Human Problems & Their Divine Solutions
Solving the unsolvable – the New Energy way

To say that those on the path of inner spiritual awakening seem to have nothing but one big problem (or test, trial or challenge) after another would be nothing short of a gross understatement. Indeed, for most of us, if it’s not a health issue we’re dealing with then it’s one of relationships (or lack of relationships), and if it’s not one of relationships then no doubt we’re doing battle with every lightworker’s pet bugbear – finances. Some of us even seem to be blessed at times with having major dramas with all three simultaneously… and in some cases continuously!

Now, there are problems… and then there are PROBLEMS.  First there’s all the minor or ‘secondary’ ones that all of us humans live with almost on a daily basis – just about everything from noisy neighbours in the middle of the night to running out of petrol on the freeway… from tripping over and twisting our ankle to having our PC crash (and always when we’ve got important work to do). And then there are the major or ‘primary’ ones, the big three as we lovingly call them – Health, Relationships and Finances. These are the ones that concern us here – the potentially devastating ones that have the capacity to bring us completely unstuck, wrench us right out of our comfort zones and hurl us into spirals of imbalance, worry and despair. These are the ones that, when severe enough, can cause even the strongest among us to freeze with fear, to be physically sick, and even at times to seriously think about returning to the other side. When we use the word ‘problem’ from this point on, we mean the Big Three. Indeed, none of us would have too much to complain about if our health, relationships and bank accounts were all of the highest order… and it would be pretty difficult to find a human anywhere, with the possible exception of a rabid religious martyr, who would disagree. 

While it’s true to say that the process of inner spiritual awakening and difficulties with health, relationships and finances generally go hand in hand (as discussed elsewhere on this site), and while it’s true to say that some of us have needed to be mostly alone and without the almost insurmountable distraction of great abundance during the transitional period, it does not mean that we’ll forever be without a love relationship in our lives, forever be unhealthy or overweight or be ever struggling financially. On the contrary; while our long and arduous walk through the forge has both challenged and stripped us to the very core and seared off all the age-old dross, illusion and counterfeit, it doesn’t mean that that’s where we’re going to stay for the rest of this lifetime – fully awakened and enlightened New Energy beings… but alone, unwell and broke. No – absolutely not!

So how as fully enlightened New Energy beings do we go about solving these big problems of ours? We know that none of the old energy tools work for us in the New paradigm, so what do we do now? Well, to answer that, we’ve decided to use another of the Kryon channels – again with express permission. This particular one is actually double-edged and kills two birds with the one stone, because if we think it through, although the following channel is essentially all about solving problems in the New Energy, it’s also at the same time all about ‘creating’ in the New Energy. It simply must be, because if we’ve solved our abundance problem for instance, then we must have also ‘created’ abundance. The solution is actually creation, and our creation is the solution.

Anyway, there’s plenty of time to reflect on that little revelation, so let’s get on to the business of solving our ugly problems – the New Energy way. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Kryon or you’re not familiar with channeling in general (or are sceptical because of some serious contradictions between certain channels or are turned off by its often placatory and patronizing nature, which in fact many are), just take from the following information what resonates with YOU… run it all through your own individual truth filters, use your own discernment, and then take from it what you wish. That said, however, just keep in mind that this particular information would NOT be on the Points of Power site if it wasn’t some of the best and most practical New Energy material currently available, and even more important, if it didn’t work… or rather didn’t work when embraced and applied.

Last, we have taken the liberty of highlighting certain passages in red. These we feel are ‘right to the purpose’ and the most valuable parts for the reader to commemorate.

The Golden Tray

Greetings, dear ones, I AM Kryon of magnetic service!

Oh, my partner, it is a good thing to be back in this energy, is it not? For there has been much learned here. It is the intent of the love of Spirit at this time in this energy, to fill each and every chair with the love of God!

That’s not going to be that difficult because so many of you are ready for this. The subject this night is a practical one, and it is one about humans and their reactions and interactions. And oh, dear ones, this is among Kryon’s favorite subjects… how God and humans work together. We allow a moment for our energy to press upon you from an entourage that has arrived with the Kryon to love you. The entourage is what we bring to enhance the intent of those who are here. For there are those sitting in the chairs at this time, intending change – intending information to be passed that would be helpful to them and for you. There is a great joke here and the joke is personal to each one of you. It is that each and every one knows this voice you are now hearing (or reading). For some of you are hearing or reading the English words and the voice of my partner, but you are FEELING the energy of Spirit as we speak to your heart. The energy is from HOME.

We say to you that we know everything you know… about YOU. The only thing that we do not know is what you’re going to do next. For that, dear ones, is what this planet is all about – this planet of free choice – set up in advance with permission by you. Through eons of time, now is the payoff as you sit in the energy of the New Age and you listen to and read the words from a human being channeling the energy of divinity – an energy that shakes hands with the divine one that sits in your heart. Let the entourage that is here, now walk between these seats and these aisles and do their work. Open your heart to what can be yours tonight! We do not come here to give you information, dear ones. We come here to pass life-changing energy.

The partnership we have developed with some of you is awesome. For you have allowed us in and now you know what it is like to create your own reality, don’t you? Yet still there are so many who doubt that such a thing could be – to walk hand-in-hand with your higher Self – to claim to be a partner with the very “spark of God” – to wake up in the morning not knowing what’s going to happen, or where your abundance is coming from – yet to have a smile and have peace in your heart that sings the song of love. That’s the test, isn’t it?

And again we come to you apologizing that the New Energy paradigm sometimes goes against the old human nature. Some of you are finding that your needs are met, not in advance, but only at the last possible second. And you who are experiencing this know a little bit about what it’s like to be in the NOW. But that is the way God works – the answers given exactly when you need them, and usually not before. Is there any doubt that we know who you are? I speak to each heart now. You come here and you sit in the chair or read these words and there is great honor from our side – honor for that entity inside you that has marvelous spinning colors – honor for that golden one inside each of you that has “wings” that can spread out to 27 feet! For the energy that each of you carries when you’re not here is awesome! We know what your Merkabah looks like. We know of the colors you carry. We know of your spiritual lineage. We know where you’ve been and we honor you! For the ones in this very room together, can change the energy of the planet. That’s how much power is here. That’s how much power is here.

If it were not for the duality, you would explode to a maze of colors and energy that would astound the Universe. Everyone who ever lived on this planet is alive again in some form… did you know that? Some have passed over and have come back quickly, for they know this is the time that’s going to make a difference. All are poised – looking and watching. There is energy being delivered from so many different sources. Oh, it’s all about NOW. It’s all about NOW. Humanity as a whole, at the cellular level, knows what this is all about.

Don’t you think we know the feelings that are here, the questions, the unrest, the seeming unbalance, the problems? That’s what we want to talk about tonight – the problems.


So it was, one year ago, that we sat in this very spot and in the energy of the mountains (Banff, Canada) we spoke of the “golden chair.” We opened a subject that we had never opened before regarding partnering with God so that we could expound upon it, and have it carried from city to city all over the globe. Indeed it has been transcribed and published, but it was initiated here where you now sit. For this was the place it happened originally, in front of those just like you. Some of you were there at that time and know of what I speak. For we told you of the great golden one that sits on the chair in your heart. Inside there is something you call the “higher self.” We’ve told you of the self-worth issue that you can grab hold of and claim. We invited you to metaphorically sit in the chair with that golden one to see who you were. We invited you to feel the love permeate every cell. We invited you to see the concept of the partnership with God that is available in this New Age. We invited the marriage to the higher self and we told you that it was the beginning step for many.

We told you that if you would do this, all things would start to be added. For the gifts and the jewels of Spirit that you need to move forward as a human being on this planet are special indeed, and they are different than any in the past. They have to be. There is NO old energy tool which will serve you on a day-to-day existence on this planet as a human being, as you walk into a high vibration. So human living and being “on the path” becomes a whole new paradigm – an entire new school, and the new gifts are given to you one-by-one. There are so many of you who do not understand what the gifts are. You sit in confusion and yet in all love and honor you have given intent to move forward and intent is the catalyst for action!


We would like to tell you of a concept this night which is going to be as radical and different as the golden chair was to you a year ago. We want you to understand that each and every one right now can claim that golden one before we hear more. I have an exercise for you, for it will help you in what’s next. It is one that my partner has used many times on groups, but never in channel. We have told you many times, dear ones, that we are here to wash your feet. What is to follow is given in great love and honor for humanity. If you get nothing more this night than this, it will still be good – and that is to FEEL the love of God permeate your heart and feel your feet being washed – each one, by the tears of our joy that we supply for that purpose.

There are entities like Kryon that would give so much to sit in front of you like this! It seems that in the perfect love of God, I drew the lot to be the one to help set the magnetic grid – to watch this grand time of yours – to watch what you’ve done on Earth – to see hope, and to see the changes and experience the love. Let me wash your feet in appreciation of your effort. Accept it, and know that you are honored.

Each one of you comes here with human problems of living. There’s a unique scenario with EACH PERSON and this is as it should be, especially with those who find themselves searching in this New Age. There are upsets. Things are not always as they seem. Suddenly some of you find yourself yanked away from something that was comfortable. Suddenly some of you find issues that never were there before: health, abundance, survival. Some of you have issues with family… biological and cosmic.

Here is the preparation exercise, and you will see how it plugs in to what we’re going to tell you. We wish you to see and visualize the problem which is at the forefront of your mind right now as you hear or read this. For some of you there is more than one. And oh, we honor you for this. There is no greater love than that of a human being who is chosen to come to this planet and walk around in biology with the true higher self hidden from you – to see if you could find it – to experience the frailty of the flesh and the disappointment of the aging and your tests of humanism. And that is why we love you so, if we haven’t told you before. And that is why you are deserving to have messages of enlightenment given in this manner. And that is why you are deserving to have energy passed into your life – absorbed into that golden chair, so that you could move forward, empowered with new gifts.


We want you to visualize this problem that is in your life. Pull it out of its ugly place, and put it on your lap! Like a tiny ferocious animal, even though it might be ugly – black with fear – we want you to sit it right there in front of you – alive and filled with uncertainty. The reason we want you to do that is because you’re going to have an opportunity to do something with it in a moment. For this night this ugly thing is either going to be solved… or you’re going to put it back where it was. You see, these things don’t get cast away. They don’t disappear. They BELONG to you. They’re setups that you brought in. They’re yours, with your name on them. You agreed to them. Pull them out, those unsolvable problems, and put them on your lap. Metaphorically and figuratively, they are going to sit there where only you can see them, for the next moment. They are going to hear the message also.

And now we’re going to tell you something: Before we can describe this new concept, we have got to go into a scenario that is historic. We’d like to tell you what humans normally do with the kinds of problems that are on your lap. We’re going to discuss the OLD ENERGY first, for it must be clear to you what the difference is between what used to be, and what is NOW.

There are five things that in the old energy, humans did with problems of the kind that you bring here. You are not unique in the problem department, you know. As an enlightened individual, your problems are often similar ones which the others have too. What makes the problems unique is that now YOU have them (not the others). Perhaps you find yourself as an enlightened individual. Just because you know how things work, and who you are, does not exempt you from some of these things. Let us describe for a moment what the old energy method is regarding the treatment of intense problems, and it’s going to prove something to you – that real human duality exists – as if you needed such a proof!


The first thing a human being will do with an intense problem is often to run the other way. “If I run far enough away it won’t be there when I get back,” some have said as they scamper here and there. You have seen it over and over. And so the running begins, and oh, there are so many ways of running. There are ways to occupy your brain. There are actual physical moves. There’s the process of ignoring the problem – “oh, it’ll go away, it’ll go away.” But it remains, doesn’t it? There it is… and it slowly gets worse. Sometimes it festers. Sometimes the energy of running actually builds it! You can’t get away from it.

The old paradigm was first to flee. Now I ask you, right now: would such a thing be in a perfect spiritual nature? Why is it that fear and problems are so abhorrent to such an intelligent race? And the answer dear ones, is a spiritual one, because these things on your lap have a spiritual energy! They are setups. Each time something occurs that is of a paramount nature – which creates fear and anxiety and interrupts your life – it’s a setup. And the first thing the human wants to do is get away from it! It’s an odd thing to do, is it not, for a wise intelligent race? Instead, why don’t you just face it, and solve it? The answer is because there is a grand spiritual overlay here. There’s a “piece of home” in every problem. There’s a “piece of great love” in every problem. And so the first reaction is flight. “I don’t want to go there,” the human says. Yet it’s part of the contract. It’s part of the duality. Sometimes it’s a tough one to accept. Your duality creates the fear.


When you flee, yet you realize that the problem remains, many find the action of LEAST RESISTANCE is the solution. “Okay… I will act on this thing. I think I will do the thing which is the easiest,” the human says, and here is a dichotomy. Many times that “least resistant” solution has nothing to do with the problem at all. It’s a band-aid, so to speak – something to get it out of the way. “What’s the easiest thing I can do,” the human being says, “to get rid myself of this? I’ll deal with it, but What’s the easiest way?”

We’re reminded of the parable of “Sarah and the Old Shoe,” one that we have given to you before which has nothing to do with a shoe at all. The old shoe is just a metaphor meaning that human beings tend to go to what is most comfortable (and the least trouble). Listen, dear ones: Many times what is most comfortable is in the old energy! The story of Sarah was easy: Sarah prayed and prayed for the job of a lifetime – to be in her “sweet spot.” All she wanted was this marvelous occupation – something that she could really do well. It was her passion, and she prayed and she finally got it. The only thing was that she had to ride what you call the tube train to get to it. Sarah had come into the world with an overlay of claustrophobia. She hated that train! Every time she got into it, she sweated – she had anxiety – she was fearful and she could hardly wait for those few minutes to be over until she could get out. She had co-created in a spiritual manner, the job of a lifetime, yet she had to deal with a karmic overlay that seemingly got in the way.

Finally Sarah presented herself to God and said, “This is not working, oh guides, oh golden angel, oh partner of mine, this is not working.” The golden angel said to Sarah, “What would you like to do about it,” and she said, “Let’s find another job.” And the angel said, “The job is what you created and asked for. It’s your passion – your gift. Why wouldn’t you decide instead to change the overlay of claustrophobia?” And Sarah said, “Because I’ve had claustrophobia for fifty years. I’ve only had the job three months!”

Sarah went for the easiest solution. “Find me a job which is next door,” she says. “It’s easier.” Many of you know that this true story had a remarkable end. Sarah indeed eventually decided, through intent, to CLEAR the karmic attribute or her fear of small spaces… and keep the “perfect” job she had created. And she did. And, by the way, when she did… the Earth changed a bit too. The human often wants to go to the avenue which is most likely to produce success the quickest, even if it does not create the solution.


Another thing the human being does with problems in the old energy paradigm is what we call ORGANIZE. There are humans with problems in front of them that decide that if they share them with enough people, they will go away! And so they organize themselves and their friends into drama groups. They call all of their friends and they tell them all about it. They tell them about it over and over and over, thinking that perhaps by sharing it over and over, some day it will go away. They feel if they could just get more people involved, the issue might get diluted. They actually don’t want suggestions or solutions. They really want to pass the issue to the group! It doesn’t work that way. Involving others in this fashion shares the energy in an inappropriate way, since to do so is to turn your back on the responsibility issue that is actually at the basis of the problem. There simply is no one else who can take on and solve a problem with your karmic name on it.


Oh, the next one some of you know about very well! In the old energy sometimes the first thing that a human being wishes to do is to create energy in the form of WORRY. We have spoken about this before. Worry is ENERGY. Worry is the energy of the intellect WITHOUT love. Did you know that? The intellect WITH love is a beautiful thing. The intellect WITHOUT love creates worry and anxiety. Somehow, thinks the human, the worry and the energy created with it, diminishes the problem. Often, given the choice in the New Age of “peace or worry” humans choose worry! It’s back to the old shoe, isn’t it? We have spoken many times about the fork in the road coming up. It’s easier, when you see a challenge looming in front of you, to sit down and worry about it instead of walking up to it in order to solve the problem at close range. Many times the signpost of solution is only at the fork! You have to walk into the middle of the challenge in order to find the answer. It simply isn’t on a sign board before you get there. Worry is a common human reaction, and it’s honored because it’s part of your DUALITY. Think of all the things that you do instead of facing a problem directly. Is this the reaction of a logical unbiased spiritual being? No. It’s the reaction of a human that has come into the planet with a bias… a duality that creates illogical reactions to the setups that you planned. Dear ones, this is why we have called what you do “WORK!.”


When all else fails, instead of facing the problem in front of them, many humans simply SHUT DOWN. With the “shut down” is created imbalance, and in this imbalance you invite health problems and disease. Many times instead of facing a problem in life, the person goes into crisis of biology – a shut down mode. Where is it in the wise human brain where it says, “it is better to leave the planet than to face the problem?” We tell you where it is: It lives in human duality! Is this not proof that there is something going on? What is “human nature,” anyway? … A form of illogical behavior that appears comical… common to humanity? No. It’s in the setup of DUALITY… a spiritual attribute of a normal anointed soul on your planet. It’s common to your quest.

With the problem on your lap, some of you have had one or more of these attributes presented to you which may sound familiar. Even those who call themselves “enlightened” and are vibrating at a high level, will have the temptation to go to an old energy answer, until they catch themselves in it and move on to what will work. Why do we tell you about this? The reason is not only to show you the duality at work, but also to show you the beauty of What’s coming. For all of these things in the old energy that you would call normal DUALITY reactions… are now able to be transmuted spiritually!

You as human beings, and we as Spirit, cooperating in a partnership, have control over these things in your life. We say it is time to eliminate all of them! There is no reason to flee and run – no reason to worry – no reason to try to find the least avenue of resistance, or to give up.

What then, does the New Age human do with the problem of the kind you have in your lap? Let’s examine that for a moment. The one who is totally enlightened – the one who knows who they are – the one who sits in the golden chair – the one who is vibrating at a high level, will do three things, which is the source of so many channels that we have communicated. The New Age human has an entirely different paradigm.

(1) The first thing the New Age human will do will be to analyze metaphorically WHY the problem exists. This is greatly honored, for this is the key to What’s next. They will look at their problem and say, “Why has this been brought to me? What does it mean?” They will meditate in front of Spirit and without telling Spirit anything at all, they will ask the question, “What do I need to know about this?” And then they will ask not for the solution, but for PEACE over it. This is very wise… very wise. First must come balance and peace. Next… revelation and complete solution. PEACE over worry is absolutely necessary for co-creation! There are so many of you here and reading this that fit into this category of human being. I’m speaking about the way you handle your problems.

(2) The second of the three things that this enlightened human being will do in the new paradigm is to take RESPONSIBILITY for the problem, regardless of how big it is or what has happened – regardless if it appeared to be an accident or not – they will say “At some level, I planned it. I’m responsible for it. I own it, and therefore I can solve it.” It is not “something that has happened to them.” It is not a “woe is me” experience. There’s no victimization.

(3) The third thing they will do is an action item: They will begin the process of CO-CREATING the solution. Now we have spoken of this many times, and we have given many channels around co-creating, but there is something more to know. There is a concept we are going to present to you today that we have never presented before. It’s a concept which may change the way you think as a New Age human being – a concept which is going to give you an “ah-ha” – an experiential input of new data – something to think about – something to claim and something to visualize which is actual and real! And it’s going to make spiritual sense.

In order for me to broach this subject, I’m going to have to talk about interdimensional things. This is difficult, for I deal with human beings who are single-digit dimensional creatures, and Spirit deals in multiple dimensions. Some of the concepts are beyond your understanding while you are on earth, due to your duality. Let me give you an example right now… one we have never spoken of before. It will probably be just as meaningless to you now as it will be in ten years, until your science realizes the truth of it. Here is a science fact: The gamma ray activity that you see coming to you from billions of light years away is next door! If you could create a highway which was like a ribbon – a two-dimensional highway – and travel for billions of years at the speed of light until you were at the actual source of the gamma ray activity, when you turned over that two-dimensional highway, you would see your own solar system! It would appear as though you had never left. How’s that for cryptic? It’s the way it works. It’s an interdimensional concept. It’s something that you cannot understand. Did you know that your incredible “expanding” universe is a closed system? Can you understand how there could be no beginning to it? Picture it. Your human brain has difficulty understanding this, and yet indeed there was no beginning. The Spirit of God, which includes every single one of you has simply “always been.” It is a fixture in the Universe which has always been, and will always be, and you are part of it – each and every one.

We speak of the NOW, and that is what we want to talk about. The concept of the NOW is not understandable within your linear time. We speak of real time as in a circle. The reality of time is in the NOW (which also creates a closed Universe). The time that has been created for you is linear. Do you realize that there is not one human being that exists in the NOW? For as you sit there, it’s either the future or the past. As your linear clock moves forward, it’s either the linear past or the linear future. You’re never allowed to stop and BE where we are, in the now. In the NOW, which is an interdimensional concept, Kryon and God and all of the guides and angels are used to a situation where the past and the present and all the “potential things to come” exist ALL AT ONCE. Now this is critical for you: I am telling you that your POTENTIALS EXIST NOW in the inner-dimensional reality of God’s plan. It’s hard for you to see this storehouse of NOW time when you’re constantly looking at the past and the future. Your train is on a track that is constantly traveling and all you can see when you turn your head is where it’s been and where it’s going. We, however, see your train in a circle. It’s far different, and difficult to tell you about clearly.

My partner, it is critical in this portion of the channel that you be crystal clear, for the logic of this must land correctly to those who are listening. The reality of Spiritual time is that all things exist together. Everything that you have the potentials to do has already occurred, and this has nothing to do with predestination. As we have said before, you control your own train. But we’re telling you that the potentials for your problems actually exist NOW.

I’m going to give you an example: Some of you have said that being on earth is like a school. We have told you about lessons and experience, and that is why you’re here. The problems that are in your laps, therefore, are the tests, are they not? Now I want you to go back to school for a minute. Go backwards in time when you were in a school and were learning the things that humans said that you had to learn. Let us pretend for a moment that the tests were on your desk, and you sat there about ready to write the answers to them as best you could. Do you remember a time like that?

Listen to this: In that school where you used to be, in some drawer somewhere – in some file cabinet somewhere – on some instructor’s desk some place, were all the solutions to every single test you were taking. Do you agree? For you could not be given those tests in that school without having the solutions there also. They are there to be given to you to compare them for your learning process. So I am telling you that in your young academic years, the solutions to your tests had already been worked out and were there for you to look at, even as you sat at the desks taking the tests. The solution were hiding from you, but existed, didn’t they?

Now come back with me for a moment, and let’s speak about the problem in your lap. Let’s talk about an interdimensional partner that you have. Let’s talk about the drawers and the file cabinets of Spirit, because I’m here to give you an anointed concept called “THE GOLDEN TRAY,” and I present this to you in all love, just like I presented to you the one about “the golden chair.” On that golden tray, dear ones, are the solutions to every single problem on every lap in this room! And it exists NOW, and it’s in the NOW. The problem has already been solved. It is not in the process of solution, it is done! It’s done. How does it make you feel to know that the thing you’re trying so desperately to co-create and figure out has already been accomplished? It is in the storehouse of a place that you are, and have access to. Look at that ugly thing on your lap – the thing that’s fearful. It’s already been solved! It sits on the golden tray, and the hand of the golden one that sits in your lap is holding the tray. There’s also an unspoken invitation here.

The invitation is, “what are you going to do with this? What are you going to do with this?” If the solutions already exist, it must tell you something about the way things work, doesn’t it? There is nothing too hard – there is no solution which is beyond your reach. Since it’s there for the taking, let me give you some instruction sets around this new concept. We’re telling you that rather than STRUGGLING through co-creation, you are able to reach out and take it – something that has already been there, and prepared. Do you know why it’s there, dear ones? Do you know the careful hands that prepared it? This is going to make logical sense to some of you and to others it will not. There must be a BALANCE in everything. The question was asked early by one who has just come in to the Kryon energy and discovered the feeling of home. He asked, “where does the karma go when it’s cleared and disabled?” That’s a great question, for it shows an understanding of energy balance. I will tell you where it goes: It goes right into the earth… and you wonder why the earth moves! That’s the alchemy we speak of. Where does the old energy consciousness go? It goes INTO the planet where it’s transmuted to the energy of CHANGE. The planet shifts and changes and it moves around transmuting the old human energy. It’s a wise person who understands that energy is always there. When you change as humans in this New Age, there is indeed a process that changes because of your spiritual actions. It’s balance.

When Hale Bop came through, it delivered an amazing amount of energy to your planet – to the very dirt of the earth so that these human processes could be transmuted properly. It was needed energy, and we reported it at the time. Now you know where it came from… and why it was needed. The shifting of energy is complex and when even one of you gives intent to move forward and drop the old ways, the old paradigm, and the old karma, the earth absorbs it. Earth changes are part of the grand plan and part of the balance of the New Age. So it should be no shock to you that every single test in this room has already been solved. The balance of the tests are the solutions on the tray. They’re in the NOW, just like your problems are. They’re in your NOW potential – all ready for you. But there are some attributes you should know about because this is not simple. Let me give you some of those.

The first is this: As you see and acknowledge the fact that the solution already exists even though you cannot see it, visualize the solution. See the tray, and visualize the solution. Now, this is important. Don’t visualize what you THINK you need to create the solution. Let that be your partner’s job (Spirit). Let us do that. If a human is going to run a race in the morning and wants to be one of the few who finishes, but doesn’t know how he is going to get through that exhausting hill or around that tight turn, he might pray to God about the tight turn and the exhausting hill. We’re here to say instead, he should be visualizing only passing easily over the finish line. Let US figure out about the exhausting hill and the tight turn. That’s our job.

Let us review for a moment the parable that was given to you regarding Henry and the Missing Bridge. Some of you will remember that this was a story about Henry who was speeding toward a bridge that he knew was out. Everything that Spirit said to him was, “Continue on, Henry. Things are not always as they seem, Henry. You will be taken care of, Henry.” The missing bridge was a metaphor for what human beings cannot fathom or see in the future that God has already taken care of. And that parable, dear ones, is really about the golden tray. For the solution to Henry’s problem of the missing bridge had already been taken care of. And if you read that parable again, for it has been published, you will realize something within this new concept of the golden tray. As Henry approached the area where the bridge was supposed to be, he opened his eyes and realized that it was still gone. His fear increased… it was the last moment! It took everything he had in him not to stop right there, yet Spirit said, “Henry, continue on, continue on.” So Henry in all his faith, continued on even faster than before, trusting God, and the partnership within. Just as he thought he was about to have his vehicle careen over the cliffs to a certain death in the valley below, he saw workmen on the road guiding him around to an area he had never seen before – an area completely out of sight that he had never, ever observed – hidden. And standing in full glory there was a beautiful new bridge! It was a bridge that was so big and so awesome that Henry realized that it had been under construction long before his need. He crossed it in astatic joy, realizing the power of his partnership with God. Dear ones, this is the key to the parable. There are solutions on that tray to problems you don’t even have yet! By the time you get around to asking Spirit for the solutions, they’ve already been built, you see…. already been built. It’s part of the balance. There HAVE TO BE solutions for the tests that you’ve agreed to… and there is.

Henry didn’t visualize how his bridge dilemma was going to be solved. The thought of a miracle bridge popping before him was silly. The thought was beyond his human reality. So instead, he simply visualized moving to the other side… the end result. The runner visualizes breaking the tape. Regarding your problem? Visualize it all taken care of and then leave the details to us… but YOU do the energy visualization… often!

The second attribute, therefore, is that “things are not always as they seem.” The answers may come in very shocking and unusual ways. Sometimes the miraculous energy will astound you. Sometimes the answers seem complex. In retrospect you might say, “long ago if person A hadn’t done this, and person B hadn’t done that… then my solution would never have been possible.” There is something in you that realizes that person A made his move BEFORE you ever needed it. How complex this was, you might say. How elegant and perfect! Not only that, but within your solution, no matter how complex the interaction is with others, somehow everyone seems to win! Dear ones. That’s the mark of a SPIRITUAL solution. Visualize, therefore, the solution as having been taken care of. It’s on the tray.

The third attribute is Don’t LIMIT GOD. You don’t know what’s on that tray and we do. There are so many of you who are standing here asking for a bush when Spirit stands with a tray containing a whole forest on it! You don’t expect it since you don’t feel the self-worth of it. The solution to your little problem may contain the whole forest as a gift for you! Things that you don’t even know about yet will be solved within the solution of the one problem you have on your lap… perfect within the simplicity of the physics and love of Spirit, and the complexities of your humanism. So let US do the work. That’s the overview of your partner (Spirit), the one you’re holding hands with. That’s the golden one in the golden chair – the one who knows everything about your potentials – about your contract – called the golden angel, or higher self. It has the energy of Spirit, yet it also has your name. Don’t limit Spirit.

Here’s the fourth one. EXPECT SYNCHRONICITY. Now this is critical and we have mentioned this many times: The old paradigm, even in the New Age, was to have God DO THINGS for you. And, as the concept went, if you trusted God and gave of yourself, somehow it would all work out. Now we’re telling you that the partnership that we have for you involves a situation that we discussed the last time we were at an altitude in the mountains (Breckinridge, CO). In taking the hand of the golden one, you stand up and move forward with God. Gone are the days when things are handed to you and done for you where all you do is sit and say thank you. You’re not going to be able to sit at home and have good things fall upon you anymore. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the higher self within you that gives you the ABILITY and the gift to STAND UP and make things happen. That is co-creation. Nothing is going to happen, dear ones, until you stand up and push on those doors of life. Make the calls that seemingly never did anything before, and watch the results. Get together with other humans and find out what synchronistic things take place to allow for your life to move forward.

In this room, dear ones, are those who will meet others for the first time, and there is much synchronicity here. It’s the reason for the mix of humans here. For each will have something for you and you may have something for them. There are potentials for life long relationships sitting here… like a tray before you with answers… but they never would have occurred in this manner unless you had the intent to be here at this time – to make the trek to sit in the chair you’re in. There are things here for you that only THE FAMILY can bring you. There are so many ways that this occurs, dear ones. Synchronicity, defined by humans is “things that happen out of the blue.” Seemingly accidents or coincidences which take place that you did not expect, and which cause great change in your life. Synchronicity, dear ones, as Spirit defines it is “elements prepared on the golden platter.” They’re part of solution, you see. And they’re there in all love to give to you, but you’ve got to stand up and take them. You must push on the doors – make the calls – show intent.

Healers, this is what my partner was talking about when he said the one that is least likely to make the change or be healed will often be the one that will make the difference to the planet! And you hold the catalyst in your hand for this. The patient in your life that you wanted to throw away – the irritant – the one you wish would never come back – the one that complains the most – that’s the one that may receive the love of God! That’s often the one who is going to make the change – that’s going to have the resolve to write the books – to have the waiting unborn children – to make the planet different. It is the meek one, that we spoke of years before that will end up with the reigns of the planet… in all love… with full understanding of the golden tray. It’s all on that golden platter, you see. But the point is, you can’t see it now. That’s where faith comes in. That’s where faith comes in.

The last item is for you to OWN THE CONCEPT that we have presented this night. That for every problem, no matter how large, there is a solution that has been created already – one that it is available and that it is grander than you can imagine. It exists with your name on it and it’s not your job to figure out the details. The concept of the golden platter will now be disseminated and given through the next year and published accordingly. Some of you leaving this place will have full understanding and will claim the solutions to those things that are on your lap. Some will not. So here is the question: What are you going do with that thing that’s on your lap?

First thing we want you to do is to have PEACE over it. No matter how ugly it looks, have peace over it and feel the love of God surging through your heart that says, “We know what you’ve been through! We know about the problem! We know about the solution too, remember? Have peace. Love US enough to have peace.” That’s the first step. The second one is a hard one. We ask you to look at that ugly thing – that thing that’s your problem and your lesson – that thing you don’t know what to do about.. and LOVE IT. It’s a piece and a parcel of the contract that you agreed to come in with, and it’s RIGHT ON SCHEDULE. It’s part of the love that we give to you which you agreed to have happen. It’s part of the reason that we wash your feet! Because you agreed to have it there on your lap. We asked you a moment ago, “Who created the tray filled with solutions?” The answer is YOU DID. As you agreed to and planned the problems, so it is that at the cellular level you also agreed to and created the balance of the solution. Therefore the solutions have the same energy on them that your problems do – an agreement of discovery, like finding pearls that you hid as a child in a magic box outside your house. All these things belong to you.


Each and every one of you is going to get up in a moment. When you do, you will lose your lap. The problem that rests there, therefore, must go somewhere. You have the freedom as human beings to put it right back where it was. You have full choice and permission to flee from it – find the least energetic solution to it – worry about it – create drama – even to shut down. All of those things are yours to do. You also have permission to look at it and see it for what it is – something very small in the cosmic theme of things – something which has a solution on a familiar platter of gold that you prepared a long time ago. It is often covered metaphorically with tears of those entities like me – guides and angels and those in the earth who love you so much that we are able to shout a victorious yell when you discover the balance.

If you think this concept is powerful, just wait until you find out how long you can live! You may look around the majestic mountains in this area and some of you wonder how long will you be allowed to be alive and to see these beautiful things. What a question! Our answer would be that you can “stay as long as you want.” Those are the kinds of gifts that you’re being presented. Watch for them, for your science will bring them soon. You’re on the leading edge of a vibrational shift which will allow humans to stay here for a very long time, and we honor you, each one, for your participation in this great time.

My partner is welling up because of the love that is being delivered in this room. It is awesome, because some of you are accepting this concept for the first time. It’s going to make a difference for the rest of your life. It has nothing to do with the channeller or of Kryon. It has to do with who YOU are.

Thank you, dear ones, for allowing this kind of energy to exist. Thank you for being part of the family – a family which we are very proud of – an eternal family that has made a difference in the Universe.

And so it is.


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