OMG how things have changed

The New Energy, or New Consciousness, is very different to the old. Things work very differently on a personal level – most of which take some getting used to, and big changes, often radical, happen to things at a global level… and far, far beyond. So here’s how a selection of things work now since the advent of the New Energy. All are taken (with the exception of a few from Allen Stacker) from the very best of the New Energy channelled material. Of course there’s a lot more than the handful of topics depicted here. But all those are for another day.

Before we start, an often asked question that we’ll address here: What exactly is a Lightworker and what do Lightworkers actually do, and what’s the difference between a New Energy Lightworker and one of the old energy?

The Lighthouse – a metaphor for Lightworkers
The lighthouse is anchored on the rock, no matter where it is built.
Sometimes the Lighthouse is re-built in other areas
as the weather and conditions change –
same Lighthouse – same Lighthouse keeper –  always anchored on the rock.
The lighthouse is there to do ONE thing, and that is to SHINE THE LIGHT.

When the light is able to steer ships into the harbour safely, the lighthouse rejoices!
When this happens, however, the lighthouse keeper
does not go over and have a party with the captain of the ship.
Instead, the keeper silently rejoices and continues to shine the light.
Most captains who reach port safely due to the light of the lighthouse
never know the lighthouse keeper.
The lighthouse keeper does not publish a statement telling the world that he saved a ship!
He is silent and continues, often alone, anchored in the rock.
For those ships that did not look up to see the lighthouse,
and wound up on the rocks in disaster, the lighthouse may be saddened.
But the lighthouse keeper does not go over to rescue the ship.

The lighthouse keeper does not take responsibility
for those who end up on the rocks!
Instead, the lighthouse has one purpose, and that is to
There is integrity in the silence – a silent honour and respect
for the free choice of each human.
~ The Kryon Writings


“So there will be those who will stay in the old energy calling themselves lightworkers and calling you “wrong”.
They will not understand ascension status nor see the gifts that are available.
The differences between the two of you will be obvious to anyone looking in from the outside.
Those in the old energy who call themselves lightworkers will have lists of things
that a person must do, and procedures and agendas in order for anyone to have an enlightened energy within.
The NEW ENERGY features Human enablement and power. There will be very little structure and no ego developed
around any Human hierarchy that must be adhered to. It will be obvious who is in the old and who is in the
NEW ENERGY to anyone who compares them.”
~ Kryon.

“New Energy Lightworkers have the option or the choice to be the first that are going
 to be coming back, if they choose, without going through the normal birthing process.
You can choose to integrate yourself into a printed body, a nanobody. Or you just simply manifest
your light body for a few days at a time. There are new ways to come back and experience this planet
without having to go through the old system to do it. There are ways to experience the beauty
of the nature of this planet and good healthy relationships on this planet without having to do it the old way.
You’re going to be the first that are going to be doing that.
You can come back here however you want,
whenever you want and truly enjoy life the way it should be.”
~ Adamus (paraphrased)

How New Energy Works:
“Let’s talk about New Energy – how New Energy works.
New Energy, as we have talked about before, is not vibrational like Old Energy.
It is expansional. It expands in all directions and dimensions simultaneously.
It’s nearly impossible to compare New Energy to Old Energy.
They are totally different in nearly every respect.

New Energy works … you have to understand again,
we’re limited by human words. It doesn’t actually “work,” it just is.
But New Energy is coming to work in your life right now.
We’re going to talk about some of the differences between Old Energy and New.

In the Old Energy the human wants answers. Human consciousness wants answers.
The New Energy is not answers. There are no answers, because New Energy is potentials.
And the potential doesn’t have to define itself as a singular answer,
as a singular truth, but as many, many layers and potentials.
So while the old human searches for an answer to a problem,
sometimes very desperately or in great frustration,
the New Energy comes to you, sometimes unseen
and unknown, as potentials. You could start letting
the word “answer” out of your vocabulary – when you choose of course –
and allow the consciousness of potentials to start coming in.

The human consciousness wants definition. The mind in particular wants to define things.
It wants to understand and analyse. In the New Energy there is no definition.
It is free. It is open. It is sans definition.
Definition by its very nature in the Old Energy is a way of limiting,
whereas New Energy has no definition. It is freedom.

The Old Energy consciousness, the human,
wants two and two – numbers 2 and 2 – to equal 4,
and it wants it to do it every time. You punch the buttons on
the calculator or you add in your mind, you always want 2 and 2 to equal 4.
In the New Energy that you are in now, 2 and 2 doesn’t equal 4, at least not just 4.
When you put together these energy elements,
it can add up to a wide variety of different numbers, and even “reverse”
numbers and even “sideways” numbers that mathematicians haven’t discovered yet.
“In between” numbers that are unknown to consciousness right now.

Now, we could lead into a long discussion of New Energy physics here,
but we’ll save your mind and your body.
But understand in the New Energy, it doesn’t work like it did before.
There are some who want to hold on and have to know –
have to know that to be grounded, to be balanced 2 and 2 is 4 –
but let go of that. It is many things now.
The human wants to know that there is a right and a wrong.

It wants to put a type of value judgment on nearly everything in life.
In the new consciousness, the New Energy, there is no right and wrong.
It can’t be defined in those terms any more.
Perhaps the best way to say it is “It just is,” without a value.
Perhaps it is just experience, energy, consciousness.
The human mind desperately tries to stay in these moral parameters
of right and wrong as a way of keeping on track.
But in the New Energy, there is no need for a track.
There is no need to have to put these types of limitations on yourself.
They are indeed judgments. They are indeed a type of prison.”
~ Tobias

How New Energy Works (part 2)
“In the Old Energy consciousness there was a propensity
to make things very difficult and complex. It served a purpose because it allowed
your consciousness to find how deep it could go, how confused it could get,
how lost it could be. In the New Energy there is a brilliant simplicity to everything.
 The New Energy doesn’t have to discover depths anymore,
because it knows everything has infinite depth, but yet infinite simplicity.
It seems like a contradiction in terms, but in the New Energy
most things Old Energy are indeed a contradiction of terms.

New Energy has no structure. It is energy, but it doesn’t have structure.
Therefore, scientists will find it very difficult to identify.
But there we go back to trying to identify everything,
because if you can’t identify it, obviously it’s not real!
Well, at least in an Old Energy way of thinking.

It has redefined the consciousness of Old Energy.
 It has allowed it to expand, it to release its old structures
and limitations, to join it in free expression.
So when you see things in your own life seeming to fall apart
 in front of your very eyes, it’s actually not at all.
It’s just redefining itself in an undefined and free way.

 Again, it’s all going to seem to be contradiction, but it’s not at all.
This will challenge you to get out of old ways of thinking,
get out of old patterns that you’ve had for yourself, old comfortable patterns.
 That’s another thing – human consciousness, Old Energy,
 wanted to be comfortable … comfortable.
 New Energy has no need for comfort.
 It’s about expanding and evolving, experiencing and playing,
because there is no right or wrong, good or bad,
 pain or comfort. It’s just consciousness.”
~ Tobias

Affecting The Entire Universe!
“What you’re going through right now is absolutely unprecedented,
and I do wish you’d give yourself credit for it.
It has nothing to do with your everyday job. That’s just a disguise. It’s just a distraction.
It’s about the movements in consciousness you’re making for yourself, but it’s affecting this entire planet.
Oh, and more than that, it’s affecting this entire universe. It’s affecting all of creation.”
~ Adamus

“You came here for a very important reason, that will change the world.
You didn’t come here to change the world, but what you did come here for WILL change the world.”
~ Adamus

The Difficulties of Change
“You are walking away from old and perhaps somewhat comfortable energies.
Moving from the old energy into the New Energy often requires separating
from things that were close and dear to you, such as jobs, family, loved ones,
friends, a home you have lived in for a long time, and even ways of thinking.

It is a difficult journey. It is the most difficult thing
you have ever done in any of your lifetimes before.
In other lifetimes, you perhaps had challenges, but you never had a challenge
at the level you are at right now. You are walking across the Bridge of Swords.
You are crossing the chasm from the old energy to the New,
 and you are doing it alone, without your guides.”
~ Tobias.

“Relationships with families and friends and general society
becomes very, very different and it’s awkward at times.
You don’t feel you fit in. You don’t feel that you can even really
tolerate being around humans for long periods of time.
It’s a very lonely, kind of an isolated feeling that
every Ascended Master has gone through.
Every one of them.

“So, you have all these intense changes in your body,
disorientation in your thinking, you think you’re going nuts.
Oh, those are the worst. Those long late nights when you can’t even think.
I mean, you can’t stop the thinking, but you can’t think clearly. Those are the worst.
You’re going through all this dissociation with your friendships, your family,
your old karmic connections and then you’re accused of being in some cult,
because you’re abandoning a family who f—ks with you
 all the time and who steals energy from you and,
you know, then there’s something wrong with you because you’re saying,
 “No more. No more of that old karma.”

“Those aren’t good relationships, a lot of them. They’re really not and you know that,
but you’re kind of caught in them, in the past. So many of you have released those things,
they really weren’t good for you. Ultimately, you’re changing the whole dynamic of family patterns
and old friendships and spouses and things like that to set not only you free,
but the other person, so you can then be soul to soul,
rather than old human karma to old human karma.
You’re setting yourself free.”
~ Adamus

No more ‘Personal’ Power
“This for you was the loss of power so that you could be who you truly are.
 You could move into the New Energy, which doesn’t need power,
doesn’t want power and won’t permit power.
 Why would you need power in an energy that is truly
expansional in every direction? It doesn’t need to oppose itself to know itself.
It doesn’t need to accumulate anything because everything is already there.
Why would you need power?

You do not have to worry about things like clothing and food
and shelter because those things will be there for you.
You don’t have to worry about saving the world.
You’ve tried that before in other lifetimes and it backfires.
You are a sovereign being here on Earth right now to be a listener,
to be a visionary, to be one who helps others breathe
and help others see that they don’t need the power anymore either.”
~ Adamus

No More Spiritual Ego
“Spiritual ego is not the same as self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect or self-love.
Spiritual ego is bigheadedness or excessive pride and self-importance in one’s spiritual attainment…
or more accurately and somewhat ironically, in one’s fancied, imagined or supposed spiritual attainment.

It’s not uncommon amongst fiery New Age disciples (the chakra and Chopra set) who have completed a few duality-based courses or workshops and have suddenly been elevated to the title of ‘master’. It’s also very apparent in anyone who insists on calling themselves a guru or a spiritual master (eastern or western) and it’s also very apparent, and ever so insidiously, in all religious institutions. Indeed, who else but somebody completely spellbound in their spiritual ego and believing in their own spiritual supremacy would be pompous and arrogant enough, not to mention ignorant enough, to assume the office of mediator between God and humans by hearing confessions and giving absolution in dark curtained closets?

Spiritual ego is a totally duality-based affair and is not something that’s a part of any True New Energy teacher.
The forerunners of the New Energy Journey and the True Awakening Process have had such a shockingly difficult time of it that every last little bit of ego, spiritual or otherwise, has been well and truly knocked out of them.
True self-worth – the most valuable of valuables and our true ticket to freedom, comes with the experiential understanding and appreciation that one is God, and that All is One. Spiritual ego on the other hand happens at a much lower level of awareness,
where one still believes there are two – God and human in the case of portentous priests,
and greater and lesser in the case of self-aggrandizing gurus.”

~ Allen Stacker
No More Goal-Setting as we know it
“Expect a slow shift away from goal-setting as you know it.
For right now, you set your goal as a thing that you wish to achieve,
then you’re told by those in the self-help industry
that if you want to get to there, visualize yourself there.
That’s going to change. You might say, “Kryon, what will it be
if we can’t visualize what we wish to be?
It must be that way, otherwise how do we get there?”
What if you don’t visualize what you want,
but instead visualize a concept that you have no idea about?

Kryon, how can that work? Visualize what you don’t know?
How can that work?”
How about a society that is taught this:
Goal setting is where a Human Being stands before himself
and other Human Beings and says, “I want my goal to be where I end up
in the perfect scenario of synchronicity, whatever that is,
which enhances myself and those around me.”

Can you imagine how that fits into a society, into a culture,
where Human Beings acknowledge from the get-go
that they want to fit in to the appropriate puzzle,
which is that of creation? Goal setting:
Not visualizing a scenario, but an energy,
the energy of appropriateness.
That’s where you’re headed.”
~ Kryon
No More Rules
“Beware of systems that require you to join and be and do.
Instead, look for new ideas that have very little or no organization around them.
These are the ones that will be of the NEW ENERGY –
that provide for individual growth within a non-system that somehow
has all the attributes of an organization without walls or rules or membership.”
~ Kryon.

Love – Yours For The Taking
“Love is the champion of the times.
It is the bond of the Universe, and is the secret of your unified theory.
It is present at the cellular level, ready to be released with appropriate action.
It is unconditional, and is unique. It provides peace where none existed before.
It provides rest where none was possible before. It is wise.
It is the sun within the sun, and is of singular source.
There is nothing greater than this. No evil or negative thing can compare to it,
and it is yours for the taking in the New Energy.”
~ Kryon
New Energy Relationships
The New Energy relationships will not be based on duality’s periodically dysfunctional model –
destructive communication, imbalance of power, emotional disengagement etc.
They will not be bogged in the sludge of karma and bound in obligation or ‘lessons’.
They will not be anchored in neediness, control, duty or possession.
They will not be based in duality’s illusion of superior-inferior or security.
And they will not be based on old energy unenlightened wedding vows, especially of the religious variety –
“I will live first unto our God, and then unto you, obeying you and ever seeking to please you.
I pledge to you my life as an obedient wife, as the church in her relationship to Christ, so I will be to you.”
The New Energy relationship will be markedly (and unexpectedly) different to anything
we have known in the past. It will be based on mutual trust and support,
integrity and honour, and equality. It will be totally open, honest and without agenda – overt or covert.
It will be, for the very first time – REAL! 
~ Allen Stacker
Control Over Personal Health
“As you move into the New Energy, you will find that your body
does rebalance itself much faster and much better.
The imbalanced energy is actually very susceptible and suggestible
to coming back into balance very, very quickly.”
~ Tobias
“How many of you sit in fear of your body?

You’ve been told in the old energy that you can’t control anything.
Instead you sit and worry, hoping that the things called cells will behave themselves.
You hope they won’t allow a disease. You hope they don’t grow inappropriately into a cancer.
It’s as though you had nothing whatsoever to say about it!
Who taught you that? I tell you that this is an old energy concept.
You actually have control over all of them!
The process needs to be relearned, and with the new grid alignment*
this invitation lies before you. It’s time to talk to the cells! It’s time to have a meeting.”
~ Kryon
*The realignment of Earth’s magnetic grid which is very significant to human biology and DNA
and directly affects spiritual consciousness.

“You’re going through a tremendous amount of changes in your body.
 Your DNA is changing, and science is now understanding it can change.
It wasn’t so long ago that it said, “No, DNA is always going to be DNA, not going to change.” It changes.
Recent research, by I believe it was NASA, found that when one is in space,
when they’re out of gravity for a while – figurative, literal gravity,
metaphoric gravity – when they’re out of gravity,
the DNA changes. It responds to basically a change in consciousness.”
~ Adamus

New Energy Healing
“In the past, those wanting healing would come to the healer and say,
“I’ve got disease and I want it healed.”
And the healer would do their best to work with the disease.
Today, the healer would say, “Well, you really must have a ‘whole-body balancing.’
For today, the mastery in you must heal the disease in you. 
And they might say, “No, thank you; just treat the disease, please.”
It’s not going to work that way anymore.

Those who only want to treat the disease will perish.
 It’s an age of responsibility, and those who awaken to the mastery within will survive.
 This is the new paradigm of healing on the planet, and the new way of survival.
Things have already started to move off of that old energy peg of reality, you see?
You can’t have a jalopy in the backyard and expect to put new tires on it and suddenly have a race car.
 And that’s the way we’re teaching this.
It’s a whole-body experience, not just a new way of working with the old Human.”
~ Kryon
The Shift … Healing, Balance, Mastery
“And if you look at it only in three dimensions, it is filled with change and fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.
It might be the weather or the economy or trouble with family or friends or even your job. That’s the shift.
 However, there’s another shift going on. If you can look at it in a quantum way,
it’s the shift we have spoken about for 20 years. Now, you are being given all the tools to handle it. All of them.
All of these things are wrapped up in what the teacher, Peggy, is calling the Lattice
[Peggy Dubro’s teaching about The Cosmic Lattice].

The Lattice represents the personal Akashic attributes of a Human Being,
 a quantum energy that surrounds him that can be used and pulled upon.
It includes healing, a balance of life, and even mastery. The DNA is only the physical vehicle of a quantum state.
A quantum state is everywhere. This is going to be tough for you to understand, Human Being, but there are really
no pieces and parts of your DNA right now. They are all over the Universe! God knows who you are, oh, Quantum One.
If you start activating these pieces and parts, your Lattice will change colour, did you know that?

Oh, but we’ll leave it to Peggy to tell you about that.
 [This – The EMF Balancing Technique, is precisely what my partner Debbie Morris teaches.
Check out her pages on this site under “Debbie’s Pages”
Here is a direct link to her highly regarded and immensely popular Distance Sessions page.]
There are New Energies, and today we gave you some of the descriptions of the new tools related to this. 
With free choice, spread the light of this message and of who you are… a piece of God.
I invite you to hear the music.”
~ Kryon

On Advice for Healers:

“I have some advice for you if you’re a healer. Would you like to make your healing abilities more profound?
Well, first of all, let’s discuss what’s actually happening. Some of you have stopped your healing work because
things aren’t working the way they used to. There’s often a question, in this New Energy:
“Will my past healing modalities still work?” The answer is yes – in fact you will, by intuition, be able to use them
even better than before – but there is some advice also. The first is this: It’s time to do something that
not all of you are doing: Practice mastery! If you’re going to be the vessel for balance, be balanced!
Gone are the days when the healers can have the information and the knowledge, open the book, do the work,
then go on and do whatever they choose with their own bodies.
For the first time I’m going to tell you that your healing abilities will be
connected to the work you’re doing on yourselves – physically and spiritually.”
~ Kryon
The Church – Must and Will Change
“Belief systems all over your planet will tear apart with change.
Oh, they will remain, but there can be no more fence-sitting
in regard to the old ways that no longer work.
Those who talk about the love of God but who do not
practice it are on a fence, are they not?…
The world is beginning to hold them accountable for what they teach.
There will always be a need for organized religion.
What is happening, however, is that organized religion must,
and will, change to meet a more spiritual and discerning Humanity.”
~ Kryon.

“The next thing that’s going to blow apart are churches. Not all of them, but a lot of them,

and there’s going to be the same type of revelation that comes forward – financial mismanagement,
more of the sexual abuse that has come out in the news – and also simultaneous,
a number of different things all coming out at about the same time about religions,
the fact that a lot of the doctrine, a lot of the stories are going to be shown to be false.
The whole story of Jesus is so inaccurate.
You’re going to see a lot of activity on a church level. It’s time for that consciousness to shift.
Once again, take a look at the dynamics of a church, not all churches,
but many of them – power-based, masculine, financial motivations and suppression,
suppression through sin – and it’s not going to work anymore. It’s just not going to work.”
~ Adamus 

Integrity Wins

“The Illuminati is no longer in control. It lost in banking, in tobacco,
and it’s about to lose in big pharma [pharmaceutical companies] and insurance
because awareness lets people know what is controlled and what is not.
Awareness of truth will trump any other energy, and INTEGRITY will win.
There are lighthouses [lightworkers] like you all over this planet that are dedicated
to stand and let that light shine. There are lights being turned on everywhere!
Tell me about the largest corporations you have – falling over because an individual with INTEGRITY spoke up.
When did that happen last? If we told you the potential of that happening ten years ago,
you would have laughed! You might have said, “Kryon, you must understand that nothing touches big money.
It’s one of those things that will never change.
There are certain things on this Earth that cannot be touched, and big money is one of them.” It just did.
What if I asked you, what is another one of those things that will never change?
 “Well,” you might say,”big religion is another”.
It’s a very large and old organization that cannot be moved easily.” Really? Go read your newspaper.
 A very big religion is re-evaluating itself, isn’t it? An INTEGRITY factor is starting to show.
There are those who are beginning to emerge within that belief system and are saying,
 “Wait a minute! This isn’t correct. The God that I worship would not have representatives
 that would do these things. My God is a loving God, and these individuals are not representing that.”
This organization you call the church is being re-evaluated and pruned.
And it’s not just limited to the Western world, either. Watch for it worldwide.
We told you about this almost three years ago when we said,
 “The greatest spiritual leaders you have who search for the divine
on your planet are coming to a reckoning even as you sit here”.
Now the energy of what you’ve created has caught up with them! The result?
There will be more INTEGRITY within the ranks of those who lead the planet on a spiritual level.
That’s what a vibrational increase does. There are fewer dark places.
 And let me tell you what happens when those who would conspire against you have fewer places to hide.
They show themselves. We’re not in judgment, but we will tell you
 that it’s a Human dramatic reaction to go find them and eliminate them!
But there are other ways, dear ones. That’s why you’re almost at war.
It’s a different energy now… a NEW ENERGY if you’ve noticed.”
~ Kryon
Synchronicity – The New Norm
“Enlightened Humans never worry – especially about what they don’t have.
They KNOW that whatever they need comes to them in perfect timing
through the process of synchronicity.”
~ Kryon
“The New Energy Human will not have needs.
You will be without need for you will know that all things come to you as appropriate.
You will not have wants. You will not fear what comes next. You, the Divine Human,
will be now and present and not worry about the future.
For you know that the divinity within you will provide you all things.”
~ Tobias.
 Silence is Golden
“In the New Energy silence will be so golden. Silence is how you will renew yourself.
It won’t be through saying mantras and doing chants, reading books, listening to tapes.
It will be sitting in the moment. It will not even be about having a prayer or trying to do meditation.
We have seen so many well-intentioned humans just messing themselves up trying to meditate!
In the silence there is the breath… the breathing in and out… a knowingness that the life force continues…
the knowingness that creation continues to expand.”
~ Tobias.
Easy Problem Solving
“Dear friends, when there is a challenge in your life,
understand that you have already solved the problem.
Your Divine Self has already solved it.
When there are difficulties in your life, do not panic.
Understand that the solution is already there. It is within you.
YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE. This divinity wants to take care of you,
wants to be with you, wants to handle everything.
But it requires that you let go of the old energy ways of handling problems.
Let go, as we say, release, and allow. The divine solution will come forth.”
~ Tobias.
Seeking Validation in The Old Energy
“You know every answer. Part of the problem is that you doubt yourself,
and so then you seek validation all around you in the world of duality.
You know the answer in the New Energy dimensions and realities.
But, then you seek validation in the Old Energy duality.

And, we have a big conflict there, don’t we? They don’t work together.
You’re getting all of these new things happening to you in your life.
You are getting all of these new sensations and feelings,
but the doubt – this bridge of doubt that separates you,
the New Energy you, from the Old Energy duality –
this bridge of doubt goes back over there to look for validation.
You look for it in the people around you.
 You look for it in the events, the specific events, in your life.
You know every answer right now.
 And, you know that you know, don’t you? It’s that feeling.
It’s that knowingness that you have within you.
But, then you doubt it. You discount it.
When you are looking for validation, stop crossing the bridge of doubt
and going back to duality because you are NOT going to get it there.
 As a matter fact, duality is NEVER going to give you
validation for the New Energy work you are doing.
It doesn’t want to validate you. It wants to maintain its identity.
It doesn’t want to validate you. So, if you go back there,
you become un-validated.

What are you trying to validate? Your existence? Pinch yourself!
 That’s validation. You ARE here. Try to validate that you are New Energy?
 Take a deep breath. You are here in many, many different ways.
Validation – you don’t need it anymore. Most humans crave validation,
strive and struggle for validation in a variety of different ways. Validation for what?”
~ Tobias.
Receiving in the New Energy
“The old human consciousness … in the old human consciousness there is this dynamic
where humans believe they have to earn. To earn. They have to struggle,
they have to go through some type of – what you would call – pain,
whether it is mental or physical. But they have to exert a certain amount of energy
 in order to evolve or grow or prosper and there had to be a type of struggle associated with it.
If it wasn’t a challenge, then the energy or the results weren’t worth it.
In that old human consciousness, people have put themselves
through great difficulty for something that is really quite simple.
In the new consciousness, the New Energy, it is about receiving. Receiving.
There is not a cause/effect, there is not an energy input associated with energy received.
Receiving in New Energy can be truly a one-way street.
It doesn’t have to be reciprocal. In other words, New Energy,
new spirit will come to you without you doing anything,
without you sacrificing, without you doing hours of prayer or meditation or anything like that.
Now, this is a very simple but yet somewhat an odd dynamic.
You have been taught, and the physics and beliefs of Earth have now been shaped in such a way,
 that there is always a trade of energies. In order to receive something
you must give something, or if you do receive it first then you must give later.
That dynamic does not apply in the New Energy.
Receiving is open, it is unconditional, it is available and nothing is asked back from you.”
~ Tobias
It Comes To You – you don’t have to do anything other than receive
You get on a bicycle. The typical way of doing things – you get on the bicycle and you start pedaling.
And you start sweating a little bit, you start breathing heavier, and you  ride through the landscape.
You ride down the streets, up the hills, through the village, or wherever else, along the river.
You’re pedaling, you’re exerting and the landscape is going by you.
That is duality, that is old, and it doesn’t need to exist that way anymore.
Now you get on the bike and you just sit there. You do not pedal.
You do not move. Even the bicycle really doesn’t have to do anything, and the landscape moves.
You are stationary. The landscape moves.
Now, the nice thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything other than receive, and you’re really bad at receiving.
On a scale of one to ten you get about a .5 for your ability to receive. Truly.
And if that were not so – I do not make this up and I’m not just saying it to insult you –
if that were so, we wouldn’t be having the discussion and we wouldn’t be in situations that are a little embarrassing –
I’m getting people mad at me again today – but we wouldn’t be having these discussions. You’re not so good at receiving.
This concept – very, very real concept – it comes to you. You get on that old bike or new bike.
You get on that bike and you just sit back. It all comes to you. It’s not linear.
It’s not like going down the road anymore where the landscape just starts moving while you’re just sitting here.
It’s not linear. The exact perfect thing comes to you. Perfect, not based on what God thinks is perfect,
because God really doesn’t care, or some other being or anything else. Perfect for you by you. It comes to you.
Don’t blink. Don’t doubt, is what I’m saying. Don’t blink. Let it happen. Let it come to you.
This is the New Energy. This is also the way these crystal caverns work.
Simply, they attract, they store, they distribute energy. That’s all.
That energy is going out right now as we talk, but you’re still riding your bike down the road
trying to find something, God knows what – enlightenment, happiness, joy, a new car, a relationship, I don’t know.
But now it is take a deep breath, you get on that bike and it comes to you.
It comes to you. Whatever you need. Huge volumes of energy, energy that will manifest in a variety of different things.
Health, perhaps. Some of you are still going through health issues. The energy is there to clear out the body. Abundance. Money.
Let’s dissolve the monetary system, because it actually is all an illusion anyway –
you know, your credit cards, your money, your cash and everything – it really is.
We’re going to be working on a new system of energy abundance. Much more pure.
So you’ll bring it in on this non-monetary level, and then let it come in and make a lot of cash, put it in your pocket.
You’ll come to the point – I ask you to come to the point – where you never have to worry about money again.
You don’t have to balance your bank accounts or worry about if a shirt is five dollars or five hundred dollars. It doesn’t matter.
It’s inconsequential. It is stupid. It’s not enlightenment. It’s not.
What you pay for a shirt or your milk or anything like that, it’s not about enlightenment. That’s so old.
So back to the point. There is a tremendous amount of energy. You got that? You understand that? It’s in twenty-one caves.
Pretty simple stuff. It’s crystals. It’s really pretty, a lot of colours. You’re not going to go take the crystals.
They are a mechanism for attracting appropriate energy, storing energy, distributing energy.
That’s what they’re here for. They’re very pretty, but … that’s number one. It’s here.
There’s a lot of other energy as well, you’ve been working with it, but this is the new stuff.
Secondly, it comes to you. That’s going to be your bigger challenge.
Most of you, you’re still a little tentative about this whole cave/crystal thing,
like not sure, and when we talked last month about it I basically said Make it for yourself.
Nobody else. Whatever you’re choosing. Don’t be afraid of it,
but don’t limit it to little things like “I need $1,000 to fix a car, buy a computer,” or anything else.
That’s so minuscule. Let that energy come in big.
Most of you still very confused. “I’m not sure what to do about it,” you say.
You’re scratching your head, you thinking, “Well, I’ll pay bills with it.”
Awakening people don’t have bills. They don’t. I’m serious. They don’t have bills.
Bills are a debt accumulation, an energy deficit. A Master does not have that. Does not have that.
They don’t have debt. It just – they are. It goes back to that premise – “I exist.” Did I say “I exist in debt?”
Did I say, “I exist in stupidity?” No. “I exist. I exist.” That’s all that matters. It comes to you.
~ Adamus
Wanted – New Energy Teachers and Stewards
“The world right now needs teachers and stewards of New Energy, for the New Energy.
Very, very few humans understand this term “New Energy.”
Someone has to teach it, someone has to be the steward of it.
 We’ve been asked recently by someone saying that “There is
no such thing as New Energy, it is just energy.”
That is very wrong – very, very wrong.
Up until recently there was “just energy” and it just
traded its shape and its form and its name.
But in these past few years of time,
the element of New Energy has been introduced.
New Energy means that it wasn’t just the old or the previous energy
 changing its shape and form and energetic ratios.
 As we said a long time ago, there was a specific and a very defined
 but large volume of energy that left Home with you,
and you’ve been playing with it ever since.
There was a finite number of grains of sand in the sandbox.
Yes, it was all just sand. But then something happened.
All of a sudden, new sand was created out of seemingly nowhere.
That is an analogy about New Energy.
New Energy has been created, not from the Old Energy, not taken from Home,
but it was created for the first time ever by the Creators – by you.
So New Energy is different than Old Energy.
It’s not the same old program.
Doesn’t have the same resonance,
it doesn’t have vibration, it doesn’t work the same.
For those humans who still believe that New Energy
is just a name change for Old Energy, they’re going to be surprised.
It doesn’t work the same. They are going to find it very difficult
to access New Energy in the work that they do,
because they’re still of the mindset that it’s just the same old energy. It’s not.

The world needs to understand how it is used.
It needs the stewards and the teachers, and that is you.
Everything about it is different than vibrational or Old Energy.
So the world needs – humanity needs – those who are going to teach it.
For those who do go out and teach and who are
the stewards of New Energy, expect the unexpected. Understand that there will always be surprises.
Understand that even when you try to quantify the way New Energy works,
 that quantification will not be true even the next day.
 You’re so used to Old Energy having it’s very specific,
deliberate patterns and that if it’s measured a certain way one day,
 it’s going to have the same measurement the next day.
New Energy doesn’t work that way, thank God. New Energy is totally different.”
~ Tobias
Yes, New Energy Teachers are Wanted… Everywhere !
There’s a gross misconception (and frustration) among many New Energy teachers that the only ‘real’ way for them to teach and effect change is through leading and running workshops and seminars and such. But that is most definitely not the case at all. New Energy teachers/leaders are also greatly needed in areas far beyond the spiritual workshop arena… in education, art, music, science, health, medicine, government, law, finance, business, technology… and absolutely everywhere else.
The world is absolutely ready for enlightened New Energy leadership in every area.
So if you’re a New Energy teacher and you really can’t see yourself conducting workshops or speaking from a rostrum –
and you couldn’t think of anything worse anyway – then take heed:
You are still greatly needed… in whichever area of life your interests and passions happen to be. And even if there’s no strong interest in any particular domain, always remember that as the DIVINE HUMAN LIGHTHOUSE that you are, you’re always doing unbelievably awesome work anyway… even when it seems you’re doing what duality-based humans would call ‘nothing’.
~ Allen Stacker

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