On The Third Point of Perception:
As humans you have grown up in an area of duality where you define everything that happens in your life as good/bad, right/wrong, love/fear, good/evil—all the other fun terminologies that you use.  You never call something grey, but it is always black and white—is that not interesting?  You see things within a polarized perception.  Now that you are moving out of a field of duality and into a field of triality, you will balance that connection of opposites with a new third point of perception which represents the third vibration of harmonics.  This you will learn to know as your higher self.  So now you will begin to see things from a triangular view of triality, rather than only the opposites of black/white, up/down, love/fear and all the rest of them.  As you start grasping that concept, understand that you have done nothing more than moved your point of perception. You are already beginning to be multidimensional, so transitioning from a field of duality into a field of triality is nothing more than shifting to the twelfth dimension.  You have moved into purposely using this new dimension, for the twelfth dimension is actually your point of perception.  That is where our message differs from science, because science has agreed that there are eleven dimensions of time and space and we do not disagree with that. What we say is that the twelfth dimension is the point of perception.  That is the magic that you have.  That is the piece that you have been missing that you are starting to use and that, as the collective vibration of humanity reaches a level where you can start using this in your daily lives, watch what happens on planet Earth next. 

Will it be scary?  Yes.  Humans love to get scared, so you will assuredly scare yourselves..  Will it be fun?  Oh yes, for that is one of the criteria you are making of your own advancements.  “It must be fun or I am not going to do it!”  We love that attitude.  We support you in that choice.  You will hear a lot of laughter as you move forward, for as you start seeing things from multiple dimensions you will begin understanding that the point of perception is movable.  You have never fully grasped that before, as the collective vibration of humanity. This is not in any of your books.  You have not grasped that you can simply move the point of perception and change your entire life. 

The most important element to re-member is that the moment anything happens in your life, understand that first of all that you have a choice of where your point of perception will be. For example, if you receive bad news in the mail and because you know it is bad news, you do not want to open the letter yet you slide the letter opener into it anyway, reach in and grab the letter anyway. Instead, before you actually pull the letter out, open it up and absorb it into your brain, you do have a split second to choose your point of perception.  That is one of the easiest ways of moving the twelfth dimension.  Take a deep breath before you do and say, “I am going to find the highest point of perception from which to view this, no matter what it is.”  Allow your spirit, your higher self, to lead your twelfth dimension, to put you in the highest point of perception that it can, and to allow you to experience that.  If you have difficulties with that, one of the easiest ways to clear the energy so that that can happen is a laugh—because laughter is an energy cleanse.  That is what you do when you laugh.  That is the laughter and the language of angels, dear ones.  We laugh all the time and it is so joyous at Home for that very reason.  Understand that you have a split second to make that choice.

Now, what if you do not choose to find the highest point of perception?  What if you fall into your old energy patterns and you pull the letter out and say, “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  How am I ever going to recover from this?”  Okay. You have chosen your point of perception, but what we tell you is that it is still movable.  It is now more movable than it ever has been because of the collective rise in vibration.  You have capabilities of moving that point of perception.  So you have lost everything. It is all gone: the house, the relationship, the home, the car, the status. Everything is gone now that you have pulled this paper out.  How could you possibly…? Now you do not have any attachments.  Now you have all possibilities, do you not? Yes, could this be nothing more than wishful thinking? Could it be nothing more than positive thinking?  Yes, absolutely.  There is a positive aspect of this, but it is also possible to move into that twelfth dimension in daily life more than ever before.  Now you have capabilities of doing this on a conscious level instead of training yourself to always think in the highest possible point. Now it is possible to even have the worst experience that a human can have in this piece of paper that sits before you and laugh. In that laughter, when you breathe in between laughs, you breathe in all the possibilities that sit before you because now you are not attached to the car.  You are not attached to the relationship; you are not attached to the status.  Now you have possibilities of starting a new life.  It is all perception, dear ones.  It always has been perception but now more than ever before, you have opportunities to use this on a daily basis and that is incredibly exciting. 

We will watch with the greatest of anticipation as you take this and play with it.  What you do with it is your bidding.  Some of you are so afraid to play with some of these new tools because you are afraid of making mistakes.  We hope you make lots of good mistakes.  Make tons of great mistakes.  Play with it.  Bounce against the wall with it. Do whatever it is you need to do with it so that you understand because whatever it is, all you need to do is switch your point of perception and it changes.  We have used a phrase with you over and over—please understand this is not just a metaphor.  This is reality.  You could not fall if you tried…and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard.  The reality is, you are on a Gameboard where you are playing a beautiful game.  At any moment you stop and say, “I do not want to play this game any more.”

You change your point of perception and the game changes. Everything shifts now so use this purposely, as a tool.  Use a magical three count to change your point of perception.  The whole world that you have known in your perception of what you call the third dimensionality is built on threes.  For you to move out of that energy into a higher vibration, we will give you a simple three count: one, two, three…shift your point of perception. It is that simple.  We are trying to complicate it just enough for you to understand because humans love to complicate things. In reality, it is much simpler than that, but we will give you this tool because that will complicate it just enough for you to be engaged.  We will try to make it more mystical next time if you prefer. Maybe we will make the Keeper [channel] wear a hat or a bandana or something. He is laughing now and saying “no way.”  We will see. We tell you that this is your time to do this.  The tools are here in front of you. This is a time of action. This is a time of the greatest possibilities that you have ever had—to find who you are to move into your passion is all done because of the twelfth dimension. The twelfth dimension is not a dream.  It is no longer merely a potential. It is real. It is here. You have been in it all along and now you are moving the veil aside to start understanding what it really is and what you have in front of you.

We hope you enjoy it. Play with it. Move the point of perception. Even if you find a good one, you may want to move it just to be moving it. Enjoy, because that is your gift to us. As you change these dimensions, as you collectively raise the vibration of Home, you are getting closer to Home. You get closer to us and likewise, you help us to move vibrations as well for you are not the only ones moving, dear ones. You are leading the way in a charge that is moving all the bandwidth of vibrations higher. All the other beings of mastery that you have worked with and all the vibrational levels in between in all dimensions of time and space are moving because of your advancement. Do you understand who you are? Do you know why all eyes are upon you? You truly are the magicians of the Gameboard and now you will play with the twelfth dimension.  You will understand it. You will use it. You will joke with it. You will bounce it up against the wall to see what happens. You will bring out a big hammer, crack it open just so you can see what is inside.  We hope you play with it because that twelfth dimension is what will allow you to move from this field to that field, to this field to that experience. Each one of those will bring you closer to Home while you are still on Earth. Dear ones, THAT is the ascension. THAT is what you have all been waiting for.  You thought the Mayans left.  They did not.  They ascended. They are part of the Lemurians that also ascended, that are waiting for you in the twelfth dimension.  They will be the ones that hold their hand out and bring you in—you, in those dimensions of time and space. Enjoy it.  Laugh a lot. Play and know that you are Home. You are the expression of Heaven on Earth and every day when you smile, you create it a little bit more. ~ The group

On Releasing Attachment to Drama:
God Incarnate
On a very deep level you know that you are playing a Game of not being able to re-member who you are; you understand you are playing a wonderful, beautiful game in order to see God. We tell you, that is the simplicity of it. The reality of it is that you are the whole of God.  You are an integral part of God—not simply a piece of God such as the arm, the leg, or the fingernail. Instead, each one of you carries the entire essence and all the abilities of God within you.  Every one of you carries the Light within every cell of your being.  Finding that light and shining it brightly so that it can be seen by others is what you came here to do.  That is the Game you are playing.  It is God, hiding from himself, searching for herself.  Balancing that male/female energy becomes one of the biggest pieces of the Game. Today, we will show you another viewpoint that will help you to see yourself from a different perspective. Re-member, this is not a right perspective, nor a wrong perspective, not a good perspective nor a bad perspective; opposites do not exist the way you think they do.  Opposites are merely pieces of the same part viewed from a different perspective.

The Drama of the Game
We are going to start with a single word to show you this new viewpoint. Many of you will recoil from this word when you hear it, because it has mostly a negative meaning.  The word is “drama.” Oh, you really do not want dramas in your life.  If there is a drama in your life, you say, “Do not get that drama near me. I do not want any part of it!” But the reality is that humans are playing a grand drama.  That is what you do. You are attracted to dramas.  You are inexorably drawn to dramas.  That is why you love to watch television and movies.  It is very refreshing to watch dramas played out in the lives of people to which you have no attachment. That is why you are so excited to go see a play where someone is playing a role.  Now take that actor for a moment and place yourself in his/her shoes… what is happening to the actor on the stage?  The actor is thinking, “Ahh, the audience is crying, so I am doing a good job.”  Your greatest desire as an actor is to lead the audience from tears to laughter as they follow the entire drama of the character you are representing.  Like that actor on stage, you are expressing a drama in your own life.  You are expressing an idea, a message and a story line much the same way as that actor on the stage. You are a spirit acting out the difficult drama of pretending to be a human.  Like all actors you studied your lines well and prepared for the play before the curtain went up.  You even scripted the lines of the play in the planning stage of your life before you were born. The only difference is that you are playing out this drama on the stage of free choice so you are not restricted to stay within the script that you wrote.  The entire play can be impromptu.  Yet even when you do exercise your ability to improvise, you always wonder if you are really “on your path” or “on your script”.  You are naturally drawn to return to the script you wrote for yourself. You are all actors. You are all playing an individual drama.  So let us remove some of the negative ideas around the word “drama’ and look at its positive effect. 

Drama Rules
We tell you that there are no rules to the drama of life.  Even so, there are ideas and concepts that can help you to understand the way it really works.  In effect, this is like pulling the veil aside to show you what is behind the curtain of the stage upon which you are playing.   We now pull the curtain aside to show you some simple ideas that may help you with gaining this new perspective.  The first idea is so simple that most humans have difficulty accepting it, yet it is the single most fundamental guideline of the play of life.  “Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”  Now to truly understand and embrace that statement, one must assume a huge amount of responsibility.  The truth is that most humans are not generally ready to accept that much responsibility.  Instead, they accept the idea that there are outside influences that control the drama of life.  “I was born with this.  This is my destiny. This is what I must deal with.  This is not my fault.”  But, if life is truly a self-fulfilling prophecy—which it is—you have choice in every second of every day. Every second of every day provides you with an opportunity to change your life…not necessarily toward the good or toward the bad, but to simply change. 

Now we give you another concept that will help you on the stage of your drama:  “Every change in life leads to something better.” The play would be very boring if nothing in the scene ever changed.  In fact, the entire script depends on constant change; it is change that makes the drama interesting.  Of course, it doesn’t always appear that way when you have just lost your job, when a relationship breaks up, when you are depressed or looking inward and you cannot seem to find yourself.  Even so, we tell you one thing is constant in the long term—every change leads to something better.  When you are able to recognize that you do have choices and that every change leads to something better, you can then understand ways of directing your drama.

Attachment to Drama
Now let us address the negative aspects of drama.  What about the person who says, “I do not want to have any drama in my life at all”?  They run the opposite way and do everything to avoid drama in their lives.  Imagine if you were watching a channel where the leading man comes home to find that his wife has left him suddenly.  If you see his tears, anger and hurt, it is a real human experience and an interesting drama; you can relate to him and feel his pain.  If he turns to the camera and says:

“I don’t mind, something better must be coming my way.”

B-O-R-I-N-G.  In that instant your clicker has just changed the channel.  Trust us when we tell you that you are working with a script that easily plays out through drama.  You will have your ups and downs.  Most strive to have only ups with out any downs.  The idea here is to love both your ups and your downs as a beautiful human experience of the soul.  That is the script of the drama you have written. Those are the human experiences that you have asked to play.  Do not consider yourself negative when you go into drama.  Simply release yourself from the attachment to the drama, because that is where the problem comes in.  That is where the difficulty sets into your life.  You are spirits pretending to be humans on a stage, and as such you will always play out dramas.  That is your nature.  The challenge comes when you become attached to the drama, when you become attached to the script, and when you become attached to the role you think you are playing. This attachment effectively stops the changes that are needed in your life.  Attachment places you in an endless loop of the same drama playing over and over again.  Releasing attachment to an outcome will release attachment to drama in your life.  That is where the freedom of change comes in and that is how you step into your full empowerment, when you have the ability to change every aspect of yourself and even your own script without attachment.

Cranberry Sauce
We ask you, what do you want in your life?  What are you willing to accept? Are you willing to create the path just before your feet hit the ground? What is that going to take?  That is going to take your willingness, asking yourself what you can do to step out of the play—to step behind the remote control and press the pause button while you evaluate all the parts of your own drama.  We have spoken of drama before.  There was a time we likened drama to the great smorgasbord of Earth. When humans go through the buffet line, they take a little bit of passion and a portion of love, and they love love, so they put huge helpings of love on their plate.  Then they put a little bit of fear on their plate, too, because without fear you could not really taste the love, so you go through the whole thing and finally you come to the cranberry sauce.  The cranberry sauce is what we liken to drama because it is wonderful and adds flavor to everything, but if you put too much on, it takes over your whole plate.  Many of you have asked how to increase your longevity so that you can live forever.  We hope you do not do that.  We hope that by the time you hand in that body it is well used, bruised, and you have big smiles on your face as a result of the wonderful use you have received from that body.  That body is to be enjoyed, not prolonged.  Enjoy the spices of life.  Enjoy the dramas.  Let yourself look at your own dramas objectively and then you can release the attachment to them.  Then you can say, “This is simply a drama that is playing out.  Is it not fun?  Maybe I am not enjoying this drama any more so I will change the drama.”  Allow yourself to play. ~ The group

On New Ways to Create – Zero Time Lag:
It is so important now, as you evolve, that you move out of destination consciousness.  You have been so fixated on where you are going that it now controls your entire guidance process.  As you move forward into a higher vibration, being rewired will allow you to find new forms of creation; new ways of creating that do not fit the old paradigms.  You have been so focused on reaching a goal, for that is always the way you achieved things until now. You have always set your specifics so clearly as to what you wanted to gain. However, instead it is like reading a book.  You find a book and the characters become part of your life and you are in so much joy when you are reading this book. You cannot wait until you have more time to read what is going to happen in their lives. It becomes a part of you.  You then become sad when you are reaching the end of your book.  What about the book that never ends?  What about the book that continues to go forward and these people – the characters – become part of your life and become part of all this?  That is the new form of creation and it is moving away from destination consciousness into journey consciousness.  It is about enjoying the ride.  It is about enjoying the step and wondering with excitement what is going to happen just before your foot hits the ground, rather than doubting whether you are on the right path.  The moment you put in that little doubt it happens, for the time lag is now gone.  There is no more time lag with your creations and even though you are not yet masters of your thoughts, there is nothing there to protect you from your own negative thoughts. Even as you have any doubt, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As you step forward, what you believe will happen does, and happens fast.  So we ask you, do not fixate on what is going to happen.  Do not fixate whether or not you are on the path.  Enjoy where you are in the moment.  Step into the journey consciousness of finding that even though you may be off the path, you are going to enjoy what is here. You will see what is off the path only to find that you are exactly on the path you wish to be.

As you evolve further into the new energy, you will see these things starting to change for you.  Actually, mastering life is now on a different level. It is about allowing the flow to come through you like a dolphin.  Dolphins have such a sleek design that they can swim through the murkiest waters because they are always in motion.  Nothing sticks to them; they are not attached to anything.  They are not swimming to find the best place or the highest path for them to be on. Instead, they are swimming to enjoy where they are at that moment.  Take that journey and move from destination consciousness into journey consciousness.  Watch.  Even though you may take a step off the path, you may enjoy that even more. You may find yourself wandering in a woods where there is no path, only to discover your own spirit visiting you for that is what has been calling you all this time. 

You are much more guided than you can possibly know.  Each and every one of you has a direct connection to heaven, a direct connection Home.  You cannot feel it.  You put on a veil intentionally to stop yourself from feeling it. We tell you that even though you spend much of your time trying to thin the veil, the veil is actually your friend. When you pull that veil aside, you feel sadness.  There is a deep sadness that embraces you from that point forward, because you are not Home and remembering that is difficult.  Yet if you enjoy the veil and know there is a part of you that is outside of that, it will offer you guidance when you are in your joy, in your passion and not attached to an outcome.  That is when you can flow freely with your own guidance of your higher self. ~ The group

On More About God:
Know this. The way God works is through the divinity of the Human Beings on the earth. There is no other way. You are pieces of God who then raise the vibration of the planet through your working of “the puzzle.” God does not come down and touch Human Beings. Humans, through free choice, open the portals within themselves and allow the light of God through them. This is the way God works… through the Human Beings on the planet who call themselves Lightworkers.

Judgment from God
Listen to this: There is no judgment for your actions from God while you are on Earth. There’s no judgment because the Human Being is totally responsible for what they do. You were brought here in order for you to decide to go to the light or the dark, and if you decide to go into the darkness, it is your decision. It’s what you came here for, and it’s part of free choice. God is not going to then judge you for your free choice. It’s part of the test, the puzzle. It creates the answers that are needed for the cosmos.

But there are those who say, “Surely there must be a price to pay for those who have chosen such bad things.” Yet again, I’ll remind you of the parable of the Prodigal Son, one from the scriptures of your own culture. It was given a long time ago, so go read it and understand it differently. It’s a parable, a metaphor. In the parable, the father sent two sons out from his family to develop their own lives. Now, this is a metaphor for God sending two Humans down to Earth. In the parable, one does everything right and one does everything wrong. Now, go read for yourselves about what happened next: for when they came back home to the father, they both had a party… the same party! The celebration was identical for both of them. You see, there was no judgment.

God is not a judging God. For it is the Human Being’s free choice in which direction they wish to go. God does not stand over you with a hammer, for God loves you just for sitting in the chair… just for being on the journey that you’re on! Listen, the very story of an angel becoming Lucifer is the metaphor for the power of a Human to develop evil. It’s within your power to become light or dark, angel. Do you understand? This is part of the puzzle. You represent the brightest light and the darkest dark on the planet… no outside force is needed.

There are those here [at the seminar] with heavy hearts. There are those reading with heavy hearts. They are saying to themselves, “God will never forgive me for what I’ve done.” I will tell you, dear Human Being, that the Universe knows what you’ve done and there’s nothing but love that pours out for you. Erase those thoughts that you have created yourself. Those who break the laws of humanity will be judged by Humans. Humans have created this system of punishment and reward. It is not a divine system. Heaven and Hell are a 3D manifestation of what the Human thinks, not what God has created. It is an extension of mythology of what men think God must be like.

When you see a play of a murder, and the curtain closes, do you think the police come and get the actor who shot the gun? No! Instead, they all go have a cast party until they are again needed to play another part. This is the way of it with the “play of Earth.”

Communication with God
Communication with God is direct – Human Being to God. You don’t need to sit in a group to communicate. You don’t need to write it down and pass it to somebody else who will then read it and talk to God. There is no standing in line for God. There is no right or wrong time for God, for communication is always “now.”  What are you going to do with that information? Act on it? Do it later? Think about it?

Some may say, “I went to this meeting where I heard a man channel an entity named Kryon. I’m going to have to think about everything he said, for some of the things were very interesting, but I don’t think I’m going to do it now.” And the truth is that you’ll probably never do it.

Blessed is the Human who asks, for indeed if he may truly wish to find what is inside, the process will begin. And those beautiful entities who guide you will start pushing on that door. It is then you’ll begin to feel it, and know that what I say is, indeed, real.

Misunderstandings about God
There are great misunderstandings about God. These have been created by cultural experiences and by men. Some of them have been in integrity and some have not. Some have been simple 3D misinterpretations of a multiple-D God, and some have been malicious by those in control to create fear and give more power to themselves.

There is no one on Earth who must suffer for God. This is not the way of God. Don’t you think you’ve had enough suffering without God creating rules for more of it? I speak to those who have been in the dark so long, who may be depressed and unhappy. Your health may be suffering or you may have an unsolvable relationship. You must understand, dear Human Beings, that suffering is something you do well on your own! It’s not what God wants for you. God would never, ever ask a Human Being to suffer.

You don’t have to suffer to be part of this family. Throw away that notion that there’s a little trouble ahead or there’s some suffering that must be accomplished in order to move ahead spiritually. No. Would you want that for your family? Would you? Would you say to your sister, “I’d like you to come over to my house, but on the way I’d like you to suffer a little… walk on some nails, climb some difficult stairs… et cetera”? No, you would not, because you love her. You’d pray for her on the way, would you not? You might even go get her so she was safe! You see? That’s not what family does with family. There’s no suffering except that what the Human Being creates in his relationships with others or his environment with himself.

“Wait a minute, Kryon. What about those born with pain and disabilities? Humans didn’t set that up.” Yes, you did, dear ones. It’s all part of the play and the puzzle that you have written for yourselves. Believe me, these things were agreed to in advance. Blessed is the Human Being who comes to this planet to walk through these difficulties, for the reasons are normally to facilitate the lives of others, or to create compassion, which is the oil of the engine of vibrational shift. This is so difficult for you to understand.

Worshipping God
God does not require or desire worship of any kind. I’m going to paint a picture for you and ask you to role play for a moment. Let us say that you pass on and go to the other side of the veil. Let us also imagine for a moment that you are allowed to come back to Earth and be with your children who are still alive, but in an invisible way. Let us say that you can hover around them, perhaps even touch them with energy and love. Let us say that in the right kind of an energy situation, they might even feel you touch them! Wouldn’t that be grand?

So, here you are helping them in an invisible way with your love and you touch them with your energy… and they say,“Oh, I’m afraid! I was just touched by something much bigger than me… perhaps something that might hurt me! I think I’m going to worship it because it is so grand and so big. I certainly don’t want it to hurt me. Maybe if I get down on my knees and worship it, it might leave me alone. Perhaps if I grovel enough, it might even give me things!” How would that feel? You’ve just changed your children’s lives, just because you were on the other side of the veil, but wanted to touch them and hold their hands. That’s the way God looks to many people. They feel the grandness, and feel the touch, so they go down on their knees and build great buildings and create statues. But in actuality, they are on their knees worshipping their sister or brother. How does that feel to you? Is that what you would want?

That’s not what we want, either! Listen, that’s not what we are asking. Blessed is the Human who searches for God and finds love! Blessed is the Human who takes the hand of God and stands as an equal partner! That’s the one who is going to have a long life and who walks in balance. That’s the one with mastery inside, and that’s the one everybody wants to be with.

How much schooling do you need to do this? How much training should you have to open the door of interdimensionality within your DNA? Oh, there are those who say, “You’d better begin the schooling.” They want you to study things and memorize things and put lists together in order to find enlightenment. They manufacture their own kinds of rules of what you must do, and often they are in charge of you while you do it. They wish you to graduate and have a license to find your own mastery, and they say, “You’ll get to know God a lot better if you’ll follow these steps we have created.”

So I ask you, how much training did the masters of Earth have? What schools did they graduate from? Dear ones, you have the school inside. You don’t have to go to school to recognize your own face or to touch the hand of God. Make no mistake, in this new energy, there are those who now have processes for you that will help develop your ability to better recognize your mastery inside. What they’re doing is helping you to exercise the new tools in your DNA; helping you to see the new tools of your own awareness. They’re not asking you to memorize useless textbooks of history so that you could climb their stairs and get to a certain plateau. They are not telling you that you need them to find God. No. God doesn’t care if you can even read or not. God just wants to touch you and develop the partnership within your own mastery inside. But when you have opened that door and wish to know more about what is there for you, there are those representing new energy tools who are ready to help you see in an interdimensional way.

It is the beginning of an enlightened age where slowly Earth moves toward peace. It’s not just possible, but in the works. The Mayans showed you this and so did the ancient Chinese! Do you really think that 2012 is the end of the world? Or is it the end of the old way?

“Oh, Kryon, I look at the news and it’s so awful. We call each other names, we kill one another. It’s not civilized; it’s awful.” And I tell you again that this is what it looks like when you shine a giant light in the darkness. For you expose horrible things that were always there, but that were hiding in the dark. You can’t defeat the enemy unless you see his face, and this is what is happening. And his face is fear, evil, ego, hate and apathy.

Trust that there are many things happening that are beautiful on the planet. They go unreported because they don’t report good news. They represent the compassion of humanity, but that’s not very interesting to those who crave drama. Be patient and endure this battle between the light and the dark. Eighteen years ago, we told you of the battle and now you sit in it, and to some of you, it tears you apart. What kind of a warrior are you, afraid of battle? Why don’t you relax with it, knowing you’ve got the armor and the light? Begin that journey that we speak of and become part of the army of Lightworkers who are old souls and have the wisdom to make a difference. ~ Kryon

On The Esoterics  – Intelligent cells, numerology, past lives, pendulums, tarot:
Since the very beginning of time, this particular Universe has been set up so all you see is the singular. And you are linear in your perception. This linearity of your perception totally establishes what you believe is real and what you believe is not. And if you can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. If you cannot see it, you cannot even talk about it. Even though you have invisible forces around you that you take for granted, like magnetics and gravity, you can’t go past that. Both of those are provable at the “see it” level, for you can see the affect of them clearly every day.

But if you can’t see what others see… the colors or the energy around things, then it’s foolish. Therefore, there are those who say, “I choose to be linear.” Some are here tonight just like this. It’s comfortable and you are used to it, but it’s a biased linearity and you don’t even know it. Your survival depends on you being in a linear world, so very early on, your brain was trained not to let you “see” anything that would not suit your linear existence. Therefore, you have a biased reality; even though your actual physical eyes may see colors, your brain denies you that visual. It does not suit your linear reality.

Every single Human in this place is so linear, and so used to it, that none of you realize how “reality crippled” you truly are. As three-dimensional, linear Human Beings, you show up for a seven-hour conference where each speaker has to deliver the message to you one word at a time. And your brain must listen one word at a time. It’s like your entire reality is on this small, little thin track as you move only forward, never back or up or down or left or right – only forward. It’s as a thin string that you balance on, and everything around you works that way. But you are used to it so it doesn’t seem limiting.

When you get a book, you read it in a linear fashion, one word at a time. Even those of you who are speed readers are reading one page at a time. It’s still linear… one after the other. You are “reality crippled” and don’t even know it.

If you had “quantum reality” as we do, you would see conceptually everything at once. You could see the entire possibility potential scenario and the messages all at once, out of linearity. You could come into a room like this and receive the whole day’s message in a few seconds, as though you had listened all day in a linear fashion. You could take books and “read” them by touching them and holding them for a moment. This is one who can move up, down, left, right, forward and back in a reality you can’t imagine.

In general, a true interdimensional Human experience is very rare. You’re in 3D for a reason, since this is the energy you developed. You have control of your own reality and the perceptions you have of the whole. So you sit in what you have created. Your life is lived in 3D, and you’ll walk away from this place, one step at a time, in 3D.

Therefore, when we speak of the esoteric things, there is little justification [proof], for it does not justify itself in 3D. But for those of you who wish to cross the bridge of reality with me tonight, I wish to talk about the most esoteric things in your belief system, and we will touch on many of them.

There would seem to be no science behind these things. But that’s only because your idea of science is based totally on the 3D. As you begin to reach out of the 3D box, someday your science will indeed justify the esoteric. For then, the theories and postulations and rules will be interdimensionally based. Such is the way of it. Today’s foolishness is, therefore, tomorrow’s science, and it has been this way as long as you have been Human. Wouldn’t it be fun to place you in a time machine where you could explain to your ancestors how you can talk to anyone on Earth with the little device in your hand, or throw pictures through the air up into space and have them received again almost anywhere on Earth. Good luck with this, but you wouldn’t get too far before they would want to stone you, burn you, or at least ignore you for being “one of them – the weird ones who consort with the devil.” Seen any of this in your culture?

And then are those who say, “I don’t believe in anything unless I can see it.” And so let me address this issue first, for it is so very common with so many of you.

“I must see it,” they say. “In addition, Mister New Age, don’t talk about odd things in the ethers. Don’t talk about intuitive movement, which you call kinesiology. Don’t talk about numerology. Don’t talk about astrology. Don’t talk about past lives to me. Don’t talk about Lemurians in the mountain to me. I can’t see them because they don’t exist. It’s all fairy talk.”

Invisible things exist all around you and you take them for granted, but they’re part of your reality in 3D. Somehow you’ve justified these, haven’t you? Air is too small to see, but the microscope shows it. Ah ha! “Therefore, it’s not really invisible,” you say. Love is an emotion that’s felt, not seen. That’s OK, since you can experience it. Gravity and magnetism are so big you can see the results of them constantly, so they are OK, too, in your 3D mind. So the 3D mind would seem to allow anything that a device can measure, or that the body can feel, as “real.” But I’m speaking of something that you are going to have to reach for, since it can only be seen and experienced with spiritual intent… changing the 3D rules a bit.

Therefore, the unseen things I speak of can only be experienced by changing your reality… something you have permission to do. If you can suspend your 3D bias for just a moment, you can cross that bridge with me into a quantum state – just for a moment. This is the beginning of the softening of the false reality box you are in, moving to the “allowance of things unseen” to be part of your possibilities. How would you feel if someday a device was able to “see” interdimensional energy? Would that be fairy talk, or would it then be OK? You will actually have that decision to make sooner than you think.

Truth – The Big Misunderstanding
One of the most difficult things to speak about to a biased 3D mind, and one which really exposes the linearity of your thinking, is one of the most basic things you deal with: What is truth? “Oh good, Kryon’s going to tell us what truth is!”Yes, I am. You are right, and you’re not going to like it, for it’s not in 3D.

Truth is the attribute of when the Human heart marries the love of God and the results are the passion for a spiritual path that enhances that Human.

Some of you have had this experience and you know your truth, don’t you? And you will often say, “This is my truth.” But how do you feel when it isn’t someone else’s truth? They may have theirs as well, not like yours, but it may be just as passionate for their marriage to their love of God. What they see in their potentials and what they do – the actions which they have, the integrity which they hold for Spirit, the direction they go in – may be very, very different from yours. How do you feel about that? Are they wrong?

“Kryon, are you about to tell us that there are many truths?” Yes, but more than that. Indeed, there are many truths. But the Human brain, biased in singularity, yells, “There’s got to be only one truth! This is something that is at the core of all spirituality – one truth! There cannot be many. We are all looking for the ONE truth. It’s responsible for all the religions of the planet and most of the wars. It is the commensurate search for God.”

And I say, “How 3D of you!” What if there were multiple realities of truth that all led to the same place? Would you be OK with that? For that is the way it works. If you really need the one singularity of truth, I will give it to you: You’re all connected. How do you like that? But think about it – do all the parts of each earthly machine know the whole picture? Do they know why they exist? Not in a linear world they don’t. What if you were all parts of a giant “truth machine,” all working together for a purpose you didn’t really understand? I’m telling you these truth connections are like the spokes of a hub of a wheel. There are trillions of them, and they all lead to the center, and they’re all called truth.

Some say, “I don’t like that.” You don’t like it since it doesn’t fit your linear box. Let’s talk about food. The sustenance of life is food. The sustenance of your spiritual growth is your truth. It is your passion. What are you going to do based upon the truth that you have that is the marriage of you and your Higher-Self? What are you going to do in life? Whatever you then do is your truth, and it’s known only unto you. It’s personal. But it’s the linearity of Human existence that then wishes to generalize it, paste it upon groups of Humans, and call it a doctrine. Put it in one box and you feel better about it, don’t you? It’s far easier when you have an authority outside yourself to tell you what your truth is; then it’s not your responsibility.

If I told you there was only one kind of food, what would you say? You wouldn’t like that either. What if the giant food angel came down and said, “Stop this! You’re all going to have to stop eating what you’re eating and change, because there’s only one food.” You’d say, “That doesn’t work. That’s ridiculous. That’s silly.” And I’m saying to you it is the same kind of attribute when it comes to spiritual truth. Spiritual sustenance is individual and unique. The search for truth is not the search for one thing that all will then participate in. That’s a very 3D, biased, singular thought.

So here’s what you’ve got to look at. I have just told that there’s a truth for every Human Being in the room, one that is isolated and separate and unique. Yet there is a quantum effect here. When you get together, somehow those truths meld toward one purpose, don’t they? There’s a commonality within your intuition of the face of God. There’s a commonality of where the truth of the day is manifest in front of you. And those who experience it are OK with that, for they see the bigger picture.

So the interesting thing is that although you come here as individuals seeking unique truths, together you are seeing one goal, because in the connection between the truths, there is a synchronicity and that is the love of God. That Higher-Self you have, that esoteric thing you cannot see, seems to be the glue that makes the quantum effect work… seems to straighten it all out. There is your singularity!

Intelligent Cells?
Let us talk about intuitive motion. Modern medicine does not like this – that there are Lightworkers using their own bodies to test the chemicals and the foods that they should put into them. You call it kinesiology – muscle testing. Somehow, some way, your body is supposed to know, beyond what your brain or your intellect knows, of what’s good for you and what’s bad for you. Therefore, you see many Lightworkers walking around doing these kinds of testing on their bodies, and it looks odd to those who don’t share the belief. “Too weird!” they say. “That is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. What are those people doing?”

Let’s put it into perspective. Will you cross this esoteric bridge with me? What’s your biology designed to do? My partner, I want you to go slow on this one. [Kryon is speaking to Lee as if nobody could hear, except that Lee always verbalizes it anyway.] What if you had a disease in your body? Let’s pretend it was something like a cancer and it’s present in you right now. Oh, intellectual one, whose brain is at the top of the evolutionary ladder, why is it you don’t know it? Why doesn’t your brain alert you? Aren’t you tuned into the cellular structure of every cell? Shouldn’t your brain be getting the messages that something is growing inside you that’s not only inappropriate, but that might even cause your death? Every system in your body is wired up to talk to your brain! So why don’t you know it?

I will tell you. You evolved this way, for your body is about survival and it’s always in survival mode FIRST. If there were a neural protocol to inform you every time your body’s antibodies went into action, you would be in constant anxiety – very bad for survival. No, you’re kept from it. It’s a total and complete block. You could be carrying it around with you and discover it accidentally, too late. It doesn’t seem right, does it? However, you are designed to have a consciousness where the brain believes that the body’s defenses are good enough to take care of anything, so it doesn’t bother you with the details.

But your cellular structure knows all about it, wouldn’t you think? Every cell knows what’s going on. So you have then a subconscious system that is working these things. Perhaps for months there has been a battle every day within your cells, yet you walk around having no idea. So a system exists that takes the innate knowledge of what is going on in your cellular structure and communicates it to you. It’s out of the intellectual loop (very difficult to believe for logical thinkers) and it is called kinesiology.

Try it. Your body will give you information if you ask it in ways that go around the intellect. It is real? It is practiced by many, so there is a reality record. It is also the same process used for what you have called the pendulum. Your fingers grasp the pendulum on the end of the chain or the string, and which direction it goes helps you to decide what to do for yourself. Yet many who see this run screaming the other way! “You must be some part of an evil cult!” they say. Somehow they have assigned what you are doing to mythology. “You are using the energy of the devil,” they say. “You are using the pendulum!” (Gasp)

What is going on with the process of the pendulum is simply “mini kinesiology.” It is literally the muscles of the fingers, beyond your ability to control them, responding to a question that is about cellular structure. As you try to hold your fingers very still, the muscles move to give you a message – swinging the pendulum one way or the other. It’s innate intelligence trying to go around your intellect through your muscles, and it works. What would you think of a medical doctor whipping out his pendulum for answers every time you wanted to know dosages? Well, some do. One is actually here. [Kryon smile] Use this process, if you wish, to find out what’s going on in your body. What’s best for you? What kind of food are you allergic to? All of these things, your body knows. But the intellect is in survival – in the 3D box – and won’t tell you anything.

Numerology – An Energy System
I wish to broach a subject that is so difficult, and which defines esoteric. The 3D part of you must suspend itself completely for this explanation to even come close to being succinct. If I’m going to tell you how numerology works, I’m going to have to tell you about the other side of the veil. I’m going to have to tell you about an interdimensional state of quantumness that represents the way things work for you, but that you are unaware of.

In this string of reality that you’re on, which is linear – a time frame that is so limiting – you cannot stop the clock. It keeps going no matter what. You cannot reverse it. It only goes in one direction, and you’re always moving. You can’t stop. You can’t go forward at another speed, or backwards at all. What a limitation! Imagine now, going to a place where there is no time at all, where reality can move in all directions at once. There is a tremendous amount of confusion for you, because everything looks random.  Instead of an orderly, singular 3D reality, it looks like chaos!

What you are seeing is every potential possible for you and your neighbor and every one on the planet, all together in one place. There is no timeline put upon any of them. Therefore, not only are the potentials there of what you might do even after you leave this meeting, but the potentials of what you used to do in what you call the past – all of the potentials that were there that you missed or did not do, all together in one place. Can you imagine something that is so chaotic? So you sit and you look at this and it looks so confusing and disorganized. And all you say is, “Get me back to that linear string, where it was simple!”

This is a quantum state. And to you, as you cross the bridge from 3D even marginally into that quantum state, it looks chaotic – incredibly chaotic – because there are no visible rules. There’s no “system,” apparently because the things you see don’t follow what you would expect in 3D. They’re not simple or singular or organized in a way you can figure out. So you say, “Get me out of here!” This is similar to the situation where you have sightless Humans from birth who are suddenly able to have limited sight through your new scientific discoveries. But when they receive it, they say, “Cover my eyes! It’s just too different than the simplicity of what I was used to.” So it is with the 3D individual when they go across that veil and it looks like chaos. It isn’t, but it isn’t what they are used to.

Even your best scientists had difficulty in the early days of quantum physics. They saw the apparent disorganization and randomness and objected. They shouted phrases like, “My God cannot be a chaotic God. I will not be part of a system that is chaotic. It’s not the way the Universe works. There must be a system, there must be a plan, there have to be laws, no chaos.” And they’re right. For now we say to you that what appears to be 3D confusion is quantum organization. There actually is a system and it has to do with vibration and energy.

In this system, anything that vibrates at any frequency in an interdimensional way sets up potentials that are “marked” for their vibratory rate. This is very difficult to explain. They then become “marked potentials.” These represent potentials that are most likely to manifest into 3D reality because there is a unique vibration around them as opposed to ones that do not vibrate. In addition, there are strings of vibration that are beautiful that are always between all of the potentials. There are strings between what appears to be the chaos between one person and another, how they met, what they do. You call this coincidence, but a Lightworker calls it synchronicity. Whatever you call it, it represents a system with rules, but ones that don’t conform to 3D.

Many say, “There are no accidents.” This statement infuriates logical thinkers who then say, “That is the silliest thing I ever heard. ‘There are no accidents?’ Of course, there are accidents.” No, there’re not accidents. They are manifestations of potentials into realities based upon the vibration of the quantum attributes, and it links into what you call co-creation. It isn’t necessarily what you call planning, but there is organization involved.

It’s a beautiful system. Look: What brought you here? Are you having an epiphany? Is there something going on here – an energy here? There is. I know who’s here. And you think that’s an accident? What brought you to the chair in front of me? What brought your eyes to this page, or your ears to this hearing? That’s what I’m talking about. That’s not an accident. There’s a system going on and you are part of it.

Every time you see an 11:11 on a clock, do you say, “Oh, what a coincidence?” Or perhaps you know what the energy of the number 11 is within numerology? It is enlightenment and illumination. Two number ones together, each one meaningnew beginning. Together, a master number happens that represents enlightenment and illumination. And why is it shown to you so often? It is the sign of the age. It is the number of the age. Numerology is a vibration. And when you look at its significance and you see what the numbers may mean in your life, pay attention. The system creates this, and numerology fits in perfectly to a system of vibrations.

Cross another bridge with me and pay attention to that tarot spread, which some have said is the work of the devil. You lay cards out and somehow they’re going to tell you what to do? Isn’t that fortune telling? No. That’s not what it is. Tarot has nothing to do with telling the future. Listen: If you are only hearing this for the first time, let me tell you what this is. The tarot spread is a beautiful, intuitive way of straightening out the chaos for a moment, just for a moment, so you may see some of the things in your life through this system that helps you understand your energy better. Again, it shows you what the intellect does not know. For it reveals the energy of vibration within the system we are talking about.

What a beautiful system this is! Esoteric. Take it or leave it. Numerology has been around a long time. After all, it’s not the new age. It’s quite old. Could it be that the ancients knew something that you’re just now re-discovering? Could it be they knew about the numbers and they were using them all along?

Past Lives
Oh, the big one! Many say, “How could anyone be so foolish to believe in past lives? There is absolutely no evidence. How can you hang on to such a premise of past lives?”

You will not hear proof of past lives from this chair. There never will be any kind of absolute empirical evidence. There will be much circumstantial and experiential evidence around it, but never anything to actually prove it. You either have the confirmation intuitively and the knowledge is there, or not. But we ask you, what is it that has guided your personality so that you will come in so different from your sister, from your brother, from the same parents? What made you so unique? What gave you the phobias that nobody expected you would have, where you had no life experience to create them? What made you want to do certain things? Why was the artist the artist? Is this all random? Did the variety of biology give you all that as science tells you or could there be a system?

In the quantumness of the potentials that I have described, is it possible that you have lived before? The answer is you have. The answer is many times. The answer is that those who would come to a gathering like this are very aware of it. Old souls come together to learn these esoteric things. Old souls are attracted to these intuitive things. Old souls are in the room. So the belief comes to those who look for the their truth, for it is part of the study of your divinity. It is foolish talk to those who don’t care or those who are intellectually bound to their 3D box.

I’ll give you some information about past lives that maybe you have not heard before, but that you need to know. For this is the least understood part of the Human Being. First, know this: It does not serve your magnificence to know who you’ve been or what you’ve done. It gets in the way of your life lesson, it does. It is a distraction, so therefore, it is well concealed and well hidden, and there is a purpose for this. I will give you a number of facts and I would like to tell you that these things are precious, precious information. This isn’t a time for esoteric rules or doctrinal studies. These are precious things that should show you how much you are loved within the system. There’s a system here!

Everything you have learned spiritually in any lifetime on this planet is collective; it is stored in a place that goes right into your DNA in an esoteric level in an interdimensional state when you are born. You pick it up again, whether you use it or not, and you never have to go back and learn things again. Everything that you have learned in any lifetime sticks and stays for the next time. Did you know that? And all you have to do is open the jar of lifetime experience with your own free, spiritual choice and out pours the wisdom of the ages. The very teachers that you see walk the stage this weekend have done this before! They’ve lived it before and they are comfortable with it. It’s not a product of a few years on the earth. It’s a product of millennium. That’s the truth, and you should be able to feel this, dear one.

Let me give you another precious fact: You have a friend who has been with you on every journey, and you don’t even know it. This thing you call the Higher-Self, which you can’t really even define, is a multidimensional piece of you – a piece of God. It’s an interdimensional part of the system is what it is. It’s part of the apparent chaos and it is something that has a commonality to every single past life you have had. You see, you come in with the same Higher-Self every single time. It’s part of what you call your soul, and it’s the same Higher-Self. Think about that for a moment. What does that mean?

There’s more. Since your Higher-Self and your past life experience are both in what you call a “quantum state” [interdimensional], then here is the question: Is it really a past life when there is no time? How can you even use the word past? If it’s not a past life, then what is it? It’s a current life, isn’t it? Everything you have learned is an accumulation of who you are as you walk this planet.

Wise, old soul, you may not feel like you’re filled with wisdom, but some of you know what I’m speaking of – and you are, indeed, filled with knowledge. You have the “street smarts of the Universe,” and you know it. It’s intuitive, isn’t it. You can’t quite touch it, but you know it’s the truth. This Higher-Self knows every single Human Being you’ve been. And it’s not in a row or stacked up or in a linear list. It’s all mixed into a bowl together and it’s on your lap. And what we have taught before is this: Those of you who wish to can reach into that bowl and take the best part of any one of those lives and apply it to your current life! For that’s why they’re there, dear Human Being. It’s part of the system. They’re not past at all. Blessed is that Human who reaches into the Akash and picks up the wisdom, who picks up the teacher, the passion of the love of God, the priest, the nun, the shaman. It’s all there! It’s part of the system that you would recognize your truth, for now you know why it’s so unique, for it involves the ages of your being here. Those are the facts of the past lives.

Finally, we close. “Kryon, I’m having a hard time with God. Where is God? We want God to come down and straighten out this planet. Oh, I want peace so much with what is on the news. Is there really a God? What evidence is there?”

Well, go ask your astronomers who put energy and potentials together. They’re scratching their heads right now. What is intelligent design? They won’t say the God word, but they’ll say everything else. “There’s a system,” they’ll say. “Maybe it’s not as random as we thought,” they’ll say. They are seeing it but they can’t define it. But they know it’s intelligent and that against all odds it created us.

You know what the Human does as soon as he is old enough? He searches for the Creator! Did you know that? It’s almost like an indictment that something’s going on in your DNA that asks you to find God! When more than 85 percent of the planet has a religion that believes in the fact that the soul is eternal, you have to look at why this would be. Some of them want to put God into a building. They’re happy just to know it’s there so they can visit and worship. And the rest of you? You want to find it inside, because you have eons of experience yelling to you that it’s there to find. You want to know if God is real? Do you have the courage alone to sit down and say, “Dear God, I want to know if you’re here or not. In pure intent, I ask you to show me.” Do you have the courage to do it? That’s the night when you don’t get any sleep, because that’s when the angels that have been standing next to you your whole lifetime start to have a part!

You are giving permission for healing to proceed, to become partly interdimensional, to visit a quantum state, to live longer and be more peaceful, and to create peace in your land. You will begin to move in ways that you cannot even believe are possible through a quantum intelligence that literally carries your thoughts and your prayers to where they should go. You become a partner with God, and it is you who carries the light that you pleaded with God to carry – to those who need it so much.

You see, it’s part of the system that so many have said is chaotic, but it is not. Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s loving. You can see the strings as they vibrate – all with purpose – not chaotic. And with intent, you can control them, creating your own truth, creating your own reality, creating a life very different than the one you thought you had. ~ Kryon

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