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November 2021
“Channeling the Anger”

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart.

We tell you that you’re in an incredible time on planet Earth. You’ve heard that from us many times. And yet, you see the challenges and that things are not working the same way they used to. Your general overview is that things are becoming even more difficult. Well, they are in some ways. But you’re also moving at an incredibly faster pace than you’ve ever moved before. Now, with all of these things taking place, dear ones, you have much that has come up as a result. You won’t be able to continue some things the same way that they were before. People are discovering this, especially about their jobs. Perhaps they’ve had certain jobs or held certain energies, and then along comes this virus and everybody takes time off.

You’re Still Here
It’s an interesting process. Everyone’s working, bringing in money to live. But then the money stopped coming in, while at the same time the need for money shrank, and everybody’s still okay. Basically, all the things that you’ve feared happened very quickly. So, what we’re telling you is to celebrate your way through life. Enjoy every moment that you can and look at it as a constant journey. We’ve mentioned this before, dear ones. On planet Earth, humanity has enjoyed an incredibly long period of time in which to evolve and grow.

Another Dimension of the Pandemic
The first people on Earth had great difficulties and survival alone was the biggest challenge. Although people don’t even think about those things anymore you’re experiencing major stresses today, which can cause major repercussions in a life. One of the biggest areas has to do with depression, anxiety, and all the different mental illnesses. Mostly due to the virus, mental illness has increased three fold in the last three years. But it’s not always the same people, which is the interesting part. It’s very difficult to actually verify those numbers at this point. Why? Often when people first fall into depression or anxiety, they think it’s their fault or they’re doing something wrong, so they hide it.

Upside-Down Smile
Of course, everyone wants to see you smile. They don’t want to see your pain, so you smile for everyone. You put on a body suit that says, “Here’s who I am. This is what I’m doing.” So, here you go through life. But on the inside you’re asking, “What’s the use?” You find it hard to gain momentum, and that’s fairly widespread on Earth. Another place that this shows up is in anxiety. It’s actually the same exact situation as an energy allergy, going through a different route of your nervous system and producing a slightly different result. Sometimes you’re so tied up with what your reaction in the world will be, that you literally hold everything back, dear ones.

Mental illness runs the gambit from schizophrenia to depression, and from anxiety to personality disorders. So many of these are widespread on Earth at this time. In some ways, many more people are openly displaying them, not even understanding that they could be considered mental illnesses. Your general understanding of what a mental illness is has begun to grow. Actually, your understanding of almost everything is growing.

We will also tell you there are some exciting things taking place with the sun, and soon you’ll begin to see more solar flares. They’re starting in small increments now, mostly M’s and G’s in terms of their classification. Celebrate them when you see them, for your Earth needs that energy. She has brand new opportunities and the potential to move in directions that weren’t there before.

Yes, the first thing you need to do is to lighten up. Encourage people to move in any direction, and then correct their course as they’re moving. At this point, the critical part is overcoming inertia. Yes, some of you will go back to work in the old places where you used to. However, if you do, it’s possible you may not be there long. There are other people waiting to move into your positions, or even higher ones. You’re also seeing the effects of the supply chain breakdowns, which will continue for a while. It’s a fascinating process. But keep in mind that humans are the greatest adaptation experts on planet Earth, and even throughout the universe.

You’ve been here for a very long period of time. Not only because the Earth made this elongated space for you to be, but also because you’ve adapted and moved through all the challenges. You’re moving through multiple difficulties right now. All these various challenges come in different ways, but humans are masterful adapters. You have much coming ahead and it is quite a joy to watch. With the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart. I love you dearly, enjoy the ride.

Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you this day with a beautiful vision of Earth. Well, you see, fascinating things are taking place from our perspective. If only you could understand that you all began from the same essence. Each and every one of you was an individual piece of extruded consciousness. You went on your own path, though still connected, so everything evolves. Well, what’s taken place is really fascinating from our perspective. Everything started moving so quickly that you’ve literally lost sight of the fact that it is moving. You are making major headway in many areas of life. Although often all you see are the difficulties, the separation is being pushed. It’s fairly simple to understand, there’s a lot of money to be made by separating people and making them angry.

You’re all part of that connection. And if you look at the larger picture, if you go back to when humanity first began, everything was about survival. Then much later it was about what we could do to make your lives a little easier. Just 200 years ago, 90% of the population of planet Earth was what you would classify as extreme poverty. They could not support themselves, but that has changed pretty drastically over the time period that we’re talking about.

Of course, the other aspect is your technologies, which bring you everything in a second. It used to be that when humanity wanted to change a societal rule, it would be decided in a court. But today it’s being decided on your social media and televisions much faster. Everything has shifted and moved radically. We tell you that it has moved toward the better, although it’s very difficult to see.

Especially in the area of medical science, there are new discoveries being released every day that are Atlantean. It’s in your atmosphere, coming into each and every one of you who can make sense of it. You’ll get an idea or a concept, and if you are a person who works in a laboratory then you’re liable to turn that into something. These are being introduced every day, so watch for them. You’re already seeing it happening as a response to the virus that has been causing so much havoc on your planet. And yet, a lot more’s coming, basic understandings of how you work with your own physical body. Even understandings of your relationship with the world around you, and how that can have a huge effect, not only on your emotional health but also your physical health. Of course, the spirit never gets sick, for it is infinite and perfect. That part of your being is always perfect. And yet it has to go through a physical body in order to express itself. If the physical body has challenges, misalignments or reversed energies, sometimes it can be very difficult to find that way out. Just take the next step to move into that different area. Your internal balancing system will set the rest into motion.

What happens as you go to sleep one night, but your internal system is out of balance? You’re trying to find a solution, yet you can’t. You go to sleep and decide you’ll think about it in the morning, no problem. But then you wake up with that as your first thought. So, what happens when you’re out of balance all the time? Well, this is becoming such a normal lifestyle that you think there’s nothing you can do about that. Then you forget about it and go in a different direction. But that doesn’t work either, does it?

Channeling Anger
If your system has been pushed out of balance, eventually that misalignment will erupt in some form of anger. But then you think that you can’t be angry, because that’s not spiritual. However, anger is a motivator. It moves more people than you can possibly imagine. So, how do you channel anger? What’s a safe way that you can feel the frustration but actually channel it in a positive way? Well, it is an energy, dear ones. Your balancing systems have been pushed completely out of balance, in part because you have all these technologies constantly feeding you information.

And all it takes is just a little bit of energy to move you in a different direction. It’s fascinating to watch what’s taking place on planet Earth. The motivation propelled by anger can only be held for a short time. You’re about to see some changes in that area, as people start to wake up.

Keep in mind that you are beings of repetition. Repeating something over and over again, even if it’s untrue, makes a place for it in your world. Because, once again, it pushes your internal balancing systems out of whack. But how can you channel the anger, while the reality is you’re not even angry at what you think you are. Instead, you’re angry about not being able to balance. Can you find ways of doing that, maybe even in adjacent areas that are not out of balance? A great deal of money can be made by doing that, and you’re seeing proof of it everywhere. Humans are moving so incredibly quickly now. One of the things we’re going to ask you to do when you feel the anger, is to find a way of moving into your passion. Perhaps you’re a sculptor and your hands can create the most beautiful pieces of artwork. Your sculptures can literally bring life into people who admire them.

Yes, you can channel the anger by pushing it into creativity. Even if you are angry when you start to sculpt, it can still turn out to be beautiful. Why? Because your creativity is what rights the heart, it balances everything. But if you create your entire sculpture in anger, maybe you’ll say, “Oh, that’s a terrible sculpture.” Then you come back to what made you angry in the first place, but from a different perspective. Even if the sculpture is terrible, it doesn’t really matter. Why? You created the sculpture to express something, which you accomplished. That’s perfect.

There will be much of this taking place, dear ones, because people can be especially motivated when they’re angry. Every single one of you are masterful creators, more than you can see. There’s so much to learn from this process. Humanity has shifted, you’ve literally taken a massive step. It is a new game. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play this new game well together, as you all step forward, holding hands, it’s the only way to do it.

Welcome home, dear ones.

I am Observer, and I like to watch.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Art of Benching Series, November 6, 2021

Shining Our Light – Merabh

Okay. Let’s move on. We’ve got some work to do, the real reason we’re on the planet right now, we’re going to do some benching together. Let’s gather up all of our energies. Let’s put on some music and let’s do what we came here to do.

Now, of course, you can bench any time you want by yourself. I hope you do. It shouldn’t be a discipline. It shouldn’t be suffering. It should just be something that you pause from the regular part of the day …

(music begins)

… and you say, “It’s time for benching. It’s time to simply shine my light. It’s the reason why I’m here. I came to this planet at this incredible time, came here to do this.”

And the beauty of benching is that you’re not trying to inflict change. You’re not trying to visualize world peace. Some would say, “Well, yeah, but isn’t that a good thing?” Up to a point, but I say compassion is more important.

Compassion is the accepting. Everybody is on their journey. Yes, some of them choose suffering. Some of them choose abuse, drugs, alcoholism, whatever it is. That’s their choice. When they’re ready, they’ll come to you, they’ll come to themself, they’ll be affected by your light. Otherwise, hands off. Let them experience what they’re choosing. That is compassion.

So, we’re here benching. Benching. Ah! Cup of coffee, something to eat maybe.

Benching is not meditation.

Benching is not meditation. So many meditate trying to quiet their minds. Phew! Oof! Good luck on that, until you understand the difference between consciousness and thought.

Benching is saying, “I got here. I Am Here. I am a Master on this planet. I’m allowing energy to serve me. Now, I’m just going to sit here and let my light shine. I’m going to stop for a moment all the activities going on. I’m going to stop for a moment and just let my light shine.

“First, I shine it onto myself, onto my body,” which, oh, the body, we didn’t even touch on that today, what it’s going through right now, coming into the light body.

“I’m going to shine my light onto my mind. This obedient thing that sits on top of my head that’s obeyed me for a long time, has just been a statue. And now I’m being very clear in my consciousness and, therefore, the mind obeys, and it will open up.” The mind is very obedient and it is very flexible. Sometimes those two things don’t go hand in hand, but the mind is very flexible.

I know, I know you say, “Adamus, you’ve been pretty hard on the mind.” I have been. You know, because at times working with Shaumbra is like talking to a bunch of statues. I had to get your attention. I had to be a little bit of that tornado that came along. But now that that identity, that statue is breaking down, now the mind is free to obey the Master you.

The mind is free now to bring in energy in a different way. The mind is free to communicate within itself in a different way, no longer just relying on the neurons.

The mind is free to adapt and adjust to what comes next.

It doesn’t need that complex communication system of neurotic neuronic activity. It doesn’t need that.

So first you shine the light onto yourself, onto your own body, not trying to make change, but rather allowing a natural evolution.

And you shine it onto your mind, not trying to sculpt your mind, not trying to turn it into a statute of some sort, but rather shining your light saying, “Dear mind, there are so many potentials. Let’s go for them.”

You shine your light onto your whole life, not trying to make anything, do anything. Just shining light.

What is light, after all? Light is consciousness, awareness, pre-thought, ellipses, dot, dot, dot, dot.

You’re really becoming more aware of yourself through your own light, aware of all that you really are, aware that you’re not this statue.

And now let’s shine the light onto this world, onto this planet, onto the physical planet Gaia – who’s leaving, but still doing her work – onto nature. Such a beautiful thing.

You should see some of the gardens on some of the New Earths that were created based on the nature on this planet. So many who have left this planet, gone to the New Earths, wanted to take the beauty of nature, and the gardens are amazing. They’ve taken the core concept of nature here on this planet and put it into life in the New Earths.

You think you have beautiful shots of nature on your phones right now. Just wait till you get to the New Earths, if you happen to go visiting.

Shining our light onto the world, realizing that humans, they’re doing what they’re choosing to do right now.

Yes, I know many say they’re lost or they’re hurting. But instead of trying to rescue them, we simply say, “Well, here’s another potential. Here’s something else you can do. You don’t need to be lost. You don’t need to hurt. You don’t need to be energy vampires. You don’t need to be powermongers. Here’s a light that shows you what else you can do.”

Let’s shine our light right now onto every human on the planet. Not inflicting anything on them, not having an agenda, simply shining light.

It’s not a rescue remedy. It’s not a judgment. It’s simply saying, “Let there be light so you may see, if you choose to see.”


So here we are gathered in the House of Shaumbra, open air, of course, shining our light onto humanity.

What greater service can there be than doing what we’re doing right now. What greater service can there be?


There are others who picked up where you left off from your former energy work – energy holders on the planet, cause workers. They’re the ones attending to the poor and the needy, and, yes, there is a need for that.

There are others who picked up on your work as energy holders, maintaining very important links between this realm and the other realms, between human and divine. They’ve been around forever, for a long, long time, oftentimes sequestered, somewhere simply holding that link, maintaining that link.

Many of you have served in those roles in the past, past lives, as energy holders, cause workers. But now – now you come here to do in this lifetime what you planned all along, to be a Master, an illuminated Master.

We’re shining our light right now across nature, across the skies, across the planet.

Truly, no greater gift for the planet, no greater gift for humanity.

We’re not missionaries or emissaries either. Eh, missionaries, what an interesting thing. So righteous in their work, bringing the word of God and Jesus to everyone, even those who didn’t want it. A big righteousness involved in missionary work, “Here, read this book.”

It’d have been different if the missionaries would have gone to people and said, “You know, if you’re ever looking for change, it’s already right here.” But instead, they brought books and rules and regulations and a lot of violence.

No, we’re not missionaries. We’re not emissaries. We’re simply Masters sitting on a park bench, shining our light so that others may see their own grand potentials now or in the future.

I love this work. What we’re doing right now, I love it. It’s a little easier than all those years of discussions and lectures and everything else. I love this, just sitting with you on a park bench.

You see, it’s not too difficult to shine your light, particularly when you know what your light is. It’s your consciousness. When you know the difference between your light and your thoughts, your consciousness and your brain activity, this is a lot easier.

I will say that next time I would like a cappuccino versus just coffee with cream, and a croissant, but I’ll still be here working with you, shining our light.

You know, it feels good when you can just truly be so safe as to open up and shine your light, not worrying about any intrusions coming back, because they’re not going to. Why? Because you’re not trying to change anything. You’re simply shining a light.

If there was any response to you shining your light onto the world, it would be the world shining its light back onto you. It’s very different than when you’re trying to change something, then the energy will naturally try to change you.

“It’s pretty easy work,” you think, “just sitting here on the park bench.” But remember everything it took to get here. Remember the trials, the tribulations, the experiences, the seemingly wrong turns, the wrong turns with the wrong people. It took a while to get here.

Simple now, yes, but, oh, for the average human, you get them in here sitting on a park bench, they’re going to find a way to mess it up and to make it difficult.

Let’s take a deep breath. You’re shining a light.

You know, radiating like this gives you a whole new appreciation of everything when you look at nature or even other people.

It gives you a new and different impression of yourself.

It’s because the mind’s not racing away with thoughts, trying to put periods on everything.

It’s more openness. It’s more sensuality, because it’s coming from consciousness now – “I Am that I Am….” – because it has the four dotted ellipses, not a period.

Be the observer also. Be the observer. Not right now, but in the next couple of weeks. What’s happening on the planet? What shifted?

At first, you’ll say, “Well, it had nothing to do with us. It was something that was going to happen.” But we do enough of these together, or you by yourself, and you’ll start to say, “Something really is shifting.”

When you hear on the news, they say, “Something totally unexpected happened today. Something that did not follow normal patterns, something totally out of the blue,” then you can smile, and you go, “Possibly our light had an effect, caused some changes.”

You hear about a new scientific breakthrough and they say, “Boy, nobody would have ever expected that. That was out of left field. That was totally unexpected, and it defies so much of conventional thinking.”

When you hear that type of thing, “It’s brand new, unexpected,” well, you can smile, pat yourself on the shoulder and say, “That’s what happens when the light is illuminating, when the light is shining,” whether it’s to some scientist looking for answers, some change in an old social structure, some opening up.

When you start hearing the words “unexpected,” “unprecedented,” “out of the blue,” “totally different,” “quantum change,” that’s when you start smiling. All this benching, this – phew! – working up a sweat here benching, look what it’s doing to the planet.

This is what you came here to do right now.

You realize it’s not about working on yourself anymore. Don’t need to. That’s a pain anyway.

It’s like the sculpture always working on the statue. Give it up. Break the statue. You’re here to be a Master, allowing your energy to serve you and shining your light. It’s that simple.

Well, it’s been fun today. I’ve got to get going. I want to get up to the Ascended Masters Club and I want to look in my crystal ball. I want to see the effects of what we did today, our group Shaumbra benching. I want to see the effects. I want to see how the energies are changing, if at all. I want to see where the light is truly making a difference.

Do the same for yourself. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Let’s take a deep breath together, always remembering that all is well in all of creation, especially when there’s your light.

With that, my dear friends, I Am Adamus of Sovereign Domain. Thank you. 

 Celestial Trends – December/January 2021/22 Overview 

Celestial Trends – December 2021
December is universally an EIGHT month, which steps up the pace and gets everything moving into many different directions. EIGHT deals with business, pursuits and financial accomplishments. The month starts with activities heightened from the LUNAR ECLIPSE to move us into the rapids of information that hits early morning on November 29th, quickly moving us toward the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on December 4th. The Sagittarius focus on this New Moon heralds in the new beginnings that have been instigated from the high tide of information as Sun connects with Mercury early morning on November 29th.

Sagittarius rules truth, honesty and beliefs that tie into philosophy and awareness. The discoveries from November become visible as Sun connects with Mercury bringing in the rapids of information that quicken the pace for December. Major reveals occur as the SOLAR ECLIPSE on December 4th open the floodgates to major activities and awareness.

December’s aspects continue to push us along these rapids giving us an epic month of events.

January 2022
January is universally a SEVEN month, which brings us back to a point to look inward to review important issues, situations and circumstances. SEVEN gives us the information through research or looking beneath the surface to determine the true essence. January is the same numerology as November, but the transition into a New Year gives us a way to make the journey from 2021 to January bringing forward the same inner elements of importance. The numerology of January and February is the same as November and December, with the difference being the universal year of 2021 that transitions into 2022. This becomes the overlay of events from November and December to the New Year, giving us the recap of the story before we move into our new story of events. On the overview, Venus is retrograde in Capricorn all month, and Mercury turns retrograde on January 14th, backtracking from the accountability focus of Saturn, 10 Aquarius back into Capricorn to connect with Pluto’s use or misuse of power by the end of January. These events provide epic transparency of ethics, motives and intentions that will be addressed during the SIX year of 2022.

New Year 2022 – Overview
The New Year of 2022 is universally a SIX year, which brings the changes from the FIVE year of 2021 to integrate into 2022. The SIX is all about resolving issues to bring harmony and balance into our life. SIX rules relationships, health and well-being, and the ability to fix and problem-solve situations to emerge as positive and working well for all. We will look at our life to make important changes in home, work, health and relationships to bring about improvements to create the best circumstances.

Lot’s more information readily available at 

Note: There’s also an informative piece on Astrology – ‘the oldest science on the planet’ as Kryon calls it, on The New Wisdom page

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