This interview was done several years ago, and so some of my answers
today could be different to those given back then…
albeit not overly different, and with the same energy stamp.

What better place to have an interview than right in your own back yard…
Cockle Bay is a tiny inlet, a sparkling jewel set picture postcard perfect within a larger jewel – beautiful Sydney Harbour.
The bay is my haven, it’s home. It’s where I live, work and play.

Jenny was youngish, mid-twenties perhaps, and full of life. Energetically, she sounded really good. A few weeks earlier Jenny had requested an interview. Research, she’d said, for her postgraduate studies.

We finally met, shook hands, and found a spot at the southern end of the bay. The view took in all the bay and the city skyline – ‘rather pretty’, as Jenny was soon to say. We were on our way.

Jen: Well, I must say this all feels a bit strange. I have never interviewed or even met a New Energy lightworker before. I don’t know that my list of questions here will be all that becoming… Would it be okay if we just…

AS: Yes, let’s just make it all spontaneous.

Jen: All right, good… So, what’s your favourite movie?

AS: Movie? God, now that’s spontaneous! Let’s see… there’s been so many gems… I’d probably have to say Cameron’s Titanic. I also loved David Lean’s film of Dr Zhivago.

Jen: Sorry about the question.

AS: No, don’t be. It’s good to keep it light. We don’t need to get all super-heavy here.

Jen: Okay. Then who would your favorite actor be?

AS: That’s an impossible question.

Jen: Why is it impossible?

AS: Because there’s too many to choose from – well over six billion at the last count.

Jen: You mean that everyone is an actor… like in some giant play?

AS: With plays within the play and plays within the plays, etc.

Jen: So is anyone not part of a play?

AS: Yes the crew, the wake-up crew, all those who have moved out of the age-old illusion – the world of duality.

Jen: All those in the New Energy.

AS: Yes.

Jen: Okay. So what about books, what’s your favorite?

AS:  Now that one’s easy – Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Even now it still brings a few tears.

Jen: Really! Why is that do you think?

AS: The story, in essence, is all about the transition from student to teacher. I’m sure it’s had an impact on all the New Energy teachers.

Jen: I must read it some time. And favourite author?

AS: After that, it would have to be Richard Bach. Although Enid Blyton was my favourite when I was a kid. I loved her ‘Famous Five’ books.

Jen: Your favourite place?

AS: Right here where we are – Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour.

Jen: Yes, it is rather pretty, isn’t it. But what really draws you here?

AS: Hmm. The answer to that is rather complex. Besides being visually engaging – it’s the most visited spot in Australia incidentally – it’s what we call a neutral zone, all fresh new energy and clear of old psychic litter. But there’s also another reason that’s difficult to…

Jen: You’re here to hold the light, the energy.

AS: You’ve done some homework.

Jen: Just a bit. Well, as much as I could. It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be.

AS: Yes, you’re right. Lightworkers are often where they are to hold energy. But really, I’ve got it pretty easy here. Some lightworkers live on major fault lines.

Jen: Lightworkers have that much influence?

AS: Absolutely. You may have heard that consciousness can move mountains, well, consciousness can also prevent the mountains from moving – or at least moving as much as they otherwise would.

Jen: That’s awesome.

AS: It is.

Jen: I know that I’m jumping around a bit here, but I’d like to have your point of view on so many different things. After reading about some of your work, it appears you have a wealth of experience all the way from the physical to the metaphysical.

AS: And beyond. But go on.

Jen: Now you’ve got me really curious.

AS: It will all come out in the wash.

Jen: Right, okay. Now, because I want to cover as much ground as I can here, I’d like to throw questions at you sort of randomly. I’ll put it all into some sort of order later.

AS: Fine.

Jen: You used to be a qualified personal fitness trainer and a top competition bodybuilder. Do you still do heavy workouts?

AS: I still enjoy doing a bit.

Jen: And exactly how much is a bit?

AS: I usually train twice a week or so for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Jen: That’s all? I mean, is that really enough?

AS: More than enough, actually. You know, there’s quite a lot of misinformation out there about building and maintaining muscle mass, even among the so-called exercise scientists. More is definitely not better when it comes to building muscle. What works best is short, infrequent workouts of very high intensity.

Jen: That’s interesting. So what’s the biggest mistake people make when they go to the gym?

AS: Overtraining. A workout will always be counterproductive unless there is complete recuperation from the previous training session. What is rarely taken into account is the limited human reserve of biochemical resources. Another common mistake so many make is walking into the gym and then running off in every direction. They attempt to do everything in the one session – a little bit of aerobic work, a little bit of ‘toning’ – whatever that is, a little work on the weights and a little bit of whatever to lose weight – all in the same workout! And to top it all off they then go off for a jog. Their poor body doesn’t know what’s going on.

Jen: What has all this knowledge in the physical domain got to do with your counselling and teaching?

AS: Nothing. It’s an interest – a bit of light relief away from my real work. Music is another diversion – a wonderful one I might add.

Jen: You’ve also had a lot of experience in the area of weight loss – especially with women.

AS: Yes I have – lots.

Jen: So what’s the secret? I have a personal agenda here.

AS: You don’t really want to open a can of worms.

Jen: Tell me.

AS: It’ll cost you.

Jen: Anything. What?

AS: A cappuccino – skim milk.

Jen: Done! Let’s go then.

AS: We’ll go over to the fountain area. Good coffee, good energy and plenty of tables.

Jen: This is all very pleasant. So… I’m waiting.

AS: Oh yes, the big secret. Okay, here it is in as few words as possible. First, it’s the big two – self-discovery and self-worth. These two alone will give every major life challenge you have a huge jump-start – including weight loss AND abundance issues. When you finally realize who you truly are, that God IS you, everything will come into balance. And last, what you have tried before, try again. The New Energy now is ‘co-operative’. The ways that you’ve tried before may work very well now.

Jen: That’s inspiring. Now tell me, is there really such a place as heaven? And what about the place of hell that some religions threaten?

AS: Ah, now this is getting better. No, there is no such place as heaven, and there is no such place as hell. There is no heavenly paradise and no infernal abode of the damned that lie beyond and independent of our own consciousness.

Jen: So it’s all really our own creation… It really is, isn’t it?

AS: It is indeed. You know, you’ll make a great teacher one day.

Jen: Well, that’s a nice thing to say. But I think I’d better get my uni studies out of the way first. Tell me, what is this ascension status that I’ve read about? From what I gather there seems to be a lot of confusion about ascension.

AS: Yes there is. Ascension is simply moving or rising from duality to Unity – from the old energy to the New. It all happens within. You could also say that it’s moving into the next incarnation without physical death.

Jen: That’s huge!

AS: Unspeakably huge. It’s also unprecedented.

Jen: So how did you do all of that?

AS: With great difficulty. I wouldn’t want to do it again in a hurry.

Jen: No, I guess you wouldn’t. But then, you also wouldn’t be able to teach and help others if you hadn’t done it.

AS: No, that’s true. All the New Energy teachers have lived the experience. There is no other way. It’s not something that can be arrived at from books or learnt from someone else. It’s definitely not something you do in a ten day course.

Jen: What’s the biggest thing, the most difficult thing that you’ve ever had to learn?

AS: Trust – in self.

Jen: And?

AS: I’m now doing postgraduate work.

Jen: If a magic genie suddenly appeared before you and granted you just one wish, what would it be?

AS: To be the genie.

Jen: What is the significance of the numbers 11:11? I’ve met quite a few people who have noticed the numbers 11:11 regularly appearing on digital clocks. Have these numbers got anything to do with the New Energy?

AS: Yes, everything. 11:11 is our great wake-up call. The 11:11 is the connecting bridge or transitional zone between the two worlds – duality and Oneness, the old energy and the New.

Jen: …And that’s it?

AS: Unless you’ve got a couple of days to spare.

Jen: Actually, I wish I had, this is good. Let me ask you… do you ever cry?

AS: From time to time.

Jen: What for?

AS: It’s hard to describe… how can I say… I don’t cry out of sorrow, it’s not sorrow, it’s… it’s just that I’m so close, so united with my Higher Self – my Spirit. It’s love, but it’s way beyond duality’s unconditional love.

Jen: That’s so beautiful.

AS: It’s very intense.

Jen: You know, a New Energy lightworker would really have to be closer to God than all those priests and ministers.

AS: Hmm. That’s only because all the priests and ministers are still thoroughly anchored in duality and the illusion of separation. They’re all still looking to some separate omnipotent being – to be both dearly loved and deeply feared – who resides somewhere in the sky, somewhere outside and beyond reality. They all pray to “him”, and plead for “his” help, forgiveness and love. No wonder the church holds such a huge imbalance of male and female energy. All the leaders are exclusively male and even God is too.

Jen: What about Jesus?

AS: Jesus, or Yeshua ben Joseph, was of the highest vibration – pure love. However, this strange notion the church holds – that you have to worship Jesus in order to get to God, is pure and utter nonsense. Jesus of Nazareth did not come here to make humanity sheep, to save the world or to be worshipped. He came to awaken the shepherd in each of us.

Jen: Yes, didn’t he say that the Kingdom of God is within you?

AS: He was the one.

Jen: What do you think about aliens?

AS: Not much. Certainly the universe teems with life, but we should concern ourselves with our own divinity – our inner spiritual awakening, before we get all excited about aliens or alien conspiracies. Truly, anyone who’s afraid of alien entities is really afraid of themselves – the most ‘alien’ entity of all. We should never forget the eternal truth – There is nothing greater, grander or more divine in the whole universe than us humans. Let us all first look within before we busy ourselves in looking without.

Jen: What is your truth?

AS: What I have discovered and experienced for myself.

Jen: From your position or whereabouts in Oneness, what do you see and notice most about those in the world of duality?

AS: Hmm. This may come across as being horribly judgemental, but it’s the way it is. I see the games people play with each other – relationship, family and corporate games, all the religious and spiritual games and the big government games. I see a world of profound unawareness, religious fanaticism and unconscious patriotism. A distorted world of illusion with the blind following the blind. I see a glaring lack of integrity.

Jen: God!… Is that what you really see?

AS: Yes.

Jen: You make it sound as if the world is falling apart.

AS: No, the world is not falling apart, it’s in the process of sorting itself out. It’s in the process of unprecedented change. What we are seeing is duality’s last stand – all the muck, the corruption and the unresolved issues coming to the surface. It will probably get worse before it gets better. It could be a wild ride.

Jen: So what do you really think of people, of humans?

AS: You mean beyond the games, the illusions and the ignorance?

Jen: Yes.

AS: I see God, and that I love.


Jen: What about war?

AS: War is simply duality in action. When we truly understand that all is One, when we move out of duality’s illusion of separation, there can be no war. Who is the One going to have a war with?

Jen: Because there is no ‘other’.

AS: Precisely.

Jen: What about the concept of nirvana – eternal bliss?

AS: You mean eternal boredom. God, don’t wish that on yourself. There’s so much yet to explore – so many new incredible adventures to have. Why would anyone want to spend the rest of eternity in some static state of mindless euphoria? You can bet your life that Yeshua ben Joseph and Siddhartha – the one we know as the Buddha, are not hanging around in a blissful stupor somewhere in consciousness. Indeed, these two great teachers haven’t stopped their work – they haven’t retired from the spiritual workforce.

Jen: The Buddha was a great teacher, then?

AS: Indeed. But like Yeshua, he didn’t come here to make humanity sheep or to be worshipped.

Jen: Tell me… the truth now… how am I really going with the questions?

AS: Oh, famously. Actually, I wouldn’t mind putting this little interview on my website… with your permission, of course.

Jen: ..Word for word off the tape… oh dear… my questions….

AS: I think the questions are very good. They’re not silly questions, if that’s what you’re thinking. I tell you what, why don’t we just call you ‘Jenny’. We’ll make you anonymous.

Jen: Okay, I’ll be in that.

AS: Good. Next question.

Jen: Can we talk and walk?

AS: Yes, good idea. Let’s take a stroll round the bay, take in the sights. There’s a whole parade of things to see both afloat and ashore. Keep an eye out for the master number 11, and even 11:11. They tend to show up a lot around here.

Jen: Why does love seem to elude some people? Why can’t they find love no matter how hard they try?

AS: First, it’s because they’re ever searching for what it isn’t. Love is not security, it’s not dependency or need, it’s not duty, possession or pity. Love is also not documents or rituals, or words – sacred or secular. And second, it’s because everything, including love, happens from the inside out. It’s always and forever ‘as within, so without’.

Jen: Is our soul really eternal? Personally, I find it impossible to imagine something that never ends.

AS: Yes, it’s difficult to comprehend because we’re couched within the illusion of linear time – one moment before the next, a constant straight line from past to future. We see all the seeming beginnings and endings along this unalterable line we call ‘time’. However, time is not a constant like it seems to be, it’s purely relative. In fact, reality itself is only relative and can be very different for each person. Anyway, getting back to our eternal soul. The church has a very interesting point of view on this. According to the church, we do indeed survive our physical death because the soul, which of course is actually ourselves, is eternal. But, says the church, although we are eternal now, or from now on, before we emerged from the womb we didn’t exist. So somehow, all of a sudden, we have managed to become eternal beings!

Jen: But the very word eternal means without beginning or end, not just without end.

AS: That’s right, we can’t be eternal in only one direction. So contrary to the church’s illogical and erroneous notion, we always were and we always will be. We are eternal in the true sense of the word – in both directions.

Jen: Now that’s even harder to imagine. Do you think we’ll ever have just one faith, one world religion?

AS: I don’t think so.

Jen: So you’re saying that we’ll always have religious disagreement, conflict… Is that what you’re saying?

AS: No, I’m not saying that. There doesn’t need to be a merging, a coalition of faith in order to end conflict.

Jen: How can it end then?

AS: Now you tell me.

Jen: I don’t know.

AS: But you do know.

Jen: Well… I guess they could all learn to love each other. That would be a good start.

AS: Yes, they could all begin to practice what they sermonize. But that may take a while – it might be asking a bit much to do all that at once. What do you think they could do right now?

Jen: … Respect each other. They could all be tolerant… understand, realize that we’re really all one family, we’re all the same inside. Is that the right answer?

AS: Does it feel right to you?

Jen: Yes it does actually.

AS: So there you are.

Jen: That’s amazing… So, how would you describe yourself – what you do?

AS: Well, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but… An adventurer – an explorer of the new and unknown. A teacher for those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. A counsellor for those with major life challenges, and a guide – a facilitator for those moving out of duality and into the New Energy.

Jen: You didn’t mention the lightworking.

AS: No.

Jen: How come?

AS: It’s just something that’s constant. It’s catalytic, but silent work. A bit like a lighthouse – a mobile one.

Jen: That’s an interesting analogy. What about meditation? Do you ever meditate?

AS: No.

Jen: Isn’t meditation a necessary part of spiritual growth?

AS: Meditation is very much an old energy spiritual practice. It’s always been something we ‘do’. When we’ve moved into the New Energy of Unity, when we’re fully living in the NOW – the divine moment, there is no need to ‘do’ anything. It’s all there, all the time – we’re a permanent, living, breathing meditation.

Jen: When you say it’s all there, you mean the spirit, the divine.

AS: Yes.

Jen: In this New Energy now, in the whole scheme of things, where exactly are you?

AS: Exactly in the New and unknown – in uncharted territory without any maps. All I have is a totally blank sheet of paper with a little arrow saying ‘you are here’.

Jen: That must feel quite unreal.

AS: Yes, in many respects it does. It’s taken a lot of getting used to, an enormous amount of trust. But I can assure you that it’s decidedly more real here than where I’ve come from.

Jen: This is going to sound really stupid, but do angels have wings like they do in the pictures?

AS: Do you have wings?

Jen: No… Are you saying that I’m an angel?

AS: Of course you are – of the highest order.

Jen: …I’ll have to think about that one. Do you ever get lonely?

AS: I have all the normal human emotions, though I don’t experience jealousy, envy or guilt. I don’t regret or resent. I’m beyond all that.

Jen: Sympathy?

AS: Empathy.

Jen: What about fear?

AS: Ah, the grand illusion. I’ve had more than my fair share.

Jen: And now?

AS: Fear is nought but love’s absence. When we’re filled with love, there’s no room for anything else. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’d jump into the ocean among a pack of frenzied tiger sharks.

Jen: That wouldn’t be fearlessness, that would be insanity.

AS: It would. However, there is one thing that I do fear.

Jen: Yes, and what’s that?

AS: I do fear that you’ll miss the fireworks.

Jen: What fireworks?

AS: Right here, tonight.

Jen: You’re joking!

AS: No, I’m serious. I arranged it all just for you.

Jen: Now I know you’re joking.

AS: Trust me.

Jen: …Okay, I’ll stay around till it’s dark. There’s a few personal problems that I’d hoped we’d have time to discuss anyway. But I can’t believe you’re really serious about those fireworks…

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