On Eliminating Genetic Disease – Biology and Intent:
Let’s talk more about biology because now it gets a little more complex. There is an intermingling of the 3D and the quantum that we wish to describe to you now. It’s something that is new, for the vibration of this planet and of humanity, especially of those who are working with the light, is creating a new tool set. You’re going to start to see it and it’s going to be visible through examination of the 3D chemistry of DNA, even at the 3D level.

Science is now looking at what they call markers in the protein-encoded DNA, which creates the Human genes. These markers, as they are described by science, are those that are the pieces and parts that would indicate predispositions – attributes that might weaken certain cells so that later in life they would allow disease, such as cancer. They’re starting to see these markers, perhaps in certain families where mothers and daughters and their daughters and their daughters all had the same kind of disease. They’re starting to see the genetic markers that create predisposed weakness.

Let’s talk about the markers, for this is the first time we have disclosed this. First the premise: For years we have told you that your intent to talk to your cellular structure has power. This intent is your communication to the DNA field to alter something within the 3D cellular structure. You might say it’s your own interdimensional “voice” giving instructions to the quantum part of your DNA, which then results in the actual chemical changes that are occurring in the codes within your 3D genome. But now the results are going to be seen, and you can begin by removing the markers, and when you do, they stay removed. This means that something quantum you do today can change the chemistry of your gene-producing DNA so greatly that it will NOT be passed to your children. You can break the chain.

Blessed are the Human Beings who realize that as they purify their lives with the light of the Creator, it will affect the biology of the protein-encoded parts. You can erase the markers. It’s one of the first times that the 3D has intermingled with the quantum so that science can someday look at the same Human Being over time, knowing that DNA never changes… yet it did! It’s yours and it’s unique and you changed it. There will be no answer for them, but the 3D facts will show it, that you eliminated the marker.

The joy of this and the beauty of this is that the lineage of the young women who do this will be shown, for their daughters will not have the disease, nor will the daughters of their daughters. It’s a new gift and reflects the power of the times. Can you really change those who are your children-to-be? Indeed!

I know what you are thinking. The crowd who sits here says, “Well, it’s a little late, Kryon. I’ve had my children. So why do you sit here and tell me these things?” Are you not understanding where this message is going? Are you not understanding the profundity of what happens when old souls allow us to give this information to Earth? Do you not understand your energy has generated the allotment of allowance for us to come in today and give you this, so that young women and young men who are Lightworkers each will hear it and know what it means to them? Do you understand you’re your own ancestors? Has this occurred to you? I see you as actual history, sitting in the chair, from all over the world! That’s what I wanted to tell you today.

You don’t each have one name to me. I don’t even see the gender that you are. I see you in a quantum state and that’s why it’s so profound that you would let us come in and visit you in this fashion. The woman sits in the chair in front of me. She has no idea the warrior she’s been, or how big she was when she was a man. Yet she carries around with her the feeling of the warrior and she knows she’s strong. I look at the big, burly man and I see the mother toiling with all those children and the man knows it. He can feel it. He’s sensitive and can actually feel the love of a mother. Who is it he used to be? And how has it affected him today?

Old soul, it’s affected you today because every single lifetime gives you layer upon layer of wisdom. It has brought you to the chair today or reading this today. For this is the lifetime where you have awakened and realized there is more, a lot more. It brings you as a seeker to a place where you can say, “What can I do for myself and the earth?”

I’ll tell you what you can do. You can become compassionate on this planet. You can walk around and show your light on this planet. You can change the markers in your own DNA! Think of who’s listening to this message and what it might mean to their children and their children’s children. These are the tools we spoke of so long ago, and the proof will come down the line of the reality of this message.

All of this that I have told you today is correct and real, and will be seen naturally in its own way. But I wanted you to know the sacredness that is here within a structure you thought was only chemical based. DNA is far larger and more sacred than anyone has ever imagined.

So what are you going to do with this information? Why don’t you walk out of this place different than you came in, feeling a little more enabled? Perhaps you will feel a little better about the possibilities before you? Perhaps you might even know that what happened today is real. ~ Kryon

On The Fear of God:
Humanity has consistently put God in a box of fear. Humanity fears God, does it not? It’s because God appears immense and humans are small. Let’s talk about that Human perception. The Human wants to paste Human attributes on divinity. It’s all you have to compare to, so therefore, you apply everything Human to the divine.

When you step across the veil, in your historical perception, Humans want to find strife. You’re going to find war. You’re going to find angels fighting angels. That’s your mythology, isn’t it? You’re going to find all of the attributes of humanitythat you have pasted upon God completely and totally. You’re going to find punishment and reward, revenge and jealousy.

Dear ones, do I really have to tell you that these things do not exist on my side of the veil? I want to tell you what exists on my side of the veil. It’s a rainbow of magnificent energy that sings a message in color and light. There’s no strife here. The creator energy has no strife. There’s no punishment or reward here, since there is no judgment. Judgment is the constraining of a Human’s consciousness that does not allow for unconditional love. There’s only the energy of a loving creator here. You’re a part of the creator energy family. You should know this, and you should also have the wisdom to know that all of the things you paste upon God are your own Human attributes. The kind of reality on the other side of the veil is vastly different than the prison of reality that you have created for yourself in 3D. Yet it’s all you have, so that’s how you think. It’s time to pass this perception, and to realize that creator energy is beyond your ability to see and beyond your scope of understanding.

For centuries you haven’t been able to think past that box of what God must be like. So you create a Human-like God with wars in heaven, angel strife, things that would explain the devil, fallen angels, pearly gates, lists of dos and don’ts, and many rules still based on cultures that are centuries old. You create golden streets and even sexual pleasures as rewards for men (of course) – all Human perspective, pasted upon God. I want to tell you that it’s a lot different than that. I want to remind you that there are those who have seen it! Why don’t you ask somebody who has had what you would call a near-death experience?

When a Human almost dies, they get close to the veil, very close. They are ever so close to the creator’s energy and just barely touched by it. When their heart was stopping and their breathing was almost gone, before they were brought back to life with science, they got to touch the hand of God for just an instant. What they saw was magnificent! The energy before them was filled with love and light, filled with family, filled with beauty. There was no strife there. There was no punishment there or even the hint of it. And when they came back from that experience, listen to what they told you. It changed their lives, didn’t it? Listen to each one talk about it, for they continued to say, “There is nothing to fear and death is something you experience as a normal transition.” Blessed is the Human Being who experiences both death and birth and has the wisdom to report, “Oh, it’s uncomfortable, but I’ll get through it, because I’ve done it before.” The person who has experienced a near-death experience is no longer afraid to die! What does that tell you? They have seen what is there and they embrace it!

How many times do you think you have done it, old soul? All of you are going to go through it again, every single one in this room is going to experience it again – and you’re coming back!

I’ve said it before. You have the mind of God on the other side of the veil, not the mind of a Human Being. You see the Akash and know who you are. You see the lineage, the purpose of who you are, and you can’t stay on my side of the veil when you’re not complete, when you’re not finished. Here you are in the middle of this great shift, one you have been waiting for! It’s going to shift the planet so that when you return you can finally accomplish the finale. Do you understand what I’m saying? This is a transition. When you come back, you can finally do something, old soul; it’s imminent. Some of you are more than 50,000 years old! You’re not going to stay away. You’re not going to miss the end of the transition. There’s a lot more here perceived than you know.

God Becomes Mythology

In an old energy, Humans even took God to the limit, making many Gods from one. They made one for the ocean, one for the sky, even giving them children. Gods had anger, reward, carnal love and hate. All the Greek gods had that. They had intricate stories of trickery, deceit, deception, revenge – all assigned to God. Have you ever heard of a vengeful God? That is a Human attribute based upon the energy of fear. There’s nothing to fear at all. You’re growing up and starting to understand that the creator’s actual energy is inside, the communication to God is instantaneous, is yours to own, and you don’t even need an intermediary. You might have in an older energy. That’s why it occurred. But not now.


Let me tell you about worship, and even define worship for you. Blessed is the Human Being who gets together with another Human Being or group of Human Beings to celebrate their divinity. That’s worship. And what exactly are you worshipping? Is it a great, divine power in the sky that you’re going to kneel in front of, or are you honoring that which is the God inside you? You know the answer, for humanity is beginning to see it and beginning to change. I’m Kryon, so I feel an interdimensional energy around you that you cannot. I feel this box you’re in starting to crack open. Do you know what’s happened in this room in these years since the 1980s? Do you know what’s happened in here? [The Unity Church sanctuary] Epiphanies, joy, transmutation of sorrow and fear into peace, and tremendous wisdom and understanding. Do you know how many Human Beings have been healed in this room? It’s almost endless. The lineage of the space you sit in knows the truth of what I say. The very wood, the carpet, cement and plastic reeks with a glorious message of change to me. I see it all. It makes me weep with joy for those who found the family in this room. And it doesn’t just stop there, for spirit then looks at those who built it, and the purpose and the intent of the builders. It doesn’t even stop there. It even goes back to honoring those who created the name on the building – their purpose, their vision, the synchronicity of their lives, a couple – not just the one, but the two [The Fillmores]. Had they not proceeded in an old energy and fought against many attitudes, the building would not be here and the synchronicity of the healings would not have occurred. This is what spirit sees. This is our perception.

It’s not a fearful God that is in the sky. Instead, it’s a magnificent family partner with a hand out. Can you get over the perception that God is big and you’re not? Can you get over the perception that God’s in the sky and you’re not? Can you instead encompass the perception that says you are everywhere and that God is you? When you walk out the door tonight, you’re not alone. When you have a perplexing problem or a frustration, can you learn to breathe, relax, and get the answer you need? It may not be in 3D that you get the answer. It may not be in the numbers or the words, but you’ll know which direction to turn because you’ll feel it. Trust first impressions. They’re the ones that are subtle, and they’re the ones that you’re not used to. This is the energy that you are learning to feel that is expanded outside of the box that you’re in. Don’t analyze it, don’t intellectualize it. Listen to your heart. There is a balance between the intellectual and the heart. It’s needed to move into the areas that we speak of. Don’t throw away your logic. Enhance it with your heart.

Astronomers, pay attention, for you’re looking at a benevolent creator, and you can see it in that which is created in the Universe. It is biased for life and not random. There is a system and physics is even now starting to discover it. You even gave it a name – intelligent design. There it is – proof, if you wish, that God is good. Do you have a fearful God or do you have a family member? That’s the question we leave you with. Perception. How can you fear it if it’s part of you? ~ Kryon

On DNA Layer Nine – curing “incurable” disease:
Let us speak of the Human body and the one attribute that is the most interesting to many – healing. So we’re going to call DNA Layer Nine, the Healing Layer. And I’m going to do my best through my partner to explain something that is unexplainable.

There’s something going on in your body, something you were born with. It’s something very old and something ancient, and it is starting to reawaken. A shift is going on within the planet. It’s the shift the Mayans spoke of, and it’s a time fractal of potential for consciousness awakening – the ability to vibrate higher in Human thought than you ever have before. It creates the potential of an alliance with your Higher-Self. Many of you are having thoughts that are quite high. You’re beginning to discover that which is in you that you never had thought about before. So I’m going to enhance this tonight and tell you about a beautiful two-part system.

The Strength of DNA

DNA works this way: There’s a strong duality present. That is to say, there is a part that is linear and a part that is multidimensional. The linear part is easy and simple and occupies less than 5% of the whole. The multidimensional part is most of DNA, complex and difficult to teach about. Your Akashic Record is in there – that is, an energetic informational package of the lifetimes you’ve ever lived are in there. That which you were given by the Pleiadians is in there. The Higher-Self is in there. All that you call spiritual is in there. DNA is spiritually intelligent, but not unless you’re vibrating at a high level that will allow it to fully work. This is why most of humanity is only aware of the 3% of DNA, not giving credibility to the other part at all.

Let us speak of that which is health and healing. Slowly, for more than 20 years on this planet, you are receiving new tools to work with this attribute of multidimensional DNA. Oh, the healers in the room, they know it! They know what happens to a healer who stands in front of a Human Being. The healer and patient are in the same room, and both DNA fields are eight meters wide. The healer stands in front of the one to be healed and the fields overlap. As they talk to each other, there can be information transferred. In that transfer is knowledge – knowledge of everything, reacting in a quantum, timeless way. And those in this room know what this feels like, because I know who is here. They are receiving intuition about what their patient needs – from the DNA of the patient!

The healer can become one of the finest multidimensional doctors on Earth because the overlapping, multidimensional parts are there that are within the DNA and designed to be smart. That is why today’s medicine is reactive. That is to say, it’s chemistry put into the body and a 3D chemical reaction takes place. And that’s as good as it gets.

Even at that, it’s amazing what you’ve done with the chemistry healing you have. But that’s the way it’s looked at. There’s no credibility for a smart body. In fact, allopathic medicine it’s actually dishonoring. It assumes the body doesn’t know and needs to have help. It looks like the body is sitting there unaware and stupid. And who can blame them, really, for in 3D it indeed seems that way?

DNA – Designed to Work in Many Dimensions

Let me explain a little bit about Layer Nine and a little bit about the two-part scenario of healing within the Human body and of the incredible self-diagnostics available within the DNA.

First, let’s look together at the linear side. Here you are, Human Being. What if you had a virus right now? Does your body tell you? What if you have an amazingly threatening cancerous growth attaching itself to an organ? Does your body tell you? No. Don’t you find that disturbing? Isn’t it odd that you have to go to a doctor to find these things through tests? Doesn’t this shout to you at a cellular level, “Something is missing”? Indeed, there is, and what’s missing is the 90% quantum information in DNA that was designed to not only know it, but take care of it. But it’s not working.

DNA was designed to work in two parts, much like the chemistry has been itemized in the Human genome. Less than 5% is linear, and the majority is waiting to be activated. Think of it as 5% being the genomic engine and 95% being the instructions for that engine to work.

Part one of the immune system is linear. That’s the part you know about and that’s the part that medicine deals with, as you know it today. The other 90+% can only be activated with multidimensional energies – energies you have known about in the past but have lost.

Now this is ancient information. The ancients may have not known specifically about DNA, but they knew there were esoteric principles that could accomplish healing. What do you think are the meridians of the body, and how many are there? Do they show up on X-rays? No. Are they real? Yes. There are 12 of them. Each one represents the simplest kind of multidimensional portal of the Human body to access the “intelligence” of DNA. For thousands of years, humanity has known this. Now, how do you use that today in your “modern medicine”? The answer is that you don’t, for modern medicine sees it as an old tradition of ignorance.

What is acupuncture or other like systems that address these meridians? These are energetic informational transfers to the multidimensional smart parts of DNA. They help to let the body heal itself with its own instruction sets to its own chemistry, instead of blasting it with outside chemistry as though the body was ignorant and needed help.

Let me give you one that you don’t think about: Homeopathy. You might say, “Well, that’s actually chemical.” Really? You think that a tincture, an almost immeasurable amount of chemistry inserted into the body’s system, is reactionary? Medical research says homeopathy is an “impossible reactionary system,” and that a substance that represents only a few parts per million can’t have an effect on the Human system. This is because it’s only an “informational signal” to multidimensional DNA. At its simplest form, it gives the body information to help it understand what to do. It’s an intent signal that assumes the DNA is smart and only needs information, not chemistry, to heal itself.

There is a tremendous healing energy within Layer Nine of your DNA waiting for quantum instructions to systemically change its own design. Because DNA works in multidimensional ways, it is not all that logical to your understanding. Think of an actual quantum effect in physics. Small particles behave very oddly indeed and not in 3D at all. The simplest experiments with light (the double slot experiment) show this. Light can be in two places at the same time. Light can even be observed to change its state of being from a wave to a particle simply by the act of having it observed by a Human Being. What does that tell you about light? It’s multidimensional and smarter than you think. Well, so is your biology!

It’s about time you heard about it. I will reveal to you the strongest energies available to multidimensional DNA: Human consciousness. You have a sacred consciousness in the DNA field that we have mentioned before. Your consciousness can talk to the cellular structure of your own body on a daily basis. It can strengthen your immune system and chase away disease, for the energy of Human consciousness is really only “information” energy. It sends instructions for your body to shift. 

Layer Nine

DNA Layer Nine is the healing layer, but it has to work with DNA Layer One, which is the chemical 3D double helix layer. It has to! For you can be as multidimensional as you want, but if you’re going to heal yourself, you’re going to see it in your own reality, aren’t you? The multidimensional part, the second part, must work with the 3D part – the engine of the genes. Suddenly, you have a nine working with a one. When you add them together, you get a 10. In numerology, that reduces to a one. Look at this. The beginning and the end (9 and 1), completion and renewal. Numerologically, you have the beginning and the end. They work together as a completion of old information and the beginning of the new.

I want you to get this clear. There are several attributes of communication possible to the 90% percent of DNA (the quantum part). Human consciousness is the strongest and will become the most effective when Humans can remove themselves from a 3D construct. Many have, and do! Energy work is the next strongest, and is becoming more popular on the planet. The ancient methods are simple and have been with you many, many years. Then there is basic physics. Listen to the way this works.

How can the physics of an invention affect multidimensional, intelligent DNA? There’s only one way: The very invention sees the intent of the inventor. Here you have something so out of 3D it seems eye-rolling. But quantum physics is like that. If light can change its form by being observed by a Human, is it so odd that the inventing consciousness of the Human brain might be affected by purpose and intent? In this case, the answer is that it is the way of it! Why was Tesla so brilliant in a nonlinear way? Because his brain was tuned into a nonlinear intent. Did you know he discovered tunable mass? [This is Kryon’s description of anti-gravity.] You can make objects lighter and heavier by tuning the mass. It’s done with clever designer magnetics. But he couldn’t control it since there were no computers yet. But his brain was tuned to multidimensional frequencies and gave him the ability to “think out of the box.”

The Human consciousness that gives you an interdimensional invention is imbued into the very attribute of the invention itself. This is hard to explain. Think of it as an energy stamp of the inventor’s intent upon the metal of the device. No matter how it’s used, it speaks to the DNA and the DNA reacts to the information.

Now, multidimensional states are not linear, so you have to throw away all of the logic of everything you know in order to try and understand how they operate. You have to throw away all the mathematics you learned in physics, especially the ones that deal with energy in general. The law of the inverse square, for instance, is a totally 3D law. In a multidimensional state, however, a little goes a long way. Sometimes an energy is given that actually seems to multiply. The reason is because multidimensional energy is really an information transfer.

Going Into Cellular Structure For a Look

In a linear chemical state, you throw the mass of chemistry against other mass of chemistry to get a reaction that you want. In a multidimensional state, you give subtle instructions. I want to take you into the cellular structure for a moment. I want to show you the handshake.

Imagine cellular structure – it’s beautiful and has elegant patterning. Now cellular structure, like DNA, is two parts. One part is linear and one part is multidimensional. Look at it under the microscope and you see only the linear… the chemical parts. You don’t see the multidimensional, invisible part. But the multidimensional is as real as your 3D. It’s as real as anything you have chemically. You could see it, too, if you had a multidimensional microscope. It is not esoteric – that is, invisible to Humans. It’s real. There it is, a beautiful cellular structure that is in many dimensions.

The Way It Works

Dear one, there is a multidimensional attribute here called magnetism and I just happen to be the magnetic master. Perhaps you thought all this magnetic talk was about Earth? No. It’s about DNA. The cells are magnetic – not just magnetic, they are complexly magnetic. Each one. Biology thrives in this way. One cell sees the magnetic pattern of the other and like a key in a lock, they match up; they know what to do. So let’s give you a common scenario. Along comes a virus, a smart one, a magnetic one! The virus is also biology and also multidimensional. It has DNA, too. Never doubt that. It has agendas and intelligence also. It has survival at its core, just like you do. Watch: It attaches itself cleverly to the cell. How? It mimics the magnetics of a healthy cell that belongs there! It’s clever and smart.

The host cell is taken in by this handshake ruse and they come together. Suddenly, the virus is “in.” It’s within the system and can begin to thrive and quickly replicate. Now, here’s the 3D reaction of the body. Once the cells are together, the chemistry of the cell knows it’s been tricked. For once the virus is “in,” it can’t disguise itself any longer. So the host cell sends for help. Here comes the army! The huge white blood cells, designed to fight disease and kill the invader, come rushing in. The white blood cells arrive en masse. They get there and the virus is completely invisible to them! They can’t see it, because it mimics regular cellular structure via the magnetics that it has been able to duplicate. The white blood cells don’t know what to do! They received the signal that something was wrong, but they can’t distinguish the enemy.

Now, there’s something wrong with the above scenario and about the way your body is designed to work. Let me give you the rest of the story. Suddenly, in comes an interdimensional instruction set. Perhaps that’s you addressing the lattice – your own quantum field – a system designed so that you can work with it in a step-by-step process. Or, perhaps you’re vibrating at a high enough level that you don’t need that. You can talk to your cells directly without any 3D structure. That’s good. It’s what all the masters of the planet did. Or perhaps there has been a multidimensional intervention, like an invention, for instance, that gives instructions to intelligent DNA. That’s the part that’s missing today that the ancients knew how to do.

Now, let us run the story again. There’s the cell, all healthy, and ready for the handshake of division. Here comes the virus, just as before. But this time, there has been additional information given to the DNA. The host cell can now see the virus! It has received information that says, “When you see the virus coming, change your magnetic pattern.” The virus comes at the cell as before, but this time there is no key in a lock. This time there is no handshake for validating cellular division or a deception. The cell yells for the white blood cells. Here they come again, but this time they will see the virus since it has been unable to trick the host into combining with it. It stands alone. They destroy it immediately.

Oh, but that’s not all. You see, DNA is intelligent. It’s quantum and, therefore, it sends out a system-wide signal. Layer Nine steps forward, the healing layer, and alters the magnetic properties of 100 trillion pieces and parts of the Human body; the entire DNA systemic instruction set changes all at once. The virus doesn’t have a chance. The whole body knows. It’s built in! Layer Nine is your own best defense against the most aggressive diseases known to man, even the “incurable” ones. An interdimensional force rewrote the program that allowed the cells to defend themselves.

Cancer is aggressive and tricks the body into accepting it. The body does not see it as an out of balance growth. It doesn’t even send for help. The truth is that Layer Nine is designed to see it and stop it. But without any kind of new instruction sets to the existing DNA, nothing works. It needs human consciousness to work with it. Have you heard of spontaneous remission? Did you ever think I just gave you the answer to it? It isn’t a mystery. The Human Being rewrote the instructions to the DNA!

How do you create a new cellular tissue pattern? You change its magnetic structure. There are systemic instructions you can give your cellular structure to build new tissue that was never there before. I’ve told you this many times in the past and here it is again. There’ll come a day when you can grow back an arm and a leg. How? All you have to do is to give DNA new systemic instructions. The old instructions tell it to only accomplish this in the womb. Change the instructions!

Finally, you know the secrets that the ancients knew. Did they really live for hundreds of years? Yes, many did. They knew about creating outside of 3D. What would seem to be mythology and silly superstition to modern medicine was interdimensional mechanics. It’s time to revisit the reality you live in. When physics says you have more than 11 dimensions at the center of each atom, why then do you decide that only four of them work? Why not accept the fact that there is an energy in your body [Layer Nine] that works with your 3D biology and is ready to work for you? At the moment, modern medicine is ignoring it. It would rather blast you with chemistry, some of which does major damage, then to work with a system of systemic instructions.

The shift you are in is giving you the ability to again work with the multidimensional parts of DNA. You did as ancients, and it was lost. Now it’s on the table again, and parts of your culture are on the brink of bringing it to the rest of the world. You have 12 layers of DNA. I just gave you one. Think of the beauty and the tools that are yours! ~ Kryon

On Ghosts, Hauntings, Demon Possession and Talking to the Dead:
Ghosts – Multidimensional Information or Trapped Souls?
Humans love things that go bump in the night. They love to be frightened and they love to be scared. They love movies that scare them and they love haunted places. Have you seen the upsurge in the interest of haunted places lately? Much of your media is creating new shows around them.

Now, let me tell you what they are and why they work the way they do. Now we get into the power of the information of the Human lifetime and the Akash. Human consciousness carries an imprint that affects the planet and we have told you this from the beginning of our teachings. Human consciousness is what is going to change the planet. Human consciousness is information. It is information, not just random energy, that you develop based upon what you think and it’s powerful. Human consciousness actually goes into what we have called the Crystalline Grid of the planet, which is a multidimensional grid. You can’t see it, but it holds energy. It holds multidimensional information.

When we measure the planet for spiritual vibration, it is the Crystalline Grid that is measured. The Crystalline Grid only has on it what Humans have put there. It is an multidimensional record of thought, of lifetimes and of happenings. Why is it that certain land seems filled with old, layered energy of war and other land is clear and clean? The reason is always the same – it’s what happened on the land that Humans created. Therefore, you already have the concept of Human energy affecting places.

Here’s what I’m going to tell you: In certain conditions and in certain ways, a Human life or an interaction of multi-lives together in a profound scenario will create an energetic informational imprint in a place. It’s information and energy that will replay itself over and over and over like a recording tape in 3D. You see it as a haunted house! So here is some of the things that will give you something to think about: Did you notice that in a haunting, you have a scenario that repeats itself over and over? Nothing new ever happens. The man comes down the stairs, the man goes up the stairs. The woman in the kitchen moves from the left to the right, sits in a chair, rocks for awhile, moves away. If it involved dramatic things such as murder, the man comes down the stairs with the ax, over and over and over and over. It’s a good movie, isn’t it? And that’s all it is! “Why does it feel the way it feels, Kryon?” Because it’s the result of a Human consciousness imprint and you’ve got one, too. When you’re there overlapping with it, it gives you chills because it’s real. It happened. It can even interface with you!

Now, science has gotten involved also, as they should. They’re noticing something about true “haunted” areas. The imprint (the haunting) carries scientific attributes that are measureable and – ready – they’re all multidimensional! Guess what changes they have measured in these places? Magnetics, gravitation, light and even time anomalies, because what it is, is a multidimensional event, imprinted onto a place on the planet that plays over and plays over and plays over. Multidimensional attributes also often carry temperature change, always to the cold side. We even told you that if you are going to develop a multidimensional lens, you will need to have a super cryogenic attribute. Do you remember? This is an attribute of things “out of 3D.”

Can you capture it on your video recording devices? Yes. Because it knows it’s being observed. (Just like light knows it’s being observed in physics experiments.) Because it’s part of an imprint that is multidimensional. In a quantum sense, it knows. I can’t explain this to you, since your bias is that you assign knowing to specific consciousness. That is to say, you feel something can only know if it’s intelligent and Human, or animal. This isn’t either of those. It’s a knowing that is quantum. Much of your quantum physics lets you see these very unusual attributes of light and magnetics where there is no distance or time. It’s present here, too.

Don’t ponder this too much, for you won’t like it. You absolutely want and need for there to be an intelligent “soul” where you feel something seemingly intelligent. How can it just be information? The answer is beyond your experience, so you can’t understand it. But multidimensional information seems to have what you consider to be “life consciousness,” yet it isn’t. Let me asks you this: When you interface with your artificial intelligence machines (computers), and they talk to you and call you by name, do you then panic and say there is a “ghost in the machine?” No. It’s only code… information. Now, amplify that by a million-fold and you have multidimensional imprints.

How to Get Rid of a Ghost or Haunting
Oh, I have more to tell you. There are things that you wouldn’t believe that you can do to change this imprint. How would you like to get rid of a haunting? Careful, you better not do it in a commercial area, since the tourists won’t like it! [Kryon humor] They depend on the tape playing to sell tickets.

So, let’s say it’s in your house. You’re going to have to present an energy that is stronger than the imprint of the haunting. Got that? You cannot order it away. It’s not an entity, dear ones (told you it would be controversial). No amount of huffing and puffing or calling upon God will make it different. The imprint was created by magnificent, powerful beings (called Human), sometimes seeming to do ordinary things. There’s a reason for that as well. I digress; you really don’t know the profundity of old soul energy. Have you ever wondered why all the indigenous of the planet call upon their ancestors and give them the honor that they do? Because there is a knowing of the power that is there! Sometimes a person who seems to be ordinary to you instead is a very old soul and carries much information and energy to the grid. This is all about the Akashic Record that is contained in the Human DNA.

Back to the subject, to rid yourself of an imprint (haunting). You’ve got to present an energy that is stronger than the haunting. Now, what could that be? As inappropriate as it is, I will tell you. Why don’t you bring lovers into that room? That will do it! That will do it because that’s a much stronger energy than the information in the multidimensional “tape” that’s playing. There are those who have been in love here in this room. There are beautiful secrets here that I know. Some of you know that I teach that the power and the energy of Humans coming together in intimacy, which creates a third energy, is far more powerful than the two creating it. It almost creates the sound of angels singing, far greater than any physical act. And you know it, Human Being. It is sacred. It’s beautiful and stronger than any haunting. Maybe you didn’t want to hear that today? [Kryon smile] All right, perhaps you want another method? Then present the love of God in that place with celebration and ceremony that will eventually reduce the haunting to nothing, and will instead replace it with strong love energy of creation. It takes the powerful emotion of love! And, you might even call upon the ancestors for help. [bigger Kryon smile]

Even More Controversial
“But what about other things? Kryon, what about demon possession and those kinds of things?” So I will tell you this: It’s far different than you think, because there are no demons. Humanity can conjure up the most evil things imaginable, and it can do it very well. But you knew that, too, didn’t you? Because you’re powerful, the pieces in God in you, even in your mythology, are responsible for the devil himself. A fallen angel became the devil? How can that even be? It can’t. God does not create evil; Humans to. Evil is the metaphor of what a Human can do on the earth with the energy that they have. Things are not always what they seem, Human Being. Demon possession is the work of Human unbalance and supported by Human mythology. Is it real? Yes. But it’s Human created.

You see what you believe and create what you wish to have there. Creating your own reality is one of the powerful attributes of the Human Being, and they can do it in the negative as well as the positive. You can even create the devil if you wish, with all the trappings of smoke and fire. This is free will. But be aware that it all will disappear when the light is turned on. This is a very difficult subject to convince you of. Humans always want a devil to blame for evil things.

Talking to the Dead: Different Than You Think
“What about talking to the dead? How would that work, Kryon? How could you talk to famous people when, in the scheme of soul incarnation, they’ve already come back as other people? If they’ve already left and their soul is back as another, how can you talk to them?”

The answer is this: They haven’t left! Oh, the part that you think is the Human soul has left, but the imprint of their lifetime information and everything they knew – their consciousness, their wisdom, their knowledge – goes right into the Crystalline Grid and stays there. We’ve talked about this before. Can you contact famous people and get information? Yes. Will it be accurate? Of course. Because you’re talking to the source information, which is accurate and represents their life. The imprint remains. “You mean you’re not actually talking to them, you’re talking to the imprint?” Let me give you something to think about. I’m going to ask a question right now. It’s going to be a rhetorical one. Who are you? I have old souls in front of me and reading this. There’s a woman in the room who won’t wear red, and you know who you are. I’ll tell you why. Because it got you killed! Because that was the color of the plume on your helmet, warrior. Because you were the captain and the enemy before you in that battle knew if they would take you out, your whole regiment would be in disarray and that’s what happened. Wearing red not only killed you, it killed everyone around you! You’ll never wear red. You just don’t like the color. It’s just not for you. You shun it, don’t you, old soul? Therefore, as you sit here, who are you? Are you the warrior who got killed, or the woman in 2010 who won’t wear red?

Indeed, it is a rhetorical question, because in my reality you are a piece of God. I see you in all your incarnations. You see? You can’t wallow in the singularity of Human bias when you discuss these things. You are more than you think and, metaphysically, this is the way God sees you and the way you are just barely beginning to see some of those around you.

So, getting back to the question, when you wish to conjure up one who has lived before and ask them questions, who are you talking to? Are you talking to the Akash of a soul? Are you speaking to that which is alive or dead? I will tell you: None of those things are accurate because it’s far more magnificent than that! We have told you before. Can you ask Aunt Martha where the treasure was buried? Yes. And she’ll know! Why? Because you’re talking to Aunt Martha’s informational imprint and the information is the information, preserved in a form that you absolutely feel is Aunt Martha!

However, can you ask Aunt Martha, “How are things on the other side?” Go ahead, but the imprint has no idea! It will only give you the platitudes that it was told during the life of the Human it represents.

She’ll say, “Beautiful.”
“What’s it like over there?”
“No, give me some specifics.”
“I love you.”

She doesn’t know! Aunt Martha’s imprint knows what Aunt Martha knew, since you are not talking to anything actually on the other side of the veil. You think of it in singularity, but it’s not. It’s powerful, and it’s real, and it can be accessed and even dialoged with. It’s multidimensional and those with gifts can access the wisdom of the ancients. Go back and ask them what they knew. Go back and ask them how it felt. Go back and ask them where the treasure is buried. You’re going to see some of this soon, but be aware – those in the places of power on this planet, wearing the costumes of spirituality and the heads of state in religion, will call it evil and will call it a cult. They do not understanding that you are moving into a multidimensional state—appropriate, accurate, true, useable, correct, helpful, and very much seen as something you should do. Asking the ancients what they knew will bring you full circle to what you are now studying. ~ Kryon

On Absolute Trust in Self:
We talked about this issue of trust, and it’s very, very important to understand where you are. You don’t have to assign it a number, but do you really trust yourself implicitly? Do you trust your body? Do you trust your choices? Do you trust your decisions? Do you trust … do you trust Spirit? Do you trust life? Do you trust living in this world right now that’s filled with a lot of chaos? Do you trust absolutely being yourself, with abandon? Standing up in front of a group and singing? Doing something outrageous? Do you trust that this whole part of your journey that you’re in right now called your spiritual enlightenment awakening is real? Or is it just more junk.

So I bring this point up and I kind of push on it to irritate it – where are you with trust in yourself – because it’s going to be hard to go forward or, let’s say, expand much more if you don’t at least understand your level of trust. Now it’s not even that you have to trust yourself 100 percent, but it’s about understanding why you don’t trust parts of yourself.

We talked the other night about … well, let me give an example. Let’s say that you get up tomorrow morning, and you’re very nauseous, very sick, sweating, perspiring, throwing up. What’s the first thing you do? Run to the toilet, I hope. (some laughter) Second, “What did I do wrong? What did I eat that was bad?” Click, click, click, click, through the mind, evaluating everything. Next, “What is Spirit trying to tell me?” Next, “Maybe my body is more powerful than my soul, because look at me, I’m getting sick.”

Now, you deal with it, you do a lot of releasing in the toilet. So you’re still feeling awful, and you decide to sit down at your computer and do a little work. The phone rings and you jerk because you’re not feeling so good, and when you do, you knock your computer over, smoke comes out and it burns up. “Oh no, this is going to be one of those days,” you say to yourself. “Why is my energy off? What am I doing wrong? Why is this happening to me? Am I being attacked by spooks? Alien beings? Maybe there’s an evil energy lurking somewhere in my house. I know I should have called somebody to do feng shui to get out the evil energy, and now they’re taking over.”

So you deal with it. You put out the fire. You realize that you are without computer. So you decide to hop in the car – and you know what’s going to happen next – to go down to the computer store. And while you’re driving down the street, thinking about your so far miserable day, a car accident. Nobody gets hurt, but your car is now smoking – it’s kind of like your computer with wheels. It’s totaled. It’s totaled, and you say, “What am I doing wrong?”

Now, given all of this … oh, and by the way, while you’re standing there waiting for the police to show up, you realize you don’t have your driver’s license or your automobile registration. You left them at home, and you’ve now pulled out your wallet and you’re looking through that and somebody walks along and steals it and runs down the street.

Now, “Should have stayed in bed.” No. Wrong answer. Question – can you be in such a place of trust to know this is absolutely perfect? And can you actually laugh out loud, “Ha, ha, ha. I know I created this. God didn’t create it. Adamus, hmm, no, he didn’t create it. (laughter) The evil spirits didn’t create it. I created it.” Can you be at that level of trust and say, “Damn, this is fun!” Or at least, “I know it’s going to evolve from this point forward.” That’s trust. That’s trust. I could go into a few other scenarios while the police are coming… oh, I won’t go there. Now that’s trust.

Every day we get – we, the Crimson Council – we get thousands of complaints from Shaumbra around the world. “Why is this happening?” Well, the answer that we give is because you created it. “Why are these things happening in my life? Oh, it must be because now I need to go out and take a crystal class, and I need to, you know, take, oh, take vitamins, and …” You get all wrapped up.

What if you had such a level of trust you know implicitly that it is perfection? What if all of these things that have happened to you today … and when you call for a taxi now to take you home, you meet somebody – perhaps the taxi driver, perhaps somebody else – meet somebody that brings such gifts into your life; maybe money, maybe love, friendship, teachings, whatever. Maybe all of these things that happened were part of the set up of you and what you would call your soul self, which … your soul self really doesn’t care about all the human incidentals. It wants to be with you, and you’ve called out for it. And when you did, that brought about a dynamic that’s unstoppable, and it’s going to happen.

And thank god that there’s wisdom in your soul that’s going to … now, your soul didn’t create these accidents, but it was an energy between you and your divine, an energy that was put out there and brings back the manifested experiences to make this all possible, and will continue to bring those experiences in. The soul doesn’t really care if your car was smacked, because there are other cars. It doesn’t care about your computer, because it was time to give it up anyway. It was time to get a new one, because there’s things you weren’t doing that you could do with a new computer. It doesn’t care that you barfed out your guts in the morning because it was releasing some toxins in your body that were stuck down there for a long time. It doesn’t care about any of those things, because it – you – you have a deeper understanding and a deeper wisdom.

Now, what gets in the way? That humanoid aspect. That human aspect that doesn’t like change, that doesn’t want to move forward. That human aspect that doesn’t believe its own self. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t believe itself, because the human aspect is not real. It’s manufactured. It’s an act, and it really doesn’t believe itself because it knows it’s an act, but unfortunately you don’t know it’s an act – yet.

All these things happening – you break a leg, you lose your job, whatever. What if you had absolute trust? What if you had a big smile and said, “My own guidance from myself is allowing these things to happen to get me off the stick,” or whatever it is, “to move things forward, to continue to expand.”

The question is, can you have that level of trust? That’s a big one. Can you have that level of trust when a wave of anxiety comes over you, as it has done lately, and say, “Everything is in perfect order in my life” – in your life. If you miss an airplane, if you slip on the ice and fall and mess up your back, can you have that level of trust? Can you?

Now, an interesting thing happens. I’ll give you the end of the story. When you do, when you choose that, then you don’t need to have all those things happen, because you’ve already gotten unstuck. So part of you is fearing, “Oh my god, if I go into trust, I’m going to lose my job and my partner’s going to walk out on me and my dog’s going to die, and oh my god, look at all the things.” It’s only because you’re not at a 10, because you’re a two or an eight or a seven.

The numbers don’t matter. If there’s any degree of untrust, whether you’re at a one or a 9.9, it’s all the same. It is all the same. So it doesn’t matter if somebody said, “I’m at a two.” It’s the same as a 9.999. You’re not trusting. You’re not trusting.

Very important point. Oh, take a deep breath. I can … oh, you’re all getting so heady on me. Oh! You’re like, “Well, how do I get in trust with myself?” Make a choice and take a deep breath. That’s all. And every time … oh, here goes the clincher. In the next week or so – 10 days, week to 10 days – you will have an experience relating back to this very moment about trusting yourself.

Something is going to happen – and I didn’t say what, I just said something – and it’s going to remind you, trigger you to our discussion that we’re having here. And it will give you an opportunity to make a very conscious choice. “Do I trust myself? Or do I get into drama, do I get into questioning, do I get into feeling that I’m really not worthy?” You’ll have an experience. Write it down afterwards. Write just a short little story about it. It helps you ground that energy, and it could also be good for another upcoming book that we’ll do together.


There is a word – Zen-ish kind of word – for absolute trust in self. Ahmyo. Ahmyo. Can you say it? (audience and Adamus say it together, “Ahmyo”) In the other realms, it’s really not a word. It’s kind of a vibration. Ahhh-mmmm-yoooo. It kind of rolls. Let’s do it. Ahhhhh-mmmm-yoooo.

Absolute trust – not in the world, not in the outside world, not in other people, not in deities, entities or anything else, not in aliens – but in yourself. Ahmyo. “Ahmyo. I Am that I Am. I know whatever is happening in my life, I’m absolutely creating it for the higher good of myself. Not for punishment, not for some” – I can’t swear, but – “not for some lesson, not because I’m bad. I’m actually creating it for the greater good.”

The moment you get to that point, you unlock potentials that were previously unknown to you. The moment you can be in this place of Ahmyo, absolute trust – “I’m creating my own life; I don’t care what the outside circumstances may look like, I’m still creating it” – that’s ahmyo. That’s absolute unconditional, un-mental trust in self. Ahmyo. When you’re at that point – which you are, you just have to recognize it – then things can really start moving. Then we start to have some fun, which we’ll do in just a moment. Ahmyo.

Ahmyo is pure, absolutely pure, the pure self, actually, kind of the realization of the I Am. Ahmyo, where you stop doubting everything that happens, you stop trying to analyze it. “Everything is created by me for” – whatever you want to call it – “a higher good, for my own expansion or for my joy of life. Every little thing.” That level of trust in self is what all of the Ascended Masters aspired to, or experienced, I should say, in their final lifetimes on Earth. That – ahmyo – is, what you could say, was the final and perhaps the most joyful step.

Imagine just for a moment, imagine, close your eyes if you choose to, but imagine what it’s like to have absolute unconditional trust in yourself. Ahmyo. That includes trusting your body. Yes, even if it gets sick or if it has pain, can you trust it? Ahmyo. No matter what happens, you created it for the love of self.

What happens is when you truly begin to have the conscious understanding of ahmyo, you quit worrying about the little stuff. You quit worrying about what’s going to happen next, you see, because you realize what happens next is absolutely perfect. But the moment you’re in the state of ahmyo, it opens up all the potentials of an illness – which is really not an illness; it’s just a clear signal. It opens up the potential of things like lack of abundance that you’ve been focusing on – the lack – for so long. Suddenly, when you say, “I created that,” it expands out, it opens up the true highest potential. Then you don’t have to experience all the junk in your life anymore. Then you don’t bring in these, what you call, bad scenarios, because there’s no need for them anymore. Your, what you would call, your soul has now got your attention, and it was just asking to trust you, to trust yourself.

So what would be the antithesis of ahmyo? Makyo! (laughter) Absolutely. Makyo.

Now, for some of you who don’t know what that is, I would say the word for makyo is… it means false, delusional, distracting, and also what I – can I say the word? I’ll have to write the word, because I’ve been asked not say bullshit in front of a group. (laughter; he writes “bullsheet”) There we go, the Spanish version, bullsheet, yes. (laughter) No hablo inglés.

So the opposite of ahmyo, which is purity, trust, no inhibition anymore and truth, you could say in a way, the opposite is makyo. Now makyo comes in, I generally associate the word with spiritual distraction or spiritual B.S., and it happens. It happens to everyone I’ve ever known who is on the spiritual path, including Buddha – lot of makyo there – including some of the great spiritual leaders of the times, including every Ascended Master that I’ve ever known. They get to this point of makyo on the journey. It happens kind of near the end of self-realization, and they start polluting themselves with a lot of crap – spiritual bullshit, rhetorical, dogmatic, organizational and structural stuff. And that’s why – I irritate people sometimes – but I say get off of the astrology. Now, I love astrology, but not when it’s an addiction. I love crystals when they’re adorning my hands and my body … as in jewelry. You know, I love Tarot, when it’s done right, when it’s empowering. But all of these things, including – sacred ground here – including Shaumbra can be makyo.

All of these things become distractions. They are false. They are put into place for a couple of reasons. One, to fill a void, because when you get to this part of the awakening process, suddenly you perceive up ahead a big void, a big nothingness. In other words, you can’t see past the release of all the human games, so it feels empty up ahead. So often you then put makyo in the path, you put a lot of distractions in the path to fill a void.

Now, be it known that there is no void in all of creation. It can’t be. In this dimension, any other dimension, there is no void. There is no void. Get rid of that belief that there are voids. There can’t be, because it’s creation. Can’t be. So you’re loading up your future or this upcoming void with a bunch of crap, a game.

The makyo is put there oftentimes, because there is a resistance to ending the game, so these are more game chips or game toys that are put there.

Makyo is also put there – all this distraction and everything else – because you don’t want to face the real issue that’s in front of you right now, and that’s ahmyo. Trust.

I have seen very wise, amazing, radiant spiritual human beings who are very, very evolved on their path, as you would say, who are ready to take that final step into what you would call the ascension status and suddenly they go makyo on me. Suddenly, they get into falseness at the last moment. They have to fill it with something. They’re literally afraid to go to this step – 100 percent trust in self. They can get to 99.9, but that has been a fearful line to cross. There’s always a hold out. “I can trust everything about me other than …” and you fill in the blank. “Other than the way I look; other than my intelligence, how I appear to others.” It’s a big trap for spiritual workers, spiritual leaders. Suddenly, they think they have to come off a certain way in front of others – wise, intelligent, seeping of white light and blessings and wise statements. Not at all! Not at all. Actually, the true spiritual teacher and worker gets real human, because they’re not afraid of it. They’re not afraid of it. So, absolute trust. ~ Adamus

On Your Purpose and Destiny in the New Energy:
You do not need a purpose in order to exist. But you believe that you do. “What’s my purpose?” And it ties into destiny, it ties into patterns, and it ties into pressure that you’re getting right now.
The vast, vast, vast majority of humans believe they have to have purpose. There are books out there right now that just make me want to do spiritual vomiting. “The Purpose Driven Life.” Oh no! Here we go again, down the tubes. And purpose is makyo [bullshit]. Absolute makyo. But you still wake up in the morning saying, “What’s my purpose? Do I have to heal others? Do I have to save the planet?” No! There is no purpose. Get it? There is no purpose. Breathe that one in. Ooh, ah, that’s a big vacuum, or not.

There is no mission. We’re going beyond Old Energy passion, in other words, that you have to do something, you have to be something, there has to be a purpose. God must have put you here for a purpose. God doesn’t care! Really! Spirit has no plan for you, and therefore, no purpose for you. You do not need a purpose to exist; therefore, can you exist? Can you get over that huge old thing? And that’s what’s happening in your life right now. It’s coming up.

You’ve had purpose on top of purpose, layer and layer and layer and layer of purpose. Purpose has been kind of an interesting rocket fuel to get you through a lifetime. Purpose actually kind of keeps you here, but it’s false, and sooner or later part of you says, “Hey, that’s a bunch of makyo, you know, ‘my purpose is to …’ fill in the blank. And then let’s say you reach the purpose, then you get really, really depressed. It’s really sad when you reach the purpose, so you know what you do? You put the purpose in front of you like a big spiritual carrot and you’re always then trying to get the purpose. You’re working for the purpose. You become righteous. You become driven. You become neurotic and insane trying to get to this purpose that’s never there.

Let’s cut the string right now. There is no purpose. Whoa. But then you say, “My life is meaningless.” Yeah, kind of. (laughter) “There’s no purpose? There’s no meaning? There’s no passion?” Yes! Those are old and they’re makyo! We’re talking about ahmyo now. Those are so old and so infested with maggots and critters and junk and garbage. It’s a cesspool!

Can you imagine, for a moment, a life without purpose? Can you imagine, ha, writing a book “The Purposeless Life” parentheses – “In answer to all of you anal buttheads who believe there has to be a purpose!” I would love it!

You know, purpose is a really bad bed partner, really bad. It will rob you. It will steal from you. It will deceive you and delude you, and it will falsely inspire you. But when it falsely inspires you, it keeps you from your true inspiration, which is just to be. Just to be, without purpose, without meaning. How liberating! How amazing that you can just exist for the sake of existence, that your passion is just to be, that you … (someone says, “Yay!”) Yay! Thank you. Halle… oh, we won’t go there. Amen? No. No, let’s not do that. So, it is so liberating, but yet so challenging.

So you’ve had things come into your life lately. You didn’t know what they were, but “What does this mean?” “There is no meaning.” “What am I supposed to do?” “Nothing.” All of this going back and forth, and then you’re wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” Nothing!

So I want you in this next month to really, really feel into no purpose. No purpose. Let yourself go absolutely meaningless. Let yourself go, “I have no purpose here. No passion.” It’s going to feel very odd and uncomfortable at first, because you’ve been driven for lifetimes. Purpose and passion have sucked you back in here before you were actually ready to come back in, into this lifetime.

It’s makyo at its finest, but you don’t need it anymore. And you’re feeling, you’re experiencing the energies around you that are nudging you, nay, pushing you out of purpose. Get out of that old … it’s programming. It’s a bunch of old self-programming, mass consciousness programming, programming from beings from the other realms who are sticking their psychic probes somewhere down into you. They love humans with purpose. It’s the greatest way to tingle with you, to dance with you, to manipulate. Let go of purpose – I mean, Old Energy purpose, the way you’ve thought of it – let go of passion, and discover what’s really there. It’s amazing. It’s challenging.

And you’re going to do something – I’ll tell you in advance, because I know you. You’re going to say, “Okay, I’ve thrown out this. I’ve thrown out that, and I’ve thrown out all these other things. I’m clear, Adamus. I threw out all my purpose and passion.” And I’m going to say, “No, check your pockets out. You’re still hiding.” “Oh, I forgot, Adamus. I forgot to take that one out too.” And I’m going to say, “Check again. There’s still more of it.” “Well, but um,” you’ll say, “Adamus, that I have to have. I’ll let go of all these other things, and I’ll be pretty clear. I’ll be 99 percent clear, and therefore, I’ll be able to get 99 percent freedom.” No. No. It all has to go.

You can’t hang onto any, and you’re going to go through some torment perhaps and some anxiety, and then you’re going to question, say, “Well, what did he really say?” And then you’re going to get philosophical about it, and you’re going to talk to other Shaumbra, and then you’re all going to try to dissect what I said. I said, “You don’t need purpose in your life. You don’t need purpose to exist!” Period. Period. And then you’re going to exist in a new way. Really, really wonderful new liberated way.

So these are the elements that are influencing your life right now. They’re tough, but you’re better than that. You’re allowing yourself to experience them, because you are expanding. You are the Standards. You are … ah, that’s an old purpose too. You just are, and that’s a beautiful thing.


The whole belief in destiny, that’s a tough one to let go because the moment that you do, you have to take responsibility. It’s actually, I would say, easier for a human to believe in and to give up to a higher authority, whether you call the higher authority your soul … that’s a bunch of makyo at times. You know, like your soul has this plan and it’s making you go through it in a painful, miserable unconscious way? Really? Or you think destiny comes down from God. Really? God has no destiny. Spirit, All That Was, doesn’t really care, doesn’t need to care, has no plan for you.

How often do I hear from the religious types on Earth right now about God’s plan? What?! God doesn’t have a plan! If God had a plan, it’d already be done and then you wouldn’t be going through all this! God’s plan would have an ending.

So there is no destiny. There is absolutely no karma. Absolutely none. There is no soul plan. Yes, you had some things you wanted to do while you were here, but those are done. They were gone years ago, and a lot of you are operating in the void now, “What should I do?” Waiting for (looking at the ceiling) … waiting for somebody to show up. You ask me all the time, “Adamus, what am I supposed to do?” (he takes a breath and grits his teeth) I don’t care! (lots of laughter) I want you to stop asking me that question. (more laughter) That’s what I really want! That’s the only thing I care about in the universe – stop asking me that question! It doesn’t matter. Can you handle that? It doesn’t matter. There’s no plan. There is no angel league. There’s no council of 83 up there that’s directing this.

But humans buy into any sort of destininal package. I made that word up. I like that. You’re buying into a package like you’d buy into a package for your Internet and television and cell phones, like you’re going to get a package deal, like “What’s my destiny?” and then you kind of accept it. And on your bad days, you say, “I just don’t know. I can’t figure this one out. Somewhere out there my soul must know.” You ARE your soul now. No more separation, no more division. You ARE your soul. ~ Adamus

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