Odd Questions – Page One
No, not odd as in peculiar, but odd as in incidental
incidental insofar as they are not necessarily related to spiritual awakening and the New Energy.
Some answers may appear to be judgmental, but they’re actually not.
They are simply being truthful and REAL.
God knows, there’s enough of the untrue and unreal around
without adding to it here.

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Q. What do you think of A Course in Miracles?
A. Getting a little tired now perhaps, but otherwise very good. A good foundation. I’ve spoken about A Course in Miracles previously on the main Questions & Answers page. If you’re interested in reading A Course but are a little put off by the size and complexity of the work, then there’s an excellent condensed version of excerpts from the course called ‘Gifts From A Course In Miracles’ by Frances Vaughan PhD and Roger Walsh MD, PhD.

Q. Do you believe that [the late] Sai Baba could perform instant manifestations?
A. As all true knowledge is direct experience, I have to say that I don’t actually ‘know’ because I’ve never met him. However, there are many people, including many ex-devotees, who have spent many, many years with him and say that he manifested whatever they asked for up to 40 times a day – year in, year out, for decades. I personally believe that he CAN instantly materialize (a view that is also shared by Kryon). But then… as everything is always there exactly when it’s needed for us New Energy Lightworkers, isn’t that also instant manifestation? Of course it is.

Q. What do you make of Anthony Robbins and what he preaches?
A. Thoroughly anchored in duality and remarkably self-absorbed. As far as his teachings and preachings go and how good they are, I’ll quote him directly from his interview with ‘What is Enlightenment’ magazine… “I’m not saying I’m right, by any stretch. Five years from now, ten years from now, you might ask me and I’ll say, boy, was I full of crap back then.”  And why anyone would pay to go and hear self-confessed ‘crap’, defies the imagination. I don’t know what lures are used in other parts of the world, but in Sydney I’ve even been approached by young models in skimpy bikinis plugging an upcoming Robin’s event. It’s a worry.

Q. What about Solara and the whole 11:11 thing?
A. The 11:11 is REAL, probably more real than just about anything. Solara, in my view, is one of the greatest beings currently incarnate on this planet. Her work and contribution are inestimable.

Q. With all this talk about ‘raising our vibration’, I wondered if anyone has ever actually measured a human’s ‘vibration.’
A. Yes they have. Read the book ‘Infinite Mind – Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness’ by Dr. Valerie Hunt. You’ll find her recorded measurements of the Human energy field ranging from the lower frequencies of up to 250 Hz to the highest the instruments could record – 200,000 Hz.  And guess who has the highest reading?

Q. What in your opinion are the absolute best foods for humans to eat?
A. Fresh fruits and vegetables – preferably organic. Although I am all for animal proteins such as eggs, meat and poultry – again preferably free range organic, together with some seafood, and in fact I would probably put these ahead of the various grains.

Q. Do you believe that all healing is ultimately self-healing?
A. Yes I do, just as I know that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and all judgment is self-judgment.

Q. What do you feel is the most powerful force that exists anywhere in any dimension in the universe or omniverse?
A. Love. Unfortunately, humans confuse love with all sorts of things from ‘need’ to ‘martyrdom’… and even religion.

Q. I’m sick to death of everything.  I really don’t want to do this spiritual thing anymore and I’m beginning to regret that I ever started. I’m exhausted and I’m sick of struggling every day just to make ends meet. To be totally honest I just want to be so wealthy that I can do exactly what I want when I want to. What can I do?
A. Trust.

Q. It’s blatantly obvious to me that so many spiritual teachers are only really interested in making a lot of money. Many even ask for donations on their websites when they must already be making good money with their seminars and book sales. Some even use high-pressure telemarketing to fill their seminars. I have nothing against anyone making money, or for that matter even a great deal of money, but when even blind Freddy can see that money is the primary focus, I find it completely off-putting. When is enough ever enough for these people?
A. You would have to ask them.

Q. I’m so glad to see that you’ve included [on your website] some helpful and intelligent information about weight loss and physical development. I’ve been going to the gym for a couple of years now and find the heavy physical work very grounding for me. Keeping my body strong has really helped me to stay sane with all the difficult changes that I’ve had to endure. Out of interest, I would like your opinion on the huge bodybuilders that I see in the muscle magazines. Not that I’d ever want to look like they do, but how did they ever manage to develop such a staggering amount of muscle?
A. One in a million genetics plus huge amounts of life-threatening steroids and growth hormones that not even Einstein could pronounce.

Q. I’ve read in the Kryon writings where he/she has said that as we move into the New Energy and live more and more in the ‘now’ that our cells seem to age less and we no longer show our true years. Well I’ve got news for Kryon, I’ve been on the spiritual growth path for over 20 years now and I’m sure as hell not looking any younger.
A. Join the club.

Q. Why do you feature so much channelled material on your New Wisdom page?
A. First, the material on the New Wisdom page is chosen very, very carefully using a great deal of discernment. And second, because as good as the featured channelled material is, there’s not much else to choose from…. at least not New Energy material.

Q. I’m a spiritual teacher (New Energy no less) with a big problem, or at least for me it’s a big problem. Over the years I’ve attended many seminars and workshops featuring channelled entities such as Ramtha, Lazaris and not least of all, Kryon. Although I consider myself to be a very capable teacher with many years of experience in the metaphysical field, I just can’t help feeling that I’ll never be able to compete with these grand entities from the other side of the veil. It’s clearly an issue of inferiority on my part, but really, why would anyone want to pay to hear me when they can hear one of these grand entities?
A. I’ll give you three good reasons why. First, for every one human who thinks a channel is super-wonderful, there are thousands who think they’re a clown. They’re not of course, at least not those you mention, but that’s the general public’s perception. So you’re way ahead to begin with. Second, the most well-known ‘human’ teachers in the world (but not necessarily the best) draw far bigger crowds than any of the channelled entities ever do.  And third, the actual channelled entities themselves, at least the New Energy ones, have always insisted that the world wants to hear ‘real human’ teachers above all, because it’s the real humans who are the first into the New Energies, and not as some think, the channelled entities. So then, if I were you I’d put aside all your illusions of inferior standing… and just do it! Even if by some strange quirk of fate half the Earth’s population suddenly wanted only channelled teachings (which is very unlikely to ever happen anyway), you’d still be left with over 3 Billion students to look after.

Q. Why is there so many metaphysical experts out there giving autocratic talks and workshops on creating ‘abundance’ (which we all know really means ‘money’) when it’s painfully obvious they don’t have a whole lot of this ‘abundance’ themselves? I personally think it’s quite bizarre to have all these ‘abundance experts’ creating their very abundance by giving lessons in creating abundance!! That’s like Jamie Oliver giving cooking lessons before he’d ever cooked and eaten (actually experienced) a meal for himself! Whatever happened to Walking Our Talk?
A. You’ve got no argument from me.

Q. I’ve been on the spiritual awakening path for ages now and I seem to have reached this really weird point where I just don’t care about anything anymore. I don’t care what other people think, especially about me, and I don’t even care what happens tomorrow… something that I’ve always worried myself sick about in the past. I don’t have any idea about what I should be doing either now or in the future, and to be perfectly honest I couldn’t give a [deleted] anyway. I still have a couple of things that I’m passionate about, scuba diving and stuff, but otherwise I just couldn’t give a [deleted]. Is all this normal?
A. No, I wouldn’t say it’s normal, or at least what we normally call normal. I’d call it the ‘new normal’. It all sounds suspiciously like enlightenment to me.

Q. I’ve always been taught that we experience what we believe – what we consent to and hold to be true. Even the great teacher Jesus said ‘it is done unto you as you believe’, meaning that our beliefs create our reality. Is this still the case in the New Energy?
A. It’s always the case… or so I believe.

Q. How do I really know if a spiritual teacher is of the old energy or the New? How do I really know if they are right for me?
By feeling them… no, not physically, but energetically. If you can’t do this in person, and you’d know pretty well straight away if you could, you can just as easily pick up on their energy by holding one of their books, or even just by looking at the cover, or by viewing their website and its contents. At the end of the day it’s their material that will give the game away. You won’t find constant references from New Energy teachers to duality-based things like human or spiritual hierarchies, the Human Potential Movement – the right attitude, the right image, the right stuff etc, personal power (especially of the unlimited variety), angels and Archangels, spiritual masters or Ascended Masters, The Great White Brotherhood, soulmates, meditation, ashrams or gurus… or the excessive use of the word ‘light’. Just because someone speaks and writes eloquently and convincingly using all the ‘in’ spiritual words and phrases, or even has a few books on the best sellers’ list, does not automatically mean they are New Energy. However… whether they’re New Energy or old energy, if you resonate strongly with their work then they’re probably right for you – at the time. I say ‘probably’, as long as you don’t have to sell your house to do their course and you’re not being asked to follow some ‘guru’ or ‘master’ blindly in obedience… with the promise of a full kundalini activation (or at least a tickle) at the end of the first week and total enlightenment by the end of the second. Don’t laugh, the world is full of them.

Q. Some friends of mine follow this eastern guru who insists that enlightenment, peace, ultimate happiness etc. can only be ‘given’ by some sort of energy transfer from the guru himself. They’ve been led to believe by this guru that it’s not possible to attain these states on their own. What do you reckon about this?
Being as polite and gracious as I can… bullshit! To the contrary, it is ONLY possible to attain these states ON OUR OWN. Yes, an experienced facilitator or teacher (not guru) can light the way and considerably lighten the load, but ultimately nobody can give any of these things to us. Enlightenment / wisdom / awakening / awareness cannot be bought, and it cannot be transferred from one entity to another.

Q. What’s your opinion of hypnosis and past life regression therapy for healing?
A. First, let me say something that I just can’t resist, and that is also an indisputable fact. Everybody wants to know what it’s like to be hypnotized, yet all those who reside in duality, without any exceptions including me in the past, are already in a trance state or a state of hypnosis. I use this opportunity to say this only because, as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist I’ve been asked so many times in the past what it’s like to be hypnotized… as I clearly see it now, by people who already were.  As I look back on my old clinical practice days, I can’t help but cringe a little… there I was in a trance (duality) being asked by others in a trance what it was like to be in a trance! Talk about dramatic irony.

If you’re really interested in past life regression therapy for healing, then rather than me go on and on with my own personal views, I’ll give you the names of three books on the subject so you can make up your own mind. I’m sure you’ll find them informative and very interesting reading. They are all authored by Dr Brian Weiss and taken from direct personal experience with his own patients. The first is Many Lives, Many Masters (a worldwide bestseller), the secondThrough Time Into Healing, and the third Only Love Is Real.  Before you begin your reading however, here’s a little something to keep in mind… Every unhealed wound you’ve ever borne; everything that needs healing (releasing) is with you NOW… and not hidden somewhere in ‘the past’. The Present is the Point of Power.

Q. There are so many books and workshops out there about finding our true ‘soul purpose’. I’ve always had a real problem with this soul purpose thing and I’ve certainly never found some special ‘purpose’ that my soul apparently has that I don’t know about. Am I missing something here or am I just not as enlightened as these authors and teachers? I would have thought that ultimately we all have exactly the same soul purpose – total freedom, total release from the past and duality consciousness and the total understanding and realization that we are all part of the One, of God.
A. Bull’s-eye. You might think about burning all your old books and writing some yourself.

Q. I’d like your opinion of the old Seth teachings that were channelled through the late Jane Roberts.
A. Some of the best information ever given to us humans. I’ve always loved Seth and I’ve always thought very highly of Jane Roberts.

Q. I can really feel these New Energies now and the huge effect they’re having on just about everything, but when did the New Energy actually start?
The opening of the 11:11 doorway on the 11th of January 1992 was the advent of the New Energy.

Q. I’m now confused as to exactly who and what God really is. After reading heaps of channelled material over the years I’ve been led to believe that absolutely everything that exists is God. Ramtha for instance has always intimated that there is nothing that isn’t God, including the Earth and every living thing on it, our sun and all the other stars and all the galaxies. Now I read where Kryon is saying that not everything is God… everything is ‘of God’, but it’s only us humans who are an actual divine piece of God with a spiritual purpose. Kryon says that an ‘onion’ isn’t God (which I suppose makes sense) and neither are cows, rodents or insects. He says that everything besides us divine humans is simply here as an important support system for us and a balance for the planet. Kryon even goes so far as to say that although the whole universe teems with life and there are many planets with intelligent beings – some far more advanced than we are (technologically not spiritually) and some that have even visited us – we humans are the only entities with a divine blueprint (in our DNA), the only entities who can think thoughts that can change matter, the only entities who can raise their vibration and achieve spiritual mastery and the only entities who are an actual piece of God. So, after all that, what am I supposed to believe now?
I’d go with Kryon.

Q. I’ve just read your Five Stages of Inner Spiritual Awakening [on the ‘Panic Button’ page] and am wondering how you know what it’s like to be at Stage Five as I don’t believe anyone is fully and permanently there yet.
You’re right; no-one is fully and permanently at this stage, at least not at the time of writing this. However, all true First Wavers have tasted enough of Stage Five to reveal what’s in store… and, incidentally, enough of the god-awful Stage Three to be considered true veterans.

Q. Who is the greatest speaker you have ever heard?
Dr. William Franklin Graham Jr., commonly known as Billy Graham. I remember watching his Sydney crusade on television way back in 1959, and I still vividly remember two things… first, how he held the 50,000 strong assemblage completely spellbound (you could have heard a pin drop while he was on stage), and second, how he had me crying like a baby over God (which I still do from time to time albeit for altogether different reasons). I can’t think of anyone today in the spiritual/metaphysical arena who even comes close to the potency of a Billy Graham address. Yet even as the world’s most famous Christian evangelist and promulgator of Jesus as Lord and Savior etc, he still somehow managed to hit on the odd verity… Your mind cannot possibly understand God. Your heart already knows. I often wonder if he knew just how close he was.

Q. Do you think that something like bungee jumping can help to release all our fears? Although I hate heights, and even the thought of diving into a chasm makes me feel sick to my stomach, I’ve often wondered if it might be just the thing I need to break through all my irrational fears.
I don’t know, and I’m not about to dive headlong into a chasm in order to give you a qualified answer. Yes, I would imagine that it could be very liberating – if you managed to survive, but I strongly believe that our deepest fears, and some of these by the way stem from eons ago, can only truly be released once and for all through wisdom and understanding – true spiritual awakening/enlightenment. If it’s any help to you (so you can stop feeling sick to your stomach), I once had a client who had done the lot… bungee jumped, sky dived, walked on a bed of burning coals, braved all of the world’s biggest thrill rides and even hand-fed sharks in an oceanarium, and he was still scared to death of nearly everything… of his wife leaving him, of being alone and incapacitated in his old age, of dying before he reached old age, of losing his job, of public speaking, of poverty and quite a few other things that I can’t remember. So then, to jump or not to jump, that is the question. Personally, I’d take the awakening/enlightenment path any day. Yes, it’s a lot longer, and at times extremely difficult, but at least you get to keep your stomach and its contents. And it also lasts forever and ever.

Q. I know you’re a metaphysicist and not an astrophysicist, but why do you suppose the physical universe is so big? I mean, what’s the point of having a universe so unimaginably huge? Also, could you help me to grasp what a ‘light year’ is? I can’t seem to get my head around the fact that a year can mean distance… how something like a star or galaxy can be ‘years’ away. And what’s wrong with miles or kilometers anyway?
As far as the universe being so big is concerned, we really have to ask ‘big compared to what?’ Everything is only big or small when it’s compared to something else. Our Sun for instance – which is just one of around three hundred billion stars (give or take a billion depending on who your pet cosmologist is) in our own Milky Way galaxy – could fit about a million planet earths inside it, so we’d say that it’s unquestionably ‘big’…yet when compared to some other stars in our galaxy known as Giant Stars (stars that have stopped fusing hydrogen in their core), our Sun is considered a dwarf star. Okay, so why is the universe so unimaginably huge? Well, maybe it’s our perspective that needs to change as perhaps the universe is a grand deception and not at all like it appears to be or as ‘unimaginably huge’ as we like to think it is. Have a look at what Kryon has to say about the size of the universe on the New Wisdom page. Kryon not only says that the center of the universe is everywhere, but what appears to us to be billions of light years away, isn’t… it is actually right in our own back yard! Our die-hard earthly cosmologists might just have to go back to the drawing board.

The speed of light is 186,000 miles or 300,000 km per second. A ‘light year’ is simply the distance that light travels in one year – about 6 million million miles or 9.5 million million kilometers. Light years are used to measure interstellar and intergalactic distance because miles or kilometers are totally inadequate for the task… it would be like using millimeters or inches to measure the distance between Sydney and London. Even the distance between Earth and one of our closest neighbors, the Andromeda Galaxy at 2.2 million light years away (which is ‘very close by’ in terms of the universe), is simply too great to use any other measurement but light years. To get a sense of how far away 2.2 million light years is, and why we don’t use miles or kilometers to measure distances in space, if you were to take a Formula One racing car and drive it at full speed from Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy, it would take you over 7 trillion years to get there… and that’s our next door neighbor! And there are billions of other galaxies each containing billions of stars (just like our Sun) stretching out for billions of light years. But then again, as Kryon keeps reminding us… things are not always as they seem. So there you go.

Q. I love your website; it truly ties all the New Energy information together. It’s obvious though that you have a little problem with motivational-type speakers and religion. Don’t you think we should respect and honor everybody?
Yes we should respect and honor everybody and I do respect and honor everybody – more than you know. But I don’t honor bootless hype which leads only to frustration, confusion and even depression, or fallacious dogma which has been insidiously used to control humanity, and is the root cause of most of the separation, conflict, wars, hatred, fear (of God’s vengeance believe it or not) and unspeakable atrocities commited on this planet. In my experience, both motivational seminars and religious sermons are essentially no different to the old sitcom Seinfeld – a show about nothing (as theSeinfeld producers affectionately described it). Although with all respect to Jerry and the crew, at least Seinfeld was great entertainment and heaps of fun. It was also free, and you weren’t threatened with eternal damnation if you happened to miss an episode.

Q. You must have read “The Da Vinci Code” by now or I dare say been one of the first to see the movie, so what’s your verdict on it all and on its implications for Christianity and especially the Roman Church?
Yes, I’ve read the book and I’ve just seen the movie which I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed. And yes, The Da Vinci Code has certainly stirred the pious pot – and big time. As one Sydney film reviewer said of the movie… Riffs on the humanness of Jesus, the Catholic Church’s bloody history, its deliberate exclusion of women and its massacres of so-called witches, are presumably what has outraged the Vatican. And indeed the church would be outraged at having all its dirty linen being aired in front of the whole world. Another review from a religious group on the internet gave this warning… All Catholics should be concerned about the film because it not only represents their Church as a murderous institution [the burning of innocent humans to death among other things] but also implies that the Christian Faith itself is utterly false.

Ah yes, but the truth is that the Catholic Church does have a dark and shameful past, exactly as the film so vividly reminds us. As for the story’s implications that the Christian Faith itself is utterly false, or at very least contains some major misunderstandings and misinterpretations… well, that is something that each human must ultimately discern for him/herself. And for those who need a helping hand in that regard, the following excerpt from the Kryon writings may offer a little food for thought. If you’re no stranger to the Points of Power work, you would also know that they’re our sentiments exactly…

“Stay in your own integrity, and don’t look to others to define your beliefs; humanity has always had these divisions. There was a time in Europe when towns were regularly conquered, destroyed, and pillaged by Christians who demanded that you were to believe in a certain way. Today you have the same kind of behavior within a segment of people who are just as adamant about their own belief system.

The truth is that your divinity is within you, and no doctrine on the planet is higher than this truth. If you claim it, then you’ll be “above the fray” of those who wish to convert you, damn you, or kill your family because you’re not a believer. This, my Human friend, is the war between the old and New Energy. We told you that there would be a battle between the old and the New. You are in it, and this is just the beginning of a fight that will bring you to the following questions, which will tear you off the fence of indecision about you own spirituality…

Were you really born dirty? Would a loving God prepare the earth in this fashion? If God created the earth with love, why is suffering often considered a virtue for sacredness? How much of what you have in your scriptures is altered? How much is missing? How much is political? Do you have the entire historic story? If God is family, and divinity is self-evident, why are there hundreds of factions of belief on the planet? How could murder and rape be perpetrated in the name of a loving God? Could there be something far grander and greater about who God really is? Is it time to find out?

Well, quite obviously it is time… hence The Da Vinci Code and the like. Humanity is slowly but surely awakening, and in the process is beginning to ask some rather prickly and inconvenient questions. But then again, if The Da Vinci Code and those that will undoubtedly follow are all just fanciful notions without a grain of truth, and the only real truth after all is what the Church has promulgated all along, then the wealthiest (and most duplicitous) institution on this planet has absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Or Does it?

Q. I’ve just read your answer to the question on The Da Vinci Code and was amazed that you failed to mention the most important thing of all and also the most obvious – the Divine or Sacred Feminine being the quintessence of both The Da Vinci story and New Energy spirituality.

A. Yes I did slip up on that didn’t I. But that’s probably because I thought it was, as you say, most obvious. Yes indeed, the REAL Holy Grail has been found at last, and right where it’s been hidden all along – inside every human.

Q. What do you think the world needs most of all right now?
I don’t know who Harold Whitman is, but there’s a quote of his that answers your question perfectly… “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Q. It’s really embarrassing for me to say this, but more than anything else in the world I want to become enlightened. The depressing thing is that I can’t see this ever happening when I look at myself and my whole measly life right now. I’m nothing to speak of physically and I’ve only had the bare minimum of formal education. To be honest, I don’t even have a job right now. Do you think I’m just a fantasist?
Of course you’re a fantasist… as were some of our greatest minds including, by his own admission, Albert Einstein. Where and what you are right now has no bearing whatsoever on where and what you’ll be in the future… just as there is absolutely nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly. As for your bare minimum of formal education, I would consider that to be a blessing. As a great teacher once said… It’s next to impossible to awaken a religious fanatic or a hard-core philosopher, but a simple mind you can set on fire. By ‘simple’ he didn’t mean ‘stupid’ of course, but childlike and uncluttered. The truth is, if enlightenment is what you TRULY want, and you’ve said that it is, then that is what you’ll get, because we ALWAYS get what we TRULY want. So then, just sit back now and enjoy the ride… of all lifetimes.

Q. I actually have four questions that I hope you will take the time to answer. 1. With all the various healing workshops around, how can I know which one would be the best for me? 2. What do you feel is the ultimate healing modality, if there is such a thing? 3. Do you believe that there are other planets with beings like us?  4. As a spiritual teacher, do you remember your own past lives?
1. Discern all you’ve been told and sold, and dismiss what insults your soul. 2. There is such a thing – Intuitive Healing.  But it’s not commonly used because most of those in the healing professions don’t trust themselves enough to leave the safety of the modalities they’ve learned – and in some cases at a hefty price. Yes, some techniques and modalities are indeed excellent, but more often than not by going strictly by the book the client is not getting what they truly need, which in point of fact can be quite different to what they think they need or even what the (habitual) facilitator thinks they need. As the Swiss Mystic Lavater says… “Intuition is the clear concept of the whole at once.” And there’s nothing more ‘ultimate’ than that. 3. Yes I do, but only somewhat like us and not all with our direct spiritual heritage and union with primal source, and also not within our solar system. 4. No, and it’s of no importance that I do… although I do have a very strong feeling that I’ve been heavily persecuted somewhere in the past for speaking my truth. This probably accounts for my zero tolerance now for all untruths – sacred and secular and everywhere in-between.

Q. I would be interested to know how many hits you get to your website. I’m just putting the finishing touches to my own site and it should be up on the Web very shortly. I love the energy of your site and especially how you’ve formatted so much helpful and relevant information. Knowing your traffic numbers would give me a standard to gauge my own success.
A. Ah, big mistake. Unless your site is primarily designed to sell something, and that’s perfectly okay if it is, it doesn’t matter how many hits you get. In the New Energy now, and I assume your site is all about the New Energy, it’s very much a case of ‘one heart at a time’. My advice would be to completely forget about ‘hits’ and the old energy duality-based concept of ‘success’, and just stress the work. Think… you might get only one visit from one person one day, but that one person impassioned by your energy and words, could very well go on to change the lives of many, indeed of thousands. Just focus on the work and forget about the old ego’s appetite for numbers. Rest assured, those who are ready for your wisdom will find your site… or rather, your site will find them.

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