On The Magnetic Nature of DNA:
Your DNA is complex; it is elegant and every single piece of it is there for a reason. There is no junk, no waste, and it is beautifully designed. What seems to be random and chaotic is not, for the system lies very succinctly within the interdimensional framework of a system that works with those beautiful strands. In three dimensions. you see the double helix. For many years you have seen it as a strand – a strand by itself, responsible for the genealogy of all the things that make you what you are. The ends of the strands of DNA are the telomeres. These long strands would seem to do nothing but shorten as you age – a copy of a copy of a copy – responsible, perhaps, for what you think is your ultimate demise.

Recently in your science, a discovery was made that seemed to be passed over, which in its essence is probably one of the most profound discoveries that ties you and the magnetic grid together. The discovery was that the telomeres are actually connected together. DNA is not a strand but a loop. It took a while to see the truth of this, for it was a very detailed connection. So suddenly, DNA is not a strand, but a loop and now the fun begins. For within this loop you now have an attribute of potential electric current. You see, the Human Being is a bioelectric device and your brain and the synapse and your muscular reactions all work with the neurons that fire the impulses – trillions of them that make your body work. And so the electrics of the body suddenly are involved in the DNA, for there is a current that travels through the loop. It is miniscule, hardly detectable, even by the finest of your instruments.

So the first thing we will tell you is this: Scientists, look for the current! For you will discover it is there. Not only that, you will discover that the current flows through your chemistry in a way that it shouldn’t do! DNA shouldn’t conduct electricity, but it does…  almost like a super-conductor. So now you have current flowing through a loop. In basic electricity, you learn that current flowing through a loop creates a magnetic field. DNA, therefore, has a magnetic field all of its own…  each double helix. Oh, it’s small, but when you take trillions of those parts of a Human body, all of which have a magnetic field, the whole Human Being becomes magnetic. So there you sit and there you stand with scientific evidence that the Human Being’s DNA actually has a magnetic field.

This should tell you something else because of the physics of magnetics. If one magnetic field overlaps another, something will happen that is known as inductance. Inductance is that magic attribute where two magnetic fields overlap and intertwine and allow communications and transfer of energy to happen. In your electricity, this is used daily in almost every electric apparatus you have. What you should now know is that inductance is the engine of DNA change, receiving both appropriate and inappropriate magnetic instructions from the environment. This is why we have warned you repeatedly about not exposing yourself to long-term magnetic fields. However, another realization should come upon you – suddenly you have the potential of receiving information through the magnetic grid of the planet, since you are now aware that you have your own magnetic generator, your own DNA. This is the reason I am Kryon of “Magnetic Service.”

Now, let me review the information we gave you in 1989 where we said that the earth has a magnetic field that postures your consciousness. We told you that if you were to go outside of this magnetic field, that in time you would be in dis-ease. You cannot live without it. We now challenge you yet again to prove this, for you will need it in space travel. This fact has never changed. In the past, we asked scientists to look at some very interesting attributes waiting to be discovered. Look at what happens when you take a Human Being even slightly outside the magnetic field. They go into dis-ease! There have been laboratories that you have placed at your earth poles that are research related. Scientists have lived in them for numbers of months. At the poles of the earth, you have a neutrality of confluence…  no merging of magnetics. There’s a singularity at the North Pole and a singularity at the South Pole that is not balanced for the Human cellular structure.

So, scientists, I want you to take a look at the health of those who have been in those research laboratories, because you’re going to find something in the incidences of their disease and their cancer. It will show to be far greater than it should be in the normal curve of Human health. For they sat outside of the balance too long and they’ve paid the price. Those who are in orbit for great numbers of days, even months, were slightly outside of the magnetic field that you are in now, and you will see the same thing there. Look at their bone marrow. Look at their immune systems and see that it begins to fail when they get outside of the magnetic field. The magnetic field of your planet works with your DNA in ways that you do not know. It talks to your DNA.

In 1989, I told you that the magnetic grid would move more in 10 years than it had in the last 100…  and it did. It’s on its way, some say, to be involved in another flip of polarity, as it has done in the past. But not yet. It moved, however, and moved as I told you it would. [This is a known scientific fact and is verifiable.] Now, I’ll tell you why it moved – because the consciousness of this planet moved it, and the beginning of this move was at the Harmonic Convergence. It’s no coincidence that it started then. It moved in order to posture your enlightenment. It moved so that there would be an awakening of the planet. That’s why it moved and there is, and has been, an intuition shift of so many all over the planet. The grid talks to the DNA and the consciousness of humanity. Now, thousands are suddenly asking, “Is there more than I’ve been told?” Perhaps you are one of these? Perhaps that’s why your eyes are on this page?

There are other places on the planet that are difficult to live, and that’s at the null point. At the equator and around the equator, there meets the positive and the negative, and they slowly reverse, one becoming the other. Around these areas, the magnetic grid is not consistent, and it is not linear. There are parts where it’s greater and parts where it’s lesser. It also doesn’t follow exactly at the equatorial line. It goes above and below and that has been mapped for you and your scientists know where those null points are.

Take a look at these null points and you will find the greatest trouble spots on this planet, the greatest disease on this planet, the greatest war and horror and genocide on this planet. The greatest imbalance is in the null. That’s because of the magnetic grid and because DNA receives information of balance. Eighteen years ago, we were asked this question:“Where can we go for the most enlightenment, Kryon?” This was published in our first transcriptions of live channelling. And the answer was, “Go to where it’s cooler.” That’s not at the equator. Now, do you understand why we said what we said? Moving away from the equator in either direction will bring you to a place that is more balanced, and…  cooler! That’s simple truth.

So we sit here saying, Go ahead, scientists, take a look, because you’re going to find some synchronicities that you did not expect. If you’re going to travel to the stars, if you’re going to travel to the planets, you better take your magnetic field with you in a simulated mode. Match it to what the earth gives you for those days, those years, sitting in that cocoon. If you don’t, you won’t make it. This is yet to be recognized by those who plan to go to the planets and to the stars [NASA]. So here is the invitation to the life science biologists. Ask the question, “Does the Human cellular structure need the magnetic field of Earth for sustained life and balance over time?” Use information from the years past at the poles, and the time you have already spent in orbit. The answer will be yes. ~ Kryon

On The New Laws of Physics:
Now we speak of physics. Let me give you some history about a conundrum. Let me tell you what science has done with the conundrum. Then let me tell you some things that we have never said before.
It’s a beautiful law, it is, and the scientist Newton designed it. It is a law that is responsible for all of the orbital mechanics in your solar system. It explains them all, it does, and it’s the second law of Newton. It is a description.  It is a description in its fundamental formulation of force, matter and acceleration. And these fundamentals explain the movements of the planets – the movement and inertia of motion everywhere. It does it so well that this formula is responsible for the calculations you use to send satellites up, and your space probes throughout the solar system. All of the math, so centered around Newton’s second law, works.

If you’ve noticed in your own solar system and if you’re into astronomy, you’ll see what Newton saw – that the planets [items with constant mass] that are closer to the gravitational influence of the sun travel at a different speed than the ones that are further away. This became the formula of the second law of Newton, and holds true today and has held true…  until recently your science discovered some challenges.

The first thing that raised interest was when the particles became too small, and then the law broke down. It didn’t follow the rules anymore. When you got into atomic structure, the formula was different. This was actually the reason for the birth of quantum physics – the explanation of the small and the very small and the theories that would go with it, including interdimensional ones. And it was OK with science. New theories said that when matter gets super-small, there has to be a difference in the interaction between mass objects. Some say it was due to the fact that smaller particles didn’t have the constant mass that the planets and moon did…  not too hard to deal with in the mind of the scientist. Also, Human Beings have the ability to experiment with the super-small with atomic accelerators – protons and anti-protons colliding at almost the speed of light to see what happens. So Humans could verify the new laws within the super-small world. Then something happened.

With the advent of the new “eyes” of the earth through computer-controlled mirrors in telescopic arrays, you began to study distant galaxies and see them clearly. Much to the surprise of astronomers, they could see the stars rotating around the center of the galaxy, much like your solar system rotates around the sun, but with a big difference. It didn’t follow Newton’s law!

To the astronomers’ surprise, they discovered that the stars rotating around the center of a galaxy were in what is called a “flat rotation mode.” Let me explain this to you. If you were to take a disc and put some pebbles on the disc close and far from the fulcrum [center], then gently rotate the disc, you would notice that all of the particles you put on the disc rotate in tandem together, keeping their influence with each other in the same perspective. In other words, one does not go faster or slower due to the distance from the center. That is called flat rotation and that is what galaxies do.

However, suddenly, Newton’s second law doesn’t work! Stars would have large constant mass, yet they were not following the rules of orbital mechanics. Newton’s law seemed to works for solar systems, but not for galaxies. This makes no sense, and is at the heart of controversy, and eventual discovery of something astronomy is starting to see.

In the mathematics of energy measuring of the Universe, science says that something is creating an energy you cannot see that is pushing on the matter in a way that is affecting Newton’s law. They say they don’t know what it is and cannot see it. It is unseen energy creating a new kind of orbital system, which they are now realizing is in all galaxies. So they call it dark matter, mystery matter that has influence on everything.

Dark matter isn’t really dark. It is simply the scientific expression for missing energy. That’s all it is. Something is pushing and pulling in ways that do not follow the orbital mechanics of the classic Newton’s law. How can that be? Now the conundrum is there. The very small doesn’t work well. The very big doesn’t work well. Your solar system seems to be fine. Somebody’s working on this issue right now, and I have to mention it. So put on your esoteric hat for just a moment. Newton had an assistant who was very involved in his work. This assistant is alive today and he’s an astronomer, of course. He has reincarnated with the passion in his cellular structure to continue the work, and he is! And he’s very close to figuring this out.

I’m going to tell you why this conundrum exists. I’m going to do my best to give this to my partner in a succinct way so that you will understand the physics. This has never been revealed in this fashion. You’re close to discovery, and it’s in the ethers. So I am not giving you anything that Human free choice wouldn’t discover on its own. The solution is floating in the system, ready to be found.

Adding to the Known Forces in the Universe

When it’s seen, the new theory is going to run up against lots of scientific resistance, and I’ll tell you why – because you’re going to have to rewrite and add onto the four forces of the Universe. As known by physics, I will give you the names of the four forces of the Universe, and what they’re called. I will not explain them, for this is not the venue for that today. Listen to what the scientists have said are the only four forces that control everything. The first is gravity, and is known as the weak force. The second is electromagnetics, and is known as the strong force. They’re a pair. And the next two are another pair; number three is known as the weak nuclear force, the fourth is known as the strong nuclear force. Those four supposedly are responsible for everything that happens, but now suddenly there is a conundrum. There’s missing energy! Does that not tell you perhaps those four forces might be six? And they are as follows.

I want you to take a look at nature. On your planet, take a look at nature. Almost everything comes up in the factors of 12. Mathematician, you know what the factors of 12 are. [There are six.] The most common factors of 12 that you see in nature are three, four and six. When you crystallize water on its own, it comes up with a six-arm pattern [a snowflake]. The crystallization formations are base-12 with the factors of 12 clearly showing, mostly with six. We have told you for many, many years that the elegant science of physics should be base-12. It is an interdimensional math that includes a zero that doesn’t mean nothing or infinity. A zero in universal base-12 math means the potentials of all the answers probable. It’s not an empirical math as in 3D, yet this math will bring you some realizations when you begin to use it. For instance, does it make sense to you that one of the most profound equations that you have, being that of the circle – called pi – is an irrational number? [An irrational number in math is one having an infinite and nonrecurring expansion when expressed as a decimal.] It goes forever! Does that make sense for one of the most profound formulas of the Universe? We happen to know that on one of your spacecrafts to communicate with anybody who might find it, you put that number pi right on the plaque on the spacecraft. It’s like a communication in math, in case any intelligent life-force should find it, they would then say, “Oh, Humans have pi! Therefore, they must be intelligent.” Let me tell you what an intelligent society will know when they see that. They will look at it and say, “These creatures are flying in space, and they don’t even have base-12! Look what they think pi is! They must still be in base-10.” It’s like finding an advanced society with black and white TV.

There are six forces of nature. Although four is a factor of 12, six and 12 are the ones that appear the most, and are most nature-like. Look at the chemistry of DNA and behold the factors of 12 in the chemistry. It’s everywhere. Before I tell you what the other two forces are, let me tell you about naming things. I will give them attributes, not names, because they will be named according to what science wishes to name them later, and they will then explain dark matter.

There’s a difference between the galaxy and the solar system – a big difference. Newton, listen up. At the middle of a solar system is ordinary mass. No matter how big or how small the sun is in any solar system, it represents ordinary, consistent mass. When you get into the giant systems such as galaxies, that’s where the magic is, and that’s where the discoveries are. Years ago, we told you what was in the middle of each galaxy that would cause the rotation, even before it was notated in science. We said there is something in the middle that is interdimensional – a black hole. Some years ago, we then gave you the rest of the story; we said there are twins in the middle of each galaxy. There are two quantum attributes. One that you call a black hole, and one you cannot see that is its twin. They are a push/pull system of interdimensional energy. They represent the missing piece of the named forces of the Universe and the energy that surges back and forth.

Now, stay with me. I’m going to give you some pictures in your mind for this. Let me tell you what happens when you have this kind of interdimensional energy in the center of anything. Newton’s law no longer applies, since the center is not ordinary mass. This interdimensional energy has a cohesion to it. It creates a flat, rotating galaxy because of this cohesion. There’s a whole set of laws that must be developed for a strong and a weak interdimensional force. These are the last two, and now you have the six. You have gravity, you have electromagnetics, you have strong and weak nuclear, and now you have number five and number six, which are strong and weak interdimensional force.

New Information about the center of the galaxies

Every galaxy has a push/pull system at its center. This is a twin energy system, but you only are aware of one. You’re convinced it’s invisible, and it’s a black hole. No light escapes, but you think it’s singular – one thing. How 3D of you! It is not one thing. Instead, it’s a beautiful, double eye of a needle. Now listen. When you start mapping the Universe and you see how the galaxies are really laid out, you already know they’re not random. Isn’t that interesting? Wasn’t what you called The Big Bang supposed to be something that randomly distributed everything from almost nothing? So why is there a pattern? This is the beautiful part, dear Human Being. There is a pattern in the seeming chaos of the interdimensional event that the Big Bang was. As we have told you before, your Big Bang was really a big, interdimensional collision with another interdimensional force. Interdimensionality seems to be chaos with a hidden pattern.

Picture with me for a moment a giant needle and thread, two of them. One goes into the black hole and one comes out of it. These threads are interdimensional strings of force that connect themselves to the other galaxies, weaving in and out of their centers, which are all double-eyed black holes. A push and a pull – an interdimensional force of which you are not aware of yet, threading the galaxies one to another and to another. Now, picture in your mind that quilt work having a symmetry and a purpose. If you could look down the middle of it, into the middle of the Universe from a certain angle, you would even have the symmetry of a mandala. The galaxies are shaped beautifully together in an elegant dance. The symmetry makes sense, and it’s base-12. We challenge you to find this. And those seeming threads that go in and out of those galaxies’ centers with this new force I have just described are a lattice. It’s a lattice with symmetry and purpose…  the cosmic lattice [as originally defined by Kryon many years ago]. It has beauty. And it’s the missing energy of the Universe, as seen by those who are looking for it. The dark matter that everyone looks for is not in the empty spaces between things. It’s in the strings of the interdimensional force between galaxies, purposely put there. Oh, it’s a wonderful system. You want the dark matter to make 3D sense, but it can’t. It deals with the two interdimensional forces of the Universe that are quantum, and therefore out of time and out of the preview of your 3D formulas.

The next big discovery…  quantum sight

OK, there is one more. I want to give you this hint. Again, this information is in the ethers. That is to say that it is available for discovery and imminent. Humans must discover these things on their own, but we give hints. When the discoveries happen, you’ll know you heard it here first.

This is technical. For years, astronomers have been putting special lenses on telescopes in order to give them different kinds of views of the Universe beyond normal light. The collection of ordinary light is passé for real astronomy. They now wish to collect radiation. They wish to have the spectrometry so that they can have an analysis of what things are made of. They like to measure the coming and the going of the speed of objects so they will have red shift or blue shift to know if objects are advancing or retreating from the observer. For years, they have been putting special lenses on their telescopes so they can analyze what common light cannot show them. Most of you are not even aware that many of the telescopes of the planet don’t even let you look through them anymore! It’s all about computer-controlled collection of what is hidden in the light, or what is available through other measuring methods. They know how hot things are, what they are made of, where they are going and their trajectory anomalies.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone on Earth came up with an interdimensional astronomical lens? And if they did, what would they see? They would see exactly what I’ve described. First, they would be able to see the twin black holes that appear to be one. An interdimensional lens is looking at gravity and time, and the warping of them into patterns.

If you were looking at the Universe with this lens, you’d see how the twins relate to each other, the pulse of them, and you’d see the strands connecting the galaxies very clearly. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It would explain the missing energy, wouldn’t it? It would give the scientists the reason to increase the four forces to six! And…  it’s doable.

Now I’m going to tell you what it looks like…  almost. Number one hint: You cannot put it on the lens. It must go as close as it can to the receiving device. In the case of an optical telescope, that is the mirror. In the case of a digital telescope, that is its digital eyeball. That is to say that this lens cannot go anywhere but the focal plane. That will be meaningful to those who build telescopes. It must go there where the focus is collected. Hint two: This lens is not physical. This lens is plasma. The plasma is held together by incredibly strong magnetics. Oh, and it’s very cold. And those are the hints.

And when you develop it and when you turn it on and work out the adjustments to the magnetics that allow the plasma coherence, you will have the next step in astronomy – a revolution and a revelation. Physics will change; your reality will change; and I will tell you why. This is the last point I make in science before I close. I’ll tell you why. When you look at interdimensional things, one of the unexpected things you’re going to see is life! Life sticks out, because of life-force. You can look into a galaxy and the stars that glow [using the filter] will have life around them! How about that one? And everybody can get scared. It’s inevitable, you know? ~ Kryon

On New Energy Relationships: Living in the Passions of the Heart:
The issue of partnership is also one that concerns many people right now. As the Earth moves into her own personal alignment with her Twin Flame energy, humans also feel a deep need to be in that Twin Flame passion. Indeed, the Milky Way Galaxy is currently merging with the Andromeda Galaxy, and the energy of passion and love that flames from that great unified Heart is very strong. Its resonance is felt on many levels, and the desire for Union is part of the great changes and transformations that you are experiencing right now.

What you have learned about relationships in this life is not adequate to bring you into a Twin Flame Sacred Union, for that is what your heart desires. You see, the way to create Sacred Union is complete surrender to Divine Will and Power. It is not about looking for the “right” person or the person who attracts you most in a physical or sexual way. There are many people who enter into intense sexual relationships and imagine that this is the energy of the Twin Flame. Indeed, it is not. The passion of the Twin Flame burns in the Heart, and has very little to do with sexuality. It may be expressed through sexuality by two beings who are able to bring the energy down to the physical, and that can be very powerful. In Lemurian and Egyptian times, this was an art that was left to the priests and priestesses, for they were best able to carry the powerful Twin Flame energies in their bodies without being thrown into imbalance. But now, one of the gifts of this New Earth is that all humans are being enabled to create and experience the Twin Flame Union in their own Lives.

However, dearest one, so many self-sabotage these relationships because they seek first the material and sexual expression of the relationship before they have grounded it into their Hearts and created the required weaving of Light and Spirit that will hold the relationship.

So, what you are all learning, is how to “be”, and to create a new kind of relationship, that emanates from the Heart and is expressed through the Heart. Until you can do this, you will find that you will continue to feel as though there is nothing for you, for you will be seeking for something in the “wrong place” as it were.

So, what we are saying….. is that in order to attract a partnership of great passion, you have to be able to live and hold that passion in your own life and in your own heart first. Then you will be able to hold the love and passion of another being in your Heart, and then you will create a great and powerful union. You cannot “avoid” the passion and the intensity of intimacy by escaping into work or other addictions, and still expect the relationship to be passionate and heart-based.

At this time, you as a people, are still in the learning stages of this energy. Both men and women are still learning how it feels to make a powerful connection through the Heart, and how to nurture and care for that connection. For, once the seed is planted in the Heart, it must be nurtured and cared for every day, otherwise, like any plant, it will wither and die. So, with these new relationship energies, the way to allow the “plant” of the heart to flourish is to water it daily with the energy of Unconditional Love and intimacy.

It requires great honesty and openness, and the ability to be vulnerable and to express exactly what you are feeling. For, the other person knows immediately what you are thinking and feeling through that Heart bond, and if they experience anything less than total honesty to those feelings in your actions, then the bond will wither and die. For the Heart only “speaks” in total honesty and in total alignment, the heart and the mind must speak as one, or an imbalance is created and the relationship will not grow and flourish.

However, if that intimacy and honesty and openness of the Heart can be established, then the relationship will become one of great power and passion and love.

So, …. when you ask about relationships, this is what we can say……you are all in this learning phase, and few of you have yet discovered the power of the Heart and the power of the Passion and Intimacy of the Heart. It is what you all seek, but it is what you have yet to find within yourselves as you move away from the old concepts of relationships as sexual/material experiences to the new paradigm where relationships are powerful and passionate expressions of the Heart and Soul as well as the physical body.

Indeed, this is why so many of you are thrown into depression and stress so often, for you feel the energy of this great passion at moments, and then it slips away as you fall into the old patterns of relationship and energy. Indeed, you are all learning, rather painfully sometimes, how to be in the moment of Intimacy and Passion and Sharing, and to be capable of carrying that intensity with Love and Joy in your Hearts and in your body.

Dearest one, learn to trust yourself and your feelings. If you feel great Joy, then express it to those who are near you. If you feel great pain or sadness, express that too. In this New Earth, you are learning how to support your own feelings and to support those of others by sharing what you are feeling and thinking with compassion and unconditional love. It is only when you are capable of feeling these powerful energies and expressing them, without falling into anger or into “victim” patterns, that you will be able to hold and express the powerful energies of the “Twin Flame” in all your creative relationships.

So, know that you are all learning and that, just as you learnt how to hold these new incoming energies in your bodies, you will learn how to hold them in your Heart and how to balance them and to nurture them through expressing them in honest and loving ways and having them received with openness and love.

For, dearest one, this is how passion flows between sacred hearts and loving souls. It is expressed and shared, and in that communion is the Flame of true Creative Energy. It is the dancing of Hearts in the power of Unconditional Love.

So, ……we hope that we have been able to show you the process that you are all experiencing as you learn how to be Passionate from the Heart and how to experience the Intense Flame of the Source within your Hearts in loving and supportive relationships. First, within your own Heart, and then by opening your Heart and sharing your already existing passion with another. The other person will not give you the passion or create it for you, it must be there already to be shared in the unfolding of the bond between you, and it must be equal and based in unconditional love. ~ AA Michael through Celia Fenn PhD

On Working within “The System” of God:
We’re going to start by giving you six postulates. We hesitate to say rules, so we’ll say they are helping hints. These are hints to help you manifest and work with the system. By manifesting the system, we mean to actually get in touch with it and use it. At no time will we ask you to understand it. You have heard so many times the phrase, “God works in mysterious ways.” Well, it’s only mysterious to a 3D creature! There is actually great logic and purpose within it. It’s not mysterious at all. Some of these postulates may sound familiar, for we have used some of them before in other lessons. However, this is the first time we have put them together in this form.

The first postulate is the most important one: Make no assumptions about anything. This means you have to throw away your three-dimensional concept of how things work when it comes to you and Spirit. When it comes to working the system, make no assumptions about anything. This is the hardest thing a Human Being can do! Even in profound meditation, Humans make assumptions. They sit and they open that door and they try to figure out where the voices are coming from. Right away we say again, “Don’t try to understand it.” Instead, we say, “Simply use it.” When you ask to be shown your path, do not assume you know what it will be. Do not assume you know how it will be shown! Assume nothing and move forward and be surprised.

Number two: See yourself as part of the chaos. You do not stand alone as a three-dimensional creature that suddenly is placed into this soup of potentials. Instead, you are one of the potentials in the soup. So we’re asking you to claim that you are part of the system. Sometimes we say, own this, and make it part of you. Some say, “Well, that sounds pretty easy. I’ll do that.” It’s not easy, for you always see yourself apart from God. You say, “I am here, God is there. I’m trying to get to God.” We’re saying instead that you must see yourself as part of God, and therefore, part of the system.

Then, number three: Don’t be afraid to step into it. You do this in many ways. We have told you for many years that the best thing a Human could ever ask is, “God, tell me what it is I need to know.” This is you, stepping into the system. It’s the activator of crossing over into the seeming chaos. It’s an acknowledgement that you are ready for something you can do, even without understanding what it is.

So the first three postulates are all about you. Making no assumptions, owning the system, and stepping into it sound like easy things. But understand that most Human Beings don’t do it this way, and have trouble with all of them. Again, the concept of God is that you are apart, separate entities, and not together with God. There you sit on Earth believing the teachings that the energy of Spirit is separate and apart from a Human. However, if you’re going to use the system each day of your life, you must place yourself within it. This doesn’t make sense with anything you have been taught, but it must now become your reality. Therefore, self-worth is going to come into play, isn’t it? For the Human who feels they are worthless will never be able to come to grips with the fact that they are a part of God.

The next, number four, is this: Trust and follow your first instincts. This rule is to trust and follow your first intuitions. How many times have you had a situation where you said, “Oh, if I had only done what I had first thought?”This is actually part of the system, and that’s the way it occurs to you. It is often the very first instinct you will have about a situation. Some call it intuition, but it’s much more than that.

Some of you must learn to do this, for many of you are not used to what the first instinct even feels like. So part of the system is beginning to understand what intuition and instinct looks and feels like. “Well, Kryon, how do we do that?” How about asking for it? “Dear Spirit, let me recognize the signs when I feel them and hear them, and realize what they are.”The promise is you’ll always get them, but how bright they appear in your mind is up to you. There are certain Human Beings who actually suppress their instincts. They don’t like them and they get in the way of their logic. Many do not think with their hearts at all, and only with their brains. But quite often the first instinct is a “heart connection” process.

The next one, number five, is so misunderstood. Gone are the days when the Human Being sits and waits for God to do something. The system is all around you. It’s ready to facilitate your needs, but if you never open the door, nothing is ever going to happen. Yet Humans continue to pray. “I want the healing so bad,” they say. “I want these things so much! I’d like a partner in my life. I’d like to know what I’m supposed to do with my life.” So they spend all the time in prayer and meditation every day, asking, never leaving the house, constantly in prayer. That’s a great way to meet someone, isn’t it?

You’ve got to step out and push upon the doors. So here is what number five is: There must be action on your part.And it comes in many forms and honors whatever your culture supports. But in general, it means leaving the house and going places where you can interact with the potentials of the synchronicity. No matter what you’re looking for, it will involve the system of humanity. Therefore, you can’t sit in one room alone and expect answers.

Many say, “Dear Spirit, show me what it is I’m supposed to know.” Then they sit there and nothing happens… and nothing happens… and nothing happens. So in desperation, they get up and go to the esoteric bookstore. They’re walking along in the aisle and a book falls on their head! God just spoke! Then they often say, “This is the book I’ve been looking for. What a revelation for me. Thank you, God.” And this is how it works. You’ve got to get up and go, and when you go, number six, the big one: Expect synchronicity.

Synchronicity is defined as energies that align with purpose. These situations look like accidents, but they are not. Listen. This is the key. You have heard there are no accidents, but there are those outside of your belief system who say, “That’s crazy. That’s not right.” Synchronicity looks and appears like coincidence. It often looks like an accident, but it is not. It is you at the right time, at the right place, with the potentials aligned that you asked for. But if you’re going to have synchronicity and aligned potentials, you’ve got to be there to experience them, don’t you? So you’ve got to take some action, and whether it’s a phone call, or it’s an electronic communication, or whether it’s you with your body, you’ve got to put yourself in places where the synchronicity and the system can work. And I say it for those in these rooms and those who are hearing and reading now. There are those of you who still will not do this, for you believe there’s some kind of sacredness in staying put and just praying. Instead, try to understand the balance of things. There is a time for asking, and a time for receiving. They are done in separate places! If you spend all your time in the asking place, no receiving will occur.

Those are the postulates. Now I’m going to give you some practical things using these postulates. We’re going to discuss some situations and show you how Spirit works. Some of you know these things, but perhaps you’ve never put it together.

The first one, the most difficult for Human Beings, is timing. Yesterday we said that your clock is not God’s clock. We also told you that it’s impossible to apply a 3D time frame to an interdimensional potential. It’s frustrating to Humanity that God delivers things not when you ask for them, but only when you need them. You see, to us it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to give you an answer to put in your pocket. Because when you get to the place where you thought you’d need it, and pull it out of your pocket, it’s the wrong answer! Instead, it must meet the scenario of the synchronicity and the energy of the moment.

Let me tell you about a specific Human Being. He thought he was using the system and doing his best. Actually, he really didn’t understand how it worked, and had made some assumptions. This Human Being had a task at hand. He was a very gentle man, and he worked as a boss at a factory. He was in charge of many workers and was a good supervisor, for he loved his employees, knew their families, and respected all of them. He was about to have a challenge, however, since he was going to have to lay off one of the employees. Instructions had come from his superior that he had to cut back the work force by one man. Therefore, one of the men under his supervision had to be terminated from his job.

Now, here is a common, practical attribute of life. You’re walking into a situation and you want to know how to handle it. It’s a good request, is it not? It’s an honorable request of God. “Dear Spirit, I know this man, I love this man, I know his family. Please give me guidance. What am I going to say? How shall I handle this for him? What’s the best way? I’m anxious about it.” And being a spiritual man, he went on his knees and he asked. He’d made an appointment with the employee, and he knew he had to do this deed within three days. But he received no answer at all. He received no intuition, which is what he depended on. He had no instinct. Instead, it seemed like God was on vacation, and it wasn’t even August. No answer.

The second day, he went on his knees again. “I know I’ve been listening, but I’m receiving nothing at all. And I’ve got to know because I have an appointment tomorrow. Dear Spirit, give me the information so I will be able to do this in an honorable way. How is the best way to approach this?” Nothing. No answer at all.

Now here is where the Human Being becomes frustrated. “Well, I’m stuck. God is not listening. God doesn’t care about me. I’ve got something important coming up and I’ve been praying and there’s just no answer at all.” That’s where some Humans give up. Ah, but they don’t know about the system! If you ever get no answers at all, what do you think is going on? I’ll tell you that in the system – the place you call “chaos” – there are many things happening. There is no 3D answer except one: Be still. Be still, my family and trust in Spirit. 

The third day came. The employee came into his office and sat down. Still no answer, and the supervisor was sweating. Here it was, within seconds of having to do this deed, and there’s no answer, no guidance except to be still. Finally, he looked at the man in the chair. He was smiling, as he always did. The supervisor thought about the man’s children and his heart hurt. The job meant so much to the man! He stalled and offered him some coffee. Then they sat down and the supervisor gathered his thoughts.

But before he could speak, the employee spoke first.

“I’m so glad you called me into the office. I don’t know how to tell you this but I have found a better job. I’m so sorry. I know we are friends and you count on me, but I’m going to have to leave the factory. It will make a big difference to my family.”

The supervisor smiled and then he knew – the answer was not in how he was supposed to prepare this man, it was how to prepare himself!

That’s how it works. That’s called synchronicity, yet you cannot begin to understand what appears to be chaos or chance. There’d be a temptation for that Human Being to say, “What a coincidence,” not giving any credit to God or himself. But the reality is that it was in the system all along.

Make no assumptions about timing. We’ve told you this from the beginning. When Humans Beings ask for something, they feel they’ve purchased a ticket for a train. Then they tap their toe, expecting the train to come with God in it. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not a ticket at all. It’s a request for synchronicity without any assumptions of timing.

We could say the same thing about the delivery of answers. This is the other thing that Human Beings do. They ask for something and they expect a complete answer. That’s what you get in 3D, isn’t it? When you go to the store and purchase an automobile, you get the whole thing, don’t you? Isn’t that what would be expected? You’d probably object if they only gave you the tires today and the vehicle tomorrow. But that’s the way synchronicity works – piecemeal. What we are saying is that many times the answers come in pieces. And you’re required to connect them together for the whole thing. Don’t make any assumptions of how the answer is going to get to you, or that it’s going to be complete or incomplete, or even where it’s going to come from.

“Kryon, what is my path? What am I supposed to be doing? I want to know my purpose in life.” We hear this so often. Oh, dear Human Beings, the very question is so 3D of you! You’ve made up your mind you have one path. How singular! Is that all you do, one thing? You are supposed to come into the planet and do one thing? You’re spending your life asking Spirit, “What is the one thing I’m supposed to do? I’m really looking for it. I don’t know what it is yet.” It’s like you were going to find some prize on the road that has your name on it. Then you would work it for the rest of your life. Oh, dear Human Beings. You have no idea of who you are. Your potentials are so complex.

We have said this before to you, but you now need to hear it in the context of this teaching. The sacred path that you have in your DNA is for today. And the irony is that you may very well be on it! You may be doing it, participating in it, while at the same time you make assumptions of what it’s supposed to be, so you’re sitting on the floor, crying out to God, “What is my path?” The system needs anchors of light. Where do you live? Where do you work? Is it difficult there? Maybe that’s your path – to be in a difficult place holding the light. Much light should be in the areas where it is tough, to create sacredness where there is darkness, to hold joy and be the only person in the area to do it, because that’s what you’re good at. And all the while, you say, “I am doing nothing for anyone. I’ve got to know my path… got to know my path.” Yet the Human is frustrated, never understanding the path is what they are already doing so well, and tomorrow, it may change!

Every day of your life, you hold a place for the light for God to come in and shine. It’s often in the places where there is no one else but you who holds light. Did you ever think of that? There are as many paths as there are days in the year. That is synchronicity. What is your passion? If you follow it, that’s where your path will lead.

Your “path” is changeable and not one “thing.” Yet many times, Humans make up their minds they will be one thing. “I’m going to be a healer,” they say and they think that that’s what God wants. They’ve got it all figured out. They’ve made an assumption, however – a singular one, like they had some kind of meeting with God and God agrees! Unknown to them, they did this agreement all by themselves. God wasn’t even there. And then when they hit obstacles, they say, “How can this be? I’m supposed to be a healer.” They made the assumption that what they “see” is, therefore, their path. There is no synchronicity in that. They’re not part of the system, you see? They’re not following the system. Instead, they’re plowing a trough of their own vision in three dimensions. Sometimes this is difficult to explain to 3D creatures who work every day in that reality, to “feel” the difference between what you have visualized for yourself and what the system instead has for you.

So the next question would be, what is the voice of God? “Dear Spirit, I’ve been waiting for answers. I need specifics.”Then the Humans will think they’re going to hear something in their brains. Perhaps somehow it will be written on the wall! I will tell you again – the reason we tell you to follow your first instinct is that the vehicle for communication isintuition. This intuition is a product of synchronicity. It’s a very real way of God, the system, communicating with humanity. Humans don’t like it because it appears as though they thought of it, so it isn’t from God. After all, they’ve waited for an answer from God, not themselves.

Some of you get a thought in your brain and you say, “Well, I just thought that myself. It can’t be God.” That’s exactly who it is! But that’s you using the synchronicity because you gave intention to step into it. Don’t you deserve to receive these messages in that way? Aren’t you sacred? Intuition is the way. That’s how it works. But again, the assumption is that God is big and you are small. Therefore, what you think personally is not what God is telling you (you think). Get used to intuition being the answer. When my partner began this process of channeling, even though he had opened the door for Kryon, even though he received messages, he didn’t believe it. Even with validation from those who knew the truth, in his intellectual mind he said, “I’m making it up.” This is because when you channel it feels like it involves the Human brain. Well, it does! It has to. It involves all of your DNA, your emotional state, and your intellect – all connected to source.

He finally let go and realized the channel was also using his own sacredness. That’s when it got clearer. Trust your intuition, for those are the words of God. Some have even said it is messages from what many have called The Holy Spirit. This is another way of saying the Higher-Self. Many belief systems have different names for the same energy, but it’s always about how you receive the messages. You see, you’re part of the system.

There have also been many questions about business. I told you this message would be practical, so I’ll give you two examples. Here is advice for those who are trying to co-create jobs so they can help develop the abundance needed within a society, to be able to live. First, dear one, God is not in the dark. God knows the society that you live in. Spirit understands that you need abundance in order to stay in the place you are, to purchase the food, for the transportation and more. God is not against money! As soon as you understand that, you’ll be far more peaceful. In fact, it is up to you to manifest, through synchronicity, the abundance you need to live. In other words, money is part of the system. It’s as divine as any other part of your path when you treat it spiritually.

Did anybody ever tell you that Spirit wanted you to suffer a little? Perhaps you’re supposed to walk to work with no vehicle? Maybe you shouldn’t eat? Perhaps you should stay out in the cold for awhile because you can’t find a home? What kind of Lightworker is that? When others look at you, do they say, “I’d like to be just like him – destitute, unhappy, hungry, cold.” That doesn’t make sense, does it? No. It’s just the opposite. Spirit wants you in abundance, and abundance is defined as sustenance for each day at a time, in joy. How can you hold the light if you are in survival mode?

What is your source for abundance? Do you worry about it, or do you consider it part of the system? Do you give it to Spirit or do you sequester it because you don’t think God understands money? Blessed is the Human Being who integrates everything in their society and themselves and understand that it is divine. For these are the Lightworkers who are healthy, balanced and mobile. They are the ones who make a difference on the planet. That’s business.

Money is only a challenging energy when it is horded or the source of worry, or not within your control. That’s when it becomes a god unto itself, and takes on the challenging energy assigned to it. The invitation is to see it as simply another thing in your toolbox – like love and compassion and joy. Fear of not having it will create its absence.

Another part of business has to do with partnering with someone in an endeavor. You’d better use the system that I’ve just given you, which is synchronicity and potentials. The advice is to find somebody who spiritually loves you. This partnership will last as long as you choose, and there will never be betrayal. Surround yourself with those who love your heart, and the partnerships will endure. And I’m speaking of financial things and business. I’m speaking of whatever you do in your society that is commercial. “Oh, that’s odd. Kryon is talking about commercial things.” Yes, I am. If you live in the society, it’s part of you. If you live in the culture, it’s part of you. So why not use the divine tools you have to make it work as part of you? There is no separation of commercial things and spiritual things to God. They are all part of your walk from day to day, and are seen as part of the energy of your time on Earth. Those who wish to separate them and call some sacred and some less sacred are not considering the “wholeness” of your task on the planet. For again I say that in order to hold the energy of light on this planet, you must see everything you do as sacred, and everywhere you walk as part of the system of God.

Relationships are difficult. And again, there is the assumption of “the one for you.” But it may not be that way. It may be many relationships over a period of time that synchronistically put themselves together with you for a purpose that only becomes obvious later. Let me reveal some things about relationship – a revelation about romance. Many of you have your partners existing in your lives. Others do not. So this is for those who do not and also for the wisdom of those who do, so they can teach their children about the system.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you are so individually different about those who you choose? For those looking for a partner, you have an idea of what is acceptable and what is not. Where do these attributes come from, for each of you are so different from each other? Now I’m going to reveal something: In the system, there are synchronicities and potentials of the partner who might be out there. So within your own consciousness, you are given the desires that are meant to match the synchronicities of those who are out there, and therefore, the setup is complete. That’s who you’re looking for, and that’s why. And all of you are so different, but that’s where the desire for special attributes comes from. It’s not just personal choice. It’s instinct! There is a potential out there that looks just like the one you are imagining. And I mean in all ways – what their heart looks like, what their consciousness looks like, all things. How’s it make you feel? It’s not just how you feel about what you want. Your personal choices have been placed there because you asked for this.

Let me tell you about Mary. Mary makes assumptions, just like everyone else. She’s a Lightworker and she’s single and she’s looking for a partner. So Mary prayed to God, “I want a partner. I can just visualize him: He’s got these big brown eyes, his eyebrows are a little bushy, and he’s got a beard. I like men with hair.” Pretty specific, wasn’t it? Mary knew, however, that she was watching for a man who looked like this. “God bring me this man. I’ll be patient. I’ll wait. Bring in a man like this.”

Indeed, a man showed up in her life and he said, “I’ve been watching you. We’re having a family dance… a get-together. It’s a festival for our family, and we do it once a year. I don’t know how to ask you this, but would you come to the dance with me?” Well, this man didn’t have bushy eyebrows, no big brown eyes. He wasn’t her type at all. He didn’t have a beard either. Normally, Mary would just say no. After all, she knew who she was looking for. She’d say no because that wasn’t what she felt God would bring her. But somewhere Mary had heard the information – Make no assumptions about anything. She thought very hard about this, but she did not want to lead this man on. She did not want to give him hope that she would be a partner. She didn’t want to say yes because of this, but then she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

So Mary made a decision to go. “All right, it can’t hurt. I’ll go to the dance,” she said, “Yes, I’ll go.”

They arrived at the family gathering and the man who asked her was suddenly very shy. “Mary, I have not been honest with you,” he said. “Please forgive me. But I have an extremely shy brother who really wanted you here so he could meet you.” Mary looked around and there was this man, with dark blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a beard! Mary smiled and thought to herself, “I got everything right but the eyes. I’ll take him!” Indeed, it was him! Do you get the point? You can’t make the normal singular assumptions you are prone to make. Also, you’re not always 100 percent correct in what you see, either, but you’re close enough to know when it’s right.

In a 3D decision, Mary could have said, “No,” to the man. She could have thought to herself, “I’m waiting for the right guy.” But she honored synchronicity. Those who try to figure it all out in 3D don’t know about the system, you see? They really don’t understand the synchronicity. Dear ones, don’t try to understand it. Just use it. Watch for the invitations and take them, knowing that there is not some simple, singular path that is going to be given. Many Humans are needed to lead you to the potentials of the final goal, but not unless you allow yourself the flexibility to go when you should go. Let your intuition serve you in these things. We’re almost finished.

Co-creation is one of the hardest things to explain. We can give you many stories, but the rules are the same, and the first one is “make no assumptions.” There is the man who is trying to co-create a car for himself. He could not go to the car store, for he could not afford a new one. He couldn’t even afford a used one at the places where they sell those. He needed a miracle. “God, give me a car. I need it to go to work. I need to manifest a vehicle.” Listen to this, for many of you have been exactly in this situation before. Practical information: Here’s how the system works.

He had a friend who said, “I don’t know about a car, but I’ve got a guy who can give you a ride to work.” And that’s where most Human Beings would say, “Well, no, I don’t need a ride. I need a car. I’ll be wasting time if I just get a ride. I need to go find a car.” But this Human Being knew about the system and about synchronicity. So he took the opportunity and he took the ride to work. When he struck up a conversation with the man who was giving the ride, the man said,“Did you know this car is for sale?” You know the rest of the story. Of course, he bought the driver’s car! This is how Spirit works. Outside the box of logic, within something that looks like chaos, is a beautiful answer. This is the way the strands of the lattice connect the potentials of energy. And for a Human Being to use it, all they have to do is understand they are a part of it and begin to manifest it. But to most Human Beings, it looks illogical and even foolish. It doesn’t seem right that there could be accidental answers that you can plan on. You see, there’s a system, and it’s ready to manifest for you. Oh, there’ll be challenges and there’ll be learning. Isn’t that the way everything is? But the answers to so many of your co-creative efforts are already floating there in the system, if you allow it to work for you. ~ Kryon

On The Old Ten Commandments & The New Ten Commitments:
So Moses, in approximately 1300 B.C., a long, long time ago, Moses went up to the top of the mountain – Mount Sinai – and encountered a burning bush. Well, he thought he did. It was a type of illusion, but it was his own anger and his own frustration at his own people and at himself, at his leadership. He felt “What kind of leader would spend 40 years wandering around the desert? What kind of leader couldn’t really give answers to the people? What kind of leader am I?” he thought, going up to the top of the mountain. But also really upset with his group. He felt they were inept. He felt that if they were stupid enough to follow around an ineffective leader, they were really stupid!
So he went up to the top of the mountain and encountered the burning bush, which was really a symbol for his own anger and frustration. And it was also a symbol of transformation because he and his people were choosing now that it truly was a time – it needed to be – for some changes. So in this inspired moment of consciousness Moses heard the voice of God, but it was actually his own voice, his own higher consciousness, and the voice of his people. He was having a Shoud right there up on top of the mountain with the burning bush. He attributed it to God, of course, because he didn’t know who else to attribute it to. 

But in this inspiring moment, he received the Ten Commitments from Spirit, the commitments to what Spirit – your spirit – will do for you. The commitments that your – what you would call – your Higher Self, your divine self has for you each and every day. Moses received these. Of course he really didn’t truly write them on the tablet at the moment. That would have been too heavy to carry down the mountain. But he went down the mountain after this incredibly transformational, sacred experience filled with what you would call light, filled with new consciousness, excited to gather his people together and to talk to them about the Ten Commitments of Spirit or of God. To share with them God’s willingness to co-create, to share with them the fact that the Spirit was already there and it was already them.

But as he was walking back down the mountain, back through the villages, he saw people fighting with each other. He saw merchants cheating the customers. He saw people stealing food and stealing goods from each other. He saw people cursing each other. He saw a couple in the back alley making love to each other even though they were not married to each other. You get the point, don’t you. And he said, “Dear God, how can I possible share these Commitments that you’ve given with these decrepit humans who are still following me around? How can I possibly give them these Commitments, because they’ll just profane it. They’ll just make it even worse. Dear God, we have to talk again.”

So he turned around and walked back up the mountain – this time no burning bush – feeling very angry and upset with his people and said, “They don’t need to know about the Commitments of Spirit, they need commandments. They need rules, and they need laws.” So he threw out the inspiration that he had received. He walked back down the mountains, and he found one who could record, and he sat before them as they recorded his thoughts, and he actually originally came up with twelve commandments. 

Over a period of time these have gotten changed and revised and translated into what you now know as the Ten Commandments, and for some 3,300 years these have stood as a basis for consciousness in your society, because so much of the world today follows this type of religion or philosophy. So these are very ingrained in consciousness, and it is our desire today, with Saint-Germain and Kuthumi and I, and the energy of Shaumbra, to talk about the Ten Commitments in the New Energy, the Ten Commitments of Spirit.

Commandment number one: I am your Lord God. Put no other before me.

The New Energy Commitment is quite simple – you are God also. You are God also. You’re it. There is not some father in heaven or anything else. You are the creator. You are God also. It’s that simple, and that is the commitment, the commitment that Spirit is already here and already within you. 

Now for the second commandment: Thou shalt not worship false idols.

The New Energy Commitment is that you do have all the tools within you. You don’t need to look anywhere else for them – all of the tools. You don’t need to worship crystals and you don’t need to carve out statues of God. You can admire the beauty of things on Earth but you already have all the tools within you. Don’t look on the outside, because they are already within.

Commandment number three: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain.

The New Energy – love and respect yourself. Love yourself. Don’t feel guilty about loving who you are. It has been put into consciousness that there is something wrong with loving you. So humans tend to curse themselves. It is about loving thyself without judgment, openly and freely. 

Commandment number four: Honor the Sabbath.

Take time for yourself. Take time to breathe, take time to rebalance. There are so many demands upon your time and your energies that you get pulled in every direction. You fall into bed at night exhausted, but then unable to sleep because you’re still worrying about everyone and everything else. Take time for yourself.

Next commandment: Honor thy mother and thy father.

Now as we have said before, if Spirit really knew your mother and father, Spirit would never have written that commandment! In the New Energy it is about honoring the masculine and the feminine. Honoring the child and the parent. Honoring every part of you, every aspect, allowing them to come back home to you in this Now moment, in this reality. Honor everything about you.

Next commandment: Thou shall not kill. 

Well that’s a pretty obvious one in the Old Energy, I guess. In the New Energy – enjoy life. Enjoy life. It is that simple. 

You’re here on Earth. You’ve taken on difficult tasks and assignments of being consciousness leaders – enjoy life. You have so many rules that have been created by people like Moses about what you can and can’t do, so you feel that it’s a sin to actually enjoy life and this concept has been perpetuated by nearly everything and everyone. But what greater, greater joy than actually to enjoy life. 

Enjoy the food you eat, it won’t turn into fat in your body then. It will process itself quite naturally getting rid of what you don’t need. Enjoy taking time, even if it’s reading a book, watching television. Enjoy life from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and while you’re in your dreams. Enjoy life. As we said before, it’s not a punishment to be here. This isn’t a prison sentence. It’s not a bad karma that you’re working through. Please enjoy life.

Now, the next commandment: Thou shall not steal.

You have all the energy within you. You don’t need to take it from anyone and you don’t need to give it to anyone. For so long people have been stealing your energy and you’ve been stealing theirs. But you come to a point of sovereignty and you realize that you have it all within you. You have it all within you anyway. 

Understand you don’t need to steal it and don’t let anybody steal it from you. Go within every time for every answer, for every resolution, for everything in your life. You don’t need to steal it, and don’t let them steal it from you. 

Next one … interesting one: Thou shall not commit adultery.

Now, a few of you are feeling very guilty when I said that! Please let that go. That is some very difficult karmic energy if you’re hanging onto that. 

What it’s really about, again, is loving yourself. It is about being true to yourself, to who you are. You don’t have to go anywhere else for the answers, it’s about being true to yourself. You don’t need to cheat on you. You don’t need to lie about your life. It is about accepting every part of you. It is about, once again, loving yourself. That is the way of the New Energy. 

Next commandment: Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

In the New Energy it is once again about trusting yourself. Trust everything about you. What a great thing to trust who you are. Trust who you are so much, once again, you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to cheat, you don’t have to steal. 

You are who are you, and you’re proud to pronounce that. You know that you are God manifest on Earth. You know that you are capable of balancing yourself at any time. You’re capable of creating new consciousness.

And now for the final commandment: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods. 

And on that we throw out all of the old commandments. 

And that last one about coveting thy neighbor’s goods, it is about taking a look again at your life right now. You don’t need to be envious of anyone else. You don’t need to be wishing you had done it a different way. It is about honoring and respecting yourself for the way that you chose to do it in the past. It is about taking what you would consider a mistake in your life and going into that energy and realizing it was just an experience. It was a choice that you made that has gotten you to this place. It wasn’t anything that was a mistake, it was actually something that brought greater experience into the spirit of your life.

The commitment of Spirit in the New Energy is to support you and to balance you, to be in you, to rejuvenate you, to know you and to love you. But it’s not a spirit in some far off place. It’s the Spirit of you right now. And those are the Commitments of Spirit in the New Energy … and releasing all of the old commandments. Whether they are from Moses or whether the ones you created for yourself, let them go. You’re in this moment right now. You’re in this energy. Make a commitment to yourself to be, to love, to experience and to express. ~ Tobias 

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