now of fake news. Many things have been completely and totally distorted or taken out of context or actually designed to be false in order to get a reaction – from you. Perhaps it is done to sell products or perhaps to make you cower in fear? But it’s part of the current paradigm of your culture. So let’s take a look at some of the others.

What are you facing right now on this planet? That little voice inside is going to tell you: “Things are not going to turn out well. Here it is again. Look what’s happened in the past. We are overdue for a war.” This is completely and totally false. The old energy triggers of your consciousness are still stuck with old tapes playing because of old situational energies, not the one you’re in today. Your own mind plays the same tapes over and over because of things that might have happened in certain ways in the past. So this becomes fake news that you are giving to yourself! Profound, it is, if you think about. This propensity for self-deception is the very reason for the study of coherence in the Human, in order to settle those tapes. When you can eliminate the “doom chatter” you’ll be able to grasp a truth that is pure and beautiful. The truth that is pure and beautiful is that nothing that happened in the past needs to happen in the future. Reality is not designed that way in this new energy. This future has a completely and totally different paradigm

More Fake News: Your Abilities and Your Health

Here’s another one, a big one: This one doesn’t come from your own consciousness, but from others who give you information that becomes inbred in you and controls how you think. I speak of those who told you you can’t be something or you won’t be something. Perhaps they have said you can’t do this or you can’t do that or this will never work with you or that will never work. Perhaps they were in some authority? It’s “implanted fake news” – and you believed it.

A trusted medical doctor will tell you what’s going to happen to your aging body, based upon research and the scientific measurement of the day. In an old energy, it might even have been a death sentence! So after a series of tests, they say, “Here’s what’s going on with you.” They look at your brain, your heart, your systems and all the things important with your biology. Then your attitude sinks to a new low and you wonder how you’re going to survive! What’s going to happen next? Dear one, this is the oldest fake news in your culture. You see, there has been no test or credibility given to Human consciousness – the actual governor of the cells! This fake news wants you to believe that you have no control at all over your chemistry or your processes. You are a complete victim of life itself. Yet we have been telling you for years that your entire cellular structure gets its health from the “boss” – you!

Dear ones, the only thing that stops your cellular structure from taking the instructions you can give it is (ready?) fake news! If your body has already cognized the fake news of your culture, it’s very difficult to give your body any instructions. Why? Because you believe the fake news.

This is controversial because people will say, “Well, is the diagnostic correct or not? Is the science correct or not?” The answer is it is correct for the doctor, but not for you. The measurement is correct, but what comes next is often fake news. You believe the cultural fake news and it sinks in and then takes you to a new low level – a place that will enhance your already dysfunctional chemistry. In other words, the fake news makes you worse.

The new consciousness of this planet is one that can look right into the face of this kind of thing and say, “This is only a part of the story.” Imagine looking in the face of a disease and saying, “You haven’t got a chance, because I love you.” Some might say, “How can you say that to a disease?” The answer is because it’s alive and has energy rules of its own existence. If you do this, you can disseminate it and it’ll go away – actually dissolve. It’s an inappropriate energy in the new light. What you’re actually doing is to instruct your body: “I love myself too much to let this rule me or kill me or even make me sick.” Dear ones, this is a stretch of the imagination for some. But the fake news of your culture says you can’t do anything at all. Meanwhile, there is spontaneous remission and nobody seems to know why.

The only news that is true, dear ones, comes right from the creative source that some call God, Spirit, the center of all things. The news is that you are connected to this source in a way that you can sense and become one with. That’s your real baseline. That is your main truth, and it’s not new. The ancients knew it, and most of your ancestors practiced it. That’s the basic truth, not what you hear on the medical news, nor the diagnosis you hear from the doctor, or what your parents have told you, or even your profound teachers – the people who you trusted the most.

The Big One: Your Soul is Doomed

So let’s get to the highest level of fake news there is today. Are you ready for this one? The highest fake news there is today is that you were born dirty or that you don’t deserve to be here. There is a story that somehow, through some convoluted spiritual mythology, that the greatest love source in the Universe had a war. Some angelic being tried to take over and was cast from “heaven”. I will tell you again, dear ones, that God does not think like a Human, does not have a reality like a Human, doesn’t have Human nature, and does not have any of the attributes that would even begin to allow for such a low-energy Human-like event. This is the worst form of “humanizing God”, as we have discussed before. Like a children’s story, humanity has assigned the worst attributes of itself to the creator, and in doing so makes the most loving source in all creation dysfunctional for you.

Because of this fake news, you are told that the Human soul itself has been spoiled even before birth! Again, the darkest energies on this planet through history have inserted themselves into the most divine and spectacular relationship you could ever have, and have given you a dysfunctional God who loves you enough to send you and your children to suffer forever unless you somehow discover a hidden truth that is isolated among a portion of believers on the planet. To make it worse, there are groups of other isolated believers who have other mythology, creating spiritual wars over who has the most dysfunctional God!

So the biggest fake news of all starts at birth and tells you that you can’t get ahead. As you grow, your culture, your parents, your reality all tell you about that dysfunctional God and warn you to behave a certain way so you won’t be tortured every day when you die by this loving entity who created the heavens and the earth. Unfortunately, the story continues and there’s no way to do anything by yourself about this. You see, you were born dirty and you are doomed. Therefore, you are not worthy of that relationship that I teach you about. You are not even allowed to look. If you do, you are labeled as a “strange thinker” and cast out, like so many of you who are reading this.

Let me ask you this: When your child was old enough to understand your language and could look you in the eye and ask, “Mom, Dad, who am I really?”, what would you tell them? Perhaps from the depth of the greatest love you have as a mother or a father, would you look at them and say, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you don’t have a chance. You are doomed.”? [Laughter from the audience] You’re laughing because it’s absurd! Yet humanity has put that attribute upon the greatest love in the Universe. Even the most basic child’s spiritual logic would tell you this is fake news. So again, I tell you that you are born magnificent with everything functioning in your perfect soul, and with free choice you can look for that piece of God inside.

Free choice is actually what developed fake news on this planet. The low consciousness of the planet is only working at about 35 percent of what is possible. In other words, although everything is there within you, the low energy of the past has dragged it down and beat it up so your amazing consciousness potential doesn’t function well. This is the reason for the absurdity of a race that continues to war for thousands of years, over hundreds of cultures, even though this has never solved even one issue.

Now you are in the shift, and suddenly you are in a newer, lighter consciousness, a new area, where eventually you will create peace on Earth. You’re functioning better than you ever have before. It’s in your news now and can’t be covered up.

Mother, father, psychologist: In today’s culture, you look in the eyes of a child and tell them they are worthy of being here and that they can go to the top of anything they can conceive. They are beautiful, honored and what they can achieve is unlimited. This is what you tell a child because now you understand what fake news can do to a young mind.

Where are you in the scenario of fake news today? What have you been told you cannot do? What does “modern” medicine say is going to happen to you in your society and at your age? This news is fake. The instruments measure your biology, but they can’t measure the magnificence of your consciousness or the healing power of it. How long are you supposed to live? Fake news will give you numbers based on a body without any divine, driving force. It will tell you that you’re supposed to “drug up” because you’re over a certain age. It’s fake news. We have told you this. If your media gives you these things, turn off your media. Find media that is more selective instead of media that targets your group. Go to a place where you can get a more consistent proof that includes alternate healing methods and testimonies from those like you. Dear ones, there are places being developed in your media that will someday include far more integrity and truth about what you can do for yourself and your health, without outside chemistry, and they include “instructing your body with your own consciousness”.

Some day there will come a generation that would never, ever tolerate what you see today as fake news. There’ll come a generation where those in leadership are going to be measured for how much they get done in their government. Today this is not even on the radar. There will come a day when business executives will have their current compensation hooked entirely to how well their corporation does in their market and how well they treat their employees. In other words, a higher standard of consciousness will be asked for in all leadership. Today, this is only on the horizon. The public will eventually see it and demand it.

Today in the political arena there is a very low consciousness that expects you to slaughter your opponents in public with harsh and untrue information, bringing them to their knees. This fake news should then allow a win for someone at any cost. This system actually keeps those in integrity from running for any office. The result is that you get low-energy leaders, over and over.

There’ll come a day when this is seen and immediately recognized as barbaric. Barbaric! The future will laugh at how ridiculous the behavior was of political campaigns in the past, just as today you look at how ridiculous some of your ads were 50 years ago with doctors recommending the bad habit of the day, for compensation. I want you to watch for the fake news and just laugh at it now. See it for what it is.

This is the message of Kryon and the one from many others in this new energy. You’re going to hear this information from so many other sources soon. This will eventually turn around and give you the best news you’ve ever heard about the potential of Humans on this beautiful earth. Old soul, you’re still doing the heavy lifting, but it won’t last forever. This is why we love humanity the way we do. Amazing!

And so it is.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Wing Series, April 2018


I contend that intelligence is, well, let’s go to the root word, the core word. Intelligence, the original root word meant ‘remembrance.’ Remembrance. The ability to remember, and then it kind of evolved into ‘understand’.

So initially, the word intelligence came from a very ancient word that basically meant to remember, and then it evolved to understand. In other words, you remember, and you attach a meaning of some sort to it. That’s intelligence. And intelligence over a long, long time has grown to be the most important attribute on this planet, actually more sought after even than being rich, because one would figure, in their intelligence, that if they were intelligent, that then therefore they could be rich or whatever they wanted. So, it’s a huge attribute.

When one is asked to let go of their intelligence, they panic. When one is asked to let go of the mind, all the accumulated knowledge and information that they have, when one is asked to let go of the thing that is the very core of their identity, the very core of the one thing that keeps them connected, their own kind of like a golden cord connecting them to this reality, when one is asked to release the intelligence, there’s panic in the house. That’s what we’re doing here today.

I contend that intelligence is not real. Intelligence is not real. It is a made-up attribute that humans have gotten so ingrained to that they actually believe it’s real. And then they try to build on their intelligence. The answers that you gave are all very interesting and accurate. A lot of intelligence is memory. Memory, being able to remember, being able to rehearse and recite facts and figures and information.

A lot of intelligence comes as a result of studying, lifetime after lifetime. Not wisdom, not the experience, but studying facts and figures and information; about maybe 80 percent of it absolutely inaccurate, absolutely not true. And to use the classic example, there was a point where you believed, you studied or you lived a flat Earth, and that was your intelligence at the time. Now you’ve evolved past that.

So, 80 percent or so of all information that you’ve acquired in the past is not accurate, not true. Even what you’ve learned here on your spiritual journey with our Crimson Circle gatherings, a lot of it is simply not true where you’re going. It might have been true back then when the Earth was flat, but where you’re going, it’s not true. And if enough believe it’s flat, it’s flat, because that’s the way they act out until somebody says, “Well, let’s make it round today, because flat was really boring. Let’s make a round Earth and let’s all worry about being in Australia and falling off.” (Adamus chuckles) Sorry. It was a joke. You’ve heard the joke so many times.

Intelligence is so revered on this planet that they’re now creating artificial intelligence. I contend that intelligence is artificial to begin with. So now you have artificial artificial intelligence. It’s derived from human intelligence, which really occurred back – let’s go all the way back to Lemuria – when you were coming here to this planet as angelic beings, beings mostly in light body, coming here to experience nature, Earth, being in Focus. You were absolutely right, Horace, being in Focus.

They came here to experience – not to learn, but to experience – being in Focus, but they came in … they were like wisps, you know, they weren’t real solid. And then they tried to hitchhike, integrate into the whales and the dolphins and maybe pigs, I doubt it, but whales and dolphins. They tried to integrate into that and maintain their balance within this reality.

Now, this reality, if you’re looking from the outside, is like super compression. Like compression you couldn’t even imagine. Billions and billions of psi, pressures (pounds) per square inch. Trillions and gazillions of psi condensed really tight, and to try to come in here as a butterfly being – you know, flying around in the other realms and then you (Adamus is tugging on a butterfly hanging from the ceiling) come to Earth (he finally pulls it down; some chuckles). It took a little yanking to get you here (a few chuckles). You come to Earth; you dive bomb down into this compression, into gravity, into this density and now you’re in Focus. You’re in the sense of Focus and it hurts like hell for a little while. And then it pops you back out (he tosses the butterfly away). You die, if you’ve been in a physical body. You can’t hold being in that tight of a focus. It would be like being in a really, really, really, really hot bathtub and you step in and it’s so hot, you’ve got to jump out right way, otherwise it hurts like hell. It’s the same thing. You float down here in your angel wings and float down to Earth and it was so hard to stay in.

So, what did you do? You started to think about what were the things that helped you to stay in that last experience before you got squashed? What was it? Oh, you’ve got to eat some food. Not because you need the energy; because it integrates you into this reality. You’ve got to eat some food to keep you here. And you’ve got to make sure you don’t step out in front of the dinosaur, because the dinosaur is a lot bigger and you’re just this little wispy being. It’s going to stomp on you. So you start remembering all that, and you start remembering things like brush your teeth three times a day. Not in Lemuria. They’re all asleep today!

You start remembering things like you don’t walk off the ledge. Right now you think, “Well, yeah, of course.” Not when you’re a little wispy being. Not when you’re a butterfly trying to become a human so you can go back to being a butterfly again. So you start remembering and it was actually the sense of Focus – compression, gravity – that caused you to start thinking, that created a remembering, that created this whole thing called logic, all based on qualia, all based on association. “Do not put hand in fire. It hurts like hell.”

So you start accumulating this. That eventually has turned into what is called the intelligence of the human. Reasoning, rationalizing things, but at its core is just remembering information. That’s it. That is it, and none of it is important (a few giggles).

For one thing, you could never be fully intelligent. You couldn’t. There’s too much to remember. The mind doesn’t have the capacity, but people try. They try to be the most intelligent.

Now, let’s take that human intelligence and I said you’re all in the top, what, four percent of the human intelligence scale. Let’s stop for a moment here, because you’re still approaching your life, this planet and your energy with intelligence.

The I Am consciousness has no intelligence whatsoever. None.

If you do not hear or feel the presence of the I Am, if you’ve been running around saying, “Well, where is it? Where is it?” it’s because you’re trying to connect with your intelligence and it has none. Why would the I Am, pure consciousness, pure awareness, have intelligence? There is none.

Shocking. Overwhelming to the human, because the human wants to believe in a higher intelligence. The human feels naked, raw, insecure when one says, “There’s no higher intelligence. You’re about as high as it’s going to get.” Scary, but true.

The I Am has no intelligence whatsoever. It doesn’t store information and data. A lot of you think that angelic beings, Ascended Masters, the I Am knows everything. Not at all. You ask the I Am to solve a relatively simple mathematical problem, it’s like, “I don’t know. I don’t care. Why would I care?” You know, what’s the square root of 10 or 50 or 1,000? The I Am is like, “What is wrong with you? You keep asking these stupid questions like I’m going to answer. I don’t know (someone says, “Stop it!”). Stop it! Yes (Adamus chuckles). Stop it!

But yet the human feels there has to be a higher power. There has to be an intelligence in God. They even talk about the universe bringing them things. That’s really dumb. The universe doesn’t bring anything. Nothing! The universe doesn’t break your arm. The universe doesn’t bring you anything. The universe does not know nor care. That’s kind of disconcerting to the human who really wants to believe in a higher intelligence.

But let’s stop for a moment and just feel into it. There is no intelligence in the I Am. That is freedom. And once the human begins to understand that – that intelligence, it’s okay up to a point. It’s okay to have the memory, the understanding, the facts and figures, “Do not take hands off the steering wheel” unless you have one of those self-guided cars, but even then. “Do not put hand in fire. Do not drink gasoline,” at least right now.

There are certain things that are good in the human journey and that you’re going to bring with you into embodied Realization. There are things that are important to have in that memory. However, your memory base is going to be relocated. It’s like saying your entire database, like if you were a computer, your entire database is going to be taken out of your computer and put somewhere else. And, of course, then you say, “Well where? A bigger computer?” No. It’s like in Nowhere Land. It’s going to be in the ethers. It’s not going to be in a place. It’s just going to be in what I called the Now Future, Future Now, either way. It’s going to be there, but it’s not going to be there. It’s no longer going to be housed in here (brain), because there’s no need for it.

And I know, using computer analogy you would say, “Well, it’s going to be in the cloud.” Nah. Nah, because the cloud is someplace, and this is going to be no place, but it’s going to be there. And then the intellect kicks in and says, “Well, I’ve got to know where it is, how far away and how long does it take to get there and how big …” That’s intellect talking. That’s intelligence talking. We are so going to go beyond intelligence.

The I Am has no intelligence whatsoever. It does not need it. Does not need it. It is simply the awareness, “I Am that I Am. I Exist.” Not that “I exist and I’m smart. I exist to become smarter. I exist to know more.” None of that. None of that applies. Feel into the beauty of that. Feel into the freedom of that. There is no intelligence in the I Am. That’s a great thing.

You know, if you were walking along one day, you were walking down the street and suddenly you met your I Am, it would be such a relief to know that the I Am does not need intelligence. And then you’re going to start feeling really stupid for trying to be so intelligent, and you’re going to go, “Oh! You know, here we were in this compressed state of Focus trying to remember everything so we didn’t keep burning our hands from lifetime to lifetime or walking off cliffs or anything like that. And all this time I realize I really didn’t need all that intelligence. It’s not that important.”

And you start realizing, “You know, the energy essence of all these things I learned – do not step out in front of a car that’s going really fast – all these things I learned, I don’t need to retain anymore in my brain.” It frees up the brain. They’re like energy imprints, like little energy essences that are always there available for you, but they don’t have to be stored in here anymore. It is truly amazing.

Let’s take a deep breath with that.

There is no intelligence in consciousness, and therefore, my dear friends, you will continue to have access to the information about how to live in this reality, but no longer be relying on it to guide your life, to make your happiness, to bring you what you are choosing to create. It has nothing to do with intelligence.

Next step. There’s no intelligence in energy. That’s really kind of scary. There’s no intelligence in the energy, and when I hear somebody say, “Well, this is the way the universe handed it to me,” no. No. The energy is not intelligent nor should it ever be. Could you imagine what would happen if energy was given that responsibility of having intelligence? It would be frightening. It would do what humans do, destroy everything.

There is no intelligence whatsoever in the energies that are coming into your life right now. Doesn’t need it, doesn’t care about it, doesn’t have it, never will. So sometimes when you rely on the outside and say, “Well, what does the energy want me to do?” the energy’s like “What do you mean? We’re not intelligent. We’re really actually stupid. Dumb energy.” And that’s the way it should be. Energy is just there to serve you, not to tell you what to do. Not to bias you, not to make you go left or make you go right. It’s just there to serve you.

But yet there is this commonly held notion that there is a higher intelligence. There’s not. There is not. There is the commonly held notion that energy has intelligence. There’s a commonly held perception that humans put themselves way, way, way, wayyy down here at the bottom of the scale, like, “I’m the stupid one and energy has intelligence and God has intelligence and aliens and Pleaidians have intelligence.” They don’t! Pleaidians are … (Adamus sighs) They’re not halfway as smart as humans. They got one things though. Humans are really stupid about letting somebody else tell them what to do. Humans are a lot smarter except for that one little flaw, like “Oh! God, save me. Pleaidians, save me. Soul, save me. Universe, energy.” None of those. There is no intelligence in it.

Intelligence is often thought of as order, structure, pattern, and humans have gotten into that because you’re in deep in the sense of Focus. You’re deep into that all that and the mind has come to like order. Everything in its neat place. Two plus two equals four. That’s actually not true. It really is not. It’s so much more. It’s four negative, it’s four this way, it’s four that way, and sometimes two plus two is just nothing, not even zero. Nothing.

Once you start realizing there is no intelligence in the I Am, in Spirit, in God – God is really kind of stupid. Why? Because God is a human creation. Their intelligence created the superintelligence outside of them. But in what you call Source, there’s no intelligence.

Imagine for a moment tapping into that, but from your Self, from the I Am that you are.

Imagine for a moment tapping into the energies who have no intelligence, who have no bias. They don’t care if you get hit by a car this afternoon. They really don’t. It’s just serving you. There’s no intelligence in it.

And imagine letting go of the need for intelligence as you’ve known it, putting it kind of over to the side now, saying you’ve got this reservoir of understanding facts and figures, but a lot of it’s getting wisdomized right now. A lot of it’s getting thrown out. Every two weeks the trash truck is going to come and pick it up. Truly.

And imagine now, instead of an intelligence, instead of smartness, you simply come back to the basics, the “I Am that I Am, I Exist,” the ability to be aware.

You see, the I Am doesn’t need intelligence, because the moment the I Am wants to be aware of whatever it is, it is. It is. So the I Am doesn’t carry around facts and figures, doesn’t give a crap about your name in a last lifetime or who did you wrong or anything like that. Doesn’t care. But the I Am can be in the awareness of it, if it chooses. It’s the same with you.

You don’t need intelligence. It’s just now a matter of the awareness. And please, don’t start labeling what I have called knowingness – I’ve called it that for a long time – it’s not intelligence. There’s no smarts in it. There’s no bias in it. You see, the reality base that you have, your entire perception of reality is based on old garbage, on old facts that aren’t even true.

Intelligence, which you pride yourself in; intelligence, which you would fight me tooth and nail if I tried to take it away from you, because that’s been a source of your identity; intelligence is just a bunch of facts and figures that aren’t actually true.

Intelligence is a lot of qualia, meaning the mind associates something with everything, and nothing is new anymore in the mind of intelligence. Nothing is new. It doesn’t like that. It loves patterns. It doesn’t want anything new.

We’re going past that right now. We’re going past that. We’re now kind of reassigning what you would call intelligence. We’re just calling it remembrance, but without all the facts and figures, and it’s available to you any time so you don’t go sticking your hand in the fire.

But the new guiding influence in your life is not intelligence and not the I Am, God intelligence or anything like that. It’s simply you in the moment. Your awareness. You’re going to find that you don’t even have to think through things anymore, and it’s going to be really frightening, because you like thinking through things, pondering things. You like putting a logic to things, and where we go next is in the human you’ll still have the remembrances, but not stored within you. You won’t have all the detail and the weight of all that. But yet something amazing happens and things are just there, and you have assigned that to either energy, which has no intelligence, or the I Am, which has no intelligence.

Suddenly, you start realizing you’re living in this divine grace state of being. The mind is going to rebel. It is going to scream. It is going to, right now, as it’s doing for so many of you, spinning things around and you’re getting a little blurry and you’re trying to think through this right now. All of you, you’re trying to think through this.

Stop for a moment and let’s just allow it.

Excerpt from ‘The Group’ channelled by Steve Rother

The full channel can be viewed on the website under ‘Beacons of Light’ – April 2018

  “A Call to The Light”

At this time humanity is still clearly moving backwards. However, the base energy has now changed with action and movement on your part. Standing clearly in your own truth, being able to speak it when called upon at the right moments. It can start making a huge difference on your planet right now.

The separation that you see now is the precursor to change. In time you will step up into a higher vibratory level and you won’t need the density of the physical body. You are in the beginning stages of that right now. This is why we’re working with you with some of the Spirit Seed imprints, making you accustomed to what this is going to look and feel like. It is getting you accustomed to the energies of the new body and learning how to work with that. The morphogenic body holds the capabilities of shifting and changing into that, while still being on Earth. Then as the Earth begins to wind down in this particular cycle, you can be there to help and even assist others make these steps up.

Many are tired or simply don’t believe it is happening. Others will turn their back on it until the last moment. Some simply are exhausted and don’t want to change, so please do not judge them. Allow them to choose their own path for that is absolutely critical on this planet. Have free choice. You’ve won the game already and now you’re starting an incredibly magical on. We can’t wait to see what you do next.  I am overjoyed to bring you a message of hope and love, to share with you that the energy has started to change. You haven’t seen it react yet, but it is coming very soon because of you, because your hearts are connecting to each other. Know that you’re on a wonderful path, you’ve earned your seat here and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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 Celestial Trends – July 2018 Overview 

July is universally a NINE month, clearing the deck of the previous landscape from the Uranus in Aries environment, to be replaced by the revisions from the seeds planted and growing in the Uranus in Taurus field of intentions. The transparency aspect comes into play as Jupiter turns direct on July 10th, opening the curtains to reveal the motives and ethics from Jupiter’s backtrack from March 9th 2018. Capturing the true elements of Motives, ethics, and values brings focus to the seeds planted and growing during this time. On July 12th, Sun shines the light onto the use or mis-use of power and intentions as the Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer signals a time of new beginnings. With two powerful aspects on this day, many new beginnings will create a very active and busy time. The cosmic Grand Central station will be bustling with activity. With Pluto at 20 Capricorn, the shift into the next gate brings us to a new environment. Additionally, more powerful aspects begin to set the stage for the Mercury retrograde in late July through August. The Lunar Eclipse brings in the powerful Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, and the Mars retrograde that is aligning with the Moon to revise the direction of humanity, individually and collectively. These cog-turning aspects bring in a perfect square on August 1st of Mars retrograde to the Uranus in Taurus era, changing the stage, redirecting our terrain, direction and journey. With Uranus turning retrograde on August 7th, the new era begins to shift and change people, places and things, all according to the values and intentions planted into this new Uranus in Taurus era. With the jumpstart of the ONE month of August, we also have an additional Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 19 Leo, which will signal this new era is becoming the power of this next phase. The Mercury retrograde in August and Solar Eclipse both in Leo, provide a new level of leadership and power, one that can only be aligned with transparency, ethics and values.

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