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Allen and his partner Debbie are available for private sessions in Sydney…

 Spiritual Growth Facilitation & Supervision. Consolidating spiritual wisdom, knowledge & awareness into practical everyday living. Allen

 Holistic Counselling – all issues including Anxiety, Confusion, Fear, Self-Worth, Self-Doubt, Self-Love, Body Image, Insecurity, Despair, Health, Relationships, Abundance. Allen

 Weight Loss & Physical Development Facilitation & Education… & Simplification. Allen

 Healing* – releasing the energy anchors of the past and moving into future potentials beyond any previous limitations. Allen & Debbie

 EMF Balancing Technique – facilitating potent Self-empowerment by balancing the Human Energy Field and strengthening the connection to the Universal Energy Source… in person and distance sessions. Debbie

 Sound Therapy. Vibrational tuning of the physical body & energy field. The use of the sacred power of the “lost” Solfeggio Frequencies to facilitate vibrational healing states, higher awareness, balance, health & harmony. Debbie

*Healing may not be about what most people think it’s about –
about simply getting better or ‘fixed up’ pro tempore,
but about something immeasurably grander –
about letting go of everything that isn’t you
and becoming who you really are.

Perhaps it’s time we thought about replacing the word ‘healing’
with the word ’empowerment’.

There are many reasons why people choose to have a private session…

 For confidential support and guidance through difficult personal issues.
 For confirmation about their future (not to be confused with fortune telling or psychic guessing).
 For a first-hand understanding of the TRUE spiritual awakening/ascension/enlightenment process, what to expect in the way of changes and the related (and often very disconcerting) symptoms, and how to handle them.
 For clarification with present life situations.
 For Grounding, Balance, Insight, Wisdom, Healing and Empowerment (not to be confused with the old energy concept of personal power).

Private Sessions FAQ – to Allen

Q. With the wealth of material readily available on your website, what advantage would there be in talking with you personally?
A. There are many advantages in talking to a New Energy professional personally… and here are just two. First, there’s always a direct and invaluable energy exchange, or in this case New Energy exchange, which cannot be experienced in any other way. Second, while there’s a large amount of common ground for all those on the true awakening path, each human’s experience of the journey is unique. Everybody has their own unique background, history, challenges, stories, issues, difficulties, uncertainties and questions, and a personal session is the safest, surest and most effective way to address these. To use an analogy: If you intended to climb Mount Everest, you’d find plenty of helpful information on the art of climbing in books and on the net. But… nothing could compare with talking with someone who has ACTUALLY climbed Mount Everest…

Q. How many personal sessions would I need then?
A. There is no set number. One session may be all some require for clarity and reassurance, while others will benefit from several sessions over a period of time. It is always up to the individual.

Q. How long are your private sessions and what do they cost?
A. Sessions are usually around 90 minutes. The cost is AUD$100.

Q. Do you do phone sessions?
Yes, and from just about anywhere in the world. After we settle on a mutually suitable time adjusted for different time zones, I will send you a land line phone number for you to call and a PayPal link for easy payment. Phone sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes and the cost is the same as in person.
Prepaid phone cards are available to call Sydney from anywhere in the world and only cost a few cents per minute. I don’t use Skype as I’ve had a lot of trouble with it in the past.


Q. Where exactly are you in Sydney and how do I go with public transport?
A. At present we are located at Miranda and very close to the rail line from the Sydney CBD, Circular Quay, Central Railway, Bondi Junction and the Southern suburbs. There is always ample parking if coming by car. 

Q. If I did come to see you, would you be able to tell my future?
A. No. Regardless of whatever you’ve heard or read, especially in the fairy-tale glossies, NOBODY can tell your future because there is no predestination. You are creating your future as you go. Crystal balls and psychic guessing aside however, I can most definitely CONFIRM your future.

Q. Reading your website, I really feel that I’d benefit from seeing both you and Debbie. How would that work?
That’s actually a good idea and indeed many choose to do just that. I usually give the initial session(s) and then Debbie follows up with her healing/balancing work. We are both always available for support and to answer questions.

Private Sessions FAQ – to Debbie

Q. How long are your EMF Balancing and Sound Therapy sessions?
Generally the same for each – around 75 to 90 minutes.

Q. As I’m not in Sydney, can both of these be done by distance sessions?
Yes they can. See my Distance Sessions page.

Q. What is the cost of your sessions?
A. The cost for an EMF Balancing or Sound Therapy session is AUD$100

Q. What is the reason that most people come to see you?
A. There are many reasons. Some people come simply because something just doesn’t feel right. For others it can be relationships or other burdens, perceived obstacles or feelings of being stuck. There are others however that openly recognize their ongoing role and responsibility in the healing process and are ready for the next evolutionary step of creating the most enlightened life they can.

Q. Do you ever have spontaneous healings in your work?
A. Sometimes physical healings do occur, but the pitfall here is to use this as the only yardstick of having what we perceive to be a successful session. As we begin to understand that life is all about the journey and not the destination, the subleties of a healing session can be easily missed if we are so focussed on a projected linear outcome. The healing process of making ourselves whole is unique to each of us. Sometimes it’s very subtle and at other times more obvious, but both are equally important and indeed very profound. We are now moving away from the old energy concept of handing our power over to another for a healing, to the New Energy concept of empowerment – of integrating spirit and biology, of strengthening our connection to our creator/source, and living a more empowered life as a sovereign being.

For all contact details see the Contact Us Page & Debbie’s Page.

Thank you.

Workshops & Training

EMF Balancing Technique® Training Programs
Now  in over 70 Countries Around the World

The Personal Growth Program
The Professional Path Program

There are two EMF training programs – The Personal Growth Program for those who are simply (and very importantly) interested in their own personal growth, and The Professional Path Program for those who seek the very highest level of professionalism in energy work.

The two programs are identical in content except for an additional and mandatory internship of 3 to 12 months (at your own pace) for the Professional Path Program. Upon satisfactory completion of the Internship the newly Accredited Practitioner is then licensed to perform the sessions professionally.

Evolution of Consciousness
Duration: 6 days
Prerequisite: None – open to all

The Personal Growth Program is open to all who wish to understand more about their unique electromagnetic nature and strengthen their connection to the Universal Energy Source. The training  dramatically increases our “energetic sensitivity and intuition” and also accelerates our own personal growth/evolutionary process. This is accomplished by having a hands on experience of the first four phases of the EMF Balancing Technique® with students both receiving and performing each of the four EMF phases during the training. 

Learning how to guide and allow the subtle flow of electromagnetic energy to balance the energy patterns of the recipient, also balances our own energy patterns.

The training moves quickly because it provides each student with a direct alignment with the New Energy, and the instruction is concise. The movements are graceful and easy to learn. All students receive detailed training manuals that enable them to perform the sessions on friends and family*.

*The Personal Growth Program is not a Certification training. Graduates are not licensed to perform the sessions professionally. This course is a prerequisite to becoming an Accredited EMF Practitioner. The Personal Growth Program is taught exclusively by EMF Balancing Technique Supervisory Teachers.

The EMF Balancing Technique® Accredited Practitioner Internship
Duration: 3 months to 1 year – learn at your own pace
Prerequisite: Completion of Personal Growth Program

For those seeking the highest level of professionalism in energy work, there is the EMF Balancing Technique®Accredited Practitioner Internship. During the Internship, proficiency in the movements is demonstrated, and the intern is personally coached in a series of consultations with the Supervisory Teacher. Many or all of the requirements for the Internship can be fulfilled in your own home area. Upon satisfactory completion of the Internship the newly Accredited Practitioner is licensed to perform the sessions professionally. The EMF Balancing Technique® Internship prepares and qualifies you to offer nine different energy sessions including distance and combination sessions. These EMF sessions will complement and strengthen any and all other modalities you may currently be offering to clients.

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