Overwhelmed? Lost and Confused? Frozen with Fear? In the Depths of Despair?
Everything in your life at ‘break down’ point?

So how do you manage this? What do you do?

FIRST. Do understand that you are not going through this alone. There are many, many humans in transition and experiencing the same difficulties and turmoil as you are… and no doubt in some cases, even worse.
Be assured, all of us forerunners or ‘first wavers’ have gone through the same proverbial hell. Yes, we have all been terribly lonely, frozen with fear, distressed, devastated and beside ourselves. We’ve all been in a place of ‘blackness’ without a sense of hope. We’ve all felt totally disconnected from everything including our own spirit. And if the truth be known, we have all at one time or another given serious consideration to leaving before the end of the show. We have all felt like a victim, we have all indulged in self-pity, we have all felt completely lost and totally confused, we have all been on our knees weeping in utter despair and, like every great being who has ever lived, we have all had those moments when we wish to God we weren’t who we are. Indeed you are not alone. We all know what it’s like to go through the seemingly endless trials and tribulations of unprecedented change. We all know what it’s like to be in the New and unknown, in a very strange and uncomfortable place without any signposts or maps.

SECOND. When you’re right in the middle of the lowest of lows and you’re completely and utterly overwhelmed by feelings of despair and hopelessness – even to the point of feeling suicidal, just know that this is in perfect order and is all part and parcel of the awakening/ascension process. They are but symptoms of the truly massive changes that you’re going through during your transition from duality into the New Energy. Be assured that this is the biggest change that you have EVER gone through and unfortunately no dress rehearsals were possible. It was not possible to have a few light practice runs beforehand to gently prepare yourself for this transformation. It was straight bang into the greatest show on earth without a chance to learn your part or even catch your breath.

Transitional zones are definitely not places of heavenly bliss. To the contrary, they are more often than not places of hellish chaos. Actually, there are really only two good things to be said about transitional zones: the first is that they take us to a New Greater Reality and a Whole New and Vastly Grander Life, and the second is that they don’t last forever. Now here is my qualified advice to you for when you find yourself despairing and overwhelmed…

Again, and above all, know that all this upheaval, dread and chaos that you are experiencing is in perfect order. The old foundations simply must come down and the old cleared out to make way for the New. So let them tumble down and let the old go. Do not be afraid or anxious and do not panic. I can assure you that there is absolutely no reason to panic, to be afraid or to be anxious… or to be questioning your own sanity. What is REALLY happening with you and your life is PERFECT and in DIVINE ORDER. Just don’t confuse this with what ‘seems’ to be happening.

Transitioning from the old energy and the old duality self to the New Energy and your New Divine Self is no small and easy task. It requires many changes that you have not experienced before – not ever. In fact, the only constant during this period is change, so expect them, and when they come, bless them. It is true to say that every single change in your life is sacred, and this even includes those baffling and heartbreaking (and at times even terrifying) things like loss of livelihood and financial difficulty, physical illness and the ending of long-standing relationships. All these changes are indeed sacred because they are making way for something that is utterly profound and truly awesome – Your Future. And as difficult and frightful as it may be at times, why would you settle for anything less… anything less than the grandest possible – a Fully Awakened New Energy Divine Human? Allow these blessed changes to take place and as gracefully as possible allow the old to go. And know that through it all you are never alone – not ever.

THIRD. Know that this long and arduous period of transition, this long walk through the forge, will eventually come to an end. Indeed, your New Life and Future is assured. Yes, it will be enormously satisfying and it will be very powerful. You will be joyous, healthy, peaceful and abundant, and you will never be lonely or in need. YOU WILL HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEVER HAD. The end result will be worth everything you have gone through, and more… so much more.
So be it!

rose clip art

Footsteps echo in the memory
down the pathway that we feared to tread
towards the gate we feared to open…
into the rose garden.

PANIC: 1. A sudden overwhelming feeling of terror or anxiety.
2. Be overcome with fear

To panic is to think as human’s think, so…
Don’t think like a human

Henry and The Missing Bridge
Based on the Kryon parable 

Henry is happily speeding down a winding mountain road… down to where there’s a bridge across to the other side of the deep valley.

Henry rounds a sweeping bend where he gets a full view for the first time of the valley below… to immediately see that the bridge across the chasm is missing.

What would a human think at this time? “The bridge is not there; therefore I will surely die. The bridge cannot possibly be rebuilt quickly enough. I must turn back.”

Henry was about to stop when he heard a voice, a voice powerful yet calm and unlike any he had heard before… “Continue on Henry. Don’t think like a human. Things are not always as they seem Henry. You will be taken care of Henry.”

So Henry continued on, although quite a bit slower than before. “Can’t you go any faster Henry,” the voice said. “Things are not always as they seem Henry. You will be taken care of Henry.”

Henry speeded up. Although very apprehensive and more than a little fearful, there was something unusual about this voice, something that he trusted.

Henry was now rounding the last bend on the road that leads onto the bridge… the bridge that he knew was no longer there. His fear increased… it was the last moment! It took everything he had in him not to stop right there… yet the voice kept saying “Henry, continue on, continue on. Don’t think like a human.” Henry gripped the wheel, held his breath… and closed his eyes.

Moments later he heard the sound of men’s voices calling out. Henry opened his eyes to see several workman on the side of the road waving him on to an area he had never observed before. And standing in full glory there was a beautiful new bridge! It was a bridge that was so big and so awesome that Henry realized that it had been under construction long before he came along, long before he needed it. It was being built completely out of sight, and only presented itself NOW… when he needed it. Henry crossed the bridge in joy, realizing the power of his partnership with Spirit.

If you understand this parable, you will understand what Spirit has for you in this New Energy. Time with Spirit is not linear. The setups are in place now for what you will co-create and manifest tomorrow… for healings, for abundance which is coming your way, for partnerships which are around the corner. The setups have started now for creations among you that have not even been conceived by you yet. There are solutions already created to problems that you don’t even have yet… solutions that are far grander than anything you could ever imagine.

Don’t think like a human.

Things are not always as they seem.

Continue on, continue on… You WILL be supported and cared for.
Make no adjustments along the way out of fear.

Never worry and never panic.
Like Henry’s solution to the missing bridge,
the solution to every problem, challenge, test or trial that you will ever have
already exists in the NOW… when you need it.

You WILL be supported and cared for.

Spirit is never too late…
“Before ye call I have answered.”


The Five Phases of Inner Spiritual Awakening
A short & approximate* guide

(The above Panic Button was written for those going through Phase 3)

*Approximate because there is so much possible variation for each person within each phase
and each phase is never completely isolated and can overlap the previous or following phases.
We can be through the very difficult Releasing Phase for instance and into the Integration Phase,
and then discover some ancient baggage that we’d ‘forgotten’ all about;
perhaps some deeply ingrained (and previously transparent) beliefs in the ‘holy’ virtues of suffering or poverty,
or our inborn unworthiness as a Human – all courtesy of early religious indoctrination.

  In addition, we may go through the last four phases over and over again.
But each time we do however, it’s with a higher state of awareness,
a higher vibration and with a new and higher level of understanding.
And with each cycle we move further away from duality and further into the New Energy.

There is also no particular time frame for each phase or indeed the whole process.
The whole awakening process can and may take up to several years… or longer.
Some may choose to go only to the end of Phase 2 in this lifetime and so remain in duality.
They are no less honored than anyone else.

Phase 1 – The Birthing of Awareness

Up until Phase 1, we are basically asleep and unaware, just basking in duality with all its illusions and going through the motions of being a Human – lifetime after lifetime. Then at some point something happens. We have a knocking at the door… a very difficult situation or personal calamity perhaps that impels us to find some REAL answers – the whys and wherefores. Or maybe it’s a book given to us by a friend or we are ‘dragged’ along to a talk, course or workshop. It may be just a total exasperation with the superficiality and futility of it all – with our totally boring and increasingly stressful nine-to-five plain vanilla existence. Whatever it is however, and it can be different for each of us, it opens the door. We are now awakening… and it’s exciting. Weeeeeee!  

Phase 2 – The Processing

Then comes the processing. We now have our eyes open, or one at least, and it’s time to start exploring, to find out more and to get a better understanding. At this particular stage the local metaphysical bookstore quickly becomes our most favorite place in the entire world. We now begin to spend so much time and money there that the regular customers think we are one of the staff and the owner loves us unconditionally because we single-handedly pay his rent.  As far as books go, we just can’t read them fast enough (and let our friends know fast enough of our new-found enlightenment).
During this phase we may take a dip into Krishnamurti, Gibran or The Tao, or any of the model channeled teachings – Lazaris, Seth or a Course in Miracles. We may even take a quick plunge into duality’s popular old stand-by – The Human Potential Movement… unlimited power, the competitive edge, self-mastery and the “right stuff”.

Then there’s the various courses and workshops – crystal healing, past lives, aromatherapy, meditation, Ascended Masters, tantra-mantra, chakra twirling and the ultimate truth… and the trusty old psychic reading now and again just to check that our future’s full of goodies. And it all feels so new, so fresh and so good – so good in fact that we don’t just GO to healers and classes towards the end of this stage, but some of us do the courses to BE the healers and to TEACH the classes. My God! How we’ve changed! In no time at all we’ve got letters after our name and even a ‘masters’ title or two… even our very own website with all the trimmings! People actually pay money to see us!  Really and truly, how much better can it get? How much better can WE get?

Well, the fact is it doesn’t, and we don’t… at least not for a while. Indeed, from this point on it gets worse for a time – a lot worse. We asked for ‘True’ Spiritual Awakening, to go all the way, and so here it is. One thing we are going to realize early on is that just about all of the many thousands of books out there of the self-help/new-age/personal power/personal growth variety… are bullshit. With a handful of excellent exceptions, none of them even comes remotely close to depicting what True Spiritual Growth and Inner Spiritual Awakening is really like. We, however, are about to find out for ourselves… the hard way, but indeed the ONLY way.      

Phase 3 – The Releasing

The releasing phase is where we let go of the old – ALL of the old. This is the very heart of transition, the walk through the forge, the fires of transformation. This is where our whole duality-based world as we know it begins to shatter and fall apart; where our familiar and comfortable reality system begins to change – and radically. It’s when the props disappear from our stage, the rug is pulled out from under our feet, our safety net disappears, our old security systems fail, all our beloved spiritual practices become totally useless and we no longer know who we are, where we are, or even what day it is. It’s where we’re challenged, tested and stripped to the very core; where our old duality self dies in order to give birth to our New Divine Self. This is the stage described above in the Panic Button, on the Hints for Transition page and on the Home page. It’s a very difficult and confusing time to say the least… But, we do get through it, even though it seems at times like the trials and tribulations will just never end.

Phase 4 – Integration

This is where we unite with our true Higher Self, God Self or Spirit. But not by using any of the old duality-based practices – prayer, meditation, affirmation, invocation, magic ritual or sacred ceremony… but just by simply ‘allowing’. Interesting, isn’t it, how much things have changed in the New Energy.

Phase 5 – Expression

This is where we begin to live like we’ve never lived before or could even imagine before… feasting on life as it were… with total compassion and understanding, and without karma, drama, rules, agenda or illusion. This is where we TRULY understand and appreciate the immensity that we are integral to and at-one with. This is where all the old energy ‘mind games’ end – all the striving, struggling, controlling and manipulating – and a New Energy ‘synchronistic life’ begins. A life where everything is in perfect divine flow, where everything we could need or want appears at precisely the right time – NOW!

This is the end of the journey that every duality-based spiritual practice in its purest form alludes to, even promises, but can never deliver.

This is where all the searching and seeking ends and the adventuring and LIVING begins… where we are no longer in the clutches of the past or in fear of the future.

This is where our most sacred truths – the wisdom of the ages, can be instantly replaced by immeasurably vaster truths.

This is where we live as if each day were both our first and our last – which it is.

This is where nothing is certain, but nothing is uncertain; where nothing works like it used to work, but everything works – perfectly and divinely.

This is where we are ever true to ourselves and real for others – where we walk our talk and live our love.

This is where our compassion for humanity moves us to tears, but where our tolerance for dishonesty, pretense, dogma and nonsense is at zero.

This is where we no longer look to gurus, swamis, channels, idols, masters, pedagogues or leaders… or to any alleged super-power somewhere in the sky.

This is where we KNOW that We Are God Also… and that everyone else is also.

If only they would awaken…

You can leave a clay pot sitting in the sun forever
and it will still be a clay pot.
It has to go through the white heat of the furnace
to become porcelain.

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