Allen’s Hints for a (mostly) Painless Transition

Traveling through the transitional zone – the ‘no-man’s-land’ between the old energy and the New (the actual awakening process), is one of the most difficult and challenging times. It is a time where it’s easy for us to feel completely lost, extremely vulnerable, very confused and so very alone.

We are now traveling in a strange new land that is outside all of our previous experience, boundaries and comfort zones. A land where nothing is the same as it used to be, and nothing works like it used to work – a land where our dependable old tools are useless, our treasured old books are obsolete and all our infallible old security systems fail. Even when we understand what is happening, it’s so easy at times to believe we are ‘losing it’ and on the verge of going completely crazy.

However, qualified help is at hand. And I emphasize qualified because this is not second-hand knowledge that’s been handed down the line, but first-hand knowledge that’s been gleaned from gruelling personal experience at the front line.

I trust that the following hints will help to make yours a (mostly) painless transition.

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings
so that you shall come easily by what others have laboured hard for.”    
~ Socrates (469 – 399BC) – teacher to Plato & Aristotle

Don’t make the mistake of desperately searching through your old beloved metaphysical books – channelled or otherwise, famous best sellers or otherwise, to find the answers. You simply won’t find any. The answers are not in the old books… or in most of the new ones* either. Astrology**, rituals, affirmations, visualization, incantations, meditation, crystals, spirit guides and hierarchies, mantras, ‘mind control’ techniques (to name just a few) are duality-based old energy, and old energy tools and practices do not apply or work for the transition into the New – period! We cannot use tools from within a reality system to get out of that reality system… and that includes duality’s beloved sine qua non – ‘positive’ thinking.

*Including books like “The Secret”. However tempting such books may be with all their wondrous words and foolproof formulas for getting more wealth and ‘things’ than you ever dreamed possible, they are STILL duality-based old energy… and old energy tools and practices do NOT apply or work etc, etc.
Yes, there is most definitely a spiritual ‘Law of Attraction’ which is always operating; we are ever attracting/magnetizing to us what we are in consciousness. However, this law or principle of attraction is NOT about using cerebrally concocted visualizations and affirmations etc to create what we ‘think’ we want – a beautiful partner, a million dollars and a gorgeous penthouse or country manor just for starters – which ultimately, as far as our evolutionary/ascension journey goes, may not always be in our best and highest interest anyway. In the TRUE Law of Attraction (The “Real” Secret) the choices we make at a spiritual/consciousness level (and you’re unquestionably making them if you’re reading this) automatically take care of all our needs at the human level – food, clothing, shelter, comfort, abundance etc, etc. It’s important to understand that as we grow and awaken spiritually, we are actually working with our DNA (the interdimensional 12-layer DNA matrix) which in turn directly affects our vibration/energy field. And the Universe responds to our vibration, to our radiating field… not to petty little mind games and mental gymnastics.

**Real astrology (not the imminent ‘love and riches’ dramalogues found in some of the glossies) is an age-old science, and we do indeed take on an astrological blueprint at birth. But again, as we awaken spiritually and work with our DNA, we actually change and even neutralize some of the attributes (the challenging ones) of this blueprint.

Don’t try to ‘make’ things happen while you’re in transition. This is not the time to be proactive. It is not the time to set goals*, have agendas (desired outcomes) or attempt to impose control – over anything. Any attempt to ‘call the shots’ and direct the course of events will only result in frustration and despair. This is a time of continuously accepting (the unacceptable), letting go**, releasing, allowing, living in the ‘now’ – the Divine moment, and trusting – trusting in Self.

*If you’re a goal-oriented person and you just can’t exist without them, then this is the ultimate goal for you (now or at any time in the future)… ‘To be in a perfect scenario of synchronicity, whatever and wherever that is, where everything is perfectly appropriate and which enhances yourself and those around you.’

**Letting go, like trusting ourselves completely, sounds simple and easy… and it’s not. Letting go means to give up everything that you thought you were – that you thought defined you, thought you needed and thought you wanted. Letting go, COMPLETELY letting go, means letting go of ALL CONTROL – of EVERYTHING. As long as we are holding on and controlling everything, or trying to control everything – which we humans persistently love to do – we are just perpetuating duality’s illusions and in turn making the whole awakening process and the journey into the New even more difficult than it already is. Contrary to all the old duality-based books, courses, ‘success’ and ‘personal power’ seminars, a true creator never attempts to control energy, or indeed their own ‘mind’. Yes, when we let go of control everything does fall apart, and big time. But that’s exactly what needs to happen in order to free us from all the illusions… and ultimately to be the True God Creators that we are.

This is also not a good time to begin a weight loss program or decide to give up smoking. It’s not the time to make changes that may be a little challenging at the best of times. Indeed, there will be plenty of time for all that later. As far as eating goes* (and the holier-than-thou nutritionists will love this), simply follow your stomach, and if that means eating chocolate cake at 2 a.m. or not eating anything before 2 p.m., then so be it. Just don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the illusion of right and wrong. If you’re like me, you will begin to fall in love with those little cafés that serve all-day breakfasts. When we’re going through huge changes at the very deepest level of our being, there will be times when we eat like a horse and times when we don’t have any appetite at all. There will be days when our body needs a lot of sugary things, and other days when it needs a lot of proteins. So again, simply follow the counsel of your stomach and never make yourself wrong.

*During the transitional period and not as a new model to replace long-term common-sense nutrition.

Expect the unexpected. Just about anything can happen in states of transit, and usually does. Relationships can suddenly be pulled apart (or go haywire and strange), even those that have been long-standing and very meaningful; ‘secure’ jobs and livelihoods can suddenly be lost for no apparent reason; there may be all sorts of unforeseen dramas with health and finances, and old friends can inextricably disappear from your life.And if all this wasn’t bad enough, there are the various ‘symptoms of spiritual awakening and transformation’ to contend with… increased sensitivity, unusual sleep patterns, memory lapses, inability to focus and concentrate, feelings of spaciness or dizziness, feelings of uncertainty and apprehension, difficulty in relating to others, vivid and unusual dreams, emotional roller coaster rides (from the heights of joy to the depths of despair), mental confusion, long periods of lethargy and inexplicable fatigue, feelings of disconnection and insecurity, loss or change of passion, physical disorientation, a strong resistance to situations and people out of integrity – and this is just a sampling. During this time of transition don’t expect anything but the unexpected and the unwonted (the unusual, unfamiliar and out of the ordinary).

Don’t try to hang on to everything for dear life. This will do nothing but cause you unbearable stress. Everything that is now out of alignment with you and who you are becoming is disentangling itself from your life. So let it all go no matter who or what it is. And this includes everything you think you know and used to know, and who you think you are – your identity (and often more than one). Now this can be quite challenging and even somewhat frightening, but the old, all of it, must shatter and go to make way for the New. The New is not created from a mountain of clutter or built upon the past. The New is created from a void… from no-thing.The difficulty here is that we humans innately resist change and simply hate voids. They tend to scare us to death. We hate parting from anything until we can see what is going to replace it… and this replacement had better come with an ironclad guarantee!! Well, I’ll give you better than a flimsy old guarantee; I’ll give you a statement of unquestionable truth – “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”. Yes, there will be an empty space for a time, and this will indeed test you, but the testing is actually a blessing in disguise. This void is the period in which we learn to use, indeed are forced to learn to use, the most awesomely powerful tool that exists – TRUST. And this is not about trusting in our so-called spirit guides (we don’t have spirit guides in the New Energy), and it’s not about trusting in some illusive master or savior somewhere in the sky. It is trusting in nothing other than Self. And this means trusting in none other than God.

Traveling through the transitional zone is actually a prolonged death process. It is the dying away of the old to give birth to the new – the New Divine You. This process is definitely not easy, death processes never are, and it will certainly challenge you right to the core – and beyond even that. However, just remember the tools and remember to use them continuously… accepting, letting go, releasing, allowing, living in the Divine moment, and trusting – in Self.

Indeed, this last one is the most difficult and challenging of all, and it’s little wonder. All through our life, and no doubt through many of our lives, we have been taught by our various religions to trust in anything but ourselves. We’ve been taught over and over again to put all our trust in a book (a book funnily enough that varies considerably from doctrine to doctrine and is often rewritten), a building (many of which have now become social clubs or restaurants, or demolished completely), a savior, the mother of the savior, and ultimately in an all-loving but at the same time all-judgemental cosmic producer/director who resides somewhere ‘up there’! And then we sit and wonder why it is so difficult to trust in ourselves!

So then, how can we come to trust ourselves, and trust ourselves completely, when we’re in the midst of total chaos and our whole world is literally falling apart? Well, the answer to that is very simple, although it may take some time for us to fully incorporate, to become part of what we ‘know’…

All the ideas and beliefs that we humans have ever had of a Supreme Being – a power that is somewhere outside, ‘above’ or in any way separate from ourselves, is solely due to duality’s compelling illusion of separation. However, when we move out of duality into the New Energy World of Oneness or Unity, the very journey we’re on, we find there is only the One. Not more than One or less than One, but only the One. Indeed, once we are free of duality’s illusions, there is no separation at all; we are all part of the All-Encompassing One… All-That-Is or God. And since absolutely nothing is separate from the One, when we are completely trusting in ourselves we are in fact trusting in none other than God.

The old adage…”To trust yourself is to trust in the universe and its source” is absolutely true and always has been. And when we add to this the words of the great master… “The Kingdom of God is Within You”, I think you’ll agree that the question of trusting ourselves completely has been answered once and for all.

When we’ve moved out of duality, we are no longer “in lesson” – we are no longer on duality’s karmic wheel. However, this does not mean that we don’t still have issues and imbalances within us. And as we move further into the New Energy, these old unresolved issues will indeed come forth to be addressed, and often in the most unexpected and insidious ways. All of a sudden there it is right bang in our face with little or no warning. All at once we are at the epicentre of a situation that’s been created, or co-created, to bring an issue to the surface. And as strange as it sounds, this issue – this imbalance of energy within us, has come forth only because it wants to be released. It is seeking only release. We have reached a point where we can soar no higher until this old energy has been released.

Now, we have two invaluable tools that serve to reflect our unresolved issues – anger* and fear. The actual issue itself could be any one of a number of things and come from anywhere in the past. We do not now in the New Energy need to go searching back through our past to find the source. Indeed, as we are eternal beings in both directions – backwards as well as forwards, this could turn out to be an endless task. Now, very conveniently but certainly not always pleasantly, these issues actually come forward all by themselves. All we need to do is carefully study the triggers which set off our anger and fear, and there they are. But remember, they come forth for one reason and only one reason – to be released. It’s really just tired old energy from the past that now wants to leave so we can soar to new heights – totally unencumbered. So when they come up acknowledge them, address them (always with strength and balance) and then let them go.

*Not to be confused with becoming irritable, fed up and exasperated at times… especially with the old energy duality-based world. While a rise in awareness and vibration go hand in hand with a rise in love and compassion, they also go hand in hand with a big drop in tolerance… especially for duality’s BS.

Facilitate: to assist the progress of.
If you feel the need, by all means seek the services of a good New Energy facilitator.
I can assure you that some of the most advanced New Energy Lightworkers have sought facilitation from time to time. This assistance may be in the form of professional counselling, energy field balancing, or in one or more of the many healing modalities. The big question is of course, where do you find these New Energy workers? Where do you find a professional facilitator who’s at your level of awareness or preferably higher, and who understands – through the only way possible, personal experience – exactly where you’re at and what you’re going through? In the case of conventional counsellors (and God forbid, psychologists and psychiatrists), this would be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. While many of these professionals are highly qualified and do marvellous work in the community, most of them (in my direct experience as a member of several professional bodies), are still thoroughly anchored in duality and therefore do not, and indeed can not, understand the New Energy and the process of inner spiritual awakening and transformation. It’s all completely outside their paradigm of both their schooling and experience. If you happen to be young or old, they will more than likely conclude that you’re suffering from some non-specific affliction that lies somewhere between acute neurosis and mild psychosis. And if you’re what is termed middle aged, then they’ll undoubtedly put your awakening symptoms down to you having some sort of weird mid-life crises.

So then, what to do?… Well, as I’ve said on the About Allen page, there are specialist New Energy teachers and facilitators all over the planet who are now coming forth. So wherever you happen to be in the world, if your intention is to meet with a like-minded New Energy professional, and it’s in your best interests to do so… then you undoubtedly will. That’s the way it works now.

 Summing up… in hindsight

Knowing what I know now, if I had to do it all again…

I would… know that I CAN NOT have a spiritual awakening on my terms.
‘I can’t have my cake and eat it’ as the saying goes. I would know that things will change
for me in many ways, including the loss of things and people near and dear,
and that I must be accepting of this regardless of how uncomfortable, disconcerting
and confusing (and often frightening) these changes may appear to be.

I would… know that contrary to everything I’ve been told about the spiritual enlightenment path –
all the heavenly peace and bliss etc, I was in for a rude awakening – of the highest order.

I would… never worry about a thing. All worry ever did for me was to wreak havoc
on my physical body and throw it into imbalance and dis-ease… and never changed one other thing.

I would… know that most of the things that I thought really mattered
don’t really matter at all.

I would… never supplicate. As tempting as it can be in times of crisis, I would know that
begging and pleading to a supposed higher power supposedly someplace in the sky
does absolutely nothing… and only serves to remove me from the REAL God within.

I would… know that my needs would ALWAYS be met… WITHOUT FAIL.
Often at the last minute, and often from sources that I didn’t expect, but WITHOUT FAIL.

I would… accept whatever was happening no matter what,
knowing that it’s ALL in Perfect Divine Order, even the times of hellish chaos.

I would… know that when certain seemingly bad or negative things happen to me,
especially with health, relationships or finances, it’s because my Spirit, my Divinity,
has things that are far more important to it than any of my petty little ‘human’ wants
or any of my misguided cravings for personal power and control.

I would… never look to ANY old energy duality-based book, teacher or teaching –
the spiritual kind or the personal power/human potential kind,
for help, answers, comfort, insight, justification or validation.
I would know that there is NO old energy tool, practice, course, program,
tradition, technique, discipline or ‘secret’ that works for the transition into the New.

I would… remember that if I was ever feeling great sadness, or worse, felt like I was dying,
it’s because I WAS dying… dying to my old life and my old duality self.
And I would also remember… “The bigger the death, the bigger the rebirth!” 

I would… remember that I really CAN let go and trust; that the Divinity within CAN be trusted
and ALWAYS has my best and highest interests at heart.

I would… never fear the New and unknown as I know it’s a lot safer and far more REAL
than the old and known.

I would… remember that for every one of my so-called problems along the way,
no matter how seemingly difficult, ominous or ‘impossible’, there IS a divine solution
that is grander and more profound than anything I could have imagined.

I would… never hold on tenaciously to people or things – including money.
I would gracefully let everything go that wanted to go and that needs to go
knowing that the New is not created from a mountain of clutter or built upon the past,
but is created from a void, from no-thing.
I would also remember that all this loss is ultimately an illusion and is always ‘perfect to the purpose’
as it’s ALWAYS leading to something greater – something greater than I ever thought existed.

And I would thoroughly recommend this modus operandi to all those on the New Energy path.

When the heart mourns for what it has lost,
the Spirit rejoices for what it has found.

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