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Welcome, declaration and introduction,
an overview of the unprecedented personal and planetary changes now upon us
and a few short but pertinent questions. Also What’s New & What’s Newly Updated

About Allen Stacker
Allen’s Bio – what he is and what he most definitely isn’t, and a short personal message
Also… What does becoming REAL really mean?

Allen’s Core New Energy Teachings
Synopsis of the new metaphysics

New and often very timely articles from various sources.
Channeled messages, energy reports or updates or simply a piece of relevant interest

Allen’s Hints for a (mostly) Painless Transition
Hints for travelling the no-man’s-land between two vastly different reality systems –
the old energy and the New

A Parable
The journey into the New Energy –
what to take with you and what you need to leave behind

Questions & Answers
Ask Allen – Straight Talk

Panic Button !!!
The page to go to whenever you’re at the end of your tether
(Which can be quite often on the awakening path)
Also includes The Five Stages of Inner Spiritual Awakening

Yuk & Yum
The two mantras for the journey

The End… is really the beginning

Contact Us
We always love to hear from you whether you’re in Sydney or on the other side of the world
All emails are read and appreciated, and all genuine enquiries are acknowledged

New Energy Resources
Recommended New Energy Books, Websites, Newsletters etc

A Brief Interview
A rare interview with Allen

What’s on in The New Energy
The best of the New Energy Seminars, Courses and Workshops

The New Wisdom
An ever expanding treasury of New Energy material from the best New Energy sources
Enlightening and timely information on everything from Sin & Guilt and Peace & Joy
to Past Lives, Global Warming, Co-Creation, God, DNA and the ‘Big Bang’

Problems & Solutions
Solving the unsolvable the New Energy way

Nothing is worse than activity without insight
Life distilled
Quotes The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of the ages
Articles & Excerpts
Food for thought
The antitheses of self-consciousness
What Do I Really Know?
Allen’s open confession
What is Love?
And more importantly, what it isn’t
Odd Questions
Allen’s answers on just about anything
Photo Scrapbook
What New Energy Workers get up to in their spare time
What’s In & What’s Out
How things have changed in the New Energy
Lean For Life
A weight loss synopsis with Q&A
Muscles in Minutes
Less time in the gym equals more muscle
From Wisdom to Witdom
Go here whenever you need to lighten up
Goals – How they really work
It’s a whole new ball game for awakening humans
A Letter to Awakening Humans A reassuring message that you are never alone

Instant Insight
Pick a Card
Instant Insight for those on the grandest and most sacred path of all…
the path of change & transition into the New Energy

GOD – Once & For All!!!
An uncommon treatise

Debbie’s Home Page
Introduction to Debbie, her qualifications & her work.

EMF Exercise ‘The Spiral Sweep’
Preparing the energy body for a greater spiritual charge

EMF Training Programs
The Personal Growth & Professional Path Programs
Includes a Q&A section

About Healing
Revealing what all true healing is

About EMF
Positive Practical Empowerment

New, Additional EMF Modalities
The EMF Balancing Body of Work is Ever Evolving

Distance Sessions
Energy Field Balancing across the room or across the world
Includes a Q&A section

Training Schedule
Debbie’s Class Schedule with dates, times & location

Sound Therapy
The sacred power of the ‘lost’ Solfeggio Frequencies

Healing Cancer in the New Energy
A very unexpected personal experience

Human Creation Vs Divine Creation
Why our deepest heart’s desires don’t always come true… or so it seems
Includes a Q&A section

Rhapsody in Blue
The Joys of Spiritual Depression. Say again?
Includes a Q&A section

Allen’s Reflections
– on everything from ‘spiritual ego’ to ‘instant manifestation’

Just Imagine…
Imagination is not what you ‘think’ it is
Includes a Q&A section

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