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October 2021

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I am here with you this day to tell you that everything going forward has shifted on your planet. It’s no secret that the energy’s getting difficult and it is becoming a challenge to spread your wings. It is even difficult to find the joy that you had only moments ago. And yet, these times are also bringing change. They are activating sacred contracts you made around the big table before you came in. Here you are in these magical times of mastery, we find you deep in the midst of all of it. Welcome, dear ones, we are happy that you made it.

The Earth
The Earth is a part of you. Humans think that animals are one form of life, while insects, fish, and birds are other forms. You have different classifications for different forms of life. And yet you leave out the most of the important things, that the rock on the ground is alive. We tell you, dear ones, there is life in everything.

Humanity is in the process of raising the collective vibration. Humans believe that a higher vibration is somehow better than a lower one, although both actually have different attributes. A higher vibration can change and adapt faster than a lower wave, yet it is the lower wave that foretells the future due to its lack of change. The ultra low frequencies of Earth have found a new harmonic, and as a result new possibility have recently opened.

Earth has changed her path slightly and that has caused a compression of time. Some of your most basic concepts simply fall apart with this compression. The word unprecedented is being used unprecedentedly, and yet it’s all heading toward a critical mass point. That’s also what we wish to speak of, that critical mass is here for a reason. It delineates your previous game to the new game, and it shows how you can all step forward. Right now, there are many new opportunities coming for all of you, so look for them. Don’t be afraid to try something new and to step forward when you see that opening. Is it the perfect opening? Will it close again? Is it going to stay open? You can only tell by stepping forward. If you step forward and don’t like it, you simply step back, dear ones.

Finding New Ground and Balance
This is a time for experiments, a time to reach out into new levels of light and experience them in different ways. You’re closer than you think, for the magic is with you all the time. Take a breath and feel that deep Earth connection. You have a beautiful internal balancing system, which is quite magical to see. We tell you, it is time to pay attention to that balancing system. We understand that it’s very frustrating sometimes. You see some things over here that are massively unfair or cruel, then you see other things over there that aren’t right either.

Your own internal balancing system constantly seeks to somehow make sense of the world around you. Dear ones, for the time being, the world is not going to make sense. You’re going to find struggles in many different ways throughout the planet. We shared with you some time ago about the challenges that are created as many of the supply chains break down. Much more of this is coming, and you’ll see the different processes unfold. Your world has changed and it is simply not possible to turn back.

One of the greatest things that you can do during these times is to find ways of living locally. As much as you possibly can, eat food that is grown locally and support your local merchants. The easiest way to get to the next level is to hold hands, but humans are having great difficulty with this. However, we have hopes that the fear will be tamed and at least some degree of harmony will return.

One thing everyone can do is to shed light on man’s inhumanity to man. Collectively it slows down the advancement of humanity more than you know, because so much of it is hidden from view. It is not hidden due to a clandestine effort, but because it is difficult to see. The tendency for most people is to look away, when reality is too harsh. But looking away enables the behavior to continue, and in a way condones it. Your internal balancing system is difficult to deal with when you see such drastic atrocities. Keep in mind it is not yours to solve all by yourself. When you witness, empathize, and identify a problem, that alone places it into the collective consciousness. It is the beginning of a movement of change. In turn that harmony creates a collective stability, which keeps everyone’s internal balancing system from being used against them to create anger and ultimately control them. Dear ones, that’s why people who wish to control you want to keep you separated and angry.

Yes, big profits are gained from keeping humans separate and angry. If humans become aware of being controlled and uncover the money flow, you will be very surprised to hear of the businesses you trusted that are behind it. It is time to step into becoming citizens of the world and simply observe. Not only does this make it difficult for these atrocities to continue, but it also makes it more difficult for the next one to begin. Your power is much greater than you think. Each of you can make a huge difference on this planet, or you would not be here.

Welcome Home, dear ones. We know that it’s uncomfortable to be out of balance, but that is part of being a human. Know that you are making a huge difference just by daring to be there, you are holding light. Welcome Home. Dear ones, we trust that your path is clear in front of you. We know that these are challenging times for everyone. But it is the opening of a new world, one that you have made very clearly, just like you did before. It’s where the greatest of honor that I leave you now for a time, and return to what I call the matrix of time that you exist in. It’s a beautiful illusion and it’s magical. So enjoy the ride, dear ones. Know that every moment brings you new hope, new energy, new life. And even if you’re slightly out of balance, you’ll learn to walk with that. You will learn to correct those things in your own field and walk in peace. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together as you create this game. Yes, that is the secret of life.

Espavo, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time and I love you dearly.


Greetings, dear ones.

I’m Elrah of Rhythmic Service, welcome everybody. You’re here and now so am I. You see, I don’t get out much these days for there is a lot of preparation underway on our side of the veil. Oh, it’s absolutely fascinating on your side of the veil. But the really interesting part of all this is what’s happening on our side of the veil.

From our perspective, we have gathered some of the greatest master healers of all time on your planet. They are not all from planet Earth, but come from several places throughout the universe. Specialists have gathered on many dimensional levels; these are the visionaries who helped to shape this game. Their intent is to gather together to heal and evolve humans. From their view it is all part of the same process.

You should see all these beings. Wow, it’s a magical around here! It is taking place now to be of assistance here in the days ahead. There’s a party going on here that’s just absolutely amazing. I mean, on this side of the veil you see some of the highest of all the beings that have been brought Home. They are gathering to be of service in the greatest assist from Home that has ever happened on any game anywhere.

Many humans crossed during COVID-19, in all parts of the globe. Most people know at least one person who crossed. Genocide, war and other causes have taken a toll as well. From the human perspective it may seem to be in vain, but we tell you that much of it was by contract. The magical part is what’s taken place here. Now you might not think that those who were called Home are master healers. You may have known one of these brave people that passed over. Perhaps they were wonderful at gardening or cooking, but you wouldn’t exactly describe them as a master healer, so you find it confusing.

But when you come to Earth, dear ones, you expand out into 11 different dimensions of time-space and each one has a slightly different experience. Depending on your contracts and how you’ve set things up, each aspect of you works a little bit differently. The magical part is that you’re heading in a beautiful direction. When a person dies and comes Home, it’s not just one aspect but all 11 of you that cross the veil at exactly the same instant and become perfect again. You’ve noticed there’s no perfection here on planet Earth, it’s just not allowed. Somebody wrote it down in the early rules, no perfection on planet Earth. So in order to hide your perfection, you come in and split off into different rays of imperfect light. But when you come back together, that’s who you really are. Each one of those people knew you for who you were in that dimension of time-space, and you share the same core personality.

Regaining Perfection
When a person crosses the veil, all of the massive energy comes Home. They come back together as a perfect being, dear ones, they’re perfect once again. Many who have died during the last couple of years have done so by contract. The important part is with all of the assistance on this side of the veil, it’s opening up new possibilities.

Now, you may think that it’s a question of just channeling these entities and bringing that through. Yes, that is part of what’s going to happen, people will learn how to tap into this energy. Some will think they are smart and have great ideas, others will call it inspiration or even channeling. You already have interest and fascination in your own areas of mastery. While that’s happening, other things are also being added to those levels. And if you’re interested in something, all of a sudden, you’ll get new ideas about how to work with it. You’ll have new possibilities of things that you can try. Perhaps you’re an expert on this over here, or you have theories about that over there. At first, you’ll probably try what you feel most comfortable with.

The Energetic Opening
If you understand the larger aspect of what’s taking place, there is an opening on this side of the veil. It’s absolutely huge. Once a person tunes into it, the flow begins and things align naturally. That opening makes the connection easier between our side of the veil and yours. You’ll notice the Keeper is a conscious channel. If you slap him across the face, he’s going to say, “Ouch! Wait, I just did that. Oh, well.”

Even if you don’t know the next steps of how to apply it or where to use it, just open up your intent. Set your intention to be downloaded with this information, then your areas of interest and expertise will start to expand. You’ll have new ideas, new things to work with, and a new rhythm in which to carry them. Dear ones, the magic has been going on for a very long time. And now you have so many things coming together at the same time.

Something’s Happening Here
The question becomes, why would all these beings gather on the other side of the veil? There are very big things happening that most will never see. The eyes of the Universe are upon Earth as these next steps are made. For this reason, many of you are here right now because you’ve traveled backwards in time some 300 years to be here at this very moment. Now you may think that everyone believes they live in critical times. Yes, they tend to do that. But you did it, because your space was reserved. Your place in that chair at this moment was reserved for some of you 500 or 600 years ago. You knew this was going to take place, you knew that there were things happening that you could be a part of and even make easier. And, yes, many of you were actually here at the beginning of the game when you first opened the doors to this new place. You had to discover what worked and what didn’t. You had to figure out the new guidelines and different aspects of it. Although it wasn’t easy, you did it.

Yes, the same doors are getting ready to open again. There’s a new world coming, one that you are creating and it’s actually an opportunity for mastery. There are opportunities to see what works and what doesn’t. As you open up the other doors and start walking into this new world, there are all kinds of creations. You can bring your magic, dear ones. It’s been foretold that you were coming and now you’re here.

Learn to listen from the other side, to pick up those pieces from the master healers that have now crossed over. They will help you re-member. There will be more crossing over, for there’s more energy there. More things will take place on Earth, but you can make this ride a lot easier for everyone if you just hold hands. Instead of focusing on the differences, look for the ways you are alike. Know that you’re all a part of each other, even if you disagree. That’s the part to keep in mind, because that’s what will open up your channels. They won’t channel to only one side or the other. There are no differences at Home, it’s all perfection and everything is connected. You’re all a part of each other, the way that you are on Earth, you just can’t see it.

We hope you find a new rhythm to walk within. Walk proud and tall as you step forward on Earth, but know that there’s a new rhythm, a new game forming. Welcome Home, welcome to the new planet Earth. And with that, I ask you to treat each other with respect as you play that game. Open those doors for everyone else that you can, and nurture each other every chance you get. Play well together. That’s all it takes and you will create Ηome on your side of the veil. Well done. Dear ones, well done.

I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.


Crimson Circle Excerpt
Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe

The full channel can be viewed on the
 Crimson Circle website under Library – The Art of Benching Series, October 2, 2021

Back to Zero Point
Take a moment to feel into zero again. Not a number. You don’t combine it with the others, but it’s always that beginning point, what humans often call the zero point. That’s where we’re at.

You’ve had all these experiences in this lifetime. You’ve run the gamut of this linear experience for many, many, many lifetimes, and now we’re back at the zero point. What does that mean?

It means you’ve gone very deep within yourself. You’ve explored the core of really who you are. You’ve taken a very, very deep dive in this lifetime, in addition to having a lot of experiences, but you’ve gone very deep within, and you’ve come back to this point, the zero point.

You’re still carrying some vestiges of old wounds and old issues with you, as we come back here. Those will dissolve away. And please, as I said earlier, don’t work at them. Don’t force them. Don’t use techniques. Don’t try to mantra them out of your life. Don’t try to use healers. These will simply dissolve away, even the most stuck issues.

Some Shaumbra still have issues with abundance. These will simply dissolve away. The moment you get in and start trying to figure it out, you wrestle with them or beat them, they’re just going to persist. They’re going to stick around. But if you just take a deep breath and you realize all these things now are just going to melt away. You’re coming back to the zero point. You’re coming back to your own consciousness. After journeying out into this universe, in this cosmos of numbers, which really are just experiences, you’re coming back to the zero point. That’s the park bench. That’s the park bench. It’s the zero point that we come back to.

Now you’re here to do the real thing you came here to do. The important thing, once again, is don’t engage with issues. And I know some of you get a little hot under the collar, because, I don’t know, perhaps you want to engage with them. You want to suffer. You can’t believe it would be this easy. It is. The moment you engage with a physical issue, in other words, you’re trying to figure it out or you’re obsessing on it, or you’re trying to figure out some new alternative cure or something else, you’re right back into it and it’s not going to dissolve away, because this issue – just think of it as one of these numbers – says, “Oh, you still want me around, because you’re engaging with me. So, I’m going to stick around.” If you realize you’re coming back to the zero point – it’s you, it’s consciousness, consciousness that ultimately commands energy; if you realize that you’ve had a tremendous number of experiences, but now you’re back home, now it’s simply about being on this park bench and shining your light. Back at the zero point.

Along the way, some Shaumbra dropped out. Quite a few Shaumbra dropped out, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps I offended them. I can’t possibly imagine that, but perhaps I did. Perhaps I even tried to get rid of them, because they were so ingrained with their issues. They were so adamant about holding on to them and blaming somebody else. They were tilting at their windmills. They were fighting ghosts that weren’t there. They were obsessed with their own challenges. They hung on to them, whether it was a family situation or a relationship or their self-worth, whatever it happened to be. They really weren’t ready to be here. And it was better for them not to be, because it would have had an effect on everybody else.

So many of you persisted. You made it this far. Now we’re back at the zero point.

Take a deep breath and if you have any remaining issues – self-worth issues or any remaining doubts – take a deep breath and don’t engage. Let them go. They’re ready to go, really. They’re ready to go. Don’t engage. And Cauldre’s asking me, “Okay, is this being an innocent in the face of great battles?” “Is it being stupid,” I guess is what he’s asking. Is it being naïve to basically ignore the issues? Not at all. The energy dynamics are so simple. If you engage with an issue – and you know what that’s like; let’s say, it’s an abundance thing and you’ve gone for, what, lifetimes, maybe decades with it – if you engage with it, it will continue to be there. If you realize that you’re back at zero point, you’re back in your own consciousness, in your own home, in your own energy, these things will just go away, without you having to focus on them, without you having to sprinkle fairy dust on them, without any sort of crystal healing or therapy, any of that. And then you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do this sooner, why I didn’t tell you about it sooner, but we’ll talk about that at a later point.

But right now, take a deep breath and allow yourself to come back to zero point. Yeah, you’ve got all these numbers representing all of your experiences and all the things you’ve done, but you’re back at zero point. It’s not a number. In other words, it’s not an experience. It’s who you are.

Feel into that for a moment.

It took you a while to get back here. You had to get through that myriad of all these numbers out there, all the experiences and all the things that you’ve gone through. Every number out there could be an identity that you had in the past, a past life, or various identities in this lifetime. You had all those characters, all those aspects out there, but somehow you made your way back to the zero point. It’s not another experience. It’s not another character or aspect. It’s who you are. You dove deep enough into it, you found your way here in spite of so many distractions, and now you’re here.

As I mentioned, some Shaumbra dropped out along the way. They were too interested in causes and battles, and you’ve all seen it, particularly in this coronavirus era. It’s ripe for battles and controversies and conspiracies and righteousness and everything else. None of it really matters. None of it matters to you, anyway. It’s not your battle anymore.

So many insist on these fights and they simply don’t have a place with where we’re going right now. They may have a change of heart sometime in the future, but right now it’s this group, you, this really quite dedicated group of Shaumbra around the world. So right now, take a deep breath and get comfortable on your own park bench, whether you’re sitting on one or not, whether you have one or not, but it’s a metaphor. It’s a metaphor for zero point, for coming back home to yourself. Surely, battle weary and perhaps a lot of stories, a lot of numbers flying around, but now it’s time to come back, come back to yourself, and for the real reason we’re here.

You’re a zero. Hm. You’re zero, and that’s a good thing. Anyway, your core, your center point is zero. That’s a good thing, because now it doesn’t have all the overlays of the past and old memories and old ghosts and everything else. You’re back home to yourself. It’s the “I Am, I Exist,” and now it’s your park bench.

Do you need a literal park bench? No, but it’s not a bad idea to get one, just as a reminder, as a place to sit and a place to do what we’re going to be doing. It’s a good symbol. But, no, you don’t actually have to have one. You can call a chair your park bench or you can call a toilet a park bench for all I care. It doesn’t really matter, but just remember you’re zero now.

Zero is not just another number. Zero is you. It’s consciousness.


In this series, we’re going to be doing active benching. I’ll be getting into that and, again, not that it takes a lot of teaching or explanation; we’re just going to be doing it. But today I wanted to start out, well, with the basics of the basics. Today, I wanted to start with the Park Benching 101. So, let’s put on some music and let’s start with our park benching right here. 

 Celestial Trends – October and November 2021 Overview 

Celestial Trends – October 2021
Moving into the SIX month of October, our focus will be revolving around finding solutions, as SIX is all about healing, fixing and resolving issues. Many critical issues stream into the month as Mercury squares Pluto on October 1st, as the transparency lid is blown off of many situations. With the New Moon on October 6th at 13 Libra, we will be pushed to address many topics that are on the table. Stacked full of orderly papers on the 6th, a gust of information comes along and tosses the stacks of paper into the air as many aspects come into the month to give us a lot of tasks and projects to accomplish. We will make important changes within our work and home environments that begin to support the new reality that is evolving. Our new perspective and awareness continues to evolve, expanding our concepts to make new choices. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto turn direct in October, ushering us to move forward into our right directions as we address these key planetary elements all through the month. Coming to important conclusions and making new determinations, our new concepts are allowing us to see more and more options and to respond to the pull to move into our right directions.

Celestial Trends – November 2021
Moving into the SEVEN month of November, our focus will be shifting to look at situations from a deeper perspective. Many realizations occur during SEVEN months and allow us to review and revise our concepts. The characteristics of the SEVEN emphasize the need to deepen our concepts and to make important decisions about the priorities we have had in the past and the need to make adjustments. November’s revisions are integral to updating our concepts, which brings in the Lunar Eclipse on November 19th. Sun at 27 Scorpio and Moon at 27 Taurus requires our values line up with the priorities that have been adjusted within the shift and changes of November.

Lot’s more information readily available at 

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