Goals – how they really work.
The facts beyond the hype, frustration and confusion.

For those on the spiritual path, goals for some strange reason don’t always
seem to manifest, or at least take seemingly forever and a day to happen.
In some cases they even change directions altogether and end up as something else.
So why would we bother to set goals in the first place
if they’re only going to change or take forever to happen? 

Well, perhaps goals don’t work like all the old energy gurus and experts say they do.
Perhaps they work quite differently for awakening and advanced souls…
those most likely to visit the Points of Power website.

The Parable of the Stream

The following article is copyright and is used by permission. It is an excerpt from “The Great Shift with Fred Sterling” Internet talk-radio program, a weekly webcast on www.Kirael.com

Through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, Master Guide Kirael has offered us this Parable of the Stream, a view of our journey on the Earth plane.

Please note that Master Guide Kirael weaves his magic with his own unique way of speaking—a distinctly Celtic sounding accent—and this style of language has been kept intact in this article.

KIRAEL: Good evening. I asked the medium if I could have just a moment of your time and he so beautifully offered it and said, “Please, please come around.”

I wanted to make a relatively simple statement. Yet you’re probably going to try to put complexities into it, but let’s just stay with the basics for the moment and listen with your hearts wide open. Just listen to what you’re about to hear and don’t try to judge it, don’t try to think right or wrong, up or down, back or forth, simply just listen for the moment and see what happens to your inspirational minds.

If you look at the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating*, what you find is a universal source of light information that actually is a connective weave that simplifies itself by rearranging its own focal points on a stream of particles. As it begins to rearrange those focal points, you see that the stream has a tendency to go just so far and then it seems to hold itself in abeyance of the final end result that you’re working towards.

Now follow this if you will. If you send a stream of particle lights out into a goal, and as you send it out there, it doesn’t reach what you want it to reach, do you think there’s a possibility that you didn’t empower the stream as fully as you could have or maybe should have?

But what if, me friends, where the stream stopped is exactly where you’re supposed to be? What if the stream — this beautiful line of particles, which are like a laser beam — did stop short of getting to what you believed to be its final result? What if you only set up that final result so you could get to where you’ve just gotten so you can see what you’re seeing at that very moment?

You say, “Well, then why would we bother to set the goals anyway?”  Because maybe that’s what it was that took you to get where you are.

So listen with me now. Though you might have set a goal, and though you might not have achieved it in the proper moment in time, be not discouraged. Be thrilled by the possibilities that where you are is going to take you to the ultimate goal that you seek – and what if that goal is different from the one you set out upon? Well, how bad would that be? It wouldn’t be bad at all. In the truth of this commotion of what we call the world, you have a chaotic experience that vibrates into a system of particle lights that formulate and form themselves into a magical source of creation. In that creation form, everything is taking place on multiple levels simultaneously.

My suggestion to you is this: When you’ve got your goal set – whatever it is that you’re shooting for, or want to be a part of – stop worrying about it. In the simplest of terms, once you’ve set the idea of what you want, now set your mind to the journey that it’s going to take to get there.

You see, the journey is going to stop along the route. Set your goal to get to the end of the stream, and then follow this stream. Let’s say the stream is about ten miles long. It starts out as a nice little bubbling brook and your goal is to get to the end of this stream that turns into this great big river where there’s a great, big, brand new boat for you and millions of dollars lying in the boat’s hull. Well, you’ve got to get to the river first. And so you jump into this little stream and you float along on a leaf and you look down the stream, and as you’re floating down, you’re just entranced; you’ve got to get to that river there. You’ve got to get to that big end of the stream, and all the way down the river, you’re focused only on it, but the Creator, and the guides and the angels, and everybody’s going, “Pssst, hey look over here. Hey look over on this side,” and you look off to the right there and there’s this little inlet and you say, “All right, wait a minute. Let me take a little journey into that inlet.”

Or you might even be sailing down the stream and all of a sudden there is no stream movement.  There’s no wind; there’s no nothing. You’re just kind of sitting there, still. And where you’ve been moving at a good clip, at a good fast pace, heading for that river bed, all of a sudden the stream hits this little pocket and you’re sitting still and you look over to the right and there’s that little inlet I was talking about.

So you steer your little leaf over there, and you head into that inlet. When you get in there, there’s the most beautiful person you’ve ever met in your whole life. This person spends time with you and gets you to refocus your thinking a little bit, and you are just so excited about what you learn from this person. After a while, this person just doesn’t want anything more to do with you and you find yourself floating back out on the stream again, moving along at a good pace and you think, wow, that was lucky. Wasn’t it lucky I ran out of wind?

What if it isn’t luck, me friends? What if it is the journey unfolding exactly the way it’s supposed to?  What if that is what you were supposed to do? You met this person that changed your life and you’re moving on. You’re going down the stream again and it’s going at a good clip. You can almost see the river coming up at the end of the stream and you’re getting excited, “There’s me goal; there’s me goal. I’ve got to have it. I’ve got to have it,” and the water dies out from underneath you again and there’s another little inlet and you go in that inlet and you think, “God, I just want to get to me goal.  Stop bothering me with all this stuff.” This time you meet me in there and you find out that there’s more to that goal than you were searching for. In fact, you find out that way back up the stream, all the friends and all the people that you were supposed to meet while you were on this adventure, they’re up in all those inlets you passed because you were in such a great rush to get to the river.

What you’ll find yourself doing is going back out and paddling up the stream. You’ll see the pain and the hurt you caused yourself and you’ll think, “Why am I hurting meself like this?”  I’ve got an answer for you, me friends. You’re not hurting yourself. You’ve discovered there’s something on this journey that you didn’t get completed and you’re forcing yourself to go back and get the completions. Now you’ve got a choice. You can sit about and grumble why you’re not getting what you want or you can simply paddle up the stream and get it done and get back down the stream again.

I’m telling you, the world as you’re seeing it has been fixed in your eyes by a bunch of histories that have got almost no reality base to them at all. In fact, I’m writing the book about Lemuria with me medium and I was talking about this plan of having a child. Over here on the Earth plane most of you can’t even decide whether or not you really want to have a child. Yet, that child has already arrived there in your womb and you’re going, “Oh, I don’t know if I really want to get pregnant.” Guess who’s listening to this, by the way? – The new child.

In Lemuria it took them roughly – and I say roughly because your times are measured a wee bit different – it took roughly twenty-seven months to have a baby. Twenty-seven months to be pregnant. Can you imagine that?  Most of the women out there are going, “Oh my God, please. I don’t even want to think about twenty-seven months.”  But here’s what happened in the Lemurian pregnancy: The bottom line of it is that the first segment of nine months in the mother’s journey was to complete certain things that she needed to do, such as help the child write the blueprint and all the things that had to come into play.

There was another segment of nine months where the mother’s responsibility was to weave the incoming child’s light into the family that it was going to join. The final segment was where the father got involved in the project and began to teach the child about the cultures and everything else.
Over here, in this current time that you’re in now, when you get yourself impregnated, the only thing you want to do is get that child out of there and get on with life. That’s the stream, my friends. All the things that you will miss if you rush down the stream – whether to have a baby or to get married, or get rich, or to become a full-fledged spiritualist – you’re going to be sent back up the stream to experience them if you’ve got any kind of guide with you at all.

Those that work with me sometimes get frustrated with me. I don’t mind that. What I mind is when I’m trying to guide you back up the stream to pick up the little piece that you missed and you sit around grumping about it. This isn’t working and that isn’t working and the other thing isn’t working.  I’m here to say this to you, me friends: You will come to a great clarity when you recognize the simplicity that everything does happen in absolute perfection. All you have to have is the courage to search the perfection out. You’ve probably got a friend that’s got this really positive energy, just positive, positive, positive, everything is just perfect in his world, and sometimes you just want to take him by the front of his little shirt and shake him and tell him, “Don’t you realize you’re not living in a perfect world? There are people dying all over the world, there’s a war going on and your tax money is being swallowed up by a government that doesn’t care and people are dying because they believe in something that everybody else doesn’t believe in. How dare you say that this is a perfect world?”  Well, I’ve had that said to me a number of times, my friends, and here’s what I’d be telling you: It is a perfect world.

I’ll give you an example. There’s this great earthquake that’s taken place in east Asia where Sri Lanka and India are, and they’re saying that upwards of a hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand people have left the Earth plane. I’m going to share something with you that will not make me the most popular guide from the seventh dimension. In fact, it might not make me popular at all, but in just a matter of a few minutes, I’m going to be on me way and you’ll get to live with it and you’ll get to decide what you want to think about it. In that particular part of the world – and I’m not judging.  I’m telling you the facts as we see them – there was a huge amount of young souls, a huge amount of them. Do you know what a young soul is? If you’re a soul, then that means that you travel and you got here to this plane of consciousness, which means you’ve been here before; you’ve been here many times probably and the one thing that you keep coming back for is to learn, and the more you learn, the more you’re considered an aged soul.

So if you find yourself going out this evening and getting yourself rip-roaring drunk and driving your car, then you’re not very old in the soul age, because if you kill somebody or you kill yourself, well, that’s not what old souls are here to do. If you’re going out there this evening and you’re going to hurt yourself in any shape or form, then, you’re not much of an aged soul. But if you’re out there right now thinking things like, “What Master Kirael’s saying is really starting to make a wee bit of sense. I’m going to have to get more involved in this,” then I’d say that you’re aging in your soul. So after you’ve journeyed to different sets of planets, different levels of consciousness, different dimensions, and maybe you’ve lived with the Elven world, or you’ve lived with the angels, or you’ve worked with all sorts of different possibilities, you start to age in your soul.

So when I say that area where this devastation took place had a great amount of younger souls, it’s because they had some very terrible things going on with the children over there, exploiting them and so on and so forth. A child that would come in and be party to that is usually trying to teach – and this is going to get too confusing, so I’m not going to bury you in the whole project – but understand this: A whole group of young souls left the Earth plane in that area of Asia.

I think you’re going to find out that to be a young soul on this Earth plane anywhere, whether you’re in China, whether you’re in Africa, the Americas, wherever you might be, to be a young soul is going to get real uncomfortable over here. The reason is because of this thing that we call the Great Shift.  It is unfolding at an unprecedented rate. Time is speeding to a point where you can just barely breathe and all the changes are taking place.  Here’s the big change my friends – and this is what I was trying to get to as I was starting down this path – you’ve got to choose your soul age, and if you find yourself going out and drinking a whole bunch of beers and liquors and things like that, and jumping in your car and speeding and seeing how fast you can go, don’t complain to the Creator when you get home and it says you’ve got to go back again, because that’s how you learn. I’m not justifying what you’re doing; I’m saying you need to take a look and see what your level of consciousness is aspiring to.

So if you’re traveling down the wee stream and you’re not taking time out to stop and smell the roses, as they say, maybe you’re going to miss too much and maybe, just maybe, that’s not how you’re supposed to be here.

I’ll put it in one last perspective. There are those who would tell me that I’m wrong and I’d not want to negotiate with them, but I’m going to tell you that the younger your soul age is, the quicker you’re going to get to win the lotto, the big, big dollar prize. You see, as your soul ages, as you begin to see the real beauties in life, it’s not about winning the lotto; it’s not about how much money you have.  It’s whether you can look out that window right there and you can see that big old grandfather tree sitting out there. It’s about when you can look into your life mate’s eyes and you can see the fears in there and love him just as much as if he didn’t have the fears. When you can start to see those things, you’ll find out that the money is a natural by-product of the love that you express.

That’s the truth and the wisdom that I share with you today. You can call it truth or wisdom, you can call it lack of truth and lack of wisdom… I don’t even care. What I do care about is this: When you recognize that all the beauty in your world is reflected in the mirror, when you recognize there’s nothing as important as what you see when you look in the mirror, when you recognize that you’re here because of the result of a great beautiful energy called the Creator and that it loves you for everything that you are and this great Creator holds you in the highest of esteem because you’re here doing the journey, then you’ll recognize it isn’t getting to the river that’s important. It’s the journey down the stream that’s really what you came here to do.  The river’s a bonus at the end and it will always be there if you go down the stream, because the Creator is this giving, loving energy that would never ask you to do a journey for it and not reward you at the end. Do the journey, do the stream, don’t worry about the river at the end. It’s there; you’ll flow right into it and, you know what? The moment you get into the river, you’re just going to look for a bigger river until you can find the ocean; it’ll always continue to evolve.

Do that journey, my friends. Look into your mate’s eyes; take a good hard look. See the fears and love him for the fears. Don’t just look for him to hold you up and be your prop. Look into his eyes and see his fears and see if you can’t help him understand that they really aren’t even fears, they’re just energies that need to be evolved through, and you’ll do that “five or the fifty**” that you hear the medium talk about.

So, me friends, when you’re traveling down that proverbial stream of life, remember to stop along the way and smell the roses, meet the people you’re supposed to meet, and learn the lessons you’re supposed to learn. You’ll find that journey, that five or fifty, that’s where your focus is best served.  It’s designed to age your soul, filling it with the wisdom of experience, and when you reach that goal you thought you were focused on, that pot of gold waiting for you in that boat in the river, you’ll realize that was just the icing on the cake, the thing that got you to do the journey. Good evening.

* The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are powerful tools of awakening that, when studied and practiced, allow you to create the life you truly desire. Each Principle is a key to unlocking higher levels of conscious awareness and tapping into your own powers of creation. Visitwww.Kirael.com  for more information.

** When Master Kirael speaks of “five or fifty,” he is speaking of the journey to reach your goal, whatever it may be. The journey might take five steps or it might take fifty (or a hundred). Don’t give up. Five or fifty represents the journey.

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