New Wisdom for The New Energy Human in The New Energy World 

On The Need for New Wisdom:
It is important for you to remember the parable we gave you about the old scriptures, and how many of them described a Human who was sleeping. When the Human who is sleeping awakens, there has to be a new book of wisdom. How many of you carry around the books you used as children? Understand the metaphor here, and you will understand the place of old scriptural teachings in respect to the New Human Being. God never meant for instructions given in an old energy of yesterday to be carried around today, or used forever. In fact, this is why channeling occurs at all. Does it make sense to you that Humans would have great spiritual change, yet their spiritual manuals would remain the same? ~Kryon.

On Australia:
Although Australia is a land with very little history of humanity, it is for this exact reason that it is being prepared for something special. Australia will eventually have a major role in the planet’s spiritual growth. ~ Kryon.

On Freedom:
We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be. ~ Solara.

On Relationships:
You take a man and you take a woman – duality – and put them together and bind them, tie them together and make them stay together. Some of your churches do not even allow you to leave, claiming God will be upset if you do! What type of hell is that, if you are not happy? It doesn’t even make sense to us that you would have to be with someone that you did not so much like anymore. ~ Tobias.

It may be helpful to know that it is not possible to create a relationship; it is only possible to attract a harmonic vibration to your own. When you become fully aware of the vibrational pattern that you are sending out, then you can easily understand what is returned to you in response. This process of harmonic attraction is now becoming an important part of your evolution at this time. ~ The Group.

Many will now experience drastic shifts in their personal relationships. Again, those people with imbalances in male-female energy will see the first and most pronounced change. As you evolve, raising your vibrational level as an individual, you naturally lose tolerance that you once had to vibrational mismatches. Intolerance in the area of unbalanced male-female reaches a critical level, and many relationships will feel this stress. Some will succumb to it and fall apart. The Keeper likes to say: “As you evolve, your tolerance for bullshit goes way down.” ~ The Group.

When you stay in a relationship past the time when it adds to you, it only serves to intentionally dim your light and lower your vibration. This does more damage than you may ever know to all those who are in your field. The children for whom you are willing to sacrifice your own happiness receive a tainted impression of what a relationship really is. They can then be doomed to repeat your same misdirection of energy time and again until they learn to override this energy stamp. If you love them, please save them these painful experiences and give them permission to find happiness by fearlessly reaching for happiness yourself. If you are in a relationship that no longer serves you, make a commitment to shift it to the next level or release it in love and dare to move forward. ~ The Group.

“I have been alone for years. Is there really someone out there for me?”  We are here to tell you that there is! ~ Kryon.

On Sex:
Please understand that sexual expression is not necessary for a successful life in this game. It is a finite tool to help re-member the vibrations of home while in physical form. During experience of sexual expression, you raise to a vibratory level that we live in all of the time. Although it is not a necessity, we ask that you do not discard this effective tool without consideration. Experiences of self-love through self-sexual expression can be used as a tool of creation that you have yet to fully discover. Some of you have the belief that you will evolve to a heightened state where sex will no longer be a part of your experience. Please know that as long as you are in finite form, you will have this valuable tool available to re-member Home and who you really are. ~ The Group.

Contrary to various religious beliefs, there are absolutely no celestial awards for celibacy (and it’s certainly not hereditary). ~ Allen.

On Abundance:
The solution is at hand! Instead of sitting down and worrying about the future, or an upcoming trial, sit down and celebrate the fact that the solution has already been accomplished! For those of you with abundance issues, are you listening? The solution is accomplished now! As proof of that, there will come a day when you will look backwards and say, “Wasn’t it foolish that I worried so much? For it all came together as it should have”. How many times will you have to do this before you understand the full picture? Look forward to the day when you will never have to say that again. ~Kryon.

So what is abundance? I will tell you: It’s “immediate sustenance”. It means that the NOW may always be taken care of. It means that you never have to think about anything but NOW. I’m not speaking about your ability to pay the rent in a week. I’m talking about NOW. Are you feeling loved right NOW? Do you understand what’s taking place NOW? Speaking of the rent, can you disengage from the worry about what will be the NOW in a week? The better you grasp the actual interdimensional energy of this concept, the more abundance will flow. ~ Kryon.

Many Lightworkers are still saying, “Dear God, when are we going to get our abundance? I know it’s out there”. Do you think we haven’t heard you? Dear Human Being, I’d like to redefine abundance, yet again. This area is frustrating to you because you think of it as something you wish to store up. Abundance is sustenance, like it was for the Israelites who walked in the desert. Do you recall the story? Every day they were fed by Spirit. Generations went by, and they were fed, every day for years and years. They got used to it, you know. Can you imagine the scenario… 20, 30, 40 years of being fed every day by God? Can you imagine how large the storehouse was to do that?
Now, let me ask you: What do you think their reaction was to this consistency? I’ll tell you: Every day they wrung their hands and said, “Will it happen again tomorrow? We’re afraid. What if it doesn’t?” That’s Human nature! And here you are, asking the same thing.
Every day is your first and also your last. Will it sustain you? Is there food and shelter? Is there love? This is abundance. It’s not what you call a storehouse, and yet it is. What if I told you that your storehouse was absolutely 100 percent real? It’s just that you only get to peek at it and use it one day at a time. You don’t ask God for your abundance; instead, you create it. You create it daily by what you do, and with the voiding of fear through the realization of self-worth. Then, when you start to balance the energy around you, which we’ve called The Cosmic Lattice, abundance and sustenance take care of themselves. Maybe you didn’t know that. ~ Kryon.

On Healers and Healing:
You are not here to heal or rescue anyone. You are here to facilitate their own healing process. You are here to be a compassionate guide, but not to do it for them. You do not get “brownie points” on our side of the veil for service to others. You get enlightenment when you come to your own sense of self-worth. ~ Tobias.

Remember that there is no predestination. This means that any human has the potential to be healed. ~ Kryon.

Don’t take responsibility for those who do not heal. Don’t take responsibility for those who DO. Celebrate those who heal, cry over the ones that don’t, but don’t take responsibility for anything but the integrity of the energy you put out. Shine the light and stay in place. ~ Kryon.

On The Church:
The churches are standing on old rules, and old regulations, and old fears. They are telling old stories. The ones who are the religious leaders, the ones who open up the doors of the churches, are afraid of their own shadows. And, they are afraid to step forth and to speak their truth. And, they are afraid because they know that they do not know God! They live with this and they sleep with it. They pray, and pray, and pray to know God… to no God. You can take that to mean it both ways. Yet these are the leaders of men and women and children. These are the ones who stand at the pulpit on Saturdays and Sundays all across your world and pretend they know and understand. But, they know they don’t. ~Tobias.

Belief systems all over your planet will tear apart with change. Oh, they will remain, but there can be no more fence-sitting in regard to the old ways that no longer work. Those who talk about the love of God but who do not practice it are on a fence, are they not?… The world is beginning to hold them accountable for what they teach. There will always be a need for organized religion. What is happening, however, is that organized religion must, and will, change to meet a more spiritual and discerning Humanity. ~ Kryon.

Many of the churches on Earth right now need to change. Their logo is a dead man nailed to a cross. That’s the first thing you see when you walk into so many churches. You open the doors, and what energy greets you in this holy house? A dead man nailed to a cross! It represents the suffering that has been placed directly in the doorway of the divine and the human melding. How can humans move to a new understanding that They Are God Also if it is suffering, punishment and death that greets them? ~ Tobias.

On Love:
“What is love?” Ah, that is a simple one. Love is the acceptance of all things. It is that simple. ~ Tobias.

There is no greater power in the Universe than love. It is your solace and your shield. ~ Kryon.

If it hurts, it isn’t love. It may be one or more of any number of things, but it isn’t love. ~ Allen.

Every Human who is an adult, has felt at one time beloved feelings for another Human Being. It is Human nature no matter what race, no matter what culture. Humans fall in love with Humans. What a glorious feeling! Do you remember it? Do you remember when you first felt it? Humans do odd things when they’re in love, you know? Do you remember? They jump up and down with joy. They make fools of themselves and tell their friends. Humans in love are fun to watch! What an energy between them! Your psychology doctors have said this about being in love: They say, “It is so amazing, it is like a temporary insanity.” What an energy to be in love! And I bring this to you first, because so many of you have felt it and remember the feelings. Remember the first time you laid eyes on the one that meant so much to you, and all the emotion that followed beyond that time. Now tell me, is that a falsity or is that true? It is real or imagined? And what is it that happens with your body? There’s chemistry. Your very brain is affected. All of these things, together, create energy between the Human Beings that can be felt. And you know of what I speak. It’s pure energy and it’s thick with reality!

And is this also true with animals? How many of you are in love with an animal? I already know the answer, for I know who is here. Don’t you love the unconditional love you get back from an animal? When you look in their eyes, you see the preciousness there. Are you surprised that the animal feels this? So often the love is returned. How is it there can be love between a Human Being and a simple animal, some very small and some very large. Here’s a creature that has no intellect and cannot even speak your language, yet they have love. What if this energy called love was a universal property? I’m going to ask you some questions in a moment about that.

It’s a very energetic and powerful thing, this love. When even the animals of the planet can feel a Human Being giving it to them, do you think that there is actual energy being transmitted with the emotion of love? When the researcher who deals with water did his experiments, [Dr. Emoto] he asked the Human Beings to direct their thoughts of love into the water, and you saw the visual proof that the water changed. Indeed! What if nature responds to love? What I’m telling you is that there is a very strong field connected to this emotion. It can change the chemistry within a Human. It is a field that is felt by the animals of the world. Nature even responds to it. So is it a stretch of your imagination to think of what it might also be doing esoterically? What if love, and the emotion of love, were inter-dimensional? What kinds of effects might it also be generating around you? What if you could somehow direct the affects of this inter-dimensional love energy to a place? Would it make a difference?

Can you allow the thought, for even a moment, that the emotion of love might be able to change your own DNA? “Oh my!” you might say. “That’s way too simple and trite. Here is Kryon saying we’re going to love ourselves into health!”Well, it’s a good beginning, and it’s filled with profound truth.

Examine the New Energy work on the planet for a moment, and the teacher Peggy, and the work she has been given to guide her information to the planet. [Kryon is speaking of Peggy Phoenix Dubro, of the EMF Balancing Technique™, who is part of the Kryon team and has presented earlier in the day] Look at where she begins her teaching. She must first teach how to be compassionate. She starts at the beginning of her lessons with love. Why should such a thing be? Is this really part of healing?

What I’m asking you to understand is that the energy of love is absolutely universal, that it was global, and everywhere. Is this a basic rule that you have never even considered? What if, before you could do anything else, you had to learn to love? What if I told you that this love energy turns on a light that actually starts a process of higher vibrations. Did you know that? What if this love energy is the catalyst for almost every process of growth the Human wanted?

So many Humans want to touch God. They’ll climb as many stairs as they’re told to, to accomplish this. They’ll walk the miles, they will move into the odd positions, speak the words, sing the songs, say the prayers and do the chants. Then, at the end of the day, nothing happens. Then they will do it again, thinking that they were not worthy of God’s attention.

I am telling you that the core of God’s attention is much simpler than that, even simpler than the processes that men assign to it. It’s about the compassion of love! ~ Kryon.

On Lightworkers:
There has never been a time on the planet where so few will do so much for so many. ~ Kryon.

Has it not occurred to you that other humans do not have nearly the amount of chatter and internal discussion as you do? It is not because you have this great desire to process. It is not that you need to always be – how to say – resolving your issues. It is because this is an attribute of the lightworker, to continue digging within and then digging more and considering and pondering and thinking and doing more digging. Each time you do this you are making a pathway through a tunnel of consciousness. You are digging the tunnel further and further. That tunnel leads to enlightenment and understanding. That tunnel creates a passageway for your divine vibration and your divine energy to come through. ~ Tobias.

So there will be those who will stay in the old energy calling themselves lightworkers and calling you “wrong”. They will not understand ascension status nor see the gifts that are available. The differences between the two of you will be obvious to anyone looking in from the outside. Those in the old energy who call themselves lightworkers will have lists of things that a person must do, and procedures and agendas in order for anyone to have an enlightened energy within. The NEW ENERGY features Human enablement and power. There will be very little structure and no ego developed around any Human hierarchy that must be adhered to. It will be obvious who is in the old and who is in the NEW ENERGY to anyone who compares them. ~ Kryon.

On God (Spirit):
Spirit does not know the outcome of your journey here on earth. God does not know what is going to happen. You have all been under the belief system that your journey on Earth has been planned in advance. You have thought that the outcome was known. Your churches teach that well. They teach that God knows all. He even knows what you are going to do next. If that were so, dear friends, why would you be here in the first place? ~ Tobias.

God does not know all things. God learns as you experience. ~ Tobias.

God has no agenda. God has no agenda like the human does. God does not understand “good” or “bad”, “light” or “dark”, “right” or “wrong”. These are human conceptions and terms. There is no agenda. Therefore, dear friends, we ask why do you judge yourself so harshly? ~ Tobias.

Let no man, woman, or church ever again tell you that you are separate from God. Ever. ~ Tobias.

Let me give you a postulate. Here’s a rule of Spirit: There’s no higher power in the Universe than what exists in the seat in front of me [referring to the audience]. Humans don’t like that, do they? “There’s got to be something far more magnificent than me, Kryon. I see myself in the mirror. I know what’s there.” No, you don’t. This is the truth. This is a postulate, and the way things work. There’s no higher energy or power on Earth than you. There’s no higher power or energy in the Universe than what exists and flows through you in a divine way. You may want to put something on a pedestal and worship it. That’s just an exercise. You may wish to pray to God, thinking that God is a higher entity – a Spirit that loves you like a grandfather – greatly treasured, honored, and wise. But you can’t really pray that way, since that’s not the truth.

“But Kryon, we want to do that. We go to churches where we worship entities and ideas that are higher than we are, symbolically, physically, and spiritually.” Yes, you do, but the truth is the truth, and what you’re doing isn’t accurate. There’s nothing higher than what surges through the blood in your veins and the consciousness you carry. It’s shielded by what you’ve called the duality. It’s segmented into a dimension that you only see a portion of. The truth is, you are God. Collectively, you make up what many are worshiping daily. Singularly, you’re an integral part of Sprit, which is unique and necessary for this system to work. You’re eternal in both directions. You always were, and always will be. There was no beginning. That’s how old you are. ~ Kryon.

On not believing in God:
First, know this: You are honored for whatever you choose to believe. Humans often “see” GOD as the benefactor in the sky… filled with judgment. Heaven and Hell are words used to control behavior, and in order to gain early control, many religions have you “born dirty” with no chance for redemption. To an old soul, this is reprehensible. God is so much bigger than any of this. The truth? You are GOD. You are sacred. The love of GOD is the love you have for all natural things, including nature, animals, and other humans. It is the energy of the universe and YOU are in control. While on earth, it all hides from you. Blessed is the Human who knows they are part of the grandness, all of which is God. ~Kryon.

On Worry and Fear:
In your days to come, when you feel the energies of fear around you, simply walk through them. Simply know that you can walk through these. When your mind challenges you and asks you who you think you are, let your mind know that you are One with Spirit. And remind your mind that it serves a beautiful purpose on this earth, but it does not guide and direct your life. The prayers that you pray when you need the strength should be directed to your Godself. ~ Tobias.

Worry is the energy of the intellect without love. ~ Kryon.

On Peace:
Like hate, fear is ignorant. But again, the ignorance is the ignorance of the golden one inside. When you come face to face with the Higher Self, you will never be the same again. Your self-worth will soar! The ones who have found this higher one are the ones who can wake up feeling peaceful, no matter what, for they understand that there is a piece of God right inside. ~ Kryon.

A peaceful countenance is an attribute of an enlightened human being. ~ Kryon.

There is no greater peace than the peace of God! ~ Kryon.

Meditation may indeed bring you peace… while you’re meditating. However, true and lasting peace will only ever come with understanding. ~ Allen.

On Dark Forces and Evil Spirits:
The only dark forces on this planet are the ones created by Human beings and their old energy ways. There is no such thing as an “evil spirit”. The greatest evil power of your planet can be found in the minds and intentions of the humans who walk upon it. They can manifest darkness just like you can manifest light. Therefore you continue to create your own reality… evil and angelic. After all… you are the only planet of free choice! ~ Kryon.

“Well, Kryon, a moment ago you said with the changing of the earth, and with the light turning on, that there’d be a lot of those who scamper seemingly from under the rocks. In other words, we’re going to see a lot of evil in the earth. We’re seeing it now. Is this the reason we’re seeing a lot more hatred and evil than we ever saw before?”

Yes. When the light is turned on, and what was always there is revealed, it’s hard to sit on the fence, isn’t it? That’s exactly what you’re seeing. Two years ago we sat in this spot and told you of this very potential, and now you’re experiencing it.

“So you might say we’re going to need a lot of help because of this. What can we do to protect ourselves from all this evil that seems to be crawling from under the rocks and coming forward? How are we going to protect ourselves?”

I will say it very firmly for publication one more time: Dear Human Being, protection – spiritual energetic protection – is a relic of the old energy. It’s based in covert fear, and whereas there was a time when you might have wished to shield yourself from the energy of others, that’s no longer needed. Again, we use the metaphor of the room that’s dark: When someone comes into the room emanating light, the dark goes away. It does not stay! It doesn’t try to attack back. Instead, it’s transmuted. Dark becomes light, and you are the Lighthouse who creates this. So again, dark energy isn’t an active energy. It completely depends on an empty place to exist… and that empty place is where fear is found.

You’re the one who carries that light! It’s automatically generated when you begin to vibrate higher and develop your divinity. Wherever you walk, your light will transmute any dark energy in your path. There’s no need for protection. Use the light that you have to completely saturate anything that’s inappropriate that you come into contact with. This is a reality and a promise. This is something we have told you many times before. Please understand that your light is not an invasive force but a neutralizing force. Again, the dark room is illuminated, and in the process there is sight. This is only invasive to the dark!

Don’t be frustrated and fearful about those around you who you believe are carrying darker energies. In this New Energy, even the darkest Human Being whom you can imagine in your presence won’t have a chance to pierce the light you carry. They can’t shoot a dark gun at you! Those who try to project darkness need an empty space with no light for their darkness to exist. That, by the way, is why there’s so much frustration within so many of them. Those who carry dark energy around with them by choice simply won’t get anywhere when they try to do what they’ve always done… influence everything around them and create fear. When they can’t seem to affect you, they get very angry. Did you notice? They get angry because you don’t react to their darkness, Lighthouse. We’ll talk about that more at another time.

It’s very interesting how humans work with humans, especially when one of them is a Lighthouse. Some get very angry in your presence. You might do nothing at all, and even say nothing at all. But by simply carrying your light from place to place, you often create their frustration. This is all part of the interaction of your personal interdimensional fields that we have spoken of earlier in this teaching. Perhaps this of all things this evening would be one of the exposures of what is going on in your life with those who betray you and turn their back on you, Lighthouse. They carry an energy that’s not commensurate with yours. You frustrate them, did you know that? An irony is that this is listed as one of the frustrations of a Lightworker when you frustrate them. ~ Kryon.

On Death:
Human death is not seen on this side of the veil as anything but a transition of energy and a freshening of expression. This is difficult for you to understand, for to you, death is pain, suffering, and grief. Can you even begin to understand why this is the setup? We see it as part of the “play of Earth”. In any play, even the Human with the knife in his chest gets up after the curtain comes down and has a party with the cast. The cast members all know that the adventure in the play is not real. But in the play of Earth, your reality says that life is everything there is. Therefore, it’s played “for keeps”. It has to be this way, to make the challenge and the test… fair.
Yes, you all have a beginning setup contract where your shift (death) is planned. Sometimes it’s to facilitate another person (such as the profound energy created through the death of a child or suicide). So it can be part of an agreement with great energy around it, or a simple potential to leave when it’s time. Each case is different, and yes, it is often tempered with a balance from past-life experience. It’s also entirely temporary and waiting to be rewritten!
All this is changing greatly. With the New Energy brings a change in the system of life and death on Earth. Whereas the plan of old created life and death as a cycle in a karmic engine of lesson – creating energy to help the earth – that is now void. The New system is one that encourages a contract rewrite, including death time, age, and even life lesson. It’s a startling change, and brings new meaning to death in the New Energy.
Also, there’s this fact: We told you in 1989 that a great number of Humans might have to pass quickly in these times for the New Energy to manifest. You’re seeing it now. With war and disease, the numbers are quickly being fulfilled. What does this mean? It means that many actually had the agreement to pass at this time if the earth had accomplished a vibratory rate shift. It did, and the process began.
What is the reason for this? Although you might feel that it’s too sorrowful to think about, we give you the truth: The new Indigo color of Human Being will do far better on the planet than one with a very old energy. Therefore, many are leaving early to immediately come back as Humans with the Indigo color. This will facilitate peace on Earth faster than anything else. ~ Kryon.

There is no such thing as ‘the dead’. You are as dead (or alive) right now as you will ever be. ~ Allen.

On Dreams:
This Human dream function is extremely complex. With the coming of the New Energy, Lightworker and ascension status has changed all the potentials, and a brand new piece of the dream puzzle emerges. Your newfound awareness is suddenly part of this memory rearrangement. In addition, if you’re working at it, the dream process has changed its purpose. It’s now actually a rewrite of the past within your DNA!
How to interpret the dreams? Well, those other channellers were correct – if you’re working on your enlightenment. For the old interpretations discount the new spiritual aspects of the process. Now you may look at the interpretations completely in a spiritual light. Did you dream of Aunt Sally? Why? Perhaps you’re rewriting how you felt about her and bringing her into a new light? Perhaps she’s visiting you in an interdimensional way to help you process and rewrite her history within the scope of your life? This is very, very common. Parents return; those you lost during your 4D time line show up. You see, it’s very complex, but has indeed changed. Look for far more nonlinear things in the dream state.
Finally, a hint: If some of you have dreams that repeat and repeat a process or a song or an action seemingly all night, it doesn’t mean anything. Don’t try to read into it. Instead, it’s a smokescreen to let the brain and the divinity unify. The brain creates a feedback loop that runs while it does things that are beautiful, out of sight, and filled with new abilities for your consciousness. ~ Kryon.

On The Future:
The future is the past rewritten. ~ Tobias.

On Needs and Wants:
The Divine Human will not have needs. You will be without need for you will know that all things come to you as appropriate. You will not have wants. You will not fear what comes next. You, the Divine Human, will be now and present and not worry about the future. For you know that the divinity within you will provide you all things. ~ Tobias.

On Awakening:
It is the greatest sacrifice to forget who you truly are. It is time to wake up now. ~ Tobias.

On The 11:11
The activation of the 11:11 is not a random event that took place on January 11, 1992. It is the beginning of our life’s work. It is the fulfillment of our Divine Missions upon the Earth. It heralds the completion of duality and the anchoring of the Template of Oneness. ~ Solara.

Every time you see the 11:11 configuration on your clock, dear Human Being, I want you to say, “Thank you, Spirit.” It is a reminder of who you are, Human Being, and why you are here. If there was ever a reminder of your goal on the planet, it is when you look at the clock accidentally and it reads 11:11. Did you ever notice that you didn’t look at the clock accidentally and see 11:12 or 11:10? That’s because that angel that taps you on the shoulder waits until 11:11 and then says, “Look now!” How does that feel to you? It’s way out of the chance of reality, isn’t it, that you would see it so often?

Eleven, in numerological terms, means “appropriate spiritual action.” This is a master number. [Master numbers are two identical numbers together such as 11, 22, 33, etc.] Not coincidentally, it is also two “ones” next to each other. The number one means “new beginnings.” The energy around 11:11 is therefore a master number that means, “the beginning of appropriate spiritual action on the planet.”

Of all of the lifetimes you have ever lived on this planet, this is the one that will make the difference. This is the one you prayed for… to discover who you are and to make a difference. ~ Kryon.

On Sin and Guilt:
You have carried the energy of sin and guilt within you. It has been part of your human spiritual condition. As you open this up, you will realize that there was never a reason to feel guilty, that there was no such thing as sin. There is ONLY experience. ~ Tobias. 

On Compassion:
Compassion is not feeling sorry for others on their journey, and not making judgment of them. Compassion is simply allowing them to go through the process. ~ Tobias.

On Joy:
As you go through the transformation process, you will find joy. You will feel joy. It will not be like the hollow joy that you have had in the past. It will be a new joy, filled with compassion, and love, and true understanding. ~ Tobias.

“When am I going to find joy? I’m a sad person. I want joy. I deserve to have joy. I’m trying so hard!”
Let me tell you about the chicken. A very concerned chicken sat on her egg and worried. “When is this thing going to hatch?” Other chickens around her hatched their eggs, and beautiful little chicks came out. But not this chicken. She was so concerned! “When is my chick going to hatch?” she agonized. “I’m sitting… sitting… sitting”. She never took a break from sitting. She sat and worried, sat and worried. Finally, after a very long time, the mother chicken had to take a break from sitting. “I have to take a break!” she cried. “This is far harder than I thought”
She got off the egg momentarily and immediately the egg burst open! A half-grown, very hungry small chicken popped out, looked the mother in the eye, and said, “What’s wrong with you? I couldn’t get out!”
The Human Being that doesn’t have joy is the one that’s holding it back. Again, you create your reality. That’s the truth.~ Kryon.

On Humor:
Humor is one of the only energies passed through the veil completely untouched. The other is love. They are related, and one cries when they laugh and also in grief. They both affect Human biology too, and so they are catalysts for chemistry changes. Truly, humor is sacred. It calms the Human spirit and creates the chemistry of tolerance, forgiveness and even health. ~ Kryon.

Indeed, laughter shifts energy like nothing else. And when we feel like laughing the least is usually when we need to the most.  As Karl Barth says… “laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God.” ~ Allen.

On Angels:
Dear friends, it is the humans who create these angelic hierarchy charts. We think these are very funny, very funny. You have all these hierarchal Orders. You have all these angelic family trees and the branches coming off of them and all of the different angels, and who is in charge of who. And, we have to chuckle. Then down at the bottom of your grand chart of grand angels, you sometimes list the human… at the bottom. If you really want to understand who is the grandest angel, turn that chart upside down. Turn it upside down. You are at the top of the chart! You are the boss. We are here in support of you. As we have said before, we follow in your footsteps. ~ Tobias.

On why are we here on Earth:
Let me ask you this: Is there anything you can imagine that God/Spirit cannot accomplish? Initially you might say, “no”. God can do anything. The answer is actually this: God is biased! God is biased in love. Therefore when there is a situation in the Universe that needs to be decided without this bias… within an unbiased and neutral playing field out of God-consciousness, there is a method. In this case, it’s called Earth.
Call it a test, if you wish, but it isn’t a test about you. It is a test only of energy and vibration. Therefore if you must name it, say you are in an “experience” not a test. That’s more accurate. You are the voluntary testers, experiencing earth, but it hides completely from you as you come and go, and come and go. This is also the core meaning of “created equal”. It means that all of you are divine creatures, whose spiritual abilities are the same. It’s what you do with them that changes your reality and that of the planet.
Here is something else to consider: Why, after a lifetime of trial, suffering, and sorrow, would a Human Being ever come back? Yet you do! Can you explain that? I can. When you are not here, you see the bigger picture. When you are not here you can hardly wait to return to do more… to continue the experience and help with this test of energy.
What happens on earth will eventually affect life in a whole new universe. What you are doing right now is known to all on the other side of what you call the “veil”. This has been the reason for all the teaching, and why so many right now have the same message… an uplifting one that challenges you to keep going and find solutions to the formerly unsolvable… and to actually discover your divinity.
This is also why we speak of your “big bang”. It wasn’t. It was a dimensional shift, everything created seemingly out of nothing, all at once. But there is a rich and vast spiritual history about how it happened, and what the starting energy was. You were here for that too, but then… that’s another story. ~ Kryon.

On Oneness:
As we leave the realm of duality and anchor our beings in Oneness, we step beyond the realm of personified spiritual beings & established spiritual hierarchies. In the Template of Oneness, there is only the One. There are no more Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Gods & Goddesses, Ashtar command, Intergalactic Confederation, Dark Lords, Lords of Light, Great White Brotherhood, or spirit guides & teachers. We have all moved to a new level of equality – Oneness. ~ Solara.

On The Light:
You are the Light! ~ The Group.

On Silence:
In the New Energy silence will be so golden. Silence is how you will renew yourself. It won’t be through saying mantras and doing chants, reading books, listening to tapes. It will be sitting in the moment. It will not even be about having a prayer or trying to do meditation. We have seen so many well-intentioned humans just messing themselves up trying to meditate! In the silence there is the breath… the breathing in and out… a knowingness that the life force continues… the knowingness that creation continues to expand. ~ Tobias.

On Problems and Divine Solutions:
Dear friends, when there is a challenge in your life, understand that you have already solved the problem. Your Divine Self has already solved it. When there are difficulties in your life, do not panic. Understand that the solution is already there. It is within you. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE. This divinity wants to take care of you, wants to be with you, wants to handle everything. But it requires that you let go of the old ways of handling problems. Let go, as we say, release, and allow. The divine solution will come forth. ~ Tobias.

The reality of spiritual time is that all things exist together. Everything that you have the potential to do has already occurred, and this has nothing to do with predestination. The problem has already been solved. It is not in the process of solution – it is done. How does it make you feel to know that the thing you’re trying so desperately to co-create and figure out has already been accomplished? ~ Kryon.

On Divine Will:
We are asking you to step beyond free will into Divine Will. It will be challenging. You will wonder what this thing called Divine Will is – who owns this? Is this Spirit coming back now to once again tell you what to do? Is it your guides or angels now who will dictate to you? No, Divine Will comes from within. It is your Will but it is on a Divine basis that transcends duality. It transcends the human dynamics that you have been used to. It is directly linked to All-That-Is and to Spirit, but understand dear friends that you are Spirit. Divine Will comes from within. It provides answers and solutions and experience and new powers that you have never experienced before. It will be challenging. You will want to keep BOTH your free will and your Divine Will. You will want the wonderful attributes of free will while you take on the new Divine Will. We are here to tell you that it does not work that way. One must be released before the other can be experienced. ~ Tobias.

On Moving into The New Energy:
You are walking away from old and perhaps somewhat comfortable energies. Moving from the old energy into the New Energy often requires separating from things that were close and dear to you, such as jobs, family, loved ones, friends, a home you have lived in for a long time, and even ways of thinking. It is a difficult journey. It is the most difficult thing you have ever done in any of your lifetimes before. In other lifetimes, you perhaps had challenges, but you never had a challenge at the level you are at right now. You are walking across the Bridge of Swords. You are crossing the chasm from the old energy to the New, and you are doing it alone, without your guides. ~ Tobias.

On The Indigo Child:
We spoke before about one of the attributes of the pure Indigo Child. It is the complete lack of karma, did you know that? You cannot make an Indigo Child feel guilty. They have no programming for that. It’s not meaningful to them, since guilt is almost always a manifestation of karmic energy. If the DNA “cup” must always be full, what do you think the Indigo Child has instead of karma? The answer? Compassion and the quest for solution of strife. That is why we have named them “The Peacemakers”. ~ Kryon.

On Duality and Soul Mates:
As you passed through the second dimension, you split off into parts of yourself and you gained illusions of duality. In that field of polarity or duality, you found things that you labeled as ‘right or wrong’, ‘up or down’, ‘black or white’, ‘left or right’, ‘good or bad’, ‘fear or love’. You then chose to enhance the illusion of duality further by splitting into a sexual division for each incarnation in physical form. This was necessary to create the complete illusion of duality within your game. It has also been the source of great confusion for you as you have evolved.
Effectively, you have divided yourself with the illusion of being two: one male and one female. This lends itself to the belief that you are only half a person, not a whole being, and has caused you to believe that there is an exact match for each of you waiting magically somewhere just out of reach. The entire concept of “soul mates” and “twin flames” is based on the illusion of duality. This illusion of separation has been important for your primary life lessons. ~ The Group.

On Responsibility to Self:
What is your responsibility to self? Know you are God. ~ Kryon.

On The Real You:
You are really two people. The “real you” is the high entity, whose power and knowledge each of you owns, and the “phantom” is the shell of humanism in lesson. The irony here is that you perceive the phantom as real, and the real you as the phantom. Many of you don’t perceive the real one at all! ~ Kryon.

On The Higher Self:
How would you like to have a partner who had the full overview of the Universe? That’s your Higher Self – that’s the hand we want you to hold – not the hand of Kryon or any other channel. It’s the anointed one inside you. It’s the golden angel that resides in you that is your actual piece of God. ~ Kryon.

On Music:
Tones are vibration. Multiple tones in complex arrangements and harmonies have the absolute power to heal, create peace, make feelings deep within a human heart, and cause decisions and action! The vibrations are mathematical and resonate against both you and the Earth. Music, therefore, has substance, and it creates its own reality. It is important, and it is sacred. It is one language, universal and understood by all. ~ Kryon.

On Animals:
Animals are here on Earth for 3 reasons.
(1) The balance of biological life… the circle of energy that is needed for you to exist in what you call “nature”.
(2) To be harvested. Yes, it’s true. Many exist for your sustenance, and this is appropriate. The inappropriateness of today’s culture is how these precious creatures are treated. Did you know that if there was an honoring ceremony at their death, they would nourish you better?
(3) To be loved and to love. For many cultures, animals serve as surrogate children, loved and taken care of. It gives Humans a chance to show compassion when they need it, and to have unconditional love when they need it. This is extremely important to many, and provides balance and centering for many.
Do animals know all this? At a basic level, they do. Not in the way you “know”, but in a cellular awareness they understand that they are here in service to planet earth. If you honor them in all three instances, then balance will be the result. ~ Kryon.

On Disease:
We want you to know where your dis-ease comes from. The answer is something many of you know already, for it has been written and translated before. It emanates directly from YOU; it is your choice. You see, you agreed before you came in to create it, or to allow for it. It is based upon logical judgment and past-life karma. Therefore you are responsible for it in every way. It is yours intrinsically, just as your arms and legs are. You have asked for it in advance, and now here it is. What you have in the infirmities of your biology is simply karma. It is the body language of your humanness in lesson. ~ Kryon.

On Reluctant Teachers:
It is the reluctant one who will often go on to change the lives of tens of thousands. ~ Kryon.

On Channeling:
Those of you who feel you are channeling entities, check this: See if they honor your Higher Self. Watch to see if they say that they are more important than your internal angel, and if they do – run the other way! For there is nothing higher on this planet than what you carry inside! Channeling is information, data. It is no more than that. After the information is put out, take it, apply what you wish, and put it away. Never use the channeler as a guru! Never give away your personal power of choice. To embrace the channeler as a guru is to create infidelity with God, your Higher Self.
Use channeled information as you would any resource book. Glean what you wish from it, then shut the book, and put it on the shelf, because it is YOU who is enabled, not the channel. You don’t need a constant channeler, and you don’t need a guru, and you don’t need a leader. You are the shepherd! Move forward with the power you have in your own heart. You will do the work for the planet – not the channel. ~ Kryon.

On Old Vows:
The vows you took before God, even lifetimes ago, carry through the veil over and over. You were the monks, sisters of the church, shamans, medicine men and women. Some of you took vows to remove Earthly humanistic characteristics of normal life in order to focus. You made promises to God, and the promises were in the form of sacrifice. Now you come into this incarnation… seemingly fresh and new, but carrying pieces and parts of past vows to God.
Agree to drop the vows of celibacy, to drop the vows of poverty, to dismiss a contract you had with your Higher Self, developed in an old energy. Agree to erase the ingredients of the contract recipe and rewrite it, to renew the vows of the love of Spirit, to renew the vows of the love of the earth. Validate that you DO NOT have to be poor; you CAN have a loving partner; you DO NOT have to carry out some of the challenges that you signed up for. That is what the house of responsibility is for. It not only represents the responsibility to the family via the contracts that were yours, but now it represents the responsibility to the earth and you, to change them! ~ Kryon.

Some of you have asked how is it that you might change these vows if the past and the future are melding. You’ve asked, “If we’re coming together and the past is so profound, even within my present, how can I rewrite these vows? What can I do? What should I say, and to whom?” Like so many other things we’ve spoken of, the answer is far easier than you might think. You need to be alone. Then with pure intent, come before the family [Spirit] and state your case. Whatever you say is then the beginning of the rewrite, since the energies of Earth respond to Human free will. Speak it out loud so your cells can hear it too, in the air. State that you drop the old vows and then give a new one… perhaps one where you’ll now take the vow of masterhood? Perhaps you’ll pledge yourself to the benefit of all humanity? In the process, you’ll need peace in your life, without drama. You will need sustenance [abundance], and loving relationships with those around you. This drops the vows of poverty and celibacy, and all the other old-energy thinking regarding what Humans originally thought God wanted from them. Do you know what God really wants from you? Partnership, family awareness, and love. ~ Kryon.

On The Ultimate Secret:
The biggest secret on this planet – the biggest one – is where the divinity really is. The place where it is hidden is inside every human alive. That’s where the power is. That’s where the fountain of youth is. That’s where eternal life is. That’s where you will find the Holy of Holies. That’s where the love of God is. I AM, that I AM – the circle of the words that describes the Human Being as God, is the truth. It is the ultimate secret. The very names of the I AM in spiritual history refer to the Human Being. The most divine scripture ever written came from Human Beings. That is where the divine has been hiding all along. ~ Kryon.

On Failure:
What you consider to be failure oftentimes will bring you to your knees… so you can get on with the work you came here for! ~ Kryon.

On Loneliness:
YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! ~ From All The New Energy Teachers. 

On Suffering:
You’ve let suffering become such a part of your belief system that, even when you released everything else, you forgot to release suffering. God does not want you to suffer. God does not want you to go through all of these difficult and challenging things. Spirit wants you to have joy – the opposite of suffering – joy in your life, and joy in your creations.
There is no God that wants you to suffer. There is no God that asks you to suffer. God asks you to be in joy and celebration.
The energy of suffering is so deeply imbedded within you. It has been pounded into you through many lifetimes. And in this lifetime the churches helped pound it even deeper. You are not worthy, they say. You have to work your way back to God. You are a sinner. One day there will be judgment. Perhaps you will make it, perhaps not. Fear, suffering, and more suffering…you have it deeply engrained within you that the way to God is through deep suffering and pain. You do not have to suffer anymore. ~ Tobias.

You do not need to experience pain and suffering before you can know joy – just as you don’t need to eat a lemon before you know that ice cream tastes good. ~ Allen.

Perhaps you feel that you have to have pain or must suffer to become sacred or help the planet. That simply isn’t the way of it. Don’t confuse this with information with what we’ve told you about those who have elected to sacrifice an expression [die in this lifetime] for the enablement of others. That scenario is different. We’re speaking now about those who believe that they must remain in suffering and pain while remaining on Earth, and that it’s just part of their “life lesson”. The irony here is that the Human’s real life lesson is really “how to get out of pain and suffering!”
The whole idea of “suffering for God” is of Human origin. You’ll never find that in any real channeling from Spirit from the other side of the veil. Instead, it’s just the opposite! Humans have created this, even placed it within some holy scriptures, in order to produce control over other Humans. It never was a spiritual message of truth. ~ Kryon.

On Absolution:
From whom are you awaiting absolution – God?… But you ARE God! ~ Allen.

On Prayer:
To whom do you pray for health, healing, freedom, abundance, peace, love and happiness – God?… But you ARE God! ~Allen.

Supplication – prayer in the form of begging and groveling, removes you from the God within. ~ Allen.

On Power:
Let’s define power. In the language that this is being presented in [English], power does not mean force. Power, as we are saying it now, means enablement. Enablement means the ability to move beyond former restriction. That’s powerful for a Human, especially when the restriction has been one of Human perception… what is real and what is not. So an empowered Human is one who’s able to think past his own former reality, and perform tasks formerly thought impossible. ~ Kryon.

On Worship:
If you’re hell-bent on worship, then keep a mirror at hand. There is positively nothing more sacred or divine than what you see in a mirror – absolutely nothing! ~ Allen.

On Regret:
In the early stages of our awakening and in all our eagerness and excitement, we tended to take in everything with open arms. If the course or guru happened to have a somewhat evocative title, then you could count us in. And if the guru had the right ‘look’, had sold millions of books and was really famous… well, we were in hook, line, and sinker.
It’s important that we don’t look back in regret over all those things we got up to on our journey of spiritual awakening. Whatever it may have been at the time, it really was appropriate. And even though we may look back now and cringe, we were never actually in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever course, workshop, book or teaching that it happened to be – even including religious teachings believe it or not, it was all in one way or another right for us at that time. It has all brought us to where we are NOW! ~

On Organizations:
Beware of systems that require you to join and be and do. Instead, look for new ideas that have very little or no organization around them. These are the ones that will be of the NEW ENERGY – that provide for individual growth within a non-system that somehow has all the attributes of an organization without walls or rules or membership. ~ Kryon.

On Spiritual Dimensions:
Speaking of inter-dimensionally, we know you ask questions about this, about different dimensional zones. “Are we in the fifth dimension right now as we are speaking?” No, we are in all dimensions as we are speaking. “How do I get to the sixth dimension?” It is by being in the Present Moment and allowing your divinity to come through.
“What is on the twelfth dimension?” It doesn’t matter! We don’t see the dimensions from our side like you do. We don’t segment them. They all occur together in the Now. You don’t need to take journeys out to these other dimensions. You simply need to expand yourself in this Now moment to allow them to come to you. ~ Tobias.

There is actually no “fifth dimension”. When you get beyond 4D, you eliminate linearity, and counting is a linearity. Therefore, say “going into multidimensionality”. This is a far better term. It’s not just a “next step”, either. It’s the step that differentiates you from one who is in duality, and one who is not. Thus, moving into multidimensionality is “ascension”. ~ Kryon.

On Masters & Importance:
You want to be liked, don’t you? You want to be important, not in an ego sense, but important in an ‘Earth sense’. You wish to be an important part of all that is, and do your part. But often there is this feeling that in the paradigm of your culture, there seems to be only so much importance to go around! It would be impossible for all of you to be important. In your reality, there must be the ones that are important, and the ones who are not… only one person wins a race. There’s only so much favor to be dispensed, and not everyone gets it.
Now, look at the folly in this! Each of you is an eternal spiritual being… an old soul who has been in expression [incarnation] many times, and who is being asked to change the reality of Earth itself! You are all known to God, because you are God. Yet it is Human nature, is it not, to see your reality differently, and compete for things?
Let me tell you what the master does. Within a group of Human Beings standing around, with none of them knowing each other, and all of them trying to top the other with interesting and important conversation, the master will walk in and just listen. As he absorbs the stories of the others, sometimes he feels the joy in their celebrations and their humor. Sometimes he listens to the troubles of others and feels their frustrations. The master absorbs it all in a way that you have not known before. The energy of the moment does not “paste itself” upon his persona. Instead, it goes into a place where it is reflected.
The master does not force energy on any Human. He just places it in the room for all to do with as they choose. Some will absorb it, and some will reject it. This is free choice. When you come into a room where there is water for you, some will partake and some will not. It’s about your own thirst and the appropriateness of what you need. But the water does not become indignant that you didn’t drink it, does it? It doesn’t follow you home, demanding that you taste it. No. It just sits there as nourishment for those who wish it. This is the way of it, even when the water is the water of life. ~ Kryon.

On Masters & Ego:
What is the master’s attitude about ego? You’ve heard this all your life, about suppressing ego in order to let your spirituality grow. So what is ego? What is egotistical behavior, and what is not? What is appropriate and what is not? There are many conflicting teachings here.
Can a master have ego? Let’s be clear. There’s a big difference between ego and stewardship. Ego is vanity. Stewardship is energy in spiritual passion. Let us give you an example: If you have a truth that has been given to you in all appropriateness, one you feel is divine, and someone tramples upon it, or would say that their truth is higher than your truth, you might react. Others around you may say that you’re having ‘an ego flare up’. They assume that your reaction stems from vanity. But masters don’t do that. They weigh everything appropriately and react not with ego but with the authority of stewardship. They know what is true for them. They also know that there’s no other Human Being on Earth that can touch their truth.
The master truly has no ‘ego buttons’ left. You can stand there all day with humanity shouting at you, and it will never change your truth. Therefore, whose problem is it? That should be obvious. It’s the shouters’ problem, not yours. They’re the ones who are upset!
When a Human comes at you with a lower vibration and in some way violates what you believe, or violates your sanctity, you might take action. If you do, it is the action of the integrity of your stewardship. Instead of anger, there’s disappointment. Instead of vanity, there’s self-assurance. So when you see master Lightworkers being self-assured, don’t confuse it with ego. Look at them and what they’re doing. Lightworkers will not defend their positions. They don’t have to. Lightworkers will let the energy go by, often turning the other cheek when they know that their truth stands tall by itself, and that nothing the other is saying can touch it. ~ Kryon.

On The Past:
There is only one instant of true reality – the one that has your eyes moving between these words right now. To you, the words that you just read on the line above are not your reality. They are past. The words in the next paragraph are not either, since they are the future. But they both exist, don’t they?
The truth is this: Your ‘actual’ reality is all the words you just read, the ones you are reading now, and the ones coming up. If this is so, then they are all equal in your reading experience, but the ones a few sentences ago only helped set up the ones you are now reading and are about to read. It’s a circle of logic, and one that’s out of linear time. So although something might have actually ‘happened’ in your circle of reality, it’s still ‘active’ in your influence of control, how you feel about it, and what you do about it based on your feeling. It is all, therefore, part of your co-creation. The past isn’t cemented in place. Instead, it’s a setup that gets you to where you are, and it’s still part of the ‘now’ experience. When you change your ‘now’, you change the setup, too… the past.
For instance, let’s say you just read something startling and upsetting in the words above you. It can’t be undone. It happened. You actually read the words. The ‘reading of the words’ is the actual linear past. Later, in upcoming paragraphs, there’s a statement that tells you what really happened regarding the startling information. You relax. “Oh… now I understand”, and you smile. It’s no longer upsetting, so… you just changed the past! The fact that you read the words didn’t change, but your ‘now’ attitude about them did. This is a very poor linear metaphor for an interdimensional concept, but it’s the best we can do to help you understand that your entire reality can be changed anytime you wish.
Before we leave the subject, I have to ask you this: In the past, you might have reacted differently to challenge. Now, your reaction is much more balanced. So… did the past change? The present? What about the future? The answer: They all did. ~ Kryon.

On Contracts:
I want to talk about contracts… an overused word in spirituality. There are Lightworkers who walk around saying, “It is my contract to have these challenges in my life”. And they say, “It is what I chose a long time ago.” No, it isn’t! I’ll tell you the way it works, and you should hear this clearly: Is there such a thing as a contract? Yes. However, it’s not a predestined thing that you would come here with a lifelong contract of unhappiness, or some kind of sacred agreement that you would find, discover, fulfill, adhere to, and play out all of your life. We know this may be confusing for some of you who truly believe you’re here to suffer and somehow help Earth, but again, does it make sense that a loving family would send you here to be unhappy?

Listen: This is different than having a lifelong disease, or a disability. Indeed you may have chosen these things to set an energy around you, but it doesn’t mean you then have to accompany it with misery and unhappiness. The invitation for joy and peace belongs to all of you, no matter what is happening with your physical circumstances. In some cases, the invitation is to discover how to heal physically, and in some cases it’s to discover how to heal emotionally. Many times it’s to heal spiritually, bringing about a complete change in your attitude and your life. But the invitation is to change it! Each one of you is unique.

Instead of predestination, contracts are a predisposal [predisposition]. They’re only a starting place of energy. They’re an opportunity for you to fit into a set of circumstances, predisposed to be there, and then using free choice to decide to stay there or not. You may say that there’s a contract for this and that, but the reality is that you’re constantly rewriting them. Every time you shift vibration, passions change. “What does that do to contracts?” you might ask. They change! You discover New Energies as the “light is turned on” in your life. Oddly, sometimes the result is that all that you’ve gone through and everything you’ve done looks meaningless! You receive a new facilitation, a new passion, a new contract. Think of that. This has happened over and over to many Lightworkers, and it has brought them joy and not frustration! Why? There’s nothing like being in your sweet spot.
Others around you may shake their heads and say that you’re “wishy-washy”. They say you can’t decide who you are, or what you want to do. Instead, perhaps they’re the ones who are stuck, anchored in an old linear reality that says that a Human is only supposed to do one thing? Think about it. Who’s flying here? Perhaps the “wishy-washy” Human is the one with the wings, flitting about in the joy of co-creation? The others are stuck in the mud, which they call “normal”. ~Kryon.

On Your Path:
Lightworkers often say, “Dear Spirit, when am I going to find this path that I’ve been shown I’m supposed to be on? I’m tired of waiting for it. I get glimpses of it, but it never manifests itself”. Well, perhaps it’s time for some plain talk. You wouldn’t be in this room, listening to the voice of this angel who loves you so dearly [Kryon] if you weren’t walking a portion of it right now! Did you think of that?
You might say, “Well, maybe you don’t understand, Kryon. I have a job I don’t like. I don’t have much money in the bank, and I’m standing around waiting for something good to happen. You’re telling me that this is it?” No. I’m telling you that there’s more here than meets your understanding about “path”. Why are you really on Earth? Didn’t you come to do some work?
Are you walking in a dark place? Is there strife where you are? We’ll say this again: How many Lighthouses have you seen on calm, serene bays lately? None, you say? Why is that? Is it perhaps because they’re needed specifically in places that are challenging for others to navigate? Yes.
Maybe you’re the only one at work with a light! We’ve said this so many times before. The frustration in your path is due to a misunderstanding. Maybe it’s time you found joy where you work. If you could find joy where you are, self-worth begins to develop, and fear goes away. Abundance starts to come in, and co-creation begins to work. It’s about the attitude of the path that you’re in, not the one you wish you were in.
It’s your last day, your first day, your only day – what are you going to do with it? Make each day count. You’ve heard this before, yet these are the spiritual truths that often sound trite, don’t they? And that’s because they’re real!
Things aren’t always as they seem, and sometimes you create the perceptions of what’s bad or good by your fears or attitudes within your own reality. Again, everything that’s before you has been sanctioned by you and created by you. It often lies there begging you to work with it. Energy is like clay. It can be formed into a beautiful statue or just lie there on the floor. In both cases, the clay is still the clay. ~ Kryon.

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