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This live channelling was given in Miami Florida
December 15, 2018

“The Seven Gifts”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This weekend will feature the last channels of the year, with the exception of one to be given on Christmas Day. It’s a good way to close 2018.

I give you this information for those listening beyond this day. It’s December as I speak to you and it’s the beginning, dear ones, of a cultural festival. This festival is one that features giving. Indeed, some have decided it’s a festival of buying, however, that is cultural choice.

Did you know that this holiday season isn’t just for you in this country? At different times of the year, many different cultures on this planet all do this kind of festival. It’s almost like they take a break from life and start to create decorations and lights. It’s an honoring of family and a holiday season of giving. Hindus do this well. They have something called Diwali, the Festival of Lights and a time of giving. It sounds a lot like your Christmas, doesn’t it? In their culture, they celebrate one another. It’s a time to stop for a moment and honor family. In the Hindu tradition, Diwali has separate days for giving to family individuals. There is a day to honor your mother, father, brothers and sisters. Other cultures do similar things in different ways, but there are so many who believe in a time of festive giving.

The Seven Holiday Gifts for You

Dear ones, I wish to do something. I’m going to create seven holiday gifts for you. The difference in these gifts on this holiday season is this: These will be gifts you’re going to give to yourself.

In all of the giving in all of the cultures, the focus is about giving to others and, of course, receiving gifts from them. Today, this is going to be more profound than you think and I’m going to make a statement: “If there are any here, or listening to this who actually follow these instructions for these seven gifts, your life is going to change.”

There will be revelations and perhaps more. Each gift represents a day where you do something for yourself. Now, not every single day of gift giving for yourself is going to be easy. In fact, of these first three, two of them are often difficult as you’re going to see in a moment. The difficulty is that it requires you take a full day off to do it. Now, this is on purpose.

Dear ones, everything you do seems to be more important to you if it takes more time. How many years have you been in school? How many years have you been in your job? All of these long-term experiences give credibility and weight to others who hear it. So you’re going to have to want to do it. There are seven. Some may seem easy, but they won’t be if you follow the instructions. Many take a day. Some of them require that you do nothing but change your attitude, and some of them take time. How important is it to give gifts to yourself? Don’t do these gifts to yourself unless you are ready for change.

Gift One

I’m going to call the first gift, “The ‘I Deserve It’ Day”, and you don’t have to take it off. This is a day where you actually plan the other days. This is needed because you’re going to have to explain to your family a little bit of what you’re doing. When they hear what you’re going to do, they’re going to say, “Why?” and that’s when you’re going to say, “Because I deserve it.” All through this day, every time you look in the mirror you will repeat the phrase, “I deserve it. I’ve worked hard. I’m going to give a gift to myself. It will be a series of seven things. This is the first, and I’m doing this because I deserve it.” These are not just words, dear ones, because the teaching of Kryon has always said that you deserve to be here. This is not just esoteric information, but rather practical information. It will affect the way you live your life, because of the way you handle yourself when it comes to drama and when it comes to stress. So, it’s time to give yourself gifts.

Gift Two

The second gift requires a day off. It has to be away from everything and only you know where that can be. When I say away from everything, I mean that. Allow no Human interaction of any kind. I’ll even give this a name: “No Stress Day”. There should be no emails, not even messaging, no media of any kind at all, no electronics. Don’t go someplace where someone is going to ask you a question or corner you and talk. This has to be a place of solace. Your choice. A full day is needed in this fashion – a whole day.

Now, you may wonder what this is going to do. You may say, “Well, Kryon, we know it’s good not to have stress, so that’s nice. I understand.” Do you? I suppose you do this often? When you’re done with this day, I guarantee something: You’re going to realize what really causes you stress that you didn’t think about before, because without it you’re going to feel so much better! When you realize what the stress is for you, you will have the opportunity to change it. But if you simply repeat the same thing every single day, there’s no vacation for you to examine what might actually give you stress in your life, and it may actually surprise you. That’s number two. No Stress Day. It has to be completely by yourself and if you have to explain it to anyone, tell them the truth: “I’m giving a gift to myself because I deserve it.”

Gift Three

Number three is similar but different. I’m going to call number three “Gaia Day”. Gaia is Mother Earth, Pachamama. It is the planet itself, and you’re going to have to take another day off. (I told you this might be difficult in the holiday season.) Some say “Impossible!” This schedule is up to you. How much do you think you deserve good things in your life? Your relatives and friends will say, “What, another one?” and you will say, “Yes, because I deserve it. I’m giving myself another gift.”

This is a day of complete and total silence from any other Human Being. Go find nature and sit there all day. To a Floridian, it may be the beach. For someone in the middle of the country, it’s the forest. You cannot talk to any Human for the duration. You can talk as much as you want to the Planet, however. Ever talk to the waves? Have you ever talked to the trees? Have you ever caught yourself in a conversation with the sky or with the stars? This gift is a rekindling of love for Planet Earth. Of all of the gifts that you give for yourself, you will remember this one the most after you do it. How often do you do this, dear ones? For some of you, the answer is never. For others, it will be, “I do it quite a bit and need it!” There is great power in this, and we have told you that this helps to rekindle the relationship with Gaia, who is your partner in life and consciousness on this planet. You can’t ignore Gaia and be a balanced Human Being. The planet is ready to give you this gift!

Now, the next four are a little more esoteric and you don’t have to take the day off, but they may be more difficult for some of you.

Gift Four

Gift number four is “Mastery Day”. I want to tell you fully about this gift and you’re going to have to study a little for it. Dear ones, we have told you that what you have inside you is mastery. However, many things get in the way of it, so you don’t often realize your magnificence. Your habits, what your culture is like and many other things keep you from seeing who you are. Also, what you have been taught as basic Human nature tells you that you are less than a master. All of these items conspire together to take you out of the mastery that you are born with.

Fact: You are born magnificent and with free choice. With this you can go any direction you wish. What would a master of today be like – not a master of the past, but a master of today?

As I begin this discussion, there will be those who will say, “Well, this isn’t for me; it’s for others.” You watch and see. What will happen if you change your attitude even for a day? What would happen if when you awaken, you proclaim, “I am magnificent. Everything that happens to me today, I will see with the eyes of my Higher-Self. I will behave like a master would behave. I will look for compassion and God and love in everything I see. And every time I do it, I’m going to get a little younger.”

“Kryon, do you get younger by being a master?” No. You become younger by practicing mastery. That’s what compassion and love do within the Human body. They start to slow down the aging process in the cells. You’ve heard doctors talk about it! Those in stress don’t live long. Those with love and compassion tend to live a lot longer.

This will start early in the day when you awake. Don’t take the day off. Instead, do what you do every day. Example: You’re on your way to the store or to your job, and something happens in traffic where somebody yells at you, honking their horn at you and gesturing to you. What is the normal reaction of the Human Being? Suppress that urge and relax into your mastery. I want you to think about that person. I want you to have compassion for that person. They are having a bad day just like you’ve had bad days. See them in the light of that. A master will have no instant reaction to honk back or become vocal. There is no reaction to feel bad or insulted, because all you feel is the mastery inside you and the compassion for them. You don’t know their name, but suddenly they are in a golden light that you’ve created. Are you starting to get this picture? Mastery Day.

Who irritates you the most at home? Suddenly, you start to experience that differently because of this day. Refuse to be irritated. When it normally occurs, say to yourself, “This will not irritate me because I have mastery. I am magnificent in love.” Suddenly, you realize that all of those who would irritate you are just like you. They’re doing the best they can with what they have. You may actually irritate them! Did you consider that? Perhaps you cause THEM stress and haven’t realized it.

So you take a step backwards and you put a golden light around them and yourself. Don’t be surprised if they feel it instantly. Oh, what a gift this would be for you, wouldn’t it? If you could change the irritation factor, they might actually soften and start seeing you differently? Why? Because you no longer react as you have in the past.

You begin to look at everything in a compassionate, silent way and many will see it in your eyes. Perhaps your culture says to you in a situation, “This is the time where I shout in anger.” Instead, you say to yourself, “I am magnificent and way above what my culture brings. I have mastery inside.”

Perhaps you go to the place where you work and there is that person that you cannot stand? They are so irritating! Now you have the opportunity to practice the same thing you did with your family. Yes, they are irritating, but they are going through life the best they can with the best they know. Again, perhaps you irritate them and don’t know it! So you begin putting that golden light around both of you. This is mastery.

How about something even more practical? Let’s say you go to lunch with friends and, one by one, you start to hear them talk like they always do. They start complaining about the way things are. Then they give opinions on unjust issues and begin to “play” the same tape over and over about the same dysfunctions and people that you have heard about for years at that table. All the time you’re at lunch, all you hear is negativity. You remain silent, and it’s not like you to remain silent. So, you know what’s going to happen next. Eventually your friends will turn and look at you and ask, “How do you feel about this? You are very quiet today.” You haven’t said anything. They know something’s up.

Pay attention, for what I’m going to give you is practical mastery. In this case when you have remained silent, you have an opportunity to change the energy without being critical of who they are. You give them a truth. You tell them, “Something has happened to me. I’ve discovered something for myself. Dear friends, I realized that when I participated in these discussions, I felt bad. Negative things for me started to upset me. I didn’t enjoy my food. Dear friends, everything you’ve said today is accurate and true for you. Some of these issues need to be corrected, and that’s the real subject. However, I’ve changed how I react. Every time I hear about these unjust or negative things, I visualize them corrected. I visualize solution in everything you’ve talked about today. None of you are wrong today, and I really enjoy being with you. However, for me, I have discovered that I can digest my food better if I silently start visualizing these things solved. Recently, that’s what I’ve learned about myself.”

How can they argue with that? You did not make them wrong in what they did. You simply talked about yourself and what you’ve learned for you. That’s mastery. You don’t make the people around you feel bad or criticize them because you’re better than they are. Instead, you come from a compassionate heart and give them an invitation into what you have discovered for yourself.

I guarantee you that at the end of the lunch, at least one of them will come to you and say, “Tell me more – I want what you have.” And then you can explain even more about the love that you have and the mastery that you’ve discovered. Mastery Day. I challenge you to do this. Think about situations and how you may react. Meditate before you walk out the door. And make an affirmation. Dear Spirit, this day I am a master. Dear Spirit, bring to me the things that are gifts that I can walk through as a master. That was number four. Are you beginning to see these are not easy?

Gift Five

Number Five is “Healing Day”. Dear ones, this is old news to a Kryon follower. Your cells are aware of what you say. This has been proven by the science of epigenetics. Cells are influenced by that which consciousness and environment create. What do you say out loud daily? Who are you really? Are you your own person or a product of what those around you define?

Dear ones, if you look at your society and how it talks to you, your health and your age is all a product of what they tell you. Have you watched your media lately? They will tell you quite clearly that if you’re a certain age, here’s what is supposed to be wrong with you. Then they will give you the names of the designed chemistry that you need to take for it, and you sit there watching and you simply watch it over and over and it goes right into your subconscious. They’re defining you, dear ones! They are telling you what’s supposed to be wrong with you at a certain age and your entire society believes it.

What if you took control of all of that? Healing day is about taking control of that. Example: You wake up in the morning and again you say, “I am magnificent. I was born magnificent. Cells, I’m going to talk to you today. I want you to listen.” Then you start your list. Make a list in advance, and I want you to go through that list every hour. “Cells, listen up: Here’s the list again…” Your list? It will be just for you, but in that list, you will inform (not ask) your cells to stop aging. Remind them that your normal state is being balanced and healthy.

There will be those who will say, “Too late, Kryon, I’ve already got a disease.” Let me ask you something: Is the disease you have, part of your cells? No, it’s an invader, isn’t it? Then tell your cells to get rid of the invader, because the body knows how. The body knows how! Science may not know how, but the body does. The vast history of homeopathy proves this! Homeopathy is a process that instructs the body to heal. In addition, there have been so many remissions of disease through consciousness, through affirmations, when the Human cognizes the healing completely.

Don’t be surprised when often you can feel it immediately. Headaches go away; pain starts to go away; you start to feel healthier. What a gift! That’s for you. That’s the power of consciousness over biology.

You are in control of your cells. We have told you this for years, but I will tell you this: If you don’t believe this fact, nothing will happen. It’s because that innate part of your body knows if you’re faking or not. It’s not about making the list and saying it or reading it. Healing Day is where you finally believe it and give yourself the gift of health. That was number five. If you followed some of the Tibetan numerology, you realize that the number five represents change. Do you see how that might change you?

Gift Six

This requires a day off. I want you to think about what you want to do this day. It could be simple or complex. It’s a day to do what you want to do. It’s a gift for yourself and something you want. It could be easy. It could be, “Today I want to eat at a restaurant that I like instead of going somewhere because someone else likes it. Today I’m going to enjoy my favorite things. Today I’m going to listen to music that I like, not what others like.” This is your practical gift for yourself. What is it that makes you feel good, but that you’ve been kept from doing because of other things? “I’m going to take time for the things I like all day long.”

Again, there will be those who will say, “What is wrong with you?” And you can say, “Nothing. I’m giving myself a gift. I’m doing what I want to do all day long because I deserve it.” Perhaps you believe that this is something very simple? Think again. How long has it been since you’ve done this? Most of you will say, “I can’t remember when.” Compassionate Lightworkers are designed to think about others and put yourself last. So, many of you constantly give way to other’s ideas and suggestions. How long has it been since you’ve eaten where you want to eat? Do it alone or with others, but do it. You’re going to enjoy that meal, dear ones, because it’s a gift for yourself. You deserve it.

Gift Seven

This is different. It’s not going to take long, yet it may be difficult to explain. I’m going to call it “Angel Day”. You better be alone when you do this. I don’t want anyone watching you. I’ve waited till last for this number seven because it represents divinity. I challenge you. When you’re alone and no one is there, I want you to go to the middle of the room. Make that room as silent as it can be. The evening would be best, when there is less activity outside.

In that quietness, I want you to raise your arms up high and I want you to say out loud, “Angels in this room, I love you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being with me all my life. Thank you for laughing with me and crying with me.” Then I want you to feel the tingling in your arms as they indicate they heard you, and are saying, “Thank you. We love you.” You’re going to feel it. You’ll know what it is when you feel it. Oh, what a gift for you. This is a good, solid communication with a realm that you cannot see, but who knows who you are and is always with you. Can you do that? What a challenge. You’re going to feel this, dear ones, and you’re going to come out differently.


Those are the Seven Gifts. What have I told you in the past about who you are? You have it backwards, dear ones, when you fall on your knees because an angel is present. Those angels are here for you because you deserve it. The Human Being is magnificent on this planet and is changing it in these new times. Your spiritual support group knows it. They’re ready to take your hand and assist you through this life. How beautiful is this?

Can you believe this is true? If you do, the implementation of these Seven Gifts will create a life change for you. You might even consider it every year, since it is so balancing and loving.

I tell you the truth this day. Love is increased when you do these things. Compassion is easier to feel when you do these things. Mastery is easier to obtain when you practice it, and you’ll know what I mean. This is the holiday. It is a festival of light. Let it shine within you.

And so it is.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Emergence Series, November 2018


Next part of the talk. The human might get a little upset about this (a few chuckles and someone says “Oh, no!”). Yeah, for the first time, right?

I’ve said before that you don’t really have a destiny, you know, and I loved astrology. I studied it for many, many lifetimes. I loved it, but you know – it’s the first time ever publicly admitting this – I finally threw out all the books. Threw them out, got rid of everything about astrology, because I got very frustrated. After studying it deeply for many lifetimes, got very frustrated because it didn’t explain everything. It wasn’t a nice, neat, easy, clean mathematical equation. And I kept on finding things that were wrong with it. “Why doesn’t this work? If you’re a Pisces or you’re a Cancer and you were born on these dates,” and I’d do all the charts and everything. Back then we didn’t have your fancy computers, I’d have to do it by hand. I’d do all the charts and it still didn’t make sense. I finally had to throw them all out. I got sick and tired of it. You know how some of you perhaps if you’re golfers, you know, you golf all your life and one day you just get so frustrated, you take that bag of clubs and throw it into the pond and say, “Never again! I’m tired of chasing the stupid ball.” (a few chuckles) It was kind of one of those moments, done with astrology.

What I realized later, for a lot of reasons, is that, first of all, astrology doesn’t take into account a lot of things, like past lives. Astrology doesn’t take into account Points of Separation, the awakening, for instance. You really have to factor that in, because it changes everything. And astrology doesn’t take into account hidden potentials – potentials that are behind the stars, so to speak – that could come out with just a little moving, a little shaking.

But astrology also bothered me because many people believed, as I did for a while, that there was a star destiny, that you were destined to certain things based on the stars, based on your birth date and everything else. I actually realized pretty quick that it wasn’t a firm destiny, but it was too firm for my taste. Why should one be born under the influence of stars? And I know some of you astrologers out there are screaming right now, but get over astrology. I did. Drop it.

I realized that it confined a person, particularly if they really believed in it and they thought, “These are the tools that I have. This is what’s going to happen to me in my lifetime. This is what I’m destined to do.”

A couple of years ago I said, “There is no destiny.” There’s no destiny. There’s no stars that are …  you’re all the signs and many other signs. You know, they talk about 12 signs of astrology? I discovered – it wasn’t published ever, but I discovered there was actually 144 and probably many beyond that. So – egh! – astrology.

So, I didn’t like the concept that a person was destined, and I know some of you are thinking, “Well, no, they’re just influences.” Yeah, but people who really study their own astrology or look at their own astrology then take it as a destiny. I said, “There’s no destiny. You’re free.” You are free beings to choose whatever you want.

But there’s one thing I left out. There’s one exception, well, actually one and a half exceptions to that, and that’s one of the things I’d like to talk about today – a soul destiny. And it’s not so bad. Some of you are like really feeling anxious.

A soul destiny. Let’s start with the premise that you came to this planet, you took on a lot of lifetimes; the human took on a lot of lifetimes of experience. You finally got to the point, maybe it was last lifetime probably, some of you this lifetime, but you got to the point and said, “No more. That’s it. I’ve experienced what there is to experience. I have gone through love and I’ve gone through hate. I’ve been a pauper, I’ve been a prophet. I’ve been …” Isn’t there a song about that? “I’ve been all these things and I’ve had it.” Most of the time when you said that it was kind of in disgust. It wasn’t like a feeling of bliss and fulfillment. It was like, “This is it. This planet sucks. I don’t want to be here anymore.”

That set up this lifetime, changed the dynamics for when you would come in, the family, the path that you would take and everything else. Some of you actually didn’t hit that point of disgust until this lifetime, maybe when you were in your late teens, early adulthood or whenever. And you said, “That’s it. I’m done. I’m done.” That was the human calling out to the Master and to Spirit, although they didn’t realize it at the time, calling out and saying, “Finé! I’m off of this.” And you have every right; the human has every right to say, “I’m done with this,” because the Master and the I Am would never say, “No, you’ve got to go back for more.” It’s up to the human to say, “I’m done.”

That began the awakening. That began the awakening, and it was, in a way, for many of you in your awakening, you felt this tremendous kind of release and relief, because you’re done. That’s it. Now all you have to do is pack up your belongings and walk out the door … kind of.

Then you start this whole path into what I call mastery. It’s the allowing of the wisdom. You’re done, but before you leave you’ve got to allow in the wisdom, the Master. Part of you – you’re kind of in a conflict – because part of you is like, “I just want to get out of here and I just want to go back into my Sovereign Doman.” And part of you is like, “Ooh, yeah! I can be a human and a Master. I can know everything. I can create anything I want. Maybe I’ll stay around for a little while longer and see what that’s about.” But back to my point.

You’ve never had destiny before, however, in this whole time from awakening into mastery, there is a destiny. There’s a destiny. The destiny comes in several different ways, but first the moment you say, “I’m done. Human, hear me! Master, I Am, the human is done with all this.” The moment you say that, you are actualized. Actualized, meaning it is done – all the integration, all the enlightenment, all the Realization. You are actualized, meaning that the moment you say that, there occurs in what I would call the potential – you would probably call it the future – but it is already done. It’s there. So you are done with all of your lifetimes. You are actualized at that point. You are actually enlightened.

Tobias said it way back, I think in your second or third series with him. He said, “You’ve already ascended. Now you just find out what it’s like to get there.” To many it’s still an intellectual concept, but it’s very, very true. You’re already ascended.

So that’s done. There’s nothing else you need to do. But the funny thing is that the human keeps thinking there’s something else to do, that you haven’t learned something, that there’s a lesson, that there’s a secret key that you have to find. None at all. None at all.

So, now, it’s actualized but you haven’t actually realized it yet. In other words, you’re still the human, still trying to do enlightenment, still trying to plan it and create it and guide it and manage it and everything else. You’re going to laugh at yourself one day, if not today, and say, “Egh! I just needed to get out of the way and allow it.” But the human almost can’t help themselves, so they have to keep working at it. And you do – I’m seeing these new, it’s kind of new phenomenon – called “Allowing mantras.” I’m seeing Shaumbra go to bed at night, “I allow. I allow. I allow” (a few chuckles). I’m looking at them going, “You’re not allowing. Your sphincter is tight.” (laughter, and Linda shouts “Ohh!”) You’re back to praying. You’re back to all the rest of that. Just allow. You know how easy allowing is? Just allow! That’s it. Geez!

There’s a certain destiny that takes place though – and I really didn’t want to talk about it till now, because you’d have gotten really upset with me about it or misunderstood it – but this beautiful destiny that takes place the moment you say, “I’m done, last lifetime,” and you go from awakening into mastery. The destiny now is that the Master starts to come in, and the Master, of course – I call it the Master – but it’s really wisdom. That’s all it is. Wisdom of all the lifetimes and this. The Master comes in and, in a sense, guides your life, in a way. The Master comes in and will not allow things in your life that the human might have done. You see, the human, so often their life is based on needs and wants. The human life is based on ego and identity. The human life is based on things like, “I’ve got to get a better paying job. I’ve got to look younger. I’ve got to, well, do human things,” and the Master doesn’t care right now. The Master is blind. The Master doesn’t care.

But the Master comes in now, in a way, to form your destiny. You are going to make it into Realization, because you’ve opened. You’ve said, “Done with human lives,” allowing, to a degree, of the Master and the Master comes in.

It’s frustrating to the human at times, because there are things you plan, you think are going to happen. There are things that the human says it needs, money, a partner – pff! – more energy. Mnh-mnh. No. You don’t need more energy. Not whatsoever. You just need to be more efficient with what you have.

So, the human would get into this whole thing now in planning and doing their life, and the Master just – I don’t want to say isn’t going to allow it – the Master plays interference and keeps that human from distracting itself during this time of going into mastery. That’s why sometimes the things that the human wants don’t work out. That’s why the human gets very frustrated, “Why isn’t this working? I thought I was a creator?” Not right now. I mean, you are, but right now. You put it out there. You made a choice to go into Realization and in a way, you could say, you’ve signed an agreement with the Master, with your wisdom saying that you’re going to let that Master keep you from just going totally human right now.

This is a very delicate time, very, very delicate. It’s a time where makyo, just a little bit of makyo can throw you way off the path. This is the time where the human starts to scream, “What about this? What about that? I’m feeling awful. I don’t know what to do.” The Master is not going to let you get distracted right now in a bad relationship or a bad job or any of that. So, there is a destiny.

It’s one of the levels I was wondering if somebody would be aware of right now. “I feel almost like a magnet pulling me. I feel like that there’s something else controlling all this, making all this happen. I don’t know what it is or where it’s coming from, but I feel that and, in a way, I really like it, but in another way, damn it, it’s interfering with my freedom. It’s infringing on my freedom.” Absolutely, it is, because you gave it permission. And by the way, that was a one-way permission. You cannot take it back (some chuckles). No, you can’t. You can’t say one day that you’re going to give this permission, your last lifetime, give this permission for the Master to really kind of guide your life right now. I mean, the Master is not going to come in and give you money or anything like that, but the Master will make sure you don’t go off on these rabbit trails. You don’t go off into some huge distraction. It’s actually pretty beautiful when you think about it, when you feel into it.

So, there is a destiny that’s occurring right now in a very beautiful way. There is that magnetic, something like is just drawing you, it’s just moving you through things. Some of you have had the experience lately that, in a way, you’re trying to plan all this stuff and do all this stuff and it keeps falling apart and not working and then when you just let go, something is guiding you along and sometimes you want to say it’s spirit guides and it’s UFOs or whatever (a few giggles). It is truly the destiny of the soul, it’s the Master guiding you, making sure you don’t get too distracted and also that you don’t kill yourself right now, that you don’t do something so hazardous as to jeopardize this beautiful new life that is coming into being.

So, I have to ask the question here, a couple of questions, there is a des- … the only other time you’ve had this sort of destiny in all of your lifetimes on Earth was when you first got here. First couple of lifetimes, there was kind of a destiny that you were going to integrate with matter. It was because you agreed to it, so there were some things that overrode what would be your human choices. This is the only other time that there is that soul destiny. And I say that because you’re frustrated right now to some degree, “Why isn’t this working different? Why doesn’t this work out when I try it?” Stop for a moment. Commune with the I Am, with the Master. They’re helping guide you into the Realization of what has actually already been actualized in what you would call the future, your Realization.

It’s a beautiful thing actually in a way. You realize, “I don’t have to work at this. I just get to experience it. I don’t have to fill it with a bunch of philosophy and makyo, and I don’t have to worry about tomorrow. I don’t have to worry what’s going to happen next. I don’t have to worry about it one bit. One bit.” You’re being guided.

Excerpt from ‘The Group’ channelled by Steve Rother

The full channel can be viewed on the website under ‘Beacons of Light’ – August 2018

“Those Intentionally out of Integrity”

In very short time, humans will evolve to the point at which they will not tolerate the lies anymore. They simply will demand that people become more integrated. Integrity plays a huge role in this. Even as you move out of circular time into spiral timespace, those who are out of integrity will rise to the surface. It’s an interesting process. We’ve mentioned this before when we channeled the book Spiritual Psychology through the Keeper. Those who are out of integrity tend to put themselves in places where everyone can see them. You love to watch them, some are even what you call actors. But they’re not the people that they’re pretending to be. They are out of integrity intentionally and you love to watch them as they do that. You will put them in places where you can see them all the time. Not that they’re bad people, but they’re acting. You love to watch it, which is fascinating to us. You even judge them on how well they act then give awards for the best acting. We find this absolutely fascinating to watch. However, in spiral timespace that can be used against you, especially in the beginning. So, we’re asking you all to become more aware. Be a little bit skeptical, watch everything. Take it all in. Don’t miss out on or turn your back on anything, because life is much too short for that. We simply ask you to become more aware, even a little wiser, to recognize that spiral timespace is here. It’s different and there are even people who will start to use it against you.

Become aware of what you call the scams on your planet, for they are growing in numbers and intensity.That the middle classes in many places throughout the world has not seen advances in their income in a very long time propagates many of these scams. People are reaching out to try and bring in money in whatever ways that they can. Please do not judge them but be aware of them, and do not feed them by your ignorance.

There are no bad people. They are humans just like you, some of them are scared and others are greedy. Some of them are simply looking for shortcuts. In spiral timespace it’s easier to find those shortcuts than ever before. So, this is a little bit of a cautionary tale that we’re sharing. Be aware of that as you step to this next level, there will be many of those who wish to get their hands in your pocket or motivate you to do things out of fear. Be cautious, stay aware and be in the light. It’s my greatest honor to bring this to you at a point in your evolution where you can hear it. You are doing outstanding things on your planet and we are so incredibly proud of each one of you, so keep up the good work. As the Time Keeper would say, well done, dear ones. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

The Group

 Celestial Trends – 2019 Overview plus January 2019 Overview 

2019 Overview
2019 is universally a THREE year, emphasizing creativity, self-expression and thinking outside the box. This unique energy has tall requirements right after the popping of the champagne corks, as THREE is a number of action.

The numerology of November 2018 as a FOUR month and December 2019 as a FIVE month is the same as January and February 2019, only bringing the FOUR and FIVE energy into the New Year of 2019. Our energy and action-oriented approach to the year has to be revved up to keep up with the new get-up-and-go demands of the year.

2019 is similar to other THREE years, such as 2010, 2001, 1992, 1983, 1974, 1965 and beyond. The difference of this year is that the Uranus winds of change bring in issues of value, with responsibility, accountability and transparency as the foundation. The theme for 2019 will be set by Saturn and Pluto in close proximity all year long, which requires the discipline to do the right thing regardless of the other options blowing around. Also with Jupiter in Sagittarius, our actions have to be aligned with our philosophy and our goals. If our actions speak, then the truth will be visible even without words. This will be challenging for some that like to say one thing and do another, but the transparency and accountability factors will become very visible.

The THREE gives us the option and opportunity to bring our goals into action and with creative ideas and open space, those with plans and discipline begin to shine as accomplishments emerge. Having a sense of purpose, passion and desire to make a difference becomes the road less traveled until the alignment of philosophy and action opens the doors of opportunity.

January 2019 Overview
January is universally a FOUR month, which brings in the tasks and projects needed to be completed. There will be a long to-do list in January. Those who are up to the task will be in motion, while those that are still trying to connect their philosophy and action will not be able to get out of the starting blocks. Sun and Mercury take turns connecting to Saturn and Pluto during the month. The task at hand is to bring discipline into the month to accomplish those tasks and projects that also have a strong drive connected to them. Career, business and work pursuits are a clear focus for the month.

The theme of work and effort is emphasized by the Solar and Lunar Eclipse events in January, holding a Supermoon on January 20th, February 19th, and March 21st. The pace set in January also sets the stage for the Chinese New Year in February, followed by the Full Supermoon on February 19th . This supermoon begins the shifts of our spiritual blueprints that coincide with another powerful event on March 5th, as the New Moon is followed by Uranus moving into Taurus. The Mercury retrograde in March begins on March 5th and spans to March 28th. The Mercury retrograde in Pisces shifts our spiritual blueprints and pathway as the Uranus in Taurus Era truly begins.

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