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This live chanelling was streamed live for the world-wide channeling retreat
April 4, 2020

“Manipulating Fear”

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.
We are not oblivious to the elephant under the table. This channel is being given in an auspicious time. It’s a time where many are in fear and others are struggling to stay out of it. Before we go into something that I want you to hear, let’s just take a moment…
There are those right now who are saying goodbye to their elders. That’s difficult. They never thought it would be this way, and it’s difficult. You can be told some of the principles and the esoteric attributes and reasoning of it all, but it doesn’t help when you’ve lost someone. Let’s take a moment of compassionate action to be the Lightworkers of the age, and share the peace and compassion that you have – Light of the world that you are, for those who need it, just for a moment.
There are those who will say, “How long is this going to last?”  The answer is: Long enough; long enough.
I want to tell you things, given in metaphors. Some of you will understand and some of you will not. Let’s talk about children for a moment.
When children are growing up and they reach a certain age, every balanced benevolent parent knows how to work this puzzle. Let’s say the child becomes afraid. They are afraid of just about everything because they haven’t seen everything yet, or perhaps certain unknown things frighten them, or they just need help. Sometimes the biggest fear is of the dark, and they’ll say, “Dad, Mom, I’m afraid of the dark; I don’t know what’s there. Help me because there could be monsters lurking there.”
Every good parent knows how to handle this. They will tell a child: “Listen dear little one, I’m going to turn on the light here for a moment. When I do, I want you to see there’s nothing there. When I turn the light off again, I want you to understand there’s still nothing there. But if you’re still afraid, even for a moment, I’m still here. I’m holding your hand; just hug me; just hug me.
“Don’t be afraid of what’s not there,” they will say to the child and eventually, through time, the child evolves and grows up. The child balances itself and It knows what the parent knows. Then it’s able to help the children that arrive in the future. It’s classic, absolutely classic: Children go through times of fear when they don’t understand things, but that is so easily correctible with compassion and love, and a nurturing explanation. Every good parent listening or reading here has gone through this and perhaps they even experienced it with their parents as well.
I’m going to give you two scenarios that totally go against this commonsense maturing, but which happen every day. Perhaps it’s inappropriate, but they happen.
SET UP: I want you to imagine that child for a moment – in that state of fear – trying to make sense of things in the dark. They always imagine things perhaps, which might attack them.
Scenario One: What if, instead of a hug, the child saw that the parent was afraid too? When that happens, it’s over for the child and they often check out [no hope]. They check out because it’s just too much to process. They’re afraid of the dark and so are their parents. It scars a child for life. They won’t forget this moment because there’s no hug. There’s no explanation; there’s no light; there’s only fear. Their parents are shaking in fear, as well. It happens. It has happened. It happens during war times when the parent can’t do anything about it.
Scenario Two: This one is even worse, and it represents inappropriate parental control. This is when the child is afraid of the dark and the parent says, Well, you should be! There’s are evil things there! So, you must do this and that. The child grows up with rules about evil, or invisible dark things, and understands that there is no hug for the dark at all. There’s only fear and rules to let you escape the worst.
Everything I’m telling you is a metaphor. Some of you are understanding this already, and some of you are not. Every Human Being listening here, every one of you, has an inner child. Some of those inner children right now are scared to death, and some are not. I know who is listening to this later, dear ones. I know who is listening to this and watching it now. Many very mature old souls, who know exactly where this is going, will say, Well, this message is not for me, I’ve gone beyond it.
Have you? Have you really? How far does it have to go before that maturity breaks down and you start to fear?
I’ll tell you right now, Lightworker, old soul: All of you have nurturing, compassionate tools inside you to soothe that savage beast called Fear. It’s what Adironnda [Marilyn Harper channel] said also; it’s what were all saying also.
If you didn’t hear it already from me, I’m giving you a prediction: One of the things that’s going to radically change when this event (virus) is all over, is the accountability from those who inform you in media. When the dust clears, you’re going to look at this closely and say, All the media made it worse, made it worse!
Dear one, in your life there’s never really been anything like this. Your media information sources are marketing-based media. They are not information-based. Dear ones, you know this. They all compete for your viewership and the more dramatic things they can show, the more humans are attracted. This goes for most of you, the world, and perhaps even Lightworkers. Many of you have to consciously remember to turn off the media, since it is carefully designed to “pull you in.”
The world is attracted to drama, so after the media gives you information that may be totally correct and accurate, they then “spin” the fearful side of it without you even being aware that they are doing in. Not only that, they depend on repetition to make certain you hear it many times. Did you know it’s possible for you to turn on the media when you wake up, then turn it off when you go to bed, and hear the same thing over and over 30-40 times? How does it make you feel? How does your inner child feel when all you’re seeing is that the adults are afraid too?
The media is not yet aware of something else they are doing automatically within their programming: In-between the designed drama they are giving you, they then are playing advertisements which create even more inappropriate ideas. The advertisements are often about medicine and drugs you need because you’re old, or medicine you need because you’re young and have pimples, or medicine you need because right now you are in anxiety (which they created), or medication you need just because you stand there as a Human Being, aging every hour. In other words, you’re never normal! You always need something to medicate you. Or perhaps you need an attorney to help you after the medication went wrong?
I don’t think that those media outlets are really putting together what they are doing: They are responsible for scaring the planet to death. That will change. Watch for it. The demand for Accountability for this scenario will eventually create “hope channels” of media. There will finally be room for the good news channels.
Lets call them TFH channels: (My partner’s term for TRUTH-FACTS-HOPE). They will present facts that are confirmed, then go to show things which are balanced and uplifting around those facts. Then you can see that which is, and is not, happening. There is so much good news that none of you know about, dear ones! None of you see it because that is not in the scope of what they do. Your media is currently in the drama business, and not the truth business.
The planet is going to demand this: You’re going to look at those in charge of your media and say, “Bad job! You didn’t do it well. You didn’t do it right. You gave us entertainment and drama. You didn’t give us anything that helped our hearts. You didn’t hold our hands when you could have, and you didn’t hug us enough. You didn’t do any of that.”
The media will defend itself and say, “It’s not our job to hold your hand. It’s our job to inform you.” Dear ones, welcome to the New Normal. Your media indeed should invest itself in giving you hope, as well as truth. There are two sides to the news, not just the drama. This is what will change, and what is next.
That’s one thing that you’re going to see change, Dear Ones. That’s a reboot. The earth will probably take a while for all of this, but you’re going to start seeing things differently and more truthfully. The main thing is that this will represent a paradigm change. Many will start getting their broadcast news from those who also tell “the rest of the story.” That will be the new, attractive thing that you will not expect. Humanity will start to become more wise about the manipulation that takes place “on the air.”
The Experiment
I want to tell you something else: I want to tell you something about an experiment done with children many years ago. It’s an experiment that probably would not be allowed in today’s rules, but it was a classic: Some psychologists know of this, and some nutritionists have studied it. It’s an experiment done with children and food.
The experiment: The children are given a buffet three times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, where they can select anything on the buffet, as much as they want of it, without anyone saying anything. No parents allowed.
The buffet is beautiful and nutritionally complete. It starts with vegetables and goes to the rice, the carbs, the fruit; and so on. All the food groups are represented, and it’s the standard wonderful healthy buffet for the culture of the children. And, of course, at the end of the buffet there are the desserts. Except these deserts are are more for kids. There’s the candy, the cookies, the cake, and the pie. It’s all there. It’s all there.
So, the children are turned loose at breakfast. What are they going to have? What do you think? The children all run to the end and stuff themselves with the cookies and cake!
Lunch time: They did the same thing. I mean, really! How how could a turnip compare with a candy bar?
Dinner? They did the same.
The next day, they were all sick. Surprise, surprise!
So, over a period of meals, what happened in this experiment is that the children started eating the vegetables, the rice, the fruit, and all the things they passed over before (even the turnip). The desserts were eaten in moderation (but they still loved them).
The innate part of the Human Being demanded the balance; not the junk, but the balance. It was interesting because the experiment showed that even children who desire sweets and don’t know any better, have an innate which starts to balance itself when given the right choices.
I want you to analyze what’s going on right now on this planet. I’m going to make a statement: You are not being given the right buffet. Dear Ones, right now on this planet, there are no vegetables and there is no fruit. I think you understand what I’m saying. That is going to change.
I think the wild card in all of this will be those who are going to step up and change it, and say, Look we’ve got some good news here. There’s hope. That’s the balance you have been craving. No wonder all of you are sick!
The Incredible Bias of Virus Reporting
I want to show you the bias. I want to show you the bias of your media that is hidden. If you look at the virus information channels, they’ll give you all the charts of the infected and the deaths. Over and over – the infected and the deaths. For every state or country, the infected and the deaths. I want to ask you, Where is the RECOVERED column? It’s not there, is it? That’s a bias. That is a drama bias. Did they tell you that over 99 percent of those who catch the virus recover completely? Where is that number? Do you also know that those who recover have natural immunity for a few years? Where is that information? These are the heros of your time! Did they tell you that? Where are the parties for the recovered?
THEN: There is all the economical doom and gloom that they’re telling you: Not since the depression, they say, have we seen this kind of economy. They are comparing your virus situation to the horrors of 1929 – yet nowhere are they saying: “Wait a minute – wait a minute… this was created! You told us to stop working and stay home! This is not an economic depression like 1929. It’s a temporary situation. The factories and markets didn’t collapse. We are just not allowed to go out and work!
Dear ones, the world economy will slowly return, and the stock market will also. It’s poised and ready. This is not the end of the the automobile industry or the manufacturing industry. It’s not. This is a bump. Are they saying that to you? Or are they comparing it to the worst of the worst, and you tune in and hear: “There’s no vegetables, no fruit. There’s just junk. Prepare to be sick for a long time.”
Historians, generations from now, will look at some numbers which are very telling. Humanity in general has increased its life span attributes. There was a time, even in this country, when you would live to 45 or 50 years old, and that was your life expectancy. You weren’t really expected to live that long. There was too much disease and bad nutrition. All of things have evolved so now you’re seeing a slow increase of life span because of nutrition and especially knowledge. This allows you to live well into the late 80s and even approaching the 90s. (First world nations)
But historians in the future will see something odd: Generations from now, they’re going to look at the life charts and say, “What is this dip here? How is it that for a little while, Humans didn’t live as long?”
They’re going to name it The Corona Dip.
The dip they may see is for an entire generation of humans, and it had nothing to do with being infected by the virus. They will determine that by the millions, fear shortened their lives. Fear shortened their lives! That’s how profound this media bias is.
Historians may eventually report that when they do all the accounting for what really happened, that fear killed more people than the virus.
Dear ones, are you going to be one of them? Or are you going to stand tall and say, “This is a hump, and we’ll get over it? It’s temporary. We’ll mourn when we have to mourn, but we’re coming back because it’s temporary.”
That’s what I wanted to tell you. The truth is not really being shown. As bad as you might say this is, the real truth is not being shown. The up-side is not even on the radar of the media. Not yet. There’s going to be a reckoning for that. You’ll see.
I am Kyron, in love with humanity. Two steps forward, one step back. You’re in the step back at the moment. Old souls, you were built for this. This is where you shine. You have the Akashic experience and the compassion factor that others don’t. That’s why you can show it to others, and let them find the innate balance that will keep fear in its place. This saves lives.
The time is now, to go to work.
 And so it is.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Merlin I Am Series, October 2020

“The Merlin Emerges”

Coming to Realization, becoming the Merlin. Let me go back to some of the basics on that. It’s all a natural process. It really is. And there are the new ones who are going to fight you on that. They want to have processes and procedures. They want to have systems. They want to have certain levels that they have to go through and hierarchies. That’s the way humans are programmed, and even though a lot of the new ones – and it doesn’t mean young ones; some of the news ones could be older. Oh, they’re going to really ask, “What’s your system? Where’s your book? What are the guidelines? What are the rules?” They’re going to want to know all this. They’re going to have a little hard time understanding it’s all natural. But eventually, like you, they’ll accept, “Oh, shit. It wasn’t even up to me, the human. Why would I possibly have to have all these procedures to get there? You just take a deep breath and you allow, and then it happens.”
What happens? In the background the Master has been going through, cleaning up your crap – I’m sorry – your past experiences. The Master has been going through lifetimes of past experiences and bringing them to wisdom with that magic touch – bing! – like that. You want me to do that again? Okay. With that magic touch – bing! It brings all of your experiences to wisdom. One by one the Master goes through.
Now, I could easily predict the date of your Realization, because it’s not you doing it. I’m watching as the Master goes through, the human level of resistance or allowing, and just a certain kind of a natural process that takes place, it is real easy to see.

Excerpt from ‘The Group’ channelled by Steve Rother

The full channel can be viewed on the website under ‘Beacons of Light’ –  September 2020

“Merlin’s Law”

You can see the universe in front of you as you walk through life. Before we have shared the story of Merlin’s Law as it applies here. Merlin was known to walk backwards in time, and as a result he had what most called magic. One day a young Arthur asked Merlin for the laws of how to create. Merlin replied that there were no such ‘laws’ and that he did not like the idea of laws at all. Then Merlin shared with Arthur this simple idea. “My lad,” he said, “in life one must make negotiations. The idea is this: Make the best deal that you can negotiate and when it comes time, deliver a little bit more.” Arthur used this often, and in spite of his mentor’s wishes he told everyone that this was Merlin’s law. It works with all kinds of energy exchanges. In the days ahead, keep in mind that relationships are one of these negotiations.

The Group

 Celestial Trends – October/November 2020 Overview 

October 2020 – Overview
October is universally a FIVE month representing change, breakthrough and the freedom to see the true perspective, not visible previously because of the obstructions. October brings non-stop information as the FIVE month opens the flood gates of truth, with Pluto turning direct, Mars retrograde opening the curtains to review situations. Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 13th, giving us the advantage of transparency that brings consistent views onto the stage of this FIVE month. Freedom of information becomes the power that pulls back the curtains. Sun shifts into Scorpio on October 22nd, which brings in the spotlight to highlight the elements that are important to see during this Mercury retrograde. The connection of Sun to Mercury retrograde on October 25th pulls the string that reveals the information, with transparency of motives, ethics and intentions. Ultimately on October 31st we have the second Full Moon of the month as Sun is in opposition to Uranus, Uranus conjuncts the Moon, and Sun is in opposition to Uranus. The Uranus winds of change blow in a gale-force storm that hits the shore with Scorpio’s transparency revealing the massive waves of information coming onto the shore. The two Full Moons hitting in October shifts the New and Full Moon sequence by bringing a greater intensity onto the terrain. With the Full Moon on the 31st, the sequence is changed for the month of November and requires major shifts in awareness to achieve the needed transition.

November 2020 Overview
The theme of transparency shifted the audit issues from September into the FIVE month of October. As the information continued to surface dealing with motives, ethics and intentions the impact on relationships will begin to be visible in November. How we use our self to influence and impact others to make a difference becomes the values that are mirrored in relationships. With fairness, equality and respect the mirror provides the same in response. However, if the impact on others is different for one than the other, issues of intentions warrant a closer look. These issues become visible to reveal the difference of how we treat others as the reflection begins to shine back to us. What we send out will begin to come back as the karma quickens in the equality and completion of energy.
November 3rd holds Mercury pausing mid-day Tuesday and takes about 24 hours to have the actual movement be forward. Mercury moving direct connects in sync with the Earth orbit, mirroring the response energy quickening the karmic perspective. From the time Mercury retrogrades back into partnership Libra (October 27th) and then moves direct in Libra, (November 3rd) the mirroring elements begin to reveal the karmic response of energy. Mercury direct continues in Libra through November 10th. This time provides the karmic mirror response in relationships. Once Mercury direct shifts into Scorpio (November 10th) a deeper perspective with greater transparency emerges.
Many aspects occur that become the domino wave of transparency, such as Jupiter conjunct Pluto on November 12th, Mars turning direct on November 13th, and the New Moon on the 14th at 23 Scorpio. The winds of change blow in many new elements of information and solutions on November 17th and 27th. The Full Moon on November 30th brings in the empowering Lunar Eclipse emphasizing the Sagittarius elements of truth, honesty and living our beliefs. This sets a new precedence as the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14th provides the Solar Eclipse as the curtain to the Aquarius New Age is revealed. Saturn’s accountability requires the commitment to right action moves into Aquarius on December 17th, and Jupiter opens the door on December 19th for those who have earned the transition (holding the commitment to Aquarius traits) into the Aquarius new age as Saturn and Jupiter conjunct to herald in the AQ New Age igniting our New World on December 21st.

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