On Busy-ness:
One of the funniest things to watch is your busy activity, running back and forth, trying to fill up every minute of your day, thinking that if you’re not busy, you’re not doing what you are supposed to be doing. Thinking that you always have to have more than enough activity on your plate to justify your existence.

Busy-ness has become the new – how to say – the new one-up-manship (competitiveness) on other humans, “I’m busier than you are, therefore I’m more important. I’m busier than everyone else, therefore everybody else has to stop what they’re doing and give me attention.” Well that needs to end. That needs to end because it is basically just busy work, just letting your energy bounce off walls. Yes I know, I know, you’re telling me right now that there’s so much you have to do. Says who? Says who? You say, “Well Tobias, you told us we have all this work to do.” But I didn’t say you have to be busy all the time. I didn’t say you had to work hard. I didn’t say that you had to deplete your energy resources and your body and mind and spirit.

This is a very common human activity and it’s going to get more and more common in your society. As things get faster, as the energy speeds up, people are going to speed up also. Have you ever seen a hamster on its wheel? It is a matching type of energy. The faster the hamster goes, the faster the wheel goes. It is the same with the New Energy. The faster the wheel goes, the faster the humans try to go. Until the point is, you completely wear yourself out or make yourself sick and then you stop for a moment and you realize, “What was that all about?”

Humans get busy for a wide variety of reasons. They think they have to. They’re told – by their parents, their teachers, their employers – they have to be busy all the time. But the real reason is humans stay busy because they don’t want to have to take a look at the reality of their life. So they stay busy. It keeps them from having to look at things. They justify it by saying, “I am busy so therefore I must be doing my job. I must be worthy of being here on Earth.”

Humans use the busy-ness as an excuse for not looking at their hearts and their desires, their needs. They use busy-ness for a reason not to look at the beauty of life. They use busy-ness for not looking in at the beauty of their spirit. So they are always busy running around, going here and there, and the only time they take a moment is when they’re totally exhausted at the end of the day. 

Now you’ll have a little bit of a dilemma as this happens. You’re going to say to yourself, “Now what do I do? I’ve got all this extra time, everything’s been simplified in my life, now what do I do?” We put that question back on you, dear Creator and dear Teacher: what would you like to do now that you got the busy-ness out of the way? What about the passion? What about the real reason for living? What about the joy of working with other humans whose lives are still chaotic and busy and confusing – kind of like yours used to be. How about working with them to help them simplify, to help them understand.

With all of this extra energy efficiency you have, you’re going to be able to create. Sometimes we know you complain to us and you say, “But Tobias you talk about creation, you talk about being these bountiful creators and yet nothing happens.” You’re too busy. You’re too busy, the energies have no way of getting to you and you have no way of being efficient in your creator energy. ~ Tobias

On New Energy – New Healing:
In the past, those wanting healing would come to the healer and say, “I’ve got disease and I want it healed.” And the healer would do their best to work with the disease. Today, the healer would say, “Well, you really must have a ‘whole-body balancing.’ For today, the mastery in you must heal the disease in you.” And they might say, “No, thank you; just treat the disease, please.” It’s not going to work that way anymore. Those who only want to treat the disease will perish. It’s an age of responsibility, and those who awaken to the mastery within will survive. This is the new paradigm of healing on the planet, and the new way of survival.

Things have already started to move off of that old energy peg of reality, you see? You can’t have a jalopy in the backyard and expect to put new tires on it and suddenly have a race car. And that’s the way we’re teaching this. It’s a whole-body experience, not just a new way of working with the old Human. It goes with the territory as Earth begins to vibrate higher, and all the things around it and all the systems that have been inactive slowly begin to activate. It will create something different than you expect. Healing will not be the same. Have any of you noticed that your hospitals are one of the most dangerous places to be for your health? Does this make any sense? Perhaps there is something different that you are supposed to be doing that is far safer? How about studying the healer within?

There are those who will say, “I want a lot of energy. I want to go to the healer and get a lot of energy.” And today’s healer will tell them that they need to balance themselves in all ways in order to get the energy they crave. But they will say, “No, thank you, just the energy, that’s all I want.” Are you starting to see the change? The system is changing from “please help me” to “please help me to help myself.” The largest change in metaphysical people around this planet will be from “poor me” to “master me.” That, dear Human, is why the profound balancing systems that are being taught today [the EMF Balancing Technique] are only a few years old. They only came in when you passed the marker of the Harmonic Convergence. Perhaps you feel that was all coincidental?

There are those who, when dealing with the mind, say to the healer, “I’m filled with fear. I’ve gone to the psychologists, yet I’m filled with fear. If only I could get out of fear and be happy.” And the healer would say, “Well, let’s take care of that. Let’s start a process where you can learn about yourself and take care of everything.” And they would answer, “No, thank you, just the fear. Everything else is fine.” Well, everything else is not fine, or there wouldn’t be fear! It’s the same with anger, you know? “Can you do something about the anger please? Got a pill for that, doctor? Just the anger, nothing else. I’ll be fine, you know.” That kind of past compartmentalization does not work anymore.

It is magnificent and it’s a whole-body experience. There are those who will come to you and say, “I’m so tired of the duality. I don’t know what to do. There’s so much darkness on Earth. I have so much trouble watching the news, it depresses me. If only I could feel joy in my life. Could you give me some joy? You got a pill for that, doctor?” And the answer is no. It doesn’t work that way anymore. You’re going to see this more and more, this whole-body experience. It’s also the same with spirituality. Knowledge will no longer fill the hungry soul. Many will still come and say, “I want to increase the Godliness in me. I want more awareness. Can you give me more knowledge so I can become more aware? Then everything will fall into place.” Not anymore. Those who thrived on “knowing things” will not have a full-body experience through the knowledge alone. This creates a partial awareness without balance.

Do you know what would happen if you were able to give someone the healing of “no fear?” You would create a fearless Human Being, and the potential of a raging monster on your hands. . .  arrogant in all ways. You see, a true no fearHuman is not afraid because of what their intuition tells them within their DNA, not what a book tells them on the shelf. Spirit doesn’t give healings in this fashion any longer. The energy has changed. ~ Kryon.

On The Physical & Emotional Changes Ahead:
We wish to speak today about human biology in this shift, because biology is changing rapidly and that will have a wide variety of effects on all of humanity.  We have spoken of the rewire process and the fact that if that process is interrupted it can have an effect on the body with energy disconnections.  This has been labeled by your sciences as Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia; we simply call them energy disorders.  The energetic wiring of your human brain is changing right now.  The way the synaptic pathways communicate in the human brain is changing.  It may be years before medical science validates that this is happening, partly because they knew very little about the manner in which they communicated before the change began.  Even so, here in the woo-woo world [the world of channelled information] we will say it now.  Humanity is evolving right before your changing eyes.   That change is beautiful and yet, it will cause challenges for humans.

Sleeplessness and Sleep Changes:
You will see more people with sleeplessness, with changes in sleep patterns and the use of sleep time, than ever before on this planet.  Why is that?  And why does that have to be a part of the change?  It does not have to be a part of the change, dear ones. We also remind you to hold your own power at this juncture and do not listen to every word we say.  Do not think that you must have problems with sleep to be one of the chosen ones.  Dear ones, you ARE CHOSEN.  You are here, you are sitting in these seats, you are watching this program, you are reading these words and you have chosen to be harbingers of the Light.  You are the ones who will take this to the next level whether you have sleep problems or whether you help your neighbor with theirs. Much of this is because you are becoming multidimensional and you are starting to experience other dimensions of time and space.  Due to that, your own understanding of dimensional reality will change. 

One of the biggest dimensional shifts humans experience is the dimension you call sleep.  In fact, many of you who do not consider yourselves to be healers will find that you may wake up exhausted rather than rested.  If you are not doing the work of your heart in your waking hours, then when you go to sleep a little bell goes off in another dimension and it signals that “the doctor is now in.”  You then start healing with the long line of people that awaits you and you wake up the next morning and cannot figure out why you are exhausted.  You will also find that many people will begin to wake at odd hours more than ever before.   It may be years before medical science collects enough data to prove this out, but watch for it now, for you are the ones who have dedicated yourselves to helping people make this shift.  That means shining your light, for that makes the fear go away. You are the disciples of the Light. 

We have spoken before of the 3am club where people begin to awaken at 3am.  This is actually the beginning of a normal sleep pattern that you will experience in the future.  We call it the triad of sleep, where you will generally sleep for three hours, wake for two and then return to sleep for three more hours.  This gives people two hours of wakefulness that they do not know what to do with.  These two hours are very special, as you are in an enhanced state of creation during these hours.  In fact, you are in an altered dimensional state during these two hours.  Now the time lag is gone anyway, but during these two hours, what you hold in your thoughts will become your reality very quickly.  During that special time, allow yourself to hold only those thoughts that add to you in some way.  You have no control over the thoughts that enter your mind.  You do have complete control over which thoughts you allow to stay in your brain.  Do not worry about keeping all negative thoughts from your mind.  Let them go through, as they are a needed part of your human experience.  Just know that they can travel through your mind without attaching, and choose to hold and keep only the thoughts that add to you in some way—and do not judge yourself for having difficult or negative thoughts.   Exercise that control during these two hours of creating.

The New 3am Club:
Understand that during the rewiring process these times and hours may change a lot as the 3am club becomes the 4:45am club and then back again over the adjustment period of the next fifty years.  In the days ahead there will be people waking at all hours trying to understand what is happening and thinking that something is “wrong.”   That thought alone can create much difficulty on planet Earth.  This is a normal process of human evolution.

Vivid and Negative Dreams:
You will also have very vivid and sometimes negative dreams.  Some of you will awaken with nightmares.  This is a natural balancing process that balances your energy.  Many of you spend your entire day dancing in positive energy, ignoring what we call the dark side.  There is a beautiful dark side to each of you.  In that case you may have an energy-balancing dream where you have a very vivid negative dream which will simply help to balance your energy. The majority of time you will not remember these dreams but will awaken with a shaken-up feeling.  Sometimes you will remember them and they may shake you.  As the rewiring continues, these dreams will become very special experiences.  So if you are having them, rather than questioning what is wrong, just smile and know that it means you are experiencing enough positive energy to need balancing in the first place.   This balancing has been happening since the beginning of the game; yet, with this rewiring of humanity going on, these occurrences may grow more frequent and more dramatic.   

Headaches and Dizziness:
As this rewiring takes place many people will experience unexplained headaches or dizziness that they never had before.  As your brain starts to rewire itself you will experience symptoms in the head that are new to you.  Please know that this is a normal state of evolution and there is nothing to fear.   We ask you always to release your fears with physical symptoms.  Never hold them back or try to deny them, as that makes them grow as they attract all sorts of energy.  If you wish to be masters of your own thoughts then fill in the vacuum. Go see a doctor if you are worried in any way.  If the sciences deny valuable information by not honoring divine guidance and intuition, please do not make the same mistake and not go to a doctor just because they are not metaphysical.  Use and honor all flavors of the truth and then choose the best camera angle that is presented with all of them.   Blend the physical and the metaphysical sciences, for that is where the real magic lies.  If the doctor comes back and says that he or she cannot find anything wrong then you will know that it is the evolutionary path that we speak of.   Then you can enjoy the journey without the fear.

Respiratory System Changes and Challenges:
We will also mention that many people will have uncommon or unexplained respiratory system changes and challenges.  Over the next five years this will be huge on this planet.  Medical sciences have no real way of assimilating or collecting data on undiagnosed illnesses.   There is no real way to collect this data until there is a name with which you can label a set of symptoms.  At times humans have even made up diseases so that they can categorize symptoms and changes in humanity.  In fact, this was the origin of the disorders you call ADD and ADHD.  These symptoms brought in with the Indigo children have been on Earth for a rather long time, yet now that you have names and labels for them you see huge increases in the disease.  We tell you that this will also happen with the respiratory challenges that will soon face the majority of humanity.  Your relationship to your breath will change.  As these changes happen within the physiology many of you will see these as difficulties and vulnerabilities, as allergies, as colds, but as allergies and colds that do not follow a normal path.   Again, know that this, too, shall pass and you will be perfectly alright. It is an evolutionary process that will calm down when your new wiring is adapted in the physical form.  Do not think that you have done something wrong just because you have a cold.  Just know that it is part of your rewiring process and allow the evolution to proceed with joy and Kleenex.  Enjoy the ride… and if you have to spend a day in bed then enjoy the day in bed.

Most of you will find that as the rewiring progresses, your patterns will change as the rewiring is assimilated.   Also understand that not all of these changes will produce negative results.  It could be that you have always had allergies during the summer months and suddenly they cease to bother you.  Not all will be negative; some will be positive.  Also, know that from our side of the veil we do not see a difference in these.  To us they are simply changes.

Multidimensionality and Autism:
We have said many times that as you evolve and some of these events begin to unfold, one of the big pieces that will take place for you is a new understanding of multidimensionality.  You are becoming multidimensional beings, and some of the disorders that humans have categorized around that will be understood.  One of these in particular is Autism.  We have defined autism as a multidimensional person who lives with one foot in two worlds.  Most of the time the autistic child cannot find their way back to the world in which you know them to be autistic.  In fact, they may exist more in the other world than they do in the one you call your daily life. That is a very frustrating experience for a soul to have.  Yet, much can be accomplished through this.  So even though it is not an illness or anything that is “wrong,” much of what you can learn through the beauty of autism is that there is a huge gift in learning multidimensionality.  The biggest challenge that a person with autism experiences is the frustration and eventually anger that he or she feels.  They have so much information coming in that they cannot fully interpret it.  Those of you who are not autistic have filters in place that allow you to only see and experience the information and vibrations within your own reality.  Autistic people have these filters removed, and they have a difficult time assimilating all of the information to be able to see things they same way you see them.  We also tell you that this is beginning to change.  Due to your own dimensional shift and opening to multidimensionality with the rewiring process now underway you will begin to find transformational tools, what we call translation tools, that will help you translate communications to people in other dimensions.  This will finally unlock much of the mystery of the condition of autism.  Watch for this.  Again, the tools will be labeled differently from how we just described, as they will come from non-woo-woo sciences, but new tools for understanding autism are on the horizon. 

Some of these tools have even been here for a long time, yet they have not been understood as of yet… like the person who works with autistic children who wears a crystal every day because he knows that the child cannot talk to him but can talk to the crystal.  The autistic child can talk through the crystal because it is a translation device.  They can speak to the crystal because the crystal can be used as a translation device because it exists in multiple dimensions itself, and can therefore reach fully into their dimension as well as yours.  Please know that not all crystals can be used to reach autistic children, but ones of the correct vibration have been used for this purpose.  This is similar to the fact that most autistic children can communicate with some animals and particularly with those we know to be multidimensional, such as dolphins.  It is not possible to have a pet dolphin in your home so that you can communicate with an autistic child, but understand that there are translation devices that already exist and have for some time.  This will now start to happen with other forms as well.  Some will be objects and some will be living, multidimensional forms of life.  Some will be the new biology, and we tell you that there will be gifted children who will come along very soon who will help to translate and understand the gift of autism. 

When these children begin to evolve do not fear them.  Know how they are and know that the gifts they carry are to be carried by all humans as the evolution continues.  See them for the possibilities that they hold.  You are the disciples of the Light.  You are the holders of the flashlight, dear ones, and when people fall into fear with the changes ahead, you are the ones who can make a difference.  This is the enactment of your sacred contract.  All humanity is going through a rewiring process at this time on Earth.  The human animal is shifting into higher vibrations. It is also no secret to say that is one point that will cause fear on your planet.  Very simply, humans are afraid of change.  That is why you are here, dear ones.  That is what will call you into action, for you are the disciples of the Light.  You understand.  You have dedicated yourself to holding the flashlight for the highest outcome without trying to point the exact way or to tell anyone which way to turn or what to do; you just shine that light so that all may see.  That is the greatest sacred contract for many of you and it is here this day. 

Digestive System, Gastrointestinal Tract:
The last physical issue we wish to address is that there are major changes in the digestive tracts of humans as the changes to biology begin.  Please know that humans only see things when they are negative and they become problems.  That is why the news is almost always negative in nature.  No one would watch if you had a “good news” channel.  It is simply human nature.  Just know that although most of these changes will be brought to your attention in the negative, they are happening in the positive as well.   Changes to the human digestive tracts will cause a wide variety of symptoms in the near future.  Know that if you are experiencing these, that even though you may be having difficulties, you also may be one of the first to take a higher vibrational physical body.  Be patient and don’t forget to breathe; this, too, shall pass.

With all of the physical changes taking place the emotions are all over the board, dear ones.  There will be depression on this planet like never before and there will be many who go inward with the creative energy rather than outward.  We tell you that repression of energy is the greatest problem you have on this planet.  You are god and repressing any part of that will create problems in the physical and emotional bodies.  It always has, and yet now humans will be even more sensitive to that than ever before. You can personally make a difference there.  Take that as a call, dear ones–a call to action, for that is where you can make a difference first.   Help people to move that creative energy outward rather than inward.  You are here to shine your light.  And whether that is working with your next door neighbor or teaching thousands of people is up to you.  We will never tell you which way to turn, but we can say that you hold the key and you are a disciple of the Light. You have dedicated yourself to the study and use of Light for many lifetimes and that is why we call you the disciples of the Light.  You are the ones who can help people to pick up their camera and find the best angle.  You are the New Family of Light and you came in with the greatest hope that humanity would make it to the point that it is right now.  You are being called to action.  There will be no more closet Lightworkers. ~ The Group

On The Seven Cosmic Laws:
To some, this will seem like a review, for all of these concepts have been presented in the last 18 years, but never in this concise way or grouped in this manner. These are the cosmic laws that I, as the entity that I am, have deemed the most important for the Human Being to know. Some of them may shock or surprise you in their simplicity, but they’re not simple. All of them speak about the love of God. Although I give them to you in a row, in linear fashion, they don’t present themselves in importance this way. However, their numerological values are significant.

Number one: You can never return to a less-aware state.
No Human can willingly unknow anything. Once it is in your mind, especially in the spiritual energy of your DNA, it is impossible for you to unknow it. Oh, you might try to forget it, but it’s still there. You can’t unknow it. And so we say this to you: be careful what you decide to know because it will change your life.

Some of you have asked for things. “Dear Spirit,” you have said, “tell me what it is I need to know.” Then the teaching begins and you’re shown some things that you should work on. Sometimes it’s your health. You can’t unknow that, can you? There are those who would say, “Well, I’m a Human Being of free choice. Therefore, if I choose to ignore it, I can.”You’re right. That’s not unknowing it. That’s a Human Being who chooses denial. And if the information is profoundly spiritual, you will become unbalanced. It is impossible to know something profound and pretend it is not there. You’ve called it the “elephant under the table.” Impossible, it is, to ignore. Therefore, you will live your life unbalanced. Be careful what it is you choose to know. We say this to you in all love and wisdom, when we say there is a process that begins when you ask with pure intent for it to begin, that is more profound than you know. You cannot go backwards once you’ve got it. That’s the first cosmic law. The number one represents new beginnings in numerological terms.

The second Cosmic Law of Kryon is this: In every Human Being there is profound divinity. But it’s not intuitive. It lies there and “pokes at you.” You know it’s there. It’s there enough for humans to find a religion, isn’t it? It lies there and you know enough to go find God in some form and fulfill the manifestation of that search through attendance, through joining, through worship, through doctrine. But the truth of who you are is hidden. That’s the second law. It’s not intuitive that you are God. It’s not intuitive that inside your DNA would be all these gifts. It’s a beautiful cosmic law. It’s beautiful because it keeps you in a place where, if you’re going to search for the divine, you’ve got to mean it. It cannot be casual, for you won’t get answers. This explains why some of you have perhaps opened a study or opened a book and said, “I’ll try this, or I’ll do this, or this didn’t do anything for me.” Maybe even tonight you’ll walk away and say, “That didn’t do anything for me either.” I’ll tell you why – because you didn’t invest anything in it. It’s a casual attending, with you looking for something that will change you. Instead, why don’t you look for a tool to change yourself? That is the message.

That was number two. Two in numerological terms represents the duality.

Number three. It’s just so profound and so simple and you’ve heard it as a statement from me over and over for all these years. “You’ve said it too much, Kryon,” many say. But I’ll give it to you yet again. Number three, the Cosmic Law of Kryon: You are dearly loved.

On my side of the veil, you are loved by all of the entities in the quantum hologram – more than you can count, more than all the numbers that you would know how to speak. Yet they all have something in common; they’re part of one consciousness that know your name. And you don’t believe that either. “Too grand,” you might say. I’ve got more information for you on that. Wait until you hear cosmic law numbers six and seven! Everywhere you go, you’re known, and you’re loved. It is the core emotion, if you want to say that, of the Universe. It is love. All the masters who ever visited you told you this, yet you still manufacture reasons to dissect and doubt it.

It’s the energy you felt when you came into the earth and it’s what you feel when you leave it. I promise you that when you close your eyes for the last time and remember who you are, there is only love. When I see you in the Cave of Creation, there is going to be joy. Do not fear that time, dear Human Being. Oh, make no mistake – we want you to stay a long time, because we need your light on this planet. That’s why you’re here. But I’ll tell you this: When it’s time for you to go, don’t fear it – for you’re coming home. It’s a great time and it happens constantly… a party that never ends. It’s a joyful time of heart and light connections unfathomable to you as a Human that goes on constantly as the Humans come and go and the series continues and the cycle of life is complete. I can’t even explain it. And many of you will walk out of here not believing it. That was number three.

The number three in numerology represents the catalyst. A catalyst is an energy that provides the push for transformation of one energy to another, yet never changes itself. Therefore you might say that this loving energy is the core catalyst of change and transformation for the Human Being. Love is that way. It absolutely changes Human lives and gives reasons to exist. It manifests wisdom where there was ignorance, and compassion where there was nothing but emptiness. It is the reason for all, and is the common denominator between both sides of the veil. It is the staple of Kryon, and the key for enlightenment of the Human Being. It is the light of discovery on a darkened earth and the true solace for those in distress. Indeed! You are dearly loved!

Number four is an attribute of the mechanics of incarnation, of life expression, or what you call the rotating life experience on Earth. And here it is: Everything that you learn spiritually in one expression carries over to the next.

That means this: Whatever you learn right now, you don’t have to re-learn when you get back. It’s there in the Akash*, like a jar that contains whatever is learned. It’s filled with what your life’s lesson is about. Every incarnation you’ve had before now and all of the things that you have learned are in that metaphoric jar. And when you decided to push on the door and open that spiritual jar of wisdom, out pours your entire work through the ages. Everything you ever learned since you started the journey of coming to Earth is there.

There have been those who have said, in their darkest moments, “If I have to come back and learn this all over again, I don’t want to come back.” Well, you don’t have to learn it again. It explains why some of those who have never had any spiritual training have profound wisdom. It explains why the new consciousness children of Earth carry with them a half-filled jar of this at birth, no matter what. When the jar is opened by even the smallest child, out comes profound ideas from the other side of the veil… who they used to be, the way life works, and why they chose their parents. This would not be happening if it were not for the new posturing of the magnetics of the planet – the reason I’m here at all.

Now let me tell you what that means, doubter. Inside you, doubter, contains some of the greatest spiritual truths that any have ever had. I want to tell you all that there’s a shaman in the audience and he doesn’t know it. He’s afraid to open the jar, too, and he may not ever do it in this lifetime because of this fear. But, oh dear one, you know who I’m talking to, don’t you? If you choose to ever open that jar, out will flood the profundities of the ages. Healer that you are, if you choose it, it’s there. Part of the duality you have wants to keep the lid on it, because you know if you open it you can’t go back! [Cosmic Law One] You know it’s there, don’t you? Do you want to do it this time around or not? There is no judgment of you. My dear one, the party will be the same when I see you on my side one day, if you open the jar or not. You are dearly loved. That was number four.

Number four in numerological terms is an Earth number and involves structure. It’s a grounding number. The knowledge of the ages is like this. It’s the gold that’s mined from lifetime to lifetime in the Akash. It’s the only thing that you carry from one lifetime to another that is the most practical of all. Your spiritual knowledge is like the mantel of God. When you ask for that jar to begin to open, out pours a very comfortable energy – your own mastery.

Number five is when you give pure intent and activate DNA layer 10. There’s something else that happens with it that is profound: You give permission of the cosmos to rearrange things around you. Some of you know what I mean, don’t you? You give permission for change. In your darkest hour, perhaps, you may have called out when you were in trouble and things were not going right.

That’s when the Human says, “God, who gave you permission to change my life like this?” And I would say to you, you did! So be careful. Before you decide to push on that door to create the activation of any of these DNA layers, be ready for the changes that may occur in your life. This is not esoteric fluff. It’s life changing. Just ask some of those around you what has happened to them when they decided to find “God inside” of them.

All of you sit in a time and a place that is extremely profound and timely. We need your light for this planet. If you’re going to make a decision to send the light, you’re going to change the planet. The reason why you’re here, each and every single one, is the reason why you’ve awakened – even you, doubter – the reason why you came with someone else to this meeting tonight. There is no judgment of any of you. I’m just giving you the facts. There is a reason why you came to hear these things – in order to fill up that jar even further, to make you aware of the way things work.

The Cosmic Law that I speak of is that you give permission for life change when you move into the arena and ask God to tell you what it is that you need to know. It’s the way of it, you know? It’s the way it works. It’s like enlisting into a legion of Lightworkers where you give permission to Spirit to help you fall into the ranks of those who will heal this planet. And the good news is that all the changes that you start in your life appropriately and eventually bring you growth and eventually bring you joy.

God does not take pleasure in harming situations, taking love away, or creating sickness or sorrow. That is not what Spirit does. Yet that energy is often assigned to the spiritual attributes of the doctrines of the planet. It’s not that way, dear ones. The things that you might experience that you call growth, even what you might call problems and challenges, are all about your time of increasing the light, for the planet needs you to be honed. There is an old expression and we’ve used it before: “Iron sharpens iron.” It speaks about sometimes the way you have to be put through the mill so that you can be shaped into the glorious, angelic form that you’ve asked to become. That’s a cosmic law.

Numerologically, five is the energy of CHANGE. Need I say more?

Number six: As soon as you start this search of yours, as soon as you push on the door, as soon as Spirit sees pure intent, all of your universal family knows it. I want you to think about that for a minute. You envision yourself in a linear form – one Human Being making one choice in a sea of humanity. One grain of sand in a vast, spiritual beach makes a small choice. Well, I’m going to tell you, the whole beach knows! That’s a cosmic law. That’s how profound it is.

When you turn on your light, everybody sees it. Things that you cannot imagine that are procedural, spiritual and historical take place. Even the Akash* itself is modified each time a Human makes that decision. The vibration of the planet changes by the Human Being making a decision to move into an interdimensional state where they begin to see things differently. You call it ascension, rebirth, activation of DNA. Call it whatever you wish; everybody knows. “Kryon, do the humans on the planet know it, too?” Absolutely. Oh, perhaps not at a conscious level, but I will tell you, they recognize a shaman; they recognize a master; they recognize one in ascension status. They may not know why they like you, but they do. It’s the God in them that greets the God in you. And the two God parts, they communicate with each other, and they know. The cosmos awakens when you do.

I’m going to tell you that there are a number of you just on the edge of crossing into that place of light right now. I can feel it – can you? And when you do, and if you should do it and you push on that door, I would like to tell you the whole cosmos knows it. Blessed are those who have made the decision and stand in these places that know about life, who know the power of light, and don’t just speak it, but live it. Blessed are those for they will inherit this planet, meek as they might be. It is their essence, their lineage that the planet will carry from here on. That’s who is here, Lemurian. That was number six.

The number six is the center – the most sacred number in the series. It represents communication, prayer and the “pipeline” to the Higher-Self. There’s only one more cosmic law, and I’ve saved it for last.

Number seven represents a number of divinity. It’s a number representing the divinity of God. I give you information now and that is this: The seventh Cosmic Law is that every single one of you has an effect on the fabric of reality on this planet when you send light.

You may wonder to yourself as you sit alone, or with two or three, when you send light esoterically to a place on Earth that needs it. Without any 3D access of proof, when you do this spiritually profound procedure, does it really do anything? Really? When you send light to the Sudanese to comfort them in their incredible sorrow, or those families who mourn every day from what happens in Iraq, or for those who are put into the battles of Earth on the front lines and who are afraid, does it help? Perhaps you regularly send light, but the duality, Human Being, will make you doubt, “Well, did it really do anything? Will we ever know? It seems so insignificant.” It’s the Seventh Cosmic Law of Kryon that says that every time you sit down and send light, it moves mountains – moves mountains! It changes the future of the planet.

Now I’m going to give you some information that I’ve mentioned only a few times in my messages. I’ve saved it for this transcription. If you don’t remember anything else from this message, remember this. Of the entire population of the planet, only one half of one percent of you need to awaken in order to create a renaissance and peace on Earth – one half of one percent.

In case you wondered whether all of those on Earth would eventually think like you, the answer is absolutely not. No. It’s a small group of you who have been elected by your own consciousness and your own lineage to come here at this time. Old soul, you are here to serve a grand purpose of sending light for the rest of humanity. Remember, this planet is filled with those who are not as old as you are [meaning that they don’t have the number of lifetimes you do on Earth]. For when you have a geometric progression of numbers of Humans on the planet, that means only a seeming few of you are very old and the rest are very young. I speak to old souls right now; that’s who hears and reads this. It’s the old souls that will make the difference, and many of the children are among them.

Oh, have you ever wondered why you’re here? Have you ever wondered what you’re supposed to be doing? Can you give 30 seconds to Sudan tonight? Before you go to bed, Lightworker, can you do this? You’ve got the power, you know? You’ve got the energy within you, which is divine. And even though you can’t prove it in a 3D fashion, can you still send the cosmic energy of intelligent design to the Sudanese, and trust that what you have done is going to make a difference? If you can do that, you are a Lightworker, making a difference to the vibration of Earth.

Less than one half of one percent of the planet has to be involved. If they are, you’re going to see a positive shift and you’re going to see it profoundly. Leaderships will change. Refreshing ideas will emerge within governments, of which nobody ever thought of in the past. You might say, “Why didn’t they do that earlier?” And I’ll tell you. What has happened is that your light, dear one, let them see things that were formerly in the dark. Watch for this – cosmic intelligence being carried on your light that illuminates ignorance and turns it into wise choices. Then celebrate it and know it had your energy all over it.

You are the light of the world. Take these things in love and make them work for you ~ Kryon

*Akash is defined by Kryon as the life force of the Universe or the planet, depending on the context of the conversation.

On Human Lighthouse Filters:
Today’s teaching is a grand message, but it’s also a profound one, and we’re going to call it “What are you going to do with your filters?” Did you know that as a transmitter of energy, divinity, light and thought, you are filtering all of it as it goes out from you?

The premise that we have given all of these years is this: the metaphor of a Lightworker is one who sends light. This constant metaphor expands also to the 3D image of the physical lighthouse on the beach. It proclaims that lighthouses are never built in safe places. They send light to souls who need to see it, and help to guide ships into the harbors of safety. Few are needed to affect many, and they are rock solid. Therefore many of you are, indeed, spiritual lighthouses for the planet in these difficult and shifting times.

You walk among society all over the earth. You have brother and sister Lightworkers in lands you will never visit, where the languages and customs would be foreign to you. Yet your light is the same as theirs – a divine and clear presence that affects the darkness around humanity, giving choices in all cultures.

And so the metaphor goes, you are challenged to send light. It’s why you exist, and it’s the protocol of how even the most meek of the planet will have a profound stamp upon what happens next. But it must be pure light and it cannot have anything “on it.” Therefore, anything you put upon this light that is not pure and divine is created by the Human Being, and it’s a filter that you metaphorically place in front of it. It would be just like a real lighthouse might place a filter over its light, changing the character and color of what is sent out. Now, there’s no reason why a lighthouse would ever do such a thing. And there’s also no reason why a Human would willingly do it either, but esoterically it’s done every day, and that is the subject of this teaching.

Imagine for a moment a whole box of filters stored around your light. I’m going to identify what they are. At this point you might even deny they exist, saying, “My light is as pure as my intent to make it that way.” Indeed, you are a grand lighthouse! Your pure, intent light is as bright and as white as anything you have ever imagined in your life, yet here come the filters! Look carefully at the box of filters, for it’s got your name on it. This is not just a fluffy channeling, for now I’m giving you the profound “next step” in defining how to change the earth.

The Human Being shows up at the top of the lighthouse and begins to do his work. He creates a sacred space, and begins his transmission. Perhaps you haven’t thought about these things before. Perhaps you think you can separate the sending of the light from your personal life, but you can’t. You can’t. When masters walk the earth and heal those around them, they must be masters first and healers second. Mastery demands a scenario of purity that is very attainable, for it’s built into your DNA and ready to be activated. But it’s time to understand what it is you are up against.

What are you worried about right now? Do you know what that looks like? Oh, it’s a great dark filter over your light. Did you know that this puts the “worry filter” right in front of your sacred light? So when you sit down and meditate and you want to send light to the rest of this planet, it’s like a lighthouse. It goes around and around, and it transmits worry, worry, worry, worry. Did you know that? It’s a filter! It goes right on that interdimensional communication line that is so precious to the Lightworker, and to the planet.

Perhaps before you sit down and you meditate you might like to clean yourself of all worry? That would be valuable. But you say, “I don’t know how to do that. I mean, I would have to go to another space completely, one that wouldn’t be me. Because I worry!” Well, I’ve got a solution. Why don’t you go into that ascension status that we have talked about so many times, and pull upon the energy of that hidden DNA, which is yours, and eliminate the worry? Eliminate that filter. There’s no reason for it to be on that light anymore.

“Kryon, I can’t just make worry go away. There are 3D things that produce it, and make the Human create it. You can’t just ‘think’ it away. We worry because there are reasons to worry. I can’t believe that Spirit would simply tell us to stop. It’s like asking us not to be hungry or not to feel pain.”

This, my dear Human friend, is where the teaching gets difficult. If you are to be a Lighthouse for this planet, doing what you came to do, you have to get out of the 3D box you were born in and readjust the perception of what you can and cannot do as a Human Being. Many of the masters who walked this earth were constantly under attack. Study their lives. Were they filled with worry and hopelessness? No. They were filled with love, tenderness, empathy and celebration. How did they do that? They claimed a power inside that gave them something you don’t even believe can happen! How can you approach this task of being the Lighthouse, when you don’t even believe in the light?

It’s time to understand the premise that there are things outside your Human perception that are yours for the asking and yours for the duration of your life. When you see these listed in the rest of this channeling, think, “I can” rather than “how can I?” For these things are what we have taught now for 18 years. And, by the way, masters can stop hunger and pain, too. Study their lives and you will see this over and over. There is mastery in you! Adjust your perception.

What about frustration? There are so many of you who are frustrated over this and that, saying, “What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? What’s happening next? Why did that happen to me? And WHEN am I going to get this and that?” You are frustrated! Do you know that frustration is also a filter? We ask again, when you looked into the eyes of the masters of the planet, whether they were called Christ or Buddha or Paramahansa Yogananda or Sai Baba, did you see frustration? No! You saw joy! You saw peace. You saw clarity and balance. And again you might say (in your frustration), “Well, those Humans were masters. What do you expect?” And if you said that, you haven’t been listening to Kryon very long, have you? What do I expect? I expect the same divine energy that made those Humans masters to well up inside you and start the same process, for it’s internal, installed, available and ripe with manifestation.

What do you think is inside you, shaman? It’s called mastery. Are you’re going to be history’s first frustrated master? You say, “Well, Kryon, I’m frustrated, and I have reason to be frustrated. I’m a Human Being and there are things that frustrate me.” Again, along comes the voice of Spirit in these times that says, how would you like to drop that? How would you like to be a Human Being and have the same situations before you, but they don’t frustrate you? Is that a possibility? If it is, and you can allow for that, open your heart, open that third eye for a moment. Welcome to mastery! Welcome to ascension. Are you getting this? Try pushing on that door of “what’s next,” the one you are curiously afraid of. One of the things that happens is all these frustrating things drop from you and your light becomes pure. Otherwise, you’re going to send frustration, frustration, frustration.

Human Bias
What about bias – Human bias? “Kryon, I’m not biased,” you might say. Of all things you could be, many of you claim to be unbiased. You say you have been careful about this. All right, I will challenge you. Gear up to meditate right now and send light to your government seat without any bias. Oops! I think I just hit a nerve. Remember, sending light it not the same thing as what you want to say to your American president. That’s not what the angels want to hear. That’s not what he wants to hear. That’s not what you’re supposed to be doing. What’s the bias that you’ve got going in this? Can you get above it? Can you send light to the president without Human political interference? Can you instead let the idea of the cosmic intelligence take over and shine a light into an area that the U.S. leadership needs? Can you do that? I’ll tell you – most of you can’t!

Let me give you the example of the master who sends light to his leadership. He sits and sees the president as a fellow angel in a dark place who needs as much light as possible. There is no assignment of party affiliation, no assignment of what the master wishes would happen, no assignment of any kind. Instead, the light becomes the engine of God, sending wisdom, peace and clarity to the Oval Office for the president to see and use when he has the free choice to do it. One angel to another. One equal to another. A divine contract that, at some level, is expected from those in leadership who have portions of their DNA as profoundly ready as yours, to play important parts in the upcoming shift of your planet. Again, it’s a partnership.

You have Human bias, and it’s a filter. You slap it on the front of that light and out it goes. “Well, how can we keep from doing that? It’s part of being a Human Being, Kryon. How can we tear that filter up? The one of bias just seems to come with the territory. We’re built like we’re built.” Oh no, you’re not. That’s the old paradigm perception. Oh, you come in that way, and you go through life that way, until along comes a message that tweaks your mind. Do you remember my message of 1989? My partner released that message in 1993 for you. It said, and I paraphrase it, “you can change your stripes!” That was the message. Remember? “How would you like to change your karmic attributes?” I said to you. “There’s a new energy,” I said to you. “Magnetics are being changed so that your DNA will be changed,” I said to you. “How would you like to not even be affected by your astrological sign anymore? How would you like to do things in a retrograde nobody would ever do?” I said that. Go back and look.

And what do you call a person who could do such things? A master! Mastery is at hand, dear ones, and it doesn’t mean that you stand there taller and everybody worships you. It doesn’t mean that you have to make some kind of light shine upon you so all see you. It means that in the darkness, even in your own closet, your light is so pure that it changes things on the planet even if you are the only one who knows about it. You don’t have to shout it from the hilltop either, and nobody’s going to come running to your door and say, “Wow, you’ve got a bright light.” You’ll know it because you’re going to feel peace from it; you’re not going to have fear; you’re not going to worry; you’re not going to have frustration. Instead, you’re going to have the love of God in you. As for the others, they won’t see an odd New Age light, but they will see balance, and it will make them wish to be with you. Oh, what a concept this is for a Human! Mastery is yours.

Here’s a filter that you haven’t even thought of: What about things that have happened in your lifetime that have given you trouble? What about the Human you can’t forgive? Oh, you’ve tried to forgive, but betrayal is a tough one, isn’t it? Yes. It’s almost like when they betrayed you, they betrayed the whole contract and spoiled an entire life experience. They put you through it, didn’t they? Maybe it was a mom or a dad. That even makes it worse, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s a daughter or a son you just can’t forgive for what they did, you know? Maybe there was abuse. Maybe it continues to happen and you are just tolerating it. What do you do with that? You can’t forgive them.

It’s a filter, you know? I could just see that same angel on the hill now. “Oh, there’s a light. It’s coming from thousands of miles away. Oh, it’s a beautiful light. Oops, I see that it’s filled with unforgiveness! We’ll use as much of the light as we can, but it’s going to be tough with that filter on it.” Do you see what I’m saying? Whatever you’ve got going on in your life just “sticks to the light.” Up to this point, perhaps you thought you could just go in a corner and send that light, meditate, have a great time, and somehow all these things might be suspended while you got “spiritual”? No. Who you are is imprinted onto the light you generate.

“All right, Kryon, you tell me how I’m going to forgive this person. You put it out on the table, so you tell me. I can’t do it. I could never do it. I’m having trouble now. How does one do this?” Have you ever asked for help? Or do you sit there and think, “I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t do it.” What about creating a life change so grand and so great that those feelings just fall on the floor and you sweep them away with time? How about that one? How about you never think about it again, instead of every moment of every day. How about that?

I’ll tell you, Lightworker, that forgiveness is one of the staples of mastery. No matter what the situation, your perception changes. Do you remember the child who may have said something to you in school in the third grade? Probably not. It’s because your life experience is so far above that now that it’s not important. It passed from a place when you were not mature yet, so it doesn’t affect you anymore. You grew up! Think of this same thing with mastery, because then you will start to see the scheme of the way things work; you become wiser and far more interdimensional in your perception. Things that haunt you now no longer have energy, and they are a waste of time. You go beyond it. Are you ready for such a thing? Daughter, are you ready? Can you forgive? Can you even love them? I challenge you, dear one. Clean up the light. Make that happen today.

I’ve just given you about four filters common to man, common to all in various degrees. Have you ever thought about how that affects your ability to send out this purity that you want to send out? Isn’t it beautiful that they give a white light that is so bright that it illuminates the corners of darkness worldwide? Do you know what lies on the floor that nobody can see, even amongst those who are so dense? They will never come to a meeting like this, never read the words that some of you are reading now, or hear this message that some of you are listening to. That is the one who is going to be affected by you, because this light of yours shines in their corner and suddenly they see things they never saw before. Now, of course, they’ll think it’s their idea when they discover it. In many ways, it is, since it was their free choice to see it after your light shined upon it. It’s a partnership then, is it not? What does that tell you? The sending of pure, bright light, without frustration, anger, fear, bias is what you are supposed to be part of! How many “partners” out there are waiting for you to do this? How many of them may be influential to stop wars, make peace, or find cures for disease? Did you think of that? It’s a cosmic partnership that will totally escape 3D logic or time.

The Akashic Filters
If you thought it was difficult to clear out all those filters, wait until you hear the next section. There’s another box of filters over here in this corner – an esoteric box. It’s got your name right on it, too! If the other ones weren’t bad enough, wait until you see the esoteric ones. And they’re labeled Akash.

Let me tell you something. You are a product of all the yous that have ever been on Earth. Think of that for a moment, Lemurian. Who have you been, what have you done? What’s been done to you, victim? It’s right there in the Akash of your own interdimensional DNA, and you know it. How many times have you been victimized, shaman? Let’s talk about the last time you were burned at the stake. You’re here, too, reader. What does the Akashic record of who you were do to you now? Does it make you a little hesitant to come to channeling meetings? It should.

In an interdimensional perspective, there is no such thing as a past life. We’ve said that before. Therefore, they’re all present lives, are they not? Well, then let’s start looking at them. What do you have that irritates you? Perhaps there are things that you have and you don’t know where they came from? What are you trying to get over? I’ll tell you, it’s all in the Akash. It comes from past incarnations when you used to be someone else. It’s called a residual imprint, if you want a name for it, but here is an irony – it seems unfair, does it not, that as you begin this journey, which is a spiritual path, that as you become interdimensional, the very things that you hoped you’d get rid of show up! Your journey into the interdimensional actually opens the door to make these things come alive to you, like victimization.

What about self-esteem? You ever feel like you don’t have much? I’m going to give you a fact I’ve never stated before and I’ll just tell you the way it is. Lightworkers in general feel beat up. As a group, they don’t have a lot of self-esteem and there’s a reason – a good reason. When you start this journey, and become even slightly interdimensional, all of those lifetimes come forward and surface and you get to see who you are, what you’ve done, and where you’ve been. Suddenly, you don’t feel worthy anymore.

Some of you just want to crawl in a corner and weep. This is because that’s what the enormity of the Akashic record does to you. It shows all the struggles of you becoming the being you are today. You get to feel many of them and it hurts. What you don’t take into account is the fact that all those different consciousnesses through the ages that you participated in were stair steps to your enlightened being in this present life. They don’t represent who you are now, but the feelings are there and they surface.

What about the vows you took? What do you think those do to you? Think how many vows you took – nun, priest, shaman, medicine man. You sit in these chairs and pretend to be ordinary folks, yet you’re sitting there with all of those sacred colors. I see them; I know who’s here. I know what you’ve done and where you’ve been. I know what you’ve gone through. Yet you came back, didn’t you, to sit in these chairs in the 11:11 energy? In numerological terms, the 11:11 means enlightenment and illumination. You came for the final struggle, and the one which represents a generation before 2012.

This generation, the next generation and one more after that, will be the ones that turn the earth around. You are the forerunners. You are setting the stage, and the ones who decided to have Indigo children. You have them as children and your grandchildren, to teach them what a light without a filter looks like. You’re the ones. You’re the generation to do it. You’re the ones who came in and turned it around in 1987. Your spiritual energy on Earth decided there wouldn’t be any Armageddon! That’s who you are. But suddenly, as you discover your power, you’ve got those vows and you’ve got victimhood, don’t you? We’ve said this before: Do you want to know how to get rid of that, all of it right now? Why don’t we all just do it together? You don’t have to say anything out loud, just say it within yourself:

“Dear Spirit. I am alive in the years that will save the earth, and I am here to make a change on the planet. I hereby drop all the vows that would get in the way of that, for they belong to another consciousness and another energy. Instead, I renew my vows with the same Akashic energy that took them originally. All of the lifetimes that are now under me are my support. And like a rod of energy that I will put down this line through my own history, I take control of them all now. I will need the help of all the consciousness of these many souls who I was, from the time I first came to this planet. Together we will create a white light like the planet has never seen. The light of the many mes, focused through the current me. That’s why I came this time, and that’s why I have existed through the ages – to be here now.”

How about that? You are in charge of you, divine one. You don’t have to worry about these things. You don’t have to say,“How do I do this? What is the procedure? Where do I start?” Instead, why don’t you just do it? Watch what takes place when the boss speaks – the divine one who is alive in 3D right now on this planet. You are speaking to your own Akashic record, and it will respond and light up, you know? Watch what takes place. Watch what takes place with your phobias. You’ve all got them to some degree.

You can drop so many of these esoteric things because so much of it is residual from past expressions on the planet. You have total control over the Akashic energy within your DNA. It works like that. The current living resident has control over all that has happened, and the energy of what has happened. But if you don’t take that control, it becomes a filter.

Can you imagine sending a bright light to the Middle East – with victimization all over it? With vows that you took? With biases that you have? Can you imagine that? What about expectation? That’s a filter, too. “Well, Kryon, there is nothing wrong with positive thinking. I’m sending the light and I expect that there will be good energy due to it, and a positive outcome. I expect that this is going to be a peaceful light.” Well, Human, this is very supportive of the light, but you just biased it. How can cosmic intelligence be placed upon a pure light when you’ve already decided what it’s for and what it’s going to do? You see? Part of the issue, is it not, is the ability for you to send a light that is pure and generic and free and clear of you. Only the divine part is what we’re asking for, and only the divine part will then allow cosmic intelligence to go to the right place and create the correct energy for the time. That’s why you’re here.

This process of cosmic intelligence is well known. In the quantum hologram, it is well known. Cosmic intelligence is the definition of that energy that knows where it’s going, what it’s going to do, and who it’s going to affect. It does not put itself upon any Human Being, other than a light for them to see clearer. Thereby, it allows free choice of the person it’s shined upon. And this has to do with healing, too. That’s why you can’t heal anybody, dear ones. Oh, you can balance them. You could tell them what’s wrong. You can give them things that will help them, but they have to take it themselves, see it themselves, and work with it themselves to be healed. Sometimes that takes about three seconds, and sometimes a lifetime.

What about expectations? As simple as this. “We’re getting together and we’re praying for peace on Earth.” Really? Is that what you’re going to do? “Well, that’s what you told us to do.” Oh, no. I told you that Human Beings could createpeace on Earth. That’s what I said. I didn’t tell you to send light with peace on Earth on it, did I? No, angel. Here is your task: Get together and send a light that is so powerful, you don’t have to touch it. In fact, to touch it and think about it might be even something that would be filtering it. Give it intent to create the highest good for all, through a divine intelligence that you have, but may not understand. Generate the light and let the cosmic intelligence take it wherever it’s going to go. You are the engine, for it’s the Human who must generate it. But then God is the facilitator of what happens after it leaves you.

That’s what a physical lighthouse does. Think about an earthly lighthouse. What does it do? Do you think it sends a message on the light for ships at sea? It does not. It just says, “Look around you. I’m a light in the darkness. I’m here for a reason, so look for the reason and find safety.” Then it’s the master of the ship who actually turns the rudder, is it not? It illuminates the dark and creates choice. And that’s what you’re supposed to do.

The last one is unbelief! This seems like an oxymoron, does it not? “Kryon, how can you be a Lighthouse and not believe?” There are actually a lot of you on the edge of belief, trying to be a Lighthouse, going through the steps. But really, when you get out of the room, you begin to question certain things.

I’m your partner, Kryon, and some of you are beginning to recognize who I am, and what I’m here for. If you’ll get rid of the disbelief, all of it, your light will become so much brighter. It’s up to you. The duality builds into you unbelief. It’s an appropriate tool that makes it so you must search to find divinity. Although it’s intuitive to search for your divine roots, it’s not intuitive that you actually have it. Blessed are those who search, for they will find what they search for – God inside.

What is your path today? Where does it take you, and what does it do for the planet? “Kryon, I want to know how to proceed to get rid of my filters.” I’ve told you how. So many of you want to compartmentalize it, as though it were in 3D.“Kryon, I wish you’d give us 12 steps. I wish you’d give us something that we can handle that’s more Human-like.” And I say to you, why do you want to make it so complex, Human Being? Making it Human-like gives it complexity and structure. But it’s much more simple – between you and Spirit. Why don’t you just get to it? Faith is not structured.

There’s no manual for this. It’s not in 3D. You sit and you push on that door of your own spiritual awakening with pure intent, saying, “God, tell me what it is I need to know.” Do you feel the entourage right now, asking you, “Are you ready to do that?” It’s not accomplished all at once, you know? You do it in various and many steps, but they are your steps, and unique to you, not something you will find in a manual. Even those of you who have gone into what you would call ascension status are still ready to go to the next level and do it again. You watch what happens, then advance again. Watch what happens, then move forward again. This is because the energy is shifting and it’s changing every single month on your planet. Nothing is static, and for some of you, this is your frustration! Don’t let it be, for it is you and those around you who are changing it. You are driving this train called Earth, so that means you are not a victim of where it takes you. It is you who are laying the track.

There are new tools opening your DNA energy and this entire message is about that, for it’s time to start this mastery teaching. We hinted at it long ago when we told you not to “think like a Human.” Now it’s time to tell you that in order to go forward with this shift, you must be able to be part Human and part master – the very thing you came for – but it requires the change of perception, and walking between two realities, one which you have little experience with.

Envision with me, will you? See this wonderful, beautiful lighthouse made of concrete, if you wish, because it’s not going to move. It’s not vacillating in the wind. It’s sure of itself, because it’s in belief. It knows who it is. And the keeper of the lighthouse is you. It’s your home, your body. It is you who climbs to the top of the stairway inside, and it is you who makes certain that the light has no filters at all. Envision with me, this light is so bright and so white. You are the keeper of this light and you send it on its way. You bless it and you celebrate it, yet you don’t know where it’s going. Oh, you might give it direction with intent and, say, “Today I would like to send light to the Sudanese.” You know, there’s so much sorrow and death there, can you even imagine? It’s a good direction to send it, but at the same time you give permission for God to send it wherever it’s supposed to go at that moment. Sometimes things are known only unto God, and the partnership you have will be one where the light will go to places you can’t even imagine, helping those in dark places who you may never meet on Earth.

Do you know how powerful this is when you do it in a group? I’ll say it again. Less than one half of one percent of humanity has to wake up and do this for it to make a difference – where you’ll see it on the news, where the earth starts to change and shift, and wisdom starts to be the norm. You’ll see things happen you’ve never seen happen before and you wonder, how did something so unusual take place? And I’ll tell you: it’s because this interdimensional light is what causes civilizations to shift, and for inappropriate energies and governments to fall. Dear ones, know that you are doing the work of the planet. It’s the reason you came. And that’s the truth.

This has been the Kryon message for these 18 years. Eighteen is a nine in numerology. So it’s a completed message. The message is not going to get any better than this, but there is still much to teach. Some of you feel that it’s a tough thing to accomplish and it is. But I know who’s here and I know what you can do. That’s why they call you Lightworkers. ~Kryon

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