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Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Art of Benching Series, July 2, 2022

Merabh of Overhead Consciousness

(music begins)

It’s really the merabh of Overhead Consciousness, the bigger picture, the bigger view. It’s actually ultimately really just another name for wisdom. 4530

People tend to focus on the little stuff. They don’t understand the real energies flows, what’s really happening in their own life, much less the planet.

It’s pretty easy, actually, to rise above that and go beyond even what the mind is thinking into Overhead Consciousness, the bigger picture, what’s really happening on the planet.

It’s easy to say right now, “Oh! Look what humans have done to the planet. The oceans are rising. The polar caps are melting. The bees are dying. Look, shameful humans, what you’ve done.”

Ehhh, you know, that’s a little shortsighted. The big picture is that Gaia is leaving, leaving because it’s time for humans to take care of the planet.

It’s not a bad thing. And, you know, when Gaia’s leaving, things are going to change. Maybe the bees, you know, they’re going to be replaced by something else. Maybe there’s no need for bees.

And maybe there’s a warming on the planet as part of a cleansing and a changing taking place, and maybe it’s all drawing more awareness to the fact that humans are on this planet, and they need to care for it.

Maybe the Overhead Consciousness is ultimately humans will start to realize that there’s more to life and existence than just the physical body and the 3D reality, the forests, the trees, and the birds, and maybe there is a reason why we’re here. And maybe that will help them to ultimately understand that it’s ultimately all about consciousness and energy.

We’re a little way away from that right now, having that kind of understanding, but you can almost see, with our Overhead Consciousness, where things are going.

Oh, it’s not about who polluted what. It’s about acknowledging that we infused our consciousness on this planet. We’re in our own living, beautiful, beautiful reality of life force energies. Like in a terrarium with everything growing around us and we infused ourselves here, embodied ourselves in this, and that’s what’s really happening.

Let’s not worry about, oh, whether two inches has melted off the polar caps. It’s more about understanding our responsibility to the planet.

Overhead Consciousness is about really realizing what’s happening with humanity right now, not getting caught up. I see so many of you getting caught up in the small stuff saying, “Oh, it’s so crazy out there.” Of course, it is. There’s a lot of changes taking place. Of course, it is.

But, you know, these changes were precipitated by bringing more consciousness to the planet, more light, and now things change, things that were out of balance. Whether it’s a financial system, whether it’s health, healthcare, these are all changing.

Whether it’s work dynamics. Look at the change in just, what, two and a half years in the dynamics of the work environment.

They say that, what, 25 percent of the work force in developed countries just walked out and said, “No more.” And I stand up and applaud. No more of this demeaning work. No more of abuse from bosses and owners. No more. They just walked out.

All these changes are taking place. And, by the way, in the Overhead Consciousness, look what’s happening. Workers walk out. People who own restaurants, small businesses, manufacturing plants throwing up their hands. They can’t get workers. Who’s going to do the work?

What happens is this brings about robotics, artificial intelligence. That’s who’s going to do the work, and it’s about time. Why should humans be sweating away at menial, degrading, low consciousness jobs with low pay? Enter the robot. Enter artificial intelligence.

It’s part of the development of the consciousness on the planet. Why should any human do demeaning work? That’s what’s happening here. That’s the bigger picture.

Don’t get caught in the little stuff. Don’t get caught in politics and small details. Look at the bigger picture, where the planet is going.

Yes, there are wars on the planet right now also, but there is a bigger picture. First of all, number one would be maybe showing to humans that this whole thing of war and suffering, ah, it’s old and it’s time for it to go.

And then it’s also old, old, old energies in the ground itself, in the land that are coming up now to be released. And sometimes it brings up very old issues, whether it’s Ukraine and Russia, whether it’s Israel and Palestine. No matter what it is, old issues.

But Overhead Consciousness is bringing this to everybody in this time of very rapid communications and humanity saying, “We’re done with this. We will not tolerate these wars, this abuse anymore.”

Let’s take a deep breath for the very reason you’re here on the planet, to bring that light. That light that will affect change, and then it’s up to the humans how they want to use it.

But at least you did what you came here to do, shine that light. That’s why you’re here.

And, in staying here and us going forward into our next Series, there are certain rights you have as a Master, certain rights that I would like you to acknowledge.

The right to abundance.

The right to joy.

The right to health.

The right to be able to create and then uncreate.

The right to know thyself and thy soul.

The right to laugh.

The right to turn everything over to wisdom whenever you choose to.

The right to remember who you are.

The right to leave the planet whenever you choose, how you choose the death.

The right to clarity. You have the right to clarity, to easily understand and assimilate anything, any energy situation in your life. The right to clarity. You have that right.

You have the right to your own energy. It is yours. You have the right to it, where nobody else can interfere. But yet, you’re timid about that right, “Is it really my energy? What do I have to do?”

You have the right to have your energy serve you however you want.

These are some of the basic rights as a Master, as an embodied Master, to stay on the planet.

Let’s take a deep breath with that.

You have the right to your creativity, your Entelligence, your spirit and your soul. Not to have them out there in the other realms anymore, but right here.

You have the right to shift into and out of realities whenever you want.

You have the right to what you would call your own secret garden, your own place that you can go any time you just need to get away. You have the right to go there and to stay there as long as you want without anybody saying, “Hey! Come back. You’ve got to take care of the world.” No. You have the right to that quiet within yourself.

Let’s take a good, deep breath.

We’ll continue to refine the Masters’ rights.

We want these succinct so we can go forward together, so you can know exactly, exactly what you’re entitled to, a constant reminder.

And you have the right to freedom, if you choose.

Let’s take a good deep breath for all we’ve done today, for the laughter, the humor, the conversation, the camaraderie and the remembering.

Let’s take a good deep breath in knowing that all is well in all creation.

With that, I Am Adamus of Sovereign Domain. Thank you (audience applause). 

 Celestial Trends – August and September 2022 Overview 

August 2022
August is universally a FIVE month, which brings change, breakthrough and freedom beginning on August 1st with Mars conjunct the Uranus winds. The events will blow our sails to move ahead quickly into our revised directions, especially as Mercury has moved ahead of the Sun. Mercury will continue to stretch the distance beyond the typical 18 degrees, going to 27 degrees ahead of the Sun as each day in August progresses. This pushes the events of August into the next phase of our life as we move into the open ocean and closer to our new environment. August is full of major aspects that concentrate the creative Leo energy to bring forward right action and a sense of purpose with humanity to benefit others. August has a lot of events slated which stem from the major aspects during the month. We will all accomplish a lot during August as the fast-paced events occur with major requirements, similar to a lively tennis match that has us running all over the court. We have to be ready for all situations to quickly assess and take action.

September 2022
September is universally a SIX month, which opens the doors to change, adjustments to revise and retrofit home, work, relationships into a sense of harmony and balance. Mercury moves into Libra on August 25th, which brings the span between Sun and Mercury to be a 27 degree extreme, with Sun at 3 Virgo and Mercury moving into the next of Libra. This creates a major information surge to have us look at relationship issues, yet the current Sun, which marks the X on the “you are here map” to make us realize that the gap is pushing us to realize we have a lot of space we haven’t covered and need to move forward as we are behind the eight-ball in the game plan. Mercury turns retrograde at 6 Libra on September 9th to help us realize that we have to go back to pick up the missing pieces and get things back on tract to close the gap. Mercury in Libra rules relationships and that our backtracking has to get the right alignment to bring right action into the direction for relationships, bringing balance to our partnerships. Major decisions will be made on September 22nd, as Sun shifts into Libra, connecting with Mercury retrograde, bringing the information together with our choice of actions for balance. The decisions made at this time will then be revealed and put into motion once Mercury turns direct. September will ultimately review the major elements and aspects to resolve key issues and to bring forward in October as Mercury turns direct October 2nd. With Mercury and sun in Libra, our concepts are aligned with our placement on the “you are here” map and we can begin to move our life forward in early October. Ultimately the forward movement will begin to click circumstances into place for the alignment to occur for the empowered New Moon / Solar Eclipse on October 25th at 2 Scorpio.

New Year 2022 – Overview
The New Year of 2022 is universally a SIX year, which brings the changes from the FIVE year of 2021 to integrate into 2022. The SIX is all about resolving issues to bring harmony and balance into our life. SIX rules relationships, health and well-being, and the ability to fix and problem-solve situations to emerge as positive and working well for all. We will look at our life to make important changes in home, work, health and relationships to bring about improvements to create the best circumstances.

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