Not to berate religion’s unassailable / undeniable / indisputable / set in stone concept of God,
but just to give a contrasting perspective… and for those into open-mindedness and ‘facts’, plenty of food for thought.

When it comes to the reality of God – who or what God ACTUALLY, FACTUALLY IS (as opposed to our puerile contradictory system of a supreme, loving, all-merciful sky god who also happens to be, strangely enough, a judgmental dysfunctional father with strict punitive rules), there are no better sources to depend on and believe, most certainly in our opinion, than the channeled entities Seth and Kryon.

So here’s a little taste of God. A ‘God’ that we at Points of Power wholeheartedly agree with, and ultimately our teachings are largely about. A God that is infinitely grander than we humans can ever comprehend yet much closer to us than most of us know while at the same time being diametrically opposed to our ‘home-made’ religious model (who, funnily enough, we’ve somehow managed to make just as unbalanced in every way – if you’ve read the Old Testament, as most of us humans are).

And while we’re on our home-made religious model, we can’t resist the comedian George Carlin’s summation of this ‘invisible man in the sky’ as he calls him… “Religion has convinced people that there’s an invisible man… living in the sky. Who watches everything you do [along with watching what over 7 billion other people are doing at the same time] every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer, and suffer, and burn, and scream, until the end of time. But… he loves you. He loves you. He loves you… and he needs money.”

And Kryon has yet another home-made ‘invisible man in the sky’ who apparently knows all about you…

“Santa Claus is an all-seeing and all-knowing benevolent entity who knows you. It’s a male (of course – just like God) who knows where you live and knows if you’re good or bad. This is the model of Santa Claus and, depending upon what you do as a child, there will be presents for you or no presents. So, already there is the setup. Here is an invisible force who knows who you are, one who is looking at you all the time [and also looking at most of the other millions of children on the planet all the time], and who is ready to judge your behaviour – good or bad, gifts or not. The premise is experienced and lived-with for years of growing up, and the child believes it. He/She cognizes it completely. Also, in this grand illusion, there is often a set of loving parents who back it up. They are the ones who continue to promote the illusion. When you’re about seven or a little after, the truth is often revealed. You’re old enough to have your own beginning intellect, and, eventually, you realize the deception” 

So it seems there’s at least two invisible ‘men’ in the sky who know all about you, know where you live and are primarily concerned with judging your behaviour – good or bad, gifts or not, divine reward or divine horrors.

And on top of all this we can’t leave out the creation of the whole Cosmos itself by the ‘nothing wizards’ – those who say that the universe ‘came from nothing and by nothing’ (and must have just popped into existence 13.7 billion years ago without any help, divine or otherwise… the ever popular “Big Bang” – cosmologists’ favourite speculation). Our answer to that echoes the French Enlightenment writer François-Marie Arouet – Voltaire… “We cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.”

But the ‘nothing wizards’ are ready for that… “so if everything must come from something, then where did the clockmaker come from?”
Well, we touch on that along the way… along with lots of other things that are very, very different to what so many of us humans are brought up to believe/accept as true, about who God is. And as for our imaginary Santa, we now know of course that he was actually our parents, where the real love and benevolence was. It felt really good to know that it was so close to us all along and from a loving source that we knew ever so well.
Could the truth about the other invisible man in the sky that humanity both fervently worships and fervently fears be similar?
So let’s find out… before this little intro swells to the size of our ‘contrasting perspective’ itself.
First from Seth:

There is no personal God-individual in Christian terms. What you call God is the sum of all consciousness, and yet the whole is more than the sum of Its parts [a gestalt].

It is not one individual, but an energy gestalt. It is a psychic pyramid of interrelated, ever expanding consciousness that creates simultaneous and instantaneously, universes and individuals that are given duration, psychic comprehension, intelligence and eternal validity. Its energy is so unbelievable that it does indeed form all universes.

Dimly remembered [by God] through what you would call history, there was a state of agony in which the powers of creativity and existence were known, but the ways to produce them were not known. All That Is [Seth’s name for God] existed in a state of being, but without the means to find expression for Its being. All That Is had to learn this lesson, and could not be taught. From this agony, creativity was originally drawn, and its reflection is still seen. All That Is retains the memory of that state, and it serves as a constant impetus toward renewed creativity. Desire, wish and expectation, therefore, rule all actions and are the basis for all realities. Within the dreams of All That Is, potential beings had Consciousness before any beginning as you know it.

All That Is saw an infinity of probable, conscious individuals. These Probable individual selves found themselves alive within a God’s dream and they clamored to be released into actuality. All That Is yearned to release them and sought within itself for the means to do so. Finally, with love and longing It let go of that portion of itself, and they were free. The psychic energy exploded in a flash of creation.

All That Is loves all that It has created down to the least, for It realizes the dearness and uniqueness of each consciousness which has been wrest from such a state of agony. It is triumphant and joyful at each development taken by each consciousness, and It revels and takes joy in the slightest creative act of each of Its issues.

All individuals remember their source, and now dream of All That Is as It once dreamed of them. And they yearn toward that immense source… and yearn to give it actuality through their own creations.

The connections between you and All That Is can never be severed, and Its awareness is so delicate and focused that its attention is indeed directed with a prime creator’s love to each consciousness.

All That Is is beyond your intellectual ideas of personhood. Any concepts you use to personify that idea can be useful. But only in seeing beyond them can you release the power, and the energy, and to some extent, the knowledge of what you are, and only through understanding that, can you hope to have any idea of All That Is. For All That Is materializes through your flesh and being.

God can only be experienced, and you experience Him whether or not you realize it, through your own existence. He is not male or female, however, and I use the term only for convenience’s sake.

The private multidimensional self, or the soul, has then an eternal validity. It is upheld, supported, maintained by the energy, the inconceivable vitality, of All That Is.

It cannot be destroyed then, this inner self of yours, nor can it be diminished. It shares in those abilities that are inherent within All That Is. It must, therefore, create as it is created, for this is the great giving that is behind all dimensions of existence, the spilling-over from the fountain of All That Is.

All That Is knows no other. It does not know whether or not other psychic gestalts like Itself may exist. It is not aware of them if they do exist. It is constantly searching. It is aware however that something else, another Primary Consciousness or Primary Energy Gestalt, another God/Spirit/Source existed before it that it must have evolved and developed from. But it was so very, very long ago… in some indescribably distant past.

There are answers to some questions that I cannot give you about the origin of All That Is, for they are not known anywhere in the system in which we have our existence.

All portions of All That Is are constantly changing. All That Is is constantly seeking to know Itself, for seeking itself is a creative activity and the core of all action.

You, as a consciousness, seek to know yourself and become aware of yourself as a distinct individual portion of All That Is. You automatically draw on the overall energy of All That Is, since your existence is dependent upon it. The portion of All That Is that is aware of itself as you, that is focused within your existence, can be called upon for help when necessary. This portion of All That Is looks out for your interests and may be called upon in a personal manner. A psychic gestalt may seem impersonal to you, but its energy forms your person.

And the acclaimed speaker and author Jiddu Krishnamurti is in agreement:

“The question of whether or not there is a God or whatever you like to call it,
can never be answered by books, by priests, philosopher’s or saviours.
Nobody and nothing can answer the question but you yourself,
and that is why you must know yourself.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

You do not have to die to find God. All That Is, is-now; and you are a part of All That Is now. And as I have told you often, you are a spirit now. The avenues for development are open now. If you want to, you can now set upon exploring environments that are not physical, but I do not see any rush of students at that invisible door!

Now, when I speak to you, I very seldom use such words as love. I do not tell you that a god is waiting for you on the other side of a golden door. I do not reassure you by telling you that when you are dead, God will be waiting for you in all His majestic mercy, and that will be the end of your responsibility.

And so, I offer no hope for the lazy, for they will not find eternal rest. However, through traveling within yourself, you will discover the unity of your consciousness with other consciousnesses. You will discover the multi-dimensional love and energy that give consciousness to all things. This will not lead you to want to rest on the proverbial Blessed Bosom. It will, instead, inspire you to take a better hand in the job of creation.

And that feeling of divine presence you will find indeed, and feel indeed, for you will sense it behind the dance of the molecules and in yourself and in your neighbors. What so many want is a God Who walks down the street and says, “Happy Sunday, I am I, follow Me. But God is hidden craftily in His creations so that He is what they are, and they are what He is; and in knowing them, you know Him.

God is always more than All That Is, is the sum that you cannot find, and for my definition of God, I therefore leave you with that one: For God is the sum that you cannot find, that resides within you, that is more than anything you can discover, that is His creations and yet more than that which is created, within Whom infinities rest.

And from Kryon:

How big is God? Big enough to have created multiple Universes – trillions and trillions of angelic entities, stretching farther than you can imagine – levels of dimensionality that you cannot conceive of. Bigger than big!

Yet small enough to love you and live in your heart.

Humanity is locked is a struggle all about who God is, what God wants, and who is right and who is wrong about this invisible force. Many are so fed up with it all that they’ve resigned their consciousness to even believing it’s there at all. They shout “Enough already!”

Astronomers, pay attention, for you’re looking at a benevolent creator, and you can see it in that which is created in the Universe. It is biased for life and not random. There is a system and physics is even now starting to discover it. You even gave it a name – intelligent design. There it is – proof, if you wish, that God is good. Do you have a fearful God or do you have a family member? That’s the question we leave you with. Perception. How can you fear it if it’s part of you?

There is not even the beginning of a consciousness that would even be close to what you have – not even close. Yet you have developed a contradictory system – a beautiful love of God and, at the same time, God as a bad, dysfunctional father. Let me ask you again, again, yet again: Would any of you take a child, no matter what they’ve done, and throw them into a place where they are going to be burned alive for eternity? Which one of you parents will raise your hand and say, “Well, yeah, they’ve done some bad stuff. That’s what they deserve”? There is not one of you – not one of you! Yet this is the God you teach your children about – a God of punishment and rules. That’s a Human attribute, dear ones. Think about it.

God doesn’t think like you do. God doesn’t think at all. God IS.

The entire construct of sin and punishment developed completely and totally from the Human mind. It’s a Human Being’s construct put upon the almighty. The creator of the Universe does not work that way. Newsflash: There were no wars in heaven! There was no fallen angel. This is entirely the work of a Human mind, working in a Human psyche, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the compassion of creation, who loves you beyond measure.

This may offend some, but this is not my purpose. The purpose of Kryon is to reveal and enlighten, to open the box, to unseal a grander truth. Here is the statement: There is no judgment with God. The God that created you out of love placed a piece of itself into you called a soul and loves this soul as itself. You are a piece of the Creative Source of all things. Your soul is a mystery to you, but not to God.   

Were you really born dirty? Would a loving God prepare the earth in this fashion? If God created the earth with love, why is suffering often considered a virtue for sacredness? How much of what you have in your scriptures is altered? How much is missing? How much is political? Do you have the entire historic story? If God is family, and divinity is self-evident, why are there hundreds of factions of belief on the planet? How could murder and rape be perpetrated in the name of a loving God?

Like a children’s story, humanity has assigned the worst attributes of itself to the creator, and in doing so makes the most loving source in all creation dysfunctional for you.

For centuries you haven’t been able to think past that box of what God must be like. So you create a Human-like God with wars in heaven, angel strife, things that would explain the devil, fallen angels, pearly gates, lists of dos and don’ts, and many rules still based on cultures that are centuries old. You create golden streets and even sexual pleasures as rewards for men – all Human perspective, pasted upon God.

In an old energy, Humans even took God to the limit, making many Gods from one. They made one for the ocean, one for the sky, even giving them children. Gods had anger, reward, carnal love and hate. All the Greek gods had that. They had intricate stories of trickery, deceit, deception, revenge – all assigned to God. Have you ever heard of a vengeful God? That is a Human attribute based upon the energy of fear. There’s nothing to fear at all.

Does this sound anything like what “the highest compassion known to exist” would bring you? No. It sounds exactly like what Humans would bring you and continue to bring you. There’s an oxymoron here. It doesn’t even make sense that you would bring yourself to a place where you would fear that which was inside you, which is the most benevolent, gorgeous, loving thing that ever could be there. You’ve been talked into this concept – trained from birth into it. If you think like a Human, it’s feasible.

There are those here with heavy hearts. There are those reading with heavy hearts. They are saying to themselves, “God will never forgive me for what I’ve done.” I will tell you, dear Human Being, that the Universe knows what you’ve done and there’s nothing but love that pours out for you. Erase those thoughts that you have created yourself. Those who break the laws of humanity will be judged by Humans. Humans have created this system of punishment and reward. It is not a divine system. Heaven and Hell are a 3D manifestation of what the Human thinks, not what God has created. It is an extension of mythology of what men think God must be like.

It’s time to drop all the energy of divine punishment and reward, for it harbors feelings of defeat, depression, an unfulfilled life, openness to control by others, and a fearful countenance… some religion, huh? You need a religion? Then seek one that amplifies the power of the Human spirit and teaches that you are a divine piece of the God Universe. Blessed are those who gather together and celebrate the power of the love of God within the Human Being, and all that can be accomplished for the planet.

Spiritual enlightenment is not about following any Human Being or any entity in the Universe. It’s about knowing that God resides within you.

If you ever knew how much you were loved, you would never think for a moment there’d be punishment on the other side of the veil, even for the darkest among you. Yet your major religions are all based around this feature. A billion of you feel that you arrived “dirty,” already broken and carrying the burden of humanity’s darkest deeds. Then, if you join and perform certain rituals and beliefs, you can overcome this horrible fate. In the process, those who never find out about how it works go to Hell! Therefore, God loves you so much that the majority of you will burn in Hell. Does this make any spiritual sense to you? It’s time to understand how Human this concept is.

Could there be something far grander and greater about who God really is? Is it time to find out?

There’s nothing to worship; there’s everything to discover.


 And to close, a couple of Points of Power poems, a handful of highly acclaimed quotes,
and an excerpt from one of the most celebrated inspirational works of our time:


Dear God to whom I kneel and pray,
where are you for my needs?
Someplace ‘up there’ I’m told,
but just exactly where?

 “Not where, but who,” God said.
I said, “Then who?”
“Why you, your very self,” God said.
“I thought you knew.”
 ~ Allen Stacker


All karmic bonds are severed, the holy wars have gone. Yet all seemed so very real for so very, very long.
It’s amazing how illusion can seem so very true, yet all this time it’s only been because we thought that there were two.

A God above and us below, a great and less, that’s not. A right and wrong and win and lose, we blindly bought the lot.
We even bought the story of a heaven and a hell. A cool place for the squeaky-clean and a hotpot for the infidel.
But lo, there’s only been the One, and it ever shall be so. For to think that there’s an ‘other’ is but illusion all aglow.
So next you pass me on the street do give a little nod, for I am you and you are me. And together we are God.
But if perchance you do conclude this be only fancy prose, then stay with the illusion and all your foes and woes.
Stay put with man’s decree of yore, duality’s status quo – a super king of kings above and us wretched pawns below.
For in the end it matters not if you buy there’s more than One. You’re loved as much regardless when all is said and done.
But ponder this from time to time, perhaps when next you’re blue: If All-that-Is is God the One, so must be Me and You.
 ~ Allen Stacker


“What we are looking for,
(through books, courses, quests and pilgrimages,
through cosmology, science, religion and every spiritual practice),
is what is looking.”
~ St.Francis of Assisi 


“We are beings with divine power which at its crowning best
is the giver and maintainer of life.
We sense the source of that power, but we are not merely channels.
We are God manifest on this earth.”
~ Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Professor Emeritus Department of Physiological Sciences UCLA


“The recognition of God
is the recognition of yourself.”
~ A Course in Miracles


“If there is any true temple, true gurdwara,
true mosque or true church, it is our own body.
This place God has designed for Himself, and He sits within it.”
~ Maharaj Charan Singh Ji


“Why stand we here trembling around calling on God for help,
and not ourselves in whom God dwells?”
~ William Blake


“Prayer is an impossibility without a living faith
in the presence of God within.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi


“The first step in realization is to always think of God.
Then after some years you will realize that you are one with God.
The Self is you. It is everything. It is God. That is who you really are.
You are God. You are not the ego. You are God!
Think always, “I and God are one and the same.”
~ Sathya Sai Baba


“Emancipation from indoctrination reveals God”
~ Dr. Michael Mamas


 “Glorious indeed is the world of God around us,
but more glorious the world of God within us.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


“The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. God is within us.
He is the Soul of our souls. See Him in your own soul.
 That is freedom.”
~ Swami Vivekananda


“I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God.
 The whole Universe is inside you.”
~ Rumi


Know this, my children.
You are part of The Great Spirit.
The Great Spirit is not separate from you,
for You shine with his brilliance
and You breathe with his breath.
If You listen, You will hear the silent voice
of Divinity itself.
You ARE the Great Spirit.
~ The channelled wisdom of Clearwater,
a Cheyenne Indian shaman


“The great spiritual geniuses, whether it was Moses,
Buddha, Plato, Socrates, Christ or Emerson…
have taught man to look within himself to find God.”
~ Ernest Holmes


And two treasures straight from the Good Book…

“The Kingdom of God is Within You”
Luke 17:20-21
“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God
and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”
1. Corinthians 3:16


And on the first day of the week when the sounds of the temple bells sought their ears, one spoke and said:
Master, we hear much talk of God hereabout. What say you of God, and who is He in very truth?

And he stood before them like a young tree, fearless of wind or tempest, and he answered saying:
Think now, my comrades and beloved, of a heart that contains all your hearts,
a love that encompasses all your loves, a spirit that envelops all your spirits,
a voice enfolding all your voices, and a silence deeper than all your silences, and timeless.

Seek now to perceive in your self-fullness a beauty more enchanting than all things beautiful,
a song more vast than the songs of the sea and the forest,
a majesty seated upon the throne for which Orion is but a footstool,
holding a sceptre in which the Pleiades are naught save the glimmer of dewdrops.

You have sought always only food and shelter, a garment and a staff;
seek now One who is neither an aim for your arrows nor a stony cave to shield you from the elements.

And if my words are a rock and a riddle, then seek, none the less,
that your hearts may be broken, and that your questionings may bring you
unto the love and the wisdom of the Most High, whom men call God.

And they were silent, every one, and they were perplexed in their heart;
and Almustafa was moved with compassion for them,
and he gazed with tenderness upon them and said:
Let us speak rather of the gods, your neighbours, and of your brothers,
the elements that move about your houses and your fields.

You would rise up in fancy unto the cloud, and you deem it height;
and you would pass over the vast sea and claim it to be distance.
But I say unto you that when you sow a seed in the earth, you reach a greater height;
and when you hail the beauty of the morning to your neighbour, you cross a greater sea.

Too often do you sing God, the Infinite, and yet in truth you hear not the song.
Would that you might listen to the song-birds, and to the leaves that forsake the branch when the wind passes by,
and forget not, my friends, that these sing only when they are separated from the branch!

Again I bid you to speak not so freely of God, who is your All, but speak rather
and understand one another, neighbour unto neighbour, a god unto a god.
For what shall feed the fledgling in the nest if the mother bird flies skyward?
And what anemone in the fields shall be fulfilled unless it be husbanded by a bee from another anemone?
It is only when you are lost in your smaller selves that you seek the sky which you call God.
Would that you might find paths into your vast selves; would that you might be less idle and pave the roads!
My mariners and my friends, it were wiser to speak less of God, whom we cannot understand,
and more of each other, whom we may understand.
Yet I would have you know that we are the breath and the fragrance of God.
We are God, in leaf, in flower, and oftentimes in fruit.
~ Kahlil Gibran


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