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As much as we’ve enjoyed answering all your many challenging questions over the years,
 we now no longer have the time due to our many other commitments.

Apart from that we still love to hear from you wherever you are in the world.
All emails are read and acknowledged and as always are very much appreciated.

Thank You.
Allen and Debbie

A sincere thank you for visiting the Points of Power website,
and please visit often as this is an ever evolving site.

We trust that you’ve found the material to date both
helpful and timely for your journey – a journey that we know only too well.

If you remember nothing else from this site, just remember this:
Divinity, The Divine, is not somewhere in the sky, or held in any holy book or sacred place.
And it is not held in any hallowed building regardless of how awe-inspiring it may be.
Indeed, the greatest temple ever created was not made of precious metal and sacred stone.
It was made of living flesh and blood. Be still, and know that
YOU are GOD.

Your grand journey with all of its highs and lows, all of its joys and ordeals,
and all of its laughter and tears is ultimately but a journey from yourself to yourself,
albeit from your age-old duality self to your True Divine Self.
This website was created for the sole (or soul) purpose of helping you along the way.
You are never alone.



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When we give away some of the light from the candle
by lighting another person’s candle, there isn’t less light
because we’ve given some away – there’s more.


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