Odd Questions – Page Three

Q. I’ve had a few people tell me over the years that I’m indecisive and wishy washy because I’ve had all sorts of different jobs and businesses and never settled into just one particular lifelong work or career (like they have). But I read recently where this is quite common with lightworkers. Is that right?
A. Yes. It’s because lightworking, your REAL lifelong work, and the grandest work on the planet incidentally, is outside and beyond all duality-based definitions of work or career… which probably accounts for the fact that you’ll never find lightworkers on a payroll.

Q. I’m in my late 60s and well and truly on the awakening path into the New Energy. But I’m now having a bit of a problem with regret… regretting that as I probably have only another 20 years or so left of truly awakened life, that I’ve wasted most of my life in a spiritual sleep.
A. Well, you’re way ahead of most of humanity for a start; most are not going to awaken AT ALL in this lifetime. As far as having only another 20 or so years of awakened life left, I think you’re forgetting something… that as the eternal being that you are, you’ve got the rest of eternity in your awakened state. And what’s more, you can never go back to your old less aware or unawakened state – you can’t ‘unknow’ what you know.  New Energy Awareness/Enlightenment is for keeps.

Q. How do I really know if or when I’ve reached true New Energy enlightenment or ascension?
A. The answer to that is… you just know! If you don’t ‘just know’, then you probably aren’t quite there yet. Here are a few questions. If you answer yes to all of them then you’re getting mighty close.
Is your hunger for reading spiritual/metaphysical type books and material now becoming noticeably less and less? Can you tell if material is coming from an old or New Energy source within the first couple of lines?  Do you now have next to no interest in visiting Mind-Body-Spirit or New Age type expos, and would actually prefer to go and see a good movie? Do you no longer have any desire to go to seminars, courses and workshops… other than perhaps select New Energy ones just to be with others of like vibration? Do you now feel that you have all the answers you need (and the answers you don’t have don’t matter anyway), and you ‘just know’ that nobody really knows anymore than you do? Do you find yourself in a sort of strange contradictory state whenever you’re in the company of (duality-based) people… torn between an overwhelming love and compassion for them, and an overwhelming urge to get the hell away from them… especially when they begin to gossip? Can you tell a person’s level of awareness and whether they are old energy or New without them saying a word? Can you immediately tell that books and movies like ‘The Secret’ are duality-based? Can you clearly see that absolutely everything is in Perfect Divine Order?
There are lots of other questions, but these should give you something to go on. And don’t be the slightest bit concerned if all your answers aren’t yes at this stage. Very few humans could give a spontaneous yes to all… honestly that is.

Q. I’m delighted that I found the Crimson Circle website through your recommended links. Thank you for that, the information has been very helpful. But I’m a little perplexed with all this ‘shaumbra’ business. Do you know what ‘shaumbra’ is all about? For some reason it’s strangely unique to the Crimson Circle site which unfortunately makes me feel that it’s really some sort of privileged spiritual minority or clique. Is it?
No. According to the channeled entities featured on the Crimson Circle site, shaumbra basically means family that is on a journey and experiencing together. They say that shaumbra is not so much a human word but rather an energy or vibration that is felt on the other side of the veil as home. It certainly sounds a lot less conciliatory than the usual ‘dear ones’ or ‘beloved ones’ etc that most channeled entities begin with. Anyway, names or labels – shaumbra or whatever, aren’t really important. It’s the material that’s important, and the Crimson Circle material is a significant New Energy source.

Q. I would like to get your view on something which is very important to me, and I believe ultimately to everybody. Some channeled entities give the impression that when we die or pass over that everything is automatically perfect and blissful, nothing but the pure light and love of home. One source has even said that when we leave the physical body we are immediately in ‘God consciousness’. Other channeled entities however tell of a very different scenario altogether and one that’s actually quite disturbing, even frightening. I remember one saying that a great many souls remain encased in a prison of their own making, a prison of their own negative actions and false beliefs that is pretty close to what we’d call hell or purgatory. Another entity even went so far as to say that there are souls who have created a reality where they are so completely collapsed in personal beliefs, beliefs in their own profound unworthiness and sinfulness, that they are virtually dead in spirit and may not awaken for eons. They say that there are also many souls who are forever waiting for their saviour, and because their saviour has to look exactly like the pictures or the statues in the church, they can’t awaken. Any entity or angel who tries to help them are simply deceivers if they don’t look like the picture in their mind. Who should I believe about this?
All of them. They are all correct because we DO create our own reality. That IS how powerful we are. As you can see, metaphysics is not a game, and what we believe and hold to be true has very powerful consequences… exactly why we always admonish you to stay as far away from man-made religious dogma and all its false beliefs as possible… and as close as possible to the real truth of who you are.

Q. You seem to infer throughout your website that the spiritual awakening and ascension process is the most horrendously difficult thing that any human can ever go through or experience – bar none (as you put it). I really have trouble with that. What about all the horrors that people have endured in wars and concentration camps? What about the dreadful physical injuries and pain that many people have experienced? What about the emotional pain, the loss of loved ones including children etc. How on earth could anything be more horrendously difficult than those things?
I agree that humans can suffer terribly in different ways, as I myself have done in many lifetimes. However, I still stick with what I’ve said about the difficulty of the awakening process… and no doubt one day, in this lifetime or another, you may well agree with me.

Q. I recently had a string of strange events, all to do with my car, that I can’t explain. Firstly I badly scraped the side of my car while driving out of the garage, which I’ve never done before; secondly I parked the car under a large tree and had a heavy branch fall and damage the hood, and thirdly I ran out of fuel in peak hour traffic, which is not like me at all. I know that there is no such thing as an accident or an event for no reason, so what do you think the universe or my Higher Self is trying to tell me here?
Well, as it is true that there’s no such thing as an event for no reason, I would think that the universe is trying to tell you to drive more carefully, to not park under large trees and to always check the fuel gauge before you leave home. When we speak about everything on the spiritual awakening path being in Perfect Divine Order, it doesn’t mean that every single little thing that happens is divinely significant or has some grand spiritual implication. Sometimes a cup of coffee is just a cup of coffee. The fact is… your Higher Self really doesn’t care if you run out of fuel on the freeway or if you put a dent in your car, or for that matter if you forget to take out the garbage or change your underwear. Think about it… wouldn’t your Higher Divine God Self be just a little above all that stuff.

Q. I was wondering if you’ve ever read the Conversations with God books, and if so what you think of them?
No I haven’t read them as I’ve never been the slightest bit drawn to them. From what I know about them however, they do get God out of the church, down from the sky and away from the nonsense and dogma of sin and judgment, and that’s always to be applauded.

Q. I’ve been experiencing a lot of bodily aches and pains of late that don’t have any medical, or even logical explanation. At times the pain and swelling has been so severe that I’ve had no choice but to take pain-killers to get to sleep. I’ve also had trouble with my breathing at times where it’s been difficult to catch my breath. It’s like I’m hyperventilating and can’t get enough air… similar I imagine to what an asthmatic or somebody with emphysema would experience. I’ve always enjoyed good health and I know there is nothing fundamentally wrong with me, so I’m beginning to wonder if all these things could actually be ascension symptoms of some kind.
I’ve experienced quite severe bodily aches and pains along with breathing anomalies myself, and I know they weren’t due to any medical condition. So yes, these things can definitely be related to the ascension process of change and transition. This doesn’t make them any less uncomfortable or less painful unfortunately, but at least there’s some comfort in knowing it’s all to a good purpose… the grandest in fact.

Q. I have been married for over 20 years and I am deeply unhappy. I met someone recently with whom I feel so ‘myself’, and it’s as if it’s the most natural thing in the world for us to be together and to be companions. I feel loved and I love him. But I’m scared to leave my marriage as the guru leader of our spiritual organization says that I must accept my marital situation as a divine blessing and treat everything that I do as a duty. The whole thing is beginning to make me feel powerless, confused and stressed, and I’m also beginning to get unusual illnesses. I want to be true to myself but I really don’t want to hurt anyone. Do I need to be happy and do I really have a right to be happy anyway?
You actually have a DIVINE RIGHT to be happy, and the ONLY ‘duty’ you have is to be true to yourself – PERIOD! I would run a mile from any misguided agenda-filled self-righteous dusty old controlling guru who tells you that you must treat everything you do as a duty and that you must accept your deeply unhappy marriage as a divine blessing. That is all just absolute rubbish! If a relationship doesn’t add to you, then it takes away from you… from both of you. While I can understand that you don’t want to hurt anyone, it is not doing your husband or yourself the slightest bit of good for you to stay in this relationship. The best and most loving and most honourable thing you can do, indeed for your husband as well as yourself, is to release this relationship and fearlessly reach for your own happiness. Anything less would be a compromise, a trade-off, that would only serve to undermine the most important thing of all, your spiritual growth… and ultimately your husband’s growth also, whether he understands it or not.

Q. I’d be interested to know your personal view on crop circles? Do you think they’re some sort of messages for us? Do you think that some of them are man-made?
A. I’m not an expert on crop circles and I don’t believe anyone else is either. Yes I do believe that some are man-made and in fact that has been proven. However, I do not believe that most of them are man-made. I believe that most of them, the authentic ones, are indeed messages for us in these times of massive and unprecedented change. I also believe that the messages are totally peace based and from a loving evolved interdimensional source, a source that we could safely say are our star brothers and sisters.

Q. I see where you’ve mentioned First Wave Lightworkers in your bio [About Allen Stacker]. I’ve come across the term first waver a few times before but I still don’t know what it means or exactly what these first wavers do. Could I be one of these first wavers and how would I know if I was?
A. You very well could be, but you’d already know if you were. It’s like knowing that you’re in the New Energy… you just know. First Wavers are the oldest souls on the planet (oldest in wisdom and experience, not necessarily in time), the first to transition into the New Energy and are the forerunners of the ascension process. As to exactly what first wavers do, that’s not altogether simple to explain. But to give you some idea I’ll quote a few lines from a channeling that was sent to me… “What is the fastest way to change something? From the inside out. The first wavers raising their frequency has a lot of influence on the frequency of the energy on the planet. Another thing they are able to do is change a lot of negative energy into positive, to release it into the universal energies. The energies being transformed by the first wavers are not only from people on earth at this time, but pertain also to all the energies accumulated in the universal energies over time. All this is necessary because the negative energies need to be transformed into light. First wavers are spread out all over your planet and with most of them not really in the spotlight.” I wouldn’t be the least bit concerned if you’re not a first waver. It doesn’t mean that you’re any less important. Actually, if you could walk in a first waver’s shoes for a day I’m sure you’d be very relieved that you’re not.

Q. You’ve given a very good description of what karma is in one of your answers [on the main Q&A page], but what about suicide? In your opinion is suicide sinful in any way and is there any penalty or punishment for it?
A. No and No. It is not sinful to commit suicide and there is absolutely no punishment or judgment for it. Outside of man-made religious dogma there is no such thing as sin and there is never any judgment or punishment of humans by some objective higher power. There can be many reasons why people decide to terminate their life… overwhelming shame, guilt, fear or hopelessness, unbearable mental or physical pain or for misplaced altruistic reasons. Although there’s no punishment or judgment for suicide whatsoever, it’s important to understand that it’s never an escape from one’s own creations, one’s own chosen life lessons and challenges… which will inevitably present themselves again in a future lifetime. As the eternal/immortal beings that we are, it is simply impossible to escape from ourselves and our consciousness. If a person chooses to end his or her life because of a situation that they themselves have created/chosen, they will not be able to avoid those very same situations in the future. Suicide only postpones the lessons and challenges, it doesn’t automatically void them. That said, karmic lessons can indeed be voided in a moment… with intent. But the intent must be SPIRITUAL PURE INTENT and not some sort of conditional intent like… “if I do this, then hopefully God will do that for me.” It’s not asking for something, it’s INTENDING something. Karma is a product of duality. When we move out of duality, we also move out of karmic lesson… to spiritual freedom.

Q. I’m totally disillusioned with all those ever so self-important, self-righteous spiritual type seminar speakers. Do any of them really know what they’re even talking about?
A. Good for you. As George Santayana said… Wisdom comes by disillusionment.

Q. I’ve been asked to say a few words at a family funeral. I would like to finish off with something that’s heartfelt but right away from religion. Can you suggest a poem or something.
Here are two that could be very suitable:

Miss Me – But Let Me Go

When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room.
Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little – but not too long
And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that we once shared,
Miss me – but let me go.

For this is a journey that we all must take
And each must go alone.
It’s all a part of the Master’s plan;
A step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick of heart
Go to the friends we know
And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds.
Miss Me – But Let me Go!

Do not Stand at my Grave and Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep
I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight
I am the soft stars that shine at night
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there… I did not die

Q. Why do you think it is that so many lightworkers have financial issues?
It’s amazing how many different answers I’ve heard to that question from both humans and channeled entities. I’ve heard everything from the ‘undeserving’ theory to the ‘negative subconscious’ theory and everything in between… and most of them are wrong. Beyond all the spiritual speculation and twaddle the true answer is this, which is actually a combination of two things: First, the old sacrificial vows of poverty that were taken by us Lightworkers lifetimes ago when we were monks, shamans and sisters of the church etc, and second, the loss of material things and money that is part of the process of moving into the New Energy where all the old energy/duality-based illusory power structures, including the accumulation of money, are no longer needed. You’ll find more information about this on The New Wisdom Page under the headings… ‘On Old Vows’ and ‘Why We Are Losing our Personal Power’.

Q. I’m interested to know how you would describe your awakening journey in only one sentence.
Frightful, dreadful, awful, exhausting, distressing, depressing, difficult, weird, confusing… and at times absolutely wonderful and indescribably joyful.

Q. How would you define “darkness” or the “dark side”, or is there really no such thing?”
Yes there is such a thing. Regardless of what any misguided priest or guru may say to the contrary, the true definition of darkness is ‘humans at their absolute worst’. Both dark and light come from humans. There is no separate, independent dark or evil force. There is only old energy unenlightened human consciousness.

Q. After reading with interest your Muscles in Minutes page, which by the way made so much sense to me, I decided to change my way of training and try it. I’ve shortened my workouts considerably and really upped the intensity, but I can’t believe how dreadfully hard it is to train like this even though it’s less often and for a much shorter time. It’s actually so brutally hard that I find it quite unappealing!
A. High Intensity training is not supposed to be appealing. The payoff is not in the training, but in the results – your muscular potential faster and with far less training time. Who in their right mind would choose to spend several hours a week slaving away in a sweaty gym when they could get faster and better results in a fraction of the time. Spending hours each week futilely and mindlessly pumping your muscles (as promoted in most of the “Muscle and Fiction” magazines) is like old energy spirituality – so very yesterday and so very unnecessary.

Q. I trust you to give me a truthful answer on this… Once we’re in the New Energy and in this so-called ‘ascension status’, is life then always peaceful, blissful and completely free of any problems? I mean is it always just pure glorious heaven… yes or no?
No… although at times it is, very much so.

Q. I’m curious to know what actually happens when we ‘die’ or pass over. I believe there’s a lot of nonsense said about this by people who don’t really have a clue what they’re talking about. Also, are we able to contact the person who’s passed over to offer them some sort of help and reassurance?
A. I’m afraid that I’m not the best person to ask as I can’t remember my last passing over, or indeed all the ones before that. So I’ll give you two Q&A from the Kryon website (with permission) that should satisfy your curiosity…

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Is the “death” experience a quick “falling into” a 5th dimensional frequency? Also, if this is so, do those entities continue to ascend into higher frequencies or do they return to the Earth plane to become Indigo children and physically help others here?
ANSWER: All of that and none of that. How do you like that answer? You don’t, I know. Examine the question for a moment. See the box it is in? You are stuck in a limited Human perception and can’t see the big picture around you. Therefore you ask questions about an interdimensional journey as though it was within your own neighborhood.

You are attempting to define the consciousness of deceased entities using terms that are numbered and assuming that a timeline is involved. These are all within the scope of what happens as you perceive it, but this perception is very naïve and not equipped to describe the true process.

When you leave your pet in the morning, what do you think is their thought process around what’s happening? Do you think they ponder your day’s itinerary? No. Their perception is no larger than missing you! It really is that big of a difference as you ponder what must be happening.

First, each soul is unique. You can’t assign a generic “this is what happens” kind of process to all of them. Second, there are no “levels” they pass through as you see it. There is no hierarchy on the other side of the veil. This type of linear system is used only for the sake of helping Humanity to understand. Interdimensional things cannot be numbered, placed, sorted, or labeled. They simply don’t work that way.

You wish to sort different color and sized items into bags and boxes so your mind can easily consider them. But now try it with something invisible and without physical form, such as a gas! Can you sort a colorless, odorless, invisible gas into boxes? No, you can’t. And that, dear one, is just how difficult it is to truly answer a question such as yours… one that was asked intelligently and in love, but with a perception that is limited to your reality.

The “death experience” is a transition of energy to an interdimensional attribute. It has no place or time. Humans want to know what happens after death, and in trying to understand this, they describe the transition of energy within an Earth timeline. It doesn’t happen that way. If you knew the truth of it, it would be too confusing to ponder. Let me give you just a small glimpse of just how confusing: You think your past lives are all lived one after another, don’t you? Think again, for your perception is that time moves in a linear direction. On our side, it does not. Therefore, what if a “past life” was really simply “another life” and didn’t follow a time-line at all? Confused yet?

The “death experience” is shrouded in mystery for you, and should remain so. For too much information would not only be very confusing, but would lead to yet more religions on your planet… something you don’t need right now.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Are there helpful death rituals that one can do to help the after-death journey of those who have recently died? You mentioned that it takes three days for a soul to leave the Earth. What can loved ones do during these three days?
ANSWER: Release the idea that these souls are somehow in the dark, needing your prayers. They are not. When they leave you, they are on a well worn path of energetic transition. Believe me, they are busy with their own transition, and wouldn’t know what you were doing anyway! The three-day journey is not as much a distance journey as an energy journey. Interdimensionally, they are moving out of 4D and being reintroduced to their natural state. Much is going on for each, for it is a reintegration of their God-self.

The very best thing to do for a departed one is to help those left behind. Hold a celebration of their life! Hold a “remembrance meeting.” Consider the rituals – the ones for the Humans in sorrow and not for the departed. The departed are fine. It’s those left behind who need the energy of your ceremonies.

Q. I’d be very interested to know what it was that got you started on your path?
Whatever it was, I’m quite sure that I made that decision before I was born this time around. However, there’s a quote from George Harrison (of Beatles fame) that sums it up pretty well as far as this particular lifetime goes: “For every human there is a quest to find the answer to why I am here, who am I, where did I come from, where am I going. For me that became the most important thing in my life. Everything else is secondary.” Yes, there were a few other questions that I had… some of which have since been answered to my satisfaction by the very best of the channeled entities (the very best in my opinion that is), others have been answered through my own direct experience, and the rest I have slowly but surely come to realize don’t matter anyway. In fact, “It Doesn’t Matter” is fast becoming one of the primary New Energy mantras.

Q. I realize this is a little personal, but I’d be interested to know if there is anything (or anyone) that you really hate, or is hate all old energy?
Yes hate is all duality. Zero tolerance would be the choice now in the New Energy, and indeed our tolerance does drop like a stone as we raise our vibration. Yes, there are a few things that I have zero tolerance for… absolutely zero in fact. Here’s five that come to mind: 1. Loud thumping music from neighbors or passing cars (especially at night)… you know, the 120 beats-per-minute thump thump thump of disco type music where you never actually hear the music (if ‘music’ is what it is at all), just the thumping. 2. Loud noise of just about any sort… like motorcycles with those ear-splitting ‘custom’ mufflers that make more noise than several giant earth-moving machines combined. It really makes you wonder about the rider and what he’s thinking… if he can think at all in the midst of all that uproar. 3. Self-appointed spiritual masters… old energy duality-anchored spiritual hotshots who have the answers to everything – perfect peace, abundant health, boundless wealth, unlimited happiness, sublime relationships and total enlightenment – and who insist on telling the world at every opportunity how much they’ve achieved and how so incredibly blessed they are and how they are just forever bursting with gratitude. There’s no doubt they would think that anyone who was experiencing the opposite of all that (like all those transitioning into the New Energy for instance) were unmotivated miserable failures and losers. 4. Dishonesty, pretense, dogma (along with all the self-righteous and blissfully ignorant purveyors of such), and nonsense… or BS. As I’ve said on the Panic Button page… In the New Energy our compassion for humanity can move us to tears while our tolerance for dishonesty, pretense, dogma and nonsense is at zero. 5. Bureaucracies and bureaucrats – all of them without exception.

Q. Have you ever had other ‘spiritual’ people criticize or disagree with what you say on your website?
Yes, but over the years only one or two, which was not at all unexpected. There was always going to be a clash between the old energy and the New. New Energy Humans will always encounter a degree of resistance and vexation, or even full-on violent opposition (as Einstein would say) in some cases from old energy gurus, lightworkers, spiritual masters etc. In fact the inveterate old energy spiritual fraternity, which by the way includes some very well-known authors and teachers as well as some not so well known self-appointed messiahs (yes, such whackos do exist believe it or not), seems to have nearly as much trouble with the New Energy as religion does… and believe me, that’s saying something. Maybe it’s because they feel threatened in some way or feel they’re being left behind or something. Perhaps it’s because, like love, New Energy can’t be defined or structured or organized or analyzed – at least not in old energy terms – and that frustrates them no end. Perhaps they’re just hooked on duality’s illusions and spellbound in the old. Who knows.

Q. I’ve read your thoughts on the authors Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer etc, but don’t you think that these teachings as well as others like the Conversations with God books still serve a purpose for those on the spiritual path? I mean if teachings are basically sound and factual, or rather metaphysically sound and factual, and they really do help people in one way or another, then don’t you agree that even though they may not be ‘New Energy’ as such, they still have a place and still serve a purpose?
I agree. These books and teachings can indeed serve a purpose and they can indeed help and inform… but only up to a point. I say that because such teachings did indeed help and inform me… but only up to the aforesaid point. Eventually – and this will apply to everybody on the true awakening/ascension path, my direct experience and everyday life became horribly out of tune with everything that I’d previously read or done. What all my treasured books said and what all the wonderful courses taught me was not what I was now experiencing – not even close.  Either I had become a complete human and spiritual failure who was slowly losing everything including the plot, or else everything that I’d read and done up to this point was completely wrong. Well, as it turned out it was neither. I wasn’t a failure who was losing the plot, I was an awakening human on the most difficult and most sacred path of all – the path of unprecedented change and transition into the New Energy. And everything that I’d previously read wasn’t necessarily wrong, it was just old energy metaphysics that no longer apply to those transitioning into the New. So yes, these teachings you speak of do have their place, although in my experience it’s a place that is rather early on in the journey.

Q. I’d be very interested in your opinion of the Abraham material as channeled by Esther Hicks. To me it all feels very commercial and money-driven. I also think that a lot of vulnerable New Age people could easily be led into believing that Abraham/Hick’s book on the Law of Attraction, at least in the glitzy way it is marketed, is the answer to their every prayer – perfect health, sublime relationships, eternal bliss, and probably most of all, heaps and heaps of money.
I agree with you that the Abraham/Hicks show and particularly their Law of Attraction could indeed give that impression. But although I’m not a reader of the A/H material, I would be very surprised if there wasn’t a bit more to it than just that. Although I’ve always recommended sticking with the New Energy channeled material from our Recommended Resources page (which is extensive enough in itself to cause an information overload), it’s true to say that all of the other better-known channeled entities – Abraham, Ramtha, Lazaris, Bashar et al, have much wisdom to offer… even if it’s often pretty old energy. It all comes down to what resonates with the individual and what they find helpful at their particular stage of the evolutionary journey. The following from Abraham/Hicks on the Art of Allowing is a case in point. It’s something that is generally good advice for most people. Believe me, there’s a LOT more to the way our reality is created than what Abraham says here, but it’s not a bad start… We practice the Art of Allowing. Which means reaching for the thought that feels best, not the thought that is the real thought, not the thought that is telling it like it is. Telling it like it is only holds you where it is: “Damn it, I’m going to tell it like it is. I’m going to tell it like it is, because everybody wants me to tell it like it is.” Tell it like it is if you like it like it is. But if you don’t like it like it is, then don’t tell it like it is–tell it like you want it to be. If you tell it like you want it to be, long enough, you will begin to feel it like you want it to be, and when you feel it like you want it to be, it be’s like you want it to be.

Q. Although I very much love your website, I also feel somewhat offended. I’m a certified practicing life coach and I can’t help but take umbrage at your disparaging remarks about life coaches on your bio page. Why have you made these judgments about life coaches and other professions; it seems to be out of alignment with all the beautiful New Energy teachings?
I said what I said about life and ‘success’ coaches as well as PhDs and psychologists etc simply because, as a generality, it’s true – absolutely true. While there are life coaches and PhDs et al who are of a very high level of awareness and a New Energy consciousness, I can assure you they are few and far between – very few and far between. By the way, whatever I’ve said in my bio is not a judgment in the sense of a criticism or censure, but in the sense of a critical or discerning distinction… often with a touch of humour. Actually, there are no judgments at all in my bio or indeed in any of my writings. There are only observations… very true and very interesting ones.

There are a great many people out there doing a lot of great work – really great work. There’s also, I’m afraid, too many out there who have no idea what they’re doing; which brings to mind the famous quotes of Voltaire, Einstein and a wise unknown:  “Doctors… men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”  “Academic chairs are many, but wise and noble teachers are few.” “A psychologist asks a lot of expensive questions that your wife asks for nothing.” 


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