New Wisdom for The New Energy Human in The New Energy World

An ever expanding* treasury of knowledge, insights, guidance and counsel
from various sources in The Light, The New and The Know**.
They are presented here in no specific order with the
newest addition at the bottom of the page.

*This is now the largest area of information on the Points of Power website
and growing ever larger all the time.
In order to fully assimilate all this material while avoiding the dreaded ‘information overload’
it would be wise to spread your reading over several visits.

**All listed on our Recommended Resources page

When the Human who is sleeping awakens, there has to be a new book of wisdom.
How many of you carry around the books you used as children?
God never meant for instructions given in an old energy of yesterday
to be carried around today (in the New Energy), or used forever.
Does it make sense to you that Humans would have great spiritual change,
yet their spiritual manuals would remain the same? ~ Kryon

Life is a festival only to the wise. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is a festival only to the progressively wise – the New Energy wise. ~ Allen

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The New Wisdom…

On The Need for New Wisdom:
On Australia:
On Freedom:
On Relationships:
On Sex:
On Abundance:
On Healers and Healing:
On The Church:
On Love:
On Lightworkers:
On God (Spirit):
On not believing in God:
On Worry and Fear:
On Peace:
On Dark Forces and Evil Spirits:
On Death:
On Dreams:
On The Future:
On Needs and Wants:
On Awakening:
On the 11:11

On Sin and Guilt:
On Compassion:
On Joy:
On Humor:
On Angels:
On why we are here on Earth:
On Oneness:
On The Light:
On Silence:

On Problems and Divine Solutions:
(For a full explication on New Energy problem solving,
go to the
Problems and Solutions page)

On Divine Will:
On Moving into The New Energy:
On The Indigo Child:
On Duality and Soul Mates:
On Responsibility to Self:
On The Real You:
On The Higher Self:
On Music:
On Animals:
On Disease:
On Reluctant Teachers:
On Channeling:
On Old Vows:
On The Ultimate Secret:
On Failure:
On Loneliness:
On Suffering:

On Absolution:
On Prayer:
On Power:
On Worship:
On Regret:
On Organizations:
On Spiritual Dimensions:
On Masters & Importance:
On Masters & Ego:
On The Past:
On Contracts:
On Your Path:
On The Zero (in math):
On the Speed of Light – Discarding a rule of physics:
On The Shape of The Universe:
On Universal Distances:
On the “Big Bang” Theory:
On Allowing For An Altered Future:
On the Mass Media’s Bad News:

On Feeling Betrayed:
On Always Being Exhausted:
On Global Warming:
On Repeating Lessons:
On The Agreement:
On Co-Creation:
On Earth Changes – Earthquakes:
On Those Who Are Leaving (Dying):
On Astrology:

On Stress:
On Master-hood:
On Perception:
On Validation:
On Our Different Paths:
On Feeling Disconnected:
On Past Lives:
On Spiritual Ego:
On The Limitations of Linearity:
On Surgical Enhancements (Silicon Implants):
On Jesus:
On Vaccinations:
On Advice for Healers:
On How Big is God?
On Fear of the Future:
On Disbelief in the Actual Source:
On Change:
On Magnetism and Gravity:
On First-Timers, Old Souls and Pretenders:
On The Path of Enlightenment:
On Masters and their Instant Resources:
On Homosexuality:
On The Purpose of Human Emotion in the Divine Plan:
On Survival Instinct:
On Masculine / Feminine Balance:
On Letting Go of (Healing) Techniques:
On The Need for New Energy Teachers:
On New Energy Corporations:
On The Perfect Imperfection of Humans:
On Reward and Punishment:
On Busy-ness:
On New Energy – New Healing:
On The Physical & Emotional Changes Ahead:
On The Seven Cosmic Laws:
On Human Lighthouse Filters:
On The Third Point of Perception:
On Releasing Attachment to Drama:
On New Ways to Create – Zero Time Lag:
On More About God:
On The Esoterics  – Intelligent cells, numerology, past lives, pendulums, tarot:
On The Magnetic Nature of DNA:

On The New Laws of Physics:
On New Energy Relationships: Living in the Passions of the Heart:
On Working Within “The System” of God:

On The Old Ten Commandments & The New Ten Commitments:
On The History of Humanity on Earth, and more on Global Warming:
On How New Energy Works:
On The Breath of Receiving:

On The Law of Attraction:
On Why We Are Losing our Personal Power:
On Human Evolution, Quantum Thinking & The New Consciousness Children:
On The Illusion of “Secure” Systems:
On future changes in Human Nature, Common Sense and Goal-Setting:

On the Beginning Activation of DNA:

On Family:

On Waiting for Directions on what you’re supposed to do:

On The Inner Child:

On Where our Seed Biology came from:

On Divine Creation  –  The Proof is in the Odds:

On Responsibility:

On Seeing The Quantum Picture – an exposé of Human bias:

On The Appropriateness of Not Knowing What You Want:

On Where is the Center of Human Consciousness? Is it the brain?

On Eliminating Genetic Disease – Biology and Intent:

On The Fear of God:

On DNA Layer Nine – curing “incurable” disease:

On Ghosts, Hauntings, Demon Possession and Talking to the Dead:

On Absolute Trust in Self:

On Your Purpose and Destiny in the New Energy:

On The Light and Dark Metaphor:
On Humanizing God:
On Rewritable Spiritual Contracts:
On Moods and Boredom:
On Souls, Soul mates and Soul sharing (Walk-ins):

On Medicine and War – What is coming:
On The Blossoming of Affirmations:
On Akashic Evolution:
On No More Karma:
On More About the Humanizing of God:
On Your Future Running into Your Past:
On Fake News and Your Health:
On Fake News and Your Spoiled Soul:
On the New Physics of Consciousness:

To be continued…

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