On Human Evolution, Quantum Thinking & The New Consciousness Children:
Human evolvement usually takes place over a gradual amount of time through the normal birth and death process. It is no different than for any other creature. You don’t expect any kind of actual evolution to take place in the life of a single Human while alive. Spiritual evolvement, however, takes place through the birth and death process as well as while the Human is alive during one lifetime. It has to be that way, for the children cannot be the only ones to receive a conceptual consciousness, and that’s what’s taking place. Those alive right now are starting to shift into what would normally take many generations to create. Human consciousness is shifting, and that’s what we told you in 1989.

Let me take you again to the wind of birth. Human Beings come in with a linear mind. You might say, “Well, that’s the way of it, and that’s who we are.” No, it isn’t. That’s the way you chose it to be. Hard to believe, but lurking in your DNA, those trillions of pieces of spiritual and biological energy in your body are many energies that are quantum. They’re interdimensional attributes of biology clearly given to you by the Pleiadians over 50,000 years ago.

Now, for some of you who are reading, this may cause you to shut the book right now. It sounds strange, yet it’s the truth. What if I told you that this planet of free choice is just one in a series? They happen one at a time, and they’re very linear. But the last one that happened was in the Seven Sisters (star cluster of the Pleiades). The last one seeded this one so you so that you would have a piece of God inside. It created a “spiritual Human,” different from any other on the planet at that time. The time frame was more than 50,000 years ago, when there were at least 17 kinds of Humans evolving simultaneously. The Pleiadian visit stopped it all, and only one kind of Human survived… something counterintuitive to the evolutionary process of all other animals on the planet. It was on purpose, blessed, and appropriate. You are one of the only species on the entire planet that has only one kind.

“Oh boy, Kryon’s talking about ETs!” Is he? Or is he talking about family? Let me tell you something I have said before: There will come a day when the Pleiadians visit you again. And when they get out of their vehicles, they’re going to look just like you! Oh, they may be a little taller, but they’ll look just like you… standard Humanoid. When that happens, you’ll know who they are. It will demystify everything.

I’m going to tell you something else. They’re not going to arrive for some time. They wouldn’t have arrived at all had it not been for 1987 when you chose to continue the spiritual evolvement of the Human race. It has taken all this time. It’s slow, you know? Let me tell you about it.

Lemurians had a quantum consciousness through the spiritual seeds that were given to them within the layers of DNA I have spoken about before. It carried over, even into what you have called the Atlantians. The Lemurians knew about the solar system, about DNA, and about how physics worked. This information is scientifically funny, for the scientists of your world will look at this statement and say, “That’s absurd; absolutely absurd. There’s not one artifact that has ever been found that would lead anyone to believe that the ancients had the ability to manufacture the glass necessary for microscopes and telescopes. They didn’t even have electricity. They didn’t have computers. They didn’t have anything that would allow them to know what we know today. They were not an advanced race. They didn’t have science like we enjoy, or the discoveries of the last century. They couldn’t have known any of those things.”

And I say to those scientists, how assumptive of you to define higher knowledge into what you specifically have invented. Let me tell you, they did! But they had it through quantum DNA. In other words, it was intuitive. Being in a quantum state with something creates a oneness with it. Quantum physics knows this. When a Human Being has a consciousness that is one with everything, he knows all about cellular structure, for he is part of it and can see into it. He knows how it works. He can “see” unbalance. He can “see” the solar system. He can see the energies of the planets as they go around the sun, imbuing the sun with a gravitational pattern of the moment. They knew all about science, for it was part of them. They’re from the dirt of the earth. They’re in a quantum state with all. It is intuitive knowledge and they didn’t need a telescope. They didn’t need a microscope. They didn’t need a computer! You do, because you’re linear and you’re hobbled. You’ve had to create instruments to do for you what the Lemurians did naturally.

This science they had was different. They didn’t study to get it; therefore, it doesn’t have the same form yours does. It was common knowledge and used casually. When you wish your arm to move, it simply does. Do you analyze the myriad of signals that went from the brain to the muscles? No. But what if Humans lost that ability over time? Then some day they would invent machines to make their arm move with thought. If so, then in the far future they would probably totally deny that you ever could do it… since they never found an “arm machine” artifact.

The earth has been stuck in linearity for eons. This is what your energy and vibration has created. The quantum consciousness of the past has tempered and not been used. You lost it. We have told you this before. It’s why your prophets, up to now, have been so accurate. It’s because the earth is stuck in an energy that allows for prophecy. That is to say that when the energy is static and nothing ever changes, it’s easy to predict what’s next. Not anymore, if you’ve noticed. None of the quatrains of Nostradamus have come true lately. It’s almost like you’re on a new earth that nobody had ever foreseen. In some ways, you are. Suddenly in 1987, Human evolvement moved off the peg of what it had been for centuries.

When you were born, the paradigm of vibration was linear. This is the consciousness of your birth, and it’s the same as your immediate ancestors. In your brain, there are walls of consciousness – walls that keep you from conceptual thinking. You are so linear, you can’t even hear two conversations at once. Oh, you’re capable, but the walls are thick and you don’t know you can. You have to keep the separation of communication linear because the linearity of your understanding is also one way. Even the message that I give today through my partner is given in a linear fashion, one word at a time. You can only listen one word at a time. How limiting! Reader, you are reading a line of words! How limiting! Wouldn’t it be better to simply touch the book and get this message? But you never think about that, do you? The walls keep you from even conceiving it.

This is now beginning to shift. For what is starting to take place now is the beginning of nonlinear thinking. This is eventually going to create a conceptual society. Very slowly, past 2012, the Human race will begin to use some of the lost DNA abilities that still are in your body, but have not been used for thousands of years. Let me give you some attributes that you may not have thought of… a secret, an awareness that you might even disagree with because it’s so strange.

You’re aware, are you not, of how linear you are? We’ve told you before that when interdimensional creatures visit this planet (which they do), they see you as two-dimensional black and white stick figures on a piece of paper. Humans, in their arrogance, especially intellectuals, say to them, “We are capable of thinking anything we want to. We can think above the piece of paper.” That’s funny to them, since you don’t even know what dimension you’re in! You don’t even know you’re not in color! They see this and they leave. There’s nothing here for them and they can’t communicate with a cartoon. That’s what linearity does to you and you’re not even aware of it.

Human thinkers of high intellectual ideas have a ceiling they run up against, but the ceiling itself is not apparent. They don’t even know they run up against it. They simply can’t think past their own dimensionality. There is no awareness of what they don’t know. But these attributes are shifting and all of that is starting to change. It’s all around you, and you can’t see it. Let me give you an example of the Human brain.

What do you think the Human brain can really do? What do you think it’s built to do? Let me give you an example of what your society has come to accept as an “unbalanced person.” Some of you think it’s a “sick person.” Let me talk about the autistic one. Let us talk about autism in what you call the most severe case.

Blessed is the autistic one who has come to this earth to show you what future Human evolvement looks like! They spend a lifetime trying to figure out linearity and it frustrates them. Blessed is the savant who the earth looks at and calls unbalanced. For the Humans who do this cannot see what they don’t understand. The autistic one is able to get up off the paper and be in color! Many of the autistic ones can do what your calculators can do on your desks, did you know that? And they don’t need a calculator! Give them a problem – two digits multiplied by three digits. Now watch how fast they give you the answer. Because they’re not linear! Ask them what weekday the 13th of August will be in 2012, and they’ll tell you, and they don’t need a calendar. You might say, “What kind of a mind can do that?” I’ll tell you – a nonlinear one without the walls in the brain that you have.

Have you ever thought about that? The autistic have a nonlinear mind. The barriers are dropped. Can you imagine the frustration of this Human? Here he is in a world of black and white while he is in color. Not only that, you want him to go in a straight line when he is used to all directions at once. This also explains why the only energies that will work to calm him are interdimensional ones – music, art, and love. Does this start to make sense to you?

What is taking place, dear ones, for all to know and see and understand, is that very, very slowly you have the linearity of the Human brain starting to be reduced. Unlike the autistic, it will be in ways that will still be balanced and make sense. In other words, you will be able to move in and out of quantum thought any time you wish in order to live in a linear, 3D existence, but have quantum consciousness. It will be a return to a form of consciousness that Lemurians had, but with the wisdom of the ages that you have collected. This will not be fast, but the forerunners of that are already here.

I’m going to give you some attributes of Human evolution in a moment, but let’s return to the autistic ones. Many reading this are very concerned about autism. You wish to know why there are so many autistics being born. You say it’s beyond coincidence that there are suddenly so many! There’s more autistic children being born today than there ever have been on this planet. Humans are scurrying around wanting to know what’s wrong. Is it the chemistry of the food? Perhaps it must be vaccinations! Some are saying, without any proof, “Yes, that’s it – vaccinations must be it.” You are grasping at almost anything to solve the puzzle of why so many autistics are arriving.

Yet very few Humans, if any, have looked at the puzzle and said, “Perhaps we’re evolving, and this is the first wave of what we’re going to see?” Not mentally unbalanced, but nonlinear thinking! This is, indeed, the case. You are seeing a form of evolution and you are calling it odd and unusual. It’s simply those who are coming in early with activated quantum DNA. This early forerunner has DNA activated in an uncontrolled way, and so learning is needed to know how to make sense of it all. This is what they are doing, and each generation of savant will have a better time of it, figuring out what is linear and what is not.

Watch the autistic child go through what they must do (autism in its most severe form). They are so nonlinear that there is incredible frustration in trying to linearize even the Human voice as you speak to them. They will do the same actions over and over and over, trying to linearize the nonlinear. The linear walls are gone in their brain, and they have to learn to build the ones that they need. Humans then see them as a problem, and it’s not a problem. It’s a form of gifted children who are helping this planet to grow. Blessed are those who come into Earth as the new wave of consciousness to show you where it’s going. They are setting the stage for a new kind of Human. For this quantumness will develop in a balanced way where many will have the autistic talents where they want them, and the linear when they want that. That’s what the Human mind is capable of – being quantum when they wish to be. That’s a return to the way it was given to you.

Let me tell you something that’s nonlinear in your life. We have said this so seldom. You’re given two quantum things as a Human Being, two things that pass between the other side of the veil and this side of the veil that are absolutely quantum, not linear. They have structure, but they are not linear. Perhaps you haven’t even thought about them? I’ll tell you what they are – art and music. There is no limit to the number of notes that you can hear at the same time, which your brain can listen to and put together. There’s no limit to the number of symphony orchestra players that can come together in harmony on one stage. The more you add, the better it gets! Try that with lecturers [smile]. Did you ever think about that? There’s no limit to the number of colors that you can comprehend and resolve in certain patterns. They are beautiful and have communications within them all. Music touches your heart. Now you know why. It’s interdimensional. It’s quantum. It was designed to do that. Now, apply that same scenario to communication and you’ll see where you’re going. This is Human evolvement. It’s beginning on this planet. It will go slow, but that’s what’s going on.

What to Expect – Applications of Quantum Thinking

Let me give you a couple of the attributes of what to expect within the next generations. A quantum mind is one that is going to start understanding what we will call the timing of synchronicity. You call that patience. Patience is a result of a linear mind that didn’t get what they thought they would within the time frame they thought it would arrive. It is represented by the one who taps their toe because the time frame doesn’t go fast enough for them. The impatient person is totally and completely linear. The new consciousness will see a relaxation in patience because there will be an understanding about synchronized timing.

Messages of action will be given from Spirit, and the nonlinear thinker will understand that they don’t have to run out and manifest them “right now.” There will be something placed upon the message, something that you cannot understand now, for you’re not quantum. The message will have a quantum portion that helps with synchronicity, and the quantum thinker will “get it.” This is very difficult to describe to a three-dimensional audience what that’s like. Think of it as freedom from time. It’s a freedom of thought, so that you’re not always stuck on the clock. You’re not always goal setting, then being disappointed when the time arrived and nothing happened. You’re happy just to “be.”

Instead of frustration, you know that the things that are coming will happen in their appropriate time, and synchronicity will bring them to you. This means you won’t worry about them (what a concept)! You will not be anxious about them or go into drama about them. Eventually, there’ll be no Human Being who will ask the question, “God, when is this going to happen?” Because you’re all part of the bigger picture, you’ll understand that and be pleased and comfortable about that. Can you imagine such a state? It’s extremely difficult to describe an attribute of coming thinking that is not here yet… since you can’t think about it!

Picture it this way: You are building a wooden horse for a merry-go-round. God tells you to build the horse. You finish, but there is no place for it… all the horse slots are taken, and the merry-go-round is always moving. At this moment in time, many Humans give up and say, “Well, I guess I got it wrong. I missed my opportunity. The empty slot for the horse passed me already.” Then they throw away the horse! The quantum Human will say, “The merry-go-round is huge, and I’m standing in front of it. It’s only a matter of time before the slot appears for the horse, since I know the merry-go-round is circular.” In other words, there is absolutely no doubt that the slot is going to appear… just like being certain your child will appear on a horse as he moves to the right, disappears with the rotation motion of the ride, and then re-appears on the left as the device continues to rotate around its own axis. Did you ever go into anxiety, wondering if your child would appear again after he was out of sight on this ride? No! That would be silly. Are you beginning to understand? You can see the entire ride! A linear person can only see a portion of it and doesn’t even see that it’s circular.

The New Consciousness Children

There has been much said about the consciousness of the children coming into this planet and we’ve saved this almost to last. It truly is proof that what we are speaking of is actually happening. We call this attribute becoming more in touch with the Akash. My partner gave a scenario earlier today in lecture that the listener and the reader did not get. So I will not dwell upon it except to say that it speaks of a knowledge of what is inside you, within the DNA. Your personal Akashic record is within you… who you’ve been and what you’ve done in past expressions on this planet. It’s part of the interdimensional energy of your DNA.

Imagine a child who comes into this planet with the concept of knowing they have been here before. Not the details, but an innate feeling of  “been there, done that.” What kind of a child would that create? First of all, it would be a child who does not want to learn in a linear fashion, for they see the end result and the whole concept as you, who are linear, try to teach them the parts. That’s what is going on today, if you’ve noticed. So you end up with children who don’t want to sit still when the teacher gives them the pabulum of linearity, when they already have a picture of the whole quantum issue.

When the children get bored and act out, you’ve called it disease [ADD]. You put them in groups and you’ve even drugged them! Humans do that. You’re not willing to see the next wave of evolution, are you? Education on the planet right now is convinced that Human nature is static and it will never change. So they’re fine with developing learning systems that are over 100 years old. They keep sharpening these procedures so they are better and better for who they feel they are for… a 100-year-old consciousness. They believe the children being born today will have the same consciousness as they did, and their parents did, and their parents’ parents.

It’s a shock, isn’t it?  It seems that the kids are unbalanced when they simply don’t want to be a part of old linear teaching! You’re seeing it all over the earth. The new children are growing up. They’re becoming young adults and they’ll go into the workplace and the employer will expect linear attitudes. These young people, however, will look at the whole concept of this linear approach and reject it. They don’t want to walk up the ladder of experience because their DNA yells that they have already been there.

The new Humans have an overwhelming feeling of the Akash within themselves. They know they’re an old soul. They just don’t even know the words to express it. It is within their brains, and it is their concept that they know as much as anyone at the top of the ladder. Seen it? Yes, you have. Of course it’s not true, since they will indeed have to start at the bottom and work up. But the employer is going to have to come up with some very creative nonlinear incentives to keep them at work. Otherwise, they will quit and try their attitude somewhere else.

All this is called Human evolution. Humanity is evolving before your eyes. Yet so many of those who are educated and should know better are forcing these young ones down, giving them even more frustration than they already have. You can force them into your linear box if you wish, but you will lose their respect and their attention. It is evolution, not unbalance. It’s evolution, not a disease! It’s an increase in wisdom.

Go inside for a moment, old soul. Have you been looking at this? I have given you an overwhelming overview of a bigger picture that goes beyond anything you were ever told. This plan is bigger than you were told, and more beautiful than you were told. You’re personally part of the plan in a way that you were never told. It’s awesome. It’s beautiful. Humans are evolving… both the ones who are being born, and the ones who are allowing themselves to reach for this new energy.

There’s something you ought to know as you reach for God: You’re going to find a very loving energy that is reaching back. Did you know that? You don’t have to break down a wall. We’re on the other side of a thin veil trying to allow you to see us. If you’ll only give permission and intent for it, the result will be wisdom and healing.

When you get your answers, they are going to come in a quantum state, not a linear one. You are not going to receive voices or sounds or the flapping of angel wings. Instead, you are going to receive synchronicity… what you may call luck or a coincidence.

You are Lightworkers and you are here to put light into the earth no matter what. Are you ready for that? Will you do that? There are things in 3D and then there are things out of 3D. The love of God is not in 3D, yet it will permeate your every cell. That’s why you’re here. The ones listening, the ones reading, the ones hearing are the ones who will change this planet. Even right now as you sit here, the Crystalline Grid is starting to vibrate higher. How does it make you feel to know that you really made all this happen? You’ve come and gone and come and gone to this planet, and you’re not going to miss this one [meaning this life]. You’re going to come again until it’s over, because it’s all part of what you did and what you’re doing. I know it sounds cryptic, but it ought to resound in your heart. You’re part of the solution, dear Human Beings, dear family of mine. You’re part of the solution. That’s why we love you the way we do. That’s not going to change either. Let us in. Let fear be a thing of the past. Let drama go away. Let the top of your countenance just lift off and hear the music. Oh! You can do that. Sit and bask in the love of Spirit. It’s time! ~ Kryon

On The Illusion of “Secure” Systems:
As your old economic and financial systems crumble and revealed to be nothing more than systems of greed based on manipulation and illusion, you will begin to see also that many of the other “secure” systems of your old reality are nothing more than control and illusion. And, we ask at this time that you do not panic, but rejoice because you are being set free from centuries of domination and control and you are moving into the Freedom that you will create with the Divine Light within you.

Gradually, Beloved Ones, you have come to see that you are not slaves to that system called “money”, but that you are always supported and your needs are always met when you assume your Mastery and trust in the Divine Light of Source to create and manifest what is needed to support your life. It has been a powerful illusion that “money” is what creates security, and Beloved Ones, you have worked hard to free yourselves from that illusion and to see that it is the Flow of Divine Love and Abundance that sustains your needs, and that money is merely a symbol of exchange in this process. But that symbol of exchange was manipulated to become so powerful that bit was able to imprison you in a belief that you were slaves of this method of exchange and that you needed to trade your lives to gain enough to survive. Now, as emerging Masters of Light, you are taking back your power to manifest whatever it is that you need in any way through your power to transmute Light into Matter through desire and passion from the Heart. You will, indeed, continue to co-create together within the framework of an “economy”, but the New Earth economy will vibrate with passion, enthusiasm, ideas, and playful Masters manifesting their dreams and desires to be celebrated and shared with all. The “slavery” of the old system will fall away as individuals find their passion and their ability to ignite passion into abundant manifestation, which is your birthright on this beautiful Planet. 

And yes, this is not the only Seed of Light and Truth that will flower in your New Earth Consciousness. You will begin, in this new period, to see other “systems” begin to falter as the illusions that underlie them are revealed. Your Health systems will come under great pressure, as the greed and manipulations related to money become evident. Beloved Ones, your Human Angelic body is a miraculous self-healing instrument for Divine Consciousness. It was designed to serve you, and to allow you to live in Joy and Comfort on the Earth. It has the ability to heal miraculously if it is supported in its natural functions. But, if you suppress its natural healing forces and switch off the flows of healing life force with toxic beliefs and toxic substances, then you do not allow your body to be the miraculous instrument that it was truly designed to be. And so, in this coming year, you will begin to connect more fully with your own inner Healing Power. The Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness has the power to heal spontaneously and to maintain Perfect Health when it is activated in you. As Masters of Light, you will learn how to assume responsibility for your health and well-being, and will gently guide others to release themselves from the enslavement to sickness and disease and those who benefit from the cycles of physical suffering that some souls have chosen to lock themselves into as a heritage of guilt and shame. Beloved Ones, as Masters of Light, accept that you are Perfect and that you can manifest such perfection through light in your physical being, and that you can create health and well-being in your physical biology through Light and Balance. 

And so, Beloved Ones, as your old systems crumble too, you will see how your Education system has also been distorted to serve the needs of “money” and to provide individuals who will “fit” into the systems of financial enslavement that you have called “earning a living”. Now, in the New Earth, as you reclaim the right to live a life of Passion and Creativity, your Education systems will come under increasing pressure to become places where children and young people can express the passions of their souls and explore their gifts and talents with the full support of their community. Young people will no longer be “tailored” to the system and forced to conform, but education will be a way of nurturing the Divine Gifts of each beautiful soul. It has been almost 40 years since the first wave of Indigo Beings came to Earth with the express purpose of showing you that young people who were “wired” for Christ Consciousness would no longer accept being distorted in their souls by education systems that were based on forms of imprisonment and control. It is time for the gift of free self and soul expression as Masters of Light in the New Earth. And, as these changes occur, you will find that what you always suspected, that your children are infinitely wiser and more gifted than you would acknowledge, and that they have great gifts of Creativity and Wisdom to share when they are allowed to develop themselves as Masters of their own Light. 

And now, Beloved Ones, we will speak of one more system that will come under increasing pressure, that system of beliefs called “religion”. As you become Masters of Light you will begin to perceive how Sacred Truth has been distorted. You will begin to perceive how you have been enslaved for many centuries by systems of belief that taught you about your “imperfection” and “evil”. You were led to believe that you were “fallen” from God’s Love and Grace, and that you needed to work and suffer to be redeemed. You were taught that suffering and death were “punishments”. You were led to believe that you were trapped even beyond death by systems of karma that “recycled” you back to Earth to “learn your lesson” in an endless drama of reciprocal suffering and that maybe one day you would be able to break out when you were “enlightened” enough. You were taught that you were damaged, and that you need to be “saved”, and if not, you were destined for eternal suffering even beyond death. Beloved Ones, these enslaving beliefs have kept you locked into trauma and violence for thousands of years. You have fought wars within yourselves through the forces of duality, and you have fought wars amongst yourselves as an externalization of these conflicting forces of anger and guilt as you have defended your belief systems from others with different beliefs. Know, Beloved Ones, that these belief systems are nothing more than ways of channeling embodied souls into a desired and known outcome by creating that outcome as an expectation or a “product” of the system. These systems of belief kept you locked into this level of experience and have not allowed you to evolve to new levels. It was like a form of “soul addiction”, with souls returning to Earth to play out the same cycles and dramas of violence and suffering in the name of religion. 

Beloved Masters of Light, every Avatar or Ascended Master that has walked this Earth has taught you the message of Unconditional Love and Self Empowerment through your inner Divinity and Light. Every Master and Avatar has come to show you that you are a Master of Light and that you are Avatar of Divine Consciousness. And yet, these teachings have been received at lower vibrations and distorted into belief systems and religions. Beloved Ones, we ask that you respect the belief choices of others as their right on a Planet of Free Choice, but as you rise into the Golden Light of Higher Consciousness, free yourselves from systems of belief that limit your awareness to the Divine Light within You, the Christ Light within every Being on the Planet. 

Know that your relationship with God, with the Divine Light within you, is your own unique and beautiful gift. It cannot be taught to you through religion or by another Master. A Master may set an example and share wisdom, but he or she will not tell you how to experience your own unique Divinity, for they cannot hear and experience your communion with God as you do. Indeed, at this time, Beloved Ones, as you emerge as Masters of Light, your work is to empower this Mastery in others, not through systems of belief, but through the way that you live in Unconditional Love, Trust and Joy, and your sacred ability to manifest all that you need in Divine Order. 

For, in the New Earth, each Awakened Being will enter into their own Sacred Communion with the Divine Source within, and systemized belief will fall away. You will join together to celebrate ceremonies and rituals of Light and Gratitude only according to the inner motivations of your Heart and Spirit, and you will follow the Divine Guidance of your own Inner Christ Light or Divine Truth. You will share with those whose Heart Light resonates with yours as you move into the Sacred Gift of Oneness, of the “One Heart” and “One Soul” that is the Source of all Love and Light. ~ AA Michael through Celia Fenn PhD

On future changes in Human Nature, Common Sense and Goal-Setting:
The first thing you’re going to see in these next two generations is change regarding things you thought never would change. Many of those who are hearing this will say that what I’m going to tell you is impossible for what we are speaking of is a change in basic Human nature. How do you treat each other? What do you think about one another? What do you think is correct and right? What’s the first reaction to challenge? Drama, jealousy? There will be a tempering of the things that are inappropriate in life. These items represent duality, and that duality is changing.

There will come a day within two generations where things won’t be what they are today. Eventually this will be reflected in leadership within governments. Leaders will be elected because of their compassion for those around them, and their good ideas for those around them, not just because they’re popular or charismatic. Can you imagine a change like this?

Can you imagine a change in common sense? You say, “Well, wait a minute, Kryon, common sense is common sense.”No, it is not. Common sense is dynamic: It is simply your idea of what naturally works within in a current consciousness. What happens when a consciousness changes? So do to the attributes of common sense. I will tell you, that in 50 years if you could attend some meetings of what they think common sense is, you’d be alarmed. It literally defies what you think is going to happen. Look at what has happened in the last 30 years to America: Look at what you have been able to openly discuss, talk about, and change. Look at what you’ve just done with your country, against all odds of former “cultural Human nature.” Now, just do it again! Amplify it. I will tell you this, that the whole idea of Human nature and common sense is going to change and so is the goal, the very goal of your being.

Expect a slow shift away from goal-setting as you know it. For right now, you set your goal as a thing that you wish to achieve, then you’re told by those in the self-help industry that if you want to get to there, visualize yourself there. That’s going to change. You might say, “Kryon, what will it be if we can’t visualize what we wish to be? It must be that way, otherwise how do we get there?” What if you don’t visualize what you want, but instead visualize a concept that you have no idea about? “Kryon, how can that work? Visualize what you don’t know? How can that work?”        

How about a society that is taught this: Goal setting is where a Human Being stands before himself and other Human Beings and says, “I want my goal to be where I end up in the perfect scenario of synchronicity, whatever that is, which enhances myself and those around me.” Can you imagine how that fits into a society, into a culture, where Human Beings acknowledge from the get-go that they want to fit in to the appropriate puzzle, which is that of creation? Goal setting: Not visualizing a scenario, but an energy, the energy of appropriateness. That’s where you’re headed.

Could it be that Human Beings will develop that far? Oh, Human Beings, look at what you’ve done within the last 30 years. Think of what you could do in the next 50. Consciousness is moving quickly. Human nature is shifting. Common sense is shifting. Goal setting is shifting. ~ Kryon

On the Beginning Activation of DNA:
“What’s all of this about DNA? Why does Kryon always talk about DNA? Why doesn’t he talk about angelic things, esoteric things? Why doesn’t he tell us what we came for? But instead, he just wants to talk about chemistry.” If you are one who has said that, dear one, you still don’t understand the big issue that has been revealed: Within your cellular structure are the tools of mastery and they’re not invisible. They are part of the cellular structure, which is being studied in an entirely different way by science today. The spiritual secrets are in the DNA! The instruction sets for mastery are in the DNA! Therefore, an esoteric study of your DNA becomes a study of mastery, the God within, and an entry to all that is.

You have hundreds of trillions of copies of the double helix in your body, and I’ve given you the names of the energies within them. Now we’re going to speak of some specific ones, a set of them. However, before we speak of the details we have to once again give you some of the scenarios that you must understand.

Human Beings want lists! You wish to compartmentalize everything so you can linearize in your mind, how things work. It helps you to learn, since all of you are used to linear thinking. You are also used to singular purpose mechanical and chemical functions. Even the most complex chemical functions work the same way every time. You find out what does what, then you apply it to a list of attributes that occur in a certain order over time. Eventually you become a chemist who knows these linear processes.

Quantum DNA does not work in a linear fashion. Therefore, you cannot compartmentalize it in its function. Here’s what I mean: Within the most complex machines on the planet, ones that may have tens of thousands of parts, the parts always do the same thing. You may have something a thousand times more complicated than a fine watch, but the springs and the gears are always springs and gears. They do the same thing over and over in a complex way.

Your most sophisticated electronics do the same thing. They provide millions of identical processes over and over, and the electron paths always do the same switching… a singular process done fast with linear complexity. Not DNA. It is not a machine. You must start to think of DNA as being totally and completely interactive with itself. When one part changes, the part next to it also changes. You cannot then identify a singular purpose of specific DNA parts, always doing the same thing. Think of that complex clock we mentioned. What if it were interdimensional, and the spring could suddenly become a gear, and the gear could change shape and size as needed? Think of this – a part that is no longer needed, simply vanishes and if something is needed that is not there, it appears! That would, indeed, be complex, would it not? In addition, this quantum clock decides on its own to change the time frame it was designed to work with. Strange? That is quantum DNA.

Some time ago, we gave the explanation of the 12 layers of DNA as they exist in an academic way. We were careful, however, not to tell you what each layer did all the time. We only gave you their purpose and their energy or their storage attributes. You’ll see that in a moment. But as they work together, each one morphs; that is to say, it changes depending upon what the other one does. So you might say you have an engine where all of the parts continue to shift and change depending upon what the engine needs. Complex, it is, and quantum, it is.

In a quantum state, there is no time. In a quantum state there is no actual place where anything is. For quantum mechanics dictates that any matter, if you want to call it that, or any energy, if you want to call it that, is everywhere together, all as one. Imagine something so complex! Now imagine that it’s duplicated hundreds of millions of times in your body.

In order for DNA to work properly, in order for it to do all of the things that we speak of esoterically and quantumly, 300 trillion pieces of DNA must all know something at the same time! There has to be a communication that takes place in the microscopic DNA of your toenail at the same time as the longest hair on your head. They both have to know about it instantly. Then those trillions of pieces must agree, must have one energy absorption of consciousness. This all must happen in a 3D construct – that is, within your reality. There is no word in science for this process unless you consider the one created for a description of photons called “entanglement.”

There is instead, “a confluence of energy.” Confluence in English truly means a melding of energies together, so that they become something else, a oneness. Science doesn’t see it within DNA yet, but at some level they know it must exist. For how else can the Human body do what it does?

Cellular structure is specific and unique. Like the linear machine, it is specialized, and you have heard of stem cells carrying that specificity. But DNA is identical all over the body. It’s not specific. You don’t have toenail DNA or hair DNA or heart DNA. You’ve just got your own unique DNA. Trillions of copies of the same Human quantum blueprint must talk to each other instantly or you would cease to exist. How did they do it? No name in science truly has been given to the process of communication between DNA loops, but it will. It’s a quantumness within the “soup” of magnetics.

Let us study now how the communication is accomplished, and the puzzle starts to come together. There’s something you should know about DNA, and that is, it has magnetic components. Each loop of DNA has a magnetic field that overlaps the loop next to it, which overlaps the loop next to it. Hundreds of trillions of overlaps equals one consciousness. This then represents a magnetic imprint, which the Human carries around with them. Magnetics is an interdimensional energy, a quantum energy, and this imprint creates the Human aura. An aura is not a magnetic field and you will not be able to see an aura with magnetic equipment. An aura is the result of a confluence of DNA communication within the Human body, a quantum imprint, a melding of energy to create a quantum field not measurable by anything on the planet, yet.

I tell you these things because you have to understand that what happens in DNA, happens all at once within every energy layer of it. Think of the coordination, the puzzle. If you’re going to have some kind of esoteric activation that is new within your DNA, think of what must take place! Hundreds of trillions of parts all receive it at once. What does that feel like?


Let us talk about the DNA. In this new energy, there are five layers that are being activated to a point where great gifts will be yours. But I would be wrong to say that it was happening in a linear way, for one of those five is always being activated. So really, there are four, plus one! Already we’re in trouble because we are linearizing quantum energies, trying to count them. We’re going to do it anyway, because there is no way I can communicate quantum things to you unless I reduce them to a three-dimensional construct for teaching. So I will.

Five quantum energies are involved in the gifts of this age. Specifically, five. Yet you might say we can’t ignore the main one, for it’s the main 3D layer. If you said that, you’d be right. That would really make six energies, but I’m still going to stick to a concept of five, since DNA Layer One is always affected by anything that happens within the others. Layer one has been identified at the 3D double helix… the linear chemistry that you can see under a microscope. Although the parts do not change, how they interact is programmed by the other 11. Therefore, number one is always in shift. It represents the chemistry; therefore, it represents what you see and feel.

In numerology, five is the number of change, and this is proper for us to place that energy upon this lesson. The five energies or identities of the layers are number two, number six, the combination of layers seven and eight, and number nine. These represent five energies involving six layers. I will explain as we go, and will list them in review. This is esoteric teaching and it is complex. It is beautiful, new, and it starts to explain some things for you, concepts you need to know. It provides an explanation of the beginning gifts of the shift, and provides attributes you can do that you’ve not been able to do before. It starts to explain the unexplainable.

Already I’ve given you the overall numerology of this lesson. So already, we’re into the energy of numerology. If you doubt that we are dealing with the energy of five, then do this: Take layer two, layer six, layer seven, eight and nine and add them together, you are going to get an energy in numerology, of five [2 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 =32]. The 32, when reduced to one number, is five. So again, five means universal change. Get ready for change!

Now, I give what my partner calls the disclaimer. [Kryon smile] None of these things are going to happen to you if you don’t want them to. These are gifts for Lightworkers. If Lightworkers want to open the door, if they want to push upon the quantum parts of themselves through a consciousness of choice, then change will take place. If they don’t, nothing whatsoever will happen. Your reality on this planet is driven by Human consciousness choice.

For those who don’t understand this concept, I again repeat to you the very famous Hardy’s Paradox. It states (in your own science) that in a quantum state, photons that are observed change their attributes. This truly is no different, for your intent is the observation to create change for your quantum DNA. Without intent, nothing happens.

The good doctor with the semi-Lithuanian name [Kryon team member, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys] explained it well. He says DNA is very much like the most advanced jet airplane ever made. However, the energy on the planet earth, which literally talks to your DNA through the magnetic field, has always been low. Compared to the energy of mastery, compared to the prophets, your DNA has always been of low energy. Therefore, that wonderful jet plane has simply taxied up and down the runway for all of humanity, for all time, all through history. Now it is changing, and you are ready to fly. That’s the message, and always has been. Let us itemize what is different.

Teachings of DNA… quantum lessons for you and your past

Layer two of DNA has been described as the Human Being’s life lesson. When you compartmentalize DNA into energies, then put it in 3D for teaching, it’s easier to understand. It’s important that you understand what a life lesson is, and why it’s in your DNA. You come into this planet with it, and it is something that has been constructed for you due to the Akashic Record. That is to say, your life lesson is connected to your past lives.

Therefore, because it relates to past lives, your personal Akashic DNA record, it is linked to layers seven and eight [the Lemurian layers of your DNA]. Already, we’re interacting, are we not? No layer works alone, but let us return to number two.

For those among you might say, “Life lesson? Sounds like karma,” it isn’t. It has nothing to do with karma. Instead, it is an energy placed upon you that some have called purpose. What is it that drives you? Some of you come in and the cells sing with a message that says, “I don’t ever want to be alone.” What do you think your life lesson is? To be alone! Doesn’t seem fair, does it? But that’s the energy of the life lesson.

Whatever your past lives have put together as a puzzle representing things you have not yet accomplished actually becomes your life lesson. There are many of you in this room who have a very similar life lesson and when I tell you what it is, you’ll know I’m right. For generations, the Baltics have had a reality of life that was defined for you. You are this, you are that. You will think this way, you will think that way, and many of you know of what I speak. Therefore, there are so many life lessons in this room that are the same: Never let anyone define you as a society again. Let the freedom and the independence that is yours countrywide, be reflected in your thinking. This is not karma, but that is personal and reflects what you do with others. This, instead, is your life’s lesson.

Do you know what that does for you as a group? It lets your energy soar! Don’t be surprised if there’s an awakening here in this place, which is spiritual based. That’s the way it works. That’s layer two, and it’s being changed. It’s being modified. It’s being altered. So you might say, “Well, how it is being altered? The life lesson must be the life lesson. How can it be altered if it’s based on what actually happened?” I will answer it this way: It’s being changed in its ability to be manifested. So the lesson may be the same, but the result of the lesson is enhanced greatly. Stay with me.

The layer that is always involved in everything is number six. Do you know the numerology on six? Look it up, for we told you this: Number six represents the energy of the Higher-Self. [Pause] If you haven’t heard this before, you need to hear it now: Where is the Higher-Self? Well now, based upon the actual words, it has to be higher, right? But it’s not. The only part that is higher is your perception of its vibration. It’s in a place that makes you want to worship it. Did you realize that so many of you go into the houses of worship to connect with yourself? So you kneel and you hear the music and you pray to yourself!

I am not being blasphemous. I am giving you core information on the way Humans work, and your perception of God. The Higher-Self, that grand angel, the golden one, that piece and part that is connected to the other side of the veil, which is your core soul, always seems to look like God to you. Yet it’s part of you… and it’s in your DNA! You’d like to be connected to it all the time, wouldn’t you? Well, until this new energy developed, it required that you work for it, because it was not within the normal reach of Human consciousness. Now it is!

What about a 100% continuous connection to the Higher-Self? “Well, now Kryon, if I had that, I would be like a master.”Exactly! And what keeps you from thinking such a thing is possible, dear Human Being? Is it a little too grand for you? It is not too grand! It’s the feeling of purpose of life, that there is a sacred reason you are here. Oh, the challenges come and go, but that’s just life. The love of God is always in your heart, always connected. The energy of the shift is starting to change the ability for you to have this, and it is now becoming far easier to achieve this mastery.

Layer six has to be involved in every single tool set I will ever describe to you. So the intellectuals who want to place things into 3D will be counting up the layers for numerological reasons and saying, “Well, if it’s always involved all the time, do you count it or do you not count it?” I’ll tell you it doesn’t really matter. Because it continues to change with every layer it’s working with. Why try to catch this elusive energy that is quantum? Do you really need to understand all of it in order to use it? So, layer two is the life lesson and layer six is the Higher-Self. They are both involved in this tool set. Now we come to the two that are critical, and which we mentioned earlier.

The two most important ones…

The two energies (layers) of DNA that I’m going to give you now are the most important Human DNA energies on the planet. They will always be the most important, since they drive the engine of karmic purpose. They are responsible for life lessons and they relate to layer six, the Higher-Self. Listen: There are only two DNA energy groups that are pairs. They are layer four and five, which we will not discuss today, and layers seven and eight, which we will.

Like four and five, seven and eight are married together. You might say, “Well, why is that? Why didn’t you just call them one layer?” It’s for emphasis and for numerologists. [Kryon smile] You needed to hear how big the energy is in order to understand, for layers seven and eight are what we have called The Lemurian layers. They are the creation layers, which are your Akashic Record. That is to say, the record of every single lifetime you’ve ever had on the earth, everything you’ve ever done, all the accomplishments, all the talents that you have learned, and the spiritual jar of knowledge that you have filled up along the way.

We have given you channel after channel explaining this energy to you. I’ll say it again: In your DNA there is spiritual knowledge that you have learned for eons. How many past lives do you think you have been in, old soul? You sit here with no proof that you have been in any past lives, but you intuitively know, don’t you?  Oh, you do! I know who’s here, and you can’t deny it.

Along the way, you’ve learned what you know now. Along the way, you’ve picked up the pieces and parts of spiritual purpose and learning. You also have made all the mistakes you needed to make, and it fills up the knowledge in the spiritual jar in your DNA. Then, in you come, this time around, as the Human Being who sits in the chair in this room. So I ask you, have you opened that jar yet, or are you going to make all the mistakes again? You need to know this: In that spiritual jar, in those layers of DNA called the Akashic Record, are lifetimes of knowledge. Should you choose to open this quantum jar with intent, out will come shamanic energy! You’ll be so much wiser for doing that, dear one.

I’ve just described one of the attributes of the first gift. The ability to have spiritual wisdom immediately, so that you will know your purpose, your life lesson, feel the love of God in your life, and start a process of connecting. Just by opening the spiritual jar, you get this. That’s a big one, isn’t it? It will lead you into what you need to know, and it will lead you into synchronicities for the manifestation of what you’re here for. Those who would open their spiritual jars will also have knowledge of what the courses are in the new energy that they need to take, for many are new. That will help enhance what else I’m going to tell you, which is quantum. It all fits together, eventually.

Now, let’s discuss further the interaction of layers seven and eight with layer six, the Higher-Self. What is it you think is important about past lives? I’ll give you two attributes to discuss that are not new, but they relate to this discussion.

In a quantum way, there is no such thing as a past life. Put that in your notes, for your DNA and the Akashic Record is a quantum state. Therefore, you cannot use a time reference like the word “past.” “What then, is a past life, Kryon? Didn’t I live it in the past?” Oh, in 3D you might have, but the experience lives in your DNA as a current life energy. “What does that mean, Kryon?” I’ll give this to you in a way that you can understand and find easy. What if you were a great painter 300 years ago? Did you know that talent is still there? It’s still there! “Well, Kryon, I can’t even draw.” I see. So you’ve made up your mind and will say to me, “No. I’ve tried and I can’t draw!” I say to you, you only tried it in 3D! What if you went into meditation and talked to your cellular structure and said, “I would like to pull upon that lifetime in which I could paint.”

I’m going to tell you something that you’re going to learn slowly: Start the process! With intent, claim that talent. You’ll start to draw, poorly at first, but then something happens: Colors will start to appear in a way they didn’t before. You’ll know what goes with what. My partner knows this is true, for he has pulled upon his Akash in order to do some of the things I’ve asked him to do. It has taken years, but he found what he already had, and now you get to see it in his work. So, your Akashic Record is current, not past. Make a note of this.

Now, how does that relate to your Higher-Self? I will tell you: When you look at a past life, as you call it, let us say it was hundreds of years ago, and you’re in some kind of a past life regressor’s office, they may tell you that you were someone else in the past. They may give you information about who that might have been. They can do that, for it is written in your Akash, and “readable” by many. How do you feel? Do you feel connected to it or do you feel apart from it?

Well, here’s what I want to tell you: The Higher-Self, number six, was the same Higher-Self then, as it is now. You have a connection to everything you ever did, since. Your Higher-Self was all of them! It’s the Higher-Self you have now… that piece of you that which is so precious, that was the same one every single time, hundreds of lifetimes, that same Higher-Self. Do you know what that means? It means you’ve got a friend who was there!

That’s going to play into the next teaching I want to give you. This gets complicated, and I know we’re drawing this out [making it long]. But this is important that you hear. In your Akashic Record are attributes that you need, dear Human Being. This time, right now, in this new age, you need these tools. You need this mastery. You need this quantum patience. Why don’t you go into the Akash and ask your Higher-Self to activate it? Your Higher-Self is going to go get it and make you a patient person. Do you believe that?

“Kryon, I can change my attributes of my personality?” That’s what this is about, and that’s the new tool. Oh, it goes beyond that. How would you like to be slow to anger? How would you like to have a personality that never goes into drama or fear? How many lifetimes have you had to choose from? You could go get it. It’s there. It lives in your DNA. That’s why it was stored there, Lemurian. Now go get it!

Mining the Akash is what we have called this. It’s the new tool. Go get the pieces and parts that are you, which you lived and you deserve. What have you learned in this life? If I gave you time, if I gave you all evening, would you then start to enumerate what you’ve learned in this lifetime? As a woman, as a man, as a Human? And you’d say, “Well, I’d need a lot more than one evening to write that down.” Yes you would! Now, multiply it by several hundred lives and you’ve got a library of experience and knowledge. You’ve got a large storehouse. You’ve got an immense amount of experience, but instead of being in the past, it’s all now. It’s all you.

Robert Coxon

There’s a Human Being to my left [Robert Coxon, playing music for this channelling]. He’s the maestro of the day. Let me tell you something about him: When he was born, he knew how to play the piano. Did you know that? He might say he took piano lessons, but he really didn’t. I’ll tell you something about him. When he got here, he knew how to play the piano and he knew how to compose. The songs were already in his head, for he wasn’t finished with the last lifetime! He didn’t learn to play the piano this time around. Instead, he learned to shape his hands as they grew up so he could reach the keys and continue what he already knew. He had to mine the Akash and  “remember” what to do. He had mined the Akash automatically!

Have you heard of those child prodigies who could paint like a master? They’re around, you know? Don’t you wonder how that occurred? Well, I  just told you. For their past lives and their current life is so transparent, they come together when the Human is born, and they just pick up where he left off.

Now, some of you have done this in other ways, because what you’ve gone through in a past life was fearful. Perhaps you’ve come in with the same fear you had last time around? There are some who even say you’re cursed with an energy or some sort, and you can never get above it. I will tell you that this energy is in your Akash and you brought it in… a fear that’s so strong it affects your life lesson, your Higher-Self and all of your Akash.

Isn’t it time to get rid of it? You can! You can reach right there into those energized layers of all of those lifetimes and pick out the one that had the hero, self-assured, courageous, loving, peaceful, and healthy. Have you noticed I didn’t give you the last one yet? Now I will.

The Ninth Layer

We’ve defined the ninth layer of DNA as the healing layer. Now, in 3D you get very excited, and you might say, “Well, I want that one,” as though you could reach in and pick it up, but you can’t. They’re interactive, remember? I’ve said this before. When you sit before a bowl of soup, you can’t reach in and pick out the flavor, or the tomato molecule. You can’t do it with DNA either, since it’s interactive.

It’s the flavor of the DNA that you taste, that you smell. How would you like to change the flavor of who you are? How would you like to pick up the mastery that happened in another life? The tools are here for this!

Layer nine is called the healing layer, not because it heals the body – we never said that – it heals the Akash! Now we reveal some secrets: All of these layers work together, and some of them have laid dormant for all of humanity’s time on the planet, ready to be activated when the earth’s energy reached a certain point. That is now. I speak to a group of people tonight who know what it’s like to be confined in an old energy, and suddenly have a release and an independent spirit. This is why I chose to give the message to you here first, because you can relate to the expansion of consciousness, to the joy of release, to the idea that anything is possible.

So layer nine heals the Akash. “What does that mean, Kryon?” It means that you have the ability to go into your own Akashic Record and sort it out. In your own way, you are healing yourself by creating a change in your DNA through the Akashic Record.

Have you come into this place with a Human body that has something wrong with it? “Kryon, I have a pre-disposition for a disease. My parents had it and my sister had it. I might get it.” Now you’re not going to believe this, so I want you to feel the purity of this message. I want you to feel the love in which it’s given, for I’m giving you things that sound outlandish, that sound impossible, and that only the masters who walked the earth could do. I’m going to tell you right now, dear Human Being, that you could sort into your own Akashic Record and find the purest DNA that was ever yours, pick it up, and place upon the attributes of your current health. That’s what layer nine is all about… healing the Akash.

“You mean I can heal myself?” Oh, yes! That is why you’re here, and you’re poised and ready for me to tell you how. It’s easy and it’s difficult, depending upon how much you believe in this. Is this a real communication from the other side, or is it not? If you’re sitting there and saying, “It’s only a man in a chair,” then have a nice life because your DNA is going to remain identical to what it is now. If you want to be part of the shift, you’re going to have to start expanding your consciousness to include the things that are unseen.

Can you feel the love of God here? If you can, it’s a good beginning. I’ll tell you this: If you can feel this message, you can accomplish what it teaches. This healing doesn’t happen all at once, but I’ll give you the method. Each one of you is unique on the planet. Each one has a life lesson that is unique. Each one has a unique pattern of lives lived in the past. That means your Akashic Record is like no one else’s, and your Higher-Self is also unique. This limits my ability to give you some kind of 3D generic list or way to heal yourself, since you are dealing with the specifics of “you.” So instead, why not sit down in a quiet moment, with purity, and say to Spirit, “I would like these things. I give permission to activate the energies that needed to be activated in my life, to accomplish the purposes I came for. I want to have joy in my life and to find the joy in my full Akash, for I deserve it and I’ve earned it. I’ve had positive, joyful lives, so I want to pull on that energy.”

Let say you want self-esteem. You call it out. “Spirit… body, I want self-esteem, because I don’t have much.” What happens next is the Higher-Self will go into the Akash and bring back the warrior on the battlefield… you in another life. This individual stands tall among Human Beings, and is courageous in battle. You are not asking for ego, but rather  “an assurance of personality.” Remember, you are asking only to dip into what you have already created!

For the one who wants to write the book, or go find the orator and the author in their DNA, do it! They’re there. How do I know? Because the very people who will ask are listening and reading. They are the old souls of the planet and have the fullest Akashic records… the most experience of any Humans.

For the one who wants spiritual knowledge, go find the spiritual jar! In there is the Shaman you were, or the teacher of spiritual things within your village. It’s all there. I know this because I know you!


So, there are five layer-energies that are being activated: Life lesson [layer 2],. Higher-Self [layer 6], two Lemurian layers [layers 6 & 7], and the healing layer [layer 9]. These are the gifts in this age. Interdimensional, they are, and I cannot close this message at this point in time without now asking you to throw away the numbers. You’re not allowed to see them as separate, as I have taught them to you. Instead, I want you to see them as a core of light that pulsates… a doorway. I want to tell you about that doorway of activation: It pulsates with the music of the other side of the veil.

In your meditations, if you were to push on that light with pure intent, what you would find is the hand of the creator reaching out to you! The reason? Because the creator wants to be found! Did you know that? Were you told that the road to find God would be difficult? Were you told that you would have to suffer, or that God doesn’t really care? Nothing is further from the truth! For the creator wants to be found, because the creator is family. When you push upon the door, you’re going to have help. It is not a task that you have to do alone. It is a cooperation energy, a partnership. I’m going to use this phrase again: DNA is a quantum partnership.

There’s a shift happening and if you look at it only in three dimensions, it is filled with change and fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. It might be the weather or the economy or trouble with family or friends or even your job. That’s the shift. However, there’s another shift going on. If you can look at it in a quantum way, it’s the shift we have spoken about for 20 years. Now, you are being given all the tools to handle it. All of them.

All of these things are wrapped up in what the teacher, Peggy, is calling the Lattice [Peggy Dubro’s teaching about The Cosmic Lattice]. The Lattice represents the personal Akashic attributes of a Human Being, a quantum energy that surrounds him that can be used and pulled upon. It includes healing, a balance of life, and even mastery. The DNA is only the physical vehicle of a quantum state. A quantum state is everywhere. This is going to be tough for you to understand, Human Being, but there are really no pieces and parts of your DNA right now. They are all over the Universe! God knows who you are, oh, Quantum One. If you start activating these pieces and parts, your Lattice will change color, did you know that? Oh, but we’ll leave it to Peggy to tell you about that. [Kryon wink]

There are New Energies, and today we gave you some of the descriptions of the new tools related to this.  With free choice, spread the light of this message and of who you are… a piece of God. I invite you to hear the music. ~ Kryon

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