On Family:
Let us explain what happens in a typical family on planet Earth. You come in and say, “I want you to be mom, or you to be dad and would you be my cousin that drives me crazy? Would you play the role of the bad guy and bring drama into the family? Would you love me enough to be my business partner and steal all the money so I can learn a lesson?” You set all these potentials up. You come in and begin the game, Of course, your early stages of the incarnation are simply about how the physical body works. During these early times you may wonder if you can express your spirit through a physical bubble of biology? As you go from one level to the next, a new energy starts coming through. Even as you go through your schooling and move from one section to another, you will notice that everything changes. Your vulnerabilities, your sense of power and your personal identity can all change very quickly. 

What you think of yourself is who you are. Every time you go through one of these changes you can see it very clearly in childhood you have to go through an adjustment period learning how to deal with the power at this level. You have gone through many of those adjustments not only as individuals, but as the collective of humanity.  So, let us explain a little more about the collective situation.

When you form a family, many times the direct connections are with one primary parental contract rather than two. You generally do not ask one person to play mom and the other to play dad. Instead, you would ask this person to play mom, then let mom choose dad, or with dad and let dad choose mom. That happens more often than you can imagine. You have one primary parental contract because you have a vibrational match with that person. It does not mean you do not love your other parent or that you cannot build something with that parent, even if you have never known that person before as a soul. You can build very magical relationships all throughout the history of planet Earth. Yet, that does not always happen.

The Locked Room

With families, it is almost as if you agree to be thrown and locked into a room with these people until you figure out how to get along and help each other through a critical growth period.  The more you are in that room together, the more your personalities and tolerances bubble to the top and you get on each other’s nerves. Is that not wonderful? Many times  about your own family you wonder, “Who are these people and how did  I get locked in this room with them? Why do they not understand who I am?”  That is the biggest challenge with family. Family is intended for your support, especially when you are forming your expression of spirit. That is the primary focus of the soul.  Many times when people are becoming adults and following their own path, the family seems to drift apart and move in other directions only having occasional visits and connections.  Sometimes the life lessons are such that boundaries must be placed within a family for it to maintain integrity, while other times the energetic cords are cut entirely.  None of these are right or wrong, nor are they a failure or success.  The locked room of family provides opportunities to grow and measure your own growth by the people around you.  Thus the experiences of family range widely from deeply supportive unconditional love, to great difficulty.

All of these things are proper depending on your own needs. There is no right or wrong about it. However, let us explain it to you from a vibrational standpoint because that may help you to understand what we see you going through. All of humanity is rising very quickly. Many changes are taking place not only on this planet for all of you, but individually in your lives. Some of you are finding yourselves without jobs, without relationships, or without items you thought you needed for your happiness and support. All of it puts you in the highest possible potential of where you are going. It allows spirit to work with you to go to the next level.

When it comes to family, please understand that your family will tend to see who you have been rather than who you are becoming. This is because they were very heavily invested in your vibration in the beginning. It can actually be a very nice anchor that they hold this stable perception of you, but in times of rapid growth it tends to cause restrictions. As each member of the family learns the song, they then learn to harmonize. This is the support as your voice becomes clearer and stronger with the harmonies of the others. Then as each member evolves and expresses their individual spirit, they end up with several songs intertwining instead of harmonizing around the same melody. 

Now let us explain something from an even larger perspective about big families, because there are many variations of family on this planet. Family provides you with an opportunity to get to know someone on a level you have never known them before. Family allows you to let down all of your pretenses, and allows people to see all the way through you. Are you going to get on each other’s nerves?  We can guarantee it. Are there going to be times when you wonder what the heck these people are and how you got here? Yes, we guarantee that, too. We tell you, dear ones, that they are there for a reason. Even if you are not close to your physical or biological family, your family has provided you support that you could not have received any other way. Honor your family for that part of your history where they played such an important role. Honor them for walking along side you and daring to watch you grow. If it is the case, honor them for playing a negative role in your life.

Know that your natural tendency is to see your family as they were, rather than as who they have become, as well. As much as they love you, and as much as you want your brother or sister to go on and do something important, you have a natural tendency to pull them back down to being the person that you knew. Be aware of this in your families and also friends, for it does not fit within empowered societies.

It Is the Cousins that Fight

The larger families also form and these are the areas to watch on planet Earth. There are many types of families that you could perceive. You can consider a religion or a race of beings as a family, but let us look at the larger picture. When you came to Earth, you surrounded yourself with people who could amplify and solidify your vibration. On the inner levels of the family there is usually enough difference to reach the harmonies, but further out on the vibrational line we find the similarities usually aggravate each other.  It is for that reason that we say it is the cousins that most often fight on Earth. 

That is where a challenge may come forward here in the near future, and that is why we are addressing it today. You have choices. You have always had choices. You will have a choice very soon to learn about these connections farther out and see them for what they really are: a reflection of yourself.  It is the cousin level of family that often reflects each other in critical ways, and this one factor has caused more challenges on planet Earth than you may ever know.  It is also the one factor to which you may soon have a new understanding.  This is the area of challenge that mankind is now addressing.  Finding any resolution to this age old paradigm will begin to shift the reality of mankind very quickly and lead you into a new world.

Walking Without Skin

Many of you are healers and teachers, and you have come to Earth to help. Yet you were born onto a very harsh planet. The energy on planet Earth is changing rapidly every day and becoming more malleable in many areas, but it is still a harsh planet for very sensitive people. You know what that is like, for we are speaking to you now. Many of you have had so many sensitivities that you have done things to protect and isolate yourself. If you have difficulties with a family, you put the family over here and move to another country because you may feel the need out of survival. We tell you that everybody is getting ready to go through a similar experience that you have gone through. It is almost as if you are walking without your skin, for you feel every little breeze or energy that comes by. When you feel it, you do not know what to do with it and it is very challenging to endure. But now that it is happening to many, it becomes obvious that you are experts and understand how to deal with it. 

We know it is not easy being a human. We know it is difficult and we know you go back into human thinking all the time. Yet, you are god. There is very little human about you. You are part of a higher aspect that is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-being. You are starting to carry that knowledge on a conscious level in your daily lives, every day. We are so excited to be watching as you do this. Enjoy the ride. Fear it not and when you have a little blow up in your family, celebrate it.~ The group

On Waiting for Directions on what you’re supposed to do:
I’ve got a room full of Lightworkers in front of me (at the seminar) and many of them have been Lightworkers a long time. But so many are still waiting to find out what you’re supposed to do. It this you? Hmm? You know I’m right. Is this hitting close to home? Unlike the previous section, you are not concerned about a task, but rather you’re waiting and waiting to find out who you are, and what you are here for. This is much different, since it has nothing to do with something you were told in a vision, but what you feel at the Akashic level. What are you here for? When will you know?

You’ve got this spark of awareness, and you know about the divine. You know about what’s in your DNA, and you’re starting to discover it all and you feel there’s something more. You don’t know what it is, but “someday it will be there,”you say. “Someday I’ll know what I’m here for,” you say. It’s a rusty, linear track you’re on, since you have been saying this and feeling this for a very long time. It always yells the same thing to you in linearity. “You’re not there yet,” it says to you. “Time is not on your side,” it says to you. Sometimes it says, “It passed you and you didn’t see it!” Then you begin to worry and become sad.

I wish to give you the truth and I want you to open your heart, because I’m sitting in front of those who need to hear this accurately, emotionally, and truthfully. I don’t want you to raise your hands, but invisibly, metaphysically, I want you to turn on a light right now above your head if this is you. Reader, this includes you. Right now. I’m looking at those lights, right now, and I’m going to give you your syllabus. I’m going to give you the plan of what you’re here for. I’m going to tell you why you feel the way you do, and I’m going to give you the instruction set that will enable you to leave here knowing who you are and why you came. Some may not like it, yet some of you may love it. It depends on your linear bias. I hope this light that you’re turning on above your head coordinates with the light that is shining from my partner right now, because this is the truth.

Listen, Lightworker, all your life you’ve been expecting what is next. You are waiting to find out where you are going, and what you are supposed to do. Let me tell you this: Blessed is the Human Being who is aware, for the awareness of consciousness itself is what you’re doing for the planet. That is the task at hand. Stay aware. Keep the light going. Walk from place to place in families, and in work. Keep the awareness. That is the decision point because the awareness changes the grid.

It’s not what you’re going to do, it’s what you’re thinking about every day. In a quantum way, there is no clock. Can you sustain this energy until the day you die? If you can, every single one of you holding that light right now will know that’s why you’re here. Don’t look ahead to something else, because you’re currently doing what you came for in a quantum state. Every single one of you who is aware is doing it! This is it. You’re here to be aware! If you are aware of the divine inside, then you fulfilled the task perfectly. Perfectly! Walk from this place satisfied in what you’re doing for the planet. Stay aware. Don’t give up! Become quantum [satisfied in the now].

If everything including your spiritual work is put on a timeline, you’re going to fail, because the things that the clock will bring you are not the things that the heart will bring you. The heart [compassion] is quantum. Learn to live without the future. This breaks a linear mindset that says accomplishment is the measure of success. In a linear time consciousness, it is; but in a quantum consciousness, it is instead a measure of your peace and your joy at just “being.” Is this you? ~ Kryon

On The Inner Child:
I’m now going to give you the secret of the inner child. It’s a quantum issue and always has been! Why is the inner child so important? You’ve heard this for years, yet many run from it. “I don’t want to be a kid,” you say. “I grew up, and don’t need to get in touch with that. I’ll pass on that one.” Perhaps it’s different than you think?

Let me tell you what is so quantum about it. Now listen to me and open your heart for a moment. It’s about time, isn’t it? None of you are children anymore, but all of you used to be. So why don’t you do something with me for a moment: Suspend the clock and pretend that everything you ever had on this planet, in this lifetime, is in front of you now. Like bins that you can pick from, they’re there. They’re not in the past, but rather they’re in a quantum state, ready for you to see them as happening now.

Reflect: I want you to go and look at some of those bins – when you were eight, when you were seven, when you were six, when you were five. Look! You had no worries. How many of you, when you were eight years old, were worrying about paying the mortgage? What about the budget for food, or whether you could have a car and even make it work or not? The answer? None of you! Your biggest worries were how long you could stay out and play. Think about it… it was most of you. This is the child’s mind… pure, uncomplicated, and out of the scope of worry.

Now, I want you to sustain these thoughts for a moment. I want you to pretend that you can pick up that persona for a moment, that child which is you. It’s got your name on it and you lived it. Pick it up out of the bin and place it upon yourself. No worries. No drama. No tomorrow, not really. The child doesn’t think about tomorrow unless tomorrow is Christmas, then it is the feeling of joy and excitement. How long has it been since you have felt this, Human Being?

Why do I speak of this? Because the love of God invites you into this very attribute! You only have one model, and it was as a child. So bring it back as the model of how we love you and provide for the love and peace you need to move into this new energy! This is the quantum Human Being who can go back and apply these attributes to their lives. You can tell who they are, because they walk around and they shine! They’re not in denial. They’re quantum.

There were a number of masters who walked this planet who were well known to you in many religions. I want to tell you what they all had in common: They were quantum! When you looked at their faces, did you see how they shine? Can you go there with me? Can you be with your favorite master just for a moment? Can you stand next to him or her for a moment? And if you can, what’s the energy there? It’s peace, is it not? Are they worried about their mortgage? Are they worried about paying the bills? What kind of drama do they have in their lives? They might have plenty, but you never see it! For whatever reason they don’t know it, and you’re attracted to that peace, aren’t you? You just want to stand next to them. You might even say to yourself, “Oh, if I could just be like that. I would love that.” Well, you can, dear one, and it’s called capturing the essence of the inner child. It isn’t innocence; it’s not ignorance; it is total, complete quantum wisdom. It is the ability to take those things that in linearity you would worry about and suspend them in a place where they don’t affect you. What happens to a consciousness that’s not affected by fear? I’ll tell you. It soars! Did you expect that? Inner child work is quantum work. ~ Kryon

On where our Seed Biology came from:
One hundred thousand years ago, there were up to 17 kinds of Human Beings in development. Just like the variety of nature would call for regarding some of the other animals and mammals, there was the built-in variety that Gaia provides for in the survival of a species. Just as there are dozens of kinds of monkeys, and a tremendous variety in so many other animals on the planet, a variety of humans was also in progress. But if you noticed, there is only one kind of Human today. Oh, there are different colors and a variety of facial attributes, but only one kind. There is not the typical kind of differences you find in nature. You don’t have the kinds with tails, and the ones without. You don’t have the super small, hairy ones in one continent next to the super tall, spotted ones in another. Something happened.

Go back with me 100,000 years and you’ll see that documented by science who discovered this anomaly within the last decade. They are seeing the same thing. Counterintuitive to all biological evolutionary forces, something happened to create only one kind of Human Being, and it happened about 100,000 years ago.

Now be prepared, for some of you hearing and reading this are not going to like it. This was the lecture of today by my partner, and I’m going to give it to you again for those whose eyes are on the page, or ears are listening to this transcription. Listen: A beautiful thing happened… beautiful! Something happened by design, and you were waiting for it with me, when you were creating the planet, dear ones. When you were with me watching it cool down, you knew this would happen. A divine plan was in progress.

In your own galaxy, called The Milky Way, you have a cluster of stars called the Seven Sisters. It represents seven stars, one of whom has a planetary arrangement around it. You have called this arrangement and those coming from this solar system the Pleiadians. These are the ones who visited Earth 100,000 years ago, and it didn’t take them very long to get here.

This Humanoid race is semi-quantum, just like you. That is to say that within their consciousness there is a meld of 3D and quantum. There is no time; there is no space; there is no distance. They willed themselves here and they appeared. It is an advanced race that is spiritual, and it is spiritually graduate in nature. This isn’t going to make sense to you, since it’s out of the spiritual system you think is real. So let’s just say that their spirituality is mature, beautiful, and totally appropriate. They arrived on schedule, by design, and on purpose.

They came to plant the seeds of quantum, divine DNA within one of the types of Human Being of the 17 types in development on Earth. They stayed for as long as it took. You should know that this took over 100,000 years, and they stayed. Slowly, all of the other kinds of Human Beings dropped away, and only one was left… the kind with the seeds of the creator. The kind that exists today.

This is the original and divine creation story given to you on purpose in a beautiful way by Spirit. It was an anointed time and I would like to tell you, souls who are here, that long before Lemuria, when you looked upon this potential scenario, you knew it was good. Intuitively, you feel it and know it, for you are firmly related to those in another star system who gave you this great gift.

The Pleiadian brothers and sisters look like you. They do not have lizard skins; they do not have strange arms and legs, funny eyes or large heads. They have no agenda and are not controlling Human thought. They’re a bit taller, but they look like you! There’ll come a day, when it’s proper and correct and appropriate, when they will show themselves. It won’t be in your lifetime, for they are waiting for a specific vibration on the planet for that. But when they arrive to greet you, they’re going to get out of their crafts and look just like you! Then you will know that what I say here is accurate and true for they are watching as I give this message, and are smiling with the appropriateness of delivering it to those who need to hear it this way.

Listen to me: There is no conspiracy here. No one did anything to Earth or to humanity that you didn’t plan. There is no control issue here and nothing is hiding. By design and on purpose Spirit allowed them, by invitation, to come and give you this gift. The only planet of free choice moved from the Pleiadians system to this solar system and literally to the earth. Biological beings slowly gained their quantum DNA and spiritually was born. Nothing happens fast with God, did you notice? God is slow and the earth is patient. But Humans have trouble with the “slow” concept. They want spiritual things to happen quickly, and the mythology shows this.

It’s controversial, this information, and those listening and reading now don’t have to believe it. This information is not critical to having your light shine on Earth. If it does not ring true to your soul, then pass it by. But understand that somehow there is God in you. Perhaps it isn’t necessary for you to know how, but feel the creator at work in your DNA.

The controversy will rage, and it should not be forced on anyone. It is not evangelical, and it is only for you to see it as a part of the big picture. But this is where your seed biology came from and I have just given you truth. ~ Kryon

On Divine Creation  –  The Proof is in the Odds:
Let me tell you about creation. Astronomers are starting to talk about Intelligent Design. Now we’re getting somewhere, since they’re starting to understand that the quantumness of the universe might indeed have consciousness. Against all odds, you live in a parameter, an attribute in space that statistically continues to be “against all odds.” You are in a universe created for life! If you could throw the dice of physics and create a universe, it would never come up this way. Never. Statisticians have said that it’s out of the possibility of chance… yet you sit in an earth teeming with life. You sit in a universe teeming with life. There is life on the planets around you, but you just haven’t found it yet. Microbial it is, and it represents the beginning attributes of single-celled life. It’s all there. You’ll see. Take a trip to Europa (moon of Jupiter), and look around a little in the ocean. You’ll see. Life is absolutely the way of the universe… everywhere. You’ll see. And it’s against all odds that it happened, and science is now seeing that. It is so out of the statistical model of the creation of any universe, that they have labeled it Intelligent Design. There has to have been a plan.

In the middle of your galaxy, the twins exist, pushing and pulling interdimensional energies that literally have an intelligent complement to them. All of the stars move together in unison with it. Forces that are way beyond gravity are involved. It’s an interdimensionality that glues the galaxy together, and that is something I want to speak of because it has to do with your future.

Your Future

The futurists of your society have a tendency to look at what was, and then project what will be. Do you see the straight line thinking? In a bias of consistency, they say, “Because of this, therefore, there will be this.” They’re looking at a consistent model of old energy, and in their projections, never giving it a chance to change. They are denying the very ability of Humanity to move past what was.

What is it that has been consistent on the planet regarding consciousness? Let’s name the attributes: War, poverty, suffering, drama, a repeat of the same, a repeat of the same, a repeat of the same. Fractals of time that come and go and come and go, which create a consciousness that repeats and repeats and repeats.

Now you can see the bias, and why it’s there. For anything that stays in the same cycle is expected to stay in it forever. This is also echoed in your physics. The more quantum you become, the less consistent you will be in thinking this way. That is to say, eventually you will expect things to happen that have never happened before. You are in a shift that is allowing for it, and all around you, things are changing. Listen: You cannot apply last year’s rules to peace on earth. Is it possible? Yes… more than possible, it’s the most probable outcome that we can give you.

What do last year’s rules tell you about healing in your body? They say it’s incurable? It isn’t. What do last year’s rules tell you about the fear that is being generated over the shift you are in? Does it tell you that you’re going to be covered by water. Well, if you apply the rate at which things are melting and then you project all this into the future, you apply the discourse of poor science… then of course you will be! But that’s awfully consistent of you, isn’t it? You see what I’m saying? You’re not giving any allowance for the wild card. You’re not giving an allowance for the fact that this planet is moving into an entirely different magnetic attribute. The sun is cooperating; the universe is cooperating; it’s almost like the twins can see who you are!

The twins are physics, a magnificent pushing and pulling of an interdimensional attribute which we cannot even explain to you. The twins are not God. The twins are a result of a God-biased universe, and an interdimensional physics that you are only just beginning to discover and question. Your science is only beginning to see it. The Gaia effect, Intelligent Design, the way the earth was put together, the way there were no accidents that you’re here, against all odds… that ought to add up to something in your logic.

You are in the middle of a tremendous shift that you’ve asked for, that it’s time for, that I came for! It’s not one that’s going to destroy you! You don’t have to fear it. It’s one you’re in control of as you’re becoming more quantum. You’re starting to understand that the consistency of life as you have seen it is truly an old paradigm. The consistency of fear, of hate, of disappointment… is beginning to change. If you want to be consistent with things, know this, that the love of God is the most consistent and persistent thing on this earth and in the universe. Consistent, it is! So persistent that it would not stop until life was created, and until love was discovered. ~ Kryon

On Responsibility:
The word “responsibility” has actually been a negative in your world, for the most part. Folks, when each one of you thinks about responsibility you do not get excited. Instead what happens when the word responsibility is heard or thought, is that you tend to shrink. We tell you that responsibility is the balance to power. You are creators already. Understanding how you can use those creative abilities and how you can do that on planet Earth in the physical body, in the situations and dramas that sometimes surround you, will be key to your life existence as a soul on planet Earth.

We tell you also that responsibility will be changed in many different ways. Many of your organizations—whether they are business corporations, religions, clubs or whatever brings people together—those are the areas that will now start helping to define what responsibility really is. For example, if you have a business and need help, you look around, interview people and hire someone. You tell them what you will pay them per hour,  week, month, or year, because we believe this is what your job is worth. In the future, what we are going to tell you is that even that will change. It will not be the job you do, but the responsibility within the company that you take will determine the pay for that job. A conscious corporation is focused on more than money because any entity of any kind—whether it be a collective or a single individual—will have to understand that it is now about working from the heart and not the head. Many of your corporations have been working for one thing only, and that is for money. Money will always be a motivating factor. However, what will be understood is that by blending it with consciousness and love for your customers, it will bring more business and money than ever thought possible. These are the perception changes that are going to start shifting everything. You are going to find out that responsibility and the word “responsibility” have new meanings, which when you hear them may actually start to excite rather than shrink your energy fields. You are going to find that all of humanity is working with a different area, so look in different parts of your own life. Look in your relationships, what you do for a living, and your friendships. If you ever wish to have more power in an area, it is simply a case of taking more responsibility in that area. By doing so you are able to make space for that to happen not only in your own life, but in the lives of the other gods that are all pretending to be human as well.

It is no longer that you are separate in any way. We tell you there are many out there teaching that there are good people who are going to ascend, and bad people who are going to stay. We do not agree with that point of view, dear ones. This time either all of you go or no one goes, so it is now about helping everyone and being conscious.  It is turning around, seeing the neighbor who is driving you crazy and finding a way to say hello to him warmly and genuinely. It means finding a way to be responsible not only for who you are and what you do—but accepting responsibility for your own happiness. What about that, dear ones? No, that does not always seem easy either, but re-member it is perception. Do not give your responsibility to someone else.  Your responsibility has to first be you.  Only then can you turn around and share that with other people. You generally experience the opposite of that on planet Earth right now. So, if you will reverse that which is currently in effect, –if when you hear the word responsibility your ears will perk up—then your energy field will start to move. You will see it and be able to use it from a totally different perspective than you have before. ~ The Group 

On Seeing The Quantum Picture – an exposé of Human bias:
We’ve stated many times before that the illogic of the spiritual belief systems you have on the planet are obvious if you back up and look at them with the eyes of a quantum thinker. For in almost all of them you have Humans going into an afterlife without ever having a forelife! Somehow an eternal soul “arrived” on the planet with no history or energy of the past. Yet you don’t think anything of it because the train of time only goes in one direction for you, and you can’t change its speed.

The truth is that this “train of time” has, indeed, sped up in the last years. Can’t you feel it? The clocks don’t move any differently than they ever did, however, and that is what you call relativity. One of your famous scientists told you about this, yet you won’t acknowledge it for yourselves, will you? You look in the mirror and you see one Human Being. You see one, single soul. You talk about the Higher-Self as being completely and totally removed somewhere up in the clouds. But it’s not with you, since you are singular.

Humans even compartmentalize God. There is only one God; therefore, there is only one way to God. There is only one path, and many tell you that you’d better be on it because when you die, if you’re not, you won’t be able to reunite with the creator. Do you see the singular bias? You’re on one ladder climbing to God, and they say you’d better be on the right ladder… and there is only one.

You’re told that there is a God who is going to judge you if you’re not on that singular, correct ladder. So when you die, an incredible loving God, who is a part of you, is going to look at you and say, “Wrong ladder! So sorry.” Does that sound like the love of God to you? You see, this is a crippling thought bias of the Human Being who applies everything singular to a quantum God. That is how you think. Now, not all of you are this way, and I know this. But if you are, there is no judgment of it, for this is your reality.

This message is for those who have a goal to remove the bias, and to start thinking past the simplicity that keeps them from seeing the quantum picture. This message is for Lightworkers who feel they’ve got it figured out, when they really have only figured out the 3D part… and now they want the rest.

I want you to place yourself for just a moment in a metaphorical scenario where you’re in one of those psychic fairs and there are service booths all around you. There is a numerology booth. There’s a bowl-playing booth. There are musicians. There’s a booth with many stones, crystals included. There’s a booth for astrology. Now I’m going to visit all of them with you and I’m going to show Human bias in each one, and along the way I’m going to offend almost all of you! This is not a critical message, but rather an expose of bias.

First: Why is it that when Humans, even in a metaphysical place, go from booth to booth looking at the newest items, they ask the same question? It’s a question that gives away the bias. Perhaps it’s a crystal bowl or a gemstone; perhaps it’s something that has been manufactured. Perhaps it’s a system or a process. Human Beings look at it and will always ask, “What does it do?” 

The Numerology Booth
Let me take you to the numerology booth. There’s a world-class numerologist in the room and she already knows where I’m going before I start. [This is Barbra Dillenger.] Numerology would seem to be one of the most linear, esoteric sciences you could have. It distills large numbers down to one and then identifies the energy of one number. Numbers are very linear, and they exist in a row, so you might think they represent a more linear and singular reality. That’s what it looks like. But that’s not what’s going on.

Let’s have some fun. You arrive at the numerology booth and greeting you there is a reader who performs a system or “reading” that gives you a number one. You look at it and you say, “What does it do?”

What you’re asking is what does this energy do for me? What is a one doing here in a box of my creation? How do I use it?

Now, from a total biased linear point of view, the one sits there alone, looking at you, and the person at the booth may explain, “Well, the number one means new beginnings.” You think, “Thank you, that’s what it means. Great. This is nice. I have new beginnings to look forward to based on this reading.” Now you’ve had your linear answer, haven’t you? But let’s go to another dimension for a moment. What does the one think about it? Oh dear, I think I’ve just lost some of you. Numbers don’t “think!” Perhaps not in your dimension, but they do have energy. So let’s examine this.

This number was not originally created alone, but you’re looking at it as if it were alone. Do you think humanity developed the one and then waited a few years and discovered the two? [Laughter] No. It was never alone. Never. It has always been part of a numerical system. You can’t put a one in a box, but you did, and you defined it and “used” that information for a reading.

What is the one thinking about in that 3D box of yours?

“Where are my friends? Where are the other numbers? You can’t put me in a box!”

Now, suddenly, we are dealing with quantum thinking, not linear thinking. The one is used to having numbers all around it. So what are the attributes around the one in the context of the reading? Do you know its history? Was it part of counting? Then you have to ask what affect the zero and the two might have had sitting next to it. What if it were part of the results of a computation? What if it sat there as one of the numbers of what you call pi? Does it then have a different energy? You see, now it’s outside of linearity… outside of anything singular or linear.

The Human cannot really ask, “What does it do?” or really even “What does it mean?” The number does nothing by itself, for it must have the Human’s quantum energy to relate to. If the reader is a world-class reader, he will also know the history of the one, and how it was generated, and the implications of the numbers that might be around it, both past and present. 

What I’m telling you is that numerology is quantum, and you can really never look at a number and ask, “What does it do?” The numerologist knows this, and the numerologist will do his best to put the numbers together with other numbers so that it develops a quantum answer, given in linearity, which describes something that is needed for you to know. This makes the numerologist a quantum translator.

“What does it do?” then becomes the kind of question a child might ask about the word “love” as it sits on the page. I’ll let you answer the child. [Kryon smile]

Imagine picking a letter out of the alphabet and separating it from a system that was designed for words and communications, then saying, “What does it do?” For the answer will be, “Nothing, without the other letters!” Ah, now you see that numbers perhaps are also a language? Indeed, they are.

The Tarot Booth
There have been quantum science procedures and processes on the planet for a very long time, yet Human Beings still tend to linearize them all. Numerology is just one. The second one: Tarot. Here we have the Human Being who wants to pick a card, any card, and so he picks one at the Tarot booth. He places it on the table and asks, “Well, what does it mean?” The Tarot reader will look at the Human and say, “It means you don’t know about Tarot. The card is nothing by itself. You’ve got to surround it with the other ones. It depends upon the spread; it depends upon the direction that the card is facing. It gives a message because it must be combined with the rest of the cards, chosen randomly in a synchronistic fashion by the Human Being involved in the process, and asking about a specific attribute. It requires consciousness to hover over it and ask for intent. It also reacts to the mood of the one picking the card!” 

The Human, not really listening, continues to pick cards, and suddenly the devil card pops up and the Human Being taps it and says, “That’s bad, isn’t it? What does that mean? What does it do?”

This reaction is because you’re so linear, you see? It’s built in to your 3D consciousness. The Tarot reader will try to explain that it’s the collection of the random synchronistic attributes of the card, giving hints of the hidden energies around a situation – not an evil card – and he will read the direction potential for you. And that is a quantum event! Do you see the difference? The Human wants to take the singularity of one card and project an entire scenario around it.

The Psychic Reader
A Human Being will go to a psychic reader. The reader will give him a psychic reading and the Human Being will come out of the booth and say, “This is what’s going to happen to me,” never understanding that a moment later all that could change! A moment later there might be an event in his life that brings him to his knees and opens his heart, and he makes a decision that completely voids what was in the reading! You see? But most Humans don’t think that way. They only see the linear track in front of them. If someone tells them that’s in their future, that’s all they see. They don’t allow themselves any quantum thinking at all, or give credit to themselves for the ability to change it. So what about this “future telling”?

A good psychic reader will explain that they can see only the strongest potentials of that moment. Since the Human is totally in charge of their own life, he can change any of it at any time. So you might say that the reading is only good for “the now.” There actually is no time for event potentials given in a reading such as this, only snapshots of potentials that may or may not develop.

Some Human Beings will start a life on a track that’s singular and go all the way to the end, taking their last breath, thinking that’s the only opportunity that they had. They walk in a straight line all their lives, not understanding that with a quantum consciousness they can even stop the train if they want! They can reverse it if they want. They can live longer if they want. All of these things are a result of quantum thinking.

Karma is an old linear system that sits upon humanity and makes individuals feel they must accomplish this or that, or be this or that… all to satisfy an energy that speaks to them in a cellular way, that pushes them into a reality groove.

Again, we tell you that this old karmic energy is waiting to be changed in this new shift. You can step out of it any time you wish. We first brought you that information in 1989, and you can read about it in the first book of the Kryon communications.

The Bowls Booth
You move to the next booth and there they are glistening in front of you, all of the singing bowls! Beautiful, they are. Different colors, they are. The Human mind is filled with linear thinking at the sight… asking the questions around these magnificent creations.

Look! Someone likes the green one and just loves the sound it makes when played correctly.

“What does it do?” he asks of the bowl master.

The bowl master swallows hard and tries to think of a linear answer. He gives the best he can in a linear fashion, “Well, it happens to be the F note in music and it is the color and the chakra of the heart.”

“It helps my heart?” asks the attendee.

“Not exactly,” replies the very patient bowl master. A long pause ensues…

“Have you got one for my elbow?” the attendee asks. “My elbow is sore. I need a bowl for my elbow.” The bowl master tries to excuse himself.

Another person overhears the conversation: “I’m a gardener, do you have one for dirt?”


So here is a quantum instrument, and the Human wants to compartmentalize each shape and color and make it “do” something!

Human Beings think in a singular, straight-line fashion. They go right to the object and they say, “What singular thing does this do? How many do I have to play so that I’m totally balanced? How many chakras, how many notes, how many colors? Wow, I’ll take them all!”

Do you see what I mean? Now, let’s back up a moment and I want to give you some insight about what the bowl master knows. He is a quantum creator. The bowls have different colors, made of very different materials, and different sizes and shapes. When played (vibrated into a sound), the vibrations in the air [sound] make a difference because the vibrations are heard as the notes in music. The main tone is called the fundamental tone that the ear hears because it is the loudest. Surrounded by that fundamental note are both overtones and undertones, some of them even beyond Human hearing in both directions. In this beautiful, quantum music, there are vibrations that create energies that literally speak to the Akash and will come together in a certain way to create a language of the soul… and the Human Being will ask, “What does it do?”

Here’s a bowl that can talk to your soul! The quantum vibrations will go into your ears and create a quantum event in the air around you, for the air knows who you are. It knows the bowl, and the elements in the bowl know you! This is a quantum event. If you choose to own the bowl, it knows it! If you choose to play it while you’re alone in the dark, it comforts you. It’s not about your heart, or about the color green, and it’s not about the F note. All that is linear. It’s really about a quantum intelligence that is at the soul level. And how does the bowl master explain this to the Human who asks, “What does it do?” 

The particular bowl master who is here today [William Jones] is actually reinventing how to put quantumness within the crystal tones that have been around forever, using the substances in unique ways to create a quantum event. The essence of what is being created with a singing bowl is that which is a mini-portal, and that is the truth. And if you’ve heard them played around you, you know what I mean. Indeed, they soothe your soul, don’t they? So how does the bowl master then answer that person who stands in front of him and says, “Well, what does this bowl do?”

Let us say you are an alien and land from another planet and you’ve never heard music. You arrive on Earth and you hear something amazing and you ask a Human Being, “What is that?” And he answers, “It’s music.” Then you ask, “What does it do?”

Music and Art are Quantum
How would anyone answer that? Music and art are already quantum. You sit in front of a maestro and he plays the sonorities of what you call vibrations and harmony, and some will smile and some will weep. You hear a song that has been written by a great composer and you’re sitting in front of the symphony all playing together, and some will smile and some will weep. Some, who know who the composer was, will visit his essence even as he was writing it! Now, that’s quantum.

You see, this is what music does and yet there’s the Human Being who will say, “What does it do? Specifically, I want something for bedtime. I want something for my health. I want something that I can play for my plants.” That’s so singular! For in the sonorities of the chords, there’s magic. It is, indeed, quantum. What if I told you that one composition could help you and your plants? For in a quantum state, life force reacts much the same way.

Many sit on the benches in front of the beautiful paintings in the Louvre in Paris. Some will sit and weep for an hourwatching the painting, participating with the artist in every stroke, looking at the genius of the colors that come together and swim in a way that sings a tune. It took the artist a long linear time to paint it, yet you can see it all at once. That’s quantum! Can you apply that to everyday life, Human Being? Can you apply that to your singularity? I’ll get there in a minute.

The Gemstones Booth
On to the next booth and you visit the rocks and gemstones. Now, there’s also a rock master here. He knows who he is. Drawn to them, he is. It got him into this business. He’s the one putting on the show today! [speaking of Brandon, the owner of  Awakenings bookstore and Growth Center in Laguna Hills, CA] He loves rocks of all kinds.

The attendees are fascinated. They are going from rock bin to rock bin and reading the labels: This one is for balance. This one makes you float a little. This one’s for health. This one’s for grounding. They don’t even have to ask, since the bins are labeled! How singular for them! Humans love that, so the labels get them interested.

I’m going to ask you something: Let us say that you pick up the rock that says it’s for balance and you hold it for a moment. Are you satisfied? Let us think quantum for a moment. Now this is where it gets good. Listen: How does the rock know who you are? Is it just going to balance anyone? What if you’re an especially difficult case? You see, the rock, when held, knows who you are! If it, indeed, is one that is known metaphysically for balance, there’s a quantum event going on. Do you see?

Human Beings don’t realize that. They haven’t followed through the logic, they’re so singular. They say, “I’ll take it.” They put it in their pocket. “Now I’m balanced.” Some day they’ll discover it in their pocket in the closet. Then they’ll know why their life is so bad. They forgot the rock! But their jacket is sure balanced!


That was another Kryon joke. Do you see the folly of this? It is fun and it is laughable to look at the bias. But you know I’m right. Let us talk about the mother of all energetic stones, the crystal. Now perhaps you look at it and you say, “Oh, there’s so many slopes to it and look at the inclusions!” The crystal is a quantum stone. It has to be, for it is the only known rock, if you want to call it that, that can hold memory. We’ve talked about the Crystalline Grid, and we’ve spoken many times about the crystals in the Cave of Creation. There’s a reason why we call them crystalline because they play a part in this planet. Long after you’re gone, dear one, they hold the memory of who you were and who you are. Your soul essence always stays on the earth.

With crystals, there is an interaction between the geology and the Human. It’s profound and it’s quantum. Geology is like that and I will give you the information again we’ve given before: Just because it looks like a stone doesn’t mean it is not alive. There is life in things that you call inanimate objects, which hold memory for you and for your home. There is a quantum intelligence of the ages there, and some of these gems know you because they’ve seen the old soul in you and they respond to the dirt of the earth. There’s a cycle there and the Human Being just takes it and puts it in his pocket, walks out, and leaves it in the closet – not understanding that the two of them are participating in a dance of a beautiful quantum cycle on this planet. From the dirt of the earth you arose. There’s life in the dirt, there’s life in the stones.

The Astrology Booth
Let’s go to the last booth. This one gets complicated. Here is one of the oldest sciences on the planet – astrology. Astrology might be called energy work, for it was the first kind of a system that described energy that affected a Human on the planet. It was a system that described a specifically circumstantial energy around a Human Being, and was dynamically involved in the solar system of your origin. Developed using a complex set of circumstances around orbital mechanics of the planets, it truly describes a beautiful quantum event. With the sun being the fulcrum of a gravitational magnetic source [the engine], and the planets pushing and pulling on that force, astrology is the affect of the sun’s attribute of blasting that push-pull “quantum information” to the earth via the solar wind, interfacing with the magnetic grid of the earth, then into your DNA. You see, it’s more than it seems.

Many Humans get their chart done. One chart, one Human Being. The Human Being will look at it and say, “Well, what does it mean, what does it do, what does it mean to me? Is it something that tells my fortune? Is it going to help me in business? Is it going to help my sore elbow?”


Oh, how singular! [Kryon smile] Many look at these things in a very singular way, not understanding the profundity of any of it. Not really. Not after I tell you what I’m going to tell you. I’m going to give you a rhetorical question. It’s one you can’t answer. And yet you will have the answer, intuitively, in a quantum state, and it won’t be linear yet that will disturb you.

There’s a world-class astrologist in the room and she’s going to be one of the first ones to develop quantum astrology [speaking of Michelle Karen]. In the last year, we have given all of you information about what the Akash means to you in a quantum state, what it means to you personally in your DNA. There is no such thing as a past life, is there? You can’t say you have a past life because what you carry around with you is a culmination of all lives lived on the planet, right up to now, old soul. You may have shamanic backgrounds that got you to this place, and it’s still in there ready to be retrieved. The wisdom you carry in you is a reflection of all the lives you’ve lived. The earth knows it; you know it; the Cave of Creation knows it; the angels that came in with you, they know it. That’s what allows the psychic readers to see who you are so easily, for you carry around a quantum energy that can be “seen”! They can see the lifetimes, the energies that you’ve had here – not in a row, but in a quantum soup that is who you are, a collection of lifetimes that are seen as one.

I have a question for you: What is your astrological sign? Well, you’ll say, “Let’s see, I was born in February…” No, no. I didn’t ask you when you were born. I want to know what energy of astrology belongs to you, old soul, for if you’re a combination, a soup of lifetimes, perhaps you were born in every single month in every single hour that exists. Think about it. I want you to talk to me now. What is your astrological sign? Perhaps it’s all of them?

Is it the most current one? Is it the one that has arisen in your Akash because it’s the one that you pulled up on purpose this time? It is possible for you to change your astrological attributes. Did you know that? It’s because you have been most of them, old soul! Think about it. Who are you, really?

Now I’m going to leave that for you, but I will tell you there are those in the room who have changed their sign. It’s going to force astrology to look at Akashic attributes, and this can only be done by one who can read them. It’s not going to be that hard to read it, for those of you who are becoming quantum will show it clearly. The old soul in you is going to be seeable by those around you and many will see it in your eyes – the wisdom of love. I’ve described the specialists today, but I may have left out one.

There is an energy of healing that has the ability to be sent long distance. There’s four of you in here who could do that. One uses a device that is called radionics, the others do it all by themselves. Let us speak of the device for a moment because it seems like it’s singular, but it’s not. It diagnoses your problem, and it does so appropriately in three dimensions. It reports, “Here is what your chemistry needs. Here are the specifics.” The Human Being is satisfied with that because that’s what a doctor will do. It’s very singular, you see. However, what is next is the difference. The operator of the device, combined with the device, then proceeds to do something quantum. Even though you walk out of the room and you go to your home, wherever that may be in whatever country that may be, the operator and the computer together, using radionics, then send the energy solution to you that the device measured! There is one here who knows this and is “one with the machine.” [Speaking of Bea Wragee, who is in attendance]

Can this be possible? Indeed it is, because it represents a quantum process. However, let me ask you this: How does it know where you are? Seven billion people on the earth and it’s going to go right to your home and go right into your body? How does it know where you are? This is what gets many in metaphysics a bad name, for it looks foolish and unbelievable. The next time you think that, ask a quantum physicist about entanglement. Quantum physics represents much of what we now speak of. Do you really find it that unusual that spirituality has these properties? Think of what the creator energy represents!

There are healers in here who can read you over the phone and send healing to you. They can look at the attributes in your eyes and send healing to you… and this is real. And he knows who he is [speaking of Keith Smith in the audience]. When he sends the energy out into the ethers, how does it know where you are? The answer is beautiful and I’m going to give it to you now as we close.

Every molecule of air knows who you are. Every speck of dust on the planet knows who you are. It’s all part of a system that you created, and it’s one of life force. All of the earth, all of the things upon it are designed by a creator who is inside you in your DNA. The shift that is happening to this planet is awakening you to that and in the process you are becoming more quantum.

Is this just thinking differently? No. It’s you actually touching the face of the creator within your cellular structure. Look at yourself in the mirror. How many of you can see that? There aren’t too many yet, but there will be. For in 3D, you just look at an aging Human Being… that’s all you can do. However, blessed is the Human who can go past that. I challenge you to stare in each other’s eyes in the mirror – you in the mirror! Do it for a long time. Try smiling a little. Try congratulating yourself for being here. Try seeing the enormous group that you represent in the Universe, the piece of the creator that you are, and even perhaps the joke that you can’t see it.

All of these things I give you, for they are needed for you to understand what you came for. I want to tell you it’s a quantum thinker who can look at a Human Being and love them no matter what they’ve done, or the one who can meet them for the first time and know they’re an old soul. It takes a quantum thinker to look at humanity in general and not judge them, but love them – to look at solutions and not problems. That’s a quantum thinker. For this Human will see the history; they will see the cycle of life and the connection with nature. They will see the part that the animals play in all things, and the part that the air plays, the rocks, the energy, the systems. These things are all designed not to be singular.

“What does it do?” 

Maybe pondering this simplistic question, and the 3D bias around it, will wake you up to the potentials that are yours that are in front of you. You must start to think quantum, just a little, in order to grab these tools that are outside of your immediate sight. The acupuncturist who works with the 12 meridians has got to start looking at the meridians above the meridians to start putting what would be the esoteric needles in places that don’t seem to even exist.

Science is going to move in that direction anyway. Are you going to let physics move on and leave the body behind? Every molecule, every atom around you is begging for you to find that quantum soup of the creator inside. There’s a quantum glue there, and this is eventually what will change this planet. We don’t even have a name for it, so we’ll say it’s the evolution of Human consciousness. ~ Kryon

On The Appropriateness of Not Knowing What You Want:
You spend your life trying to figure out what you want. One day it’s this; one day it’s that. Then you get depressed and you get upset and you get frustrated because you don’t know what you want. 

You’re led astray by what you think you’re supposed to want. You are … (Adamus sighs) you get yourself into a lot of ruts and traps, because you want “this” one day, you want “that” the next day. One day your priority, you think, is your human needs – you want things in your life – and the next day it’s spiritual needs. You don’t know what you want. 

And the good news is you’re exactly where you should be. Exactly where you should be! (audience cheering and applause) What is that supposed to mean? Excellent question. First of all, just let’s take this moment to take a deep a deep breath and say, “Thank God.” (Audience says, “Thank God.”) Thank yourself. You are exactly where you should be in this – not knowing what you want. 

It can appear as a dilemma and it can really mess up a good day (laughter), but it’s absolutely appropriate. Why? Because you’ve gone through a metamorphosis, a change from being just a human, just your perception of yourself as just a human; you’ve gone from a basis or a platform of old human needs – the need to be loved and accepted by others, need to have things like money in your pocket, some food on the table, a job that gives you a degree of respect, you need to have things like physical health. You need to have at least a degree of comfort with yourself. It doesn’t take much, but just a degree. The general level of comfort with yourself is about that much (Adamus holds his fingers about 1 inch apart). You should have total comfort with yourself, total being at ease with yourself.

So you’ve gone through this tremendous transition – no longer just a human with just human needs, but now you’re allowing the divine, the God within, to come out. It doesn’t come from out there. It comes from within.

You’re allowing this integration of human and divine in this moment – no longer just a philosophy, no longer just some words, no longer a study group you go to once a month and then forget about all of it when you go back into your world – but actually really allowing it. Actually really doing it. 

Therefore, in this process of transition, this integration, everything that you thought you wanted is going to become blurred and confused. Everything that you held important you don’t know about anymore. Any future goals suddenly don’t have much meaning. What you thought was your passion suddenly doesn’t have much excitement to it. What you thought you wanted you don’t even know if you want anymore. You can say the words. You could come out with something kind of nice, but it’s going to change by tomorrow. It will absolutely change by tomorrow – and that is a good thing. It really is. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong if that desire – what you want – changes every day. And it should. It should. 

In this cycle that you’re going through right now, it absolutely should. So please love yourself. There’s just a tremendous amount of energy, a tremendous amount of creativity coming through right now, so you’re getting inspirations on a variety of different levels, and you’re still getting the wants and needs from your human level all coming together in big mess. In a big chaos. But you know what I’ve said before about chaos. It’s really not. It’s only chaos when you’re looking at it like you’d look at a loom, a weaving loom from the underneath. It looks like chaos. But you look at it from the top side and it’s a beautiful tapestry.

There actually is no chaos in your life right now. There’s transition, transmutation, alchemy that’s taking place in your life right now. A tremendous amount of alchemy. Do you notice how you still somehow let yourself get by? In other words, you haven’t crashed. You think you’re going to crash. You feel at any moment you’re going to crash. You go to bed at night and say, “Thank God I didn’t crash and burn today.” (laughter) “Thank God I survived, and maybe tomorrow I’ll crash, but at least tonight I made it through.”

You’re not going to crash. You’re not going to crash. It just feels like you’re going to. You’re not going to crash. You have all these energies going around you. You have everything in your reality base absolutely changing. You know how most humans get through is they have a goal or a plan or a desire. That leads them from point A to point B and they get there, somewhat relieved, and then they plan their next point B to point C. It’s an interesting phenomena, and I’m going to talk more about it in just a moment, but – even though I already said what I came here to say – but they use the goal or a want or desire to get from one step to the next to the next. And it’s pretty much how you’ve come through your life. 

You had a goal when you were young to get through school, for instance. Then you had a goal to have a career and a family. You had one goal, one thing, after the other. You have a goal right now – whatever it happens to be, maybe just to get through the rest of this channel (laughter) “Please, dear God!” – but that’s the way life has been.

Now, step back for a moment. Isn’t that a rather limited way of living? And a somewhat fearful way of living? And somewhat of a very unfulfilling way of living? Until you die. Well, that’s kind of a weird goal – make it up until the point you die. Survive until you die. (some laughter)

Now that’s how most people live, and that’s how you used to live, so don’t laugh too hard. (Adamus chuckles) That’s how you lived until yesterday. And then today we’re doing it different. 

So I ask, “What do you want?” to agitate things a bit, to get you thinking. And I tell you that when you say in front of the group what you want – nah, that’s not what you really want. Not at all. You think you want that, but you actually don’t – whatever you said, I don’t care what it was. You don’t know what you want. 

So let’s just take a moment in that beautiful energy and let it be. 


Not knowing what you want. 

Getting out of the definition. 

Getting out of the goal. 

Getting out of perhaps Old Energy desires. 

Getting out of old expectations, because it’s all going to change now. It’s all going to change.


The reason why I mention all of this, the reason why this is important, dear Shaumbra, is first of all to give yourself some relief to know you don’t have to know what you want anymore. It’s going to be a strange way to live, but you’ll find it really lets you live.

It’s going to be subject to a lot of debate, a lot of intellectual discussions. There are going to be a lot that say, “Yes I do know what I want” but I would challenge them also. No, you really don’t, and can you just be at peace with that for a little bit?

You are going to come to an understanding sooner than later – not today. You’re going to come to an understanding of something that transcends real wants. You will have a passion that is so deep, that is so meaningful for the first time in a long time that it will help you to understand how you’ve been creating your reality, help you to understand really who you are. But it won’t be a want like what you’ve thought. You’re going to come to a – for lack of better words – a real passion with yourself. And I’m not talking an occupation or a hobby or anything like that, but I mean a passion about yourself; a love of yourself, but a love that is intense and expressive.

And from that point it doesn’t really matter what you do or don’t do. With that kind of soul passion that you have, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t have to matter anymore; it just is. 

Now, you see I’m having to go to use words here that become a bit intellectual or we get esoteric, but I want to share with you what is happening and what is going to happen. Going beyond wants into passion.

Passion is, for lack of words – how do you express passion? – the true understanding of the I AM. The true brilliance of what you’ve been doing on the human level and now bringing in the divine level. ~ Adamus.

On Where is the Center of Human Consciousness? Is it the brain?:
Science considers your brain to be the center of consciousness, but it is not. The brain, the highest ordered neurological group they can see, is filled with a complex synapse. Therefore, it must be responsible for what is called Human consciousness. It is not. The brain is only the 3D engine that responds to the 90 percent quantumness of DNA. It is the engine of the synapse and it’s vastly complicated. But the brain is only the receiver of information to create electrical signals that do as they are instructed, as influenced by the DNA.

One hundred trillion parts of DNA working together communicate as one. Did you realize that? Science doesn’t know how this happens, and the communication link from your head to your toe somehow has one purpose. Is that your brain? No. It’s the DNA all together, creating the Human Being. DNA “knows.” It all works together. This isn’t something you are going to find in the medical books, but it completes a large missing link that science gives no credibility towards. DNA communicates with itself! It has one “mind” and it “knows” what is happening in every part of your body.

The new information is that DNA provides a “field” around you that is interdimensional. That field is your consciousness, not your brain. That which your brain does is in tandem with the DNA. Your brain dreams… or does it? The synapse is there to show it, and in your deepest REM sleep, out comes so many complex things. Those things are all in your DNA, supplied to your brain. So the DNA even supplies instructions and influence to your brain’s dream activity for you. These things are difficult to explain, since we are not speaking about linear things, but that which is quantum.

All of you dream in a quantum state. That is why there’s no linearity, and things don’t always make sense. Those who have passed away and those who have not are all together in your dreams, yet they are looking at one another. Dreams don’t make sense because they’re not in the reality you are used to. That’s your DNA talking… the Akashic Record coming forward and playing “the tapes” to your brain. Science does not acknowledge this, for it cannot see the field, but the DNA is Human consciousness and the brain simply is the 3D engine of the synapse that supplies the bridge for your reality.

“Kryon, is there evidence of this?” Oh, yes. Very much so. When a Human Being has an accident and the spinal cord is completely severed, it leaves the body innate. This is the paraplegic who can no longer move anything – not a finger, not a toe. And yet the heart keeps beating, does it not? Digestion continues, does it not? The kidneys and other organs function, do they not? Even reproductive activity is possible! Everything keeps going, yet you learned in school that the brain sends electrical signals through the spinal cord and keeps your heart beating, doesn’t it? Well, if the spinal cord is severed, what keeps your heart beating? I will tell you – it’s the blueprint of DNA!

When the engine of the synapse is broken, the DNA finds other pathways and instructs the body to continue the life force. That is why the organs continue even though control of the muscles do not. Interesting, is it not? There is proof there if you look. Science finds it curious, don’t they? Therefore, you might say that your DNA is actually an esoteric, ethereal brain, containing things that your regular brain does not contain. You’d be right. There are all manner of very spectacular attributes in your DNA that are here to look at, which current science has yet to even see.

DNA “Knows”

The biggest attribute that we wish to discuss is this – this interdimensional DNA field is knowing. That is to say, it is built to extend life. It knows who you are. It contains the blueprint of your sacredness, and is one of the largest tools you have for health, for joy, for opening the door. It is in the DNA field, not the brain. That’s where it is. And in that truth, there is celebration. For it releases you from having to create what you think you need.

Let me give it to you this way. If you’re going to use that field as a tool, now that you know what it does, you’re going to work with your cellular structure to manifest things. The normal Human experience is to gather knowledge on how. “How do I communicate? What is the best thing to ask for? How do I specify it so the DNA will know what I’m asking? Do I have to be a certain way or be in a certain place? Do I follow many steps that will open the door?”

None of the above! If you could visit your cellular structure, your Akash, your sacred life lesson, don’t you think it would know what was happening? It does, perhaps even more than you do! All you have to do is speak to that which is the quantum part of you and it knows what you need. So we are asking you to relax the linearity of the lists that you give to God. For suddenly, we’re telling you there is a quantum energy that is the sacred you who knows what you need.

Therefore, your meditations and prayers could be shifted to become wiser as you speak to your own cellular structure, to your own Higher-Self. You might say, “Dear Spirit, dear DNA, examine the life that I have and give me those things which will enhance it.” Perhaps that’s the healing you came for, dear one? Don’t you think I know who’s here? Perhaps that’s a miracle that will give you joy in the face of the sorrow that you’re in right now? Don’t you think I know who is here, what you’ve gone through in these last days? I counted the tears when they fell, and so did the DNA field! You feel so alone, not understanding there’s an entourage around you the whole time, and they would love to touch that field that is your DNA! They’d love to touch it. But not unless you say it’s OK to do so.

Understand this: DNA is more than chemistry! It is a field and a portal. These things are the mechanics of Spirit. We’re starting to give you advanced information and there have been those who have known how this works and assigned sacred geometry to all of it. They’re accurate and it’s correct. But it’s a field. ~ Kryon

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