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August 2021
“Welcome to the Singularity”

Greetings, dear ones.
I join you this day as Observer, for there’s so much to see on your planet. It’s absolutely amazing to watch from this side of the veil. Humanity is in the times of mastery and although you are doing well, a turn is just ahead. We tell you there is also something else taking place, because your game is changing dimensions.

Humanity has already moved through many aspects of this process. But there are some very important things that have happened recently, and we’d like to bring you up to date on one of these in particular. For some years, we’ve mentioned that there would be a gathering of spirits on the other side of the veil. This gathering, which is occurring on a daily basis, is to help in your own evolution here on planet Earth. You are seeing people cross the veil, some from the virus and others from different causes, but what is actually happening is a huge gathering of master healers.

You may have known someone who’s passed on and re-member they liked to do healing, although you may not think of them as a master healer. But you’re only looking at one-11th of that person. When they went Home, they reunited into their perfection and there is incredible energy waiting to be channeled on your planet now. These master healers have been gathered from many different walks of life in various aspects to be there, especially because they’re very familiar with the most recent times of planet Earth. They already understand the most challenging difficulties that you will encounter. But this is taking place for a reason, because you’re going to step into a higher vibrational range that is taking place. We have called it the Esayoto to give it a name and place it firmly in the fertile ground of the creator beings reading this now. Basically, this is a place where you can retreat for a while and step into a higher vibratory state. Then when returning Home again, you will bring those attributes with you.

The Esayoto is a place where you will be living as higher vibrational beings. Although you will still have a physical body, it will be less dense. You’ve actually had these concepts of light body on planet Earth for quite some time. Well, dear ones, you’re getting there. Yes, that’s where this is going. It’s an entirely different state, because physics changes itself in that state. You have a set of physics here, Newtonian physics. That’s what you used to call it, to be able to understand the effects of gravity and have a basic understanding of how the world works in your dimension of time-space. But we also tell you, various aspects of physics are different in different dimensions. If you look inside the atom into the quantum state of existence, you’ll see that physics is quite different. If you throw something up in the air inside an atom it does not come down. Instead, it entertains an orbit, which is actually much more interesting than what you would normally see. So, with that, know that this next step of vibrational existence also has changes in what you know to be physics. These changes will be brought about slowly over time, as so many things will shift with the help to move from one vibrational level to the next. You’re making this step while you’re in a physical body, even though you’re not dying, going Home or resetting the game.

Welcome to the Singularity
That is huge, dear ones, and it’s the reason there’s been such a gathering of spirits on the other side of the veil. They are now reaching a critical mass and you will start to channel these master healers in different ways. Some of you will channel them consciously, saying “I’m channeling this person or that person,” while others will simply receive the energy, which is the most important. Please understand, dear ones, when spirits go Home they don’t have egos. You do not have to give them credit in any way, shape or form. All they want to do is to bring this light to planet Earth and that’s probably one of the most critical pieces. But what is happening with it? And where are you in that process? Well, there’s a word that actually describes it fairly clearly. We’ve used it before, but now we’re going to start talking about it a lot more. The word is singularity. All of humanity is reaching a singularity.

This is not something that’s coming in three years, or even 20 years down the road, but it’s something you’re beginning at this very moment. Stress points are already showing in many areas of humanity and the Earth. A singularity in time-space happens when the game reaches a level at which things are unable to continue the way they had been. Welcome to the singularity. Although people do the same things they were before, it will not accomplish the same results that they were previously getting. That’s why so many things are rising up, why you’re seeing the Earth react in the way that she is, such as the redistribution of water. Once again, being slightly out of balance throws everything out of balance with the water element of planet Earth. And now you’re seeing that redistribution in massive amounts, taken from one area and shifted to another. And we’ll tell you it’s also going to be redistributed because that helps in the balance of Earth. This singularity is not just about people, but also the Earth and all of her inhabitants.
So, what will happen and what hand can you play in it? Many will find new paths open for meaningful work, for there are many possibilities now. Many of you reading this have had a hand in laying the groundwork for what is ahead. That’s why all of these beings have gathered on the other side of the veil to offer their assistance. They are there to bring you new energies and light, to share with you new concepts and ways you can incorporate into a higher state. When we tell you about doors opening into a higher state of existence, you look for exactly that. “Where are the open doors?” Well, you may also be motivated by closed doors, and that is what is happening with a singularity. Many of the old rules of how things used to work are not working the same way anymore.

8 Billion
One of the factors of planet Earth’s singularity is the number of humans it supports. A balancing point will be coming up shortly. That is the number 8 billion, which you will soon reach on planet Earth. Humans and the Earth will also reach a singularity, when where their relationship cannot go on the way that it has in the past. All it takes is that step up. Simply start listening to all the energy that’s on the other side. Listen to your own channeling and start working with your own ability to ground that light in new ways.

Dear ones, you are magical beings. You were put on this Earth by purpose and your space has been reserved. That chair had your name on it before your parents even thought about having children. And here you are, many of you looking around asking, “What’s next? What are we going to do? We see things falling apart, but we don’t know what the next step is.” Oh, that’s part of it. You’re reaching a singularity, but it’s not a good or bad thing. Dear ones, when you start seeing those doors close it’s time to turn around and look for the newly opened ones. Interestingly enough, that is not the typical way of humanity. Of course, it would be more likely that you would try to beat down the door that just closed, rather than look for the open ones. Take a look around, dear ones, singularity is at hand. It’s a magical time on Earth and you’re here as a participating member. Whether or not you know it, the connections of the heart have reached far beyond the timeline of planet Earth. Every being everywhere has some awareness of what is going on here. Your magic is needed.

Enjoy the journey, dear ones, for there’s so much more coming and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Yes, we know that you’re listening in a different time. We know that you’re moving to a different level of existence. We are so incredibly proud of the work that you’re doing on this Earth, for you are creator beings indeed. You’re the ones who are creating something magical that can last and grow. When you hit that singularity, where things simply cannot continue the way they are, you have a place to go. You know where that next step is, so do it. Spend as much time as you can practicing in the higher vibrations, and then bring it back with you.

You are the greatest angels who have ever lived. It is not easy making the two transitions of birth and death, just to play a brief game. The birth process is much more difficult for the spirit; the death process is much more difficult for the physical body. But we tell you, dear ones, this singularity does not include death. It gives you an opportunity to step into a higher vibration right now. Whenever you can, open those channels and ground that light. We will be bringing that to you, for opportunities are here now for you to learn how to listen. You have connections straight from Home. The master healers are still gathering on the other side of the veil, awaiting connections. They’re waiting to speak to you, so enjoy the journey and know that you’re here at these critical times for a reason. You are right on time, dear ones. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together in this new game. We love you dearly, know that you’re never alone.

I am observer, and I like to watch.

Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Merlin I Am Series, August 7th 2021

Merabh of Refuge
Coping. A lot of different ways to cope, a lot of different things you can do, but one thing I’d like to remind you of here in this – we’re going to play a little music, have a very short merabh and another one later – but I’d like you to remember this very simple thing, and let’s do this with some music.
(music begins)

It’s so easy to get into that mind game, “What should I being doing?” And you know what that’s like, the mental struggle. You try to justify or rationalize things. It does not work.

It’s your own personal conspiracy. It brings you into your own personal rat hole. You start thinking, “Why did this happen? Why did that happen? I’m feeling terribly stressed out, what can I do?”

You lay awake at night tossing and turning, worrying, picking up the anxiety that’s everywhere. It’s as thick as the smoke here is today. And it’s not going to get you anywhere.

Like I said, I call it your personal conspiracy, “What’s wrong with me?” I mean, that’s a big personal conspiracy, and then you just keep going deeper and deeper into your own conspiracy theories, and you never really get anywhere, as the conspiracists do not either. It never goes anywhere.

So, what you do is you take a deep breath, and you realize, first of all, “I Am that I Am. I Exist.”
And then, without thinking it but rather feeling it, remember that everything that you’re going through right now is natural. It’s all natural.

You can’t nor should you think your way out of it. You should not build any false bridges right now. A false bridge is you’re trying to rationalize everything and trying to make sense of things and say, “I need to build a bridge from here to there,” and then you’re going to need another one from there to here, and pretty soon you’re building false bridges all over. They don’t get you anywhere.

All those false bridges just bring you right back to where you are right now. That’s a good thing probably, because the false bridges, in a way, are telling you that it’s right here, right now.

You’re exactly where you should be.

And the mind jumps in, “Oh, but what about this? What about …” All right. We’ll talk about that in just a bit, but you’re exactly where you should be. And when you can accept that, you take a deep breath – and it’s not a mind game, it’s an acceptance or an allowing – you take a deep breath. Wow!

And then the amazing thing is, “In spite of myself, how did I ever get here? I mean, how did I arrive exactly where I should be, exactly where I wanted to be? With all the self-conspiracies and all the external distractions, how is it possible that I even landed right where I’m supposed to?”

I’ll explain that in just a moment. But right now, take a deep breath and realize this is all natural and you’ve got some amazing guidance. It’s called the Master, the soul. And I know you don’t really quite yet understand how to really communicate with that part of Self, but in another way you really do.

There is a communication going on the whole time. It’s not in human words, human languages, but there is that communication.

The refuge is just stopping for a moment like this and saying, “Wow! This is all natural. I don’t have to work at it. I don’t have to fight it. I don’t have to build these false bridges. It’s all right here.”

That is real trust. That is real allowing, because you’re in this place of realizing you don’t have to work at it. That’s the false bridge – “I’ve got to work at it. I’ve got to figure this out. I’m on my own. I’ve got to worry about what’s coming tomorrow.” No, you don’t. That was the old self. Not anymore.

It’s just about taking a deep breath and smiling at yourself, like, “In spite of me, in spite of all my human foibles, I’m right here – damn! – right where I should be. How is that even possible?” I’ll explain it in a moment, but how is that even possible, how you got here. In spite of all the crazy things you did and all the worrying and all the pretenses and games, you got here.

So that’s your refuge, just stopping for a moment or driving along at 100 miles an hour, doesn’t matter, but realizing you don’t have to work at it.

You got here and that’s the important thing. Stop wondering what’s wrong with you. What’s wrong with you is that you got so used to building these bridges, you thought that was what you’re supposed to do. You realize there’s not a bridge that needs to be built at all.

Let’s take a deep breath. Your refuge is you. It’s the natural, the natural beautiful piece of yourself.

 Celestial Trends – September and October 2021 Overview 

Celestial Trends – September 2021
September brings in the FIVE month, which has the focus and influx of information and change. The pace will be very fast as the activity level will give us many situations and circumstances unfolding all at once. Mercury is far ahead of the Sun by the start of September, as Sun is a 9 Virgo and Mercury is a 3 Libra, which makes us feel that we need to run to catch up. Sun in Virgo shines the light onto the nice, calm logical pace we want to have, but Mercury in Libra blows in information that has us continuing to run this way and the other, as we respond to the tennis ball of information that hits in one are and then another. Midmonth, Mars shifts into Libra as well, which increases the pace exponentially and we are definitely on the run. The Sun shifts into Libra on the 22nd, joining Mercury and Mars, which shines the light on all that we can’t get to. From the 22nd through the 26th, Mercury squares Pluto, which accentuates the use or misuse of power that brings in a great deal of information. With all of this information and events spinning seemingly out of control, Mercury pauses on and turns retrograde at 25 Libra on September 28th. This gives us a chance to shake our head, rub our eyes and try to make sense of these days and events. Mercury will retrograde back to 10 Libra and prepare to turn direct by October 18th.

Celestial Trends – October 2021
Moving into the SIX month of October, our focus will be revolving around finding solutions, as SIX is all about healing, fixing and resolving issues. Many critical issues stream into the month as Mercury squares Pluto on October 1st, as the transparency lid is blown off of many situations. With the New Moon on October 6th at 13 Libra, we will be pushed to address many topics that are on the table. Stacked full of orderly papers on the 6th, a gust of information comes along and tosses the stacks of paper into the air as many aspects come into the month to give us a lot of tasks and projects to accomplish. We will make important changes within our work and home environments that begin to support the new reality that is evolving. Our new perspective and awareness continues to evolve, expanding our concepts to make new choices. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto turn direct in October, ushering us to move forward into our right directions as we address these key planetary elements all through the month. Coming to important conclusions and making new determinations, our new concepts are allowing us to see more and more options and to respond to the pull to move into our right directions.

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