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Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe
The full channel can be viewed on the

 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Illumination Series – 1 June 2024

Merabh of Allowing Imagination

So, I’m going to ask, let’s put some music on and really feel into this, as we bring it to a merabh.

(music begins)

Allowing kind of means, “Okay, I’m ready to move on. There’s so much more awaiting me. It doesn’t need to be limited by my human mind.”

By the way, all of this is absolutely natural. It’s going to happen anyway. All of it is natural. It helps to have an understanding of what’s going on, it minimizes the anxiety and the fear, but all this is very natural. In other words, you as a human don’t have to work at it.

It’s just about allowing it.

Allowing is saying, “I, as the human, don’t need to keep controlling and trying to manage things. I, as the human, don’t need to limit things anymore. I don’t even have to figure them out in my head.”

It means, “I’m ready to move beyond this identity,” and I know you all have said that. But let’s just do it now. Let’s not just say it. Let’s just do it.


Oh god, isn’t it just awful, all the thinking that you’ve done and back and forth in your mind and trying to figure it out? It doesn’t work. The reading and the studying, it’s kind of fun in a way. But ultimately, even that doesn’t work. It’s just a matter of saying, “I let go. I allow.”


And then – then you begin to understand what light really is.

You begin to understand what I say when light is imagination.


You begin to understand that all the mental stuff, all the linear stuff has been so boring and unfulfilling.

Your imagination is coming forth, dear Shaumbra. It’s also causing you to become more sensitive, more aware, and at a human level confused, unsettled, challenged on some days. Other days truly in a state of awe with yourself. But still too many challenging days, and we need to be over that.

And I have to say that right now where we are, what, 15 months or so since Heaven’s Cross, is probably the most difficult part of your staying here on the planet as an embodied Master. Right now is the most difficult part, because it’s that transition from really the human self into the Master Self. It’s the most difficult because it’s your past lives also coming to their Realizations, and then integrating with you. So, you’ve got all that noise to go with everything else.

But this is about as difficult as it gets. I guess that’s the good news. If you could make it this far, it eases up.

When (Adamus chuckles). Shaumbra, always, “When?” Would you just feel into that. This is the toughest, and if you made it this far, it doesn’t matter when.

You’re going through such tremendous transformations right now, and the biggest thing is this new sensitivity. How do you even deal with it? I mean, you’re used to being kind of sensitive about some things, but now this takes it to a new level.

When you’re feeling everything and taking it all in and not even being aware of what’s really just yours, it can be overwhelming.

Now, when I looked at our gathering today and I said, “We’ve got to just take a deep breath together. We don’t need a bunch of new stuff today.” Oh, I’ve got a lot of new stuff coming up, but now let’s just stop for a moment, let’s do a big Master’s pause right here. Let’s just stop, take a deep breath and allow.

And it’s a natural process. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to manage it or make it happen. You allow it.


What’s really happening underneath all this – your sensitivity and all – is you’ve been allowing light in and radiating it out to the planet of course, screwing them up but good. Always remember that, when we turned those lights on before, what that was like – ughh! – that’s what the planet is going through. But even beyond the sensitivity right now, your true imagination is opening up.

I talk about imagination and some people just think it’s, you know, you’re making something up in your mind, and you begin to realize it’s so much more. Imagination is the awareness of many other levels, many other realms.

Imagination – it is the thing that also opens your other senses. You’ve got your human senses, but you have a lot more, and suddenly, as you allow, as light comes in, it opens these other senses. Some are more important than others, but it opens these senses, which is one reason you’re feeling sensitive.

But what’s happening is you’re coming back into kind of a state or an awareness of imagination. And not linear, not just playing around in the brain, but real open imagination.

There was a lot of work done in the 60s, early 70s with LSD. Some of you are familiar with it. You were the experimenters (Adamus chuckles). There was a lot of good clinical work that was done with it. And when done properly with guidance, supervision, it was found to be pretty effective for opening up some pathways.

Timothy Leary, he wasn’t just a drug addict. He was a true researcher. He really understood the value of having this potent chemical that would open doorways. It brought more sensitivity. It brought a lot of imagination. But it also brought the law (Adamus chuckles).

It would have been interesting to see what happened if his research – and that of others researching LSD – had actually worked out. It would be interesting to see how it could have changed society. I am not advocating – Cauldre’s giving me crap here – I’m not advocating that you all go out and do it. There are natural ways to do it. One of the dangers of any drug or chemical is you open up things too quickly. You’re much better off with a natural way of doing it, like you are now.

But it’s interesting and it’s coming kind of back into the spotlight right now, using what they call microdosing, using it as a way to bring back people who are very, very unbalanced or who have deep psychological issues because they’ve got some closed doors or doors that were actually way too far open. It’s interesting, with everything going on right now on the planet in terms of the mind, that this is kind of coming back.

We don’t need to do that because we’re just going to allow it naturally.

One of the side effects of these medications is you go on it and you do your little journey, but then you’re right back smack into this reality, right back in your old ways and it’s kind of depressing. Really depressing. The thought was that if you open the door enough, and then even if that door shuts again after your hallucinations, that maybe there’ll be some remembrance and some benefit from it. But we don’t need to even go there. We’re just going to take a deep breath and allow in a very natural way.

Allowing is also trusting. Trusting implicitly in your Self, in the Master, the soul, whatever you want to call it, but trusting.

And really what’s happening, what I’m really trying to say here is that the imagination is coming back. The light is coming back. But it affects the way you dream. Not just your nighttime dreams, but it affects the way you dream – your desires, your aspirations.

And as the true imagination comes back, you begin to realize that your plans, your goals, what you would call your dreams are relatively meaningless. They were very linear, very based on human needs and desires. They were very psychological in a way.

But you suddenly realize as that imagination comes back, that, well, there’s so much more. You couldn’t have planned it.

You’ve been bringing in the light and letting it radiate, and all this time what it’s doing for you is returning you to the natural state of light or true creator imagination.

In the true creator imagination, it’s not wasted on things like worrying about or trying to imagine or create a little bit more wealth, even a little bit more health, being a little younger, being a better chess player. The true imagination is far beyond that.

And I know to the human, some of those things are important. But what happens is that as you allow the imagination to return, the little things of life, the little things take care of themselves. You don’t have to micromanage them. There’s a synchronicity that takes place. There’s a natural way of all those things being basically taken care of.

Let’s take a deep breath here in this special gathering for Shaumbra and allow the imagination.


It returns very naturally.


It’s the light, basically, that’s coming back, and it’s the core or the source of true creation.


Now the Master – the Master, which you are, by the way. I’m going to start giving all of you a bunch of my crap, if you continue to think of yourself as just the human. You are the Master.

The Master doesn’t waste their light or their creation on the small human details, because there is so much more beyond that.

The Master doesn’t use their imagination to create things based on power, because there’s no need for it. It’s an illusion, and all the energy is yours anyway.

The Master doesn’t use the imagination just to imagine themselves as a happier human. They’ll actually use it to kill the human – psychologically speaking, of course. Not physically.

The Master will use the imagination to dissolve the human away, to release the illusion of the human.


Not to try to make the human a little taller, ten pounds lighter, a little richer.

The Master will use the imagination to release all of the illusions of the human, or rather the delusions of the human.

Let’s take a deep breath right now, and step aside to let your natural state of imagination, supported by other senses – nonphysical senses – letting those come back as well. Just gently, quietly step back a moment and allow.

(longer pause)

I know you’ve been worried and stressed and had anxiety, and on good days had breakthroughs and had true feelings of just being truly in a beautiful place with yourself. But then the next day some of these rough ones. That’s why I wanted to design this day around what’s really happening, what’s really important.

Take a few moments now to allow that natural sense of imagination to come forth.

(longer pause)

You, as a human, have worked so hard on trying to create and found it very frustrating and difficult. Well, you can create certain things with your hands or through your mind. You can create a house, if you want to build one. You can create wealth. You can create a job or whatever. But that’s not real true creation.


That’s really just moving old parts and pieces around, putting it together in different ways.

Let’s take a deep breath right now in the imagination, and feeling into what true creation is.

(longer pause)

I know it’s been tough out there, heh. A bit of a reminder that you all wanted to be here right now. Every once in a while, we just need a little break like this to really feel into what’s really going on. And, yes, you’re more sensitive than ever. Your senses are awakening and the true imagination coming back.

Let’s take a deep breath and allow all of that.


Now, I’d like you to also feel into, in a nonmental way, feel into what it’s like to be a creator.

With light, with imagination, what that feels like to be a true creator.


Hard to put into words. Very hard.

But you realize perhaps that such a waste it is, such a waste of your own energy, to create on small scales, little scales; create little things to satisfy little human needs that would otherwise be taken care of by themselves.

Feel that in the boldest way possible, the true creator that you are.


In just a moment I’m going to ask you to turn your lights on again, radiate out to the planet. That’s what you came here for. But before we do, let’s take that good deep breath of allowing.

And then allow into your imagination.


And then allow into all that you have and can create. Allow into your creatorship.

(longer pause)

Once again, all this is occurring in a very natural way.

As the imagination – the real imagination – emerges, it brings about sensitivity, awareness, light, all of these things.

Let’s take a good, deep breath and now imagine going beyond, without words. Feel it. Sense it.


So Shaumbra, let’s take a good deep breath. Good, deep breath together.

We needed to do just a stop today, just a pause and, again, that sensitivity making you almost over-aware of everything. And then when you try to use your old tricks of finding balance and it doesn’t work, today you’ve come to a new level.

Just take a deep breath and integrate it now.

And please do not try to figure all this out. In other words, don’t go back on a linear basis and say, “Now, what did he say? What did I need to do?”

Take a deep breath and just allow it. And as you do, even if it brings up some human fears and concerns, you take a deep breath and remember all is well in all of creation.

Thank you, dear Shaumbra.

I will return. Thank you.

Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Illumination Series – 4 November 2023

21 Shaumbra Realizations – Distilled wisdom for your journey home

Number One – I Exist. I Am that I Am. Everything emanates from this.
This is the passion of your consciousness: “I Exist. I Am that I Am. I have always existed. I have no beginning. I have no end. I am eternal. I can exist in different forms. I may exist in this lifetime as my human identity, but even when that part of me goes beyond, I still exist.” Everything flows from this, your pure state of consciousness.

Number Two – Consciousness must be present for anything to occur.
For any creation or experience to exist, consciousness must first be there to perceive and to call it into expression. Without the presence of consciousness to observe and experience its creation, the creation does not exist except as a potential. Consciousness does not arise from matter; it is the source. Consciousness is the key to everything; nothing happens until something is perceived.

Number Three – Everything is an act of consciousness.
It’s all an act of consciousness. From the face you see in the mirror to the faintest impulse; from the highest enlightenment to the darkest brutality; from deepest love to coldest indifference, victim to victimizer, birth to death – everything you do is simply a role played out by your consciousness for the purpose of experience. You can change the act whenever you choose to move on from the current act or wish to have a new experience. It is your free will.

Number Four – The human journey is about experiencing your consciousness and energy.
Earth was created specifically for angelic beings to embody into a slowed-down reality so that we could discover and understand the relationship between consciousness and energy. Your consciousness is pure, and your energy is neutral until it is called into expression by your perception and the desire for experience. Understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy is the purpose of life on Earth.

Number Five – Energy is communications. Nothing more, nothing less.
Energy is communications, not particles, or a force, or power. It is what your consciousness created in the desire to know itself. Energy is in a neutral state until ignited by the desire of consciousness to have an experience. That sets energy into motion, and its dynamic and design are always going to be in exact accordance with how consciousness perceives itself. Energy is a constant communication that consciousness has about its own nature and state.

Number Six – Everything in your reality is your energy.
All energy is yours, the song of your own soul. Consciousness perceives everything only through its own energy in the same way that you can only see through your own physical eyes, never through somebody else’s. Therefore, everything in your reality is your own energy called into its current form by your perception of your own self. Even when there is an energy design “outside” of you, such as that of nature or other people, still you fill that design with your own energy to be able to perceive it. You don’t perceive others directly as they are, but only through your own energy. Energy cannot be given or taken, although you can create an illusion of such an exchange. It is completely up to you how to perceive and receive your energy.

Number Seven – The Master allows energy to serve them.
When everything in your reality is your energy, it is no longer necessary to select, protect or reject anything in your life. As the Master, you understand that every moment of life is your creation, a gift from your Free Self to your Human Self. You can therefore fully receive your energy in absolute trust and flow, knowing that it is serving you in perfection. Others cannot steal your energy, nor can you get energy from anything outside of yourself. Instead of limiting, manipulating, and resisting energy, a Master allows it to serve them.

Number Eight – All energy seeks resolution.
Your energy is in neutral until it takes on polarity to form and express a reality. It is meant to flow freely through experience, but often it gets stuck due to trauma, guilt, shame, and other issues. This stuck energy can then manifest in the body as aches, pains, and illness, and in life as repeating patterns, problems, and challenges. When you let go of the issues and allow the wisdom, your energy will return to its natural flow, bringing healing, resolution, and renewal.

Number Nine – You are your own Oneness.
Through the timeless spiral of its existence, your soul has generated countless expressions of itself. And because energy always finds its resolution, it is to this deep inner oneness that all lifetimes, aspects, and experiences inevitably return. Everything – past, present, and future, every potential – is already within. Your Oneness is sovereign, not dependent any other beings or forces, not even melding into anything outside itself. You are on a journey that culminates with returning to your own Oneness.

Number Ten – Realization is a natural occurrence.
Enlightenment is the full integration of every part of yourself. Energy is always moving toward resolution, which means your Realization is a foregone conclusion. No matter how deep one dives into experience, the song of the soul will always sing you back home. The human cannot possibly design and manufacture their Realization. In fact, you are already Realized and now just going through the experience of how you got there, as if traveling back through time.

Number Eleven – You are not responsible for your Realization.
Realization occurs from the desire and instigation of the soul and the inner Master, which is the culmination of all your lifetimes. As the soul’s human expression, your only responsibility is to sensually experience the journey. The destination is confirmed; how you get there is up to you.

Number Twelve – The future is the past healed.
As humans, we tend to build the future on the past. Tomorrow will likely resemble yesterday; childhood wounds create troubled lives; unfinished business leads to karmic reconnections. However, when one lets go of the problems, turns away from suffering, and chooses self-love, the future becomes very different. You realize nothing was ever wrong; everything was simply an experience that can now be given up to the soul and brought to wisdom.

Number Thirteen – Suffering is for fools and clergy.
Suffering was never intended to be part of the human experience. However, perhaps due to the original guilt of coming to Earth and forgetting Self, it took hold in human consciousness. There is absolutely no need for suffering, whether to strengthen your character, pay for your sins or to become enlightened. You can change suffering-consciousness to joy-consciousness whenever you choose.

Number Fourteen – You are not a victim of anyone or anything.
Every role played by humans is an act of consciousness, and everything in your reality is your energy. Therefore, no being or organization can harm you or steal your energy unless you choose to play that role. If you believe you’re a victim, you will create that pattern in your life. And every victim is always an abuser. When you let go of the victim act of consciousness and take full responsibility for your experience, you set yourself free.

Number Fifteen – Abundance and health are natural states of being.
Your soul naturally exists in abundance, wellbeing, peace, and joy. It is unnatural to live in lack, limitation, and pain. Allow yourself to feel your natural state of being, and you will restore your natural state of ease and balance.

Number Sixteen – If you have issues in your life, it’s because you’re still gaining something from them.
Whatever is in your life experience is there because you are still getting something from it. Even the undesired things are there because they are still serving you in some way. You are the creator. Ask yourself what you’re gaining from the issue and if you are ready to move on, release it from your life and allow it to be distilled into wisdom.

Number Seventeen – Over 90% of your biology and thoughts are not yours.
Your body is mostly a product of your ancestors. Your mind has been programmed to follow patterns, picking up beliefs, perceptions, and fears from family, teachers, friends, news, and mass consciousness – whether expressed in some tangible form or non-physical, such as thoughts – and internalizes those. Humans tend to own all perceptions and experiences that come from within, but you can use your awareness to discern what is really yours. What is yours is what you choose. Keep only what you want, then take a deep breath and let everything else go.

Number Eighteen – Only your soul can heal your wounds and only when you’re ready.
Throughout life you may run from your wounds, react to them, obsess over them, counsel them, process them, and try to heal them in countless ways. True healing can only be found by releasing the wounds to your soul and receiving its forgiveness. The soul has infinite patience and will wait until you are done with the issues and ready to let them go. Then it will welcome, heal, and transform everything into pure wisdom.

Number Nineteen – You are not beholden to gravity, be it physical, emotional, or societal.
In the physical world, gravity is a force that holds things together, and it has the same function in the realms of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, mass consciousness, and more. In quantum physics there is expansional gravity, sometimes referred to as dark energy. It allows everything from the expansion of the physical universe to the opening of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. In the limited perspective of the human we only see and experience “inward” gravity but in fact we also have access to “expansional” gravity in order to move beyond the restrictions of matter and mind.

Number Twenty – There are no Beings greater than the Human Being.
While other beings and civilizations may exist and may even be technologically and intellectually advanced, it is the angelic beings in human form who have dived in the deepest, forgotten the hardest, hurt the most, and still have kept learning, growing, and eventually remembering. As angels searching for Home, we discovered love right here on Earth. In the darkest nights we chase the light. In the deepest pain we choose compassion. And now our wisdom radiates throughout creation, affecting the entire cosmos. No other beings have endured and learned as much as humans, created things as deep and as sensual as art, poetry, and music. This makes humans the most sacred and advanced beings of all.

Number Twenty-one – All is well in all of creation.
You took on the human condition to experience in the deepest ways and learn about consciousness, energy, and self-love. Being human was never a punishment or curse; it was a courageous choice to explore and create. When you are fully realized and ascended from the planet, your stories will inspire and edify countless other beings, because you are living proof that everything works out. With this knowledge, you can relax into your Realization and experience these final years on the planet in any way you choose. No souled being is truly lost, and no issue ever goes unresolved.

“You are already Realized, and now just going through the experience of how you got there.” – Adamus Saint-Germain 

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