On Masters and their Instant Resources:
Here is an old and set perception that you may apply to a person who goes on a journey. This traveler, this Human Being, this voyager, might depart his home with an idea of where he is going. So his actual reality, the way things work for him, is that he would have to be careful how far he went, because of the resources that he would obviously need to keep him alive. This is how you all travel. He would not stray too far away from where he knew there was food. If he was prone to health issues, he would not stray too far away from where he knew there was medical help. If he was a Lightworker, he would not stray too far away from other Lightworkers, for this is his support group for him when he needs it. So his journey might be tempered, guided, even directed, by where the resources are.

Now this description is very 3D, is it not? For you, you go where the planning takes you. You have to stop for food, and if there’s no food, then you will have to go find it. If you have a health issue, you’re going to have to go where there is either a facilitator or a hospital perhaps… someone who can help. You support one another and you lean on one another. This is all appropriate, but your path is often tempered and guided by where the resources are… even where those are who you might lean on. You don’t even think about it. That’s just the way of it. So you might say right now, “That’s just normal life. What is the meaning of this example?” It’s only meaningful when I give you another story to compare to it.

I want to give you the situation of another voyager… the interdimensional traveler. He is a Human Being, just like you, except that he does not plan his journey based upon the resources around him. The reason is that he is aware that the resources are “in his pocket.” Are you still with me? Counter-intuitively to the way things work for you, when he needs something, he stops, reaches into his pocket, and gets what he needs! The odd thing about this is that the moment before, there was nothing in his pocket!

Let me add to this quandary: Sometimes he needs things that are very big and yet his pockets are very small. After all, they’re in his outfit…all he has with him. It doesn’t seem to matter. Sometimes he extracts very large things from very small pockets! Doesn’t make sense, does it? When circumstances beckon him in one direction or another, he simply goes in that direction. He doesn’t stop to think about where the resources will be. He looks at the energy involved and the appropriateness of its being that way and he just goes. He’s the interdimensional traveler, and some of you know him as a master.

Now, I’m going to stop there and begin the teaching. But I want you to remember these two kinds of stories… the two kinds of traveler, because it’s going to represent an old and New kind of energy.

Within the magnetic grid of this planet, at the moment, are all the returned ascended masters. They are all one energy and do not representing a segmented group of religious thought. They’re all one energy without separation. Every single Human Being in this room and reading this has free choice to accept this or not to accept it, to go into certain ways and methods of their own processing or not. But the information is profound, and you may consider what it might mean to you as you analyze it.

When you read the stories of the masters who walked this planet, were you impressed? Let me tell you what it feels like, Human Being, to be a master. You’re walking along a path and you say, “It’s time for a resource” [like food] and you look down and it’s in your pocket! Then you say, “I knew that. I expected that.” Pretty soon, you expect what you need to be at your doorstep when you need it, then you realize you’re creating it as you go. It’s a process filled with mystery to many, but to others it’s the way the Universe works.

Blessed is the Human Being who, when they find out they have a disease raging in their body, does not go into fear and panic, does not call all of their friends for help, but who instead, looks down and says, “I’m so glad that I’ve got my pocket. Because that’s where the healing is… it’s already with me.” Masters are a bastion unto themselves, a complete system without outside assistance. But the true master understands that his resource is the collective energy of everything, and therefore is “known by God.” He is then part of God, and therefore has the resources built in.

Blessed is the Human Being who wonders, “Shall I go here, or shall I go there,” yet never ponders about the resources along the way. “Good thing I’ve got my pockets,” he says, as he walks into the unknown. How many are here who will be responsible for that kind of energy?

“Kryon, this doesn’t sound right. Do you mean that eventually every Human on this planet is going to be a master?” No, but there will be enough of you master-craftsmen who will recognize the tool kit that’s been presented before you. Then you will start learning how to use it. The tool kit is on the grid, you see? It’s in place and ready. It’s time for you to start the building process, and how many of you can do that? It is counter-intuitive to the way Human perception works, yet some of you are going to begin the process.

You heard the stories, perhaps, in your own culture, of the loaves and the fishes? Could that have been real? Oh, yes. It was. And this kind of situation is duplicated every day in parts of India. Did you know that? It’s a process of seemingly creating something out of nothing. That’s what’s in a master’s pocket! Blessed is that Human whose journey from now on will not be based upon where the resources are, but instead upon the passion of where he wishes to go, no matter what. For the Universe follows him with the resources always ready.

Do you find the story of the Israeli’s in the desert a myth? They were fed every day – all the tribes – for 40 years. Where did the food come from? Could this have been real, or perhaps (you might say), it’s a myth? The fact is that they followed a master, and his pockets were deep indeed with universal truth, appropriateness and wisdom. History actually shows you how this worked.

There are those in this room who’ve experienced this. Some of them have experienced it in a mild fashion, and others have lived their lives by it. But for all of these, this New Energy on the gird will be enhanced beyond what you think, even beyond what you’ve experienced so far. There are some in this room who have accomplished things that would have been thwarted if they had stopped to look for the resources before they began. The 3D perception of “where will the resources come from?” would have stopped them, but it didn’t. It’s because they looked down and said, “It’s a good thing I’ve got this pocket here.”

Can we make it any clearer, masters? ~ Kryon

On Homosexuality:
There are some of you who wonder about the appropriateness of having the physicalness of one gender and the spiritualness of another. Let me tell you that you are honored as much as any other human, for you have come in with a setup of your own making – one where, ironically, the humans who are the most “spiritual” in your culture will point at you and tell others that you are evil and not appropriate in God’s eyes. They will indicate that you are doing something wrong and will try to say that you’re the scourge of their society. This is a setup, dear ones – one of your own making. You are loved every bit as much as any other human alive! It’s the test you asked for and it’s the test you now have. Don’t let any other human tell you that you are any less than any other human being, even a respected one who may wear a robe, have authority or carry a special title! It is not so! You are loved just as the rest are.

Right now, in this time, you have agreed to come into your culture with an attribute that may alienate you from friends and religious followers. You have faced fear of rejection and have had to “swim upstream,” so to speak, just as an everyday life occurrence. Your contract, therefore, has been set up well, and you are in the middle of it.  Additionally, like so many of you, you have a Divine interest in yourselves! You feel part of the spiritual family. What a dichotomy indeed, to be judged as evil by those who are the high spiritual leaders – interpreting God for today’s culture.

Now I say this: What is your intent? Is it to walk with love for all those around you and become an enlightened human being? Is it to forgive those who see you as a spiritual blight on society? Can you have the kind of tolerance for them that they seem not to have for you? Can you overlook the fact that they freely quote the master of love [Jesus] in order to condemn you, yet they don’t seem to have the love tolerance that is the cornerstone of the master’s message?

Your intent is everything, and your life will be honored with peace over those who would cause unrest, and tolerance for the intolerable. Your sexual attributes are simply chemistry and setups within your DNA. They are given by agreement as gifts for you to experience in this life. Look on them in this fashion, and be comfortable with the fact that you are a perfect spiritual creation under God – loved beyond measure – just like all humans. But then you know that, don’t you? ~ Kryon

On The Purpose of Human Emotion in the Divine Plan:
There has been a question for some years about the actual purpose of Human emotion on the planet. I wish to set the record straight. There are those who would say, “Human emotion is a horrible weakness. It’s too bad we have it and it gets in the way of logical thought. Kryon is too emotional, and might sway your intellect.” Think for a moment: Pure love exists in a grand form on the other side of the veil. You know this, since you can’t experience the joy of enlightenment and the love of God without the emotion of it. You weep with joy when you think about birth, the joy of healing, and even peace on Earth. Therefore, if you are one of these who wishes to eliminate this, you are going to alter a divine attribute that has been passed to you through the veil when you were born! It’s not something that is a weakness, but instead one of the greatest powers you have.

Here’s the truth. There are certain kinds of Human emotions that are designed to change Gaia itself. Oh, if you want to spin with anger, drama and hate, you’ll get one kind of reaction. If you want to create compassion and love, you’ll get another. It’s all part of the free choice of dark and light, you know? But it is all given to you to use as a tool.

Human compassion is perhaps the most powerful thing on the planet. It’s why the tsunami happened… to generate compassion. It’s part of the 9:11 scenario, too. These things and others have developed a compassion wave that has actually changed Gaia in ways you could never have done unless those things had occurred.

You might say, “Well, Kryon, why does it have to involve so much loss of life and so much sorrow?” That is your 3D reaction to these kinds of things. Again, we ask you to look at those that you’ve lost in these years. 2005 – an amazing year for catastrophe, yet all those who were lost, including those that perhaps you had loved, are still here. They’re working the earth, perhaps in another way, but they are still here. Some of them have returned in Human form already, and some of them are staying as helpers. Who are you, in your limited dimension, to tell the Universe that this is not the way it’s done? Who are you to tell Spirit that you want them kept here? This is your Human bias at its best. If you were to interview them right now, they would say, “We’re fine. We are in joy. We did what we did and we’re glad we did it.”It’s a different perception than you have, and a far larger picture. It’s beautiful! Life goes on forever… never terminated. It simply changes form in front of you, but you can’t see it, since you are in 3D.

Those you lose in death, who you are mourning for, needed to leave because they needed to work in other ways, in another area, in order to push this earth toward peace. And you don’t know anything about it! All you feel is your sorrow, yet I’m telling you that there is appropriateness in all things and they’re working with you, next to you, side by side, if you allow them.

I know who’s here. Listen to me. Why don’t you form a partnership with those you loved and lost and keep going? It won’t be long before it’s your turn to do the same thing [speaking of again moving into death and rebirth]. Encourage this understanding within your children. Tell them in advance. “When I’m gone from the earth, celebrate my life. Hold my interdimensional hand and keep going.” Because that is the truth. And that’s the way of it, masters.

Is it emotional? I hope so, for this is the compassion that will heal you, create a peaceful countenance, and help to heal the planet. ~ Kryon

On Survival Instinct:
I invite you to get rid of survival instinct. Are you ready for that one? You come in with that built into every cell, don’t you? It’s imprinted upon you, isn’t it? Indeed, it is, but it’s an old energy imprint. Survival instinct has a powerful message to each Human Being. It silently fills the Human mind with these thoughts: “I am alone. Everything that I do, I must do myself. I’ve got to clear the path before me because no one’s going to clear it for me. Therefore, I will survive by knocking over the ones in front, or on the sides, or in back. I will compete for the space on the planet. I have to to survive. Otherwise I’ll be overrun by the others who know what I know. I’ll compete for relationships, for food, for money. I’ll compete for love. I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to take care of myself because I must survive.” Sounds like a song, doesn’t it?

What about this thought from the mind of the master? “I now understand and realize that I am not alone. I have divinity in my pocket for the asking. I have the power of the Universe at my disposal. I have interdimensional tools that will clear the space in love, and everywhere my bubble is spread in light. Those around me will see better and in free choice will steer a safe path into the harbor. They will survive with me and will be part of a family that I help create with my balanced light. I am the master Lighthouse. Everywhere I go, I’ll be blessed. I don’t need survival instinct, because I represent ultimate survival. I am the definition of survival… a master of humanity. I am light.”

How about that? This is the master’s voice, but it’s also yours. You begin to realize that you can trust in interdimensional forces that are mastery forces that you don’t understand, but know are always there. You begin to realize that in the mastery department, you’ve got deep pockets when it comes to love. Ahh yes, deep pockets when it comes to survival. How about that? Drop that survival instinct. It’s an old energy that says you have to compete for everything. You don’t. There’s plenty. But it’s against your old Human nature, isn’t it? ~ Kryon

On Masculine / Feminine Balance:
Get rid of your gender bias. You think just because you have the parts of a certain gender that you’ve got to be a certain way, don’t you? Well, it’s pretty laughable, since there are those in this room who have female parts who came from a male warrior background. They are used to wearing the armor and they have slayed large men in battle.

It’s a joke. All of you have been both genders. What you do with your current gender is your free choice. But you have a bias within it to release. Most of you say, “I am male or female,” and this defines you. It’s a giant bias, since you then act certain ways to conform to what is expected of you. Some of you even campaign for your gender, against the other, again, for survival and what you think is a fair and just placement in your culture.

On this planet, for thousands of years, there has been an unequal balance between masculine and feminine conscious energy. It’s been masculine heavy and you know this. The Venus Transit energy of last year was a tool that placed a potential balance into Gaia itself, to allow for those who wished to become more balanced in the masculine/feminine area. This would mean that men would be comfortable with a feminine side. They would see with a “sweeter countenance.” Women would be more comfortable with the masculine side, looking at some things in a very different way. It’s a balancing of the two, and when it sweeps your culture and the other cultures around you, it will start to create a better communication between the leaders of this planet.

We’ve said it before: There is a potential present for masculine, macho leaders of various countries to do dumb things just because they can. You will see their masculine bias, for it will drive their actions, rather than the idea of balanced solutions being considered. It’s part of a macho club that exists, and has existed for centuries. Suddenly, however, these macho leaders are uncomfortable – more so than usual – and they don’t know why. They are irritated, yet they don’t know why – unhappy and illogical. And I’ll tell you why – because Gaia just shifted and there’s more feminine energy than there ever was before, and that will drive them crazy, for it doesn’t work in the energy they are use to and wish to create! It affects their populations, their subordinates, and also their plans.

Watch for it. There will be last-ditch, dying efforts to hold on to an energy of control, but they’ll fail. This is part of something new on this planet, but something we have told you to expect. It’s coming very slowly, but now you will see what the reactions are.

Can you personally balance this within yourselves? It’s against Human nature, you know? Women want to be feminine and men want to be masculine. What if you were both of these all the time, yet balanced in your thinking about the two? Think of the differences in relationships that would solve themselves far easier if they could see both sides and weigh them in their thoughts. Imagine what the leaders of the earth would be able to do together if there was a more balanced process of thought. But it’s not intuitive, not easy, and against the way you have been taught to think.

Pretend your gender doesn’t matter. That’s a good beginning to what masters do. ~ Kryon

On Letting Go of (Healing) Techniques:
So many of you have learned wonderful and very helpful techniques and modalities and programs, whether they are body work or whether they are types of energy sessions or the type of work that you are doing here. These are wonderful techniques but there also comes a point where you let the technique go. You leave it behind. Right now part of the problem – and we are communicating with some that already work with you – part of the problem is that you are still attached to your techniques. They are like a crutch for you. They give you confidence but one of the reasons for any blockages is because you’re still stuck on the techniques. You think that you have to work your hands or your energy in a very specific way. If you let go of that, you’re going to be able to move to some much higher levels and do – how to say – a more efficient type of energy work here, if you let go of those techniques.

Now it is a bit frightening for some of you because those techniques are your confidence and they are your foundation. To say that you’re going to go work with a client and let go of what you’ve learned to do is a bit frightening and also, obviously, you love working with your clients. You don’t want to do anything harmful to them. But it is time to take that deep breath and let all of those old techniques go and start tapping in directly to your own wisdom, your own what you would call healing or energy moving abilities, and also tapping directly into your clients, for what they need. Some of your clients don’t need the type of work that you’re doing. They think they do and you think they do, but they need something entirely different. So once you let go of the techniques, you’re going to find yourself and your client guiding you to exactly what needs to be done. That work will then be supported by the angelic beings on the other realms, you see. Because when you are working with a client and you are moving your hands and you are doing certain types of work, there is something happening on a physical level with their physical body, but remember there are many, many other layers and levels that have to be simultaneously balanced. That is where these other angelic beings come in. For when your hands are moving and the energies of your client are shifting, there are angelic beings helping to facilitate and shift your client’s energies on other levels as well.

So let go of all of the techniques for all of you. I don’t want to get into the physics right now about what is actually happening because then you’re going to tend to go mental on it when right now it is a time to be totally intuitive and totally trusting in what you do. As you know, you have very strong energy balancing or what you would call healing capabilities, and it is time to go to the next step and make them your own. ~ Adamus

On The Need for New Energy Teachers:
The world is calling out, literally calling out for teachers. Humanity is in a point right now of being very untrusting of anything, and that is one of the biggest energies that you’re going to have to deal with as being teachers. They don’t trust governments. They don’t trust the churches. They’re not going to trust you at first, and they definitely don’t trust themselves. This will be your biggest barrier, teachers, to develop that trust and rapport. Biggest barrier. They’ve been had (“had” is an idiom for “tricked”). They’re still being had. People are still stealing their energy and they are still stealing from others.

So when you come into the scene, the angel who is responding to their loneliness, to their prayers, they are still going to mistrust. They’re not going to understand how you got there, they’re not going to understand who you are. That is the very specific… the very direct reason that you have given yourself this lifetime – this time on Earth, incarnate – of going through the many lessons, the many challenges and difficulties in your life. So when you stand before other humans they can feel that energy. They can feel that rapport. They’re going to know that you had many nights of tears, you had many issues with relationships, you had many doubts about yourself. They’re going to feel that and you’re going to be able to develop a rapport with them over a fairly short period of time. It develops an ultimate trust and a bond with them. This will serve you well in the teacher work that you will be doing. 

The world right now needs teachers and stewards of New Energy, for the New Energy. Very, very few humans understand this term “New Energy.” Someone has to teach it, someone has to be the steward of it. We’ve been asked recently by someone saying that “There is no such thing as New Energy, it is just energy.” That is very wrong – very, very wrong. Up until recently there was “just energy” and it just traded its shape and its form and its name. But in these past few years of time, the element of New Energy has been introduced.

New Energy means that it wasn’t just the old or the previous energy changing its shape and form and energetic ratios. As we said a long time ago, there was a specific and a very defined but large volume of energy that left Home with you, and you’ve been playing with it ever since. There was a finite number of grains of sand in the sandbox. Yes, it was all just sand. But then something happened. All of a sudden, new sand was created out of seemingly nowhere. That is an analogy about New Energy. New Energy has been created, not from the Old Energy, not taken from Home, but it was created for the first time ever by the Creators – by you.

So New Energy is different than Old Energy. It’s not the same old program. Doesn’t have the same resonance, it doesn’t have vibration, it doesn’t work the same. For those humans who still believe that New Energy is just a name change for Old Energy, they’re going to be surprised. It doesn’t work the same. They are going to find it very difficult to access New Energy in the work that they do, because they’re still of the mindset that it’s just the same old energy. It’s not.

Perhaps we shouldn’t even call it energy. Perhaps there is a better name, because it is different. It operates different, it works different, it is a whole different tool set, and it is here. The world needs to understand how it is used. It needs the stewards and the teachers, and that is you.

Some of you are going to be working specifically with the understanding of New Energy: how it works different; how it changes all of the characteristics and the flows; how it changes outcome; how the patterns are totally different because, in a sense you could say with New Energy, there are no patterns at all. Everything about it is different than vibrational or Old Energy. So the world needs – humanity needs – those who are going to teach it.

For those who do go out and teach and who are the stewards of New Energy, expect the unexpected. Understand that there will always be surprises. Understand that even when you try to quantify the way New Energy works, that quantification will not be true even the next day. You’re so used to Old Energy having it’s very specific, deliberate patterns and that if it’s measured a certain way one day, it’s going to have the same measurement the next day. New Energy doesn’t work that way, thank God. New Energy is totally different. ~ Tobias

On New Energy Corporations:
We tell you that corporations are actually controlling the majority of the actions and decisions made by many world leaders. On the other hand, there are also conspiracy theories that a wealthy elite on Mars are actually controlling your Earth. There are conspiracy theories about the governments of your world in hiding who are quietly manipulating everything. Are they true? Does it make any difference? No. Not if you do not choose that reality. What does make a difference is your own creation—the reality you create. You have created entities called corporations which are quietly running your world by your own design. It is not a conspiracy, but rather right out in the open for all to see. Yet most choose not to see it.

In many countries corporations are required by law to place profit before the public interest. That is very sad, for you have deified your corporations into a big ‘C’ and it has been done with a lot of help from the Government with a big ‘G’.

Currently, it is law in the United States and other countries that a corporation must put profit before all other things including the public good. That must change for you to break the bonds of the Garden of Eden you now find yourselves in. Are you aware that on your planet today, corporations can actually own worldwide patents on life forms such as plants, biological forms and organs? These court rulings should be reviewed with a critical eye and made public for all to know. Imagine that a corporation holds a patent for a life saving plant, but it is required by law to withhold it from the public as it would decrease the profits from their existing product line. We are sad to say that this happens every day on Earth right now. We must also mention here that it is the corporate war machines that drive governments. Have you ever wondered why you still have a war at least every 20 years?

What will you see on the New Planet Earth? Will you not have corporations? Will you not have businesses? Yes, although you may call them by a new name, they will still be a part of your game. What will the New Energy corporations look like? Can you imagine a charter that required profit making corporations to put people and the public interest first?

Let us offer you a suggestion of what this used to look like in the days of Lemuria… Government was actually a lack of laws and rules, but was rich in customs. It was a beautiful, empowering time for you had businesses at those times, too, and you had government-chartered businesses much like the corporations of today. The government of Lemuria gave businesses the right to operate in the public interest. The businesses in those days were required to show heart and place the public interest foremost in order to maintain their charter. In Lemuria government chartered businesses were the servants of the people and offered them special rights. They offered them the opportunity to be an entity of their own with the intent of placing public interest and human empowerment foremost.

Please do not go into fear here, for there is much discrepancy about corporations being all for profit. If you believe that all profit is bad, you will put yourself into a belief system of lack, which can cause you abundance challenges for the rest of your life. When a corporation puts the heart energy of the people first, they will actually make more money. Their bottom line will actually improve but very few have proved that out yet.

Many corporations even this day are already beginning to shift that vision. They are already beginning to change and we ask you to align yourself with those people and organizations. You have a choice as to where you spend your money and how you form your own corporations. Many of you receiving this message today are leaders of global corporations and governments. We ask you to become part of the solution instead part of the problem. The shift ahead does not need to be difficult. It does not need to be destructive. It can be from the heart and reflect an empowered mentality of the New Earth. Even as you form your own small businesses, put that energy into your business plan. “How can I be of service?” Support the corporations that put that into their business plan. Demand that governments be transparent and begin to be of service to the public good, and recognize that all governments serve citizens of the Earth. Elect the people that will change the legislature to allow the corporations to use the heart energy. If a corporation is to be deemed a legal entity then make it law that it must illustrate that it has a heart and uses it. This is about using practical magic on planet Earth. This is about learning to honor the god within each one of you and becoming comfortable with god walking side-by-side with you.

When you hold hands on this planet, you will change the face of humanity. You are at an evolutionary cycle never before seen. You are at an evolutionary point of history that nobody ever anticipated when you began this Game. You have chosen well. You are about to make new choices and we ask you not to keep them all in the metaphysical realm, but take them into your daily lives. Learn how to apply them in your kitchens, in your grocery stores, in your workplace, in your corporations, in your governments and everywhere you go. That is the magic you hold. With all the might in heaven, we cannot come down and change your life. We cannot come down and change your world. All we can help you to do is to re-member who you are. ~ The group

On The Perfect Imperfections of Humans:
As you step from a field of duality into a field of triality, it simply means that you not only honor your light and your dark side, but you balance it with the higher self so you form a triangle of the three. Now you start understanding there really is no black or white, no up or down, no right or wrong, and no love or fear. Instead, these elements that we think of as separate are actually part of one another, together forming a large circle. Therefore, when you honor your light self, you also honor your dark side. Many of you have beautiful dark sides. When you balance that with the higher self, you become a whole being once again. Yet even with the new view of triality, there is still a part that seems–in your eyes–to be missing. To us, you are the most incredibly beautiful beings for you are angels who have stepped away from heaven long enough to take one of these physical bubbles of biology and create magic on Planet Earth. To yourselves, however, you do not look that way because when you look in the mirror you see only flaws. Is it not interesting? No matter how beautiful you are, no matter how perfect you believe and feel yourself to be, the moment you look into a mirror, you immediately find only flaws. Only the flaws and imperfections of your reflection come to your attention, so let us speak this day of those imperfections.

Let us tell you that you are the most perfect imperfections of god that you can be. Your game on this earth is to see and define god. God is the perfection of all things, and so in order for one to see perfection it must be seen from a point of perception of imperfection. It is necessary to step into a field of imperfection in order to do that, so right away you look at yourself and see only the imperfections. Is it not interesting that all humans want to become godlike and perfect so that they never make mistakes? You are constantly in a search to become a higher vibration, to become better human beings, to become higher and carry all the god energy within you. Yet, you are stumped by the things you see in the mirror as imperfections. Perhaps you think that you carry too much weight, or that you have too many flaws in your face. Perhaps your wrinkle lines are too deep or the color of your hair is not to your liking. Whatever the case is, your imperfections are what make you the most beautiful reflection of perfection. What you think of as your flaws are instead the most incredible beauty of god reflected in human form that you have ever been. We tell you now, that these are the things that you will re-member when you re-turn Home. These beautiful imperfections are the pieces that you will carry with you as you come Home. These are the imperfect reflections of the perfection of god.

Perfect Crystals

Let us take you for a moment to your technological developments, because your sciences are at a very interesting point on Earth. Recent technological developments of Earth have all been about recreating the perfection of nature. It is a natural human endeavor to reach perfection. We tell you, however, it is not about the perfection of nature. This is about to become evident as your advances in technology are on the verge of being able to produce man made crystals that you call diamonds. You have already developed a process to create man-made diamonds that are nearly perfect. Although these diamonds will have most of their greatest applications in the fields of electronics and technology, it will not be long before they find uses as ornamental stones. Here is the interesting point: the people who are invested in mining and selling diamonds have now become very fearful of the process of creating nearly perfect, man-made diamonds. Even the experts cannot tell the difference between the man-made diamonds and the highest quality crystals found in nature. Therefore, much of their energy has been spent in recent years inscribing serial numbers on natural diamonds so that they can tell the difference. Up to this point the general rule was the more perfect the diamond, the higher the price it sold for. We tell you that in the near future there will be people searching for ways to put random imperfections into man-made diamonds to allow them to better compete with natural stones. It is easy to understand that if diamonds were manufactured cheaply in a near perfect state that people would no longer value them or wear them as they do now. Therefore, you can see that there are those right now who are looking for ways to create the perfect random imperfections. Those who promote the natural diamonds say that each one has a special signature, depending on the way it reflects light. What they are really saying is that each one has unique flaws that make it uniquely beautiful.

There is no secret that such a development will start changing your world soon. Is it not interesting that the imperfect diamonds of nature will still carry the most value? The same is true of you.

The Perfect Imperfection

We ask you to see yourself in that same light, for you are what the creator has made as the perfect imperfection and as a result you are a unique beauty unmatched throughout All That Is. You have a unique signature that is unmatched due to your imperfections. Allow your uniqueness to come through as a reflection of god, for that is where your true strength is. That is what you came to Planet Earth to do in the first place. As you step forward into the perfect imperfections that you are, you claim the power of your true heritage. You claim the right to be completely who you are, to be completely happy, to simply be rather than trying to be anything. That is what makes you the most beautiful imperfect angels of all. Your constant striving for perfection is somewhat of a cosmic joke, for your beauty from our perspective is beyond description.

Your physical bubbles of biology are very special for they allow god to take a finite form for a short time, allowing you to express the nature of Home right where you are on this day in beautiful imperfections. These bodies allow you to interact in beautiful ways that even the angels in heaven cannot. You can touch one other. You can have the human experience of feeling sadness, joy, passion, and pain. These are carried in what you see as imperfections. That is the human experience of god’s perfect imperfections. That is the greatest gift you can give not only to yourselves, but also to each other and to us. As you see this, you can own your individual power of who you are. We can tell you that you have come in with a great blindfold on and no matter what, you are not going to be able to peer completely through that veil. Your greatest desire when you designed the Game of Planet Earth was to come in and put this veil on and become completely lost. You have done a tremendous job of that.

A Beautiful Human Experience

What if we told you that you could not fail if you tried? What if we told you that even if you were to manage to pull off the veil, you would laugh at how simple it all is. You try to rationalize and put everything into a neat, tidy little box. Instead, we simply ask you to experience, to feel. When you are in a field of duality, you will try to push something that you feel into a good feeling, a mediocre feeling or a bad feeling. Now we are asking you to balance that with the triality of the higher self and simply experience a human feeling. Simply have a human expression of who you are and dare to touch each other. Dare to share that with each other. Dare to share your essence with one another, and enjoy the ride. That is really what you came to do more than anything else. You came to be here not to ascend off of the Earth by becoming a higher vibration, but instead to bring a high vibration into a physical bubble of biology so that you could have a beautiful human experience. You think of yourselves so often as human beings searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are actually spiritual beings trying to cope with a human awakening. You woke up one day in a physical bubble of biology. On some level you knew you were here by contract; you signed it, dated it, and stamped it with your own energy. Many of you spend an entire lifetime saying, “I want to read the bottom line. I do not believe I signed up for this.” Own it.

The next time you look into a mirror, we challenge you to take a different look at yourself. It is naturally human to be drawn to what you consider to be your imperfections, this time when your eyes go straight to the imperfections, we ask you to look for beauty in each of those imperfections. We ask you to find something beautiful about that reflection in the mirror. Bless the imperfections and find beauty in them as we do, and you will reflect the perfect imperfections of who you are. Humanity on this Earth is the perfect imperfection of god. You carry the energy Home, and then reflect it back, giving it meaning and beauty. You give it life with every breath that you bring into your body. Even the sign of the human angel is intentionally imperfect for it illustrates the reflection of god within humans.

We tell you that you are so loved from this side of the veil. You have no idea how many angels are around you, watching your every move. Even in those times when you think you are totally alone and cannot find yourself, you are hugged by angels. You are hugged by beings, you are hugged by your guides, you are helped along the way. Own it. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself own it as you stand in your light to be the perfect imperfections of god, for you are the human expression of the greatest that ever was. And so it is that you would also carry that energy.

We leave you this day with a simple reminder for the next time you look in the mirror, look a little deeper and bless those imperfections for that is where your strength will come from at this point. We leave you with three simple reminders. Treat each other with respect. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. Nurture one another at every possibility for you are nurturing yourselves. Know that it is a grand Game of Hide and Seek. God is looking for himself, looking for herself. Do not take it too seriously. Play well together. ~ The group

On Reward and Punishment:
We have said it before, and we’ll talk about it again. “There has to be reward and punishment in Heaven,” they say.“After all, it’s fair and it’s correct… just like God. If you’re good, you get a reward. If you’re bad, you get punished.” Well, it’s not that way on my side of the veil, dear ones. You won’t find that in Heaven. You won’t find that in any angelic realm, either. There is no reward and punishment. It’s an entire different culture. It’s divine culture and it doesn’t work in duality like yours. Yet you put reward and punishment right on God, don’t you? If you’re good, you go to Heaven. If you’re bad, you don’t. One has you spending time in eternity with the Heavenly Father – what an image! The other has you spending time with the fallen angel, Lucifer. What a vision! It’s not like that, of course. First of all, in an interdimensional place that has no time, what would “time in Heaven” be like? Do you see how this fits so nicely with your version of punishment and reward? An eternity in Hell might be three minutes to me!

We’ve told you again and again that this is simply not the way it works with God. Yet there are those intellectuals who would say, “Well, there has to be a system like that. How would you control anything?” And we say to you, that’s yoursystem. That’s your duality, so control it. That’s not what God’s system is, however. We don’t need to control angels or Humans on this side of the veil. “You mean to tell me, Kryon, that a Human can come into this planet and become the most evil Human that ever exists and kill millions of people in genocide and then when he gets to the other side of the veil, there’s no punishment?” And I’ll say it again. That’s exactly right. Because you don’t understand the test. You are free to do whatever you choose while you’re here in duality. Don’t assume, however, that on the other side of the veil that system is extended. It’s only for you, here.

Again, we say that this was clearly given to you even in the scriptures you have in the parable of the Prodigal Son. That parable represented the father, who is God, sending two sons into the world, which is sending two angels to be Humans on Earth. One does everything right, one does everything wrong; one does everything good, one does everything bad – very black and white for you. Yet your scriptures tell you that when they come back across the veil, they get the same party! What does that tell you? Let me review it. It means that the test of Earth is not carried back to where you came from. You don’t carry the test back here either.

It’s about the test of the planet and it’s about Human duality. It’s why you’re here and what you do with the planet while you’re here. It doesn’t mean it’s what’s on the other side of the veil. Oh, if I could disengage this in your mind. The perceptions of humanity are that you must somehow please God with your goodness. I want to tell you, angels, you’ve already pleased God because you’re here! It’s the reason there’s going to be healings here today because you’re sitting here – because you are waking up to who you are and you are finding the divinity inside. You’ve already pleased God! You don’t have to think about being fearful or worry about what you might do to displease God because of some kind of a super reward and punishment system on the other side of the veil. There isn’t one. It’s hard enough while you’re here, isn’t it? If you ever knew how much you were loved, you would never think for a moment there’d be punishment on the other side of the veil, even for the darkest among you. Yet your major religions are all based around this feature. A billion of you feel that you arrived “dirty,” already broken and carrying the burden of humanity’s darkest deeds. Then, if you join and perform certain rituals and beliefs, you can overcome this horrible fate. In the process, those who never find out about how it works go to Hell! Therefore, God loves you so much that the majority of you will burn in Hell. Does this make any spiritual sense to you? It’s time to understand how Human this concept is.

If you are going to accomplish something and please anyone, then please the divinity that you came with. Seek peace on Earth and see yourself as an instrument of the divine intelligence that created you. Claim the angel inside; stand up and claim that you are ready to be the Lighthouse you came to be in a trying and difficult time. It’s time to drop all the energy of divine punishment and reward, for it harbors feelings of defeat, depression, an unfulfilled life, openness to control by others, and a fearful countenance… some religion, huh? You need a religion? Then seek one that amplifies the power of the Human spirit and teaches that you are a divine piece of the God Universe. Blessed are those who gather together and celebrate the power of the love of God within the Human Being, and all that can be accomplished for the planet. ~ Kryon

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