Aren’t the 350 plus already on the site enough?

Yes, I agree it should be enough, actually more than enough when you consider, as I’ve said before on the “Unlikely to be Read” page, most visitors to websites – even if that website sits atop of their ‘favourites’ list, seldom read the site in its entirety anyway. And, incidentally, that little verity was the carrot for the “Unlikely to be Read” page which features a few little articles and links to pages that we believe rarely get read on the site.

So then, we’ve now got even more questions to answer. Yes, I know there’s something on our website (the ‘Reflections’ page) that says I’m are not altogether mad about writing and I find composition to be slow torture!

And that is true. However, I also said that ‘some thoughts just won’t go away it seems until they’re set in words’… which brings me back to this new page. Yes, you’d have every right to say at this point that I’m a glutton for punishment.

So let’s get on with the new Q&A. How are these new questions different from all the others on the site? And haven’t they all been done before somewhere? You’ve already got an ‘Ask Allen’ page as well as three pages of ‘Odd Questions’. On top of that there are several pages that end with a Q&A section, and your whole ‘Healing Cancer in the New Energy’ page is written in a Q&A format.

What could possibly be left? 

What’s left are my own personal answers to some rather thorny questions that haven’t been covered before and could very well unsettle a few people. However, those few people would not include fellow First Wave New Energy Lightworkers or indeed any New Energy Lightworker or indeed anyone with a high level of awareness.

Come to think of it, it really wouldn’t leave too many unsettled at all as there wouldn’t be too many unaware people (first timers, young souls, churchgoers, the rich and famous with their insurmountable distractions etc) visiting the Points of Power website anyway. As I’ve always said, with total respect, it’s very doubtful that they would ever get past the first line.

So here’s our rather personal Q&A. The raw truth without fear or favour. Some of the answers are a bit long, but the more I tried to be succinct, the more the thoughts kept coming. But not to worry, to compensate there’s only a few questions… at least for now.

Q. What legacy do you believe you’ll leave?
A. Think it through and you’ll see that’s pretty much a tired old duality-based question, at least as far as we’ve come to understand the term ‘legacy’. New Energy lightworkers are so far beyond the old energy legacy paradigm, especially all of us First Wavers. Debbie, who knows me and my work better than anybody, recently gave me the most beautiful birthday card which says it all as far as leaving a legacy goes in the New Energy: “All-That-Is remains forever changed through your great contribution.”
Has a grander legacy ever existed?
Q. Do you ever go to church?
A. The only times that I’ve been to church since I was a choirboy was to play the grand pipe organ at services, which I loved doing and did over several years, or to attend a wedding or a funeral. I might add at this point that the only church that I’ve been able to tolerate being in, energy wise, is the Anglican church. The Catholic churches are the worst that I’ve found with their energy verging on what I can only describe as putrid. You can literally feel your vibration slowing down.
I believe that I was picking up on the Catholic churches’ appalling atrocities committed against non-believers, women and of course children over the centuries. I haven’t been in too many other churches but those that I have been in have what I can only describe as a very low vibration, and “what exactly are they trying to do here feeling”. There’s the vicar ranting on about a God who he is clueless about (and he knows he is) and a congregation sitting attentively as though they’re actually following him (which they’re really not because they’re not quite sure if all this stuff he’s saying is real or is just a perked up version of Sunday-school leftovers). Indeed, all the stories centred around their supreme, loving, all-merciful albeit dysfunctional sky god do leave a lot of people completely muddled.
Q. Allen, I’ve always loved your website and Debbie’s inclusions too, they’ve been a real blessing in my life. Now I hope you don’t think I’m graceless or anything, but for some reason I’ve always wondered how old you are. I’m not psychic or ESP savvy enough to pick up on your age somehow, so I’m afraid I’ll just have to bite the bullet and ask you. And pretty please, could you also include your sun sign? Sorry!
A. There’s no need whatsoever to be sorry. I turned 77 last birthday on the 31st of August 2019. And I believe that makes me a Virgo. Furthermore, I have six planets in Virgo or other earth signs, as well as the Sun. Even my moon is in an earth sign (Taurus). And I imagine all that makes me just about as grounded and down to earth as it’s possible for a Human to get. Not bad for anchoring energy, or more importantly, as one of the world’s greatest teachers/authors/visionaries has said of me, anchoring Oneness.
Q. What’s your take on Jesus Christ as Humanity’s lord and saviour… at least as far as those who call themselves  Christians go.
A. Oh dear, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for some. That said, I must admit that I was one of those who gave their life to Christ while watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV when I was in my early teens. I can clearly remember being in tears right through the ‘show’. There’s no doubt it, the late Billy Graham could have 50,000 people do just about anything. He had them all in the palm of his hand.
Getting back to Christ and who he really was… as opposed to what any church leader says or believes he was, I have to say that I  totally agree with what the highly regarded channelled entity Seth has said about the Christ entity. The biggest surprise of all is that Seth has said that Christ was not just one person and was too great to be contained in any one man, or for that matter at any one time, so the man you think of as Christ was not crucified. The crucifixion of Christ was a psychic, but not a physical event. Christ was a myth, as Seth says, who did not exist in the terms that Christians believe.
I agree with Seth when he says that Christ was actually composed of three individuals whose history blended: John the Baptist, St. Paul, and a man known as Christ (which was a common name back then). They were all males according to Seth, because at that time of our development, we would not have accepted a female counterpart. None of these were, in the ‘facts’ of history, physically crucified. There was also, in ‘fact’, no resurrection or ascension.

According to Seth, Christ is an entity who appears time and time again within your physical system, but he has been recognized on only two occasions. Once in Atlantis, and once in the Christ story as it has come down to you in all of its distortions. He appears and reappears therefore, sometimes making himself known and sometimes not. He was not one personality, as I have told you, but a highly developed entity, sometimes appearing as a fragment of himself.

Christ, as you understand him historically to be, spoke in parables and symbols. Men often took him literally, but his message was that the spirit of God was within each person – in terms of the symbolism, each person being a child of the father who dwelled in Heaven. But heaven meant an inner reality for Christ, not an exterior one.

Christ’s message was that each man is good inherently, and is an individualized portion of the divine –  and yet a civilization based upon that precept has never been attempted. The vast social structures of Christianity were instead based upon man’s “sinful” nature –  not the organizations and structures that might allow him to become good, or to obtain the goodness that Christ quite clearly perceived man already possessed.

So that’s my take on the Christ entity. He was simply too great to be contained in any one man. His message was that each man is an individualised portion of the Divine and the spirit of God was within each person – each person being a child of the father who dwelled in Heaven, which meant an inner reality for Christ.

Doesn’t sound like Humanity’s lord and saviour to me. If we have the spirit of God within us, if we are an individualised portion of the divine [an actual piece of God no less], then why on earth would we need a lord (nobleman)? If we are a piece of God, the divine, All-That-Is, I also don’t think that we need to be saved or rescued. If need be we should be able to well and truly save ourselves.

But from what, for Christ’s sake?

Q. What would you do differently if you had your time over again?
A. Believing my life has been in perfect divine order, nothing at all… except that is, for one thing. In retrospect I would never again take up smoking cigarettes. Without thinking it through (especially the unbelievable cost incurred over the years and the deadly health problems just waiting to emerge) we blindly follow our friends, family and work colleagues and seemingly overnight become “a smoker”.

Unfortunately there were a lot more people smoking during my formative years than there are nowadays. It seemed that just about everybody you knew was a smoker. It was simply the done thing back then in the nineteen fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties.
No, I would never again take up smoking and I would recommend that no other Human does either. If you do, however, know that more than likely, like me, you will pay the price, and a very heavy price at that. I’ve had lung cancer due to smoking (see the Healing Cancer in the New Energy page) as well as ending up with severe emphysema, which now puts any walks longer than 25 meters without resting out of the question. Not the finest way to live.

As the late Yul Brynner (actor) who died of lung cancer said, “Whatever you do, don’t smoke”. And those few words are dead-on.
Although, as I’ve said, my life was in perfect divine order and I wouldn’t do anything differently (except for the smoking thing) if I had my time over, there is a list of things that is already on our website on both the ‘Reflections’ and ‘Hints for Transition’ pages that I’ll also put here as I believe it’s an invaluable helper for anyone on the difficult path of change and transition. It really can’t be repeated too often. It’s all experience-borne, and as Einstein et al have said… ‘The only source of knowledge is experience”.

Knowing what I know now, if I had to do it all again…
I would… know that I CAN NOT have a spiritual awakening on my terms.
I can’t have my cake and eat it’ as the saying goes. I would know that things will change
for me in many ways, including the loss of things and people near and dear,
and that I must be accepting of this regardless of how uncomfortable, disconcerting
and confusing (and often frightening) these changes may appear to be.

I would… know that contrary to everything I’ve been told about the spiritual enlightenment path –

all the heavenly peace and bliss etc, I was in for a rude awakening – of the highest order.
I would… never worry about a thing. All worry ever did for me was to wreak havoc
on my physical body and throw it into imbalance and dis-ease… and never changed one other thing.

I would… know that most of the things that I thought really mattered don’t really matter at all.
I would… never supplicate. As tempting as it can be in times of crisis, I would know that
begging and pleading to a supposed higher power supposedly someplace in the sky
does absolutely nothing… and only serves to remove me from the REAL God within.
I would… know that my needs would ALWAYS be met… WITHOUT FAIL.
Often at the last minute, and often from sources that I didn’t expect, but WITHOUT FAIL.
I would… accept whatever was happening no matter what,
knowing that it’s ALL in Perfect Divine Order, even the times of hellish chaos.
I would… know that when certain seemingly bad or negative things happen to me,
especially with health, relationships or finances, it’s because my Spirit, my Divinity,
has things that are far more important to it than any of my petty little ‘human’ wants
or any of my misguided cravings for personal power and control.
I would… never look to ANY old energy duality-based book, teacher or teaching –
the spiritual kind or the personal power/human potential kind,
for help, answers, comfort, insight, justification or validation.
I would know that there is NO old energy tool, practice, course, program,
tradition, technique, discipline or ‘secret’ that works for the transition into the New.
I would… remember that if I was ever feeling great sadness, or worse, felt like I was dying,
it’s because I WAS dying… dying to my old life and my old duality self.
And I would also remember… “The bigger the death, the bigger the rebirth!”
I would… remember that I really CAN let go and trust; that the Divinity within CAN be trusted
and ALWAYS has my best and highest interests at heart.
I would… never fear the New and unknown as I know it’s a lot safer and far more REAL
than the old and known.
I would… remember that for every one of my so-called problems along the way,
no matter how seemingly difficult, ominous or ‘impossible’, there IS a divine solution
that is grander and more profound than anything I could have imagined.
I would… never hold on tenaciously to people or things – including money.
I would gracefully let everything go that wanted to go and that needs to go
knowing that the New is not created from a mountain of clutter or built upon the past,
but is created from a void, from no-thing.
I would also remember that all this loss is ultimately an illusion and is always ‘perfect to the purpose’
as it’s ALWAYS leading to something greater – something greater than I ever thought existed.
Q. Have you ever been overcome with fear, or been frozen with fear? And how did you deal with it at the time?
A. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. There’s one of our Instant Insight cards that says “Sometimes we need to lose everything we have in order to find everything we are.” And it’s absolutely true, at least it was for me. We could slot the word ‘temporarily’ into the middle of the saying so that it’s not quite so scary.
Although I have owned and run a very popular bar/restaurant/nightclub for ten years and have also been involved at times in other ventures both good and bad so-called, I eventually came to understand that this particular lifetime had nothing to do with what I did for a living. Indeed, far more important things were in store… like inner spiritual awakening, light-working, holding energy, anchoring oneness etc. I just wish that realisation could have come much earlier. It would have saved me a mountain of angst.
Getting back to old father fear and how I dealt with it. I have to say, with some difficulty. I had, however, an awesome spiritual helper that turned up, in what I can only describe as perfect (divine?) timing…”Henry and the Missing Bridge”, one of Kryon’s brilliant little parables that has a permanent residency now on our ‘Panic Button’ page. I don’t mind admitting that this little tale alone kept my hopes alive for years, if that doesn’t sound like an absurdity.
So at the end of the day then, was this little tale about hope and a missing bridge just all pie in the sky… or was it REAL? Well, I’m pleased (and immensely relieved) to say that it was/is very REAL. One thing the parable spells out is that things work very differently in the New Energy, which does take some time for us to fully accept and understand. We Humans like to live in a state of sustained reassurance. We like to feel safe with the money (or whatever it happens to be that we are anxious and queasy about) in sight. Or better still, in our hand. But in the New Energy it doesn’t work that way. Our needs are met not before, but only NOW when we need them.
It’s actually rather fun when we come to fully understand and accept the New Energy way of things. And the New way of things gets even better all the time. As Kryon says… “Time with Spirit is not linear. Setups have started now for creations among you that have not even been conceived by you yet. There are solutions already created to problems that you don’t even have yet… solutions that are far grander than anything you could ever imagine”.
Wow! With that kind of reassurance directly from Spirit, I bet you can’t wait to join us in the New Energy.
Q. Why don’t you have any time for the big name motivational speakers?
A. I’ve answered that question elsewhere, but I’ll do so again here. It’s Because they’re all full of duality’s hot air. They’re not about our evolving into butterflies – who go where they please and please wherever they go, but are all about us becoming a bigger, richer, and more successful caterpillar… a sort of super larva. No immense, strange, difficult and frightening metamorphic process – no going through the fires of transformation, just a slimmer, happier, prettier, smarter, richer and altogether more successful version of who we presently are or think we are.
Sadly, after all the motivational speaker’s endless ballyhoo, we’re still left languishing in duality. So, is that bad? Well it’s certainly not good. We haven’t raised our vibration or awareness (the very reason we’re here) and so haven’t even helped ourselves let alone the planet and beyond. Yes, believe it or not (and some won’t), when we Humans awaken and raise our vibration, we raise the vibration of ALL. It affects the whole of creation. And that is, believe it or not (and some won’t), why we are hidden away here on a planet (one of around 100 billion planets) orbiting an insignificant star that we call the sun (one of around 200-400 billion stars) on the outskirts of a pretty average spiral galaxy that we call the Milky Way (one of around two trillion or more galaxies in the observable Universe).
For the mathematical nerds here, we’re about 25,000 light years or 236,518,261,814,520,000 Kilometres from the galaxy centre. For those who can’t get their head around just how far that is, or what to compare it to, or how long it would take to get there, then here’s a picture and some figures:
Travelling at the speed of light, or some 300,000 kilometres a second – that’s a ‘second’, it would take us 25,000 years to get from planet Earth to the centre of the galaxy. Or to use another analogy… if each of our average lifetimes was let’s say 90 years, then it would take us a full 278 lifetimes to get there. Just imagine… speeding along in our family space-craft while being born, and then living a full 90 years, and then dying, over and over and over etc, etc, etc, for a total of 278 times. Surely there’s something a little quicker?

And of course there is. Yes, there are much faster ways than the speed of light to travel through interstellar space. So much faster in fact that the semi-quantum Pleiadian race for instance simply ‘will’ themselves somewhere and, believe it or not (and some won’t), they’re there in an ‘instant’. But that’s another story.

Still want to waste your time and money on pointless hype and carry-on?
Q. I suppose this question is a little ho-hum in the scheme of things, but what’s your take on ‘quantum’? I see the word would be commonplace in the scientific community, but I noticed that it’s now also being used, notably by Kryon, in the metaphysical/spiritual arena. What’s that about?
A. First, it appears there are two or three different (and rather complex) ideas about quantum. And that alone should be enough to confuse anyone… even those spiritual space cadets who pretend they’re never confused.
The scientific definition of quantum is that it’s an individual unit of something. It’s the smallest package that something comes in. A molecule of water is a good example because if you divide it, you don’t have water anymore. Interestingly, Einstein was the first physicist to say that Max Planck’s discovery of the quantum (h) would require a rewriting of the laws of physics.
The medical definition of quantum is that it’s the smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation.
And according to physics, quantum is the smallest amount of radiant energy, equal to Planck’s constant times the frequency of the associated radiation. Phew!!!
But now there’s a much more comprehensive and not so cryptic description from Kryon: “Music and art are already quantum. You sit in front of a maestro and he plays the sonorities of what you call vibrations and harmony, and some will smile and some will weep. You hear a song that has been written by a great composer and you’re sitting in front of the symphony all playing together, and some will smile and some will weep. Some, who know who the composer was, will visit his essence even as he was writing it! Now, that’s quantum.
“Many sit on the benches in front of the beautiful paintings in the Louvre in Paris. Some will sit and weep for an hour watching the painting, participating with the artist in every stroke, looking at the genius of the colours that come together and swim in a way that sings a tune. It took the artist a long linear time to paint it, yet you can see it all at once. That’s quantum! Can you apply that to everyday life, Human Being? Can you apply that to your singularity?
“There is no limit to the number of notes that you can hear at the same time, which your brain can listen to and put together. There’s no limit to the number of symphony orchestra players that can come together in harmony on one stage. The more you add, the better it gets! Did you ever think about that? There’s no limit to the number of colours that you can comprehend and resolve in certain patterns. They are beautiful and have communications within them all. Music touches your heart. Now you know why. It’s interdimensional. It’s quantum. It was designed to do that.
“Lemurians had a quantum consciousness through the spiritual seeds that were given to them within the layers of DNA I have spoken about before. It carried over, even into what you have called the Atlanteans. The Lemurians knew about the solar system, about DNA, and about how physics worked.
“Being in a quantum state with something creates a oneness with it. Quantum physics knows this. When a Human Being has a consciousness that is one with everything, he knows all about cellular structure, for he is part of it and can see into it. He knows how it works. He can “see” unbalance. He can “see” the solar system. He can see the energies of the planets as they go around the sun, imbuing the sun with a gravitational pattern of the moment. They knew all about science, for it was part of them. They’re from the dirt of the earth. They’re in a quantum state with all. It is intuitive knowledge and they didn’t need a telescope. They didn’t need a microscope. They didn’t need a computer! You do, because you’re linear and you’re hobbled. You’ve had to create instruments to do for you what the Lemurians did naturally.”
Here’s a bit that makes it easy to grasp what quantum means, at least from Kryon’s vantage point: “Reader, you are reading a line of words [from a book in this case]! How limiting! Wouldn’t it be better to simply touch the book and get this message?”
So, there’s our “ho-hum” take on quantum. I think you can happily forget about the cryptic scientific and medical models, and stick with the Kryon version. Quantum, according to Kryon, is where Human consciousness is headed… the very path that many of us are on. Our journey from duality to Oneness, from singularity to Interdimensional, from linearity to Quantum, from the old energy to the New.
Meanwhile, let’s not forget that right now we’re able to choose quantum at will – albeit from a limited quota at this stage of our evolution, and apply it to our everyday life.
And music, art and love – Humanity’s treasured trio that’s been, whether we’ve understood it or not, Quantum all along, is a pretty good place to start.
Q. You’ve said in your Heavy Duty Q&A intro, that except for the odd thing that does get you wondering, overall you believe what the channelled entities Seth and Kryon have to say. I assume that means that you don’t altogether agree with them on the odd thing. Could you give me an example?
A. It’s very rare that I don’t agree with them, but here’s an example. Kryon has said that there will always be a need for organized religion, but organized religion must, and will, change to meet a more spiritual and discerning Humanity.

While I totally agree that organized religion must, and will, change to meet a more spiritual and discerning Humanity, to say that there will ‘always’ be a need for organized religion doesn’t sit well with me at all. I have no end of trouble with ‘always’. A synonym for ‘always’ is ‘forever’, and I just can’t believe that Humanity will remain unenlightened and ignorant and in need of any sort of religion ‘forever’. I can’t see Humanity forever worshiping and grovelling before a man-made all-loving dysfunctional sky god – who they’re still totally clueless about at the best of times, or forever believing in a well-worn chimerical saviour who they’re equally clueless about right now. Surely in the New Energy we’ll evolve beyond this age-old necessity to bow and grovel before ‘something’ somewhere up in the sky that we’ve been led to believe, by those in control in our patriarchal society, is greater than us.
But as long as we have religion, it seems there’ll be no escape from patriarchy. As the true believers constantly admonish… “God is neither man nor woman; he is God.”


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