Human Creation vs. Divine Creation
Why our deepest heart’s desires don’t always come true… or so it seems

So, like many of us, you’ve been on the spiritual growth/awakening path seemingly forever. You’ve read all the books, sat through the seminars and done all the weekend retreats and workshops – everything from A to Zen. You’ve read, listened, visualized and ritualized with the best of the best, the highest of the high. You’ve even had a few personal channelled readings where you were told (ad nauseam) that you were super-wonderful, super-powerful, and were no less than God him/herself… which of course you already knew long ago.

But even after all these long years on the path and all the endless spiritual work-outs, there was still one great mystery that remained firmly unsolved… and extremely exasperating. Despite all your greatest efforts over all these years using absolutely everything you’ve ever learned together with all your personal power, all your cherished heart’s desires were still just that – desires… still no perfect partner by your side, still no luxurious penthouse in the sky and still no real cash in the bank – not even a smell.

Why? How come?

Well, maybe it’s time to pause and take stock of what’s really happening here. Perhaps your heart’s desires haven’t materialized because you’re just not a hotshot creator. Perhaps the great Archangels got it wrong and you’re not so super-wonderful and super-powerful after all. Perhaps you haven’t been paying enough attention at the seminars. Perhaps all your creative visualizations weren’t graphic enough or you forgot to add that all-important ‘feeling’ element. Perhaps your affirmations should have been stuck on the bedroom ceiling instead of the fridge door. Perhaps they all should have started with ‘I am’ instead of ‘I will be’. Perhaps the church was right all along… perhaps you’re just a good-for-nothing undeserving sinful little creature in need of some serious absolution. Perhaps you really need to be ‘born-again’. Perhaps… 

Oh well, maybe one more course or workshop… you never know, this could be the big one, the one holding that elusive master key that you’ve somehow managed to miss along the way – “Instant Creations in less than a week”.  Aha, now that sounds promising.

Yep, it’s as plain as the nose on your face – you’ve definitely missed that secret formula for getting what you want, you’ve really messed-up somewhere down the line.

Or have you… or HAVE you?

What if you were super-powerful after all and your whole life was always in nothing less than perfect order, even Divine Perfect Order? What if what you truly wanted above everything was in fact always coming true?

As one of the Points of Power Instant Insight cards says… ‘This (my reality) is real and my heart’s desires are only fantasy, and that’s the way it is. Ah, but what if you had it backwards all this time.’

Yes indeed! What if, after all this time you had totally forgotten something, something that you did, or gave, way back at the very beginning of your journey, even before you were born this time around? Something that was so big and so utterly powerful that it overrode absolutely everything along the way, including the manifestation of your material desires. What if you had given the all-powerful (and irreversible) Pure Spiritual Intent to fully awaken, and the manifestation of all your ‘human’ wants would have only been a distraction, or even a total blockade to the process?

As much as you’ve wanted to create a relationship for instance, what if you really needed to be alone and without the distraction of a relationship – and especially a very distracting old energy duality-based karma/drama type relationship – during the long and often very difficult transformational process? And what if you needed to learn, really learn all about love? Contrary to popular duality-based conception, we can learn a lot more about love, and a lot more about the ever so important love of self (and also in fact a lot more about awareness/enlightenment and a lot more quickly) by being alone than we ever can in a relationship. Indeed, we are only really ready for a relationship – truly ready to love another, when we have loved ourselves enough and no longer ‘need’ another.

What if you had needed to fully master faith and trust and to truly understand empathy and compassion? Would you have ever mastered trust with millions in the bank? Any dunderhead can feel empowered with a full bank account. The real empowerment test comes when the cupboard is bare… that’s when we learn all about trust. The old Scriptural metaphor…  “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get to heaven” simply means that it’s next to impossible for anyone with great abundance to become enlightened (awakened). The distraction would be almost insurmountable. Also, some of us have used our monetary/material worth to value ourselves, to measure our self-worth. Our material wealth and possessions have been our personal power centre and often our weapon. It’s what we’ve identified ourselves with and to some extent even thought we were.

Not altogether a great omen for enlightenment. No wonder personal finances often come to grief (albeit temporarily) during the awakening process. Unfortunately, though ultimately fortunately, they often need to. The acclaimed quote by Victor Hugo… “As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled”, hits the nail right on the head for those on the awakening path.

What of your dream home or apartment, that ever so perfect place in that ever so perfect spot that you just know you’d be happy in forever, the one you’ve visualized over and over and over? Okay, but what if permanently anchoring yourself at that particular spot wasn’t for your highest good, what if there were people you needed to meet and to work with elsewhere in the near future? What if, as a LightWORKER, there were other places that were soon to need your energy? And even from a numerological perspective, what if the energy of your dream home was soon to become out of alignment with the energy of who you were becoming?

And what about that local healing centre or New Age practice that you’ve always dreamed of opening but has never seemed to materialize? Okay, but what if you’ve now become bigger than that dream and your real work now involves teaching on an international scale and not solely restricted to local one-to-one sessions?

Beginning to make sense? 

Although it’s not easy to accept and understand or at all easy to live through, at least you can now begin to see the bigger picture of how the spiritual awakening process actually works, and as part of the process why our ‘human creations’ – what we so desperately ‘think’ we need and want at the time – often don’t work. It has never been anything to do with our being a poor powerless human creator as all those ‘success’ gurus blissfully asleep in duality would have us believe, but indeed everything to do with us ultimately becoming a fully awakened New Energy Divine Creator. Our old human desires would clearly not have served this infinitely grander purpose – our very own Holy Grail.

This is not to suggest that every single human on the awakening path is struggling financially or is without a love relationship in their lives. There are those who are financially comfortable and those who are happily married… or married at least, and even those who are both. However, it is true to say that for all of us on the awakening path there’s at least one major bugbear that seems to persist no matter what we do… ah, but it’s this very bugbear that is more often than not the catalyst that ever prods us to learn and grow. Would we have ever reached our present level of knowledge, understanding and awareness without this adversity, this divine blessing in disguise? Would we have ever awakened from the long sleep of duality if we had always been given everything we could ever desire… if we could have always created miracles at will?

As a spiritual teacher once said, and so very wisely… Miracles were perhaps coveted at the very start of your aspiration-life. But once you have successfully started your inner journey, not only are miracles unnecessary, but they may hinder your speedy progress far beyond your imagination.

So then, how do we now as New Energy Divine Beings go about the business of creating? How do things work for us in the New World beyond duality consciousness?

Let’s go back for a moment to the very beginning, to the Points of Power introduction page… ‘We are in the midst of the most profound and life changing spiritual energy in all human history, quite possibly in all of creation… at least as we understand ‘all of creation’. Absolutely nothing is the same now as it used to be, and nothing works like it used to work. Most of the “sacred” and time-honoured metaphysical books and spiritual teachings together with much of what is termed New Age and New Thought spirituality/philosophy, as well as all duality-based personal growth type courses… no matter how seemingly wonderful and incontrovertible, are now invalid and obsolete. As appropriate as they (may) have been in the past, they do not apply, or work now, for anyone on the true awakening path of change and transition into the New Energy.’

And in no area is this truer or more relevant than in the area of creating, or manifesting. Indeed, once we are firmly anchored in the New Energy World, the more we struggle to consciously create with the old energy tools – all the old ‘immutable’ laws and principles and all the old duality-based rituals, affirmations, invocations and ‘mind control’ techniques, the more we will find ourselves… well, embittered, frustrated and depressed. If anything was ever unquestionable, it’s that the old energy tools don’t work in the New – not one of them!

So, if all the old duality ways and means are now invalid and obsolete, what do we do to create what we need? Just what do we actually do now?

And the answer is… nothing! Well, that’s not entirely correct; there are a couple of little things…

Creating in the New Energy
Playing a whole new ball game in a whole New World

And what exactly are these little things? What is it we need to do… that is, besides nothing?

We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, why ‘nothing’… why is it that we no longer have to do anything, or at least anything out of the ordinary, to create what we need?

It’s because everything, absolutely everything, is now into flow – a continuous divine effortless flow. In the New Energy, the New World, everything we need is now there for us at the appropriate time – when we need it… the health, the abundance, the people, the resources, everything. It all comes to us; all that we ever need now comes to us in perfect timing. In fact we no longer have any needs as such because it’s all just there when, or before, the ‘need’ arises!

Back in our old duality days we’d occasionally have these odd (and all too short) times where we’d experience spells of continuous good fortune… we’d be ‘on a roll’ as they say. Everything just seemed to fall in our lap with no sweat or expectation on our part. The right things just happened at the right time at the right place right out of the blue… and we weren’t ‘doing’ anything except minding our own business! We certainly weren’t using any red-letter metaphysical techniques or wizardry… at that stage we couldn’t even spell metafizics! 

Later, through some spiritual book or hypnotic seminar somewhere we learned that these odd spells of continuous good fortune were called “synchronicity”, a term originally coined by Carl Jung from synchronic + ity.

Now in the New Energy, however, this “synchronicity” – this continuous divine effortless flow where everything we need just appears at the appropriate time – is no longer the odd and all too brief exception, but indeed the norm. We have moved from Human Creation to Divine Creation, or from duality-based free will (which by the way has never been quite as “free” as we’ve been led to believe because of its many influences) to Divine Will – to an ever ongoing union, or rather ‘reunion’ with our Spirit, our True Self, who knows exactly what we need and when we need it. We have become a True Divine Creator, a Creator who doesn’t consciously need to do anything at all… not techniques, not procedures, not prayers, not affirmations, not rituals, not goal-setting, not wishing or hoping, not anything… because it’s ALWAYS JUST THERE!

The New Energy Synchronistic Life just flows. No plotting, planning, struggle, force or defining of needs is ever required, and along with expectation and agenda (eagerly desired outcomes) can actually get in the way. In the Synchronistic Life we never again have to ‘try’ or ‘push’ to create things, because (and here’s a little brain-teaser) IT ALREADY IS, and what’s more, IT ALWAYS WAS. Likewise there is no need to hoard or accumulate, because everything is already there. Indeed, true creation is quite the opposite of what we’ve been taught it was, and the very word “creation”, in the sense that we have to ‘do’ something to somehow make it all happen, is really a misnomer… because EVERYTHING IS ALREADY THERE, and IT ALWAYS WAS. It’s all taken care of. WE are taken care of.

Okay… but what about those little things, the couple of little things we need to do besides nothing?

Yes, there are two things, but they’re really not little.

The first thing we need to do is to completely let go of all control – of everything! This is not altogether easy to do, and because we humans are traditionally addicted to control, or rather the illusion of control, will probably take some practice. But we need to keep in mind that control in all its forms does nothing in fact but inhibit the flow of creative energy. Contrary to everything we’ve been led to believe in old duality-land, ‘control’ is the very antithesis of ‘creation’. Ultimately, of course, it’s still always us running the show and not some outside agency, but now it’s our Real Self, our True God Self who’s leading the way, and not our old human mind with all its doubts, fears and limiting belief systems.

As another of the Points of Power Instant Insight cards says… ‘When you are ready to release control over your life, then you will learn how to accept the guidance of your Spirit as it manifests in synchronicities and miracles in your life.’

And yet another card… ‘When you allow yourself to surrender to the idea and the experience that you are created in the image of the Infinite – which means you are infinite Spirit, infinite possibilities, then your physical reality which is only a mirror will then reflect those unlimited possibilities back to you… in the synchronicities as they naturally unfold in your physical day-to-day life.’

So in future if someone suggests that you’re completely out of your mind, you can happily agree with them.

The second thing we need to do is to make Trust in Self the very hub of our existence. We need to live in a constant state of complete trust in ourselves… the same complete trust that, ironically, we put in everything else – bridges, tunnels, high-rise buildings, pilots and even our barber with a cut-throat razor in hand. We need to have the same complete and utter trust in ourselves as we have in a common old chair. When we sit in a chair we KNOW – not just hope or think or believe, but KNOW that it will always support us. And it always does.

And that’s it… Let Go and Trust, and everything comes to us. Actually, in the New Energy World it all comes to us anyway, that’s the way it works now. But we can make our life so much easier and completely free of stress, worry, struggle and fear when we get out of our own way (and stay there) and know that all is in Perfect Divine Order. Indeed, if we carefully think it through, or more importantly ‘feel’ it through, we’ll realize that it can’t be any other way. It just can’t.

 Life has an astonishing way of taking care of you
when you no longer mind what happens.
~ J. Krishnamurti

 The REAL YOU has an astonishing way of taking care
of the you that you think you are
when the you that you think you are
gets completely out of the way,
gives up all its assumed control
and puts all its trust in the REAL YOU.
~ A. Stacker

It’s all really, really simple when you get the hang of it. It’s getting the hang of it – getting used to how it all works so very differently in the New Energy that’s a bit tricky… and yes, at times a bit scary. But even the scary times can be put to rest once we truly understand that all our fears are but a grand illusion and that we are the grand illusionist. The fact is that we are never, ever in danger because we can’t be in danger and eternal at the same time. Or to put it in the form of a question… how can God ever be in danger?

Questions and Answers

Q. If all that we need now comes to us, how do we now create something that’s not actually a ‘need’, but something that we’d really love to have anyway? Although I don’t ‘need’ a boat to survive, I love pleasure cruising and have always wanted a small yacht. But I really can’t see this dream yacht appearing out of thin air without me at least doing something.
First, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting certain things (and indeed nice things) above and beyond the essentials. As you evolve spiritually however, you’ll find that your priorities change dramatically and the (ego’s) need for more and more ‘things’ becomes less and less. You will find clutter and hoarding (accumulating) slowly but surely giving way to simplicity, and in every area of your life.  With regards to your dream yacht and your passion for sailing, if you do a bit of hanging-out around sailing clubs and the like, and mingle with others of like-mind – with NO expectations or agendas (preconceived outcomes) but just to share your passion – you may well be amazed at what comes about… yes, out of ‘thin air’… or rather in this case, out of ‘water’. We might call this “synchronicity at sea”.

Q. I can feel the truth of what you’re saying about releasing all this control we are ever exerting over our lives, and if we’re honest over other people’s lives also, but just how do I go about letting go of control? How do I know when I’ve completely let go?
Letting go and trusting are really inseparable. It’s very difficult for us to completely let go if we’re not in a state of complete trust in ourselves. And reaching a state of complete trust in ourselves is not something that happens overnight; it does take time, and for most of us, a lot of practice. You will know when you’ve let go and in a state of trust when you’re anchored firmly and peacefully in ‘The Now’ and no longer have any remorse (regret and/or guilt) for the past or any undue fear and anxiety for the future. It’s important to understand that we don’t need to be absolutely perfect in the letting go and trusting department before we can have a truly synchronistic life. A few of the old human “what ifs” now and then won’t stop everything we need coming to us.

Q. How does all this ‘synchronicity’ actually work in the New Energy? Exactly who or what causes or determines this perfect timing of our needs and their fulfillment?
We do. But the actual mechanics of how we do is quite beyond any form of cerebral analysis. It is all to do with the fact that we are an awakened Divine Being with a very high field radiating, and everything responds to that radiance. Although it may sound rather pompous or even pontifical, this radiance is actually a holy presence, and life responds to it and serves it.

Q. So is this the same thing as the law of attraction?
Yes it’s really the same thing… the same, that is, as the REAL New Energy Law of Attraction which you can read about on The New Wisdom page.

Q. My biggest fears are around money. For whatever reason this is where my biggest tests and challenges have been. I’ve lost just about everything during my transition including my source of income, my home and also most of my savings. Surprisingly, I’m relatively peaceful with all this most of the time (your website and the Kryon books have helped me immensely), but I still have bouts of extreme anxiety where I wonder how on earth I’ll survive and where the money I need could possibly come from.
Don’t attempt to intellectualize where your abundance will come from. You will be supported and your needs will be met, but from sources that at present you don’t expect or understand or could even imagine. If you haven’t already done so, read and reread Kryon’s parable of ‘Henry and the Missing Bridge’ which you’ll find on both the Panic Button and Allen’s Reflections. It’s all about understanding and trusting that our needs will be met as they arise, which is very much the way it works for us now in the New Energy.

Q. How do goals fit in with all of this? I’ve always been taught that if we don’t have goals we could end up anywhere.
Not true, and especially now in the New Energy. While goal-setting did serve us in the old energy – at least up to a point, it is really obsolete now in the New. There’s an interesting article on goals in the Miscellanea section – The Parable of the Stream. It’s under the heading ‘Goals – how they really work.’ You will find quite a few things in common with this page.

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