Over the coming weeks and months I, (Debbie) will be preparing and uploading downloads for the readers.

All of the downloads are directly from either Allen or Debbie, and are not featured on any other area of the website.

Please enjoy these offerings – from books, writings, poetry and passages, and even to short musical interludes – it will continue to be a work in progress.

As always, these are offered in the energy of infinite love.
In service, in the time of the great evolution.
Infinite blessings to each of you,
Debbie (and Allen)


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‘The Little Bay of Here and Now’
The Alchemy of Love
A Story
(Very nearly a true story)
Allen W. Stacker©

‘Your Three Primary Points-of-Power to Freedom’

There is nothing more powerful…
There is no fundamental truth senior to…
Your Three Primary Points-of-Power
Allen W. Stacker©


A collection of short musical interludes, each with a theme from Debbie.
These are recorded in ‘raw’ form and are offered as moments
of dream-like reverie, in the hope that you keep remembering…

“Majesty of You”
2 mins 18 seconds

“Tumbling into Duality”
1 min 24 seconds

“Cosmic Adventurers”
1 min 43 seconds


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