It’s good to be a seeker,
But sooner or later you have to be a finder…
And then it is right to give what you have found
A gift to the world for those who will accept it.
~ Richard Bach

In these times of profound and unprecedented change, more and more people are announcing that they are no longer at ease with duality’s old and rapidly failing rhetoric – just about everything from the gung-ho motivational speaker’s hyperbole (total life mastery in a single weekend), to the divine power broker’s totally clueless Sunday sermons.

More and more people are now moving into the New Energy and going through the most difficult of difficult times. They are all on a BRAND-NEW and VERY REAL (and often very confusing) spiritual journey. They all have new questions and they are all looking for answers – STRAIGHT ANSWERS. I do my level best to provide some of those answers here. As with all of my writings, I always try to keep the answers as succinct as possible, and this is not always an easy task considering the complex nature of some of the questions.

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What is Ascension?
Answer: Ascension is not about physically rising or going ‘up’… to God knows where. Up and down only apply to us here on earth. There is actually no up or down in the universe. Be assured, the only people who can physically rise are illusionists and magicians. Quite simply, when we’ve moved out of duality into Oneness or Unity, when we’ve made the quantum leap, we have ascended. We are then in ‘ascension status’. And confidentially, being in ascension status is not all heavenly bliss – we’ve still got to clean the house, do the shopping and take out the garbage. And we are never so ascended that we don’t have to use the bathroom.

What exactly is duality? How can anyone be 'in' duality?
Answer: Duality comes from the word dual, which relates to or denotes two. Duality is the reality system, belief system or ‘world’ that we’ve all been in for a very, very long time, and a long time before that. This reality system we’ve been in (and most of humanity is still in) includes the illusions of separation, limitation, karma and polarity. In this illusory world of duality everything is defined by its opposite pole: good-evil, success-failure, greater-lesser, right-wrong, young-old, win-lose, light-dark etc. In the New Energy of Unity, karma, polarity and all the rest of duality’s illusions do not exist. It’s a brand-new and unprecedented world.

How can I contact or somehow channel an Ascended Master? From what I have read they seem to know absolutely everything.
Answer: Absolutely everything? Really? The truth is that Ascended Masters, Archangels etc. only exist for those humans living in duality. Be assured, your very own divine Higher Self knows everything that any Ascended Master knows – probably more. Never forget the eternal truth: There is nothing greater, grander, more sacred or powerful in the whole universe than You. And no Ascended Master worth their salt would disagree with that.

What is Enlightenment?
Answer: The words enlightenment and awareness are interchangeable. It’s really that simple. In the New Energy, however, there are levels of awareness which are far beyond anything possible within duality.

How can I connect with my twin flame? I truly need him to make my life complete.
Answer: First, what makes you think it’s a ‘him’? What if it’s really a ‘her’? What will you do then? Second, and a little more seriously, there are indeed some beautiful and true stories of soulmates reunited. And this is to be expected as love does bind across lifetimes (as incidentally, does hate). However, the concept of twin flames – that half of you is somewhere else and is needed to somehow complete you, is simply not true. You do not have any missing parts, and you do not need another entity to make you whole. Admittedly, there may be sparks and an energy ‘charge’ when meeting those who you have previously played out parts with, but you do not need anyone else to make you complete. Just keep in mind the truth that there is never more than One. We are and always have been One. There is nothing incomplete, especially You.

How will all the churches and religions fit in with the New Energy?
Answer: Well let’s take a look at the current facts… All religions are firmly anchored in duality. All religions doggedly promote separation between God and humans. All religions hold a huge imbalance of male and female energy. All religions are indoctrinating and controlling. Religions disunite the family of humanity. Religions perpetrate hypocrisy and hidden agendas. Religions incite dissension and violence. Religions exhort judgement, retribution and damnation. Religions spawn intolerance, guilt, unworthiness and fear. Religions teach supplication, subordination and subservience. All religions dwell in the strange notion that we humans need to be saved from something, and each individual doctrine holds the absurd belief that God smiles only on them. And incredibly, all religions reside in persistent ignorance of who we humans really are and how reality actually works. I would say that as we move into the New Energy of Unity, things are not looking too good for the church. They will need to take a good hard look at themselves or they will finally cease to exist. ANY doctrine that sells fear and espouses separation between God and humans will have enormous difficulty in the New Spiritual Energy. In fact, for the church to have any hope of surviving in the New Energy, it will have no choice but to put aside all of its man-made doctrines and return to the primary and exemplified teaching of the great master – “The Kingdom of God is Within You.”

Is the New Energy a male or female energy?
Answer: It is really a mother energy. And that is one of the main reasons why institutions that hold a huge imbalance of male and female energy will have such a tough time in the New Energy. On an individual level, we will see a new integration of the female energy. Actually, dyed-in-the-wool (and unbalanced) macho males could be really caught by surprise with this. They’ll have no idea where all these new feelings are coming from. The wisest thing they could do would be to sit back and enjoy (which if the truth be known they will), and allow it all to come forth into balance.

How can I move out of duality and into the New Energy?
Answer: If you’re resonating strongly with the material on this and other recommended New Energy websites, if it all feels (at last) like “home”, then I would say that you have already begun the process. If you were still thoroughly anchored in duality you probably wouldn’t get past the first line in any of the New Energy writings. Indeed, the very fact that you’re aware that there is duality and there is the New Energy (which most humans at this stage aren’t) would suggest to me that you’re well and truly on your way. Just keep in mind that duality is not something you can “force” your way out of with muscle power, meditate or pray your way out of, or “think” your way out of with your mind. Duality is something you “allow” yourself out of. It’s a process of allowing and releasing and it does take a bit of time. It also requires a brand-new toolkit, as no old energy tool works for the transition into the New – absolutely none.

What, if anything, can keep us ensnared in duality?
Answer: Nothing. However, do keep an eye out for the inconspicuous hooks of karmic relationships, well-meaning friends as well as all those ‘friends’ who have a vested interest in your remaining your old self, old energy spiritual teachings (and teachers) and duality’s mass media meditations.

Isn't it true that we've always been able to increase our level of awareness and have a spiritual awakening?
Answer: Yes, but only ‘of a sort’. All the awakening that we’ve done or had up till now has always taken place within the highly restrictive framework of duality. And until we move out of duality, which we are now able to do, we will only ever awaken from one dream and adopt another illusion (regardless of what any agenda-filled guru may tell you to the contrary). It has actually been impossible for us to do anything else but trade in one illusion for another, because duality IS the land of illusion.

Why is change so difficult for us?
Answer: The reason why change is so difficult for us humans is because we intrinsically desire stability and constancy. We just love it when our world is nice, well-ordered and predictable (even if we’re bored to death), but we become very anxious when it begins to shake. There’s an old quote that we may think is rather trite and somewhat ‘old energy’, but it does hold an element of truth. When the world as we know it begins to fall apart, as it does when we move out of duality, we would do well to keep it in mind… “We often go to our knees and turn to God when our foundations are shaking only to find that it is God who is shaking them“.

I find it very confusing and daunting whenever I visit one of those large metaphysical bookshops. How is it possible for me or anyone else to find the best spiritual book in all of that hotchpotch?
Answer: First, there is absolutely no such thing as ‘the best spiritual book’. The best spiritual book is always the book that YOU are reading NOW. And second, it’s really very easy once you understand that you don’t actually ‘find’ books – the books find you. Do you really think you ‘found’ this website?

Is meditation necessary to reach enlightenment and ascension status?

Are we guided by a divine hand?
Answer: Yes, but only after we get out of the way and let go of all attempts to direct the course of events, and then “allow” ourselves to be. We must learn to live in the power and perfection of the present and desist from projecting ourselves (and our fears) into the future with our limited mind. We should understand that our mind can do nothing but limit our future because all our mind knows is the past. We should also be aware that this divine guiding hand is in fact our own divine hand.

What about prayer in the New Energy? Should we still pray and does it still work?
Answer: Did it ever work? The truth is that all the millions of daily prayers go unanswered because they are addressed (customarily in the form of supplication or contrition) to a God who does not exist. There is absolutely no cosmic producer/director residing somewhere in the depths of space and granting health, wealth and love to select individuals (providing they beg and plead enough), and eternal damnation to others. When you finally realize that God IS you, you will realize that you don’t need to plead with yourself, or indeed ever give thanks to a supreme being outside of yourself.

What is karma?
Answer: Many have said that karma is the law of cause and effect, and in a sense that is correct. However, this should not be confused with ‘punishment’ (or reward). Karma is not punishment for so-called wrong doings. Wrongdoers do not automatically come back to be wronged and perpetrators do not automatically come back to be victims. There is no agency whatsoever that stands in judgement of anything you have done or are now doing. Indeed, you are always completely free to do exactly as you choose. Everything you do, however, has a consequence. Everything you do sets up an energy pattern of some type for a lesson to be learned. And, incidentally, there are no negative or positive lessons, there are only lessons. So although there is no punishment as such, you don’t get away with anything. Karma as we humans have called it, is a very complex thing. Certainly far more complex than this brief depiction. There is group karma for instance (which is at the centre of most karmic lessons), individual event-driven karma (such as a fear of drowning or a fear of certain animals) and even ancestral karma. When we move out of the old energy world of duality, we also move out of karma. Karma does not exist within the New Energy of Unity. There are no karmic lessons, and no cause and effect. In the New Energy it is pure Intent and Creation*.

*While this ‘pure Intent and Creation’ may sound rather impressive and powerful, which it is, it is quite different to anything we have used or known within the old energy paradigm. ‘Intent’ in the way we have used it up till now has actually been limiting the potential of creation.

I often have times when I just can't stop thinking and worrying. What can I do to break out of it?
Answer: Physical exercise. There is nothing better. Clinical research and anecdotal evidence insist that physical exercise has manifold benefits and develops a lot more than just fitness. A clear link has been established between physical exercise and increases in self-esteem along with marked decreases in negativity and anxiety. Indeed, exercise is the great ‘neutralizer’, and is just about the best thing we can do whenever we’re caught up in over-thinking and worrying. It doesn’t really matter what type of exercise we do – for some it may be high intensity weight training or one of the martial arts, and for others it may be yoga, Pilates, swimming, dancing, cycling or simply walking. Actually, walking has a lot going for it; it’s easy to do, requires no skill or special facilities, has little risk of injury, doesn’t cost anything, can be enjoyed by all age groups and nobody knows that you’re exercising.

What will love relationships be like in the New Energy?
Answer: In two words, very different. The New Energy relationships will not be based on duality’s innately dysfunctional model. They will not be bogged in the sludge of karma and bound in obligation. They will not be anchored in neediness, dependency, control, duty or possession. They will not be based in duality’s illusion of superior-inferior or security. And they will not be based on absurd vows and contracts of commitment. The New Energy relationship will be markedly (and unexpectedly) different to anything we have known in the past. It will be based on mutual trust and support, integrity and honour, and equality. It will be totally open, honest and without agenda – overt or covert. It will be, for the very first time – REAL! And how could I know all this? Well, like everything else, only through experience. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there is no other way. If it’s not direct experience, then it’s not true knowledge; it’s just fanciful philosophy. And really, haven’t we all had enough of that?

What about sexual relations in the New Energy? Will they be somehow different, or what?
Answer: Definitely ‘or what’.

I would dearly love to find a good spiritual teacher. Is it really true what they say: when the student is ready the teacher will appear?
Answer: Well, that’s what they used to say in the old energy. However, in the New Energy it’s now the reverse: “when the teacher is ready the student will appear.” Of course, the student must still be ‘ready’, but now more than ever before, so must the teacher. In the New Energy there is none of duality’s spiritual palaver and there is no ineligible guidance. It’s just not possible.

Is instant enlightenment possible?
Answer: No it isn’t, and for a very practical reason. Remember, enlightenment is awareness, and there is a direct relationship between our level of awareness (or state of consciousness) and our ‘vibration’. And as we grow and expand into higher levels of awareness, we accordingly raise our vibration to higher frequencies. We couldn’t possibly have ‘instant enlightenment’ and consequently ‘instant high vibration’, because our biological beings would be unable to instantly adjust to the velocity and intensity of the higher frequencies and be ‘instantly’ burnt to a crisp. This is also the very reason why we can’t make the shift from duality to Unity overnight. Anyone who says they sat under a tree, went to a seminar or looked into the eyes of a master (or kissed his foot) and suddenly became enlightened, is either self-deluded, lost in his/her spiritual ego or is trying to sell you something. Incidentally, the old adage that enlightenment is found on mountaintops is not true. Snow is found on mountaintops.

I feel so insignificant at times. I know, they say that each and every one of us is important and makes a difference, but in my case I find that very hard to believe. Truly, if we're not rich and famous, and we have no great talent to speak of, and we're not really attractive, how can we expect to feel anything else but insignificant?
Answer: Ah, the illusions of duality: significant-insignificant, greater-lesser, superior-inferior, spiritual-physical, attractive-unattractive, win-lose etc., etc.

I can just see your spirit now laughing to itself. Here you are silently and seriously wishing you ‘had it all’, and there is your spirit screaming in the background ‘but I AM it all’.

No, you are not an insignificant little being, you are the very spirit of life itself. You don’t need to be a super anything, you only need to BE. Being is ever its own justification. You are God.

Do we actually have a Guardian Angel and is it really our own Spirit or Higher Self?
Answer: Yes and Yes

These last few years have been filled with little else but frustration, loss, fear and confusion. Besides the odd flourish of hope and joy, it's been one long nightmare. I do realize the process of spiritual awakening is not easy, but this has been going on for so long that I'm now at the stage where I'm beginning to resign myself to the fact that things may never change. Needless to say I find this extremely depressing, but really, how could I think otherwise?
Answer: Good question, and just one of many that I’m sure every human walking the path of inner spiritual awakening asks themselves at least once a day. Questions such as…”When is this wonderful new life of mine going to happen?”… “How much longer will I have to put up with this incessant uncertainty and discomfort?”… “How long will it be before I can wake up in the morning without feeling unsettled and apprehensive?”… “Will I ever find another relationship and how will I survive financially?”… “What if nothing ever changes?” NOW, go straight to the “PANIC BUTTON“, read thoroughly, and take special note of the LAST PARAGRAPH. It’s important to understand that transitional zones are not an end in themselves; they are not everlasting. Transition means ‘change or passage from one state or stage to another’, and ‘the period of time during which something changes’. So hang in there, things WILL change. Although it is sunless now, your morning is surely coming, as came mine.

Is there help for us when we leave the physical body and cross over to the other side of the veil? Are there teachers over there?
Answer: Yes, there is help and there are teachers. But there’s also help and teachers here. Some very good ones in fact.

Is smoking and/or drinking detrimental to spiritual growth?
Answer: In themselves, no. Smoking, while obviously a health risk and certainly not recommended, will not in fact impede spiritual progress. You can be a smoker and still reach a very high state of spiritual awareness or enlightenment. Indeed, many have. As far as drinking goes, if you enjoy a glass or two of wine with meals or engage in moderate (and judicious) drinking at the odd social function, then so be it. This will in no way throw a spanner in the spiritual works. Just exercise care, and as with EVERYTHING ELSE, always be discerning. On the other hand, substance abuse of ANY kind IS a problem, and may be detrimental to spiritual progress. But as we all well know, there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem.

Is there some sort of universal authority that we humans ultimately answer to?
Answer: No there isn’t – absolutely not. The universe/All-That-Is (visible and invisible) doesn’t operate on the superior-inferior or greater-lesser setup of our human political, religious and corporate systems. Ultimately, there is no spiritual hierarchy and there is no heavenly judge and jury; there is only the One. We are all of the One – of God. Outside of duality’s illusion, there is no separate God-individual up there and there are no unworthy or sinful little humans down here; there is only the One. TRUE EMPOWERMENT is precisely this realization – ‘I AM of the ONE’. No, we humans don’t answer to a higher power and we’re not laboratory rats for a higher power; we ARE the higher power. As unbelievable as it may sound and as difficult as it may be to comprehend, the ‘work’ (in the form of transmuting energy) that we ‘humans’ do here on this tiny planet on the outskirts of but one of a trillion galaxies, actually affects the whole – incredible, but true!

We humans are NOT what the religions of the world say we are – iniquitous little creatures evaluated BY God. In truth, we are each a part OF God. As Kahlil Gibran wisely reminded all those who were alert to listen… “It is only when you are lost in your smaller selves that you seek the sky which you call God.

I have no end of trouble with forgiveness. I've read the books and I've done the courses and exercises, but I still can't forgive. I've really tried everything. I'm now worried that I can't move forward spiritually. Is there anything that I can do?
Answer: Yes there is. You can stop putting the cart before the horse. Stop putting the forgiveness issue first and just get on with your spiritual growth. You will find that somewhere down the line the forgiveness issue will automatically take care of itself. You’ll be amazed how very different everything will be when you come to view it from a new and heightened state of spiritual awareness. You’ll be amazed at what drops away when you fall in love with you (the real you).
You’ll be amazed when your truth changes and you’ll weep with joy when you suddenly come to realize that there is nothing to forgive. Just keep growing, and everything will take care of itself. All will be forgiven – guaranteed.

I left all the religious creeds and doctrines behind long ago and now feel that I've been in metaphysics forever. But oddly enough, there's something about the ending of the Lord's Prayer that still gets to me. Whenever I hear, read or even remember the words... 'For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever', I always become very emotional and tearful. Why would that be?
Answer: Because those words are all about you. The kingdom is within you and the power and the glory IS you. And that is indeed for ever and ever. Amen.

I've read in one of the Kryon books (Book VIII - Passing the Marker) that the late Pope John Paul II has said there was no actual heaven and hell. He has said that heaven was not a physical place in the clouds and hell was not punishment imposed externally by God - that eternal damnation is not God's work but is actually our own doing. I've also read that Pope John Paul II has apologized for the Spanish Inquisition (The Catholic Church's unspeakable atrocities committed against men, women and even children) and has openly asked forgiveness for the Church's past stand on The Holocaust. This is altogether a huge turnaround. What's happening here?
Answer: What’s happening is exactly what this website is all about. The New Energy is HERE!

I am amazed how some of our early religious indoctrination still hangs around. Even though I've been on a spiritual path for over 20 years now and haven't had anything to do with the church since I was a kid in Sunday school, I still feel a twinge of guilt whenever I blaspheme, or 'take the Lord's name in vain' as my dear old grandmother used to put it. I am so used to saying 'Jesus'! whenever I'm taken by surprise, or 'Jesus Christ'! when I'm totally exasperated with something. I know I should get out of this habit and find more appropriate forms of exclamation, but how can I get rid of this feeling of guilt that arises if I inadvertently blaspheme?
Answer: Indeed, religious indoctrination – filling people with beliefs, is an insidious business. First, I am quite sure that the great master of love Yeshua ben Joseph could not care less when or how you use his earthly given name. He would probably have a quiet chuckle to himself if he could hear some of your colourful expletives. Second, you can happily divest yourself of all your feelings of guilt right now, simply because all guilt is but an illusion – it is nought but your belief in it. And last, it is important to understand that ‘blasphemy’ is not in fact what the church has decreed it to be – impiousness or irreverence towards a God or Lord somewhere in the sky. Indeed, true blasphemy is not about impious language at all. TRUE BLASPHEMY IS A DOUBT AGAINST YOUR SPIRIT.

Do you think the time will come when we'll have truly enlightened religious leaders?
Answer: No. ‘Enlightened religious leader’ is a contradiction in terms. A truly enlightened (fully awakened) individual would not belong to any religion (or cult, sect or secret order) and would certainly not be the leader of one.

Why do you say in your writings that healers don't heal?
Answer: Because they don’t! Healing, along with everything else including peace, happiness, enlightenment and all so-called miracles, happens from the inside out – NOT from the outside in. There is NO outside agency. Healers do not heal, they balance. Healers facilitate the process of transformation – a process by the way which must ALWAYS begin with the human’s INTENT to be healed. If a person does not INTEND to be healed, or the timing is not appropriate for whatever reason (and sometimes it isn’t), then nothing is going to happen regardless of who the so-called healer is. Not even Sathya Sai Baba, Siddhartha, or Jesus of Nazareth could heal a person against that person’s power of intent. It is the human’s own PURE SPIRITUAL INTENT that is always the catalyst.

When we've moved out of duality and into the New Energy are we still under the influence of astrology? Obviously I mean real astrology and not the daily 'starry-wonders' in the glossy magazines.
Answer: Simply stated, when we move out of duality and the old energy, we move into a TOTALLY NEW and unprecedented paradigm, or ‘world’. In this brand-new paradigm – the New Energy, we are no longer under the influence of astrological aspects. Just remember, however, that most others still are… like your bank manager for instance.

I have read through your website very thoroughly and I've gone right through the other New Energy sites that you recommend. I have also bought three of the books on your list. Whew! I can see that it's going to take me quite a while to digest and incorporate everything. It all feels so right to me and I've never been so excited about anything in all my life, but just where do I start with all this?
Answer: But you already have.

I am now having more and more difficulty relating to other people, even close friends and family. It's really strange because I get terribly lonely at times when I'm by myself, yet whenever I'm with other people, especially groups, I soon get this overwhelming urge to flee. How do you explain this dilemma?
Answer: This difficulty of relating to others while at the same time feeling lonely is very common for anyone on a spiritual path, and especially for those in the New Energy. Where we were once the life of the party, we now find it increasingly difficult to relate to anyone who is not at the same level of awareness as we are. This is even more of a challenge for those of us in the New Energy where we are faced with the very trying task of living in two distinctly different worlds at the one time. We spend our days with one foot in duality – the world of illusion, and the other one in the New Energy – the unknown! We have to ‘operate’ in the old energy world of duality while actually ‘living’ in the New and unknown. Talk about integrating the impossible!
We are connected to our biological family and significant others through old karma. When we’ve moved into the New Energy and in turn stepped off the karmic merry-go-round, these old connections are severed. However, this does not mean that all these relationships have ended (although some may). Our relationships (yes, the good, the bad and the ugly) that were previously held together with the mud of karma, now have the potential, if we so choose and it’s appropriate, to be more rewarding and wonderful than ever. Just like our brand-new ‘karma-less’ love relationships, our old karmic relationships can now, at long last, be REAL.

There are so many courses and workshops out there to choose from. Which ones would be the best to teach us how to reclaim our personal power?
Answer: None. Personal power is an illusion, there is only energy. Besides, you are God – how much more ‘power’ do you want?

Compared to Kryon, Tobias, the Points of Power teachings and a few others, A Course In Miracles now feels very 'old energy'. But as I still find great solace and strength in some of the words, does this mean I'm stuck in the old?
Answer: Not at all. Whilst things have changed big time since A Course was channelled by Helen Schuman, many of the basic teachings are as relevant today as they were when first published back in 1976… ‘Understanding brings appreciation and appreciation brings love‘… ‘Do you not see that all your misery comes from the strange belief that you are powerless?’… ‘There must be doubt before there can be conflict, and every doubt must be about yourself’… ‘All healing is release from the past’… ‘You who perceive yourself as weak and frail, with futile hopes and devastated dreams, born to die, to weep and suffer pain, hear this: All power is given unto you in earth and Heaven; there is nothing that you cannot do’… ‘You are the Light of the world’… ‘The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself’… If you are still finding solace and strength in these words, then you’re right on track. Perhaps the big difference in the New Energy is that we are now LIVING many of The Course teachings… especially the last one.

In all my metaphysical studies and reading, I've never come across anything that talks about where God may have come from. Surely I can't be the only person in the world who has wondered if there was ever something before God. Do you know if this has ever been spoken about in any of the literature?
Answer: Yes, this was spoken of in the first of the Seth books – The Seth Material, published in 1970. I’m sure that the late Jane Roberts wouldn’t mind if we quote her Seth directly here… “All That Is knows no other. This does not mean that there may not be more to know. It does not know whether or not other psychic gestalts like It may exist. It is not aware of them if they do exist. It is constantly searching. It knows that something else existed before Its own primary dilemma when It could not express Itself. It is conceivable, then, that It has evolved, in your terms, so long ago that It has forgotten Its origin, that It has developed from still another Primary which has – again, in your terms – long since gone its way. So there are answers that I cannot give you, for they are not known anywhere in the system in which we have our existence. We do know that within this system of our All That Is, creation continues and developments are never still. We can deduce that on still other layers of which we are unaware, the same is true.”
A little later in the same chapter Seth went on to say… “What you prefer to think of as God is, again, an energy gestalt or pyramid consciousness. It is aware of Itself as you. It is aware of itself as being the smallest seed. This portion of All That Is that is aware of Itself as you, that is focused within your existence, looks out for your interests and can be called upon for help when necessary.”
So there you are… God IS within us and knows itself AS us and thus has our interests at heart – totally. But as to whether there was something that existed before God – another Primary as Seth calls it that God evolved from, we’ll never know because it was so long ago that apparently God has forgotten. Isn’t metaphysics just fascinating? And doesn’t the real truth of things make formal religion look even more petty and ridiculous?

How can I be of the greatest service to humanity and the planet? At the risk of sounding like a martyr, I feel that is what I am truly here for.
Answer: The very greatest thing you can do is to allow yourself to go through the process of transformation. When you are a fully integrated New Energy Divine Human and beyond duality consciousness, you will then be in the very highest form of service to humanity, the planet and to Spirit – period! Trying to heal humanity and dedicating yourself to service before you change yourself is doing it all completely back to front… and although perhaps laudable, just doesn’t work and is actually impossible. People who are ready to climb the mountain of ascension into the New – and there are a great many – don’t want a cotton candy theorist, they don’t want a PhD in mountainology and they don’t want a theologian. They want someone who’s climbed the mountain – YOU!

I'm totally confused. Every time I go into a metaphysical website on the net there's a new transit in progress, another planetary activation going on, another harmonic something or other happening or another comet just missing the earth while apparently delivering some special energy. I don't know if I'm supposed to get excited about all of this, but all it does is confuse me. Do I really need to know about all this? I do see 11:11 appearing on clocks from time to time, and although I do feel something special then, to me the rest is all mumbo jumbo.
Answer: Well, you’ve got the big one right. The appearance of 11:11 is always a major wake-up call and an act of Divine Intervention. The 11:11 is also still in effect and certainly wasn’t all over after its initial activation back in 1992. Others like the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and the more recent Concordance were indeed significant planetary events, but it’s really not necessary to know all the ins and outs or even to remember them. Even the most dedicated activation buff soon loses interest in past events as soon as something new and more exciting comes along. In future, whenever you feel confusion raising its ugly head just get out and have some fun. Forget all the metaphysical stuff for a while and take yourself off to the movies or a show. Afterwards, enjoy a nice meal and a glass of good wine – or two or three. And don’t forget to have as many laughs as you can. That’s exactly what we at Points of Power do (or variations thereof), because enjoying yourself is the most important thing you can do – period!

I know that I'm in transition and I'm certainly experiencing all the weird awakening symptoms, but why do I get so depressed at times? Does everyone get depressed during transition or is it just me?
Answer: Bouts of depression or hopelessness are a common occurrence for just about everyone going through the spiritual awakening process. For an explanation of spiritual depression – the whys and wherefores, see our Rhapsody in Blue page.

I have a dilemma. I'm a facilitator and work very much spontaneously and intuitively with my clients both with energy work and counseling. I know from experience (results) that this is the way to operate now in the New Energy. Although I've been doing this work for some years now, I don't have any formal qualifications as such and so can't gain membership to any association or society. This in turn prevents me from obtaining insurance coverage. The system is such that I can't get insurance because I don't belong to a recognized association and I can't gain membership to an association because I don't have any formal qualifications. How do I get around this catch-22?
Answer: By playing duality’s game. Some of the finest facilitators and most aware beings on this planet are in the same ‘unqualified’ boat as you are. I can also assure you that there are a great many highly qualified individuals in practice (including postgraduates and PhDs) who are amongst the most unaware on the planet. The best thing you can do here is to obtain a list of modalities that are covered by insurance in your state. Choose one of these modalities, perhaps one that is closest to what you do or one that really resonates with you – one that you might actually be able to use at times – and get qualified. Then join the association and pay the fees… and then continue with your great work, which we both know has always been ‘qualified’ because it’s all about love.

In one of your answers you mention Sai Baba in the same breath as Jesus and the Buddha. How could you do that with all the huge amount of controversy surrounding his 'instant manifestations' and alleged long-standing sexual exploitation of devotees? I can't see how anyone could even think about comparing Sai Baba and Jesus.
Answer: Yes, it appears that [the late] Sai Baba had a bit of explaining to do. He was mentioned in this context only because there are still millions of Sai Baba followers who believe that he can somehow miraculously heal them. And they travel from all over the world to his (multibillion-dollar) ashram in their tens of thousands for exactly this reason. The point of that particular answer was that nobody can actually ‘heal’ another regardless of how exalted or holy the ‘healer’ is perceived to be. Everybody is at the hands of their own creation, and the only healer of illness and dis-ease is the creator of it. Only the creator has the power to ‘dis-create’. It’s also important, and indeed empowering, to understand that as there is absolutely no such thing as predestination, any human has the potential to be healed. Facilitators, especially New Energy facilitators, do fantastic and very powerful work. But even at the hands of those of the highest vibration on this planet, the healing process must still always begin with the PURE INTENT of the person on the table. After all, that person on the table is God, and we might add, no lesser God than Sai Baba. If all of Sai Baba’s devotees, followers and worshippers did their homework they would know that whenever he is asked if he is God, he always gives the same answer… “You are too, but you are not aware of it“. And with that statement, regardless of all else, Baba is in unison with every great teacher who has ever walked the earth.

How or where can I find one of those all-blissful New Energy relationships that you referred to in a previous answer?
Answer: I never said the New Energy relationships were ‘all-blissful’. In fact, there are times when there’s far more challenge and learning than there is pure bliss. However, whether we fully understand it or not and whether we like to admit it or not, the New Energy love relationships are ALWAYS an absolutely perfect complement and partnership. If your intent is for 24/7 bliss in a relationship (which is understandable if you’ve been through a few karmic horror stories), then you are really preparing yourself to die – of boredom. Bliss (ecstasy, euphoria, rapture) also suggests that there is no more ‘work’ of any kind to do. But then, if you’re reading the Points of Power site, don’t you call yourself a LightWORKER?

In A Course in Miracles it states that to teach is to learn. Is that still true now with the New Energy teachers?
Answer: Yes, it’s always true – and at all times and at all levels. What we teach we strengthen in ourselves because we are sharing it.

Quite frankly, I think all so-called metaphysicians and lightworkers are just plain weird, and that’s being polite. I mean, it’s not only blasphemous but totally outrageous for anyone to believe that humans are actually God. Who do these kooks think they are? Haven’t they ever read the bible?
Answer: The next time you’re having a browse through the Bible – not the highly modified version they use in the fundamentalist churches but the original unedited version, you might like to stop and ponder over Luke 17:21… “The Kingdom of God is within you.” And when you’ve finished with that little jewel you might like to sneak a look at 1.Corinthians 3:16… “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?” It would seem that those who wrote the Bible were a bit kooky as well. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the totally outrageous words ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ came from the mouth of none other than Christianity’s very own ‘savior’ Jesus of Nazareth. Now that’s really weird.

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