Can I?
Yes, of course you can!


Of course you can read all the motivational books, attend the seminars
and do all the courses.
You can even have your very own personal success coach
to help you track down your lost personal power.

Of course you can meditate, supplicate, chant, pray,
proselytize, ritualize, philosophize, dogmatize, idolize or fast.
You can shave your head, change your wardrobe, count your beads,
wear your crystals, sizzle in a sweat lodge or sit at the feet of a guru.

Of course you can give yourself over to spiritual hierarchies
and Ascended Masters… even to the Great White Brotherhood itself.

Of course you can join a church or religious organization.
You can even join a schismatic sect or a secret order
(an ism or ology with no political power).
You can also live in a monastery, a nunnery,
an ashram or on a mountaintop…
or in spiritual Disneyland (a New Age community).

 Of course you can worship Yeshua or Siddhartha,
or even just your favorite heavenly Angel or earthly master.

Of course you can believe that you are nothing but
a wicked sinful little creature that needs to bow and grovel
before a Godhead because of your profound unworthiness,
or perform pilgrimages of sacrifice in order to get to a place
where you’ll be blessed enough to be healed and forgiven…
or at least have something happen.

Yes, of course you can engage in any of this, and more.
Not to mention all the conspiracies – UFO and otherwise.

Or…you can simply do what all the young kids of today
tell one another to do, and GET REAL !
You can awaken from the age-old (and very convincing)
illusion of duality to the highest truth there is –

It is time.

The Teachings…

• Awakening from The Dream of who you think you are, to The Grand Reality of who You Truly Are.

• Complete Self-Awareness / Acceptance / Veneration / Worth / Confidence / Esteem / Trust / Honour / Love.

• Understanding that The New Energy is a TOTALLY NEW, REAL and EXISTENT Physics, and Metaphysics, and not another ‘ground-breaking’ Spiritual Philosophy or a fancy term for New Age.

• Managing Transition into The New Energy – Learning to Fully Accept, Allow, Release, Let Go and Trust… and fall into the loving hands of the God that you are.

• Understanding Change and Suffering… that things are not always as they seem.

• The Ability to remain Peaceful and Powerful in Difficult and Radically Changing Circumstances.

• Learning to Tolerate The Intolerable, Expect The Unexpected and Celebrate Uncertainty.

• Claiming the Infallible Power of Inner Guidance, and a Total Lack of Worry about The Future – An Absolute “Knowing” that All is Well and in Perfect Divine Order.

• Understanding and Managing the Numerous and Diverse (and often very disconcerting) Symptoms of Inner Spiritual Awakening and Transformation.

• Living in The Power and Perfection of The Present – In Safety, Peace, Joy and Power – Beyond Worry, Contrition, Struggle and Fear, and also Agenda, Resistance, Judgement, Blame, Guilt, Jealousy, Shame and Comparison

• Shifting from the Illusory Old Energy World of Duality (Win-Lose, Success-Failure, Oppressor-Victim, Good-Bad, Right-Wrong, Love-Hate, Greater-Lesser) To Oneness, and Unlimited Life – and Freedom

• Reality Creation – Understanding The Nature of and Changing Personal Reality / How Creation Works Very Differently, and Far More Powerfully, Effortlessly and Efficiently in The New Energy

• Limitation Transcendence / Painless Release from The Past (karmic lessons) / Creating a Brand-New Unlimited Future and moving into ‘Ascension Status’

• Understanding that in The New Energy “What’s Next” is Never a Question or Prediction, or a Karmic Effect of The Past, but is forever your Free Creation in The Present (and that you don’t fear what you can create)

• Solving Major Life Challenges/Problems in a Totally New Way – Health, Relationships, Finances (and Self-Worth / Trust)

• Getting out of your human way and operating from the viewpoint of the Higher Self. Moving beyond all the old energy abstractions of supplication, meditation, worship, followship, struggle and goal setting into the New Energy World of Divine Creation and Synchronicity, where All The Power, All The Answers, All The Solutions and All The Things That You Need Exist – NOW!

• Learning to give thanks (Appreciation and Gratitude) to Yourself, and not to a “Supreme Power” outside of Yourself, because the “Supreme Power” is not outside of Yourself, but IS Yourself.

And So Much More… for The Unprecedented Journey… across The Chasm… into The New.


Never see yourself
as less than anyone or anything.
Because you’re not.

Never see yourself
as unloved or alone.
Because you’re not.

Never see yourself
as insignificant or powerless.
Because you’re not.

Never see yourself
as unworthy, ignoble or sinful.
Because you’re not.

Never see yourself
as a failure.
Because you’re not.

Never see yourself
as being ultimately judged
by an objective higher power.
Because you’re not.

Never see yourself
as anything less than God.
Because you’re not.


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