Over the coming weeks and months I, (Debbie) will be preparing and uploading downloads for the readers.

All of the downloads are directly from either Allen or Debbie, and are not featured on any other area of the website.

Please enjoy these offerings – from books, writings, poetry and passages, and even to short musical interludes – it will continue to be a work in progress.

As always, these are offered in the energy of infinite love.
In service, in the time of the great evolution.
Infinite blessings to each of you,
Debbie (and Allen)



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‘The Little Bay of Here and Now’
The Alchemy of Love
A Story
(Very nearly a true story)
Allen W. Stacker©

‘Your Three Primary Points-of-Power to Freedom’

There is nothing more powerful…
There is no fundamental truth senior to…
Your Three Primary Points-of-Power
Allen W. Stacker©

‘Primary Wisdom’

Powerful Passages for High Adventurers
Allen W. Stacker©


A collection of short musical interludes, each with a theme from Debbie.
These are recorded in ‘raw’ form and are offered as moments
of dream-like reverie, in the hope that you keep remembering…

“Majesty of You”
2 mins 18 seconds

“Tumbling into Duality”
1 min 24 seconds

“Cosmic Adventurers”
1 min 43 seconds


If God had answered all my prayers
There I’d be, free of cares
Not a worry in the world
With all my real estate and shares

If God had answered all my prayers
I’d have great fortune and perfect weather
I’d be sailing around the southern seas
And very likely stay there forever

But if God had answered all my prayers
Well, there I’d be a zillionaire
Beneath the sun a world away
From where we met in Cockle Bay
~ Allen


My next step I did not know
My spirit had said it’s time to go
Eternity before me – nothing behind
I take this step with you in sacred mind

Ahead of us is a wall of flame
It calls to us – it knows our name
Step through the gap – worlds fall apart
But in this void lies the divine heart
~ Debbie

Why so hard to know myself I ask my very self
It is as though the real me was hung upon a shelf

I believe my path in life is one for me to choose
My journey is I know for sure one I cannot lose

However, there was a greater tug to something deep unknown
An emergence comes from deep within, a path till now unshown

The layers come off – the illusion drops, to what is left below
The real me is vast and deep, the part I do not show

When the trumpet blew, and the question was asked, I put my hand up for change
A brand-new earth, new gifts and tools, this sounded fun but strange

A dimensional shift is what they say, is happening at this time
A right they say that we have earned, to illuminate mankind

A roller coaster ride is what I got to call each day
A slow releasing of beliefs, the old must break away

So next time what you think is real, this question you might ask
Is this the truth, or make pretend, or is it just a mask?

To be the best that I can be, is what keeps me going forward
Little by little, inch by inch, I have crossed the bridge of swords
~ Debbie


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