On The Limitations of Linearity:
We’ve visited this linearity puzzle in other ways, but here it is yet again: Linearity as defined, is time, and time is part of the construct of your reality. It’s the way you think. It’s the way you posture your lives. You live by the clock. You may say you don’t, but you do… nature’s clock, which includes your biology.

Now, there will be those who say, “I don’t live by any clock, Kryon. I’m a free spirit and proud of it.” Really? Let’s consider some things before you say that. You posture your life around routine. The time frame of your planet says that the sun comes and goes at a certain time and you rest at a certain time. You’re cyclical… one meal to the next. That’s the clock we speak of. As a woman, can you control your menses? Your biology is geared around a linear existence, and so is your communication.

When you speak to one another, you put one word next to the last one… just like a train on a track can only go where the track is. Have you ever thought about that? As you read these words, they’re arranged one after the other in rows of consistency that are very linear. And now you might say in frustration, “Well, what else is there? That’s the way it works.” And we say, “Now you’re asking the right question!” Have you ever thought about this? What if communication could be out of linearity? Right now you listen to the words as they’re spun into the syntax of linear words – your eyes see them and your brain understands the lines of type before you… one letter after the other. That little brain train is quite linear that reads this page, and seemingly very limited. Have you noticed that everything has to be in a straight line?

What if, instead of that limitation of linearity, there was a system of communication where you were able to receive everything at once in an instant? Anything you needed to know would be presented to you all at once, and somehow you would “just know it.” It would be a communication outside of linearity. Many reading this might say, “Well, that’s not what we do as Humans. It’s impossible.” Now you know why I’m here. I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible, it is the way of things!

This nonlinear communication is not only the voice of Spirit, but is also the voice of your own mastery. It iscommunication at the cellular level and is divine. Human Beings often line up, so to speak, in front of what they consider to be God, and feature repetition. They reason, “Well, maybe if we ask for it over and over, it will eventually be heard by God, and we’ll get some results. So we’ll just keep asking and reading the same phrases over and over. Perhaps if God sees us suffering in our attempt, it will also help.” They don’t understand who God is, or what the communication method is.

What if I told you that around you right now is an entourage that has your name on it? What this means is difficult to explain. See your energy as a Human Being like an angelic radio station, always broadcasting your life in real time to all the entities of the universe. Therefore, your “spiritual radio station” would be in touch with the other side of the veil all the time. Everywhere you would walk, everything about you, would be known by God! Now, instead of a radio station, consider the radio waves to be an angelic entourage that was assigned to you, and others around you, for only one purpose… to be there if you ever discovered the seeds of mastery… a communication conduit that’s an appropriate angelic property for you and the planet. If you can imagine this conduit, now see it as nonlinear. Every time you needed to know something, you would simply know it. To you, it would seem like massive intuition, and this is the real communication of Spirit and how it feels.
I’ll challenge you on this one: The next time you sit down for meditation or prayer, no matter what the challenge is before you, say nothing! Be still and know that you are God. Know that as soon as you get into that posturing, The Third Language takes over, and all is known instantly. The answers will come to you not in a linear fashion, but they will be known from a cellular standpoint all at once in an instant. Then spend the rest of what you call the meditation “time” celebrating solutions, or the beginning of solutions that have been delivered in an instant and seem to you like some kind of wonderful intuitive process.

Human Attributes That May Startle You
Oh, there’s more – much more. There are some startling anomalies of linearity – of your very lives and of your very Human existence, that you never think about. Let’s talk about miracles. We’re going to ask you some questions, and then we’ll revisit the answers.

What do you think happened in history when Humans would walk miles and miles so they could touch the hem of the garment of a master in order to be instantly healed? Or another situation where they’d make a sacred journey to a place where they knew that if they could only step in the door of a certain church, they’d be healed? What about that? How did that work? Many times they’d arrive and throw away their crutches and walk out instantly healed! It’s recorded over and over in your sacred history. You can even go see the crutches in those buildings today, as they’re still there. So did you ever wonder what was really happening within seemingly miraculous situations?

Let’s review the first one: When the one who was crippled touched the hem of the master’s garment and walked away healed… what about that? The common answer goes this way: “That is truly God in action. You see, God is magnificent and Humans are not. So if a person can simply get close to the master, it’s like touching God. If they can just touch the master, they’ll be healed.” That’s what you’d hear from many sacred leaders about miracles.

But truly, is that the real process? What’s really going on with the miracles that you’ve read about or heard about… perhaps even some you’ve seen or experienced? Is it about groveling before God, or is it about something far grander? Listen, Human Being, we’re going to talk to you in a practical way. We’re going to give you information we’ve not really shared before in this fashion, so be ready to hear it. My partner, stand by for the letters [critical and angry correspondence], because you’re going to get them… especially after what we have to say.

All of what we tell you is accurate and true. You may see this information as unprovable, esoteric information, but it’s only because of your linear teachings that have set you up with previous information that, for linear reasons, you cling to. Everywhere you look around you, there are interesting anomalies of your reality that confirm what I’m going to tell you, yet your linear thinking keeps you from seeing it as unusual.

You know one of the things linearity does to you? Your train is always in motion. It’s always got a place to go, doesn’t it? One heartbeat after the next – it follows a clock, right? It has to, since it’s the setup for your reality. Yet your angel consciousness and your mastery don’t have that clock. I’d like to give you some information all about you. It has to do with anthropology and evolution. It has to do with your seed biology, and the beginning of things.

Human Being, as you sit here listening and reading, the blood that you call “the life” of your biology, your very DNA, isn’t from here. It isn’t from here [meaning the earth]. No. It has been imported! More than that, it’s been glorified. More than that, you’ve had help from others in the process. Biological seeds have been planted at separate times from various places in the universe, a long, long time ago. And there’s actually evidentiary proof of this, yet there’s no scientist standing on a soapbox asking you to take a look. Part of what being linear does to you is to keep you from looking at a larger picture. You’re always in motion, so much of your energy is spent simply “stoking the engine of your being” so it can stay on the track. You really seldom look around to see if you might actually have multiple tracks!

I’ll tell you what happened to your biology: All that is before you biologically is a setup so that you can work the challenge of Earth within the puzzle you created. You’re not here to suffer or “work through” some kind of punishment. None of you are lab rats for God! All of you are workers and are seen as part of God. You work a puzzle that’s meaningful, but which requires that you be in a place that’s limited in consciousness. The test is more than meaningful – it’s a test that’s fair and requires angels left alone on a planet, not knowing who they are, let the energy fall where it naturally will. Where will the energy of Earth go? How will it settle itself on this even playing field of energy? Where will the energy go when all is over and it’s settled? The answer? Whatever it is, the outcome energy from the “test of Earth” will be applied to new universes, affecting trillions of life-forms to come… many who will look just like you.

Here you are working the grand puzzle, and not only are you working it, but you’ve done something remarkable in the last 15 years – you’ve created a shift on the planet that some have called the Great Shift, and the planet is cooperating. And all you have to do is look out the window to see proof of that. Lighthouses, you are, each one, but I’m telling you that your biology isn’t from here! You couldn’t be, and make this test work. The evolutionary process of the planet would never have given you the limitations or the grandness you need to work the puzzle. In addition, it had to look “reasonable” to you [and Earth science] so that it didn’t give itself away as strange.

Your DNA represents an eclectic collection of intergalactic interdimensional chemistry. Not only that, but I’m going to tell you something we’ve never said before. When it was time to plant these seeds, we did it to all mammals on the planet. Why? Because it would have been too obvious if it wasn’t done this way. Let me ask you this: Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal you love and seen any karmic attributes [that is, known who they were]? Now we’re getting esoteric. Did you ever face off with an animal and see that its consciousness was more than just biology? Did you ever lose an animal and then have it reincarnate again? And the answer is yes! Many of you have.

The non-Human mammals of the planet come and go with you for different reasons than why you’re here, but they all have altered DNA along with yours! I told you this would be odd for you to grasp. Although your Human purpose on the planet is very different from theirs, they’re a support group for you. These animal-support groups come and go with you all over the planet. Some of you know it, and you’ve seen it in their eyes. They’re a part of this whole scenario as helpers in a way that’s far more significant than non-mammals. Their DNA was altered, too. Just think… some of you have interdimensional galactic pets. [Kryon smile]

“Kryon, can you prove any of this?” I’ll give you some things to think about, and it’s going to challenge the very essence of statistical probability… yet no one’s shouting from the scientific lectern, “Look at this, look at this.” Evolution is real. And those Earth biology entities who have evolved from the very beginning of the planet’s history carry with them nature’s way… the evolvement of a species based on efficient survival. You’re a product (in part) of this evolutionary process of the planet, but with an alteration that we’ve told you was given to you over a hundred thousand years ago.

When it took place, the time was ripe for it, and as we’ve previously told you, you carry with you pieces and parts of Pleiadian biology. However, that’s just one group of many. This isn’t spooky or fearful information. It’s beautiful! It’s also complex. It’s grand, if you think about it. But there are some Human and mammal anomalies that you should look at that show it clearly.

Natural selection and Earth evolution do certain kinds of predictable things. First, the process is very efficient… very efficient. Let me give you some things to think about that perhaps you haven’t considered before. The way evolutionary principles work is that they create an efficient, biological being over thousands of years. They create one that can survive when it needs to, change when it needs to, and never use energy it doesn’t need to. That’s why it only takes a few thousand years (or less) to create eyeless creatures who only live in the dark, or drop limbs off those who now only swim. You understand? Survival is the issue, and energy efficiency is the key. It’s everywhere for you to see in plants, animals, and insects on your planet.

So, here you and other mammals are, at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Feels good, doesn’t it? But let me ask you this: Why is it that when the spinal cord is severed on any mammal on the planet, chemistry races to the site to keep the nerves from growing together again? Does this make sense to you? Is this efficient? Does it help survival? No! Yet you have this limitation. Your history will show that it was in 1999 that your science identified the chemistry that’s responsible for this in all mammals, and even named this chemistry… the no-go! You all have it in common.

When there’s an accident involving the spinal cord, your body actively keeps the nerves from growing back together! How does that sound when comparing it to the evolutionary processes? Your scientists identified this no-go, and in experiments, removed this chemistry from certain mammals in the laboratory. Then they cut their spinal cords. Much to their shock, the nerves all grew back together perfectly! Are mammals flawed in some way? The answer is no. This was given by design, dear Human Being… your design. It’s a divine design. It means that when certain things happen to you, you may be in the chair for the rest of your life. Now, you didn’t want to hear that, did you? But it’s a plan that you put in place, yet it doesn’t make any evolutionary sense, does it? Could it be that your DNA isn’t a result of Earth evolution? Other mammals have this, too, so that it won’t seem to be that unusual. But it is!

There are many other species on Earth (other than mammalian) that don’t have this limitation – especially the creatures in the ocean. The starfish can grow back an arm, but you can’t. How does that feel to be at the top of the evolutionary ladder, Human Being? You can’t do it, yet you were supposed to have evolved from them! What’s wrong with you? What happened? Was a mistake made in evolution? The answer is no.

Let me give you another one that you haven’t thought about. Scientists will tell you that you only use 10 to 15 percent of your brain. Does that even make evolutional sense… that evolution gave you 80 percent junk in your brain? No. Evolution doesn’t work that way. So let me give you something else to think about. Here’s the truth: One hundred percent of your brain is working all the time, and about 80 percent of it is dealing with something you don’t even believe in… interdimensional instructions to your 12-layered DNA. It’s talking to 11 more layers that you don’t even know you have. Everything works perfectly. The brain is the perfect size, and all of it is active.

Here’s another one: Those who have mapped the Human genome have said, “Well, we can see the ‘stop-and-start code indicators’ within the genome, but there’s also a bunch of ‘DNA junk’ that has no seeming purpose. We can’t see any repeating patterns, and there’s absolutely no normal chemical code here. It’s just junk!” Human Being, it’s so interesting about your science: Quite often, when you can’t figure out something, then it’s junk!

Well, it isn’t junk! It’s part of interdimensional DNA, and you can’t “see” the other parts of it that make sense to those who would try to decode it. You see, the first layer of DNA that you can see under the microscope is also interdimensional in its scope, even though it exists in 4D. It has a coding scheme that talks to the other layers that are out of linearity and out of 4D. That’s the activation process! It’s ready to go. It’s even seeable in the Human genome, but you called it “junk” simply because it’s out of linearity!

Let me give you the big one – one we mentioned years ago but is now needed to examine again within this context: I challenge the statisticians to look at what you would call in mathematics the “P factor” [mathematical statistical coincidence of something being accurate within an experiment] of what I’m about to tell you. All the species on Earth evolved in a certain way. The mammals directly under you [monkeys, apes, gorillas, etc.] all have dozens, if not hundreds, of variations… spectacular differences. Some have tails; some don’t. Some look alike; some don’t. Many are shaped dramatically different from others. Some are huge and many are small. You get the idea. When you take a look at nature, it’s that way. Evolution creates variations that seem unlimited. Monkeys and gorillas are no exception.

Yet there is one large exception: the Human Being! Did you realize that? There’s only one kind of Human Being. And what are the statistical chances of that? Anthropologists will tell you that anthropologic evidence shows that there were 14 or 15 kinds of Humans, all evolving along the Human evolutionary line, up to a hundred thousand years ago. Then suddenly all but one disappeared, and it’s the one that developed…. only one kind. Isn’t that counter-intuitive to the evolutionary process? More than that… it’s counter-intuitive to all of nature! Yet you don’t hear scientists on the soapbox saying, “Wow! Look at this, it’s really different.” Instead they simply report it and say, “Well, it just is what it is.”

It’s time you all understood how many hints there are around you that you Humans are very different from all other life forms around you, even your own mammalian species in many ways. What are the statistics and probabilities of one animal stopping the evolutionary process in its tracks and only emerging with one kind when all the others have generous diversity? Oh, there are different colors and shapes of Humans, but biologically speaking, there’s only one kind. And that kind has intergalactic DNA energy surging through it. It has to, because of what’s going on with respect to the planet right now.

Now let’s revisit the miracles. Human Beings want linear answers regarding activating their DNA. I’ve sat here in the past and said: “The masters of the earth have activated DNA.” By the way, you always think I’m speaking of the past, but there are still three of those masters today who walk the planet with full DNA activation – total and complete control over nature, over physics, and over their own bodies. Three of them. They’re not all known, either. It’s part of the balance of what has to exist on the planet.

Some of the past masters became famous, were worshiped, and some even started great religions all over the planet. The history of what they did and what they said was given to you through time. However, what if I told you that those exact master attributes exist in each of you? Would you believe me? Even those who would believe it might get excited and say, “Kryon, if so, please give us the information on how to activate this. What do we do first? What do we do second?” And that, dear Human Being, is the problem. There’s no first and there’s no second.

Again, I’ll give you an example I’ve given before of Peter, who walked on the water. Let me just revisit this wonderful story one more time. You see, Peter was told by a master that he could walk on the water. He had a purpose, since he really wanted to cross the water to get to the master. There he was, facing a master… a Human Being whom he’d seen quell storms and talk to nature itself. And the master said, “Peter, you as a Human Being have the ability to walk on the water. Do it.” And Peter did! It’s not a fairy tale, you see? It’s in the pages of history.

Now let me ask you this. Where was Peter’s training? Where was Peter’s list? What do you think went through Peter’s mind at that moment when he was told he could walk on water? Perhaps he thought, Well, master, what’s first? What’s second? How many years should I study this process or that process? What should I know about physics? Where are the ‘walk on water’ books? Where’s the procedure? And the answers are that there were no books or training manuals or processes to study. It was as simple as A-B-C: acceptance of who you are, belief in the fact that you can do it, andcontract adjustment. A-B-C. We’ll talk about the last one in a moment as we close.

Those who touched the hem of the master’s garment had complete and total assurance and belief that at upon being touched, they would be healed. Actually, they healed themselves through their own process of belief. Those who walked the steps in a crippled fashion and entered the doorway where they became miraculously healed and hung their crutches up and walked away, knew that a miracle would happen. If only they could cross the threshold of that certain church, they’d be healed. They believed there was something magical, and they’d seen it before with others. They believed in it so strongly that it was a certainty…

Right now in your sciences you study the “placebo effect.” How is it that a Human Being can take a sugar-coated pill, believing it’s a strong drug, yet get the same benefits of the drug? Science sees it all the time… Humans healing themselves because they thought they were being given outside help, when actually there was none at all!

So we say to you, dear Human Being, that if you will truly understand your place in the universe, and you will know of your interdimensional, intergalactic DNA, you’ll realize what has happened. Seeds of mastery have been planted within your DNA for you to harvest. It’s no different from touching the hem of the master’s garment, walking on the water with the master present, or walking through the doorway of a healing church. You see, the process of creating miracles is within each Human. Miracles can happen in the chair where you sit right now!

Here’s a challenge, and I give it right now to some very specific female Humans who are hearing and reading… and you’ll know who you are as I proceed. Some in this assemblage are afraid of their lineage. They say, “My sister died early of a disease that runs in my family. Mom did, too, and her mom, too. I’m afraid of this genetic flaw that’s obviously surging through my veins – through my DNA right now. You see, now I know I’ve got it, too, and the clock is running out on my life. It’s going to hit me like it hit them, and we’re all going to die early… all the women of my family. I’m also afraid for my children.”

Let me tell you, dear Human Being, you’ve got a choice. It’s called contract adjustment, and we’ll talk about that in just a moment. But let’s speak of the actual choice and what happens. The junk DNA and that large part of your brain that science feels isn’t being used is about to be activated! My dear female Human Being, change the chemistry in your DNA! Watch the genes rearrange themselves. Activate the pieces and parts so that this disease will not happen to you or your future children or your children’s children! You can stop this “disease train” right now!

Listen: The spiritual contract you believe you have is much different than you think. You’re so stuck in linearity! You say, “I’ve got a contract with the universe that concerns my life on Earth. I’m supposed to fulfill this contract on a spiritual level where I come and I go from Earth, do certain things, face certain challenges, perhaps die early or even suffer a bit for God.” Human, you don’t understand. When you step out of linearity, the contract is renewed and signed every day. Every day! That’s divine choice, but it’s out of singularity and linearity for you.

What do you want to be today? How about mastery? There’s no contract that’s going to put you in a box for life where you just have to plow through it and “go with it.” It’s just the opposite! Spiritual contracts are signed every single day by individual Humans. They might go like this: “Dear Spirit, I write a new contract; I feel the mastery of my own biology; I know that I have help and know there’s more than I can see. I claim the pieces and parts of my DNA that are begging to be activated, and I rearrange my genes. I rearrange the time clock and hereby slow it down. I’m going to last a lot longer than my beginning contract said I was when I was born because I’m rewriting it, you see. And I’m going to sign it today. Then tomorrow if I see increased wisdom to improve it, I’m going to sign a better one then.”

Some of you are stuck in linearity, a condition that says that your spiritual contract is singular for life, and you’re on a clock when you get here, and what you came here for is set in stone and will never change. Step back a moment. Do you think this system is sacred and the best thing God has to offer as a plan for your existence? Begin to understand that the challenge of coming to Earth is basically a setup to see if you can discover you can change anything through free spiritual choice!

Here’s another linearity metaphor. You think that you’re born to live on the ground floor of a building, since that’s the only floor you can “see.” What if, by your own discovery, you find that there is really a second floor, but that it’s interdimensional. Unbelievable, you say? If you think that, then you deny your best physics, which says that you can only “see” less than half of the reality of the universe! When you begin to climb the steps to the second floor, everything that was the first floor goes away and somehow comes with you to the second. The difference? It’s a new floor with a new view and new opportunities. The nice thing about this metaphor is that you create it. God doesn’t hand it to you. It’s within your scope of reality all the time. Look! Could it be that there’s a third floor, and a fourth, too? I think you understand.

Step out of linearity – it’s the challenge of a lifetime. There are no lists for mastery. It has to be discovered and implemented individually. Peter did it. So have so many who felt that they were part of some divine miracle, but actually were not. They claimed mastery themselves and never knew it. Now it’s time for you to understand the process and begin it for yourself. Dear humanity in this room and reading this: Be still and know that you are God. When you do, all will be revealed and you can begin the process. A-B-C: Accept who you are. Believe that it can be done. Change the contract to allow it. ~ Kryon

On Surgical Enhancements (Silicon Implants):
So, you wish to speak of sexual attractiveness and self-worth? Let’s do so. This is not a taboo subject with Spirit. It’s all part of what makes you do what you do. Think of it as yet another tool of life choice, given in an age of technology that would support it, and a culture where it’s not unusual.

There’s no spiritual judgment around enhancing your looks to accomplish better self-worth. There’s also no taboo around it. There might be biological consequences, however. The spiritual attribute is this, however: What does it bring to you that otherwise wouldn’t have happened? Did you create a choice that would steer you into a place you didn’t prepare for? If so, do you have good solutions? Did it help with your self-worth? The answers to these things are varied and complex, but they’re all honored, since they’re all part of what you’re creating for yourself in free choice.

To Spirit, there’s no difference between this and selecting a new color of clothing or changing your hairstyle. It’s not seen as a violation of your body for unholy purposes (as some would have you believe). We’ve spoken of how sex is one of the most respected energies on the planet, and how Humans have a choice to honor of abuse it. But if honored, it creates sacredness in itself, with love and joy at its center. The enhancement you’ve described is totally a cultural perception, and isn’t seen by Spirit as anything more than your becoming more beautiful to a society that wishes to participate in this ritual of appearance.

Since it affects your biology, however, here’s some advice: Anything placed into cavities of your body that are foreign to your system will have a tendency to create an energy of imbalance. Therefore, make the alteration sacred. Bless the substance, and tell it how much better you’ll feel when it’s added. Speak to it daily, and give the body permission to feel that it belongs there. Make it part of the whole. ~ Kryon

On Jesus:
Jesus was a real person. His birth and death were far different than they have been reported, but he walked the earth as an enlightened soul whose miracles and teachings were the beginning of a new dispensation. He taught unity, and the principle that all men could speak personally to God. He said, “You can be just like me!” and that is what our message is, also… that master-hood is within each of you. If you really want to know more about the real history, it’s very clearly in the scrolls, but it’s not in your scriptures!

If you feel that Jesus might have had a special consciousness, as many of the new children do, you’re right! His DNA was without some of the restrictions that you have, but had those that you’re now learning about. The astrological layer of his DNA (the layers that respond to other planetary energy movements) were void and neutral.

And yes, he knows of your love, and all the things that your divinity knows. Like all of you, he is multidimensional, and is in many places at the same time. Did you know that you are, too?

Spiritual enlightenment is not about following any Human Being or any entity in the Universe. It’s about knowing that God resides within you, and that you’re an eternal part of His universal plan. This information has been brought to you from many masters and is within many cultures throughout the history of the earth.

Jesus, as well as other masters who walked the earth, not only gave you messages of empowerment, but then “walked the walk” so you could see that a Human Being could actually do what he said could be done. Many of you are poised on the edge of realizing this same thing. ~ Kryon

On Vaccinations:
The premise of vaccination is accurate. It works for biology and it has for many years. It has voided and almost completely eliminated certain killer diseases from the planet and has saved countless lives by now. It works. However, will vaccinations continue to work? I’m going to say this, and as I do, some will understand and some won’t: In the spirit that it was developed, and in the form that it was brought to you as many as 50 years ago, it will continue to work. However, there’s been an attempt to put medicine with the vaccinations, which are also supposedly helping to stop other diseases, as many as 17 or 18 of them, instead of the 7 or 8 of the original design.

Here is our advice: Doctors, rewind time and go back to the 7 or 8 substances. Don’t put the others into the vaccinations. Treat the others separately and give parents choices as to which substances they want: the original formula, or two formulas at different times. What you don’t yet “see” in your science is that there is indeed an energy of consciousness when you combine too many of these together. It can actually void the purpose, and some cellular attributes cancel them completely if they’re given together. And yes, there can be problems that won’t show for years when you give these substances together, simply because they’re not doing what you asked them to. They open a door for later imbalance. ~ Kryon

On Advice for Healers:
I have some advice for you if you’re a healer. Would you like to make your healing abilities more profound? Well, first of all, let’s discuss what’s actually happening. Some of you have stopped your healing work because things aren’t working the way they used to. There’s often a question, in this new energy: “Will my past healing modalities still work?” The answer is yes – in fact you will, by intuition, be able to use them even better than before – but there is some advice also. The first is this: It’s time to do something that not all of you are doing: Practice mastery! If you’re going to be the vessel for balance, be balanced! Gone are the days when the healers can have the information and the knowledge, open the book, do the work, then go on and do whatever they choose with their own bodies. For the first time I’m going to tell you that your healing abilities will be connected to the work you’re doing on yourselves – physically and spiritually.

You are a pure vessel for balancing others, and that’s going to be “seen” at the cellular level by those you work on or advise. And if you want to stop a healing practice immediately, then I’ll tell you it’s easy. All you have to do, healer, is become unbalanced and everything will grind to a halt. And it didn’t used to be that way.

Healer, in the old energy, the principles worked no matter what you did when you were alone. Over and over you may have put the crystals or needles in the right place, or created the correct colors and practiced the ancient ways. Perhaps you would visualize the right symbols and give the correct energy focus. Then you might get a healing in front of you! Not anymore.

So here’s the advice: Tune yourselves up! Do you have a habit that’s killing your own cells? And you think you can hide that from the one you’re working on? In the old days, yes. But since the Venus Transit, no. Remember, the attributes of the Venus Transit are a balance of masculine and feminine. Part of that balance was a creation of intuition abilities at the cellular level for Humanity. It’s starting to work, and that’s why so many are “awakening.” The Human body is no longer “unaware” of what’s around it, or what’s happening to it. It’s starting to react to frequencies of consciousness, and that’s often you. That’s number one.

Now the second one also has to do with tuning. The frequency of your reality has changed. Oh, your healing modalities will still work, but they’re going to begin to fall flat unless you start searching for the new frequency where they will be activated. We know this isn’t 3D information and is difficult to describe. So think of it like this: Your favorite radio station has increased its power and is slowly changing to a new place on the dial [a new frequency of transmission]. If you keep the dial set at the old frequency, gradually it’s going to go away. Pretty soon there will be no music and you’re going to have to reach down and turn the dial and actively search. “Where’s the new channel?” You might ask.

It’s not a mystery where the frequency is going, but don’t let this take you by surprise after the fact. Flow with it now. If you’re aware of this, you’ll receive the information intuitively and gradually. But you must understand the premise. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow unless you tune up yourself and also find the new frequency that everything is shifting to. Now, we speak metaphorically and generally. The reason we do this is that it’s impossible to communicate each detail of the many attributes facing each of you personally. So we give the overview. But healer, you know what I speak of.

Perhaps you’ve discovered a premise and you’ve worked with it for a long time? You’ve done scientific research – perhaps you’ve even proved it in your own healing parlor. Now it starts to evade you. Things aren’t working quite as well, and you might say, “Well, that’s because the population is no longer as receptive. They’re denser now.” No, they’re not! It’s the opposite. It’s time for you to make a shift. The population has been given new tools and they’re starting to awaken and know the difference.

Bizarre Stuff
Here’s one you may not understand: Healer, as you make this shift, look for the bizarre! There are some premises waiting for you to discover within your own work, which you think you know so well, that you haven’t discovered yet. Look for the bizarre. I’ll give you an example: The master acupuncturist will treat the 12 meridians of the body. And there are only 12 – that’s ancient science that has stayed the same, since it’s the way the body works energetically. That’s the process they’ll stay with. Now, I’m going to tell you how many meridians there really are for this time. For a starter this year, there are 24! “Kryon do you mean that we are gaining meridians? Isn’t this something that either ‘is’ or ‘is not’? How can a health practitioner even begin to treat a Human if the rules of how health works shifts all the time?” If you asked this question, then you’re very astute! Yes the Human is changing. The answer to your question of “how” is tochange the healer!

Is the Human Being suddenly adding meridians? Not really. They were always there. But now in an energy where you’re becoming balanced and interdimensionally aware, what was always there, but invisible is starting to show itself more clearly. The result? Enhanced healing! But it requires an interdimensionally-aware healer. Interdimensionality is bizarre to a 3D Human! Don’t let some of the intellectual 3D questions that you may have stop your search. For instance, where are the other 12 meridians? Don’t look for them in physical places on the body. They’re above the original twelve!

“What?” You might say. “How are we going to do accurate acupuncture and insert needles into open space?” And that’s where it gets bizarre. What about the intent of the healer? You put one in, and intend it be two! Does it work? Indeed. If you understand and recognize that that particular meridian exists above the ancient one, then you’re on the right track. The one above is an interdimensional meridian that starts to tune the bodies in interdimensional ways, but which relate to the physical ones purpose also.

If you can understand this, then you’re way ahead of the game.

Remember that acupuncture is an energy science: It’s about the movement of energy within the body. When the energy of the planet is shifting and affecting everything, did you really expect that the Human Body would not also shift in the way it deals with energy? Just by acknowledging that, you’ve increased your knowledge and your potency as a healer. And when you insert the needle into the meridian that you always did, make it two needles in your mind. Now, perhaps you understand why the health of the healer’s mind and body is important? A healer who is just “walking through the process” can never go beyond the 3D of it all. All of this, by the way, is for what? Is it healing? The answer is no. It’s for balance. Acupuncture is a system of balance. Energy healing is a system of balance. Healers don’t heal, they balance. The individual Human reaction to a balancing by a balanced healer is what heals the Human.

Involve the Patient’s Consciousness
We gave you instructions over a decade ago and we’re going to practice this premise even tonight with the listeners here. We can’t get away from this basic premise and we encourage every healer in here to do what we are about to review every single time they see a patient. Interact with your patients in a specific way: Ask them if they give permission for a healing that day. Don’t let a situation take place where they come to you thinking you’re going to do something for them where they simply lay on the table and you supply magic, then they leave. No – instead make them participate in the process.

Before they ever lie down, look upon them – look in their eyes and ask them if they give permission for their own cellular structure to change. It has to do with intent. Perhaps you might say, “Do you give permission today to have your DNA changed?” Make them verbalize yes or no. Of course they’ll say yes. After all, they probably paid to be there. But just the sound in the air when their own body hears that they’re giving permission sets the stage for their own healing. If you want to carry it a little further, you might even ask them the second question: “Do you understand that only you are responsible for what takes place in your body?” Now they’ve got to think a little. “Yes,” they may say. Then do your work. This is profound, healer. You need to understand that it’s part of the package of healing… truly part of the package. Make them responsible with you, and as a team, do your work. And here’s something we recently have mentioned, but never in channel: We know a secret about healers – one that even they won’t admit. You see, when they’re alone and nobody’s looking, and they can think about all the things that are going on, many of them feel guilty. They’re feeling guilty about the ones they couldn’t help – the ones that they couldn’t heal. Their self-worth suffers due to it!

Healers are Lightworkers who literally have the gift of touching people physically and energetically and helping them in their lives, yet when they’re alone, they feel so small. They often wonder whether they’re doing any good on the planet. Oh, they know better at some level, but in 3D they suffer from negative self-worth. Healer, if this is you, you’ve got about a trillion entities who want to put their arms around you right now and say, “You have no idea how you’re helping the planet!”

Did you know, dear one, that when a Human gets off your table, and this person has had an improvement in their biology, it actually changes Gaia? Did you know that? Did you know that every step you take with integrity and spiritual awareness helps Gaia? Say you may make a trip to the store and on the way you make a little prayer. You’ve helped the planet! Yet you feel so ordinary and you wonder whether you’re doing anything. Let us take a moment to dance and to celebrate you! For the veil keeps you from seeing your own results!

Imagine walking through fertile lands for years. Everywhere you go, you plant seeds. These seeds are planted automatically, because wherever you step, your very presence leaves them. Years pass and you sit at home wondering if you’ve done anything at all for planet Earth. You agonize over your seeming nothingness since you never get to return to the place where you walked and take a look. If you could see it, you’d see forests and giant plants, spectacular flowering fields, all with your name on them. Such is the way it works when you’re in duality. ~ Kryon

On How Big is God?:
I want you to imagine the Atlantic Ocean. It’s huge! Yet this ocean has a oneness about it. This entire ocean is pulled as one object by the moon. Seemingly as one entity, it bulges gently and causes tides and waters to be pushed and pulled on beaches thousands of miles apart. If you study the tides and the currents, you might wonder how there could be a system where the ocean seems to respond as though it were one consciousness. It seems to coordinate itself in many ways, yet it’s made of trillions of parts called water molecules.

Now here’s the metaphor: The ocean is made of water, which is the water molecule you know as H2O. So I want you to visualize in your mind how many molecules there are in the ocean! I’ll give you a moment to count them.

[Pause and smile]

You can’t do it, can you? It’s an unbelievably large number, understandable only by math. It’s too big to imagine, so notations in mathematics would be given that only the mathematicians can truly grasp. It would be a number that would be so large that it would be out of your view as a Human.

Now, imagine (in this metaphor) that each one of those molecules is an angel. In addition (just to make this more complex), somehow these trillions and trillions of molecules know one another! They all know each other at a quantum level… it’s a system where what happens to one of them happens to them all – at the same time. Somehow they’re all connected. One knows the other no matter how many thousands of miles apart they are within the ocean. Can you imagine such a connection?

Consider the ocean in this metaphor for a moment, to be what you think of as God. God is not one thing, but a combination of trillions of parts of angelic consciousness (the ocean). Contemplate just how big this would be to a molecule! Now take a small glass of water, fill it almost to the top with a little of this enormous ocean, then let it bob around in a gentle way on the ocean’s surface. For this metaphor, the glass of water is planet Earth.

Now I want you to notice something: The glass is filled with water from the ocean. Are you starting to understand? Whatever the ocean means to you, it’s also in the glass. In fact, if you were in the glass, and you were a molecule of H2O, you wouldn’t be able to see through the glass clearly. In fact, you wouldn’t even know that the ocean existed. Yet you’d be pushed and pulled and bobbed around just as though you were part of the ocean.

Without the knowledge of this vast ocean, you wouldn’t truly know who you were. You wouldn’t even know you were an H2O molecule. When you looked around spiritually, you might say, “Well, it looks like the wall of our water glass is the limit. We’re contained by the glass and we can’t see anything beyond it. We can’t see outside! In addition, there’s no evidence that there’s anyone beyond the glass. So we’ll turn inward and examine only ourselves.” This is the earth.

But if the glass contains ocean water, this means that the glass actually contains angels  [according to the metaphor]! But in this case, they’re angels that don’t seem to know that they’re angels. There seems to be total isolation, and disconnected from everything except what’s going on in the glass of water. The water in the glass can’t even see how big the ocean is… if they even believe there is one. Oh, they can look at the stars and appreciate the Universe, but they can’t see through the glass to really see how big God is.

Yet there’s something interesting going on here. There’s a mass intuition. At the center of every molecule, somehow they know that there’s something bigger than themselves. It’s intuitive, and all throughout the glass it’s felt. Here is a fact of your humanness: Eighty-five percent of humanity believes in the afterlife. Hundreds of religions, developed independently at many times and places in history, all have something in common: They believe that when you leave Earth, you go somewhere else!

Now, 85 percent would be an amazing number if you were doing a political poll! It’s more than a majority – it’s a mandate of consciousness. And so at the cellular level, the Human Being knows that there’s something beyond the glass. Even though there’s no entity that can prove it, the belief continues through the ages and into the future, and men and women continue to die in battle defending their belief that beyond the glass is their own God.

Recently discovered, very old tribes in New Guinea reveal something interesting: They’ve been left to develop by themselves for hundreds of years, and the Western world only just found them. Yet without any outside influence whatsoever, it seems that these tribes all believe in the afterlife! Now, you see, that’s Human intuition. Many would say it’s just wishful thinking…  something developed to make life more than it is and a Band-Aid to help deal with death. But that is often a psychological statement that steers clear of the obvious spiritual nature that all Humans have. Psychologists would much rather explain the Human condition as being from within the Human experience, without any acknowledgment of interdimensional forces or energies that might suggest an unseen God. But you see, this afterlife belief is actually intuitive cellular-level information.

Eighty-five percent of the people on the earth can’t all have the same thought and have it be a coincidence, or just wishful thinking. At some level, you not only know about the ocean on the other side of the glass, but you also know about the family who’s there… trillions and trillions of them. If you could only know more! That’s the spiritual quest that often drives Human cultures and even wars, where one side believes that their God is better than the other. Therefore, they kill each other to rid the planet of “wrong thinking.” Odd, isn’t it, how the unseen actually postures governments, shapes countries, and creates wars? That’s a lot of effort and energy spent on “wishful thinking.”

We stop and apologize for having to use metaphors so often, but we must give you this information in this fashion to even get to the next step of the teaching. And so I’m going to stop for a moment and ask you this question: Do you see how amazing this system is?     

How big is God?

Big enough to have created multiple Universes – trillions and trillions of angelic entities, stretching farther than you can imagine – levels of dimensionality that you cannot conceive of. Bigger than big!

Yet small enough to love you and live in your heart.

Perception of God
What is the perception, therefore, of God? Looking at it from the outside of the glass, it’s actually quite amusing for us [Kryon]. Let me tell you what happens: The molecules in the glass [Human-angels] start to look around and wonder about everything. As discussed, they believe in the afterlife. Therefore, they feel there must be a God somewhere. Then they decide from the depths of their wisdom that God must be a giant molecule! Why? Because it’s the only thing they can see. They have only one model – themselves. Then they say that there’s proof of this, since scripture says so. In just one example, there’s holy scripture that says that you’re “made in the image of God.” Now, if you’re a molecule, God must therefore be a giant molecule, too, since, if you believe scripture, you look just like God.

How can I tell you this, dear one? This is the premise we’ve taught from the beginning that’s so difficult for you to grasp. You have it reversed! Your logic is reversed. You don’t understand this because you can’t broach the glass. “Made in His image” means that every single molecule in the glass is part of the ocean! You have it backwards, you see. God’s “image” is the mastery of the Universe. It’s the divinity of the angelic realm, and it is indeed your image. The “image” is inside you.

It’s interesting that Humans can only imagine the highest thing in their own reality. And so those in the glass, for thousands of years, have decided that God is a molecule. Pictures of God are Human-like, and all the angels are, too. Every time an angel appears on Earth, those who create the history of the event have to put skin and wings on them, pretend they’re of singular nature, and give them one name. This is very funny! For angels are interdimensional, without wings or Human form, and they always have a “group” attribute. That’s because they represent the consciousness of the whole ocean. But in order for Humans to grasp their visit, they’re brought to the Human form and level.

You see how limited that is? Think of it… if that glass contained only anteaters, they would have chosen to say that God must be a large anteater! Then they’d go on to say, “When I get to heaven, there will be lots of ants!” Amusing, isn’t it? But that’s not very different from what most Humans do. You’ve been told that when you go to heaven, there will be streets of gold – mansions for each one of you. Some cultures believe that you’ll be met by 72 virgins [just the men qualify for this, of course]. Do you see what I’m saying? You can only go to the limit of the wall of the glass based on your spiritual thinking and your own reality. Your idea of what God must be and what heaven must be is contained in, and limited to, your own Human experience.

The truth? There are no streets or mansions (or Human virgins) when you get to the other side of the glass. What there is, is a splendorous reality that you instantly remember. There is expansion, and you become the part of God that you always were, and all is known. You go home! In this metaphor, the wall of the glass is the veil. You can’t see through it, and you never actually see the ocean [God]. So everything you conceive of isn’t much bigger than the glass, and that’s what you decide to worship. You worship what you can’t see, thinking that whatever that force is on the other side of the glass, it has to be wiser and bigger than you. What you don’t understand is the actual test you’re in that creates this.

Can angels, sequestered in the glass, eventually discover the truth about who they are? Will they ever acknowledge that they’re part of the ocean? Or will they eventually kill each other trying to reach the streets of gold or the 72 virgins? This is what the Kryon work is about. We’re here because there’s an awakening… a great shift… and humanity is beginning to see through the glass. Let me make a statement. There’s nothing to worship; there’s everything to discover. ~ Kryon

On Fear of the Future:
In order to be a Human Being, you’re on a linear track, one energy at a time. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Many are afraid. You really don’t know what’s going to happen, and positive personal experience from the past doesn’t seem to help you at all. It’s counter-intuitive to everything that’s happened. For instance, yesterday, when you were planning on coming to this meeting, this energy you’re sitting in now was the future. So you might say you’re sitting in the future! I say to you, how do you like it so far?

What did you fear yesterday? It’s simply counter-intuitive to everything you are. It’s because you’re not used to it. Human Beings have spent most of the eons even before the Universe existed in an overlapping situation of energies that were always in the now. No matter how many times you’ve been Human, you’re still disturbed by this linear train. You don’t know what’s coming and you can’t see it. Yet you want to know about it because that’s the way it normally is for you. You get to see all the potentials of everything at once.

And so here is a message to the dear one who says, “I’m ready to go and I can go anywhere.” We say this to you: You’re in your sweet spot and you don’t have to worry about where you’re going. Because when the energy arrives, it’ll push you and pull you around because at some level you’re connected to your own divinity – something that knows the big picture. You have pure intent and the set-up is complete and it’s taken lifetimes to get here. We told you to be patient and you have been. And so now is the time to celebrate your inactivity and wait for the energies to come… and they will.

Being in the right spot at the right time starts with pure intent. Yet there would be those who would say “I’m wasting my time. I’m marking time. I’m not doing anything. I don’t know what to do.” And we say again to you, why don’t you just sing a song and let it happen? Spirit knows you’re there and sees your light, and it’ll bring to you the energies of what you’ve asked for. It has in the past and it will in the future because you’re in the right place.

How many times have we used the very Human historical event of the Israelites walking in the desert for 40 years? Well, we do it again. Remember this history? They had to be going in a circle because the desert isn’t that big. They knew it, too. So they were visiting places that they had visited before, through leadership that was actually taking them in a giant circle over the years. In addition, they were fed every day from the sky. Some have said this is a metaphor. It’s not. There is physical science behind the food from the sky. These tribes were fed every day for all those years, visiting places that were familiar to them, because they were walking in a circle. Yet every single day they worried about tomorrow! There were even movements within the group to break away and make contingency plans just in case tomorrow didn’t bring them what they expected. “What if it doesn’t happen?” they would ponder. They had committee meetings and planning sessions in secret. “What if it doesn’t happen tomorrow? Where are we going to go and what are we going to do if the food doesn’t come?” Then tomorrow would come and the food would arrive and they’d be fine for a few more days… until the Human part took over again.

Just think, physical proof every day for a generation or more. There were those born who didn’t know anything else but that. As children they thought it’s just the way the world works! Yet the Human mind would take over and the “what ifs” would prevail and create anxiety. And these were the chosen ones of the time. Historically they were the ones who needed to be taken care of. Well, let me tell you who the chosen ones of this time are – I’m looking at them, and they’re reading this page! These are the Humans who can shine their divine light and work on their own vibrations and DNA and actually change the planet! That’s why you’re here, dear one. ~ Kryon

On Disbelief in the Actual Source:
Against all odds, you don’t really believe in the source! Now, that’s really counter-intuitive, since it resides in you. But it’s invisible. Here’s what I mean about “the source”: I’m talking about in the essence that flows through this metaphoric pipeline. It’s the connection. Even though you can see the results, you really don’t believe in the source. As proof, look around you. Humanity is locked is a struggle all about who God is, what God wants, and who is right and who is wrong about this invisible force. Many are so fed up with it all that they’ve resigned their consciousness to even believing it’s there at all. They shout “Enough already!”

Let me give you an example of something that’s interesting to us on the other side of the veil. It shows how powerful the duality is, and how counter-intuitive this is within yourself. In your culture, when you go into your food preparation areas, there’s a spigot there… a small device on the wall. And because you’ve lived long enough in your culture, you know that if you turn it, you have almost unlimited water. It’s a resource that comes through a pipe, but your visual sense doesn’t see the pipe, it only sees this tiny little faucet. Yet that tiny little faucet will supply you with water all your life, because it’s hooked up to a very large source. So you don’t even think about it anymore. It always works.

When you turn on the light switch, you don’t see the electrical generators that are out there giving you the electricity to put light in your home. You think nothing of it. You go to the switch and expect it to provide unlimited power. It’s a very small thing, that switch. But once you know what it is and how it works in your reality, you get unlimited power. Think about it: It’s all invisible, those resources behind the small devices, yet your 3-D knowledge lets you trust them, since you “know how they work.”

Now, take a fantasy trip with me. Let’s say that there’s a Human Being who’s never seen a faucet. Okay, he’s come from another Human planet. He wants to know how your kitchen works. And you say, “Well, this is a small thing on the wall and when you turn it, you’ll get water so you can fill up buckets and buckets and buckets. It just keeps coming and keeps coming and always will.” Then you let him turn on the water and sure enough, it flows out into the bucket and he’s astonished. He looks at it and he’s excited about it and he plays in the water. To himself, he wonders, “What kind of a miracle is this that such a small object manifests such an abundance of needed mater. This is a process that I don’t understand.” Then you turn the faucet off and you go away.

In several hours you come back and there he is, sitting and staring at the faucet, obviously anxious and wringing his hands. “What’s happening?” you might say. “I’m thirsty,” he replies.

“Well, why don’t you just turn the faucet and get a drink?”

“Because I’m not sure it will work again. And if it doesn’t I’ll be very disappointed and I’ll go thirsty, too.”

What would you think of that creature? Would you shake your head and walk away? Would you think, “Boy, what issues he must have on his planet!” Well, dear one, welcome to Earth! Because that’s how you treat the spigot of God! Afraid to turn it on, are you? Afraid that it might not work? Has something happened in your life before that shows it works, yet you’re still afraid to use it since you don’t think it’ll work again? Is it just too odd, these spiritual things? Indeed it’s counter-intuitive to everything we’ve shown you and what many have actually experienced. That’s duality at its best!

There’s no judgment of this, dear one. Blessed is the Human Being who plows through the duality to what we call The Missing Bridge, which is a story within the Kryon teaching regarding the parable of the man who had to cross the chasm of belief in a car. When he knew the bridge was out, he proceeded anyway because he knew he was supposed to cross. Unbeknownst to him, there was a new bridge that he only saw as he rounded the corner at full speed. He crossed it, because somehow he knew it would be there.

This is what we teach. And we’ll tell you this: For some of you, this duality never gets any better. In other words, every single time you come to that bridge of belief, you’ll be challenged with doubt. So if you’re one of these, we say blessed are you, for you’re experiencing the duality and moving through it anyway. That’s the test of the planet. That’s the challenge. There’s nothing wrong with you if you find yourself tested daily from the duality you agreed to.

Oh, we know who’s here and who’s reading! We know what your needs are, and your doubts. And so we say to you, in your spiritual kitchen there’s unlimited power and sustenance. What you don’t know is that it comes from the family that has your name and energy all over it. When you open that pipe, in will come wisdom beyond what you think, helping to show you what to do next. For on the other side of the veil, the other part of you is still there! Your Higher-Self is that part. That’s where the peace comes from. That’s where the power comes from. ~ Kryon

On Change:
Humans don’t like change. Well, let me give you something to think about. What about a change where you heal your body? Is that okay? What about a change where you become peaceful when you’re having trouble with peace? What about a change where you have the answer and the solutions to the unsolvable? What about a change on earth where the Palestinians and the Israelis have a meeting point where they can agree on something and begin a process that actually works? It’s only a matter of keeping the energy on this planet the way it is now and accelerating the light and vibrations until those things can happen. And you are the accelerators – all of you! And you fear change? That’s like the cook in the kitchen fearing that a meal might be produced! It’s not even logical. ~ Kryon

On Magnetism and Gravity:
So we get into some subjects of science that are very interesting to many. In four dimensions, when your science started looking at the shape of the atom and its parts, you discovered that there was a tremendous amount of space between the nucleus and the electron haze of each atom. It was an enormous amount of space compared to the unit itself [the matter in the atom]. There’s so much space between the parts that a scientist now looks at matter and says, “Did you know that most of that matter is made up of nothing… just space?” Does that even make sense? Does your 4D logic support a concept where physical objects in your reality are mostly emptiness between atomic parts? No, it doesn’t.

Now put on those fun interdimensional glasses and I’ll tell you there’s no space between the nucleus and the electron haze. Instead, there’s a process and it’s filled with something that you have no name for whatsoever, and we don’t either. You’re going to have to come upon it all by yourself, but it’s the name of a partnership of two energies called Magnetism and Gravity. And these two brother-energies are absolutely inseparable. You’ll never find one without the other.

Here on Earth, your scientists have labeled two major forces on the planet magnetism and gravity. This is incorrect. There’s one force with two attributes, but you don’t see it that way yet, since you’re not totally aware of the process. “Let’s study magnetism,” some might say. Or, “Let’s study gravity.” You can’t study one without studying the other. Experiments with one trigger the other. Sometimes what happens in the experiments isn’t understood and they say, “Well, that’s odd. We just can’t understand what’s going on here.” This is due to the fact that the scientists are trying to separate a process. They want to put gravity and magnetism in separate boxes, but they can’t do that.

Magnetism and gravity are inseparable, and when you see anomalies in one, the other is what’s causing it. It’s an invisible process, you know? Experiments with magnetism will alter gravity and change the phase displacement of matter itself! Distance parameters change, and so does time. But your linear minds keep you from seeing the process. It’s invisible to you.

Let me give you an example that perhaps you haven’t considered about a process. It’s something very common – invisible, yet very powerful. Your children often play with toy “bar” magnets. Two of them together make a wonderful child’s toy. When you take the two bar magnets, each several inches long, and you connect them in one position, you can hardly get them apart! Pull with all your might. “They’re stuck together!” you might exclaim. Yet in another alignment, they push – repel – one another with so much force you can’t put them together, no matter how hard you push. With these two forces at work, you can have a lot of fun. Recreationally, you find all manner of things to do with this force. Some of you have toys on your desks where objects are forever suspended between the positive and the negative polls of a large magnet. They seem to float in midair.

Now has anybody asked, “What’s causing this?” A child would look at the scenario these days and say, “Where are the batteries? And how often do you have to replace them?” Then the adult might reply, “Well, there are no batteries and you never have to replace them since the power is forever.” That’s when the child might look up you and say, “Well, where’s the power coming from?” Even children realize this! Think about it. What would cause such a constant force… an attraction or repulsion of that strength for all your life, and beyond? Did you ever consider this? Nothing’s connected to it, there’s no batteries, it’s not plugged into the wall, and yet it’s physically powerful and you can see it and feel it with your own eyes and body anytime you wish. Are you perhaps seeing a process? Invisible?

How many of you have ever thought about that specific power? I’ll tell you what it is: It’s a process of magnetism and gravity. These overlap to create an interaction where anomalies in both fields are created, which unbalance the cosmic lattice just enough to pull from seeming nothing, physical power [force] from the universe. If the force is large enough, it can actually change distance, time, and matter attributes (the space between the nucleus of an atom and the electron haze). It’s interdimensional power, and it’s forever! You want to see an energy-free engine? Look at two bar magnets! It doesn’t get better than that. It also doesn’t get more simple than that. No working parts. Free energy forever. Did you ever think about that?

Oh, the physicists will say, “You can’t get something for nothing. There’s always a trade-off.” They’re right about that. They have formulas discussing it and describing it, but they don’t know where the power comes from, and they really don’t know the “trade-off.” It’s not “something for nothing.” It’s part of a giant engine that’s always ready to be tapped for power, and which has “trading” attributes in place that replace it instantly from a source that is the constant of the Universe. That means that somehow, somewhere, even the force of a simple bar-magnet is being replaced within the universe through these universal “laws” of physics.

Let me tell you a little more about the engine of magnetics, since we’re talking about this very thing. Think of your earth and the north and south poles, which are just like the magnets. What are the attributes of this engine? Some have asked for scientific information about this. They ask, “Is there some kind of connection between the north and the south pole energy perhaps, that you can’t really see?” And the answer is absolutely yes! There’s an interdimensional reconnection that you can’t see, but which is as thick as anything you can imagine. Many of you don’t care to understand this so I’ll make it very simple and very quick. Between the poles of any magnetic field, there’s an engine that is interdimensional and always “on.” Between the poles is a process, not empty space. In the case of your earth, it’s you who are sitting within the process [between the poles], and that, my dear Human, is the secret to why the magnetics of earth relate to your biology and your DNA. You have already seen the “force” of the magnets. So how about now you begin to admit that perhaps this invisible force carries with it something for you?

Think of it: Seeming power out of nothing. That’s pure science, and even the child’s toy shows it. Now we’ll give you one more to think about. You compartmentalize light, sound, and color. You say “Oh, it’s beautiful,” and then you assign the colors to certain things and the lights to other things, and the sounds to yet other things – never understanding that every single thing on the planet has all three! They’re integrated as one, and you can’t mention anything on the earth that doesn’t have all three. Yet you separate the study of them.

Oh, you could look at them independently if you chose to. But that would be like going to the symphony orchestra and asking to listen to one violin, while the rest of the orchestra plays without you hearing it. Why would you do that when the choir and the orchestra is so profound? Why would you isolate out one attribute and say, “Well, let’s just study the one thing and ignore all the others.” That’s because you can’t hear and see and appreciate the others. Why? Because they’re often invisible to your perception.

“Kryon, are you telling us that ordinary things have light in them?” Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. Did you think light was its own energy? Did you consider that it might be an actual building block of matter, part of a process? You have yet to discover this. And when you do there’s going to be an uproar. And the news will be, “Well, it seems as though we don’t really truly understand matter at all, since we’re finding light in all of it.”

Do the experiments to see if I’m telling you the truth. You’ll find light in all matter, even a rock! Oh, it may be subtle, but it’s there. We challenge your scientists to find light-tight chambers where you can place ordinary objects. Then dissect them, open them up if you wish. With ultra-sensitive light instruments, leave them in there for a week or a month… or more. With a highly sensitive photographic plate, collect the photons that might escape from this rock within total blackness. I guarantee that when you pull them out of that chamber and develop that film, you’ll find there’s light in the rock! And if you want to start analyzing that light, you’ll find a vibration that doesn’t make any sense: It’s way too high for what you might expect.

That new vibration is actually a color! When you start talking about very high vibrations you don’t think about colors because it’s beyond Human sight. Oh, but it’s there in our sight, and it’s beautiful. How do I know? Because I’m looking at it! I’m looking at you and you’re beautiful. Everything has light. There are attributes of light that you have yet to measure or understand, but all vibration is a color and sound. What an orchestra! What a sound, light makes. You see, light is always sound, too, but you don’t hear it, do you. I do, and you do, too, when you’re not in Human form.

Who among you has heard light lately? Many doubt me. Watch for this: Someday your science is going to show that DNA actually sings! Instruments will show that DNA sings [has vibrations of sound] and you’re going to say, “Wow, this sounds like something Kryon told us.” Why don’t you save some energy and simply believe it now instead of waiting for your scientists to tell it to you? Is it because it’s invisible? Well so is magnetism and gravity. I’m telling you that some of these things that I’m discussing this minute are very close to discovery. ~ Kryon

You know, electromagnetics are a field that create the patterns for the atomic structure to do their thing, and even the electromagnetics are changing. Magnetics – and I don’t want to get too far off today – but magnetics occur when pure light – which comes from energy – when pure light separates, and now you have a magnetic force that will bring them back together or repel them. That’s what creates electromagnetic fields, which holds a lot of stuff in, along with gravity. And even the magnetics that would attract or repel things within an electromagnetic field are changing.

So you can imagine everything now in an electromagnetic field, which your reality is based on, and then you have objects, physical objects within that field, and now the electromagnetics change. They shift and they’re no longer in defined patterns or frequencies, and you no longer have the old way of magnetics doing the attracting or the repelling, and suddenly it appears to be chaos. Suddenly things aren’t held together like they were before. That’s what’s happening on a very subtle level. ~ Adamus Saint-Germain

On First-Timers, Old Souls and Pretenders:
A first-timer is one who comes to the earth for the first time in his cycle. He comes from other biologies, other universes, other earths, (if you wish to say that) but not exactly. This test you call Earth is not a duplicate of something that’s happened before or is currently happening. It’s not about alternate selves. No. This test is unique, and all the testing places are unique. They’re all about free choice, and what it specifically creates within the confines of a single universe. We know your potentials, but truly, what you actually may do is accomplished by free choice.

The first-timer: You can spot them – innocent they are – complete innocence and yet devastated by humanity in general. The first-timer is the one who will immediately go into nature because they can’t stand Humans. “This doesn’t work for me,” they say. In normal conversation, they speak “A” and they get back “B.” In their perception, conversation is very difficult. They often don’t look you in the eye or respond the way you expect. They don’t understand why Humans spin drama, either. “Why would Humans do that?” they say. “I don’t like this place,” they say. “I’ll talk to the animals.” That’s a first-timer – very confused about the actual relationship between Human and Human. They must learn about this, and they always do.

A first-timer is one that’s just a little out of sync. Some say they’re a little bizarre, and that’s just because they’re so bewildered with the Earth and humanity. You’ve seen them. You know who they are, and they are gentle and precious… precious souls. But they seem so out of place with society, so honest, learning how it all works.

Then there’s the opposite – the old souls. Some of you are 50,000 years old and nothing surprises you. You’ve “been there and you’ve done that.” You’ve played all the roles within both genders many times and you’re just doing another one… and you’re tired. You’re so tired! But to the ones who are convinced that this is the last time around, and you are not coming back, I have news: Yes, you are! Oh, yes, you are.

Then there’s the pretender. The pretender, well, he’s really a newbie. But he gets the spirituality bug quickly and easily. After all, isn’t that the core of all of you? The pretender goes to what you all have in common, which is something he understands, and hides within it, pretending to be an old soul. You wouldn’t know it, either, except that one thing gives him away. Have you ever heard the expression, “too spiritual to be any earthly good?” If so, he or she probably is a pretender. They’re floaters – reality floaters. They don’t want anything to do with the real world. These are the ones who you’ll find in the communes. “There has to be a better way,” they say. So they surround themselves with spirituality and try to mold their own reality. They also wish to ascend and “get out of here.” They would love to be like the prophet Elijah… get spiritual enough, and simply disappear! That’s their goal. They want out so they won’t have to deal with Humans any more, or at least the ones who don’t think as they do. They are as precious as the newbie, but in a different way, for they actually can see that divinity is real. They endeavor to crawl back up the wind of birth to find it. But they never see the humanity, or the test before you, as being sacred.

“Well, Kryon, if this is so, what is the goal of Humanity in general? I understand we are helping creation, but when are we finished?” Indeed! I though you’d never ask! The goal? I’m not sure if you’re going to like this explanation either. The goal is to “do it until you’re done.” Right now you are really tired. But dear one, ask the soldier who does battle every day, “Are you tired?” You already know the answer. Oh, but it’s so grand, what you are doing at this moment! If you could only see the system. If you could only see the relationship! You might be doing this forever. Tired yet?

Your goal is to change, through free choice, the vibration of this planet and make it as high as you can. Because, at the end of the test (whenever you choose it to be over), the energy will be measured and applied to something else within the universe you don’t understand now. Then, the universe shifts accordingly, actually using the measurement you created.

It’s the engine of creation itself. It’s what makes things work. It’s as important to the rest of us as food is to you here on this planet. What you are participating in interdimensionally and universally is profound, It is important and you don’t know anything about it while you’re here. You can’t, for where would the test of energy be? But there is purpose for all of it… and you wonder why we love you the way we do? ~ Kryon

On The Path of Enlightenment:
I bring this to you now because many of you who are reading are ready for it. It’s about you. I speak to those who consider themselves on a path of enlightenment. First of all, you have to know that this path is never ending. There has been criticism from those 4D Humans who would say, “Well, in a linear world you have to set your goal. You’ve got to know where you’re going. We live in that world, and you can’t ask us to put blinders on!”

In an inter-dimensional world, you can’t set a goal. You can’t set it because without time, you don’t have a linear road. If you were traveling around the inside of a giant balloon, where would be your goal, the other side? It never ends. Right away, that makes it difficult for the Human mind to accept. Your eyes are wide open, but you can’t see anything that makes sense. What’s the answer? Learn how to “see” beyond the limitation of this non-existent road. This involves intuition, intent, and learning about what a Spiritual Map is like [see the next paragraphs]. Meanwhile, you construct your own goals of where you “think” Spirit may be taking you. That’s the biggest mistake to begin with. Spirit sees all roads as one. When you decide in advance where you think you are going, many of you will be “stuck” on your own road, not allowing Spirit to change your predisposed ideas of “who you are,” and moving you to the road that is your best potential future. Then you’ll feel you have been betrayed, or that “nobody is home” upstairs. It’s a classic example of Human perception getting in the way of Spiritual enlightenment.

In the channeled journey and parable called The Journey Home [Kryon Book Five], one of the first lessons of Michael Thomas [the book’s hero] was that he received a map that didn’t work. At least, this was his perception, since when he looked at the map it only told him the energy of where he actually was, and nothing else. He laughed and called it a “stupid map” for telling him something he thought he already knew.

Part of the attributes of this spiritual map is what I’m going to speak of now, for it applies to your path, all of your paths. The map is a metaphor. It’s a map that doesn’t seem to work until you actually need it, and are at a crossroads of energy. On this path that you have chosen, you want some kind of map. The one you are used to looking at is a 4D map constructed with all of the graphics in place of where you might wish to go. You want to know what to expect as you travel. But an inter-dimensional spiritual map has none of that, for the “where” you are going is not known. Your free choice changes the map with every step you take. So right away, what we’re telling you is that even God does not know what you’re going to do with your path!

Now, that’s going to make a lot of Human Beings insecure, is it not? “If God doesn’t know it, how am I supposed to know it?” But then again, we have told you that your divinity is a part of God, so you are actually a part of the creation energy. Therefore, think of this map as a creator’s map. Accept the responsibility of the unknown. Think of yourself as the explorer sending out the scouts a little at a time, around your area, to find out where it’s best to go. We have described this before as pushing on the door and feeling the energy, and using your own discernment energy as you move slowly. The only difference here, between the explorer and you, is that you carry light wherever you are, so whatever you do will be a safe exploration, and one filled with illumination.

We told you it’s like purchasing a ticket on a spiritual train, which you call your path, and then being patient until the train gets there. Well, it’s graduation time. We’re going to change that metaphor to something far more complex. If you want to purchase the ticket, that’s fine. That’s called intent. But there is no track, and there is no train! Oh, but there’s a station! What are you going to do at the station when there’s no train and no track? You’re going to be laughed at. Well, the track and train are not built yet. “Who’s going to build them?” You are.

So here’s Point One of advice on your path as you move toward what some call ascension status: Don’t make up your mind in advance about where you’re going.

“Oh, great, Kryon,” some say. “Are all of your points going to be this way? Let me see. We’re supposed to stand at the station with a non-existent track, no train, and not worry about where we’re going or even pretend we’re going there.”Yes. That’s correct! That’s a good beginning. Then you might say, “Well, how are we supposed to go forward?” And we say to you, who said you were going forward? Isn’t that 4D? How about up? What direction would you call it if you were asking your old cellular structure to vibrate higher? What direction is that, I ask you? How can you stand at the train station if you want it to vibrate faster? There is no direction for higher vibration. Get out of that box you are in that says “I know where I’m going and this is where God’s going to take me,” because you will be shocked to know the truth. The real truth is yet to come.

The most difficult part of your path is the realization that you are not walking a path that has already been established by masters. Masters create their own! As part of the divine plan, you must take responsibility, not by following others, or clinging to advice, or even the Kryon teachings. You must, instead, take all of this and mold it into a creation of your own. All the teachings you receive on this planet from those such as me are parts of a recipe in an inter-dimensional kitchen. Now, go cook a meal that has never been cooked before, using the information you now have about all the ingredients! Your DNA promotes mastery! Do you now understand why, 16 years ago, we told you not to be a follower? Do you understand why, 16 years ago, we told my partner [Lee] not to become a guru? It offends and insults the mastery you have of your own, within your own cellular structure. It also explains why there really can be no realascension manual.

Now these are going to sound similar, but Point Two is this: Don’t make any assumptions around your work.

“Oh, Kryon, it gets even worse! Now we’re not supposed to know where we’re going and we’re not supposed to think about what it might be when we get there.” Correct, my 4D friend. Make no assumptions, for the assumptions will get in the way completely of where you might really go. Oh, Lightworker, when you deal with divine energy it is so more involved and profound than anything that your Human brain can conjure up.

You speak of contracts as though you come in with some kind of pre-ordained, signed statement where you’re going to “do this” and you’re going to “do that.” You don’t understand that when you get to the planet, the contract just says, “I’m here on earth, let’s begin.” You want to read the contract? It says, “I’m here on earth and here are my parents, and my starting potential.” That’s the contract. It’s just a beginning potential, and not an all encompassing life plan. You think you have a contract to be a healer, or you think that your work is this or that? “Well, I’ve even been told it is and I’ve seen visions of me doing that.” I would like to tell you, dear Human Being, that your visions were part of that dream that only lasted a second and a half, as I mentioned earlier. You don’t know what the “rest of it” is. You may have actually had a vision about what you did “before you got here.” Did you think of that? You don’t know, either, because it’s all mixed up. So don’t make any assumptions. You are a clean slate. What if your vision is only a statement that you alreadyare a healer, and now you are going to go beyond that? If you make a 4D assumption about it, then you spend your life trying to do something you already did!

“How can I go from day to day with a clean slate? There has to be some kind of a goal.” O.K, don’t make your goal “where I’m going.” Instead, make your goal “who I AM.” Your goal is to “become divine.” You might then say, “I will practice, in the moment, the greatest divinity I can. I will be me, a different me than I was a moment ago, a higher-vibrating me, and in the process the doors will open that should open. In the process, without an earthly map, I’ll still be able to get information from my divine map when I stand in the place where I need the information to be given. Turn right, turn left. That’s what my map does. It works when I need discernment and intuition. The only assumption that I’ll make is that I AM a blessed piece of divinity that creates whatever I need as I go. This will lead me to the perfect place.”

Point Three sounds like the others: Don’t put a timeline on any of it.

I’ve heard so many of you say, “Well, here’s the plan. We’re going to do this and do that, and by then this will happen, and here’s how many years, etc. etc.” It’s useless, you know. It’s constricting. It’s a prison of your own making. When you start putting a timeframe on any of these things, you’ve put yourself into a cosmic 4D time prison. What if the plans for you, dear Human Being, were grander than any time frame you could imagine? What if you push on a door tomorrow and there’s a miracle there? Are you going to stick to the old time line and say, “Excuse me Mr. Miracle, you’re just a little early. Can you come back when I thought you were going to arrive?” This is humorous, is it not? But so many of you do this!

Some of you, when presented with the miracle, will say, “Uh oh, I can’t do that because it doesn’t fit my timeline! I’m not ready or prepared.”

“Dear Kryon, I have waited a long time for this process to occur. I’ve been very patient, but nothing is happening in my life.” Really. Really? What about the repair in your heart? [Pause]

I’m talking to somebody right here. “What do you mean?” you might say. I’m talking about what didn’t happen, dear Human Being, when you started that path. I’m talking about the repair inside of your heart that you needed to keep holding your light… so that you wouldn’t perish at the time an old potential said you would. I’m speaking about the repair you knew nothing about. I’m talking about something physical. I’m talking about what went on inside you one night to patch it, and you didn’t have any idea about it, and may still not know until some day through x-rays or sonograms they are going to ask you about what they see. And you’ll say, “I didn’t have an operation.” Yes, you did; a beautiful one, a divine one! One you did yourself with your own intent.

I’m speaking of things that are going on inside you that you have no perception of. What about the vibrations that you get every day? What about how you’re being “amped” up? Nothing is happening to you? Everything is happening to you! But you measure “happening” by your own standards, from a list on the wall of your own 4D mind. Why don’t you open your perception and feel this as it goes on in your body?

Enlightenment itself is a grand, healing energy that literally lifts you out of one place and begins to take you to another. So much around you begins to shift and change. I invite you to drop the drama in your life. Perhaps that’s what the goal has always been? What if that was the goal, all along, to get you to a place where you could send light? What about that? What if there’s nothing more than that? What if you’re supposed to be a Lighthouse, and for the rest of your life all that’s going to happen is your Light is going to get brighter so you can affect Gaia. Is that acceptable to you? Is creating peace on earth acceptable to you? Or will you sit around feeling you failed because it didn’t match the 4D list on the wall of your mind? It’s your choice.

It all goes together in a package that we call enlightenment. We would never tell you these things if they were not so. These are the truths of the hour. Magnificent information, for magnificent beings, who read these words. ~ Kryon

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