On The Light and Dark Metaphor:
Let us begin the teaching. The metaphor has been given over and over. Imagine that there is a room full of entities called humanity who walk around in darkness. So the metaphor here is spiritual darkness. The Humans don’t know who they are or why they are. They have no concept that they are part of the creative energy of God. They follow whatever is given to them and whatever doctrines they learn about when they are young. They find God in whatever corner they can. Some find God profoundly, and some do not. Many go through the motions and never understand any more than the motions.

Seemingly in the dark, they often bump into one another. Some of them bump into another and become angry… a war starts. That’s what happens in the dark when you can’t really see what’s going on apart from what you know about yourself. Therefore, what is always going on is apart from you and is always a mystery. Therefore, there is drama. Therefore, there is conspiracy and mistrust. Being in the dark creates war. Being in the dark creates separation and hatred. Being in the dark creates fear and anxiety.

But now, as the metaphor continues, there is one in the darkness who knows who they are. You might say that the attribute of this person is our Match Bearer. This person bears with them the ability to create light. Small as it might be, this person has a match. In a fully darkened room, one lit match is interesting, for it creates light enough to see dimly for everyone, so that one Match Bearer in that darkened room, on their own, decides to light it. The reason? It’s to study their own spirituality, their own self-worth, to light their match to see themselves better.

So they light it for themselves so that they can take the hand of the Higher-Self and discover who they are. Therefore, they light their match. And in the process of lighting that match, they illuminate (very dimly) the rest of the room. Suddenly, Humans can see one another and they like it! They see family! Fear starts to go away. Understanding what is next to you creates understanding and peacefulness. There’s less distrust. Some actually look for where the light has come from. Many don’t.

The attribute of the light of the Match Bearer is similar to the lighthouse that stands by the sea, which we have given you before. The lighthouse stands alone, all by itself. It shines a light that others may or may not see, that steers them into safe harbors by their own choice, since they have the rudder of choice on their own ship of life. The Match Bearer is sitting with the match, has illuminated it for themselves, yet it affects all around them in a positive way.

The Match Bearer says nothing. Those around this person may not know his/her name. They may not even know she has lit a match! All they know is they can now see! Some of them start looking for the match in themselves and they begin to slowly light their own matches, and the room becomes brighter. The brighter the room becomes, the more is seen and is not a mystery, and the further a Human Being can see past themselves and their immediate family, the more understanding there is, the more peace there is. This is the attribute of the planet as we see it right now.

We have made the statement over and over that less than one half of one percent of the planet must strike the match for there to be peace on Earth. Now you know the reasoning behind that. It means that there could be Human Beings all over the planet who never strike a match, who don’t believe anything that you believe, yet they still participate. They participate in your light.

This is difficult, perhaps, for you to grasp – how one small match would make a difference. But it does. So in this room and listening to me now and reading these words are Match Bearers. How do I know that? Because I know you. Oh, human being. There are warriors in this room; there are stories that would make your hair stand on end. There are heroic actions and joy. There is sorrow beyond belief; there is gratitude. Everything that you can imagine has ever happened to a Human on the planet is here right now. Some of the greatest dramas ever presented on Earth, you participated in. Some of the most heroic actions any Human Being can do for another, you’ve done. Some of the suffering that never should have occurred on the planet, you’ve experienced. Some of the greatest celebrations that the planet has ever seen were about you.

Attributes of the Match Bearer

Let’s talk about the match that you hold, dear one. I’m speaking to the match bearers who are here, who are reading. Wherever you create light, in any situation through your own individual actions, the energy you create changes the energy of Gaia where you walk. It changes that which is quantum around you. The whole earth knows you. If you awaken, the whole earth knows you have done so. Gaia knows you. You walk into the forest alone with the trees, they know you. The animals know you. God knows you. I know you. It’s why you came. It’s what you’re feeling now that brings you here. It’s why you sit in the chairs, and why you came today.

You might say, “What is different about me? What am I feeling in this lifetime? Why is there a feeling that I have to do something?” Well, wake up, Match Bearer, because this is your destiny. With free choice, you will illuminate your life to the point where all around you know who you are, or at least feel your light.

I want to tell you about dark and light, yet again. If you’ve got a light lit, darkness cannot invade you. How can darkness, which has no energy at all, be around and invade you when you’re holding the light? Darkness, as defined, is the absence of light. Some Lightworkers have a strange 3D concept that says, “I don’t want to go there because the darkness may get me. I’m very careful where I go. I don’t want to go around these people because they have dark energy.” Why don’t you go there and shine your light in their lives, oh courageous one? Are you only going where there is other light? Do doctors go to work and only see doctors?

How do you treat your family? When you go to work, what goes on there? I can hear the verbiage now: “I’ve got the worst boss in the world. This is one who delights in torturing us with tasks that make no sense at all just to make work for us. This boss doesn’t like the New Age because he happens to believe differently, so he makes fun of it.” You don’t think we know this, dear one? Remember, those in charge don’t always have the wisdom to be in charge. Sometimes they’re egomaniacs. Don’t you think we know this? That’s how they got where they are. So, how do you treat them? Do they continue to push your buttons? Do they do things just to irritate you? Or perhaps you just have one who is always depressed? Therefore, you have to walk in the dark energy all the time at work – or is it lighter because of you?

I want to give you the truth, Match Bearer. If you’re holding light, no darkness or dark energy is going to affect you. You’re going to walk into that place, open the door, and do your work. And while you’re there, you are saying: “Thank you, God, I have a job. Thank you, it’s here for now, because wherever I go, I’m going to make a difference.” Some say it’s impossible to make a difference at work. They again say, “You don’t know my work.” Oh, how 3D of you! You don’t know that the light you carry creates tolerance, appreciation, and love? It creates the ability to share and listen with care. It changes the planet. Some of those around you may eventually come to you with their issues and their problems. You might sit and ask, “I wonder why they want to share it with me?” Perhaps it’s because they intuitively see your light; maybe because they see your tolerance; maybe you’re the only one who will listen to them, and in the process, you share love. In the process of them being next to you, you love them. And maybe it’s the only love they’re going to get that day or that week or that month or even that year, dear Match Bearer.

That’s what you do. It’s one Human at a time with another. The earth changes one Human at a time, and that’s why you came. That’s why your parents saw the potentials of it. Everywhere you walk, every situation you’re in, you have a chance to strike the match. The greater your light, the greater the planet’s light. So now, are you still wondering why you came to the planet?

“Kryon, I’m not a healer, nor an author. I’m not a channeller either. I just go to work, come home, do errands, make the beds, then go to work again. What kind of a life is this?” I’ll tell you, dear one, it’s a Match Bearer’s life! Your lineage asked for you to come and for you to walk on the planet and strike the match, go to work, make the beds, do the errands, and come back home again. That’s why you’re here! I don’t want you to diminish that for a moment, since everywhere you go there is more light because of you.

How do you handle fear and anxiety? What pushes your buttons? What makes you worry? Isn’t it about time to conquer that? What’s happening in your body that’s tested you lately? I don’t just talk to those in the chairs. I talk to my partner. I talk to him all the time. He’s just like you. He walks through life just like you. He has some of the same questions you do, yet he’s the channeller! So I talk to all. I am Kryon. I’ve never been a Human Being. I’m always seemingly standing on the outside. I am in charge, if you want to say, of the information that comes through your guides, which comes through your Higher-Self for the energy of the planet. I was not even allowed here until this shift began, because the planet’s energy was not commensurate with the energy of the information that I now teach. I’ll be here a long time, because the potentials are for the energy to stay and grow and be – all because of the Match Bearers.

What irritates you the most? What buttons get pressed the easiest in you? When you watch the news, when you see politics, when you see certain kinds of attitudes, do you get angry? Think of what makes you the angriest. Now, let me ask you, can you see it in tolerance? Well, that’s what the Match Bearer learns to do.

“I hate war,” you might say, “I don’t want anything to do with it. I hate the sorrow that it creates, the heartbreak that it creates. It seems to perpetuate itself.” I’m not asking you to love war. I’m asking you to love the Humans who created it. They’re pieces of God, just like you. Can you look at these things with tolerance and see the parts of them who are loved by God? If you can do that, then you shine light in their life. It doesn’t matter where they are, and they never may know who you are. It’s just like the lighthouse on the rock. How many ships and the captains of the ships have gone to lunch with a lighthouse keeper? The answer is very few of them. But they look for the lighthouse, don’t they? Well, humanity looks for you! It’s intuitive, and even the darkest energy knows about light. ~ Kryon

On Humanizing God:
Humans want to make everything separate and individual. You want to separate, identify, and quantify. This is Human nature, for every living thing you come into contact with is separate and singular – a Human, an animal, a bug, a tree. They all have this in common. Each one is a closed life system and is ONE thing. So placing God in this box makes you feel better. Because only then can you grasp how you’re supposed to act and react to Spirit. Linearizing God helps you to feel what you’re supposed to do and when you’re supposed to do it. All of the survival attributes that you’ve learned all your life go into this, and we call it the Human linear bias. God is better understood if it’s a man with a beard and a low voice – the authority figure. But Spirit is not like that.

God is not an authority figure, either! Yet many of you will not accept that. “You mean the creator of the Universe is not in charge?” I didn’t say that. I said that God is not an authority figure. God is family. If there is any authority energy, then you share it with God, for God is in you. Therefore, YOU are the authority figure.

There is no protocol, either! Did you hear me? There is no generic protocol! Thousands of years of religion have created thousands of “rules” of how to “get God’s favor.” What if none of that is so? Let me ask you something: If you wanted to talk to your own body’s cellular structure, what’s the protocol? If it’s you with you, how do you start? Should you dress up a bit, kneel, prepare yourself? Do you invent something, some framework of motions, so it will work better? Or do you simply go inside with your mind, talk to that which you own, and work the puzzle out? Do you see what I mean? Humans never consider God in them. Instead, they wish to separate God. They wish to elevate God and put Spirit on the altar where they can face it and perhaps even create a statue so they can visualize who to talk to. That is humanizing God.

Guides and Angels

Let us talk about what I would call the worst-case scenario of humanizing God, and it touches the core of so many of you. It’s in how you visualize guides and angels. Now, this is going to be vastly different from so much you’ve been told. So be prepared to think differently. This will not diminish any divine entity, just enhance it to bring it into alignment with multidimensional thinking.

Do angels exist? Absolutely, but not as you think or have been taught. Are there helpers? Absolutely, but again, not like you think. When angels visited Humans in ancient days and the events were written about by those who were there to witness the experience, I can guarantee it was a lot different than they could express on paper. When an angel appears before a Human, it looks like a swirling ball of energy, sometimes even fire that is not hot and does not consume anything. Angels are not in Human form and never have been. They are multidimensional beings, not in 3D. Yet you want to put skin and wings on them and give them a name! Why? It makes you feel better about them. We understand that.

“Who are they?” You give them names; you give them attributes. This angel does this; this angel does that. What if I told you they were all together? You would react. You’d say, “I don’t like that. I want them to be individuals and do different things.” Humans want angels to be the “divine factory workers for God,” each with a task. It’s not that way! When you breathe the air, does it line up as individual molecules with names and tasks, then enter your lungs in a row? Get used to the concept of what they call in physics entanglement. It’s a word used in the quantum world that describes an odd attribute of matter that seems to be “connected to everything all the time.”

I want you to get used to something that is profound and beautiful. You are part of everything! You’re not separated from it. You belong to it. You may be individual bodies in 3D, but in a multidimensional world, you are connected to everything!

Why is it that you want to humanize God? As I indicated a moment ago, you put God apart from you, make Him a male, give Him a beard and a deep voice.  You assign Him to elder status and you talk to Him, you worship, and you build statues to humanize Him. God is inside! The greatest energy of the creator of Earth sits in every single Human Being, right inside. Every single piece of DNA has this, 100 trillion of them. There’s a consciousness and even a communication between DNA molecules that science doesn’t even know about. God is in you! So why do you rip it out and build buildings to hold it?

Let me ask you something: Let’s say it’s time for you to talk to one of your own body organs, and the exercise of the day would be to talk to your kidney. Would you then build a giant kidney and worship it? Oh, how 3D of you! Do you see what I’m saying? Why would you do that when it’s inside your body? It’s because you do not perceive God as coming from you. So it’s about divine perception. It is time for you to change your image of you! When you do, you will open your eyes, look in the mirror and say, “I am that I am. God is in me.” It’s hard to do that as a Human Being. It requires you step out of your old reality of victimization.

What does your culture tell you about your divinity? Everything you see in the media tells you you’re broken. You need this, you need that. Have you ever seen a commercial where they look at you and say, “You don’t need anything but yourself. Now get on with it.”? No.

How can you best communicate with Spirit? I will tell you. You’ve got to fall in love with yourself! That is the key. That is the portal. It is being OK to have God inside you. You were not born dirty; you were born magnificent – magnificent! And the ones who have discovered their magnificence are not ego-driven. They’re love-driven, and that’s a big difference. They love themselves as they would love God. They understand the balance of standing up for what they believe in as being part of light, and rejecting things that represent old energy and the dark. At the same time, they hold their egos at bay so it never controls them. That’s what the masters did and that’s what the masters taught. Communication with God is automatic when you touch that part of the creator that is inside yourself. That opens the portal.

Wars in Heaven?

Look at history for a moment, and see what humans have decided about God and the history of God. Let me tell you the story that is taught today. Once upon a time, God, the creator of the Universe, had a problem. It seems to be that there was a war going on. Somehow, it was a war with the angels involved, and certain angels didn’t like the way God was doing things. Now, right away, does that sound like God or does it sound like men?

The story continues. Finally, because the war was going badly, the instigator was thrown out of heaven (or whatever you call it) and fell to Earth. He took his followers with him and went underground. Now he has a tail, horns and makes fire. Again, dear ones, does that sound like the creator of the Universe to you? Does that sound like the core of love, the multidimensional source of all that is? No. It sounds like a children’s story that humanizes God so that the masses can be controlled. Wars are what Humans do, not the creator of your Universe. A war in heaven? The story itself is the ultimate humanization of God. Humans create scenarios of judgment, punishment, revenge, and drama, then place it upon God.  If you have any spark of spiritual logic, it will shout that this is the persona of Humans, not God.

The Love of God

I have told you before the mother who looks at the child has nothing but love. That family member never tells the child that she’s going to ignore him, or that life with her is going to be difficult. She never casts the child into a dark place if he doesn’t do what he’s told. Instead, there is love, understanding, patience, and help. That’s all. And that’s what you get from the other side of the veil, dear ones. That’s why I stand before you now. Why do you humanize God and reduce the splendor of this creator energy to a common duality? The reason is that it represents an old energy of Human thought, and not the wisdom of a new earth. Humanity is changing, and so is the understanding of the God inside.

Don’t humanize God! Instead, take the hand of God that is offered to you through your Higher-Self and become part of it. Don’t worship God and bow before God. Instead, become part of the essence of the love of God that is within you. ~ Kryon

On Rewritable Spiritual Contracts:
I want to talk to you about contracts. The very word is misunderstood. Do you feel you have a spiritual contract to do something on Earth? Some of you will arrive on the planet and will think, “I am here doing what I’m supposed to be doing in this city because it is my contract.” So while you are seemingly fulfilling your contract, what do you do when another person comes along with a better offer but you have to move to another city? It might be a spiritual offer, placing you in a far better place to help people. Oh no! Here is a big puzzle. What happens with your spiritual contract?

Part of you pulls in the direction of, “I must stay here and do what I came for.” The other part of you is torn with indecision. Finally, you bolster yourself and say, “My contract is that I must stay here and do my work. No matter what, I will fulfill my contract with God.”

Let me give you a word to remember – nonsense! Your contract is in invisible ink! Listen, old soul: Every single day of your life has a rewritable spiritual path. Did you know that? This is the essence of co-creation. The only contract you have is to be here, and it is being fulfilled as you read this. So pick up the spiritual pen and write what you need every day. If synchronicity comes along and sweeps you into another area, view it for what it is – it’s what you asked for! Feel the truth of it as it occurs. Go with your intuitive feeling and write a new contract for the day, which can disappear tomorrow as you rewrite it into something even better.

Old soul, you’ve never had an opportunity like this before. In this new energy, you can change the Wind of Existence to match what you need. In these next few years, you’ll decide a number of things collectively on this planet. Through very slow attrition of the old energy dying out, you will gain the upper hand.

There will be greater integrity and old souls will create it. Sometimes the old souls will be represented in young bodies that are awakening quickly. The very plan of what the earth is about will start to take shape. New alliances of nations will take place. More borders will drop, and governments will start to understand a new principle of unity that has never been seen before on the planet. It will eventually create the seeds for real peace on Earth. Even the Middle East will shift.

I’ve said it before: There will be future generations who will look back and identify everything before 2012 as, “The Barbaric Era”. You will see civilization as you know it start in 2013. That is the promise of a real demarcation point coming within three generations. Think about it. Human history has always been about war and conquering. However, you are beginning to turn a corner. As the old energy slowly dies away, survival will be seen as unity and cooperation. It’s already happening on the planet, did you notice?

The Wind of Existence is you, working the puzzle, old soul, and you’re not in karma and you’re not in a contract. Instead, you’re in manifestation mode. It may not seem like it, but give it a chance. We’ve said this before: When you start getting out of survival mode and stop worrying about every single thing, you eventually arrive into manifestation mode. The worry mode is what your parents were taught. You inherited it, but it’s not what enlightened beings do. Instead, they manifest what they need and they don’t worry about what they don’t have, for it comes to them when they need it through the process of synchronicity – an enlightened concept that gives credibility to divine wisdom inside. ~ Kryon

On Moods and Boredom:
What’s a mood? A mood is an emotion. A mood is a measurement of where you’re at. But more than anything, a mood is a thought, is a judgmental thought and saying, “I’m happy. I’m sad. I don’t know what I’m doing. I know what I’m doing. I’m up, I’m down,” and it’s a mood. And humans live by mood. Humans live by mood. They really do. And there are those with a scientific – I don’t want to knock these over here, pass these around. (he gives the popcorn to someone) Ah, yes. Let me breathe on them first. (Adamus breathes over the popcorn) Okay. (audience responds “Ohh!”) Share a breath! You share a lot of other things. A little breath isn’t going to hurt. (some laughter)

Humans live by moods. They wake up in the morning – and I’m not exaggerating – they wake in the morning and they ask themselves in their own way, “Am I in a good mood or a bad mood?” They reflect on what happened the day before, where they left off with the long, sometimes dreary story. And they say, “Oh, I’m in a good mood because ___” fill in the blank. Or, “I’m in a bad mood,” and they will continue on that track. The moods constantly change based on some variables that we’ll talk about.
But moods are generally generated from the thoughts and they become the thought’s way of having a type of feeling. And, again – going back to this whole concept – the mind, the brain, the thoughts have no true sensual awareness whatsoever. But the brain has been developed in a way that it believes it does. So it creates a mood. A mood.

A mood, you could say, has been manufactured or created out of farts – thoughts – as we talked about in our last gathering. So it’s a bunch of interesting limited thoughts that create a mood. The mood creates then the energy that comes in for the day, for the experience.
Most people believe they have no control over their moods or no choice over their moods. So they live by their moods.

Also, just as a little factoid, that 100 percent of decisions a person makes are based on emotions. Even decisions that have to do with, let’s say, science or math or something very black and white; even job, things that you’re doing at your work every day, a decision, you know, about something at the company – should you have more manufacturing in a certain division or location than another? One would say, “Well, that’s not emotional.” Absolutely is. Everything comes out of emotions, which come out of thoughts, which are really not, oh, you would say, true. They’re limited.

So imagine what that does in life. It’s creating – it’s generating all these illusions. Thought turns to mood, which is also the emotion, which is also the way you attract energy into your life, which is also the way you breathe, which is also the way you receive. And suddenly, the energies get pretty stuck.
There is something within you, and it’s coming to the surface more and more, and it’s rather annoying. And this something was what we used to call the veil. The something is this illusion. The veil, of course, is separation. Period. The veil is separation, the belief in separation.

But you’re coming closer and closer to this truth, this knowingness that all these thoughts and all these moods and all these emotions are not really you. Maybe, you could say, you could argue they are, to an extent; they’re a very limited part of you. But they’re not the real you. They’re not the inner you.
So there’s this exasperating irritation that’s coming in right now, because you know there’s something better. You can’t define it. It’s difficult to even rely on somebody else’s story of their journey, because you could – I’ll say this very candidly – there’s nobody really ahead of you. Not even those guys that sit in monasteries or temples that do their chanting. They’re wonderful people, but they’re not ahead of you.

So there’s nobody that can really tell you about it. But yet there’s this knowingness. Now you combine that with the tremendous energies that are here right now, and this birthing, coming forth feeling that, “God dang it! There’s something else. I know there’s something else.” But then you get into the thought pattern and you start thinking, “But what is it? And where am I going to find it? And what should I be doing? And am I in my correct alignment? Am I wearing the right colors?” And then suddenly you’re off track. You’re out of balance.

Then you get a bad mood, because you’ve had a lot of thoughts building the mood stage. And then you shut down, because it’s not what you had hoped for.

In a way, there are tremendous blessings with all this irritation, with all this frustration and this, kind of, it’s a pent up energy that’s going to release. And when it releases, it going to release a lot of old things that were really, really stuck within you, so you can finally start experiencing the freedom. That’s what the soul is – it’s freedom. It’s the Free Self, not the higher self. It’s the free consciousness, not the limited consciousness, not the low human consciousness. It’s just freedom.

You actually don’t have to work at it or for it. Matter of fact, it actually works against you. I contend, as part of our little exercise – what is your mood – I contend that you are bored. You’re bored.

After fourteen hundred lifetimes, after going through just about everything a human can experience, just about everything that can be had. You’ve had relationships, good and bad. You’ve had health, good and bad. You’ve had money and no money. Through your incarnations, your lifetimes, you’ve seen most of the world. You don’t need to hop on an airplane, because you probably have been there, with a few exceptions. There’s not much more. So you’re bored.

So what do you do in the boredom? Well, you set up … well, first of all, it’s frustrating because you’re just bored. That’s it.

Now, you’ll think that “I can’t stand other people or my dog” or this or that. It’s boredom, which leads to intolerance and combined with this feeling, this intuition coming up, “There’s got to be more to this” and there is. And it’s the sheer boredom. You look at other people and say, “Oh my god, they have at least 75 more lifetimes. (laughter) I don’t want to be with them. I am so done with going through that. I’m tired of stupid questions.” And then the other part of you, another limited part of you – if I could have the marker – another limited part… (he begins drawing a circumpunct)

So you have the unlimited I Am. Totally free. Not dependent on anything, not even God. God said, “Here. Have your I Am and – whissh! – get out of here.” And then you’ve got these little boxes of limitation, some that are kind of attached to the, let’s call it, the Free Self, but they’ve kind of barricaded themselves off.
So you’ve got all these little limited boxes, and one of the limited boxes that you’ve created is this thing that says, “Well, I’m supposed to be a Master. Adamus told me I was a Master. He must be lying, because I can’t stand people right now. I don’t want to be near my dog.” You poor dog. Somebody want to adopt a dog here? (some chuckles) We have one dog up for adoption. (more laughter)

So you’ve created the other limited self, that’s the “I’m supposed to be a Master.” Well, what the hell’s a Master anyway? I’ve told you, I’ve told other groups. First of all, a Master doesn’t tolerate any crap. Now, it doesn’t sound like the old concept of a Master, you know, sitting on the mountaintop chanting. That’s not a Master. That’s somebody who’s going through something you went through eight, twelve, fifteen lifetimes ago. You’ve been there. You’ve been on the mountain. You’ve done the routine, and could you imagine going back? Boring. Boring. Boring.

I contend that an irritation, a frustration that all of you have is just sheer boredom. And, as a matter of fact, you’re caught between that proverbial rock and a hard space, because you’re bored, but you don’t want to die. That’s why I say stop worrying about death. It’s easy.

But you don’t want to leave, because you’re not really sure – I mean, you’re not really, really sure; maybe, what, 80 percent sure, 90 percent sure, but you’re not really, really sure – what goes on… (he gestures; a few chuckles) I can’t even say the words, after you’re leave. So there is still a holding on, there’s still limitation, but damned if you can tolerate another day on this planet with its ways, you know.
Your big excitement these days is a new piece of technology – “Whoopee, because I never had a super deluxe iPad, X-modem model V before in any other lifetime. Now I got it.” Okay. After 30 minutes, you’re back to boredom.

So there’s this whole phenomenon going on of boredom, and what do you do? So you create stuff, just to keep you busy. You know what many of you do is engage in extreme activity, what I call the “Hatter” activity, like the Mad Hatter. Just activity, just something to keep going, just something, because if you just keep yourself engaged to anything, maybe you’ll stay on the planet. If you keep yourself engaged, maybe it will bring in some energy or something, and it doesn’t.

Actually, engaging yourself in frantic activity is neurotic, and it’s feeding the thought-into-mood cycle. It doesn’t give you the opportunity to stop and just say, “I Am. I Exist.” It doesn’t give you an opportunity to just slow down and allow a very natural process to take place, because part of you doesn’t want to face that natural process. It hurts a little bit. Eh, it hurts a lot.

It hurts the body for a little while, because it’s going to release … it’s going to re- … let me put it this way. If I told you that you’re going to do a complete release of your ancestral biology and your old human template and you’re going to integrate the light body, don’t you think that would hurt a little bit? Don’t you think they’d be at least like, “Oh, god!” or a little jolt or jarring of energy? Well, certainly. You’ve been clunking this thing around for millions of years, this template of a physical body. It’s going to hurt a little bit as it releases. It … like … (Adamus again squeezes water into the air).

But it was actually a good example, because you’ve got all this old ancestral biology stuck in there, and you’re trying to think your way out of it – “I am no longer my ancestors, I’m no longer my ancestors” – and that doesn’t do much good.

You stop for a moment and then – another water splat – it just releases. And you say, “Well, how does it release? I mean, tell me exactly so I know whether I want it to happen.” It doesn’t matter. It’s going to release. It’s going to let go.

So we have this tremendous sense of boredom that’s come in, and really, I want you to feel into that. You are a grand creator, a grand creator. But, in answer to your question, some of your choices are not grand creator choices. Some of them are. Some of them are. But some of them are little boredom choices, little limited self choices. Not the grand choice.

And I’m going to tell you a secret. We’ve talked about choices before in our gatherings for years now, because you forgot that you actually can make a choice. You, anybody, gets into the matrix, gets into the hypnotic rhythm, and they forget that they can make a choice. Or they think they are, because they can choose whether they’re going to have chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream for dessert, and then they say, “Well I can’t have any, because it’s bad for me. I heard it on TV. It has gluten in it or god knows whatever. And I can only eat kelp ice cream,” so … (laughter) You laugh, but these are true life examples! And so then there is no choice.

So we – Tobias, Kuthumi and I – have worked for years to say you can make a choice. But then you say, “Well, but I’m afraid to make a choice. What if I make the wrong choice?” You can’t make the wrong choice. You cannot. You cannot. Just make a choice. (someone sneezes) Thank you. Just make a choice.
Now, the Master understands at a certain point, it’s all a bunch of crap. You get to a certain point after you have a consciousness of making a choice, after you get to that point of saying, “Ah, I can a make choice. I can make big choices, huge choices,” and then you make them. You don’t just say you can make them, but you make a choice.

You get to that point of mastery and you never have to think about a choice again, ever again. It’s already there. It’s already there. There are no choices to be made, because you’re in your mastery. You’re no longer limited. You’re no longer walking around saying, “Well, I don’t know. And, you know, when’s the next star alignment going to come? And when are the aliens going to come?” You’re out of all that. You’re out of the limitations. As a free sovereign being you never make a choice again.

Why? Everything is going to be there appropriately without thinking about it, without having to do “Should I do this or that?” Never again will you have to make a choice. It will – snap! – be there. It will be there. There’s no black. There’s no white. There’s no separation. There’s no “Should I do this or should I do that?” It’s just there.

Perhaps – perhaps you don’t feel you’re quite at that point yet, you’re quite at that point of trusting that it’s just going to be there, but you are. Perhaps that’s pretty fearful, thinking, “Oh my gosh. You mean I can just let go of control?” ~ Adamus

On Souls, Soul mates and Soul sharing (Walk-ins):

Souls are not singular

This is controversial to your intellect! The souls that you claim as “yours” are not singular, but rather they are part of the whole. That’s easy to say, but hard to grasp. When you look at another Human Being and you say, “Namaste,” you are honoring the God in you, greeting the God in them. Did you ever think they might represent the same soul? Are they the same God? Then they have to be the same soul! But you don’t think that way. You have your soul and they have theirs. That’s what you think, and it’s the best you can do because if you combine them together there are logic problems with your linear mind.

The mind that is linear sees your soul as yours alone, and this itself will keep you from understanding this message. What I’m going to tell you is that when you cross your own bridge of understanding, you’ll see that it amplifies perspective. It does not subtract from the magnificence of your soul in any way.

There’s no such thing as a singular soul, for it is always connected to the whole. The soup of God is always in a soup. You might call it a collective if you wish, for it does not separate itself from the whole. The pieces and parts of it, if you wish to call it that, inhabit Human consciousness and you identify these parts as your own, but they are greater than that. My partner’s teaching this year will be about the nine attributes of the Human Being. Three of those attributes are from the soul group, and he talks about the core. The core is what you feel when you get into a deep meditative state. You touch the core and you think it’s you. Well, it isn’t! It’s everyone! That’s why it feels so magnificent. I don’t want you to think this is a foreign entity inside you, either. It is you, but the bigger you. You are God.

The soul is not limited to Humans – and it isn’t “learning”

I’m going to break some paradigms that you’ve been taught. The Human soul, as you call it, does not belong to Humans. It’s part of creation in all parts of the Universe. Therefore, other spiritual biological entities also have souls just like yours. Not all intelligent life in your galaxy have souls, only the ones “seeded” from a spiritual source. We will leave this for another time. Just understand that the very nomenclature “Human soul” is incorrect.

There is no such thing as a soul in a “learning capacity”. Souls don’t learn. Humans do. Yet you are told that souls come and go in order to learn something. You are told that some are wiser than others. My partner uses the words old soul, which may be confusing. You’re all old, it’s just that some of you have been Humans longer than others. The actual term old soul doesn’t even make sense, because there’s no time for a soul. Souls always were and always will be a part of God. So really, old soul is not a correct label, but Humans will continue to use it because it means something different when you are in a 3D reality. It’s a descriptive of a Human who has lived many, many lives.

Listen, there’s no such thing as souls who are in a learning capacity in order to be better souls. They are not eventually going someplace else where they might be graduate souls. This is all in the bias of the mind of the Human Being who is attached to Human reality. Humans learn; Humans graduate; a Human moves from one level to another. Souls do not, dear ones. You simply have placed your reality onto another system, not understanding that it’s not like you. So get used to this, and other things about souls. A soul does not have a Human reality. A soul has God reality.

What if I told you that your soul is identical in its magnificence to every soul on this planet? Get ready: Who is the worst Human Being you can think of? In history, alive now, dead – who is the worst one? Guess what? He or she has the same soul you do – a perfect piece of God that allows discovery or not. That tells you a great deal about free choice. It tells you that this specific magnificent piece of God is available, at full strength, to any Human who wishes to look.

We gave you a channel once before that explained what the rules were of Spirit. The main one was that we cannot interfere with free choice. We can watch you make mistakes, watch you turn your back on the magnificence inside you, but we can’t interfere or even give you signals. We can watch you develop evil and nurture it. We can watch you kill and do horrendous things, sometimes even in the name of God, and we can’t do anything. It has to be you who makes the choice. Those who have been Human longer on this planet make far better choices. They are aware of the God inside at some level. That’s just one attribute that I want to demystify. There is no “level” of learning with souls.

There are no soul levels or advancement

This one is similar to the last one: There is no advancement of souls from one level to the next. There is an idea that Human Beings have that a soul might start as an animal and then graduate to a Human. In this thinking, somehow the soul goes through certain incarnations where it is a lesser Human Being or perhaps an animal in order to graduate to a wise, old soul. This is simply not the way of it.

Again, dear one, Human reality, logic and your basic Human nature create levels of advancement for yourselves. Then you place this system upon God and then even teach these things. Did you know that this diminishes the Creative Source? “Kryon, do you mean that animals don’t have souls?” I didn’t say that. Animals have a different kind of what you might call a soul, and yes, certain ones reincarnate. We have told you that before. But listen: The system never crosses the barrier of animal to Human – ever.

The energy of the creator that you carry is precious and it’s sacred. It only belongs to entities in this galaxy who have been seeded for spirituality and are given the free choice to expand to an ascended state. That is what is inside you, Human Being, and it’s not in a dolphin, a dog or a horse. It belongs to your spiritual Human DNA, and it’s part of a grand plan. It didn’t start as an animal. There are those who actually believe the lower the animal, the lower the soul. There is the thought that you start as a hamster and become a dolphin someday and eventually a Human. By the way, this is still taught in certain places on Earth. I want to tell you that’s not the way of it at all, and it is simply humanism carried into a mythological state and does not honor who you are or what is inside you.

So there is no learning, there are no levels of advancement, and there’s no hierarchy. “Wait a minute, Kryon, what about archangels and lesser angels?” We’ve given that discussion before. All of the categorizing of Spirit is your own Human organization. It’s where you put them in your importance and what you name them. That is a Human attribute, dear ones, and it is not God. There’s no management system or flow charts with God. There’s no hierarchy of who is in charge of whom with God. Instead, it is a system that is known by all who are on my side of the veil. It is beautiful, sacred and perfect. There is a “oneness” here.

There are scientists who have looked out into the Universe and are starting to realize it could not have happened by accident. Humans are taught that things happen randomly and that this leads to evolution. Some scientists are now struggling with what they see because it is outside of the reality of the evolution of life being chance. The odds are staggering that it was a benevolent system of design.

It’s true: Your galaxy was designed this way. It was created for life and postured in a way that allows for what is happening in this moment – allowing you to sit on this earth and hear these words. It’s all about you and free choice to find the God part, the soul within you. It really is. Everything revolves around the Human Being on this planet and many of the animals know it at some level. However, getting you to realize it has been slow. So right now, the task is to better understand the spiritual system that supports you.

Walk-ins – Soul sharing

Now, what I’m about to give you will challenge your perception of connectivity to the max. We bring up the subject of soul sharing. You’re not going to like this, dear ones, because it breaks the paradigm of your traditional thought.

We’ll start simple, then we’ll get complex. Soul sharing: Have you heard of a walk-in? Many have. Let’s speak about what it is, what you think it is, what you’re taught it is, and then the problems of logic and singularity that exist because of it. Here is what you’re often told: A Human Being will pass in death and then come back. But in order to come back quickly and skip over an often seven- to 15-year growing-up period, they become “walk-ins”. In order to accomplish spiritual things quicker, they will soul share by agreement, and will “pop in” to another existing Human’s life at the approximate age of eight to 13. That’s a walk-in as you see it. So now, supposedly, you have two souls in one body. Follow me so far?

Now, the walk-in has an attribute that you have to ask about. “What happens to the first soul? Does it take a subservient position? If the first Human’s name is Sally and the second soul comes in and that used to be Henry, how does that work?” It’s confusing. “What does Henry think about it, being in another gender with Sally? Can they exist together? Does one take a back seat? Does one go forward? Does one simply give up and go back? What is the process of this?”

Human Beings who are esoteric wring their hands and have discussions where they argue and say, “How can this be, and what do we make of it?” And we sit by and we look at it and we say to you, what are you talking about? What is the issue?

You have a 3D argument going on, and all of the machinations of your logic reveal your singular bias. Henry and Sally are just fine with it all! You see, what you don’t know, and what you haven’t figured out yet, is that there are not two souls in that body! There is only one, and it’s called God. The Henry and the Sally separation is only what you made out of it. One soul joining another and soul sharing is like God with God. It’s you with you. You just got bigger. One soup joined another, and now there is a larger soup.

There will be arguments like, “Well, what attributes of the Akash belong to Sally and what attributes of the Akash belong to Henry?” What if I told you they combined them? What if I told you things just got bigger with the walk-in? Would that be alright? What if I told you that the whole purpose of the walk-in is the combined Akash? This is so the experiences of many lifetimes can combine to another Human Being as one. Now that’s confusing, since you want them to only be one. You see, it’s bigger than you think.

There are no puzzles to figure out with the majesty of God. Walk-ins are very common, especially with an old soul passing and coming back quickly into one who has already grown biologically. It is a system of benevolence and a fast-tracking system that allows things to happen better than they would have otherwise, and also take less time. Now, that was easy. But these explanations are going to get more confusing if you’re confused already.

Soul mates/Soul sharing

The next subject is soul mates. It’s not always what you think. Here is an example: One person meets another person and they have a connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s outside of romance, although that’s there, too, to really confuse things. It may be from a past life as a brother, sister, mother or dad, but they know each other. They think like one person. They can have conversations just looking in each other’s eyes and they are amazed. They must have spent lifetimes together in order to have this similarity of thought and thinking of ideas and passions. There’s an attraction to be with that person, to just stay with that person, because they represent something that is so special – and you call it soul mate.

What if I told you that you just met a portion of yourself? I told you, dear ones, it gets spooky. What if soul sharing is simply an attribute where you meet a piece of yourself in another Human Being? This is where many will put this information down, walk out of the room, and say, “This is not for me. This can’t be for me.” Dear Human, I want you to use your discernment right now and spiritual logic. If God is not singular and you are a piece of the whole, and everybody is in you and you are in everybody, then why is this so spooky? When you see a piece of yourself in another Human Being, why should that be so unusual? It’s simply part of the way soul sharing works. Instead of seeing God in that person, you’re seeing you in them! That’s how it feels, doesn’t it? Perhaps you have been together as a walk-in during the past, sharing one Human body? Now you are in two bodies again. That’s what a soul mate is. No wonder you’re attracted to them and they’re attracted to you!

Soul sharing cannot be explained satisfactorily to any single-digit dimensional Human Being, and everything that I’m doing now will simply complicate it by a huge factor.

Reincarnation/Soul sharing

Let me tell you the most complicated one, and then I want to give you an example. I have told you that there is a system of reincarnation that honors the family and that at the very least, the system has one generation skipped for reincarnation within a family. Most of the time it’s two generations, but often it’s every other generation. This allows for new souls coming in to learn and for old souls to be their children and their parents. It mixes it up and it’s helpful for both. For instance, old soul, you’re children are probably not old souls, but your grandchildren are (or will be). Skipping every other generation, or two generations, is the most common. It’s very common to see your parents in the eyes of these children.

Some of you know what I mean, for in general you say that you know your children best, but when your grandchildren came in, you saw something in them that you recognized as unusual. Now, I want to make this very clear, yet I cannot easily. All this talk about reincarnation and skipping generations is very understandable to you and it’s fine, as long as the grandparents are gone. But if they’re still alive, there’s a problem. How can your living parents be your grandchildren if they are still alive? What do you think of that? You look in the eyes of the kids and you know who they are, but they can’t be! Or can they?

The answer is that they can be and it’s soul sharing. It’s not complicated if your parents have passed, but very complicated if they are still around. Do you understand this is a Human linearity puzzle? It’s not a puzzle for God. Have you heard that in quantum physics, light can be in two places at the same time? Welcome to a new reality! It’s not that complicated when you take it out of your 3D box.

There is more, and I’ll talk about inheritance that is different between Akashic and chemical tomorrow. We are really going to mix it all up. So now that I have put a stick into what you have been told and stirred it up, who are you? Is it possible the more you get to know each other, the more you see the same God in all of you? The connectivity is what solves the problems of Human variety – of you not getting along for centuries.

There will come a day, dear ones, if you follow the same progressions as those before you on other planets have, there will come a time where you acknowledge the similar God in all Humans first, and then the personality differences in you second. This is the secret to peace on Earth.

Looking at other Humans and recognizing that their desires are the same as yours is a type of compassion. This eventually creates generosity, not bullying and conquering. You start to look at what you have in common and not your differences. Many will observe you and will observe your graciousness and maturity in how you live day by day. That’s the only vehicle through which you have to teach other Human Beings about God. Let them see the attributes of God in you. ~ Kryon

On Medicine and War – What is coming:

What is future medicine going to look like?

The most elegant predictions of medicine fall short of what’s really coming. What you have today is a high-tech approach to designer chemistry. Now, since the body is made up of chemistry, it makes sense to look at this chemistry and work with it. It makes total sense to discover how it reacts to disease and then design cures with more chemistry. It’s absolutely normal what you have done, but it’s going to reach an end very soon. Because the future of medicine is physics, dear ones, not chemistry.

You’re going to start understanding and developing new medical physics. You will discover that medi-physics is going to literally speak to cellular structure and give it instructions, without one chemical involved. There’s always a reaction to chemistry, isn’t there? There’s always a side effect. When you push one thing, something else reacts, doesn’t it? How do you like it so far? Your most elegant chemical designs, the ones that are helping with the worst diseases on the planet, all have side effects – and some of those side effects are death! I say to you, how do you like it so far?

Does it really seem elegant to you? Or perhaps it’s just a more sophisticated way of bleeding in the barbershop? Dear ones, that’s how you’re going to look at it someday! You’re going to slap your heads and say, “Remember the day when we did everything with chemistry and drugs?”

Right now, these kinds of changes have already started in several areas. There are discoveries being made that are healing some of the most heart-breaking diseases you have. I reveal one, because it’s not a secret. I will always give you information that is either being worked on or has been postulated through free choice on this planet. That is the guideline of channelling. We can’t give it to you. You’ve got to develop it yourself. However, we can put you in an energy that has a faster discovery potential – that is to say, discoveries become more obvious.

Alzheimer’s is heart breaking. There are millions on this planet who develop this condition, more all the time. You’re living longer and a plaque-like material that literally obfuscates your memory within the brain is becoming more common. It clings to certain parts of your brain, encrusting and restricting it, imprisoning the Human’s ability to remember and eventually process information at all. The result is death, slow death. It’s caused by your environment, a fact which will be discovered eventually. Your long-lived Ancients didn’t have it.

It’s going to be cured with physics. Your science is starting to find out that the plaque-like substance has a resonance that allows it to be weakened with sound. High-frequency sound, tuned to a certain frequency and amplitude, will cause the sheaths to weaken, dissolve, and come off. There’s a lot of research to do yet, but it’s a Eureka! moment – realizing that physics alone, without chemistry, can change the structure of biology. This is with no side effects whatsoever. It’s coming, it’s coming.

There are those working with fresh umbilical cord stem cells right now who are using pure physics to guide the stem cells to a specific destination in the body in order to repair failing systems. Dear ones, the future of health and healing is not through better chemistry, yet medicine is still waiting for better pills! Did you connect the dots and realize that all biology is physics based? There is magnetics, leverage, the energy of consciousness, electricity and much more within cellular structure. With physics alone, you can “tune in” to disease and destroy it! You can fine-tune your system with cooperative resonances and extend life with benevolent, physical assistance. Sixteen years ago, I told you this when I spoke of the Temple of Rejuvenation. I described the super-cooling needed to do it and the temperatures needed to work with it (-55C). This is physics!

Now, the false expectation of greater chemistry for the future is totally caused from the filter of knowledge. What you have and know then gives you your expectation of what is going to take place. It literally blocks you from seeing some of the potentials that you may have.


Let’s talk about war. Let’s discuss something that very few are considering. What you expect next is completely and totally out of perspective of what’s actually coming, because you only have one kind of knowledge about war. Your war has advanced over history with bigger explosions, higher yields and weapons that fire faster. Nuclear, laser, sound – all are far more efficient ways to terminate life. That’s how war has evolved. However, there hasn’t really been anything called anti-war devices, have there?

I’m going to give you an invitation for discovery, and some are already in the postulation stage of this. Multidimensional fields change 3D reality. Period. I’ve told you that lurking in your future are discoveries that will help you with every aspect of your life, mainly due to the discovery of what makes basic physics do what it does at the atomic level. If you fully understand multidimensionality, you can manipulate the formula for mass and create massless objects. You can even do it with the tools you have right now.

There is physics possible that can create certain kinds of fields – listen to me – certain kinds of heretofore unseen multidimensional fields that are harmless to your biology, but will alter some attributes of 3D. These fields are designer fields, and they are isolated and specifically designed for one purpose. When in the field, conventional explosive reactions can’t happen. Can you imagine putting a field within rooms of a building so that no matter what weapon is fired, whether it’s a machine gun or a pistol, it simply won’t work! What about targeting an airplane when it drops a bomb and it won’t explode? This is pure physics. The alteration of 3D reality through multidimensional designer fields, both small and large, is coming. I know you don’t believe it, but just wait. As you start to discover multidimensional physics and the ability to control it, you will discover that there is a “benevolent attitude” of this kind of physics. You can’t “weaponize it” as easily as you can 3D. It is an entirely different kind of reality.

Again, I tell you that when you understand how mass is created at the atomic level, you’ll learn how to create massless objects. By the way, that has another name. You call it anti-gravity, but there is no such thing. It’s just the ability to finally control the formula that creates gravity with mass. You understand that this is simple physics, don’t you? And it’s very easy to manipulate for benevolent uses through other fields that you do know about. Just like you have learned to control certain kinds of physics that are 3D, you can also control multidimensional physics. Imagine a planet where it doesn’t matter what war device you had, it wouldn’t work anymore! What do you think about that? Imagine physics having the ability to shatter the molecules of a biological weapon. Do you think that would change world politics? It’s happening, it’s going to happen. It’s in the laboratory today. You’re broaching the discovery of multidimensional physics. Being able to control that which you don’t think is controllable is what you are doing. It’s going to make such a difference to the Human race! ~ Kryon

On The Blossoming of Affirmations
An affirmation spoken out loud is a positive, powerful reinforcement of who you are. You are not asking for anything with a good affirmation. You are not wishing anything either. Instead, you are stating something that is yours, and innate is the first to hear it and act on it. Innate is listening all the time! You have muscle-tested with it for years. You’ve homeopathied with it for years! It’s there with an antenna ready to listen, and there is no greater influence than your voice and your consciousness stating what you are out loud.

Years and years ago, in an older energy, Kryon was asked, “Is it necessary to state affirmations out loud, or can we say them within ourselves?” The answer was, “Say them within, because it’s not going to make a difference.” Now, in this enhanced energy, I change my story. In this new energy, The Field has increased. It is more available to synchronize with, to entangle with, then ever before. It is ready to put things together for you, situationally, biologically and consciously. It is ready to expose you to your Higher-Self in a way that you had only hoped for in the past. The main tool is you talking to it, and right now the best way is through the consciousness of vocal affirmation.

It is why you’re going to see an explosion in suggested affirmations all over the planet. They have been here for more than a century, but dear ones, now is when they blossom. The reason for them is so that you can get in touch with that which is in your own smart body, and which is already connected to the benevolence of physics called The Field.

Now, there are those sitting here who are saying, “Well, I wish I knew what Kryon said. It’s sometimes hard to figure out.” It’s beautiful, isn’t it, that you don’t have to know? You don’t have to know! I gave you a tool that’s practical in 3D and I told you the workings of it, the minutia of it and the reasons for it. However, only you can verify this. All I’m going to tell you is be careful what you say. Construct that which you tell your body in a positive way, which is your statement of who you are.

Now, be careful, for there are those of you who are too linear to do this. You’re sick and you’re coughing and then you start affirming that you are well. You may see this and say, “I’m just in denial. Here I am coughing at the same time I’m claiming I’m healed?” You can’t even begin to understand the physics of a multidimensional circle. What you are doing is enhancing a time fractal of the future. You are creating that which is not here yet (from your thinking), but the way we see it, The Field is already there and working the solution. It already exists.

Can you see the potential of this? Can you state it without your mind trying to put together unequal things? The sick person can say out loud, “I am healed, I am whole, thank you.” Then in the next moment, they cough! The person who is not abundant can say, “I have abundance for my life, and I don’t have to worry from day to day. I have what I need because I’m worth it.” At the same moment, they have nothing in their bank account. The person who is troubled with situations or relationships can claim total victory! “I am peaceful. Thank you Spirit for getting me through this awful thing.” Then when they awaken from this affirmation, they are still in the awful thing!

Do you see what I’m saying? You start stating who you are, because it’s who you’re going to be. In your linear time, it hasn’t happened, but to us, it has! Listen, each one of you who is listening to this, I know that you have got something to say to your body; I know it. It’s time to connect to The Field! There’ll be more, for there is a part two coming.

Dear ones, you’re already equipped. Your connection to this field is already there. Physics, indeed, has an attitude, and the attitude is benevolence with its hand outstretched, saying, “Come see how we can help.” That’s the beauty of the creator and this energy today. It is asking you to resonate to something beautiful, then stand back and watch it work.

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