Allen’s Reflections – page two

The Irony in Followship

Irony: the incongruity between what is expected to be and WHAT ACTUALLY IS,
or a situation showing such incongruity.

Ironically, most humans on this planet are followers…
followers of doctrines, dogma, creeds, saviours, gods, gurus, redeemers, Messiahs, lords,
swamis, masters… you name it, and there’s a human somewhere who’s following it.

And if you’re ever tempted to join them, first quietly ask yourself…

To where exactly am I following this person, this organization, this institution?
Where are they going? Do they really know where they’re going?
And what if those I’m following are also just followers,
and are really just following someone else or some other institution?
And what if that someone else or that other institution
is also just following… etc… etc… etc?


Ah, but what if they’re following someone really, REALLY great…
like the Buddha or Jesus for instance?
The Buddha has hundreds of millions of followers, and Jesus even more.
You can’t tell me that anyone needs to stop and think twice about joining those numbers.
After all, the Buddha and Jesus are the very way to salvation, to enlightenment, to God.

Are they?

 From the Buddha:
“Do not believe what you have heard.
Do not believe in tradition because it is handed down many generations.
Do not believe in anything that has been spoken of many times.
Do not believe because the written statements come from some old sage.
Do not believe in conjecture. Do not believe in authority or elders.
No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may”.

From Jesus:
“Neither shall they say, Look here! or Look there!
for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Yes, but we can’t possibly compare ourselves with Jesus…
What about all those miracles?

From Jesus:
“And greater works than these shall ye do.”

Okay… but we can still depend on the Buddha to help us with…

From the Buddha:
“Do not depend on others. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.
We ourselves must walk the path.”

 But I do believe the Buddha when he said…

From the Buddha:
“Believe nothing no matter who said it,
no matter if I have said it.”

And so forth and so on.
Whichever way you look at it, there’s just no escaping the irony in followship…
WHAT ALL HUMANS ARE LOOKING FOR and expecting to find through followship,

There is never anything to find
because nothing is outside of God.
And each human is God.
Not just a fragment of God,
but the WHOLE of God.

 Heaven, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Miracles, Light, Love, God
are nowhere else… but within.
There is nothing to follow and nothing to find.
There is only awakening.

But unfortunately, that’s the hard part.

“Iron-dogging” – coveting the past

I first came across the expression “iron-dogging” in a metaphysical/inspirational book I read many years ago by the late Florence Scovel Shinn – The Secret door to Success, originally published in 1940. Florence Shinn was very much of the old Emmet Fox / Norman Vincent Peale metaphysical school and was widely known and loved for many years as an artist and illustrator, metaphysician and lecturer. Her books are still in print after all this time and are now published together in one volume – The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn, ISBN 0-671-68228-8.

Florence was always admonishing people to live in the power and perfection of the present – “to look with wonder at that which is before you”, and to never covet the past because it would not be the same now as they remember it. She said that she personally knew people who lived so much in the past that they could only ever think about their happy childhood days… no skies have since been so blue, or grass so green. She tells the story of one particular friend who lived in a town when she was very young, and then moved away to another city. This friend always looked back longingly to the house she first lived in; to her it was a large, glamorous enchanted palace.

Many years later when she had grown up, this women had an opportunity to visit her old house. She was totally disillusioned. She found it small, stuffy and ugly… and in the overgrown front yard there was now a big unsightly statue of an iron dog. Her family now calls living in the past, “iron-dogging.”

Florence tells the story of another woman’s “iron-dogging.” When this women was about sixteen, she met a very dashing and romantic young artist overseas. Although the romance didn’t last, she talked about it a lot to the man she afterwards married.

Years went by and this very dashing and romantic young artist had now become very well-known. The woman heard that he was to have an exhibition of his work in her home town. She was filled with excitement and anticipation at the prospect of renewing their friendship. She went to his exhibition… and in walked a portly balding ageing businessman with no trace left of his dashing romantic youth! When she told her husband, all he said was, “iron-dogging.”

In my own case, I’ve recently had reason to revisit the house that I grew up in – which is just a few minutes walk incidentally from the centre where both the Lightworker and Crimson Circle organizations have held their Sydney seminars – in the suburb of Crows Nest just north of the harbour. Although I don’t covet or thirst for the past in any way whatsoever, including the properties I’ve owned and lived in, it was still nevertheless an ‘interesting’ experience. Although the property was still in reasonable shape, and making allowances for the fact that it’s now used as a rental investment and thus without the owner’s typical personal touch, it was still a little unsettling to see how very different it is now from how I remembered it. The best way I can describe it would be to say that the house was now completely heartless, soulless and loveless.

If I had of been one who lives in and covets the past – an “iron-dogger”, then there’s no doubt that this little revisit would have been quite a wake-up call.

The same applies to everything else from our past, and especially to our past relationships – our ex-wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives and lovers… and even our friendships. And while it’s always nice to have fond memories, we seem to ever forget that this once ‘significant other’ is now no longer the person we used to know, or even looks like the person we used to know. Of course this also applies to ourselves, and especially to those of us on the New Energy awakening/enlightenment path where the gap between who we were and who we are now could only be measured in light years… if in fact who we were even exists now at all.

So while it’s always nice to have fond memories, if we’re always coveting those memories and forever “iron-dogging”, then we would, as dear old Florence Shinn quite rightly said, “completely miss the magic and divinity of the present”… which, rather enigmatically, would have also been our future fond memories.

The only time that it’s prudent to look forward to the past
is when we’re rowing a boat.
~ Allen

All of time is but the mad belief that what is over is still here and now.
~ A Course in Miracles

That though the radiance which was once so bright,
be now forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back
the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower.
We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.
~ William Wordsworth

Allen’s little chat with God

Allen. Hello, are you there God?

God. I’m always there.

Allen. Okay, then let me ask you a question. Why haven’t you always helped me when I’ve asked you?

God. But I always have.

Allen. Well, you could have fooled me.

God. Only you can fool you.

Allen. Hmm. Okay then… so if you’ve always helped me as you say, then how come you haven’t given me what you know I’ve always wanted more than anything? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

God. And what is it that you’ve always wanted more than anything?

Allen. Come on now, I’ve asked you often enough.

God. Oh, you mean all the money?

Allen. Exactly! Where’s all the money?

God. But I couldn’t give you that… at least not up till now anyway.

Allen. Couldn’t? What do you mean you couldn’t? You mean you wouldn’t.

God. No, I mean couldn’t.

Allen. Ah, so you don’t really give everybody what they want then.

God. I always give everybody what they want… not always what they ask for, but always what they really want.

Allen. Then why not me? Am I in your bad books or something?

God. I don’t have any bad books… or any good books either for that matter.

Allen. I’m getting a little confused here. Just tell me why you couldn’t give me all the money when you knew that’s what I wanted more than anything in the world.

God. Because it wasn’t.

Allen. It wasn’t what?

God. It wasn’t what you wanted more than anything in the world.

Allen. You must know something I don’t.

God. I don’t know anything that you don’t.

Allen. I’m getting really confused now. So tell me, what was it that I ‘supposedly’ wanted more than anything else in the world?

God. What are you doing right now?

Allen. What! Right now? Right now I’m talking with you. You’re not answering my question.

God. And you’re writing it all down as we speak?

Allen. Typing it actually. I’m glad we’re not talking too fast. Why are you asking me this?

God. And what are you going to do with it when we’re finished talking?

Allen. Don’t know, not really sure… come to think of it, I suppose I could put it on the website somewhere… if it ends up being interesting enough.

God. I think you should.

Allen. Put it on the website?

God. It might help somebody. You know, give some insight.

Allen. For God’s sake!… oops, sorry about that… but how could this possibly help anybody?

God. Can’t you see?

Allen. No.

God. Don’t tell me your readers are brighter than you are.

Allen. Okay, so I’m having an off day. So just between you and me then, what was it that I could possibly have wanted more than the money?

God. What do you think it was?

Allen. I can’t imagine.

God. It might be time for you to put these words on your website… you know, the website that would not exist had I given you what you thought you wanted more than anything else in the world.

Allen. So I wanted the website more than the money? I think you may have that back to front somehow.

God. What’s the website really all about?

Allen. New Energy stuff.

God. Stuff?

Allen. You know, transition, change, awakening, ascension… all that sort of thing.

God. The sorts of things you’ve experienced yourself, you’ve gone through yourself?

Allen. I suppose… along with quite a few others.

God. Things that all the money in the world couldn’t buy?

Allen. Hmm, that’s true.

God. Things that somebody with great wealth would never dream of doing or be far too busy and distracted to ever have time to do?

Allen. Hmm… yes that’s true too.

God. Well…

Allen. You’re right… it’s time to put this on the website. Is there anything else I need to add at this stage?

God. No.

Interesting Bible Quotes

Whatever your hand finds to do, do with your might
~ Ecclesiastes 9:10

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also
~ Luke 12:34

Happy are those who find wisdom, and those who get understanding,
for her income is better than silver, and her revenue better than gold
~ Proverbs 3:13-14

… as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich;
as having nothing, yet possessing everything
~ 2 Corinthians 6:10

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you…
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid
~ John 14:27

In quietness and in trust shall be your strength
~ Isaiah 30:15

Be strong, for the lord your God goes with you;
he will not fail you nor forsake you
~ Deuteronomy 31:6

And remember, I am with you always…
~ Matthew 28:20

Know ye not that you are The Temple of God,
and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in You?
~ 1 Corinthians 3:16

It makes you wonder how such clear and simple words
could have ever become so bastardized…
how God could have ended up in the sky somewhere
and only make him/herself present on Sundays in churches and temples.

But then, something had to be done…
I mean we couldn’t have humans running around the planet actually believing
that THEY WERE IN FACT The Temple of God, now could we.

The Clash between the old and The New
From Kryon with parenthesis (and etceteras) from Allen

So there will be those who will stay in the old energy calling themselves lightworkers [or gurus, masters, mystics, priests etcetera] and calling you “wrong”. They will not understand ascension status nor see the gifts that are available. The differences between the two of you will be obvious to anyone looking in from the outside. Those in the old energy who call themselves lightworkers [or gurus, masters, mystics, priests etcetera] will have lists of things that a person must do, and procedures [meditations, rituals, inductions, ceremonies, initiations etcetera] and agendas [often hidden] in order for anyone to have an enlightened energy within. The NEW ENERGY features Human Enablement and Power. There will be very little structure and no ego developed around any Human hierarchy [or angelic hierarchy] that must be adhered to. It will be obvious who is in the old and who is in the NEW ENERGY to anyone who compares them.

Beware of systems that require you to join and be and do [all sorts of special ‘spiritual’ things etcetera]. Instead, look for new ideas that have very little or no organization [or control] around them. These are the ones that will be of the NEW ENERGY – that provide for individual growth within a non-system that somehow has all the attributes of an organization without walls or rules or membership [or despots, doctrines, dogma, disciples, duplicity, drama, duality, deception, delusion… etcetera].

New Energy Definitions of duality’s Big Three

Health: The natural state of being in the New Energy. Dis-ease, in effect, is the body language of our humanness in karmic lesson. There is no karma in the New Energy.

Wealth: What we are left with when we lose all our money.

Happiness: The duality-based subordinate of Joy, which is love in expression. If we were always ‘happy’ we wouldn’t be a Lightworker, we’d be a game show host.

The New Testament & The New Energy

From The New Testament:

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth;
and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.

So how does all this shape up now in the New Energy?

Ask, and it shall be given you. Sorry, not true at all. We do NOT always get what we ask for. It would be nice if we did, but it’s clearly obvious that we don’t… and as far as our spiritual growth/awakening is concerned, it’s actually a divine blessing that we don’t. However, we DO always get what we truly want and need – what is in our best and highest interest and in alignment with our level or state of consciousness… which, incidentally, is the TRUE law of attraction at work. 

Seek and ye shall find. True. Unfortunately though, most seekers don’t seek hard or long enough. They tend to get stuck in duality… stuck in religions and philosophies, in old energy spiritual organizations and practices, in guru worship and followship, or in duality’s popular old stand-by – the human potential movement.

Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Very true. But only if it’s the right door, and then only when the timing is right.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you. Absolutely!!! But unfortunately, most humans seek the kingdom of God where the kingdom of God isn’t… and never was and never will be.

“The Kingdom of God is Within You”
~ Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus of Nazareth)

Don’t let duality put you out of countenance

After you leave this website or leave a New Energy gathering, workshop or seminar somewhere, you will walk back into a duality-based world. You’ll be bombarded with all the heaviness, all the contradictions, all the control-based power structures, all the economic, cultural, political and religious delusions, all the antiquated educational and medical systems, all the dishonesty, corruption, greed and lack of integrity, all the struggle, confusion, dogma and fear, all the empty hype and glossy drama, all the know-alls and pretenders, all the ego, envy, arrogance and ignorance, all the hidden agendas and all the old energy spiritual BS.

Yes, there are a few exceptions here and there, but overall it’s not a pretty picture.
But don’t let any of this put you out of countenance.
Rather, use your countenance, as Shakespeare says, to change it.

“O, he sits high in all the people’s hearts; and that which would appear offence in us,
his countenance, like richest alchemy, will change to virtue and to worthiness.”
~ William Shakespeare

And indeed, as a New Energy Divine Being, you’re an alchemist of the highest order.
It is you who are changing not only planet Earth, but the entire Universe.

So never let duality rattle you. Remember…
duality is only illusion, and the illusion is very much in its final days.

No matter how yucky things are, always think of yourself as the butterfly…
It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes. 

I’ve looked at life from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all.
~ Joni Mitchell

And neither does anyone else Joni…
until they’re out of duality’s illusion and in the New Energy.

Intent – the pros and cons

Like synchronicity and co-creation, intent is pretty much a standard catch-word these days in spiritual/metaphysical circles. It’s also pretty popular on the net with any number of intent-type websites – ourtrueintent, visualintent, healingintent, realintent, seriousintent etc etc etc, and even just plain old There’s also at least one Blog about intent.

With all this attention, it’s obvious that intent must be pretty important and also pretty powerful. But the big question is… just how important and how powerful is it for those of us in the New Energy?

So let’s try and find out. First we’ll look at the usual dictionary definitions of intent and then examples of its use in two of the top healing/balancing modalities. We’ll then have two of the best New Energy channeled entities answer questions on the true power and importance (or otherwise) of intent in the New Energy.

Warning: Be prepared for a little confusion and some ‘seeming’ contradictions with the channeled answers. But be assured that the emphasis here is on seeming. There is actually no contradiction at all.

1. From the dictionary…

Something that is intended; an aim or purpose
An anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions
The act of intending
(Law) The will or purpose with which one does an act

Firmly fixed; concentrated
Directing one’s mind or energy (to)

2. From the healing/balancing modalities…

Sound Therapy: (the therapeutic application of sound frequencies from tuning forks etc to the physical body and energy field) It is said that ‘intent plus frequency = healing.’

EMF Balancing Technique: (the balancing of the Human Electromagnetic energy field) The expression “Now let us give intent for…” is used regularly throughout the various phases. However, the intents in the EMF work are always given without any human agendas or specific outcomes. The outcomes are always left open to allow for whatever is in the client’s highest good to take place.

3. From the channeled entities…

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I’ve read about the importance of the word intent, but I’m still confused as to its meaning. You say that true intent is all that is needed, but my grandmother used to say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and my daughter always “intended” to clean her room but never did. Surely the intent must be carried through by positive action or it’s meaningless.

ANSWER: Dear One, you left out the other part we’ve taught for years. It’s called “pure intent,” and that’s a description we’ve defined again and again. It’s an interdimensional purity that’s spiritual. There’s no such thing as pure intent to clean your room. It’s a spiritual attribute that was defined as the intent that Abraham had [in the parable] when he held the knife that was about to go into his son’s chest. It was driven with a purity that cannot be shaken, and which is driven by the core level of the Human soul.

It can’t be altered or denied. It is “pure” when it is absolutely correct for your path, and this is known only at this core level. Consider it the angelic intent if you wish, for it’s involved with you, your life lesson, and why you came here. It’s powerful, and drives everything in front of it when it’s finalized and put into play.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I am changed forever as a result of your channelling and I am so grateful for being here now. I am a little confused by what is meant exactly by ‘giving intent’. To me it’s an odd use of the language. So far I’ve interpreted this as intending honestly to have something change… or giving permission to accept truths or gifts. It would help if I had this clarified.

ANSWER: It’s more than intent, or honesty or giving permission. We have defined it as “Pure intent.” This energy has been described and explained many times. It’s not “passive intent,” or “angry intent.” It’s the core of your passion… when your very being resounds with it. It’s driven by a spiritual engine that can’t turn back once it has been given.

QUESTION: Tobias, if we have given our intent for things, will they manifest through our allowing? How would you define creation?

ANSWER: Your intent of things presupposes that there is a particular path for you. Your intent for things was based in an energy of duality. Your intent that you have created for yourself in the past was based on old energy ways of creation. And again all of these things have brought you to this point. All have helped pave this path for you. It is time now to release all intent for all things. This is difficult concept perhaps, for you have been filled with intent. You have been filled with direction. Challenging. Challenging, to release all intent. Intent is based on a belief system that you currently hold, whether the belief is about abundance or relationships or love or the way things work. Your intent was being funneled through a belief system that we are telling you – and those who are in the forefront of the new energy – no longer serves you. As we said in our channeling earlier today, we know this will be challenging for many.
With the release of intent and the release of belief systems, you will be able to observe how things truly work. You will be able to observe how things are created. When you come to a point of understanding from a place of peace and a place of “one” perception, you will then come to understand at levels that you could not possibly understand now how creation works, how creation in the new circle works.
Again we have laid out that this not a simple task. This is a year of work in this group. We will continue to expand on this in the months to come. It will be difficult. You will curse us out before this is done!
We come back to the canoe, coming over the waterfall [a Tobias parable]. There comes to a point in releasing all. Perhaps you will be filled with fear. Perhaps you will be challenged by the potential outcomes of the situation but there will come a point in the releasing where you come to understand the illusion that is being built, the illusion that is at play. You will then understand how the creation process works on a whole and within yourself. With that understanding you will know how to truly cause, truly affect and truly create. But you will also have the wisdom, from your discipline of accepting, to stay outside of a drama or difficult situation. You will have the wisdom to understand when to intervene and when not to. That will be important.

Telling and truthful quotes on the world’s biggest industry

“So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent,
and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods,
religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.”
~ Voltaire

“No creed can be stretched to the size of truth;
no church can be made as large as man.”
~ Lemuel K. Washburn

“All national institutions of churches,
whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish,
appear to me no other than human inventions,
set up to terrify and enslave mankind,
and monopolize power and profit.”
~ Thomas Paine

“What religion a man shall have is a historical accident,
quite as much as what language he shall speak.”
~ George Santayana

“If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be – a Christian.”
~ Mark Twain

“Religion is excellent stuff for
keeping common people quiet.”
~ Napoleon

“You will notice that in all disputes between Christians since the birth of the Church,
Rome has always favored the doctrine which most completely subjugated
the human mind and annihilated reason”
~ Voltaire

“The most ridiculous concept ever perpetrated by Homo Sapiens is that the Lord God of Creation –
shaper and ruler of the Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of his creations,
that he can be persuaded by their prayers, and becomes petulant if he does not receive this flattery.
Yet this ridiculous notion, without one real shred of evidence to bolster it,
has gone on to found one of the oldest, largest and least productive industries in history.”
~ Robert Heinlein

“Religion is fundamentally opposed to everything I hold in veneration –
courage, clear thinking, honesty, fairness, and, above all, love of the truth.”
~ Henry Mencken

“We have become so accustomed to the religious lie that surrounds us
that we do not notice the atrocity, stupidity and cruelty
with which the teaching of the Christian church is permeated.”
~ Leo Tolstoy

“You find as you look around the world that every single bit
of progress in humane feeling, every improvement in the criminal law,
every step toward the diminution of war, every step toward
better treatment of the colored races, or every mitigation of slavery,
every moral progress that there has been in the world,
has been consistently opposed by the organized churches of the world.
I say quite deliberately that the Christian religion, as organized in its churches,
has been and still is the principal enemy of moral progress in the world.”
~ Bertrand Russell

 “I’m an atheist and that’s it. I believe there’s nothing we can know except
that we should be kind to each other and do what we can for other people.”
~ Katharine Hepburn

“I assert most unhesitatingly,
that the religion of the South is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes –
a justifier of the most appalling barbarity, a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds,
and a dark shelter under which the darkest, foulest, grossest,
and most infernal deeds of slaveholders find the strongest protection.
Were I to be again reduced to the chains of slavery, next to that enslavement,
I should regard being the slave of a religious master the greatest calamity
that could befall me. . . . I . . . hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping,
cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land.”
~ Frederick Douglass

“Of all the systems of religion that ever were invented,
there is none more derogatory to the Almighty,
more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason,
and more contradictory in itself than this thing called Christianity.
Too absurd for belief, too impossible to convince, and too inconsistent for practice,
it renders the heart torpid or produces only atheists or fanatics.
As an engine of power, it serves the purpose of despotism,
and as a means of wealth, the avarice of priests,
but so far as respects the good of man in general it leads to nothing here or hereafter.”
~ Thomas Paine

“Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy
than reason and common sense”
~ Voltaire

“The so-called clergy stupify the masses.
They befog the people and keep them in
an eternal condition of stupefaction.”
~ Leo Tolstoy

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully
as when they do it from a religious conviction.”
~ Pascal, Pensees, 1670

“By inflaming and justifying the worst of human instincts as the will of God,
theistic religions have resulted in countless millions of people being tortured and murdered.”
~ Joseph Daleiden

“Historian Larry Hise notes in his book Pro-Slavery that ministers
‘wrote almost half of all defences of slavery published in America.’
He listed 275 men of the cloth who used the Bible to prove
that white people were entitled to own black people as work animals.”
~ James Haught

“The principle of the Inquisition was murderous. . . .
The popes were not only murderers in the great style, but they also made murder
a legal basis of the Christian Church and a condition of salvation.”
~ Lord Acton

“By far the cruellest aspect of the inquisitional system was the means by which
confessions were wrought: the torture chamber. Torture remained a legal option
for the Church from 1252 when it was sanctioned by Pope Innocent IV
until 1917 when the new Codex Juris Canonici was put into effect. . . .
Thus, with license granted by the Pope himself, inquisitors were free to explore the depths
of horror and cruelty. . . . The Inquisition invented every conceivable device to inflict pain
by slowly dismembering and dislocating the body.
Many of these devices were inscribed with the motto ‘Glory be only to God.'”
~ Helen Ellerbe

 “Religion is regarded by the common people as true,
by the rulers as useful and by the wise as false,”
~ Seneca the Younger

“All religions are ancient monuments
to superstition, ignorance, ferocity;
and modern religions are only ancient follies.”
~ Paul-Henri

“I’m religiously [extremely conscientiously] opposed to religion.”
~ Victor Hugo – author of Les Miserables

“After coming into contact with a religious man
I always feel I must wash my hands.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

There is no religion higher than the truth.
~ Helena Blavatsky

“There was a time when religion ruled the world. It is known as the Dark Ages.”
~ Ruth Hurmence Green

“Everyday people are straying away from the church
and going back to God.”
~ Lennie Bruce


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