On The Zero (in math):
There will come a day when your science will honor the zero within your coming interdimensional math. Right now, you see the zero as nothing. Some have said, “Well, we know that zero doesn’t really mean nothing. We think that an interdimensional zero will be infinity. That’s what a zero is.” No, it isn’t.

We’ve told you about 12-based math for over a decade. The elegance of it will astonish you, especially its computational simplicity. It’s the only math that “shakes hands” with nature. You cannot consider 12-based math without making the zero an integer of special value. It cannot be a placeholder; it cannot be “nothing,” and it doesn’t represent infinity. Again we’ll tell you this: The zero is the magic of interdimensional math. It’s the magic of base-12.

The zero is the potential of all that ever was, is, or can be. It’s the “now” of universal math. It represents potential, or an energy of possibility. Therefore, the zero is variable depending upon the equation. You’re not used to this. You’re used to mathematical equations being empirical, and you wish that to remain. But it can’t be that way when you begin to compute outside of linearity. Within that scheme is revealed the elegance of the math. The zero removes what is not needed, and reveals the solution. It becomes the facilitator of the reality of the puzzle itself, and is often the core number. We don’t expect you to fully understand this. In fact, we don’t expect any understanding at all. Not yet. ~Kryon.

On The Speed of Light – Discarding a rule of physics:
Before we get into the puzzle of the actual shape of the Universe, I have another prediction. In order to give it, however, I have to lay the groundwork. Let me engage in some plain talk here. I’ll give you one of the postulates of your modern scientific thinking: The speed of light is absolute, and everything, speedwise, is measured against it, since it’s the fastest thing you can see or measure. It has become a yardstick of astronomy and a standard. The idea of “time” being variable (and it is) is also dependent upon how fast you travel. All of this has become your reality using that magic number, the speed of light. Watch for this; it’s going to happen. There’s going to come a time when there’s an acknowledgment that the speed of light is variable! The reality is that it is indeed different all over the Universe depending on the dimensionality attributes of where it’s being measured. There are many speeds of light, and it depends upon where you’re standing and what you’re looking at.

Now, this statement is at considerable odds with almost everything that you’ve learned, and with almost everything that has been postulated about the way things work. So the idea won’t come easy, or fast. But it has to come. It also messes up the distance measurements in astronomy, but it’s about time. Look for it – it’s just around the corner. Some will start to issue the proclamations that the speed of light must be variable for things to be the new way you’re seeing them. As the eyes of your astronomers get better (meaning the equipment), so it will be that you will have to change the reasons behind what you’re seeing. Look for postulates of multidimensional areas in space, and also postulates of light changing its speed from place to place, depending upon the formula around localized reality, especially the time frame. By the way, this will also begin to explain why there was no “big bang,” but instead, a “big revelation.” Again, I ask you this: When unseen things become seen, does that mean that they didn’t exist before you saw them? Think about it.

Your science gave you the postulate that when you travel almost at the speed of light, your time changes. So work that backwards: What happens to the speed of light when you change your time instead? It works both ways, and magnetics and gravity play the role of changing time.

We told you in 1989 that the magnetic grid of the earth would change, and it did. We told you in 1989 that the future, the potential of the earth, would feature massive weather changes. Have you seen any? The vibration of the planet is vastly different from how it was in 1987, isn’t it? And what about your senses? Is there anybody here, perhaps those who are reading this as well, who would admit: “Yes, I’ve felt the speed-up of time in the last two or three years”?

The Human Being has felt it, the earth is physically showing it, and here you are in a time frame that’s different from the one you were raised in. You’re not aware that the speed of light changed for you, are you? It did. That’s what happens with a higher-vibrating planet (and everything around it). The potential of science is to begin a new understanding of relativity… one that reaches far beyond anything that has ever been postulated before. However, if everything is relative to everything else, then where’s the constant? There has to be one for the wise scientist to breathe easy and know that chaos is not the way of such a grand plan. There is a constant, and it’s called the “love of God.” ~ Kryon.

On The Shape of the Universe:
We’d like to explain the shape of the Universe to you. This becomes difficult, and again we’ll say this: In scientific discussions of this nature, I can’t give you interdimensional information within a single-digit reality. There’s no way I can present to you the way it is without giving you oversimplified metaphors and analogies. Some of you will understand this despite the fact that you’re functioning within a single-digit dimension with a metaphor that’s only true to a certain extent. There have been those who would say, “Kryon, what is the shape of the Universe?” The shape of the Universe, in your dimension, looks like a toroid. Now, for those of you who do not know what a toroid is, it’s a shape that looks like a tire or a doughnut. Within any 4D toroidal shape, there are mathematical relationships that are unique. These relationships have to do with efficiency and distance, and you’re also going to find them (the relationships and toroidal shapes) within your DNA. This is only to say that the macro is similar to the micro within nature, as you observe it. This is no accident. We invite you to study why this might be.

So I’ve just given you the shape of the Universe, but it hasn’t helped you one bit. Even so, now I’m going to complicate it. The Universe as you know it is pasted upon the inside and the outside of this toroidal tube. You look out and see the Universe as a shape that suits your expected reality. You don’t see the curves, since light is supposed to travel in a straight line. It doesn’t… it never has. In an interdimensional paradigm, you could be looking at something where the light from an object comes to you through a convoluted, twisting path, but within your 4D reality, you would swear that it was a “straight shot” to the object, since this is what you expect to see. The truth lies within a scope of reality outside what you expect or have experienced, so it’s tough to describe it to you.

Now, in a closed, contained 4D shape like a toroid, there’s no path from the inside to the outside. (Think of it as a closed pipe in a circle, with the ends connected together.) Yet, I’ve just told you that your Universe exists on both the inside and outside surfaces at once. So you might go to a model of a toroid and examine it to see how this might work… to have something on the surface of the inside and the outside at the same time. However, there’s nothing you can do in 4D to create that path, even if you snip the toroid, straighten it out, and experiment with reconnecting the ends in clever ways. But no matter what you do, the inside surface always ends up connecting to itself, and the outside attributes are the same… no matter how many times you might twist and turn the ends and reconnect them. And here’s where it gets very strange and interdimensional. We’ll describe how it works, but you won’t understand it.

Some of you understand the attributes of a Mobius strip. We’ve discussed this before. A Mobius strip is a ribbon, except that it’s been snipped with a half-twist and re-pasted together. This creates an interesting situation. If you consider the ribbon as a road, you can travel this ribbon and walk and walk, eventually walking on what used to be both the inside and outside surfaces of that ribbon. It’s a very efficient shape. This Mobius strip is a well-known phenomenon in mathematics and physics.

Now, what I’m going to tell you makes no sense at all. Nothing will make sense from here on in 4D. You’ve never heard of a Mobius toroid, have you? Well, that’s exactly the attribute of the interdimensional toroid that is your Universe. Multidimensional physics is different from your 4D physics. It allows for paths and portals outside of your linear thinking, and it seems to allow for objects (and light) to be in two places at the same time. They’re not, but when you take away linear time, it looks that way to you.

Let me give you an example. You’re used to linearity and to the elements around you behaving in a certain way every day. When you sat on the chair tonight [speaking of the seminar in a hotel], you knew its shape. You knew that it would support you. You knew how to pick it up and put it in a stack, if need be, for storage. These are the kinds of things you’re used to. But what if I told you that there’s a situation where you could place the chair on the top of a chair-stack, and it would become the bottom chair! That doesn’t make sense, does it? You can’t have matter going through matter. You can’t have things connected to other things that “go through themselves.” Not in 4D, anyway. Let me tell you why the chair really stays on the top in your reality. It’s because you placed it there last. It has less to do with the fact that it’s solid, as the linearity of the time frame it’s part of. In interdimensional things, their “place” in the Universe is often driven by the time frame. Objects in the “now” always think they’re together, even if you think they’re galaxies apart!

Your reality contains two attributes that are strongly interdimensional. Both violate the rules of 4D physics, only because you don’t know what the actual rules are yet. The two things are gravity and magnetism. Isn’t it true that gravity goes through everything? It doesn’t seem to matter what you have, or what element you present, gravity always wins [affects the object], if you’ve noticed. Gravity is an interdimensional force that’s related to time and the shape of the Universe itself. It’s actually very related to the toroid. It goes through everything, almost as though your dimension was invisible to it.

Magnetism, to some degree, does the same thing. In your reality, magnetism is the basis for all of your broadcasting. You broadcast a modulated magnetic frequency, and it goes through buildings, through walls, and most objects, and it comes right into your home. If you have a receiver, you can manifest what it contains in your reality. It’s an interdimensional thing, this magnetics… just like gravity.

Your science still doesn’t understand either one, so apply these principles to what I’m about to show you, metaphorically. The shape of the Universe is upon the inside and the outside of a toroid, yet they’re connected in a way you cannot visualize in your four-dimensional mind. Think of your Universe as having the same attributes of gravity and magnetism, which seem to be able to permeate almost everything. With that in mind, the pieces and parts might be like the chair that somehow goes to the bottom of the stack, even when placed on the stack last. It goes through the others because there are rules of interdimensional physics that demand that it find its true universal location based on things other than what you think they should in 4D linearity. ~ Kryon.

On Universal Distances:
Here’s something you can visualize that may help you understand what I’ll call the deception of one dimension looking at another. I’m going to show you how the Universe isn’t really that big.
Take this toroid we’ve created in our metaphor, and visualize it. Now, change the metal-pipe scenario to one of soft cloth. The toroid is now flexible. Take scissors and cut it anywhere you want. Straighten it out so it’s a tube, like a tube sock. Make it big enough so that you could put your hand inside.

Reach in through the tube, and grab the other end and pull it through. Visualize doing this many times from each side until, instead of a pipe that used to be a tube sock, you now have collapsed it until it’s a fraction of its original size and shape through pulling the ends through the sock many times. When you’re finished with that, cleverly connect the ends again. You can do it. It’s not that hard. You can wrap one end over and connect it to the one inside. Question: Is it still a toroid? The answer: Yes. The shape is the shape, and it has only been modified in three dimensions. Also, it still contains the mathematical “magic” of the toroid, only it’s now collapsed.

Now, let me take you to the middle of this collapsed toroid for a moment. You’re the size of a molecule, inside the sock. Metaphorically, there you are in a special Universe, vast beyond belief, yet layered and collapsed. If you begin to “walk” the surface of the toroid (inside or outside), you’ll still have to walk and walk and walk to make one full round-trip journey, even though the sock is collapsed. Why do that when the adjacent layer is only a fraction of an inch away? The answer? You can’t get through the layers. You can’t even see through the layers to know where you are. So you’re stuck with walking and walking and walking to get anywhere at all.

What we’re telling you is this. Your science and logical observation tells you that you’re literally hundreds of millions of light years away from objects. But what if this is an illusion, and a multidimensional Universe has attributes of the model tube sock? Could it be that what appears to be a linear 100-million light-year trip might be next door? The answer is a positive and strong “yes.” Although difficult to conceive of, yes, the vastness is real, just like the perception of the molecule that believes it has to walk the entire interior of the sock to get where it wants to go. The universal shape is also curved in such a way that there’s a predictable and mathematical way of broaching the “wall” (just like gravity does), that allows you to jump to other parts of the socks inner and outer surfaces.

That is the shape of the Universe. Now, however, let me give you some more information about “broaching the wall” between the layers of the collapsed toroid (are you still with me?). The Universe is a push/pull arrangement of energy. It’s constantly creating itself. It’s never destroying itself, but rather simply moving between dimensions in an arrangement where time and magnetism and gravity demand that it rebalance itself. There are facilities within the Universe to take away and replenish matter. Entire galaxies may seem to disappear and come back (as viewed from one dimensional paradigm). Dimensional shift is therefore the engine of your Universe, and all that you currently see in 4D. It’s responsible for what you feel is the beginning of your Universe, although it doesn’t have anything to do with a “bang,” What you call “black holes,” which are present at the center of every galaxy, are part of the engine of dimensional shift. They are the portals that broach the walls of the tube sock. We’ve also told you that in each galaxy center, there are at least two black holes. They always come in pairs, and one pushes and one pulls. Only one, however, is obvious to you. The other one belongs to the other side of the wall and hides. However, you’ll see it soon.

Let me give you another hint about the mechanics of your Universe. We’ve talked about gamma-ray activity for almost a decade. We told you to “look for intense gamma-ray activity.” We told you that when you see it, you’ll know that there’s creation going on – something special happening. Now we identify this as dimensional shift. It’s always accompanied by powerful gamma rays, specifically of extreme high intensity. This is an attribute of dimensional shift, and also tells you that something is happening. You see this at the edge of your galaxy, and you know that something is changing there. It’s a “mini-big bang,” if you want to use your own terms. It’s part of a constantly changing Universe, one that’s moving in a push/pull fashion.

Although it may seem to be billions of light years away, it isn’t. It’s really in your backyard, but you’re never in danger, dear Human Being, of having a collapse of time around you, or a new Universe showing up in your solar system. The physics of it keeps it separate and in its own time frame. This also means that the “center” of the Universe is everywhere.

However, there’s a special, sacred place in your Universe, and it seems to be in a very ordinary place. It’s a place called Earth that exists with angels upon it disguised as Human Beings. They’re there working a puzzle for Universes yet to make a shift. They’re called “the only planet of free choice”… the only one that can change its own reality. It’s the only planet where the inhabitants can take control and change the time frame of their reality and actually create dimensional shift. And this fact, dear Human Being, is the difference between yesterday and today.

This last weekend [the Harmonic Concordance] was significant, just like the Harmonic Convergence was significant. Human Beings decided to change the way they’ve been. Even at the cellular level, this will be felt. DNA’s “permission” structure will actually change because of what you’ve done. How can I tell you this? How can I show this to you? You’re going to have the beginning of interdimensional sight, which is going to aid with your co-creation. Each of you has the ability to co-create a reality for yourselves that will match the energy of the planet, and those around you. Perhaps this reality means bringing peace in your own life while you work on the puzzles that have given you the most challenges?

What if you had interdimensional sight – the kind that could reveal the things that are hiding, but which are literally the sustenance of what you need? What if I told you that the secret of co-creation is subtraction? ~ Kryon.

On The “Big Bang” Theory:
It seems as you sit here in this modern age, your scientists are convinced that all the matter they see in the universe – the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy and all the other galaxies as far as they can be seen – were all caused from one expanding event. They have called this event their “big bang.” This is indeed a very illogical scientific premise, although metaphorically it makes the same kind of sense that it did to those three hundred years ago, for it promotes the feeling of oneness with God, and the Earth being a central part of everything you see.

So what is it exactly that would bring you to the conclusion that there was only one expanding creative event? Tell me, when you point your instruments to the farthest reaches of what you can see, do your instruments tell you everything is the same age? It should be, to point to one creation. Even when you take into consideration the “paradox of the clock,” you shouldn’t find objects very far away that are younger than your own planet… and yet you do. Tell me, as you look around you, is everything in the universe dispersed evenly as it is traveling away from one point of source? It should be, to support the idea of one creative event.

As you already know, this is not the case! The sharper your instruments become, the clearer the lie becomes, if you will admit it. There is no even dispersion, and no “trail” that points to the consistent source of one creative event.

The truth is that there were many expanding events spaced over a great amount of time. The truth is that your planet sits among one of many overlapping creative events, some of which were earlier than your own. You would be wise to examine what causes them, for when the next one happens you will not be so shocked. It is pure logic and physical mathematics that determines the creative process of matter. This will eventually be a source of great debate, for again it will shake the foundation of the priests who insist on one creation. How can you limit God in such a fashion? ~ Kryon.

On Allowing For An Altered Future:
Let it be okay for things to turn out differently than you want. Let me tell you a story about a woman who had a desire. She said, “I understand all of these things. I’m a Lighthouse; I’m divine; I’m a Lemurian; I put fear behind me. I’ve even put all my past lives behind me. I’m living exactly as the teachings said I should. I feel it. I’m in love with myself, and I’m in love with God. I love myself through my divinity, but I really want a partner. I want somebody to love me. I know it’s awfully 4D of me, but I really, really want this.”

And so she prayed: “Dear God, give me a partner. Give me a partner. Give me a partner. And if you missed my message, God, I’d like to tell you again: Give me a partner!” But she didn’t get one and she didn’t get one and she didn’t get one. Finally, she said, “I’m going to use what I know to build my own partner. I’m going to make myself my partner! Kryon said I’m a group, so I’m going to use my masculine/feminine side, make myself my own partner, and be happy with myself!” And she did.

She fell in love with herself even more than she already was – not in an egotistical way, but in a divine way. The I Am took hold. She saw the divinity and the oneness of everything and said, “I don’t need anybody.” Much to her friends’ chagrin, she actually held a ceremony where she married herself! What a story! There she was, very satisfied. “Dear Spirit,” she prayed, “thank you for showing me something I didn’t expect. It’s okay now. It truly is. I don’t need anyone.”

Is it okay if it turns out different from how you expect? Here’s a situation where divine wisdom changed the outcome, and a huge expectation wasn’t granted. What happened? The woman changed her own future and even changed her desire. Now, we could leave this story, but it’s not finished. Listen, for this is important: In this particular case, this woman paved the road so completely for a partner that he came to her right after she fell in love with herself! Suddenly, just as she didn’t feel she needed anyone, in came what she had so desperately asked for when she felt so dependent upon the request. In this new relationship, there was no dependency. Instead, there was ceremony and glorious togetherness. Two Human beings were united, both in love with themselves, neither one dependent on the other, but loving each other so much that they literally went to their graves together. That’s love.

Do you understand what I’m saying here? As soon as this Human reached in and discovered her divinity, the entire paradigm of her needs also changed. In her case, she didn’t get what she wanted from God. She got what she wanted from herself. ~ Kryon.

On The Mass Media’s Bad News:
“Dear Kryon, I’m very distraught about what I’m seeing on the news. It doesn’t fill my soul. It makes me worried. I try to hold a positive attitude. I look at peace on Earth, but everywhere I look where they’re broadcasting the news, it seems like everything is flying apart. You know, it’s getting worse, Kryon! Just at a time when you said the energy was being delivered to the earth, where we would see improvements, where someday we could have the real solutions, instead it seems we get horror! How do we justify these two things? It’s frustrating. Not only that, even if I could justify it, how do I talk to my friends about it when they come over and they cry for those who are lost, when they see hatred and war; when they see it getting worse instead of better? What do I do, pat them on the head and tell them the energy is changing? No. I want real answers.”

First, dear one, get a grip on your divinity! Understand what’s taking place so that you can emanate peace. Do this so no matter what’s on the news when your friends come to see you, you’ll still have the peace of God in your life. You are an ambassador for the divine. Intuitively activate the layers of DNA that will give you peace and divinity in the face of uncertainty and frustration. This is first. YOU are first, even before the explanation you seek. Learn to accept that even when it seems like everything around you reeks with challenge, there’s a quiet spot called YOU where friends can sit and find solace in your energy. This is what a lighthouse does when the storm hits… it leads others to the safe harbors.

For reasons that have already been discussed, Human nature likes drama. You’ll notice that there is no good-news channel. Wouldn’t that be something? A place where you could tune in and hear the good things of the day, and where you could hear stories of how people helped people? Imagine a broadcast where you could hear about victory, joy, and common positive experience! Wouldn’t that be something? And you might say, “Well, who would tune in to such a thing?” And the answer is, not enough at the moment. We know that. But when this occurs, and it will someday, you’ll understand that a part of Human consciousness has indeed changed.
So the answer to the question about being frustrated with the media is this: Understand what this shift is creating. In your “fair and balanced” news, you’re receiving “fair and balanced BAD news.” You’re only getting one part of it, since this is Human nature. It’s covering the “scampering,” and the increase in negativity is due to the increase in light! Intuitively understand that the other part is there, but just not seen. In your own consciousness, understand the joy that’s also there, in order to balance it out within your own logic. Understand the impossible task of the metaphoric leader, stirring up all the old energy, with the dust of darkness suddenly choking everyone. ~ Kryon.

On Feeling Betrayed:
“Kryon, I’m tired of people and am frustrated with them. What’s going on in the last year or so that would create a situation where people would change so radically? I don’t understand it! Many I’ve been with seem to have polarized themselves one way or the other, and they’re changing.”

Well, Lighthouse [pause]…

Let me ask you some questions about that. Are you sure they’re changing, or are you? What if it were a situation where you have asked for enlightenment and you’ve received it… in a very soft or precious way. What if you become wiser and you look upon your friends and your family, not in judgment, but in wisdom, and you perceive a separation? What if it was you who changed and not them? So again, we call upon this tolerance and patience as you move… but they remain as before. So there will be a chasm that opens since you’re moving and they’re not. The chasm can be bridged with what we have called, metaphorically, The Bridge of Swords.

Now, this is old information, but suddenly it’s on your doorstep. Now it’s your reality, whereas some years ago, when it was given in the Kryon teachings, it was just in a book. There’s never been a time in your life where you’ve seen the polarization of humanity like this. Had any personal betrayals lately? What does that mean to you? No more fence sitting! It’s starting to show, is it not? What is really felt and thought by others is starting to show. So you’re now seeing Human Beings start to move apart and isolate themselves into what they really believe, whereas it wasn’t so obvious before.

Now it’s your turn, as that part of the leader of Human consciousness, to show your love, compassion, and tolerance of these who would pull away from you… even the ones who would betray you. Can you do that? Let me tell you what happens, dear Human Being, when you take and look in the eye of the one who’s betrayed you, and you love them anyway. When you do this, a specific energy is created as a third energy between the two of you. This energy is divine, and it goes right into the earth – right into the crystalline! Memory is stored of what you did, and the wisdom it took, and it changes the planet. That’s how it works.

Start looking at people differently. Look upon them through the eyes of ascension. See them as family. Within normal society, no matter what they’ve done to you, understand that they’re part of the whole. If it’s their choice to move away from you, so be it. But understand that they’re loved as much as you are. Can you do that? It’s one of the hardest things we’ve ever asked of any Human Being. Look at the betrayer and love them as you love yourself. ~ Kryon.

On Always Being Exhausted:
“Kryon, I’m tired – really tired. I don’t seem to have the energy I used to have. You know, Kryon, you’re teaching about the energy being delivered to Earth, finally unifying with Lemurian energy – Lightworker energy! I should be feeling stronger, not weaker! Why am I always so worn out? Am I doing something wrong?”

Not all of you ask this question, but enough to warrant this discussion. How do I tell you this, dear one? The next time you feel exhausted, the next time you feel as if you just have to sit down and perhaps lament the fact that it wasn’t always this way, I want you to know something: There’s an entourage around you celebrating your life, watching you put down the weights that you’ve agreed to carry! Don’t you understand that as the energy begins to draw near to what you waited for, you go to work?

You’ve come here to do some of the heaviest spiritual lifting of any Human Beings in the history of this planet. Lemurians, are you listening? As this new energy comes into the planet that is commensurate with your energy, you’re lifting it right into the planet’s reality by the bootstraps. It’s part of your day-to-day walking around! Some of you are saying, “Well, Kryon, all I did today was fill up the car and do errands! Big spiritual endeavor, huh? Well, I’m tired!”
Listen, in the process of your day-to-day existence as a Lightworker on this planet, there are multilayered parts of you that are carrying energy for the Earth. The very fact that you’re here in an enlightened state creates energy! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. In a dark room, lights that walk around pretending not to be lights still illuminate the room!

Perhaps you might awaken in the morning and you’re really tired, so you decide to take the day off and it makes you more tired! Sound familiar? Ah, you’re doing the heavy lifting! What an honor for us to sit with Lightworkers like this! You actually came in with a willingness and a plan to do this, remember? The next time you feel tired, why don’t you greet us and say thank you for this tiredness. You might take a moment and say, “I understand now that I’m somehow doing planetary work, and I’m happy and joyful to be part of the family of God. I recognize Urim Ve Tumim. I recognize Aleph Etz Adonai.” When you do this, the spiritual DNA grouping gets activated, and you start to understand what spiritual heavy lifting is all about.

Tired? Yes. It isn’t going to be this way forever. These are the times that we spoke of. They’re not in the future anymore. They’re here. So do the heavy lifting, and understand that this is why you’re here. This is also why we love you the way we do. Then later… take another day off!

Many have said to Spirit: “Isn’t this supposed to be the energy that matches what I waited for? Isn’t this supposed to match who I am? Isn’t this the New Energy? If it is, why am I so tired?”

We’ve answered this before. It’s you who are doing the heavy lifting, the ones who stand in the hurricane shining your light. This makes you tired! But let me give you another attribute that’s starting to appear, one that we can’t fully explain to you yet, but which synchronizes with what’s happening now. On certain days you won’t just be tired, you’re going to be exhausted, abnormally exhausted. This won’t follow a pattern, except when you call your friends, they will be, too! Something’s going on.

Look at it as a wave of change that would create an attribute that greatly affects the Lightworker – specifically, the Lightworker. The Lightworker is the kind of Human who would be reading this article – the kind who would be sitting in this assembly – the kind of Human who cares about this planet and who sees divinity in themselves.

And so when this exhaustion takes place, again we say to you, do you have the courage, the strength, and the energy to say thank you? If you do, you chose the wisdom of Spirit. This is an indication to Spirit that you can see out of the box of humanity, and who you are in the grand plan of the whole picture.

Can you accept that Spirit has selected you for the heavy lifting? Can you accept that you are God? These things are changing the planet, dear Human Beings, in ways that you cannot imagine. It’s the good news that you can’t see yet. It’s the grandness of what’s happening on Earth. ~ Kryon.

On Global Warming:
“Kryon, I’m concerned about what I’m seeing in the elements of the planet. There’s global warming. The glaciers are melting. We’re hearing stories about weather changes. I’m afraid… or at least concerned.”

Dear one, what did you expect? When the bell rang and the fight began, did you come out of your corner expecting nothing? When the earth vibrates faster and your time frame changes, geological changes also take place. Go back and read the original transcriptions. [referring to past Kryon books] We told you that there might come a time soon in your lifetime when on parts of the planet, nothing would grow in fertile areas, and where former deserts would bloom. We told you of a geological increase in time and activity. We told you of the quickening magnetic grid movement, then we told you to also watch for severe weather changes.

So now that these things have now occurred, what does this add up to in your mind? Let me tell you, if you haven’t figured it out already, that you’ve changed your time frame! You’re seeing geology increase. The time frame has increased so that you’re seeing things in your lifetime that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. That’s what an enhanced earth does. The actual earth is changing. It isn’t some esoteric change that only a few “enlightened ones” can see! It’s real! We told you this. We also told you that the earth responds to Human consciousness, and now you get to see it. And now you’re telling me that when you finally see it, you’re worried? Bless you… the duality really works!

Again, I’ll give you this information. Global warming is a product of the oceans of the planet and not the atmosphere. We look forward to scientists finding this out. When they do, we ask you to remember where you heard it first. Maybe it will bring credibility to this event for those of you wondering if this channelling is real? We also tell you that this warming would have occurred anyway, even without the fossil-fuel problem that you have. Then in the next breath I’ll say to all who hear and read, please continue to clean up the fossil-fuel problem anyway! But it isn’t what’s causing the global warming.

All of this will settle since the earth is dynamic. Listen: There’s no divine plan afoot to take the earth and make it uninhabitable! Would that seem right to you, that the earth would not support what you’re doing? No. The earth is a partner in all this. It’s the same as when you see the news. It’s frustrating, and it doesn’t make sense. It’s time to turn the worries into celebration and joy. There’s irony here. The very things you’re concerned about have happened because of what you’ve done to change the consciousness of the planet! ~ Kryon.

On Repeating Lessons:
I’m frustrated by having to learn the same lessons over and over. Won’t I ever get it right? Why do I have to keep doing this?” Let me ask you a question. Before some of you came here today, you ate a grand meal. It sustained your body, and here you are in the seats. After this event is over, you’ll probably leave this room and do it again! What’s wrong with you? The first one wasn’t good enough? [Laughter] Didn’t it sustain you? It did. Wasn’t it good? It was. Understand?

Dear one, you’re in a growth mode. When you repeat lessons, you’re not actually repeating them. Instead, you’re sustaining your life on the planet. Don’t look at it as a repeat. You don’t look at your meals that way, do you? Do you sit down with your food and go, “Oh no, not again”? Don’t you look forward to the sustenance and joy of sitting with family? If you started looking at your challenges in the same way, dear Human Being, this world would heal itself a lot faster.

Look at what seems to be repeated learning as a confirmation of learning. Understand that you’re not in an endless spiritual cycle any more than your body is in an endless biological cycle. It’s life-sustaining to eat, and it’s life-sustaining to have spiritual knowledge created from circumstances in your lives that need to be solved. It’s part of life. ~ Kryon.

On The Agreement:
We wish to talk about something we are loosely going to be identifying as The Agreement. It sounds like The Contract, doesn’t it? When you come to Earth, there’s Agreement. Now. Stop for a moment. This isn’t about you. This is about the Universe. There’s an agreement that you have with the Universe, which is family. When you come into the planet, there’s a planetary contract, which we’ve told you about and that you’ve studied. We’ve taught you that contracts are only predisposed starting places. Everything can be changed regarding a contract. There’s no predestination. But there’s an energy of this planet being developed that’s interdimensional. Humans are awakening all over the planet. This is an energy called The Agreement, and we can finally go beyond the beginning teachings we’ve been giving for over a decade and start to broach some concepts that aren’t easily understandable, but they are with divine help.

The Agreement is you with us. Your contract on Earth is you with the earth. One is for a Human lifetime. The other is forever. The Agreement is you with the stars that you can barely see with the best telescopes you have. It’s an agreement that all of the Universe knows, and which surges through your cellular structure. It affects your Human contract, but much more than that, it is the I Am agreement. It is divine.

Pasted upon the most divine layer of your DNA, whose name we will reveal at an upcoming meeting, is The Agreement. It is an agreement with the Universe and you, not the Earth and you. It has to do with what you came here for, which means that it overlays the Human contract, but interdimensionally it is a quantum event that has to do with the energy of the existing present Universe, which is always changing.

This message may sound like what we’ve given you before, but it’s not. The Agreement may sound like your Earth contract, but it’s not. It’s not about the karmic attributes that you have when you come in, although that’s a part of it. It’s a combination of all the arrangements of what you would call your past lives (which are now present), and the Universe (which is always present). The explanation of this is a puzzle that goes beyond your reasoning. Even still, I’ll tell you about it.

First of all, let me give you the reactions to this message, since we already know what they’ll be. I’m going to tell you about the gift of The Agreement. I’m going to tell you that ever since the Concordance [the Harmonic Concordance], you’ve had the ability to actually touch and manipulate this agreement. Dear Human beings, do not take this lightly, for it means a longer life span, and actual master-hood. It provides so many of the things that you’ve only dreamed of that are now being broached. The gift of being able to work with this Agreement sits at your feet waiting to be opened. It’s the beginning of the beginning. It’s the new dispensation.

Four reactions that Humans will have to these kinds of spiritual things, and this gift in general.

1. The first reaction, the one that’s the most common, is this: “Don’t bother me, it’s dumb. I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to think about it, I won’t talk about it, I don’t believe it.” Dear ones, there’s no judgment involved from us regarding this reaction, for humanity has free choice to do what it wishes, and we’re not all Lemurians. It was your task to awaken, and you did. The predisposition that lays within your DNA is that you would change the planet’s course… and you did. And the next potential is that you’ll be able to change yourselves in ways that are profound, and many of you will.

2. The second reaction of humanity is this: “I see it. It’s glorious! I want to worship it. Where is it? Put it someplace where I can kneel before it. Let me bow. How many times do I bow? Which direction should I face?” This reaction is very common, you know. If it’s spiritual, then lift it up and worship it! There’s no ownership of what it is at all, and it’s all just a continuation of a consciousness that feels separate from God.

3. The third kind of reaction is very interesting: It’s from the intellectual Lemurian. This would be an old soul, but one who loves to intellectualize God. “Oh, there it is! I see it. We’ve been waiting for that. Isn’t it beautiful? I think I’ll think about it. I wonder why it’s here. I wonder about God. I wonder about me. I wonder about the gift. I wonder what it all means. What does it mean compared to other gifts? What should my reaction be? Am I thinking clearly, or should I be involved at all?” This is the Human who intellectualizes all of it. He asks himself about appropriateness for himself, for Earth, for those around him, how he should handle it, and what the purpose of all of it is. And he does it throughout his life! This is a description of a Lightworker who hasn’t lit his light yet! This Lighthouse has no light, but is sitting upon the rocks letting all the ships flounder, while he ponders the meaning of life.

4. The fourth reaction is one from those who potentially are in the room or reading this. You’ve made the trip here. You’re sitting in the chairs, listening and reading, and it’s no accident. The reaction? “Ahhhh, I wondered where I left that. I wondered where I misplaced that – there it is. I own it, you know. I’ll pick it up and put it in my pocket. I’ll hold it dearly because it’s mine.”

Here are four very different reactions to these teachings. Let me tell you now about The Agreement. We will make this as quick as we can, because to dwell on any of these things beyond the stories we’ll tell is going to have to come at another time.

The Agreement
We’ll begin the teaching by saying this: There are attributes within this new process where you can work with this Agreement. Again, we’re not speaking of your Earth contract. The Agreement is between you and the Universe and is about your life on Earth and its relationship to all things universal. The entire reason this teaching is being given is to enhance the master energy you’re beginning to receive. In order to work with it, change it, and make life decisions that have the power of divinity within them, we give you these attributes of understanding.

The first attribute is that if you’re going to change this agreement, you’re going to have to understand the partnership with God. This attribute is one I gave you a long time ago that is the premise that you’re divine, and that what you call God is a partner. Any partnership has to be understood, agreed upon, and the concept has to be owned. When you own a concept, it’s like you were the one who created it. That’s how personal it must feel.

Highest Power
If you’re going to have any success, then you must also understand and agree 100 percent that you’re the highest power in the Universe. Oh, not by yourself, but with the others, that together, there’s nothing stronger or higher than your divinity, and it’s hooked into actual creation. This also is an acknowledgment that there’s no power that can defeat you. There’s no power that can do things to you. There’s no power known in the Universe higher than you that might place a curse upon you, give you a disease, or control you. There is simply nothing that exists that can affect you beyond what you’ll allow within the grand plan of your divinity. Make no mistake, this attribute is often the hardest of all to own.

If you’re going to begin working with The Agreement, you’re going to have to understand fear. I didn’t say eliminate it because you can’t do that. You’re not allowed. Even the masters had fear, but they balanced it. The put it in its place. You see, fear is in the Human in a way that can’t be removed. It has to be there for you to have your duality. It’s part of the test. However, it has to be put behind you. All of the things that you might fear – even the subtle things – have to be identified, recognized, and compartmentalized if need be, and relegated to a place behind the layer that is divine.

I’m trying to put this as simply as I can. But you might say, “Well, Kryon, I’ve done that. I have no fear issues. Let’s move on.” Let me ask you, healer, do you protect yourself when you work on Humans who are in trouble? Do you have anything around you that will help you with the energetics so that those you heal will not affect you? Perhaps their negative energy interferes with your energy? Perhaps you have something to help with this? If you do, that’s fear. Don’t you trust your light? How divine do you have to be in order to approach lower energy without it affecting you? You’re a piece of God! Everywhere you walk you carry a bubble of divinity, and the only thing that’s going to pierce that bubble is you. In your disbelief and your fear, you void your power.

We’re not here to judge you or admonish you. These teachings are only for instructions that tell you to put fear where it belongs – in back of you! Don’t do anything that’s specifically designed to protect you from the energy of others, for it’s not needed. You hold all the light. When you go to a place and imbue it with the brightest light possible, do you hold back a bit and say, “Well, you know, darkness may arise, and it will quench the light.” No, you don’t, because you know the powerful attributes of the light you carry. Do not fear these things, no matter how dark they appear. Your light will transform them. Embrace the challenges head on. When there’s negativity, alter it. Flood love into it and imbue into it the divine energy of God that you carry with you in an inexhaustible way.

Allowance to Stay the Same
This is the hardest of them all. It’s hard to broach… hard to describe… hard to talk about. Here is a common plea: “Dear God, I have a challenge in my body. It may be a life-taking challenge. I’ve got a predisposition for a disease, and I feel it coming on. Dear God, I’ve got the disease! Now it’s here! Dear God, I want healing. Please tell me what it is that I should do. I’m desperate. What do I have to do?”


Now, we’re back to the beginning, aren’t we? Why do some get healed and some don’t? The reason: It’s not about you, dear Human being. It’s about The Agreement. Go back and read the plea above. It’s an earthly plea, not a universal plea. Now, the master would also ask himself this: “What is the appropriateness of the action I’m asking for within the scheme of the universal plan of why I’m here? Would there be something better accomplished to let the disease take hold… even kill me?”

How would you feel if I said to you that it might be better if you kept the disease and died early? What if I revealed that the planet might actually benefit more if you did? Would you do it? The Human would say no. The master would say yes. You see, that’s divine wisdom, and it’s all about understanding and working with The Agreement.

Don’t you think the masters had intuition about their deaths, even untimely deaths? Oh, they did. Did you ever wonder why some of them so willingly walked into them? It’s because of the grandness of The Agreement… a universal attribute that transcends anything earthly but at the same time involves the earth and you on the earth. What if this planet and those around you would benefit from your death? Would you do it? What if there would be those around you who would respond to your death so greatly that it might take them someplace they would never have gone otherwise, and they then might go on to do things that would be grand beyond imagination? Would you do it?

You know, that’s The Agreement epitomized. It’s between you and the Universe. Can you go there? Can you see the good of the family over the good of one lifetime? Can you be comfortable with it? It’s complex, isn’t it? It’s also beautiful, isn’t it? It’s why we love you the way we do.

Dear Human, how many Warriors of the Light do we see walking down their path in disease? A lot of them. How many are in wheelchairs? A lot of them. Does this mean they simply didn’t do a good job with their communication with God… or could it also mean just the opposite? How many babies have died so that their parents would find enlightenment? A lot of them. It’s about The Agreement. Here is an admonishment: Don’t overthink this attribute. You can’t know what’s appropriate before God until you’re actually walking the path. Don’t make up your mind now about what you might do, or about anyone else on Earth. This isn’t a message calling for Lightworkers of the earth to suffer. Each path is unique, and each one grand. But a master path is one that thinks beyond the earthly body, and leaves room for a larger picture.

“What about the timing, Kryon? If we really understand all of this and work on it, how long does it take to begin to work with this Agreement? Are we talking about a month, a year?” The answer is instantly and never. You should understand that by now. Who are you, really? What does your past look like? Why did you really come? How many people are you affecting? What is the best for all? That’s The Agreement.

The last one ties right around to the first. If you’re going to begin to understand any of this, even marginally, then you’re going to have to have self-worth. What do you think of yourself? Remember the woman who fell in love with herself and married herself? She understood completely. This isn’t conceit or egotism. The Human beings who have self-worth, fall in love with themselves. They chuckle through their lives as they look into the mirror of what the duality shows them, but they know better. They see the “I AM presence” in their own eyes. They see an eternal soul who looks different every time they show up on the planet.

That sounds like partnering with God, doesn’t it? We’ve given you the attributes to help you with your self-worth, and you can find it in our past messages.

So that’s the teaching of the day. That’s the culmination of broaching a subject that’s one of the most important we’ve ever talked about. You see, the master who walks the earth knows his part within the scope of the Universe. The Human being, even the enlightened one, is continuing to search for their path on Earth. Understand the difference? We’re asking you to push into universal subjects and to become interdimensional. We’re asking you for the first time to think as a group instead of an individual, and to move past the simplistic teachings of the past into a wisdom-based understanding of the future.  ~ Kryon.

On Co-Creation:
Co-creation: Some of you feel that the definition of co-creation is this: “A spiritual process where I decide what I need, pray for it, and God grants it. The two of us have therefore created what I need in my life. I’m the Human, so I provide the Human requests and Spirit then provides the way to accomplish them.”

The above is a very 4D approach to existence, and it won’t work in the new energy. Consider this definition, instead: Co-creation: “A natural process whereby a meld takes place between Human and divine consciousness. An unseen plan is manifested that represents the highest good for the individual and humanity – a plan that’s complex, interdimensional, and which rises above the wisdom of the individual Human, but one that’s available through this divine meld. It then can result in a joyful and peaceful life for the individual, who continues to change and grow spiritually as long as the meld is maintained.”

It’s time to reexamine how you pray. Again, the prayer that we suggest is this: “Dear God, show me what it is I need to know.” And then when you receive it, understand that it’s perfect for you. Don’t make up your mind in advance who you are, why you’re here, what you should be doing, and what must be the next step. This approach is so limiting! Consider that a grander plan is known by your Higher-Self, and that’s the goal… something that you can’t know or see, but something you can get to! ~ Kryon.

On Earth Changes – Earthquakes:
Earth movements are afoot [coming]. Movements of the earth in common places where it has moved before is imminent. The earth must shift. Do not despair! Here are your instructions, Lightworkers… Lighthouses: don’t keep the earth from shifting. Don’t pray to hold this back, for it’s needed and it’s necessary as the earth develops in a normal way. It’s all part of the geology that’s part of the partner you have with you [Ghia]. As the storm approaches, the lighthouse doesn’t try to stop the storm! Instead, it endeavors to help those in its path.

Your job: Create the location of these movements slightly outside of populated areas. Do you understand? It doesn’t have to shift exactly in the same place, for Human consciousness can help to adjust it. These places of shift are very vast and underneath the planet, even larger than you think. You know where the surface lines are, but many places far underneath the surface can shift and end up creating movement in many different places on the surface than you’ve expected, relieving the same tension. It will still accomplish the shifting that’s needed, without occurring on the exact lines you’ve scoped out.

In other words, we say this to you: Shifts will occur soon. They’re ready to occur in the places that are most common for them to occur. If you’re living where these places are, and you know this, then send light to the planet and see it shifting in appropriate ways that are just outside the populated areas. Now, I’m asking you to manifest something grand, am I not? Reader, are you really getting this? There’s a whole group of you who are reading this now who need to know of this and take on this appropriate task. Remember the scripture that states that you might move mountains with your thoughts? This is it! Visualize the release of this energy in total appropriateness to a grander plan, in areas that aren’t in the center of the coastal populations, and where the release isn’t as strong as it might otherwise have been. If you do this, even your media will comment upon it! They will remark just how “lucky” you all were… then you can just smile and say, “Thank you, family!”

There are pressures building up that are geothermal. This is all part of a changing planet, a fast-changing planet. It’s part of the weather system that has changed – one you haven’t understood yet. Believe it or not, it’s part of the warming oceans we’ve discussed, which is also part of a phenomenon you consider “global warming.” There’s geothermal pressure building up in some very common areas where it’s known to build up. This is obvious to those who watch these things, for the cyclical release of this energy has either stopped or has been interrupted, and there’s great concern, some of which has been suppressed.

So here’s what I say to you, masters: Visualize it being released appropriately so that there’s no inappropriate loss of life. Whatever that means to you, let the earth decide what that would be. Sounds like co-creation, doesn’t it? It is.

Masters… Lemurians, I’m asking you to start changing this planet so that these natural Earth movements are not Human disasters. I hope you understand this. I’m challenging the sacred Lighthouses in this readership and those who hear me to increase your light and send it to the earth! Make the planet your partner in these things. Then when they actually occur, I want you to celebrate what you’ve done and realize that it was no accident that they were slightly off-center, or when the geologists tell you it was “lucky” they weren’t here or there. It’s more than lucky! It’s what you came here for. Do you think you can do it? You can. Do you think you’re that powerful? You are.

There are masters who walk the earth who can manifest matter with their hands. It would seem that they have control over matter, but they don’t. Instead, they’ve partnered with creation. They’re talking to the sixth layer of their DNA! That’s the master-layer. That’s what you can do, too. When you can do that, you can also talk to the partner you call Earth and make the shifts appropriate to humanity. You haven’t understood this yet, but you can do the same thing for storms, and you may consider that when the next one comes in your life. Believe me, this channelling is going to mean more to you a little later. ~ Kryon.

On Those Who Are Leaving (Dying):
You’re losing a lot of people around you in death whom you didn’t expect to go. I’m not speaking of Earth changes now, but something more personal for each of you. It may even appear as “inappropriate death” [death that seems to be out of the scope of what should have happened]. For some it’s “those who are dying too soon.” To you, it would seem that they had unfinished business and their deaths are therefore a total spiritual surprise. Some have said, “They seemed like they were so ready to be Lightworkers, or they were in the middle of being a Lightworker. Some were actual healers or masters-in-training, yet they’re gone. It seems that they had so much to give, yet they’re suddenly taken away… way too soon!” This is sorrowful, and confusing to many.

More than the normal numbers are leaving the planet now. Some of you have seen it, and some of you have not. But many will. Don’t despair! I want to give you some advice: When you see this occur, and it affects your life, I want the first reaction from the master within you, not the Human within you, to hold up your hand when you hear the news and say, “Thank you, dear Spirit!” Be the first to celebrate their lives. Thank Spirit for the release, and celebrate their lives. Grieve appropriately, but see the overview. Understand that these things aren’t punishment, nor are they meant to be events filled with great sorrow. They’re not inappropriate, either.

Did any of you grasp the concept that perhaps something else was happening? What if this was a reward? Did you think of that? What if this soul needed to take the master-hood energy and place it in a new, young body? Did you think of that? What if it’s a soul that needs to turn around fast and come back to change the planet? What if it’s a soul that needs to go to Israel, or one that needs to understand politics in America or Europe for the future? What if it’s a grand plan that will use the spiritual growth and wisdom of who you think you “knew and lost” to accomplish something in the next generation?

I hope this makes sense to you. The picture is far larger than you realize, and it’s all appropriate. It’s time you started to understand how to celebrate death instead of mourning it – how to be part of family instead of fearing it – how to not get mad at God when things seem to go wrong in your perspective – never understanding the metaphor of the lighthouse in the storm. The lighthouse keeper yells at the waves: “Bring them on! It’s why I exist. Bring them on. You can’t quench my light!” He yells out affirmations as the water of sorrow and grief temporarily crash over his structure. He’s wise. He knows who built the lighthouse and why he exists on the planet. His tears of sorrow are mixed in with the water of the planet [the storm], but in the end his light remains strong until it’s his time to go home, also. ~ Kryon.

On Astrology:
Let’s discuss astronomy and astrology just for a moment, for they have a physical effect upon your consciousness, and are not some mysterious mythological forces only understandable by certain individuals wearing crystals and using a lot of candles [Kryon humor]. The sun is the fulcrum of the solar system. Solar systems are the building blocks of galaxies. Galaxies are the building blocks of a Universe system. For earth, the solar system is the closest magnetic and gravitational force that affects it. For many years we’ve tried to explain how the magnetic grid of the planet “talks” to your DNA. Now even your science admits that Human cellular structure responds to magnetic messages. Why stop there? Let me tell you how astrology works, for it’s the same principle.

If you were the sun and you could pretend for a moment that you have these planetary children that go around you every single time they orbit – every moment of the day – every position they’re in, they pull upon you. That’s gravity. These children are demanding, and they affect you with their pulling. Like a real set of children, they may even affect your personality as they pull and pull and pull.

Now here’s what we haven’t discussed with anyone, for it’s an interdimensional aspect that’s difficult to describe: Your sun carries an attribute that I’ll call gravitational and magnetic patterning. Think of it as the energy of the “planetary children” pulling on the parent sun. As the planets pull upon this fulcrum [the sun], it patterns itself interdimensionally through gravity and magnetism. Every moment of its existence, the sun has a different interdimensional patterning based upon what the planets present to it in the form of gravitational force. Retrogrades present an entire different pattern when they’re not present. The sun even responds to those small objects that you don’t even call planets, some of which you haven’t even catalogued. It’s very complex, but very real. It’s physics, and there’s no mythology around it or candles either [Kryon smile].

Right now, as is normal, the sun is being pushed and pulled upon by the bodies around it [planets], and is being patterned in a way that’s interdimensional. It’s a gravity/magnetic patterning. This pattern is then broadcast by what you know as the solar wind, an energy that’s naturally blasted out from the sun to all of the planets and beyond. This solar wind is what you can see in the aurora borealis as it literally meets the magnetic field of the earth and delivers energy to this grid of the planet through a process called inductance. Not so invisible, you say? Go take a look. Think of it, if you wish, as a broadcast. The magnetic and gravitational patterning of the sun is a “message” that’s broadcast by the solar wind to the magnetic grid. Where do you think this message goes?

It has been the Kryon teaching for over 15 years that the magnetics of this planet are interdimensional forces, and they affect Human DNA. This is the connection between the magnetic master and your reality. So get a picture of how all of this works: Your solar system moving around your sun creates a gravitational and magnetic pattern that is then broadcast to the earth. It’s delivered and “seen” by your magnetic grid, and then right to your DNA. This is astrology. It’s the oldest science on the planet, and it’s based on high concepts that aren’t even understood by modern science.

There are still those who’d say, “Well, that’s a nice explanation, Kryon, but you know, I don’t believe it. It’s still invisible. Planetary mechanics affecting Human consciousness is still a stretch of logic.” All right, then let me give you something that’s invisible, yet profoundly “seeable” in your reality. If you’re one who doubts that such a thing could be, then let us talk about the gravity and the magnetism that is the closest to you that you call your moon. Let’s put this in your reality for a moment, doubter. Don’t look at a metaphysical magazine – don’t go to a channelling. Instead, for positive proof of the effect of magnetism and gravity upon your own cellular structure and your consciousness, go to the emergency room of any hospital and ask them about the full moon. Go to your police stations and ask them about the full-moon effect on society. Neither of these institutions are biased in astrology, yet they’ll tell you that they put extra staff on for a full moon! It doesn’t make sense, does it? Go ahead and ask them: “You mean the effect of a planetary object around the earth creates a difference in Human behavior?” The answer is yes. They may not believe in astrology, but they’ll hire extra help when the moon is full. How is this for proof that something is happening?!

You see, it’s very real! Gravity and magnetics, even from the moon around this planet, affects you. That’s also why the moon must be taken into consideration in the whole astrological scheme. It’s a direct player in changing the energy that’s also given by the sun.

Astrology is not a life-controlling aspect. It’s a posturing aspect. That’s much different. When you sit on a couch, it postures your weight and then folds itself around you. When you sit on it, you might say that you and the couch are together in cooperation for those moments of sitting. By agreement, you trust the couch. By agreement, it supports your weight. That’s posturing. It’s not controlling, for you may leave the couch anytime you wish. You may also readjust your position or sit on another couch. Planetary alignments are the same. They aren’t controlling, but personal energy posturing. Astrology is this way. It provides a beginning posturing to your life, and it creates different kinds of Human behavior. Why should that be? We’ve said this before: What kind of a test would it be if you were all alike? You’re not, if you noticed. Fifteen years ago in a small white book [Kryon Book 1 – The End Times], we also told you that you have the ability and the right to change how the planets affect you. Do you remember? Are you willing to start connecting these teachings and seeing the big picture? ~ Kryon.

On Stress:
Yes, we see that many of you have stress in your lives. You step into your passion, or so you think, and you cannot figure out why everything does not fit together easily. You have stress about not being able to find your passion. Oh, we love that one. We tell you this above all: humans think way too much. Rather than think at this time, we are going to ask you to simply breathe it in and to allow that energy to come in and through you. Allow the stress that you have been feeling to become your friend and your mentor, for you, yourself, on a higher perspective, have placed that into your own reality.

Yes, we know. It does not feel that way, does it? It feels as though there are all kinds of difficulties, and every time you try to do something, there is a block of some sort. You ask yourself the question, “Am I not supposed to be going this way? Perhaps spirit is trying to tell me something.” What we tell you now is that many of you are simply supposed to feel the stress as part of your path. So let us now offer you a different perspective.

Many of you have been dancing close to the edge. Some of you feel like you have been dancing on a cliff very close to the edge for a long time. Know, dear ones, that we bless you for it, for as you have seen with many of the people that you see as successful, sometimes it takes dancing that close to the edge to lose the fear of falling off the cliff. Furthermore, keep in mind that even though you are worried about what the outcome will be, you could not fall if you tried. You are playing a game with angel wings spread all around you. Yes, you can lean this way; you can lean that way. Yes, you can trip as you are moving forward, but you cannot hurt yourself. You are creating heaven, or Home, on Earth this very day. That is where the magic is. That is what you have created.

So keep that in mind the next time you wonder whether you can take one more stressful thing. Keep in mind that when a piece of coal experiences stress over a long period of time, it turns into the most beautiful diamond. If you can change your perspective and use that same energy to show something that you are going to create from that, and let your own beauty shine as that of the diamond, you will not need the stress anymore. ~ The Group.

On Master-hood:
Mastery is internal, and the masters you currently worship who walked the earth in past times had nothing more than you did, except a message that you continue to deny and misunderstand. They all told you the same thing in different words! Each told you that you were God! Each told you that you were sons and daughters of the Universe, and each told you that you could have what they had if you looked for it and followed the divinity that was there.

The difficulty in finding your own spirituality is based on your disbelief that it exists! Your perception is your barrier to God. You ask for lists and procedures, yet you don’t yet understand that love has no list! The power of God has no manual. It is that it is. Where’s your breathing manual? Where’s the manual that instructs your heart to beat? Think of your spiritual abilities as intuitive and automatic, just like these body functions that you never have to think about, but which you depend on for life itself. Master-hood is alive and active within you. Now claim it. ~ Kryon.

On Perception:
We are going to ask you to look at everything from a different perspective. Change your perception. Things are NOT as they seem… at all. That is only one angle you’re looking at it from.

Things are NOT what they seem. You are looking at it linearly, three-dimensionally, limited. Look at it upside down… backwards. Look at everybody you know now from a different perspective. Change your perception. Look at every event, everything different. Just when you thought something was the beginning, look at it as the end. Just when you thought something was slow, look at it from the perception of fast. Everything now… that is where we are going with all that.

The nature of reality is changing. You can choose the reality, by the way. It is not inflicted on you. This is the freedom. This is the sovereignty. You can choose it. But, the nature is changing. Any assumption you have had up to now about anything… now take a look at it in a different way.

If you think something is heavy, an object is heavy, change your perception. It is actually quite light… you see. What’s between all those molecules that appear to make it heavy? What is between the atoms that appear to make the molecules that appear to make it heavy? Nothing… nothing… nothing… elements that move in and out of reality, so that heavy item that you are thinking about is not heavy at all. You just thought it was.

Together we are going to a place where the whole nature of reality changes. So, you can’t get angry anymore about change. You can’t get upset that things are no longer what they seem to be. You can’t get upset with us anymore that nothing seems to be stable anymore.

You had a certain definition of what you thought your life was going to be, and where you should be. Change your perception of that also. More than anything, change your perception of your story. Give yourself freedom. Everything changes… the nature of reality. Just when you thought it was cold, change your perception and feel the warmth.

So, everything… everything… everything… we are going to reiterate this over and over again to you. Look at it different. Look at it from another angle.

It is like going in to view a picture on the wall of a museum, a painting. You stand in front of it, and you say, “Oh, there’s the painting.” Ah… you are looking from one angle and one dimension. Now, imagine yourself for a moment, standing, looking at that painting on the wall in a museum, staring at it from straight on. You think you see the whole painting. We challenge you, so you try to look at the nuances in the brushstrokes and the lighting effects and all of these other things.

Oh, no, we are going far beyond that. Take a look from inside the painting outside, looking back at yourself. Ah… take a look through the painter’s eyes, rather than your own. Take a look at how that painting isn’t truly two-dimensional. It exists in many different dimensions at once. It has New Energy dimensions of depth, height, and width. Not two-dimensional… these are inter-dimensional depth, inter-dimensional height, and inter-dimensional width. They can’t be measured with any of your measuring systems. What we are saying is that painting on the wall now goes multi-dimensional. It stretches out in all different directions and dimensions.

We are going to challenge you over and over and over to take a look at everything from a different perspective, including yourself. You are not just a human… and you know that. You are not just an angel in human form. Perhaps, you thought you were limited to those things. You are many, many other things.

You are not just a collective of all of your past lives and past experiences, sitting here in a physical form right now. You’re much more than that. You’re much more than an entity who was given unique spiritual identity by All That Is. You’re much more than that. Look at it from every angle. ~ Tobias.

On Validation:
You know every answer. Part of the problem is that you doubt yourself, and so then you seek validation all around you in the world of duality.

You know the answer in the New Energy dimensions and realities. But, then you seek validation in the Old Energy duality. And, we have a big conflict there, don’t we? They don’t work together. You’re getting all of these new things happening to you in your life. You are getting all of these new sensations and feelings, but the doubt – this bridge of doubt that separates you, the New Energy you, from the Old Energy duality – this bridge of doubt goes back over there to look for validation. You look for it in the people around you. You look for it in the events, the specific events, in your life.

Oh, you have all of these wonderful insights, creative realizations. And, you say, “But now I have to see it manifest in a certain way.” You are putting a test on yourself to bring it forth in duality. You’re going to duality for validation. And, you’re going to have imbalances with this.

You know every answer right now. And, you know that you know, don’t you? It’s that feeling. It’s that knowingness that you have within you. But, then you doubt it. You discount it.  

Do you think you wouldn’t have given yourself every answer as a potential before you came here to Earth in this lifetime… every answer to every potential? You could say you “pre-buried” every tool and resource you would need along the path so that when you got there it would pop up and be right there for you. You know the answer.

Now, the answer may not be what your humanness thinks it should be, but it is there. The answer sometimes is even going to be another question. The answer could be actually many answers contained within the same packet, but it is there. It is there right now.

When you are looking for validation, stop crossing the bridge of doubt and going back to duality because you are NOT going to get it there. As a matter fact, duality is NEVER going to give you validation for the New Energy work you are doing. It doesn’t want to validate you. It wants to maintain its identity. It doesn’t want to validate you. So, if you go back there, you become un-validated.

You don’t need validation anymore. Can you release that? You don’t need validation. Validation is only a way to try to justify your existence, to try to sooth your doubts, to try to build your Old story even bigger. Oh, validation was a wonderful way, method, that you used to build your Old story. You don’t need it anymore.

What are you trying to validate? Your existence? Pinch yourself! That’s validation. You ARE here. Try to validate that you are New Energy? Take a deep breath. You are here in many, many different ways.

Is your validation of your spirituality… is it the amount of money you have in the bank? When there is no money in the bank, and then you’re invalidated, then you think all of your spirituality is a bunch of hooey? Is your validation the number of people who love you, the number of people who nod their head and say, “yes” to you? Is that your validation? Stop looking there. You don’t need validation anymore.

Validation – you don’t need it anymore. Most humans crave validation, strive and struggle for validation in a variety of different ways. Validation for what? ~ Tobias.

On Our Different Paths:
Each of you has a different kind of life, and each is on a different path within your own time line of learning. Some of you would say, “I’m very content with everything around me. There’s nothing I have to decide, and there’s no large challenge.” And if this is you, we say to you that you’re thinking in 4D. The next level is for you as well. How bright will your light shine? How far can you send it? How strong can your light be sent and still not be evangelistic or inappropriate with respect to others’ free choice? Do any of you understand that the energy of right now is why you were born? Satisfied and content, are you? Then why do you wake up at 3 A.M. so often with questions or anxiety? What is really next? Do you hear the Lemurian chorus within you yet? Indeed! Why do you sit here listening to this? Some of this is metaphoric, but all of it is happening.

Then there are the ones who have come with specific questions, and we know what they are. We always do. Oh, do not despair, Human Being, thinking that you’re alone. Do not despair, thinking that there’s no one around you who knows how afraid you are. God is always surrounding you, and when you can see that invisible shell and paste it upon yourself, you can stand tall and walk from this place knowing that you’re protected. And when we say protected, we mean energetically and spiritually. ~ Kryon.

On Feeling Disconnected:
Do you feel a disconnection? Think about this: A disconnection with spiritual things hasn’t been that uncommon in spiritual writings. It normally happens right before a shift. Humans who make profound transitions feel this kind of disconnection, also. Go read about it. Even in current situations, there are some of you who’ve moved from one level to another only to feel complete disconnection until you’re taken into another consciousness. But a disconnect had to be there for a new dimensional perception to occur. Sometimes it’s frightening, if you didn’t expect it. ~ Kryon.

On Past Lives:
It’s time for you to throw away the idea of a past life, or at least what you thought of were the energies of a past life experience. When you become interdimensional, there’s no more linear time, and time and distance are irrelevant. In this new Earth energy, all of the you’s of your past lives are together in the now, representing one energy in this lifetime. This is the now lifetime. Therefore, you cannot even say the words past life. Your current life is one that has attributes of everything that ever was, and the potentials of everything that can ever be. Welcome to what the masters felt! For this is the same thing that’s the precursor to the DNA activation that they all had.

Now, what are you going to do with all of these awakening past energies that are sitting there tapping their feet due to a displaced dimensionality? This represents all the history that you had with all that you’ve experienced on the planet. So we give you these instructions before we close: It’s time to unite all these energies together and speak to them out loud. Find a place and a time where there’s no one else around, for we guarantee that they won’t understand what you’re doing! Interdimensionality is that way. 

Speak to them out loud and say, “This is what we’ve waited for! It represents all of the lifetimes we’ve ever lived, culminating in the one that we have now. Our purpose for being is truly being realized. Like a past school, all of us together are awakening into one being. You’re my support; you’re my team. Now, line up and get behind me and push! I need all of you to be as one in this new energy that allows for such a thing.”

Take from all of them, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the experience that they gave to you in other expressions on the planet. Also remember that they are all you! See it as the wisdom of the ages… a profound history book that you actually lived sequentially. Then inform all the you’s that there’s a new vow on this planet that supersedes all the others. Then give the new vow: Create one for yourself that tells about your magnificence and your divinity and why you’re here. For example, “I vow to take the energies of all of the past that’s being rewritten on this planet and pull them into the middle of my passion. I promise to marry myself so completely that I’m as comfortable with my own being as I am comfortable with God. I now have thousands of my own lifetime experiences behind me that are supporting me. I have the wisdom of the ages to apply to sending my light to dark places. Therefore, I vow to claim my place in this new energy and use all the attributes of each of my lifetimes that I carefully stored in Layer 8!” Then do it. ~ Kryon.

On Spiritual Ego:
Spiritual ego is not the same as self-worth, self-esteem or self-respect. Spiritual ego is bigheadedness or excessive pride and self-importance in one’s spiritual attainment. It’s not uncommon amongst those in the early stages of the awakening process who have completed some (duality-based) course or a series of workshops and have suddenly been elevated to the title of ‘master’. It’s also obvious in anyone who insists on calling themselves a guru or a spiritual master.

Spiritual ego is very much a ‘duality’ thing and is not something that you’ll find in any of the true New Energy teachers. Indeed, the forerunners of the ascension process, the first ones into the New Energy, have had such a shockingly difficult time that every last little bit of ego, spiritual or otherwise, has been well and truly knocked out of them. In essence, true self-worth comes with the total understanding that one is God, and that All is One. Spiritual ego on the other hand happens at a much lower level of awareness – where one still believes there are two. ~ Allen.


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